Hotboxin with Mike Tyson & Joey Diaz


No matter what happened in your life. You get a lot of love despite the color where you from what happened people love you meant. I just went out for the Saudi on night. Wanna be real? Boy, they're yeah. We had a good dog. It was the best day of my life. Mike Tyson was so fucking what you're doing right now. I mean as Mitch tremendous, man. Oh man here. We are another episode. Evan Britain and Mike Tyson the day, we have a special guests man, a New Yorker, man. One percent, Tom Joey DEA talked to what's happening. Joey the chat Mike Tyson straight from Cuba to five west ADA street and fuck and points beyond the Nanai ended up in north Bergen New Jersey, and because my mother had a bond union city, but. Jersey city. Yeah. No, J Mukasa. Nah. I ring fad Jim near nah, sitting all by journal square. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I used to go to judge city. Hang out. I went to Bob Hurley's basketball camp when I was a little kid who's a coach it, you know, there's two kids play Duke, and he had a basketball camp there, and I used to go to movie to there, and I got stabbed. Yeah. Gonna have the real crime yesterday neighbor. Richard panik the real bad neighborhood. Richard Pryor live on the sunset strip. And I got high smoking pot with my friends and some dude cut me loose sweat shirts. So fuck dude tremendous. It's great to be with you was on buddy amount. Great. You know, Mike, and I have a lot of similarities we both lost our mothers at the age of sixteen. We both got locked up. Then it's buffet get which I I've been spark in Bronx kid was sponsored avenue. You know, man is juvenile like, no, no, no, no, no. I was good as juvie that was my shit. I was good as a Jew because you and I had something else in common. We got saved by an Italian, man. Yeah. Okay. When I moved to New Jersey the neighborhood man was calm. My bows Zanele got arrested. So he took me into his house. Even though I was Cuban he had four sons and one of the sons died and I kinda replaced him. So whatever the sons got I got I gives you a different type of. And it was the seventies. Ain't those in those speaking no black do going to walk into an is out. But they didn't look at it like that we got saved by somebody Italian. That's we have so many similarities, you know, you're from Brownsville in my. Earliest from the Bronx from off the avid year, Arthur avenue and still fucking ticketed shape, represented talian mother pockets, though, the last American slices and not the avenue now everybody knows that in this country, but those shouldn't Italian name. It's just a pleasure to be with somebody who this, you know, might Thyssen. Was the king of New York? You know, that is to be the king of New York walk the walk talk. The talk the king of New York. Thank you, brother. I he got thrown by Tony soprano. You know, what I'm saying it just I met him once. Yeah. Yeah. I'm james. And what was the guy Fame's Gandolfini gave him one? Was he the very decent, man. It'd be nice, man. Well, we're no war. And then he said when would that movie, I wouldn't have move? He didn't even feed hanging over. No value that movie out road. So funny. That's classic actor just so deep in your that was just lifting. He left us all too soon. Yeah. Yeah. Definite. They all do they all do, you know, we don't get to say the bias something you always feel bad. You know? Yeah. But back to Mike. No, I've been fanciest day one. The first time I saw Heathrow. In fact, I gotta talk to you about something. You'll meet two hundred fifty dollars from July of eighty seven because I bought an eight ball. And I was working this chick you fighting Spinks Atlantic City, and I was working and I had fifteen rounds to work, but you knocked the mother fuck out and fifty eight seconds. Man, how little girlfriends took a back and there I am with this eight ball the hard, dick. How do you get hot dig with eight ball? Twenty eight you get that. I now and try to get to work. Motherfucking snake charmer gonna work man. God always wanted to know that secret me, how do you get you get high? Coke in the eighties. You get you get caught on coke. Then then they started putting half spray. By with and all that. Got I never divide on skid. Doc. But knocked my wife up at fifty. Yeah. I'm good. Yeah. She was in order to. Yeah. Fifty. It's amazing Milkin dope. Like a motherfucker. No other drugs knocked her up. Amazing. Can you believe that God? Thirty to thirty two year while I chart thirty to my aunt had had my cousin at forty five. So it can happen really feel Vence father would seventy two. Seventy two who father DO von you. Gotta get that mother fucking hear stories too. Yeah. He's amazing. He's amazing. But deal had him when he was seventy his father had him when he was seventy two man. A newborn Spanish dude that spanning fuck that Spanish firm, you not casket. You know what I'm saying? You gotta Puerto Rican with good genes. You jerk them off in the casket, boom. You got twins. Not even a little bit. Did I couldn't imagine being seventy two and having a new house twenty? I was twenty four what we had our daughter, man. I was fuck wanna fuck and trip to that old man and knock mumble my wife came in. I was would've for thirteen years and she came in. And she does not me up. And I was like fuck close the door. Think about it for a little while and shit nam, very happy. You know, he's happy. So God works in mysterious ways. Man. No doubt. Man. You know? It's funny as with all the things we did we're talking about juvie like I mean, you were bad ass. Motherfucker was I was doing shit. But I was keeping it on the down low, and I knew too many people to get arrested. I I became a Falun after seventeen and I got busted at the age of twenty five and I did two years came out and do the halfway house, and I was still doing my shit and some dude in the in the prison he was in there for murdering his wife and the mailman this motherfucker caught a federal rat because he was a mailman, but he was the prison librarian and he used to listen to me talk on on on one of the nights of the week. They did movie night in prison and the projector would always break and I worked in the kitchen. So I had. I knew everybody I worked in the kitchen. I was the stock clerks connections in there. I was given the bodybuilders extra meat. I knew what the extra cheese was, you know, and they would say on when the projector break that will go Cuba. Go up there and say some shit. The brothers would go Cuba. Get the fuck up. There say some shit, and I would go up there and goof on the you know, what I'm saying like I would stand up because I would sit behind the the prison line when they will feed in prisoners and check out everything, and they'd be feed them the food and whenever they gave me like shit on shingles was that shit shipped beef on right yet. Yeah. That kid is that whenever they gave all that type of shit discussing watery. Yeah. We in fact, and as the brothers walked in. I I would go don't do and they knew not to eat this shit. So then we had little prison dues. It was an Italian do that would make nachos with a fucking iron cook up a I and he. Took the fucking guts out, and he was sticking the bucket and put a piece of cheese in at eight in the morning and by six o'clock that she's would melt and he would cut jalapenos up. And there was an Mexican dude who may taco so I would tell them not to eat. And I thought they thought it was kind of funny. The way I said it. Yeah. So they would throw me up on this table. And I would just crack jokes on the prisoners. It was like ninety two prisoners is a prison camp. And I didn't know I was doing stand up. My I had no fucking do. Awesome. Dan and one day to the prison librarian was nerdy dune. And we I wasn't smoking dope in there because piss testing for him, and I would do acid from time to time, and we would stay up all night and the guards go what the fuck is wrong with you too. We'd be talking outside and shit to tell me tell me that the ever think about like where you're at now. And what he's been do you experiencing, but your friends that died you never seen you succeeded. Oh my God. You just gave me fucking goosebumps. I know we lost right of we got here. When I never thought that they think we would like street, but we and happened. Now we hear when I started calming ninety one. I did good for the first two years. And I went back to New York City in ninety three and a kid who took me and would drive me to the gigs which. The dude that reminds me a you. His name was down Rego this motherfucker wish shooting steroids when we were sixteen. He would go into clubs. I would tell them take