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Louisa Jacobson Gummer, Georgia Groome & LaToya J. Jackson?


They WanNa know pain pain pain. Welcome to the podcast wheeler and everything. You need to know the celebrities. You don't. I'm Bobby Finger. I'm Lindsey Weber and I was going to say Happy Rhythm Section Week because the rhythm section is GonNa be od. And I haven't seen it in Lindsay as an interested but actually happy field Apple Day wheatfield apples albums today Friday as the listeners are listening. I'm staying up. I'm listening to it at midnight. I'm doing you really. I'm GONNA do it. I think it'll be. It'll be like an activity. I mean it's definitely activity interested in Phoenix. I didn't know Fiona Apple meant that much to you in terms of lakes. The stay up. I normally wouldn't it's your chromatic chromatic Gramatica I think because of chromatic more excited about this than I would have been I love activity. Don't get me wrong. That's a great activity for Friday's yes? Maybe like chill with a friend on whatever have a little call and then like stay up till midnight and fucking listened to Fiona Apple until I am really good and it's called. Fetch the bolt cutters. Which sort of is even more relevant in this era of quarantine? Because I feel locked up in here like vegetable cutters you know. No I was just thinking about how important is for artists to keep releasing music at this time and for Blake lively to keep releasing. Vod These at the time I realized I don't really even remember what the rhythm section is. I just know that it was a big flop. And that she fights like you said and Jude. Law's there too. That's the thing if it was at all remotely appealing in terms of like anything. I would still wanNA watch a flop. Starring Blake lively. But it looks like just like It looks like a knockoff of that. Jennifer Garner Tv. Show when was it gold alias? It looks like alias. Meets like floppy bad wigs and like jude law with like his like contagion teeth. You know I don't know just a guess but your you know what I mean it what you mean. It looks like it's GonNa be something I think I will love. But then it's just fighting the whole time and I'm like board Okay well here's here's a air be for you. The rhythm section or Charles World tour come on rather watch. What would you rather watch spend ninety minutes? I'd rather watch the rhythm section. I don't need to watch like a kids. Bop Kids Pop trolls comedy. The more I think about it the more you might be interested in the kids. Bob Charles. I was reading the troll. I was reading. I was reading. That rolls is about genres fighting. It's like I'm rock. I'm hip hop. I'm classic rock I have. I'm like whatever and they're all like fighting. I think that's what is yeah. Is that what it's about because there's only I'd watch techno there's technicals there's pop trolls. There's troll's there's raw trolls. Which drill would you be? I think it'd be up on Joanna Era Lady Gaga troll. You certainly are troll of that album. Every time we mentioned Joanne in a certain subset of friends the. It's being like a joke about Joanne to being an in depth conversation like talk yesterday literally talking about like the highs and lows of Joanne that like the probability of its success. Like why where? She went wrong like what we can do next time like that began with the techs beep boop Fart Joann Joann member Joanne. Like Angel Down is not the thing about lady Gaga that. She's not a single service for thirty minutes. And it's just the same conversation we've had like maybe twelve times about. Joann Joann Ghost like let me rest peacefully sky so you don't you think Joanna's sick of it by this point it's just like Oh my God. You think afterlife. Either Tony Bennett Joanne. You choose choose your fighter but Tony Bennett is alive. Yeah well he also would like to be left in just getting. He's fine he. You're listening to WHO's there are weekly call in show where we take your questions. Comments concerns at six nine. Who then we have a lot of comments this week so we have to just start off right away because there's a lot to get through right away at Right away right away right away right away please. Start off right away He in time. I'm listening to podcasts. Right on a posit has talking about tyrod bases what you eat day hopefully says all video and he said that you should never believe eating choosing One Who is probably video. I was definitely what she eats. Almost nothing It is fully what you're actually saying. Anyway women don't walk into. I heard this call. I was like okay cool. I haven't seen the Kelly Ripa one and to be honest. I haven't seen many of these because I'm not really subscribed to Harper's bazaar food content although I am now I wasn't until yesterday but now fully GonNa Watch them so Kelly RIPA's arguably stranger than tyra banks. You said this to me. What did you say about it yesterday? You were like so many people do what I eat in a day or what I know week and you can tell. It's kind of cobbled together. Made up and just like elaborated too much that it's like not really what they ate. Kelly Ripa so exact so crazy so regimented and so painful seeming