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I'm vanessa richardson introducing a new podcast original today in true crime. Today is monday monday august nineteenth two thousand nineteen on this day in nineteen seventy. John norman collins was convicted. The murder of eighteen year old karen sue bynum an an outsider would have assumed collins called handsome by the newspapers was was karen's boyfriend that it was a crime of passion however despite being tried for only one murder collins was guilty of of many many more authorities believed he was notorious that collins was the ipse landy ripper today and true crime is podcast new daily show that relives the biggest true crime events from each day in history. Don't miss today's full episode follow today and true crime for free on spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts now due to the graphic nature nature of this podcast listener discretion is advised. This episode features discussions of child abuse sexual harassment and domestic violence. We advise extreme caution for listeners under thirteen <music>. A dry wind blew across the the california desert fifty miles in any direction there was only sand sunbathing lizards and two young country musicians crouched next to a nineteen fifty seven jaguar roadster johnny cash rocked back and forth in the limited shade provided by the car his friend singer johnny western added his back cash was in the throes of breakdown. He could no longer remember how many amphetamines he had taken that day but he kept taking more anyway. He unloaded his anxieties on western in mile a minute babble. He was an addict. His marriage was a sham. He felt trapped by his family to capitol off. He was one of the most famous this musicians in the world and traveled the road more than two hundred fifty days a year without any rest western. Listen to it all with with an understanding nod. He tried to comfort his friend and told him to take a break. Nobody expected johnny cash to be a superhero cash could barely hear him in his mind. He was on stage under the hot lights and piercing gazes of thousands of fans. All he felt was pressure and all he heard was hungry. Applause welcome to the dark side of a podcast original in this show we will delve into the seedy underbelly of pop culture icons and historical events. We aim to expose the ugly truth behind the cultural moments and public figures as we hold most dear proving that there is always more to the story than meets the eye on your host richard and i'm kate. This is our fourth episode would exploring the dark side of the music industry. The business has especially in the last century been synonymous with some of the most sordid aspects aspect of our society from rampant drug use to the exploitative creation of popstars too brutal violence and murder. The industry history can be a volatile and dangerous environment. You can find episodes of the dark side of and all other park cast originals for free on spotify fi or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream the dark side of for free on spotify just open the app and type the dark side of in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how doing reach out on facebook and instagram a._m. At podcast and twitter at par cast network and if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help is to leave us a five star review wherever you're listening listening. It really does help this week. We'll take a look at johnny cash. One of the best selling musicians of all time throughout his career cash took on the persona of the outlaw but there was a price for his forays into darkness for almost fifty years cash suffered from addiction depression and ended a never ending pressure to perform but before all that his world was confined to the cotton fields of rural arkansas. Johnny johnny cash was born j._r. Cash on february twenty sixth nineteen thirty two in kingsland arkansas. He was the middle child in a staunch southern baptist family with seven children. Johnny's parents ray and carry cash were tenant farmers who struggled to make ends meet. Johny grew up toiling in the cut and fields starting at the age of eight. He was supervised by his father. A man who made sure johnny learned about the dark side of life early on once when johnny was young his childhood dog had a litter of puppies ray claim the family couldn't afford to feed them an order johnny to bring them to the riverbank while johnny watched ray put the newborn pups ups in a sack and threw them in the river afterward. He shot the puppies mother. Johnny never forgot the sound of the gunshot mingled singled with the frantic splashing of the puppies trying to escape the burlap sack memories like this haunted johnny his father's callous behavior caused him to grow into a quiet boy who sought approval wherever he could get it unfortunately his emotional development and would only be twisted further by tragedy as he aged the worst day of johnny's life was may thirteenth nineteen forty forty four that morning twelve year old. Johnny woke up feeling uneasy. His mother and his older brother jack aged fourteen had the same same strange unearthly premonition that something bad would happen soon. Unfortunately their worst fears came to pass while working at the nearby sawmill. Jack struck up a conversation with a neighbor boy and didn't notice the saw guard was not not properly in place. The blade jumped when jack pulled it back toward him caught him in the stomach and went straight through to the intestines. Johnny was on his way home from the river with his fishing pole. When he saw his father running down the road carrying his brother's bloody clothes mm-hmm jack was taken to the hospital and put on morphine. He stayed there for days floating in and out of consciousness at times he rambled incoherently but others he was perfectly lucid after a week. Jack passed away before