your shirt off and do push ups, and he would just start doing pushups at a disco and without a shared on eighty two eighty three. He was just crazy. And I left for awhile when I came back ten years later. He was crazy. My, you know, how we get this do was working at the airports when not I bumped into them two weeks before he died, and he told me he goes, what are you doing? Now, he lives on bodyguard for Chinese, dude. He goes all I gotta do is get them high. He goes, we do ketamine. We do this. We do that we do this. But we haven't drink. But at the end he goes me never drink because that'll fuck up your liver. You know, but he used to pick me up. This guy was a gangster. He would pick me up and dry dry me to comedy shows and watch me and encourage me like you can't even fathom this. So Aaron has Dan regulars pick. Him on my wall. I have a picture of him on my ancestors shrine. I have an ancestor shrine all the mother fuckers. I lost along the way from Anthony bows, Zanele, Dominic speciale to all the kids that I grew up with my mother, my father, my one of my teachers that dude who took me out of New York who took me to Boulder, Colorado, and showed me to get me out of New York when I owed fifty thousand the he died, I got all that pictures, and I put I put glasses of water. That's when you do in your Cuban and every Monday at a candle you fill the glasses, and you thank him for guiding you to this fucking life. You know, if you ever say yourself, how why me why not the other guy there was smarter than me have more money than me cooler than me. Everybody thought they were the guys and they wanted die and again locked in for like, I come. I wouldn't really guided group that really was supposed to make myself that every day when I'm sitting there at six o'clock at night, and I'm eating dinner. With my wife and my little girl. Same pres-? I sit there, and I go if these two new that things I did you know what I'm saying? Like, I questioned let the for a long time for about two years until I shot, the meth lakes degenerates. I went through a hard period in my life a couple of years ago because I couldn't accept what was going on people coming up to me saying I changed that bitch. I robbed the Cana coins. One time out of a club out. You know, those fucking Kansas say, donate the blankets. Yeah. Handicapped, donate the blankets. One time dying one time. I went to Carl and I took whatever was in. There was seven dollars might. And here. I am now at the comedy store every fucking night doing comedy with Joe Rogan and Whitney coming in the Lia in fucking Jeff Ross. And I look at myself, and I go what the fuck listen, I'm coming from a place that where we came from. What we did. We only internalize who we are. And we think that we're nothing. We don't think these guys did what we did. And then I mind fade fade, we know for my that kills somebody. We think somebody got been killed to something. We are the cause of it. You know, I mean somebody may have been picked on us trying to use this. And we went they tell a friend and a friend came back and killed them. You know, that's just how it is in New York. And so we do a win worthy of this scumbags every day in my life. I question how the fuck I got you. You know, I got left back in the seventh grade. I got a GED felon. Yeah. I didn't even get my. Cuban that can't play baseball. I got nothing going for me. I got my GD only because I was going to go to prison. And if you get your high school diploma, they not two points off. So you end up going to a lower imprinting. That's what I was going to say he gets GD about failed the damn GD. Let's try this ski let's go to the drug counselor and take the drug tests and to the program because I fought my drug counseling. When I was when I was in the halfway. I was in the halfway house. It was this bad as counsel. When I got out. She used to piss test me, and I was putting I was pulling I'm on circumcise for I was pulled the skin back on my dick. How was snorting coke like a motherfucker? And I said what cleans up your? This. This pool cleaner. So I would take pool cleaning grinded down on a cheese rind, clean pool. Cleaner those pills. You put the fuck and go and they all around the water. I would shave that down. I would pull the skin on my dick man, I would sprinkle clean on my dick get over and put like a little bread die at the end. And I would go take a pill, and I would Bill the skin back in the pool. Clean. It will go into the past and I would fly Chris test. You don't understand fight. It would just go at one time. I put three knowing that mother fucker foam, but couldn't catch what I was doing. They knew I was fucking up the machine Mike, but they couldn't catch it. So they sent the white chicken one day. And I'm and I would joke off outside a little bit to get my dick hard, and I was going there with this cube, and they grow, and I thought impedes the hammer so I get out of the halfway house. I move on with my life. I got into comedy. And I'm sling. Delivered Chinese food but slinging coke and doing comedy at the same time. So if might wanna coke I would go, Mike, don't call the Chinese restaurant. Order renege roll, and I'll delivery, and at least I can blame it on the people because it was in the bag like a fortune cookie. So one day had knocked on the door who answers the door the drug counselor. But to boot she she was she was cute. She had a nice Brest. She had a nice body. But the only problem with it was she had a leg like with a limp, and it was like a mystery. So nobody talked to the bitch. We we started swapping spit. I started fingering I laid it down. And what I did was I pulled the one leg off the one leg. But I didn't even though the one the gene off the other leg. I just let the mystery. I ate him once my Hammond her mouth, and it was one of those long comes when it's twenty minutes. Looking wasn't trying to joke off done. I was trying to get muscles dirty three trying to get the lift that shit. Oh my God. I never saw again, she gave me like an eight dollar tip. And that was it. I never saw again what a name was. But who gives a God bless? When you fuck your drug house that you got. Now, we have how you cope in the halfway house. I was slinging in the halfway house, and Mike I was low charted because the rent was seventy five dollars and you had to pay on Thursday or you couldn't get out. You have a head deal. Fucking on. But I didn't get I impressed. But when I got to the halfway house. That's when I went fucking nuts. I had the coke hidden in the fucking thing. And I would sell in the halfway. I you can't believe like that. I'm the same person for the that's why now when they get mad at a governor. Or even at that judge for something dirty years ago, you really can't get mad at that. Because I was completely different person. I was you change as a human being we adapt. Every couple of years that we say to us sales. We can't act that way anymore. So I can't believe Mike original question was how do you feel? Don't fuck. Do. You think I feel I fucked my drug council, you know, I had no respect for nothing. And it wasn't my fault. It wasn't that in respect people. It was the seventies in New York that gave us this feeling of invincibility. And I'm not a very New York. Now, I'm not the type of dude that says New York pizza New York bagels. I don't talk about that shit. But the heart that New York had in the seventies set me out, and then go into not Bergen and hooking up with people from Hoboken that Italian heart from Hoboken gave me this. You can't kill me feeling like I got the house has no ninth neighborhood. It's real nice name fucking nice. But the fifties and forties. It was kinda weird towards the Italians. So they tell us that came out of Hoboken had to fight. So when I moved to Bergen. And I was surrounded with these guys had moved on from Hoboken. So I got that heart from them, plus my Cuban heart. Plus that thing that New York had in the seventies that going to forty second street when you're thirteen and avoiding drum and buying drugs for the first time, and it was fake drugs. You had to work that you don't get covered the parade. You gotta watch the cop. How many times did you walk in one of those X rated shows that sit on a hope Islam now fourteen. No, listen, this is the thing. Right. You were anyone that we going on porn place it right 'cause I'm weedy. And we've all day. We can't go home. We're sleep in the movie theater. It's great. But we got money and you sleep in. And then you know, you see some guy comes in he fifth in the front. You think he's watching the movie you fall of wake up and he in the closer. And then fourthly begin you wake if he's