that you can tell us exactly what she eats an because nobody would ever make this up and it just keeps going like for at one point. She's like well. I start by having a giant glass of water with Spirulina powder in it. And then she'll be like what's your favorite thing that she eats because my favorite thing is a chocolate covered almond maybe for dessert one chocolate covered almond or chia pudding or chocolate covered caches. I don't know that she says like singular just one chocolate covered almond but the line. That says I don't believe in cheat days because they just lied to cheat. Lifestyles was like was alarming. I try not to have that many cheap meals because cheat meals leads to sort of like a cheat lifestyle. She also says I'm not willing to get ready so I stay ready. And she means like her body like her. She means like she she. She's like this falls she if this falls into disarray. I'm not getting back to this place. I mean I do appreciate the honesty because it's like yeah. Your job is to write you know. Look a certain way on camera right so I get it and I get the pressures that come with that being your job but to see it actually. Yeah it's not uncertain. Terms is really alarming. Wait this this part that killed you then. I host my morning show. You're going to say Kelly. Do you eat anything not before I talk on the air so I don't have any sort of chewing food before I talk on the air. Every time she says chewing food I freak out chewing food and to be fair if I also had to talk on the air before eight. Am or get up before eight am and be on TV. It's not the worst idea to not eat. What she says is chewing food schilling food. I think she means because you get gase. If you chew food showing food it let's air into your tummy. Great is that what she's saying. I think it's actually like a smart idea. That's not even the craziest part. I don't understand anything about this lifestyle. But if you ask my favorite thing that she eats in a day. She has a salad every day for lunch and then dinner she says. I have the same salad only smaller and then she adds a little bit of vegetable protein. Way I want to get the actual. I have the same salad only smaller. Does she do when she goes to a restaurant for dinner. I have usually a smaller version of the same salad that I had for lunch. I guess my question is like as somebody who treasures going out to dinner now more than ever in this time now more than ever. If I was famous I understand that it's difficult to keep yourself. Kamareddin very stressful and whatever especially for a woman over a certain age or whatever but my point is is like the best part about being somewhat famous as free food and free restaurants and free dinner and any type of like even. If you're paying you get to go to whatever restaurant you one sheriff shirt. Whatever you're right but just like the abundance of delicious food around every corner of your call. I know or la or what doesn't matter. My point is that I don't get how she's con- consistently eating salads for dinner and lunch when she's out and about you know and that's crazy to me it's like oh no. I don't want like your food. I would love to order my same small salad smaller than lunch. Though please the waiters like what chewing food okay as she's like actually describing what she eats in a day in detail in front of a camera alarm bells going off in her head. She's like this sounds weird. Sounds Weird and so at the end she starts saying she kind of defensive and she's like she ladies I for my birthday for my birthday. I like cookies on Christmas. I may stay. Will I have cake? Of course I may not a monster on at Christmas. Do I eat cookies? Yes I'm a human being but that's the thing it's I would take this any day over. Tyrod is because tyrod's is like a piece based around a Bagel that you know she's not really eating or that she is also eating once a year on her birthday or Christmas or whatever when this is like the most realistic thing I've ever heard about a celebrity. No you're right at least. We are learning something about Kelly like. There is not anticipate there. That was not entire. So it's like what's the point of revealing something if it's not true tires like I take the BAGEL and it up? It's like no you don't Kelly RIPA's like I eat too small salads and an nut. No she eats one small salad and one slightly smaller and a nut cut the way she talks about nuts in this video. It's like sexual shoes. I'll add shoes had a raw cashews. And you're like Kelly. Kelly handfuls of nuts. Lots of raw cashews lots of raw almonds lots of raw pistachios. I never eat more than a handful but I have several handfuls a day no. I'm thinking about the video from Laura Pre Palm. Laura pre pundits like. Let's make oatmeal together and Ryan is making oatmeal and Kelly's like no sting in the bedroom. Right I will leave making oh. She doesn't eat OATMEAL. That doesn't go into her. Diet sheets a small cell too big thought in a nutshell. What I will indulge in is like a delicious chocolate covered almonds chocolate covered cashew some sort of like so. I still feel like there's something healthy in their almond. She eats one almond. What was the joke