he died. He asked his mother if she could here. The angels singing. No one could tell whether he was hallucinating or not but johnny always believed the the angels his brother heard or real. Johnny never got over the death of his brother. He always felt guilty for predicting disaster and for failing to stop him from going to work that day. His guilt was made much worse by his father ray. Cash told told johnny flatly on several occasions that johnny showed have been the one to die. He said the twelve year old shouldn't have been wasting his time fishing while his brother worked to support the family his words shattered johnny made all the worse by the fact that deep down he he believed them he would struggle his entire life to feel that he deserved to live and thrive the gnawing sense of inadequacy instilled in him by his father created a powerful need for external validation. He craved the love of others but simultaneously felt unworthy it one of the only things that help johnny deal with his emptiness. After his brother's death was music he started visiting a neighbor neighbor to learn the guitar and wrote poems which he sometimes read at school despite johnny's shyness and sometimes halting delivery other students and slater remembered that they were impressed by the poems johnny found writing poems and songs to be safe ways to express his emotions it also so allowed him to dream about his future. He didn't exactly know what he wanted to do with the rest of his life but he knew he didn't wanna spend it in the cottonfields infield in nineteen fifty at the age of eighteen. He searched for his calling as many men did by joining the military after the korean war began in june. Johnny signed up for four years in the air force. Johnny did well in the force and was eventually willie promoted to staff sergeant in charge of a unit of forty other soldiers in germany. His comrades got along with him. Well but described grabbed him as relatively quiet. He rarely went out partying and preferred to pass time in the barracks with a small group of friends in later years. Johny sometimes exaggerated about his time overseas. He claimed that he smuggled contraband onto the base. Got in fights with his superior officers and often went out carousing bars soldiers who served alongside him said that many of those claims were hyperbole according to for them. Johnny was more likely to stay in his room at the base and read the bible rather than start a fight. He sometimes went out drinking with them. That rarely got out of control. Still there were moments when the darker side of johnny cash showed itself one night he went out with a friend then got very drunk as his friend helped him back to the base. They saw a black soldier walking down the street holding hands with the white german girl title johnny saw the two together and went ballistic. He started cursing at the soldier and screamed racist epithets and he had to be restrained by his friend. Eventually military police got involved and forced him to calm down. The incident shocked shocked many in the barracks who had never heard johnny san unkind word to anyone at all much less anything racist. It seems that growing up in the depression russian near a south had shaped his beliefs more than he led on in fact. Most of janis closest friends at the base were fellow southerners. A few of them got together regularly to play country music and sing together. They even formed a band called the landsberg barbarians though they only played in public public together once most of their musical activity was for their own private entertainment the camaraderie and private practice help johnny honed his singing abilities and skill at the guitar as he improved he started to dream about becoming a professional musician singing gave him an outlet lead to express his feelings which is father never permitted him to do while growing up but music wasn't the only way johnny searched for love and acceptance dense. He also began to date a woman he met during training and san antonio vivian liberato despite barely they spending any time with vivian in person before he was shipped overseas. Johnny was head over heels for her. He wrote her letters from germany. Each week. Sometimes multiple times a day after they had only been dating for a muslim. Johnny spent a considerable portion of his signing bonus to rent an expensive expensive apartment in germany in an incredibly impulsive move. He tried to get vivien to come and live with him. The move surprised just janis comrades who used their time in the forest to explore travel and have a good time. Johnny on the other hand seemed interested in settling down as quickly as possible privately. Some wondered whether johnny really loved vivian that much or if he was just that desperate to receive love in in return. It sometimes seemed like johnny latched onto vivian so tightly simply because she responded to his letters he knew she was a conservative conservative. Young woman who was clearly looking for a long-term relationship he may have rented the apartment to show he was just as serious and to prevent her from looking elsewhere for a man but the grand gesture didn't pay off vivians father put the kabosh on the move he was fervently catholic catholic and did not like the idea of his daughter dating a southern baptist despite his protests johnny continued to exchange letters with vivian the n. for another two years. They were still together when johnny was finally discharged from the air force at the age of twenty two of long last vivians father agreed to let the to marry as long as johnny underwent a month of classes in catholicism. I johnny was willing to do whatever whatever it took to keep vivians love. They decided to move to memphis tennessee together as both had some family in town now oh that he had secured some much-needed personal support. Johnny turned his attention back