right next to you know, fuck the fucking freaky guy. China. Oh. And you only fuck, bro. I went with we all. Not fucking freak. Fuck bro. We feed would go to and like east orange New Jersey on Sunday nights. My buddy got an kick to go out there. And I'll never forget I went up there one time on a Sunday night. And every time you go to the bathroom a guy with just mysteriously pop up next to you in the euro next year and look at you pick fucking case, he was like forty so you get to see that side. I got we've lived in with the whole thing. Lisa Robin for. Yeah. Come on. Come. I have a sister for you calling the whole thing rob this fucking the fucking. What did we call the trick? Rob the tricks route the tricks the money that was a partner I grew up Hudson county part, and like the summer of eighty we found out that if you stood out that guys that would get drunk like older guys would come over. And they look for people to suck your dick. We come home from Judas priest concert, and we've seen these young guys out there and cause ripple up and it was like. Trick like, where's the George Washington Bridge and never go that way and the car would turn around and the guy would get in. So we devised a system where we get a guy, but like shorts on them with a nice wife beater shirt on with a little Pat on that with a little ball. Then the guy would get the guy of the car. No, let me suck you under the tree. And then they would take them under the tree and on three yet. He would kick him. We jump. Take they walk run. They couldn't go to the cops. Yeah. My neighborhood as a whole, right? What Bergen got so good at it that each neighborhood had representatives that would go down there and had peace and it was one neighbor sixty four three field. They had a kid that was so good. He'd make the motherfuckers take them to their house. And then he would call you from there. I'm over here making they got the guy tied up. That's how good we will fucking kids, man. We was sixteen seventeen. It was a different Thuc them world. You had no matter few now, if it was like, nobody, you know, there's a Catholic got locked up. It was better than being home. You know what? I mean you had snacks yet. They gave you snack that night three three meals. They teach good cookies and milk and Razi towed. I never went. We held are you? I'm fifty six. I just recently turned fifty cookie to. Yeah. We walked past each. I'm sure I'm sure and I. When I was a kid. I had my mother had the book Megan operation in the Bronx. And then we moved two hundred and eighteenth street and and in Harlem, but then they have satellites on Sal action in a hundred eighteen what Saturday is the big day for numbers. So you have to develop satellite offices, and they would have an office in bed stuy that would have like a little data that would call the numbers into that. And we would pay to walk around the neighborhood and look the different types of 'cause like that said they will give us like forty bucks on a sad down if jam packed jam people. So if you thought is in the car you had to run back and tell him there's two guys in the car and all you did was walk around the neighborhood. All it at that mean, it's like a lookout you like a look at. And then it was easy guys in the neighborhood. Yeah. Like this cops in the neighborhood of there's a car down the block with we'd plates and the guy sitting there by himself. Right. They will give you like forty bucks. Just walk around the neighborhood. Run them Marins, go get them Ammon cheese sandwiches. And then at four o'clock when the number comes out, the Brooklyn number 'cause this three numbers says the Brooklyn number the New York, which comes out on. Yeah. When you look at the total mutual of the track of the daily news when you open up the daily news, you look at there's always detract. They always give you the only New York today. Give you the fuck and track results and what the track made. So the track handle is what the the last three numbers is the number of the day. So you can bet that number. You can bet it by the number and. Neighborhoods with Mike Mike came from. When my mom had these places set up people have a dream. They have a job, but they have draining one ever try to tell you family. No. That wasn't a number three came out. Yeah. Yeah. You know, what when you take the number? There's a receipt if you take a number of face to face, I have a receipt that goes to Rewe's to white copy of pink copy and a blue copy. And you got initially before you. From slick shit from my ten people would try and even on the phone people. Call and go, no, you gave me a ten time. Let's go to the tape record. There's not a bookie that doesn't take his phone calls. They all type their folk phone call. Have you come back at them and go you called in a two hundred and fifty time or three hundred dollars? Yeah. Some slick shit always some slick Shen. It's insane. I was born in New York and eighty seven Saint Vincent's lived in Brooklyn park. Atlantic avenue. We were on fourteen or twelve three between eighth avenue and prospect park. I know that plea already gone I was doing time and eighty seven eighty seven was when I got in trouble. Anybody was doing eighty seven eighty eight. Menu make mistakes and everybody was in. The funny thing is Monday. I posted the picture of the guy kidnapped in nineteen eighty seven. He came to my show this past weekend in Tucson. Wow. I've been in touch with them for about five years. I apologized to him. Like a man it was a drug rip Mike was he had two kilos a coke. And I was young. I was stupid, you know, and I made a mistake and with another guy, and we fucked up, and I did, you know eating testify. Mike heating, testified the other guy my partner the testified against me. And then I plea bargain, two zero two six the judge gave me four with a Kentucky and court. He told me the fucking comeback one hundred twenty days, and if I behaved myself, he reduced my sentence when they cut it the community corrections. And that's the hottest thing. I went to prison ain't on its community corrections. That's how they hang you. 'cause you. You can't mission mistake you make you can't be in a ball. You your life is six two six, you know, basically, you have to live under a strict life. And even then like I said, I was and if your friend the fell he'd been the walkway by even. You can. Yeah. You then I say, hey. Walk right by you. It's a hard life at that point. But you know, what man I did it I paid my debt to society. You know, I got divorced. I fuck in lost everything started again. And the only thing I could think of was comedy, and I just wanted to be regular comedian. I wanted to hide and I ended up in Los Angeles. And the next thing, you know, I was like rich again office and the gentleman I had nowhere else to go. Msci shaw. God rest the soul gave me spots spot spots than the do. Joe rogan? He came into my life. Eight taught me how to be a professional, you know. And here we twenty-seven motherfucking years later calmly saved my life, everything doing residencies in Vegas anything. I just did Treasure Island Friday, which tremendous I really liked them. I did the south point before they were very nice also. But it's time the, you know, move on up. A little bit. I am fifty six. I got one foot in the grave wanna banana peel and a lot of life. Life left me. So I still do my little every two weeks on the road. I got the podcast. I got the kid. I got to talk to you buy something real quick. I take my kid. You know, I'm Cuban and Cubans are very proud of their boxes. So I take my kid hitting the midst, and I sent it to my uncle he's eighty and my uncle came back. He goes you tell that fuck and teacher hers that were distant cousins kid chocolate. Yeah. So I know that part of your fucking genius is that you watched a lot of tape. They nobody can tell you a story about a fight his name of Elegia, THAAD, Dina Sardinia, violet sat siding? You know? What it means? It's Spanish name Betham. I think it means. What are those things? Are you eating prison? So dean sardines? Yeah. So Sadiya yet kid chocolate Sadiya when you're in New York, and I was and I lived in in union city is the second biggest Cuban population the country big shot at the Lucio finances. And when before you got into a fight when you acumen, the first thing, you told the motherfuckers listen before we box. I just want you to know my cousins kid chocolate. No. But it's a fucking island cousins. I did that. I'm forty percent African me saying that the fact that he was that popular chocolate really got remember was a lot of films about I knew how was he was magnificent. Did he really fight twenty five times in one