when President Obama was like two to three almonds or something? Eight to twelve eight to twelve all to be fair. That probably is the recommended amount of almonds they. Oh seven almonds. Yeah then he said. I don't really eat seven almonds every night. Okay the point is is that Kelly Ripa eats one chocolate covered almond okay handfuls of nuts. She's kind of a bomb to the rest of the morning show. Crew in terms of other hosts. I don't watch her show. I don't care for Ryan I don't really think he is anything special. But she is one of those personalities aside from the thing where she was like. I missed my bow talks member that although I genuinely think that was a joke. That was just something that we read as a headline. We're like you kidding me. But she obviously said it as a joke right. Yeah anyway but no I appreciate that. She's not really trying to pretend to anything but what she is. Have Seen mysexy husband okay. I'm done after we. We have one chocolate covered almond next call. I love this call. Chewing food handfuls of nuts chewing food handfuls of nuts chewing food handfuls of nuts highly by five years rant about how we were putting mayland since the beginning of time actual arbitrage of those They found bog bodies or bodies print preserved in a bog in Ireland. Kind of like Tom. Prison in Vampire And they had oatmeal and they're still had not prevented and made yes. It sounds cranberry. The scientists found buck bodies with OATMEAL in the stomach chewing food along with nuts handfuls of nuts. I love in this college. She's getting she's going on and on realizing how ridiculous. The pinball body's filled with oatmeal the subbiah exploding and I'm in Pompeii being like so if you prefer a more savory oatmeal I like adding talk about overnight oats okay. They were like in a in the body the body overnight over many nights okay. Move on because there's nothing imagining me slowly descending into the bog showing savory isn't it funny how did they get in the bog like what the body the bodies that are in the Boggs that are? I think I think the bog went around them yet. Call and correct us. I will preserve the full body. They didn't have much time to decompose. So how did the bog take in the body? This is not really through the body and the ball no I. I don't think anyone moved bodies into bogs. Maybe they did. Maybe that was where they really in the bugs because that's where they were disposed. Who Do you think you're doing really? I'm not one of my utilities care. Who BY INDIANA JONES? That's your number one example of an archaeologist named other archaeologist. I couldn't name one other archaeologists Jurassic Park Laura dern Noel. Her name is Elliott Sadler and he was Dr Early Sadler. Y'All just or just a paleontologist paleontology. Yeah they repealing exactly. Repeal intelligence name another archaeologist see if in code. I think Davinci Code Guy was an archaeologist Robert. Langdon professor Robert Langdon is at Department of Archaeology. He's not no no of archaeology. He teaches religious psychology. Oh okay mine. You're right you're right. I can't name another archaeologist. I know I searched famous archaeologists. Yeah I don't know who any of the top five people they're not care. Coward Carter Mary Leakey. Louis Leakey I reclaim an Arthur Evans. You can't name famous eulogised can you? So when I googled famous fictional. Archaeologists never was what we got. Here are while Got Indiana Jones. Benjamin Gates then you name the movie now National Treasured Drake which is from the uncharted games on playstation number four. This list of eight famous fictional archeologist who suck at their jobs on cracked dot com number. Four I can't find the characters name but it was the lead character and relic hunter portrayed by Tia Carrere and Grad of okay. Okay okay anyway we got. We got anyone ruining the mummy. Everyone in the mean. So I guess the regional vice character everyone in the moment the mummy and Laura Croft archaeologists. Laura Croft is your archaeologist I forgot Laura Croft archaeologist. I played all the new games arguably Lara. Croft and hair and Indiana Jones our realm. The two most famous are both top tier. Their top tier. Yeah and national treasure. Obviously I love national treasure me to our next call it next call next cold call. Knicks. National Treasure is not gonNA watch national treasure. It's not really I gotta I gotTa Watch it. Hi Guys it there? Okay so that she hurls as you might know are kind of them to younger millennials. Like personally they were my Like Early Childhood Gay Obsession so the fourth one is Sabrina Bryan She's like them to. If you're a Chiro Fan Avi. All of the girls are them. But here's the thing is I think if they did it. She does reunion weirdly enough. The most one would be raising because the other like made music without ready fan as the Cheetah girls and their Third Movie Cheetah Girls Colin. One world didn't even have raven in it at all and as we know Cheetah Girls One world. Big Plot Point on an episode of keeping up with Kardashians. 