to music. Even after the engagement he wasn't comfortable bowl sharing his entire self with vivian. Thanks to his upbringing. He had never really sat down and talked about his feelings. There were some some things he could only discuss in song to that end. Janis older brother roy introduced him to a couple of people he knew in memphis. This who played music as a hobby luther perkins and marshall grant both twenty six years old hit it off with johnny immediately. They were all easy easy-going southern men who loved gospel and country music. Johnny began jamming with lutheran marshall and soon. They decided to perform in public together. Their first concert was a free gig at a neighborhood church. The crowd was small but public performance was a big step for johnny honey and he had jitters for hours beforehand. He needed the audience to like him. Because his performances amounted to a bearing of his soul role he considered a rejection of his music to be a rejection of him personally. Fortunately the audience at the church it did seem to like the group's performance after that first concert music began to dominate giannis free time he married vivian in nineteen fifty eighty four and the two moved into a small two bedroom apartment. He got a day job as an appliance salesman and devoted all his remaining time to the new ban. After a couple more public performances marshall luther and johnny felt they had enough experience to make a record the details depend on the account but somehow the three of them contacted record producer sam phillips and scored an audition with him. Phillips lips was hot off the success of his new artist elvis presley. He was looking for more artists to help grow the emerging rock and roll genre. Ah phillips was impressed with the trio. Since none of the three were experienced professional musicians. They had a raw sound. That intrigued treated him. He especially liked the original songs. Johnny played though janis voice was shaky. During the audition due to stage fright phillips cbs could tell it how to depth and passion he could coax out. Johnny was overjoyed. That phillips recognized the passion in his songs. It was was the first time anyone had acknowledged that they heard what johnny was trying to say and it made the approval all the more meaningful phillips sign nine them to sun records and they set to work on a promotional single soon. Johnny was met with even more good news. Vivian was pregnant with their first child. Johnny told her that his recording contract would ensure a financially stable life for the family but vivienne was is already starting to worry that he preferred the adulation of small crowds over coming home to her. She wanted to be enough for him but she. You didn't realize that johnny's music was a second half of himself. Something he couldn't share at home leaving the stage behind completely. I would mean abandoning that side of his feelings. Vivian didn't fully understand what this meant for her husband but nevertheless she supported. It'd his dreams while she was pregnant. In may of nineteen fifty five she gave birth to a daughter rosanne. She was twenty one and johnny when he was twenty three a month later johnny cash and the tennessee to release their first single. Hey porter on the b side of the record. They recorded another original song. Cry cry cry. Things moved quickly after that johnny's first big show came in august nineteen fifty five when he played alongside a spate of big acts in memphis including elvis by now elvis elvis had been releasing songs for about a year he and johnny developed a cordial but competitive relationship they playfully imitated each other at at their concerts and each tried to outsell the other during the next year giannis fame grew along with elvis's but he didn't see royalty check until nineteen fifty six thanks to the fine print in his contract with sun records. Though johnny considered sam phillips a friend as well as a business partner it clearly didn't encourage phillips to give him any special consideration phillips could see what music meant to johnny and and he loved his sound because of it he encouraged his artists emotions when it benefited his bottom line but that didn't have any bearing on royalty arrangements in phillips view emotion was an indispensable part of music but it had to be foregone when it came to business at the time. Johnny was happy to persevere for the thrill of performing finally six months after his debut single at twenty three years old old. He received his first check with it. He was able to quit his day job selling appliances. He was on his way but he would soon soon. Find out the life of a celebrity was not all roses up next johnny cash deals with the struggles roles and temptations of fame birthdays anniversaries holidays geezer the important dates. 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Hello i'm johnny cash mm-hmm coming off the success of cry cry cry and a new song folsom prison blues in nineteen fifty six twenty three year old. Johnny johnny cash was one of music's biggest rising stars later that year he recorded walk the line a hit which was only beaten in in the charts by elvis's heartbreak hotel. Johnny felt the world was his to conquer and it was rapidly growing wider and as has his world expanded. He grew further away from his wife. Vivienne divide became obvious in nineteen fifty-six after one of janis most memorable performances at the grand ole opry a famous nashville music venue. It was there that he first met twenty-seven-year-old june june carter. She was a member of the famous carter family a music group that sang gospel and old country songs. Johnny was enchanted with june who was a beautiful and talented singer on their first meeting. The two only shared a brief conversation backstage but it was enough enough to make johnny smitten. He jokingly told her that someday. The two would