year? I listen, I wouldn't doubt it listen. He had one hundred amateur fights in Cuba New Zealand defeated with like eighty five knockout is that true. They said they redid it. They are story and went in only had fifty bucks. I'll tell you something about kids clapping. Klopp it. I'm not something nothing kid chocolate with very promiscuous. You know in 'em. He four lead allow disease like venereal diseases and stuff, I believe they've probably got thick stuff fixing venereal diseases and stuff diseases leggings dad wrote that read and stuff and I thought been pitching him. I believe it was on what what year would it was happening to you. I'm watching and think after a look on YouTube. They showed pictures of him Cuban I can age like an eighty eighty four eighty eight Templeton to that effect. And he would see this old joking down man, but he was a magnificent fighter. He was so inspiration for fighters like Archie Moore Henry Armstrong 'cause when they saw him fight. He was he made more money than the heavyweight me like a hundred thousand dollars of the fight in one particular fight. But something like that. And that's why he was so popular by his loved. Maybe they may. Wasn't gonna make phones about him count. Basie thongs about kid chocolate and stuff. He was just magnificent sensation when it came to America. He moved from New York, and the L he would awesome. He's Panama, Al Brown. And all those guys he was just magnificent is just that he got sick. Did you watch a lot of tape on them and everything he wasn't fight for della? Bob Watson for all those guys that have with the magnificent fight in and care for tuning candidate. Mary foot. All these guys he had listened. He had probably one hundred and fifty fights pro fights. Great fight, very incision fight a very popular fight or one of the most popular fighters, and they had people name. They named themselves after him to write the kid. Chocolate beta chocolate this navy side. When he came to when Castro took over. He was a very wealthy guy keep chocolate, but he took everything and he died in Cuba. Karan Castro took everything is wealthy and money. Kessel took all the property in cash out of the Bank, you know, the communist, so I guess that would basically that the shut it down. Yeah. It's funny. How many venereal diseases when Columbus went to Cuba? He brought back like he took something. He then he went back and what they brought back was sugar and syphilis. Yeah. See the room was worthy conscious. You'll get with the big syphilis. Fucking hotbed interesting though. I tested hot Facific a few times. No biggie. I moved on. Fuck it. All right now. I'm doing all right. Never fucking v. No one time. Yeah. But that was. Well, the time you guys came up. I'm just glad you didn't get the HIV on God. Thank god. No. You know what? I can't see needles. Got God threw me a big blessing. I can't see needles. So I never I think I started had one maybe two times. And I liked it. I'm not gonna lie to you. But I knew that it would be a problem had enough problems on my hands with the addictions. I already ad so I left it alone. I don't till this day. I've been clean eleven years from that white fucking devil. Amazing. And I don't know how I did it. I woke up one day, and that was it. There was no rehab. There was no hugs. I looked at my my girlfriend at the time. And I knew I didn't wanna find me on the floor. There's some people like you would may with born to find motherfuckers last week, my friend on the floor. So sorry to hear that the sorry. My law on the floor. There's some people want cut out for that. It'll change their whole life. My wife is from Tennessee. Good family. I didn't want her. Find me on the floor and one day, I just stopped. And I keep the reefa because it keeps my mind back on the street. And who the fuck I was that's the last thing. I do because it it's my teddy bear might. I started smoking chocolate Thai in nineteen eighty and you know, gold or the on my gun that's died. Chocolate tie up their SDN J fucking kill you. And. Always kept marijuana. I don't like the word soba. It makes people edgy people that live. So they have to hide something. I don't like the word soba. Roy gotta tell you something. I just read this book, how to change your mind. Michael pollen. It's all about psychedelics and LSD and Silla Sivan, and he talks about in there. How one of the the main a founder Bill Wilson he had his they talk about in the twelve steps. They talk about having a spiritual awakening. Bill had his spiritual awakening in guided trip on this stuff called Bella Donna, which was like a hallucinogenic compound. And he was a huge believer in idea that LSD could cure alcoholism. He was a big believer in psychedelics, kind of blues blew my mind, and to you know, because what it does these things are different. You know, they they crush our ego. They show us all our trauma on and our pain, and they help us forgive ourselves. You know, Joey, do you still do any? I know you've posted like jars of book in mushrooms on on your Instagram. But he's still funny. It's funny. When I we were talking about mescaline we used to get mescaline back in the day back in the day and four. My mom. I started doing acid maybe a year before my mom passed. But my mom passed the reason why one of the reasons I'm still here is because I want an acid fucking task for like a year. You know, I'm scared now, I might have something because for year, I did acid. I would go home at night. Put do a hit acid. Listen to black Sabbath. I would force myself. And then my mother died in the seventy nine and eighty the wall came up, they do a song called mother. Yeah. Is he has a song on his our mother, please forgive us. And I would force those on myself and face my reality. My mother was gone. I mean, it took me while five years grief is a fucking motherfucker took me basically from seventy nine to eighty four basically realize when she was gone, even though they put her in a whole I was there that would nighttime which still drive by my old house just to see if they made a mistake and she got caught at ya. 'cause raceway and traffic. And just you know, so the acid helped me deal with it. I hated I hate myself at doing it what I did. But one of the reasons why I'm still here is because I faced my fucking will. I think ain't. Yeah. Yeah. Man. I think it's very therapeutic. You know, they're they're coming out with more and more studies about how these things are helping people deal with depression dying. You know, the most intense things that happen in life. You know? And that's what kind of blew my mind is that the twelve steps that he put together are really the steps of a psychedelic trip. You know, you surrender to something you realize that you are in the hands of God and you make an encounter with God. And one, and we are all connected, and then you experienced some sort of. Of inventory of seeing all the things that you did wrong, you know, all of the trauma that you caused in your life. And then it moves to making an immense for all of that, you know, and apologizing to those you need to into yourself and finding forgiveness for yourself. You know, my biggest therapeutic thing is I love smoking one in the morning. Getting stoned and just letting my hand do the walking on a piece of paper, and I'll write up to three pages. And then later on that night. I'll look at it. And then right? What I'm thinking at that point. You know, I think the may the the the writing. Yeah has always helped me with the marijuana. Especially like from like last night. I got home from the comedy store. Eleven thirty. You're wired up. You just did too mother fucking shows. Yeah. Hjelm Jack talking about jesse's Miladin should lock it up. Only. They talk about. I had a Santa Rita godmother. And I went to see her in nineteen ninety five before I left New York, and she read my cards and on the way, she goes do me a favor don't ever do business with three people in nineteen eighty-five. The last thing she said to me is it says right here don't do business with three people in nineteen Ninety-seven. Well, I do I set up the kidnapping with another guy in that. I remember when I turned myself in I kept seeing images of my God morale don't do business with three people. That's what smell. That's all. She said he did business with people. That's it at two could always turn on you. And that's exactly what happened only one to keep the secret to them dead. I say only mentally ill. So it's. It's really weird that you saw what went down. You can't believe it. But I don't blame it on. Jesse smelly? I blame it on depression at Hollywood puts on these kids. Whether it's Hollywood makes us do