'cause Adrian never told rob shoes lead to India anyway? All that to say tutoring zero for. You probably can't happen because we do need the that horse three and then raising would be like a mess and we can't have the Khori Has Adrienne kiely. Can't settle things. Their promises promises anyway. living laptop. Good information. That's good from an actual fan to know that Raven matters Lee still missing insightful. Who Fan knows that because Raven wasn't even really involved in the musical after Party and also the third movie Cheetah Girls Want World that it's like Raven is actually kind of expendable to the Cheetah girl cannon. This obviously is the truth but to me. This revelation is like I mean I as a sex in the city fan. I note. This is not true but if I had never watched it and some were like oh no but the thing is carries not really lead like you could make the show without surgery grant by trail. I know that that's not true. But that's how shocking it estimated that Raven is not important in the Cheetah. Girls Like Universe Raven that import raven ditch the group like even earlier than we thought. We knew that she got out of dodge. But we it was even sooner than we had thought or like new From basically the WIKIPEDIA. Let's be real dodgers. Sister City like really gay sister city also called Dodge. Also go up up up up up up up. I love baby name. Changes High. Who Weekly Amy? Schumer changed her baby's middle name when she realized that it sounded like genitals. And I'm so lucky to be with the family from my statal. We asked for more baby name changes last week weirdly and then this week literally a few days later. Amy Schumer was like Oh wait. I need my baby genital by accident. Which is like funny to me. But when when she had the baby. This was already something that we the audience were talking about. You know conspiracy theory is what I think. This was phase two of her two phase plan. I think that she was always going to do this right. The plan was it'd be funny to name our baby genital and then that because that's what I thought I thought like people notice and then we'll we already have the baby name in our back pocket and then we're going to change it like. I think that's absolutely what happened as adults. We all know people who have had babies and we know what they go through when they're thinking of the name and we know what the drama is. We know what the Middle Lane drama is like. You know the like how lyrical is to go from first name to middle name like we know that so much thought put into this. You cannot look in the eye and tell me that's an actual famous person. Who understands that? All their choices are going to be scrutinized more so than a non famous person would be putting into this shit right. This is a lie right. This is Amy Schumer doing performance. Art Right also. She's promoting podcast. So yeah it's tow it. You know what it's really smells. It's really obvious that it's a joke. Do commit good. It's a good joke like it is but it is definitely not something that I want you guys to take seriously. But she's doing a bit. Yeah Yeah it's Stinky weekly longtime wrong time As someone who worked on two seasons about daughter'd I'm honored the show was mentioned on your show. the ranking of their birthday is definitely relevant. How popular each client is on the show like Hazel is. Everyone's favorite and everyone forgets about Olivia. Who was raped last And also I came up with the title to warning. All right I love this. I love this guy that Hazel this five year old girl is like objectively. Everyone's favorite. I just hate so absolutely like this is my life's work and thank you so much for talking about it. And then we have this one which you know these busby Quin fans are coming out of the woodwork. Okay this one high who weekly longtime long time So I'm sorry that I know this but I think I might have some some insight onto why the busty quints are ranked the way they are famous birthday so Hazel is the only redhead of the bunch the other ones. They're all blond and she also glasses so she's very distinctive looking and Riley is very assertive and spunky and I think the other ones just kind of blend together so I think that's why the rankings are the way they are Listen movie to Laptop. I'm obsessed another perfect another perfect call about the about the fucking out daughter'd quince. Okay next call. What about Lubiza Jacobson? Who's actually Louisa Jacobson Gummer and also went to that for and then Yell Trauma. But I'm Dr Gummer and is also an actress. She is probably the third the Kevin of the three punch him. How wow there's a third gummer woman there's also gummer boy but there there's there's a third gummer women who dropped gummer. She was like I want nothing to do with this drops gummer well. I think she knows we've set this in the podcast. I do earnestly believe gummer. Isn't doing either of those women any favors when it comes to like it certainly has and neither would streep. I'm just saying you have to know. Just abandon all hope of gummer or trees like bing. Bing Bing Jacobsen Jacobsen Jacobsen she yes. She was a model and she attended The British at American Drama Academy in Oxford no but then she did as the as the caller brought up she literally went to Vassar and then she went to Yale. That's what