be married. Meanwhile janis actual wife vivian indian was not having an easy time on her own when they got married she had hoped for a conventional life as a wife and mother and a husband who worked normal hours hours. She was not prepared for the long weeks. Johnny spent touring away from home or for the media attention in previous episodes. We've seen that many musicians struggle to balance the demands of performance with their life at home. Unfortunately musicians are often pressured to make early. Sacrifices in their personal lives for the sake of long term success. This was the case for johnny who committed to a particularly demanding ending tourist schedule to capitalize on the buzz from his first few singles while he was gone. Vivian sat alone with their baby daughter worried defame fame was making her husband a different person from the man she married in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven johnny would prove her right that that year he was in the midst of grueling tour schedule and traveled over one hundred thousand miles all by car most nights he was on on the road and couldn't get a full eight hours of rest. Johnny badly needed a break but he couldn't stand the thought of leaving the tour early and jeopardising realizing his budding career he worked hard to conquer his stage fright and found the feeling of being on stage in front of screaming fans to be exhilarating <music> but at a certain point he felt he just couldn't give every crowd the performance deserved. He hated feeling like he had failed a fan. Even if the fan was a complete stranger after all he saw his concerts as extensions of himself and after growing up feeling like a disappointment to his father johnny would do whatever it took to never feel that way again to help keep him awake and energetic nick onstage a fiddle player on the tour offered him an amphetamine tablet. The pills were legal with prescription and we're seeing as a miracle drug doug by most doctors at the time nobody had any idea of the long term consequences so johnny took it an experienced a sudden euphoria aurea influx of energy. He thought god himself had sent him the bills to help him spread his music to the world for so long before for that johnny had struggled to make small talk and felt uncomfortable during parties he had been plagued by jitters before his concerts now now with the help of the pills he felt invincible. He stayed up night after night. Electrifying audiences and writing songs until the early we hours of the morning then he would sleep for long stretches and feel great when he awoke it changed his life that change in his personality analogy didn't go unnoticed. When johnny came back home after his tour vivian felt him growing more distant from her he spent long our awake in front of the television instead of coming to bed with her. She worried he was seeing other women. He reassured her that he was just adjusting according to life on the road and that everything would settle down soon in reality things were only going to get more chaotic his nineteen fifty seven tour with the collins kids a rock and roll duo consisting of a teenage brother and sister entered a new dimension to his darker side aside johnny now twenty-five sought to replace the love he felt he was losing from vivian with the devotion of someone who could appreciate she ate him fully music and all he found himself strongly attracted to sixteen year old. Laurie collins his infatuation so apparent that even lori was aware of it. She maintains that nothing happened between them but even so johnny acted so creepy around around her that his bandmates became uncomfortable. According to his close friend a singer named johnny western cash often agonized over his attraction attraction to laurie western cash had long private talks together. We're cash opened up about his crumbling marriage and drug addiction. Western stern counseled cash to stay away from laurie but he still felt conflicted. He always fell in love hard and fast and he knew it was hard to let a romance go even an imagined one but all accounts hold that cash never made a move on the teenager and two years later laurie laurie married a different older man thirty year old stew carnal but in nineteen fifty eight johnny's problems were still far from resolved in addition to his marital problems and budding drug addiction. The twenty six year old had to deal with contract issues his his initial contract with sun records ended in july of nineteen fifty eight and johnny wasn't excited about the prospect of renewing it lately sam phillips. The man who had signed johnny had been focusing most of his attention on his newest artist. Jerry lee lewis johny felt snubbed. He had worked so hard for philip sacrificing his sleep at sobriety for him. Meanwhile phillips only seemed interested in in jumping on whatever artist was the hottest at the time. If phillips wouldn't give him the respect he deserved he would find someone else early early. In one thousand nine hundred fifty eight johnny met a smooth talking producer at a party who fit the bill perfectly the producer convinced him to sign with with columbia records after his son contract ended. Sam phillips took janis exit as an insult like johnny he seemed to regard in relationships in the music industry as all business one moment and incredibly personal the next he even told johnny he loved him but it was is too little too late. Johnny started working for columbia in august nineteen fifty-eight burning bridges as he went the change in record company lead to bigger changes in johnny's life. His new manager urged him to move to california in search of film and television contracts act the strain that the move would put on his personal life never entered the managers mind all he saw was the prospect of higher earnings giannis bandmates marshall and luther didn't want to leave their homes in memphis