some fucking dumb shit. If you fall in that motherfucker, did you think just for like attention? I just you know, what the thing is we want these people to love us. We wanted people to give jobs and went to live our life happily ever after the head perfect time to be the head nigga on the team. I'm going to be the bad. They're gonna team. I'm the richest bad whatever it may be. You know what I mean? And then we forget we forget who really are. You know, we get lost in fucking cloud of theft, or what we believe it's being different from what we were. You know, I've been you'd hating who I wear. I don't want to be that person that person that that person helped me become who who I wanna be. Why don't want to be involved with that person on? In my life. He's always be that way. He's always going to close the door. My path forget what the thief, you know, my parents and Overstreet workers and all that stuff. Phil that Steph would make people, you know, wanted to their old life away. But you know, you always have to believe you are and have to accept to you are, you know, what I mean and be conscious now with faith, helping my conscience supersedes, my color, you know, 'cause I know what time it is out here, you know, man, no people like phantom life meeting cuts. You know, I wish I would met costs because when I did the longest yard that was as I was shooting. It I smoke blown up my ass. And when the movie came out nothing happened, and that was one of the darkest times in my life at about a year and a half later is when I quit smoking snort and blow that was the darkest pain. I had because and after that I never bought into it. Once I say the failed the trip betrayal, quote, people to commit suicide. Thank think, you know, do well here this is going to happen. And no one ever calls, you you know, what? I mean, they tell you a story you do this you sign this this going to having this. But it never really happened to the degree which stable they tell you. It's going to happen. You know, or your mind plays tricks on you? You know, I never one thing. I never did was so myself. I know who I was I knew where I came from an I kept in the back of my mind and. That helped me after the longest show had had my little bout with my shit. And like I said November two thousand seven I just stopped. I had to get a movie producer said to me that my reputation proceeded me that before I accepted this movie that I knew I had to be on the set every day, and they knew I had some type of drug problems. So embarrassed me so much. I said I got to give this up if I wanna move on, you know, and, but I could look like in the I can look myself in the eye refunding day and know that this comedy game. I didn't have to sell myself. You know, that was a bad motherfucker from the comedy store being from the comedy store. Your so, you know, no. It's very easy. But now you we get confused at times. I know what you were young, man. They threw a lot at you at one time man when you came from fucking, nothing, they drew everything at you. I can't tell you what you know, when you think about it. Now what you survived. I don't even want to bring grateful, you know, from people who are black people like Stevie wanting even though he made into her time life, I've been through divorce or something, but magin being able to see the person that you love hurt you rarely standing at fucking. What does that STAN in court? If a bland person graffiti that. Somebody that you love it. Fuck you. He did this to me in front of everybody. It's y'all your over. Yeah. I got a divorce soon. Meg things to send me his wife in my life at this person. I love the grain of love, and my body my mind, everything, and this is what this comes to. Is too negative tearing at each other animals. I love you, Mike love you to influence in my life. Man, you, you know, people have to know that when I started the podcast. I didn't do the podcast to be up here. I wanted to let people know that no matter what happens to you. You could get to your go. I let wrong believe in. I don't give a Frenchman. Fuck if this is what you wanna do you could do it. And I think that you helping a lot of people I learnt that from cuss never give up cats now who gives shot. Walsh. I books lake on never give up never give up. You know, the prison system is meant to break you, mentally, and physically they tell you when you get out of prison that you could do paperwork and going disability the rest of your life. Because you're a felon. I ripped that shit up. Strengthen people at that. With people for two years after my fellow. I got out of prison. I had to do, you know, background checks and people come back to a week later and say you gotta felony now. Go no, I don't you got the role Jose Diaz. You know what? I mean, mother fucking Jose Diaz. Is there a time? That's like John Smith, a Miami get the fuck out of my face. And I would I never address myself like a felon. I said I paid my dues to society. I didn't read I fucking did it I'm going to start a new it took me 'cause I'm a pussy. It took me two years to get on stage dry guy fucking prison pussy. But once I did it. I had my purpose. And I figured I'd go underground, and my I came home one day, my wife, and I don't want to be married to you. No more. And we had to try hurts. I knew ego. Chris you're yeah. I knew that I knew as I was getting out of that. She wasn't going to let me be the father to this child. When I saw the boyfriend I had been more. Yes. She left me for an older guy like him. I couldn't play more money. If I'm Mike Tyson thinking back today. I don't blame her. I don't fucking blame. How can I be angry at her? She was thinking about that child. You know, I think about would I leave a child with me when I was thirty two years over five hours. Not really not really. So she had every right to do what she did. I'm like, I'm like fucking Denzel and man on fire. I had to give up a life together mother fucking life. The timing brother. How did you get conscious rate of what you've done telling you? You weren't living your life right to have the child live at the child. How how do you? How do you learn to make up to yourself? Hi, right. I keep in touch with everybody who helped me out. I was growing up. I keep in touch with all my friends. Anybody who helped me along the way I keep in touch. I try to do something. Nice for somebody every day when I wake up make somebody's days. What I call it. There's nothing like making somebody's day you ever got a cough. Motherfucking that don't want nothing for me. He just call up to check up on your ass. Very very rarely. Make it a habit. Once twice a week to call the mother fucking go. What's going on? Don't text me. Take that Texas shove it up your mother's ass. Call me, I want to hear your voice, Mike, you know. That's that's definite another problem with dealing with them. When I children today are they won't they won't call. You have to have you have to tell them in my mother fucker human. I just might. Raymond. I just might. You have to still talk to people. I'm a firm believer in calling people. What's up dog? I don't want nothing from 'cause you live in a place where somebody's always looking for home for when you get a call from somebody just checking them, which just to say, so in all I think about my mom, and I think about my stepdad, so my stepdad shoot a do on on one hundred forty eighth and Broadway and the center party one time qua-, he was I. Not no he grabbed me by the hand. We got in the car. We went down to riverside drive through the gut into the Hudson. We drove home, and you know, what might we never talked about it. He even left my mother at the Santa Rita potty. We never talked about it in two thousand six I started reconnecting with him like in ninety five and I checked in with him. And then I realized that he was my stepfather and a lot who I am today because of him, and when they were he lunch in two thousand six, and I look in the animal remember tonight you shot because he Yellen leg. Anybody say no because I don't remember that. Fucking. It was fucking. Larry's the guy's name was unique. Oh, he owned the ball under forty third and Broadway. But he liked the certain Cuban disclosed because he'll so they called him nickel Bhagat you. And and my stepfather didn't drink nor do drugs. He just liked to shoot people. He was a religion in Cuba. Call Abba, qua- Santamaria. And then there's a qua- avocados motherfuckers that they walk around with a straight razor, and they dedicate their life to San Lazzaro, the the Saint with the dog, and he cutting themselves on oh, no, no fucking cut. You the reason they cut you is to demoralized. You so slice and has