her mom did. The other two girls did not go to formal acting school. They like majored in acting at their respective colleges and universities. Think Lewis dark horse. I think I don't know that Lewis was the dark horse because I think that Louisa has always been the planned. The plan ascendant one. But you want to take her place in the US. It's like we never saw her coming because we didn't even know she was a gummer. But you know she's GonNa talked about we've talked about the malt. She's just so much younger than the other two. Okay but she is so her her first like major major major role hasn't even happened yet. She's it's a major role. We'll it's yes she's going to be in an HBO show with Cynthia. Nixon and Christine renske called the Gilded Age Julian fellowes. Hbo Julian Follow Series Who knows coming out but that is the that is like the first thing that if if we hear stuff about her it's like Oh the third gummer sister here she comes like Meryl Streep's daughter it would be because of this show right. Yeah you don't WanNa what now that I'm thinking of Julian Fellowes 'cause I was never a Downton Abbey person would be great quarantine watch the I don't know if stream anywhere and I might just have to buy it another great plain movie that I watched a plane a lot. 'cause it's always it must be. It must do well on planes. Oh it's streaming on showtime Gosford Park. Oh Gossip Burke is great. I Love Gosford Park. It's like one of those like long meandering talkie beautiful movies that you can just like have on on a Saturday afternoon. Might have to watch Gosford Park this weekend but anyway so this is really funny. You have you have this headline here from two thousand fourteen. Remember the giver. I don't Meryl Streep is almost upstaged by her very stylish model daughter. Louisa Gummer at the Giver Premier. In New York I remember this being a big deal This was sort of a coming out party. The the game you remember when she attended the Giver Premier Yet. Because this this this headline was not alone. This headline was not alone. This headline was all over the place. Because I feel like maybe two years before that was when the girls started sort of appearing around her as unit and there were a lot of those bustle buzzfeed stories like Meryl Streep has three many daughters and also Henry and also the dude. True Funny Thing about this headline is that she really is upstaged. Like the daughter a standard absolute her and he's like I'm a model and Merrill excuse me and the daughter's like I'm a bottle but the thing is like Meryl's not getting upstaged. This is exactly like now. She's not this is exactly what Merrill wants. Merrill loving the fact that her daughters are getting attention. That's what she wants. I hope she's like I have. I have talented beautiful daughters. Yes I am. Not Great by did not follow her private instagram. Although I was tempted to request request a follow from Golota her private instagram. Lamis Lewis You found her whole twitter account. She hasn't updated since two thousand twelve. Might not be would be faking. Who apart from me would be faking. Louisa Jacobson Governor Twitter Account in two thousand ten the same person who has Louisa Gummer Fan page on Instagram and also has Meryl Streep Forever Fan Page and also has Sandra bullock forever fan page. And guess what they call them fan pages though we're actually pretending to be Louisa. America is the Real Louisa Gummer on twitter. Yeah I think so. She stopped winning in two thousand twelve. It's but the the tweets get a little like who is this. The last week is a is some her misquoting you to one. You are the one that I think always. That's that's quite right. You're really close. But that's not quite right and she tweeted her sister grace who supposedly was at. Its under great. But I don't believe that either I don't really know either. I believe all of this like yes. Our did I. Fake magill and hall facebook account in two thousand five absolutely. I did and did people actually believe. Was Maggie Joel All Day? Sure fucking did but I rarely very talented because Hallen. Yeah that was back before they made you like verify things. This is the last thing I want to say about Louisa. Gummer which is something that should be illegal in two thousand eighteen. She started Juliette and the Old Globes production of Romeo and Juliet. I'm sorry Meryl Streep's Yale School of Acting Yale. School of drama daughter should not be getting lead roles in Romeo and Juliet at the San Diego Globe theatre. Okay that's fucked up and San Diego Globe. Theatre. It's not like old loads of that. Shakespeare made but the San Diego the San Diego's like a feeding ground. She went to Yale. I just once again nepotism Israeli allowed to have children if you are a famous actor. Meryl Streep should not have been allowed time. Okay okay okay. Well that's the rule we move on lease so everyone's morning routine. Maybe has changed up to bit. Maybe you've extended it longer. Maybe you shorten Dixie. Lee WanNA deal. Maybe we want to look at the mirror in the mirror anymore and remember the times past but the one thing that stays steady in my routine. My my morning routine in my evening routine to is brush my teeth. Everything else has gone a little bit. Kooky but brushing my teeth I still do. I still do twice a and I'm I'm grateful that I have my quick. 