and the move led to in fighting it meant the trio would have to drive even even longer to hit tour stops in the south and they would be forced to leave their friends and extended families behind marshall and luther weren't willing to sacrifice vice time with their families for t._v. Opportunities and were soon back home in tennessee. The change permanently dampened their relationship with johnny johny now the three only saw each other while on tour or in the studio johnny had once again chosen his screaming fans over his closest friends still the band hung together for the time being but lutheran marshall notice johnny acting more and more erratic attic. He couldn't drive anywhere on time. Sometimes he skipped studio sessions. He was out at all hours of the night and things were about to you get even worse in nineteen sixty giannis friend and fellow musician. Johnny horton died in a car accident accident. The death of his friend put johnny deeper in the throes of his addiction. He spent money lavishly and began breaking things. When he got not angry. The fact that he now had an entourage of people cleaning up his messages and enabling his destructive behavior only encouraged him despite his volatility vivian stayed with johnny for the sake of their children by now they had three daughters together but because johnny's touring unscheduled dominated eighty percent of the year she still ended up raising them almost entirely on her own for janis part. He hadn't hit bottom. Just it yet his troubles continued into nineteen sixty one high out of his mind one night. Johnny tried to knock down the door of a club at at three thirty in the morning because he thought people inside were trying to keep him out when he finally managed to kick in the door. He realized the club was simply closed because it was three thirty in the morning at the age of twenty nine. Johnny spent his first night in jail. He was let out the following morning when he had sobered up. He was embarrassed but the incident wasn't a wakeup call. His drinking buddies laughed it off as a joke. There was no end in sight to his increasingly toxic behavior up next johnny cashes ashes appetite for destruction grows on an unprecedented scale now back to the story in nineteen sixty the two at the age of thirty. Johnny cash's life was crumbling around him. He was heavily addicted to amphetamines and his marriage was on the rocks to cope johnny threw himself into his work and set on a rigorous touring schedule during the tour the depths of his growing appetite tight for destruction were put on full display. He and his bandmates set out to vandalize every hotel they stayed in apparently in an effort effort to add some excitement to their nights in small boring towns their antics ranged from cheeky to mean-spirited his bandmate eight marshall grant carried a small circular saw which he would use to cut the legs off of chairs. He also exploded small sticks of dynamite dynamite in the parking lot for a laugh but the pranks weren't always in good fun. Johnny stabbed more than one hotel painting with a knife because he it didn't like them once new york he dumped hey and buckets of horsemen or all over the floor of his room. At the time the band justified justified the destruction by reasoning that it was okay since they paid for everything afterwards janis seemingly limitless wealth and scores of adoring fans fans smoothed over every mistake he made but most hotel managers and staff members were not entertained by the prospect of removing paint paint from the ceiling or replacing their radiators. Johnny and his bandmates were blacklisted from several hotel chains for their vandalism. A decade before led zeppelin nor the rolling stones became widely known for similar behaviour. The pranks ultimately did little to improve johnny's mood he was totally under the thrall amphetamines by now and upped his dosage monthly he slept rarely eight little and snapped at his his friends over nothing still. He couldn't give them up in his mind. They allowed him to make the music. Everybody loved vivian. Vivian was desperately worried about her husband but johnny refused to open up to her. She and the children came to fear the few mornings when johnny was in town do to his volatile temperament. It wasn't just johnny's personal life that suffered due to his drug use the drugs wrought havoc on his vocal local courts and made his throat permanently dry and scratchy in one thousand nine hundred sixty two. He was set to perform at carnegie hall. It was a landmark achievement for a country artist to be featured at such a prestigious cosmopolitan venue. It should have been a high point for johnny and instead the concert was a disappointment. His throat was so parched that he could barely choke out his lyrics and it was obvious to everyone could he was stoned. Few people intervened even after a string of disastrous concerts and erratic public behavior vivian was still in the dark about what was causing her husband to run from her and other people in the industry were only concerned about their prophets old old joe. I why i put all four for the blind your mind i local on one of the few people johnny could lean on was june encourter since their first meeting in nineteen fifty-six the two had interacted more and more over the years as their tour schedules intersected a friendship developed which eventually blossomed into something more before long the two were meeting for covert rendezvous and sleeping together gather johnny had always been attracted to june like he had with vivian he fell in love quickly and deeply as time went on and he he grew distant from vivian. He became obsessed with june instead to johnny. It was always easier to move on then to address problems in a relationship ship. He wanted affection and he wanted it fast. He gave his love to june but they both knew they had to be careful. Since they