cheek you know, it was fucking. They don't eat pussy. Man, only push the interesting guy. They're interesting fucking dudes like. So you got to listen if you're not eating pussy now. You're not getting put. Yeah. Absolutely. Even for shot to look high school kids are doing this shit. Man. You got any place? Keeps you so taken. Yeah. Yeah. You eat somebody's asking a lot of party. About. No shit. We'll joey. I mean, what do you think about Jodi, you, we eat nasty? Put your finger to. Better question. I'll tell you. What man I've been married? I've been with the same woman for eighteen years. If I try to stick a finger up she'll fucking cut that motherfucker and them days role with them coca free days Wrobel with you know, that was a long time ago. Mike, it's crazy. How you think back at the shit that you got into when you were doing cocaine, and I'm embarrassed. I when I was doing coke. I wouldn't look in the mirror when I was coked up. No, I had to do that as the fi who am I? Fuck him. I I would look in the mirror when I was out. Because I didn't want to see my face. If you look at my face, I have scars I would pick and grown has just to like in other words, it was like cutting because I didn't like all the fuck. I was you know. But man, I'm happy that's over although the hydrate and a never drink after them. That's licking become more the idea behind him. If your chapter and third grade eight I was looking like a mess. I would drink water with code and never drink water. Did I if I drink water at least, I'm being half healthy. Then the next day. I would wake up and eat sushi. I would let me go eat sushi. And if I ate the sushi the sushi eliminate the cocaine from my bloodstream, and I could snort coke in two days again, I'm ready to rock. That's how crazy diction get your fucking. Bam. Hi, listen. If I'm if I'm doing cocaine, I won't stop. If I get arrested again to accident car accident is won't stop. I had to stop me. I couldn't stop him own. That I couldn't stop either Mike for years. Like I said how is doing coke when I was under like a probation program program. I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop I resorted to fucking putting who puts chlorine on the dick. And that's a big way. I don't know. I burn it burn it. I still have little fucking scars on their from the fucking. And then I put the other shit to drain. Oh to really fuck up the machine hours fucking them up in every single way. They could everytime dignite Tikka right now. Get works. Yeah. Somebody got a couple of skies. Looks like Frankenstein's fuck and four. You know, I make it work any fucking. It starts for has got a scar to. Hey, man as long as it works, bro. You're not John Babbitt know that that how about that. Before I meant put him, John. Hey, john. Yeah. Fuck male relief. Fucking meeting. Yeah. I peep you met a lot of people, man. Yeah. And they all love you. And they still love you, my I'm very grateful. You know, the people could people on competing soya to couple UFC fights. And I'd see how people reacted to you. I try to give a lot. No. I could see how no matter what happened. You know in your life. You gotta lot of love Mike Tyson, despite the color where you from what happened people love you, man. I just walked I just went on to the story at night. Wanna be reels boys is there? Yeah. We had a good image. She's like dog. It was the best day of my life. Mike Tyson was so fucking. I mean, you know, what you're doing right now. I mean is. It's fucking tremendous, man. You know, when I was young most of my youth in Los Angeles, and a lot of people just all kinds of great people wrong with everybody. And I'm Pat my ship all of them and stuff, and he was just wasn't healthy. Although with burning the candle them both in would you ever consider moving back to New York now my wife wanted to go back. She she lived in today. Don't wanna go out shopping. She thinks Kohl's anymore. Cold weather. I wouldn't mind. You know, I'm very interested in trying seven Cisco out as a lot of people up there. Yeah. Try please. Just go. I wanna an eighty five I lived in San Francisco for about six months. Tell me about it. What was that like? I lived in the ten to one on the mother tenderloin was the ten the law, and I'm going to be honest. She might. Nineteen eighty five. I was a bartender in a club. Call rock and Robbins on Hayden Ashbury all the way at the end across from Burger King. I think the Burger King of the McDonald's is still there so night. I would have to take the bus back to whatever the fuck market street mission. Whatever the fuck it was I saw more violence in six months in San Francisco in nineteen eighty-five than I saw grown up in New York. All those years. I saw black dude in the white dude fighting the white dude how to stick and the brother had a sword. Foley's, white dude in the arm, and there was blood fucking everywhere. I saw another guy stabbed open front of original Joe's and attend alone. Eighty five and this is the best one I was getting nickel bags one day going there. And there's a bunch of cops and the cops turn around and leave. They were waiting for Rick who was night stalker. That's what he was by Nick. That's where he would stay at that hotel. They took the door from that. Remember the mansion Ramirez? Yes, they took the door off because he wrote ACDC long hair. And then they beat them up when he got off the bus. The. My Mexicans guy walking. They knocked them to that right here in east LA somewhere in that neighborhood. They had a fucking coffee shop called coffee runs. It was topless. Fucking coffee. You go in there. And it was chicks topless, all crack. Hold up and shit with fuck an intravenous veins on that you should. Because I went to this is what I'm interested in doing to cannabis company. You know in theft Cisco they had smoke shops smokes. Please sit down and smoke. You. You can sit down and smoke. You. Wait, awhile nouns. Yeah. Yeah. Likes got one of those in the works to looking lounge classy, Mike, I mean, like the same question goes to you. Can you still believe you fifty three and Tikkun have now everything you went to night out when you wake up in the morning. Drooped? You look up to say. Thank you, Laurie. Great. Forgive me. Another fucking do it everything the shower. I'll tell you something after taking thought I was tough not the tough guy. I check for people from other thought that fucking shit. I realize I'm not tough at all. I'm happy. No one kit and kill me. You know, I'm very grateful. Grateful. Every day. I'm grateful. I was. You know, I don't know. How was never in the territory you are in. But. I'm like, I said, I'm just very grateful for being now at this point in my life. You know, I'm still active at the comedy store. That's like on the author Murray. He have to be fifty six and the golden Tommy storm. No, Jeff guy, I've been there for twenty two years. That was my only home that was the only thing I had nobody would talk to me about you know, I was doing the movies. I'm way on you know, for for for Spiderman two, I sent my own addition tape, I was hustle. I use that New York mentality casting directors wouldn't see me the longest yard. They didn't wanna see me. So what did I do what the Houston? I got coked up, and I went to play it again sports, and I bought a helmet for fucking little guy like a nine year old when I bought a shirt, I was four hundred pounds then. And I bought a shirt that was an XL and had my tits out, and I was through and through the ball. And I did the lines from the movie, and I sent that the Adam Sandler, and they call me in for addition. I got the movie that's how hostile. Took it back New York style. I used to get the breakdowns and send emails to the casting people. So that's how I got the hustle first. And then my stand up is still too dirty whatever, and I started telling stories. I dug into tone these mother fuckers who the fuck I really was the podcast came along. And I told the story about being with my buddies get an eight ball of coq one night in a club in nineteen eighty two summer Veda too. And we're doing a couple and in those days if you went down eleven th avenue by where the docs, are it was all hookers, and they'd be out there in the summers. Let you start this fucking, Mike. Wouldn't believe it. He tactic causes pack is with the hook their butt naked in the street in the streets. But neck in street, talk of the naked and the street. You got to believe you can't and that they win fancy clothes their butt naked pass letting you finger them, you know, that all time high man, it was it was it was fucking like five in the eighties. And I went on a flow yet. The walk step over them in the