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Refills are automatically delivered on a dentist recommended schedule every three months for just five dollars each a friendly reminder when it's time for a refresh and to stay committed to your oral health and shipping is free so join three million happy customers practice. Good oral care easily and affordably with quip starting at twenty five dollars if you go to get quip dot com slash. Who Right now. You'll get your first refill free. That's your first refill free at get quip dot com slash who that's get. Q. U. I. P. Dot Com slash. Who quit the Good Habits Company? Hi Bobby and Lindsey longtime long time. I'm I'm calling and listening to Tuesday's episode where you talk about Zach Ephraim Lewis Breaking free. I would like to remind you that. Already Zach this because Drew Seeley saying for Zach Efan during high school musical one because sack out so zach is lip synching and it is our Disney channel King Juicy Lee. Who is actually so? It's already from. Let's I just thought I should let you know. The high contronting lodging uses pointed this out. Yes it is true. The irony of literally the whole situation our whole gag. Is that high school musical. One was acque Ephron less in its nature because he didn't sing in the thing. It's the guy who wrote the Guy who wrote Get your head in the game. Drew Seeley is the voice. I guess it's blended with Zach Franz voice quote unquote blended but he probably sang over like some sort of tracking they. They you know lowered his volume. I found a story on planet. Radio DOT CO DOT UK headlight. Here's the real reason. Zaka Fronton Singapore bits from the interview. And he says an interview with the Orlando Sentinel in two thousand seven in which his accent. That was a very huge point for me. I had to put my foot down and fight to get my voice on these tracks. He's talking about high school musical two in the first movie. After everything was recorded my voice was not on them. I was not given an explanation. It just kind of happened that way. It put me in an awkward position. That's not something I expected to be addressed. Then high school musical blew up. I'm very fortunate. Drew has gotten proper credit. And also that I've gotten the opportunity to come back and try again with my own voice. He's very talented. I consider myself a regular kid that can carry a tune. That's actually a good statement. It's a good statement and that was two thousand. Seven Zach has been a pro for a long time. He's a nice boys so I guess he just needed some justice practice. Islands in Bobby Your discussion about mixing up celebrity names got me thinking of mix of by had. That doesn't have to do the names. But it has to do with the Oscar e two dozen fifteen movies Brooklyn and Carol They're both set in the nineteen fifties and has to do with New York and I watched Brooklyn Thinking Carol and I got a about halfway through and the whole time I was just wondering where the lesbians and that's what I figured it out halfway through all right thank you bye. Why won't give it this nice Italian guide like what's the problem? This guy we're the spins on. I forgot also like a shop girl in that movie just like us so do you think. Oh yes so. This water was like Oh here. We go when she got here. We go we go. It's not gonNa work between you and the Italian honey. It has nothing to do with his heritage. Where is this hot lesbian action? It's like four hours into Brooklyn because so long when she gonNA meet some Hot lady on. That seem ship. Someone also called and said that they mixed up the river. Wild and mystic river is also like an unfortunate mix. Okay last name blindness. Hi I'm calling with an names. Blindness Newman For a long time I used to think that Hind daily was he'll Yoni i-it's we haven't heard from daily in a while so I wanted to play that. Tyne Daly Entail Leoni. Okay make sense but difference. Gorgeous Zang Butler names in a row is fun time. Say It's time daily Taylor. That doesn't time daily halio norges. Okay I'm going to ask Jim Tie daily daily. You feel daily. How you doing good Now let's move on to questions almost an hour into this at all. I mean we could talk about the next call for six hours. That's what that's the problem. What's coming up is equally. Hey who weekly Long Long Time. I sure you've got a couple of calls about on a mess up. They On our on the blocking on The update or whatever. It is And I was like what are some other public like understanding or the fan like the star not loving the fans Yeah I'm trying to think of some. I know like Kendall Jenner like her standing out on followed her or something A while ago. But that's the only one. I really think that you have way more. I'll let you about this current. Okay how do you even start like how does this? Let's answer her for. Let's get the follow up question out of the way. I which is like instances of stand culture being a little too much and getting the actual subject of their stanton annoyed. Many