were both married. They were never seen in the same hotel or out at dinner together but even so their relationship wasn't exactly a secret johnny's daughter. Kathy claims she was with her mother when she found out about janis infidelity according to her. We all went backstage after a show. I'll never forget it because mom had brought it up often since we were standing there waving goodbye to dad and he kissed us all and got into his car and then june jumped in the car right next to him and wave to us vivian was crushed and infuriated by nineteen sixty three at the age of thirty one. Johnny seem to have more or less given up on the marriage. His sentiments were reflected in the song understand. Your man released that year the lyrics include the lines so just lay there on your bed and keep your mouth shut till <music>. I'm gone. No don't give me that old familiar cryan cussin' mon as a devout catholic vivian was opposed to divorce. She was determined to stick it out for as long as she could but the sham marriage made both her and johnny miserable to deal with his his stress johnny took to spending days out in the desert near their california property drunk and high out of his mind. It seems the stress of lying trying to vivian for so long was finally getting to him. He hated what he had become but felt it was too late to save himself or possibly that he didn't deserve to be saved. Instead he wandered the desert aimlessly by himself. Searching for inspiration or relief leap from his shame and depression. The benders led to a new album ballads of the true west released in nineteen sixty. Five two days is after it debuted he celebrated by getting drunk and driving june's car straight into a poll in nashville police released him without a charge even though he was clearly drunk but the more the rules were bent and broken for him the further he pushed the line. He skipped concerts at the last minute. He broke the lights on the stage of the grand ole opry because they were too bright. He spent hours in the studio recording a single song because he kept forgetting the words. His unpredictability sometimes made his bandmates fear for their lives. After after wrecking june's car he crashed several more within months. He sank a boat and broke a tractor again. Instead of stepping in giannis so-called friends and colleagues only covered for him. They knew he was dangerous behind the wheel but they simply took themselves out of danger sure by banning him from driving while on tour all this led to johnny's most catastrophic act of negligence in june of nineteen sixty five thirty three-year-old johnny went on a fishing trip with his nephew in the los padres national forest according to johnny his camper got stuck doc in the creek bed and when he tried to gun the engine the exhaust pipe heated up and ignited the grass around his nephew wasn't the president at the time but he believed that johnny had actually started the fire to warm himself and was too stoned to notice it spread around him. The fire eventually grew into an inferno that wiped out five hundred and eight acres of forest. A major portion of the habitat of the endangered california condors was destroyed in a matter of days. The united states government sued johnny for one hundred hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. He later settled for eighty two thousand dollars when asked why he set the fire. Johnny responded. I didn't do it my truck did and it's dead so you can't question it even the fire and the ensuing public embarrassment couldn't make johnny control control himself just four months later in october of nineteen sixty five he bought over one thousand amphetamine and barbiturate tablets in mexico customs agents caught him at the el paso airport and imprisoned him though again he only stayed in jail for the night two months later. Johnny pled guilty to smuggling drugs. He received a misdemeanor charge and paid a thousand dollar fine. The arrest finally finally inspire johnny to get clean but his sober streak was only temporary a few months later in nineteen sixty six. He was back on pills at the end of his tour that year instead of coming back home to see vivian and his children he hit out at his friend jean ferguson's house for weeks he dodged calls from both vivian and june leaving vivian alone in refusing to even check in with her was more than she could bear. She filed for divorce in august of nineteen sixty six. It took a year for johnny to agree to his ex-wife's terms but she was was given custody and monthly allowances for the children. Johnny tried to lay aside his bitterness but he wasn't able to ditch the drugs about this time time in his life he later said it just felt like i was at the end of the line. I got to feeling that i'd taken so many pills that i was going to blow or something. I couldn't stand myself anymore. I wanted to get away from me. Johnny considered killing himself but held on because of his love for june carter and his children but no matter what he did he couldn't kick his habit. In november of nineteen sixty seven it would lead to yet another enriched on the night of november third. Johnny wandered around lafayette louisiana in a drugged out hayes looking for a friend's house he he crawled through bushes to look through windows on the quiet street making no effort to be discreet after banging on the wrong door a few times he scared into woman living in one of the houses and she called the police loud sirens and bright lights converged around johnny leaving him disoriented and confused fused by now he could barely remember why he was on the street in the first place. Police arrested him after realizing he was stoned and carrying during a hefty amount of drugs on johnny was put in jail for a night. He tried to bribe one of the officers to let him out out but they wouldn't take the money. Even so the sheriff ralph jones decided to