streets. Step over people. I went to go to the ferry two months ago, three months ago. I went back to New York, and I go to ferry and I remember looking at it going. What was he twenty years ago? Why is it? So from really to me that came back to me that had that whole area was hookers. So I had a buddy that every time I pick them up. He'd always go. So we've got suck my BIC tonight. Always say this. Call you walk in your at Quebec. Then sometimes I wrote motivating from Ryan, I'm looking at you can't believe a young beautiful girl that button naked nominee thinking of the monsters out there. Beautiful girl, and the pimp was a black dude in the wheelchair. You thought was fucked up, but he had an Uzi under his wheelchair. I mean, it was fucking dirty down there. And my buddy would always make a stop to look at the hookers. And then he would go, right. Get out of the car and get my dick sucked, and he would get his Dick's always be an argument but Lytton brought in a broad open. Or was caused caused the pancake. And yeah, there was a side street with nothing if it was like a warehouse ramp, and 'cause we're just pull over and you just see the car shake and driving see to hook. It was like a fucking busy at nighttime in the broad. It was like fucking museum in those days. The hookers will give you I think it was twenty five for blowjob fifty four fucking blow job. If you threw in the extra ten it would be an around the world. They would he asshole and shit. I sweat on my mother's grave. I never touched one of those hookers. But my buddy was dictate the hook. There was a place in New York. Call the ten forty club. And as the story for you young guys don't ever get a call with nobody go out by yourself. When people say, I'm picking up go fuck yourself. By myself when I got in the car with this dude named Pedro his family owned, the candy company, and they had candy trucks. And we went over to the city for his birthday for the ten forty club. It was nine ninety nine plus tax ten forty and they'd rush you into a room, and they'd be too. You know, those dues got Colona and say how much pussy they get all those dudes would be in there drinking, and then they would open up a dorm push like two hundred checks I like twenty chicks out on time. And you had a grab like kick him in the ankle. And then you had a ticket, and you had to give it to the guy, and he let you into a back, and it was just partitions. You could hear people fucking next to you. And they take a bucket out for Monday the fucking bed like ping, ping, PU mattress, they take a sponge out they'd wipe down your dick. And then they put a condom on you. And then the chicken, I know forget, I was that was the first time. I was a Catholic. I like suck some titties at that time, and maybe fingered some people. But I was not hip to sex at all and this chick got onto them when she took the stockings off. It was nasty and she got on top of me, and she started going back and forth, and I could hear my dick. And it was like I just get sick to my stomach, and then she stopped at the minute, Mike. And she looked at me. She goes, you know, for ten dollars extra. You can eat by pushing. I and threw off me my my clothes on and I fucking went. And I walked to the fuck and bus, and I never went to one of those places ever fuck. And again, it was such a horrible experience. But if knows days if you went down to forty second street, and you made a write up Broadway. There was all these bars and Beatty's dude, we were fourteen deputies dudes in front of these bars, and they go she naked women. See naked women didn't give a fuck. They wouldn't give a fuck of you at ten you would go in there. You would sit down. And then these women would sit on your lap. And then they'd say, okay. Honey, we can make out if you buy me a bottle of champagne will they bring him one of those Paul Mooney little bottles of champagne, and they wanted forty bucks. Thirteen got twenty six. And you're like, I ain't got forty bucks. Get the fuck outta here. But you will go up and down Broadway. Just feeling little titties this shit just for being fourteen then they had the peop- shows where the windows opened and you could stick your head in check will let you suck a tip is sixty cents. Jesus Christ you and you tell people these stories, and they look at you like Joey knock it off. That's why when they did the seven five people went crazy. That was an interesting show. That was an interesting show. You gotta get him on the podcast. My doubt. I got the digits. I'll give you the digits. He's a dynamite, dude. But my doubt people think that's was New York. Yeah. That was it that the seven five prison that was every fucking precinct. Yeah. That was you know, that it was a different world. You know, how come gambling at in in the seventies? And eighties was a ticket New York City. But it was it's a felony in New Jersey right across the motherfucking bridge. It was programmed and how what they would do. Is Mike Scott. No more Mike, Scott Bank on one hundred and eighteenth street. I'm a cop. I go see Mike every Friday, he gives me two hundred dollars. But might knows that every ninety days mice gonna get a phone. Call and go Mike, clean out your dang. That means have two thousand dollars there and have a phone now. So when me and my six cops show up I handcuff, Mike, I take him down to the station might get ticket. And then I meet might that night. If Mike Catt to grant in that, I had to give it granted the other cops I give a grand back to Mike and Mike goes to court in a month. And I tell the cops not to show up and Mike would go home. It was a scam. Mike understood it on top of what he had to pay every ninety days. You gotta take a bust. You gotta take a bus. That's just the way life is. It was such a it was so fucking corrupt. It was a jungle man it was jungle. Sometimes it makes me one. It really was and the cop. Fucking criminals, but if I had a first name. How you doing today? Mike. It was such a different animal and to see that and try to describe it to people. It's crazy what people do on and do anything that they might snake purse. You know, you see policies day, the copper telling you, are you see how politics is now people losing their mind and shit like that I saw corruption growing up my mom had a bar two cops come in once a week and have a drink, and my mom would give him an envelope, and they would leave and that was just a part of doing business. We had an attorney in Jersey City. All right. Our our main attorney his name was Sam DeLuca. He's retired. Now Sam DeLuca was a motherfucker that you walked in Mike, and he basically told you Mike how you doing great to see a champ champ. Here's the deal and Mike Tyson. You know, how many times I wanted in that because the bookmakers my mother hung out with we'll Cuban so they would make believe that didn't speak English shroud. Always go with them. I will get the day off from school. They give me like a hundred bucks to go be the interpretive between Sam DeLuca this guy in those days the late seventies. Like this is mid seventies. I'd be like twelve and I'd go down to the Lucas office, and they go. Hey, doing is your mother good. And then the guy would sit down and go, Mike, listen, I just got a call the other day from the DA. They wanna give you a year wants you to plead to simple assault. But. For two hundred thousand dollars. I'll get you ninety day probation for one hundred and then they will give you a menu for hundred thousand dollars. You're gonna do ninety days for fifty thousand one hundred twenty thousand you're gonna do one hundred twenty days calming, a we can let me know what you wanna do. That's how simple the system was role in our in for one minute. You get need only if the fucking miserable plate Evan. It was such a a thing to see growing up. And now I go to forty second street. I see olive garden yet. Beautiful. Now, I see I live forty. On the streets. They see what it was that. We can't really believe theft pool. Really wretched Denno iniquity. You don't know what it's like to do a line of angel dust and go into the city and the eighth grade play hooky and walk up and down the streets. I ain't you once. I couldn't handle engine does. I can't take. No, fuck you. What is that like ano-? Evan evan. But when when when wears off now over it comes back she again, oh, really like a twelve hour trip. And they would call it. Crystal THC. All these different names to de rail the impact of biscuits and angel. Dustin. Never took. We would smoke it. They also in those days, you should sell joints formaldehyde in flight, twelve bucks. You know, how fucked up the mouth to hide gets you. When you slid at dip it in