drop the charges the next day because he was a fan dan of janis music but this time he wouldn't get off with a good natured pat on the back. The sheriff's sat johnny down and gave him a stern talk. He told johnny that he was wasting his life and his potential with the drugs. Though people had given johnny similar talks in the past something about the way the share of spoke made him reevaluate his life. He decided that no matter what else happened he wanted to marry june own carter and he knew she would never agree as long as he was on drugs. Johnny invited june her parents to stay in his mansion with him to help him get clean a psychiatrist. Dr nat winston who was a friend of johnny's came by every night after work to check on him the the four of them tried to check johnny into a hospital for his addiction but he refused worried about the negative press that would ensue for thirty two days is johnny endured the painful effects of amphetamine withdrawal after quitting cold turkey by the end of it he felt reborn his relationship with june intensified and johnny experienced a revival of his faith. Everything seemed to be falling in place for the first time in a long time. The only missing piece was his career. He was experiencing a slump in sales and the record company when he didn't have much confidence he would ever rebound to garner some attention. Johnny convinced the executives to let him record a concert inside a prison. He'd been performing it prisons since the late fifties and always wanted to record an album there in the past executives had dismissed dismiss the idea not wanting to tarnish janis image in the eyes of his conservative country western audience now they saw they had little lose and allowed him to record an album at folsom prison. The result was electrifying. The album sold six million copies and began his successful comeback. Though johnny had never spent more than a single night in jail at a time the concert gave him the indelible image of an outlaw. His success was capped in nineteen sixty eight when he finally proposed to june carter on stage age during a concert in london the two married a week later in kentucky the next year his hot streak continued when he was given a t._v. Series he's the johnny cash. Show was variety. Show that hosted live concerts from country legends a rarity on network t._v. At the time throughout the show's his tenure johnny stayed mostly drug-free even through its disappointing cancellation in nineteen seventy one when he was thirty nine after the show ended johnny committed himself to philanthropy and his faith he produced a gospel album and became friends with televangelist i l._a. Graham but his religious revival did not improve his record sales his next two albums performed poorly and his lack of musical goal fulfillment. Let him back to drugs yet again. In one thousand nine hundred seventy seven at the age of forty five johnny relapsed by now now the drugs had dulled him to the point that even june couldn't get through to him then in september nineteen eighty one at the age of forty nine. Johnny was kicked in the chest by an ostrich named waldo. The bird which lived on janis property ran toward him as he walked walked by when he tried to defend himself with his stick. Waldo took it as an attack in retaliated waldo kick johnny so hard he broke five ribs ribs and was sent to the hospital the pain killers he was prescribed inflamed his addiction once again but no matter what johnny couldn't stay day away from the stage for long after two years in nineteen eighty three fifty one year old johnny tried again to revitalize his sound unfortunately once again he found little success his drug use had gotten so bad that he began to hallucinate in a hotel room while on a european tour he imagined the walls of the hotel had pull out of bed and began punching the wall to get it loose june repeatedly cried cried for him to stop but he kept punching the wall so hard that he cut his hand and had to go to the hospital while he was lying in bed. June called all the coalition of his closest friends to stage an intervention at the end of a long talk. Johnny looked down and nodded. He finally agreed to go to a rehab center. He checked into the betty ford clinic in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. He stayed there for six weeks and went through a twelve step program that blended his faith with in-depth counseling from june's perspective. He was more lucid than he had been in decades. Though in later years he struggled with relapse his stay at the center in nineteen eighty-three was largely his final longest lasting turning point. Don't johnny would continue to make albums for two more decades making some of the most critically acclaimed records of his career well into his sixties. During this time he managed to stay off drugs and repair old relationships. He passed away on september twelfth. Two thousand three at the age of seventy one from issues related to diabetes his wife of thirty five years june carter had at passed away just four months prior after years of struggling with feelings of inadequacy johnny cash found fulfillment in music but his passion was exploited by those in the industry who are more interested in making sales than nurturing artists with the help of his faith and and a partner who could appreciate him flaws and all johnny eventually found peace with himself and conquered his inner darkness and thanks for listening to the dark side of next week. We'll be back to explore the dark side of elvis presley. You can find all episodes of the dark side of and all other park has originals for free on spotify. Not only does spotify already. Have all your favorite britt music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all your favorite podcast originals like the dark side of for free from your phone desktop. 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