there. Oh. So fucked up. Joey, what's it like being a comedian these days in this suitcase? Sensitive worry about climate might you know, that before you go into something if you don't have a little bit of fearing your stomach Yael, you might as well quit feel always has to live there because that fear you take it. And that's what you turn into your performance for Mike, it was knocking motherfuckers out. And for me, it's timing precision focusing on what I have to say, you know, last night, I had gone onto the comedy store. Twenty seven years. I'm doing comedy ten minutes. It comes over to me, and he goes up and five minutes, and it's like a fucking ternal time bomb, and then you go back with Mike was saying. I'm following fucking. Russell peters. Not only. The guys are great comic on a gentleman. Flip here from somewhere was. And feel von I'm following THEO von and Russell pitas. And then it's five minutes before four minutes. And you start thinking about all the bad things. You did. You start thinking about do you deserve this. What the fuck it might do here. If these people really knew that one time I wanted to a car Val and took a chains and got seven dollars for it. Would they still be laughing at my jokes? You know, these people that come up to you have to go line. Let's take picture if they knew that one time you put a gun to somebody's they still want to take a picture that talks thoughts that come into the fucking head. And then with a minute left. New York City comes back into your Hoboken comes back into me north Bergen union city like a what the fuck am. I talking about who to fucking my scattered. Nobody slapped me loose on that fucking stage. And you go ahead you go up day, you you you stand your ground. You tell you fucking joke from your stomach through your heart it passes through late a fucking bomb out and either they laugh and that and you jump on them. I got Mike style in the first round in the main this two rooms. The comedy store the original room in the main room in the main room. It's more of a theater room. You could come out you have to be bigger out there in the original. You gotta come out. Like what what are the biggie? Say you gotta come every night like Mike Tyson. Jordan jackson. You gotta come out like Mike in the fucking original room because it's a smaller ring, and it's fucking bigger gloves. It's two pound gloves twenty it's thirty two aunts gloves. So you gotta come out in the original because it's small and be bigger. So last night I had to do the main room, then the original room had a follow alley Wong Rogin. You know? So that fear you need that fear. I li- I don't like that doubt. When it comes into my mind, Mike that should function me a little bit. I ain't gonna lie. The that doubt fuction meal. Have it though, we will have the what I always had that doubt because of my past. Should I be doing this? If these peop-. The only new, but it doesn't matter. It's like I wrote the night and a caption doesn't matter where you start is way you finish gave only announced the kit that we think we try in my flock in sick had every nine a piece of shit. And I am and I want that. But I I worked towards being a better mother fucker every day along the way, especially the last eleven years. This is what I learned all my year in I learned the pizza. She can't be redeemed United shit will. Thank you brother, treadmill rich with me, all my life. I thought the same piece of shit can't be redeemed for of. He's writing for the rest of his life twenty years on you know, you being you're getting fucking pussy beautiful girls. Coming out of the blue now how they feel. Right. On the fucking when I started getting these beautiful, girl, supermodel actions. I fuck they read like the fucking APO full of money. But I believe that these people really like my ugly ad in nyc. It's funny. I I don't I don't put that vibe out. And I get it once in a while on the road or something and I see move coming. Like I have a rule and I've had a rule for years. Motherfucker? Don't come into old towel. On even like mad at my hotel room. You wanna come over on me alway- guys like you? And I we grew up in a house where there was no peace. I used to watch these white shows on TV, the Waltons flan John family, and I couldn't wait to have a house like that. And it never happened for me. And now today I had that fucking out credit. It's not a big house. I don't even own the motherfucker what I'm trying to tell. You is my home is what I wanted as a child. There's no yelling. There's no screaming. Nobody's yelling at eight thirty in the morning. There's no hot water left. There's no anger in my house. I got cats. I got a six year old. I talked to my wife and a certain tone. She speaks to me that tone. My wife was there with me. I put my wife in such a fucking financial all we would Dayton that. She took out a loan for me that a pay back six hundred thirty six dollars a month for. Six years, and I paid it back after I got off the cocaine so by me trying to fucking get a piece of pussy. I need my wife too much. I need this little six year old girl. Too much. I did that shit. I feel my life now to the stadium. Davis should already. I got my dick sucked. And what are they get me, divorced disease? I got a thirty year old daughter that won't talk to Mike Tyson. That's my biggest fear thirty won't talk to me, Mike Tyson. My biggest fucking walk around thirty years. You won't talk to me. God knows what the mother told her whatever I'm doing now doesn't justify and you know, what at this point in the game. What would it do if we talked? They would just bring up bad memories for her and me and the mother, and you know, what my house. Dog is is all those the Dick Van Dyke show. My house is the Dick Van Dyke show. The worst thing that happens in my house is I smoked pot in my bathroom in the back or I watch narcos, and I let her watch it with me two six year old. So she rushes up on a Spanish van. I don't know what I could do without my children. They're mad that I won't stay in my life. When I finished fighting kids have good relationships may fight the mother all the time cheat on all the time. So they really never got a chance to get to know me. They got old in nineteen and a twenty minute delta finishing college. I started developing a relationship with them. And it's the best thing that ever done. I'll hate to lose that again. You know, this thing's I don't say, you know, they're real liberal real liberal. And you know, you can't say the right thing. I'd be politically correct against say the word midget some ship that again if something a fag. You can't say the thing on who I love, and I I don't care if that's that's all I have to do for her. Love me care me. I'm not gonna faint as those words unless it's the way that I can take their for like, I couldn't breathe when I wasn't having didn't have released you much. I felt like they couldn't breathe I can can give their feeling. I don't think I'm Thakur at my age. Now, I don't even know why need to be friends with my favorite. I used to just have to have them. I you know, I battle with those feelings fuck, I'm the father should be having relationship with me. I'm dad they put them on. The film the college that they want to co two the educate them to be all snooty the way they are with me. I say that sometimes, but it just doesn't work that way. You know, you gotta bow. Now from time give up. If you want to be in their lives of somebody else would be in their life. You beautiful, man. I'm happy. I came down here today. Man. We're happy to you. Can't take time. Man. You're the man brother focus off Joey. Thank you so much to really often. So awesome to have you come back. Please. Please. Do we? Thank you, brother. I feel you. Thank you for what you've done. I'm having these pockets we saw three million four million dollars. I don't fucking. No, no. I'm just find this stuff out. What's your pod called again? Joey shirts you what's happening now. Yes. The churches what's happening generates on fucking net. Flicks. You know, I'm out there brother again, it's a it's a series. They did it Netflix. Hopefully, they'll do it again. That'd be a part of something negative. You can ask out here. Yeah. That places kicking fucking. Thanks, brother. Thank you and good luck to everybody here. Much lung to brother. Thank you. Lots of love you. Thanks. Thank you. All right. Everybody might great show man, man. Thank you. Edmund awesome guests that we had here. And also, look can I say, this is another conclusion of how Bachman I Mike Tyson. I'm Evan Britain. I'm Joey deers, and we're out stay black piece.

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