happens all the time. The most recent history is like Demi Levato is a big instance of this autos huge on this and it just happened with we. We talked about it with Arianna Guerande and her boyfriend. The stand accounts had to back down because they were giving too much information about Arianna round as new boy. I think there's a delicate balance of of loving and hating you're phantoms. You Never WanNa admit you don't like your phantoms. But you also push back when necessary and I think sometimes you take a stand depending on like what it is but it seems like on a message just like blocking Willy Nilly just block and then and locking and there's never been a more iconic example of the artist being frustrated with the stands than this story. But I'm getting coming now from people saying them fucked off when I served you being rude but nothing. I trusted eight o'clock in the morning. I have a whole Dave Interview Syndrome. Still doing them never just walked by you and not a good listen. Every day. I have a lot more you and I promise and went to meet people. Don't be mean to me. I A very busy day to you okay. So he's giving writing to me. Please don't be mean to me. I have a very busy day to okay said on Armas to at aren't ADAMAS UPDATES. Sorry just artists are miss. Updates ARMAS UPDATES ARMAS UPDATES Armas UPDATES came into our world actually a little while ago because they were doing very good steady and reliable updates of the various Paparazzi photos of onto Armas and Ben Affleck outside walking. They were like they were on it every every time they'd be out walking. We had this twitter account. That would not that as such But they apparently crossed the line last week when they tweeted to photos of them out walking and wrote on the arms and Ben Affleck Walker dogs outside instead of praying for the pandemic to go away on Sunday which we talked about on the show. We did talk on because it was very funny and I guess that crossed the quote unquote line. Even though this account it's has been doing incredible steady promoting this woman with not much to work off of currently and also like it. It was a rare moment of levity from four particular account like they don't normally they're not I know they're just armas and that caption isn't even necessarily mean. I don't even know what it is. It's mean it's strange range. It says that it's also it's also clearly a joke. I don't so a few nights ago they posted. We've been blocked by a had a twitter and be blocked. Her number one fan account on twitter. The best part about this was it. Got Out it. It went crazy because it's just so funny itself. I got it so fun. They had to. They had to post deep. Will they posted a screen shot? And then they posted the video screen shot of like damn typing in the name and proving that it was an actual blocking right but they said breaking breaking all caps breaking Cola Golden Globe nominee and movie star on the Armas recently block s and then they followed that up with the video proof of Golden Globe nominee and movie-star onto arm US blocking them honestly nothing. They still have respect for their number one. The best part about this is all of the Stan. Armies were suggesting other people for them to stand so you have like stand J. Law. Stand this one instead of. Margot Robie instead incredible. You also have at the SEB news tweeting so sorry for your loss on Dharma's updates our thoughts and prayers are with you during these difficult times. That is a Sebastian. Stan updates twitter. You Have Best of Pugh Aka Florence pugh daily tweeting. So sorry to hear about this guy's please stay strong. It's difficult time you have at Underscore J. Law saying Damn that. Sucks Stan Jay Law? Then you have at writer dire saying Stan. Nellie died my favorite one. Was it just by some some twitter at cold at Ice Cold November saying stand to Johnson? Maybe that's a good substitute for on a Dharma's I put this one and because of the Brooklyn Carol Call but at Sir Sha Lesbian says Armas updates. You're the only one I stand now. And it's like what I thought you stand. Sir with searcher do wrong. You don't stand Certian if you don't want to be a lesbian anymore. There's a lesbian. And then actually the best response is from username at flop bitch. What a good flop. Pitch says at arm's updates literally who which is could be any one of you honestly which one of you is flop bitch. On twitter. Cracking up at everyone just coming out of the woodwork. Woodwork being stand this person instead standing in solidarity with other updates twitter's great and I love. There's always whenever they suggest to Stan. There's always a compilation video. That's like a carousel of images and set to. I'm going to hand them out. Madman is always that song but I really do feel for army updates. Our ARMAS UPDATES. Because they were. It's not even like this was a joke twitter like they were doing consistently good work like promoting their Fav- like they were they were doing. Tbt's when they didn't have any content. They were doing promoting what she was promoting. It's just like she really must be on. Want to cut off her. Big Fans number one famous. Did you know that flow me? Who Sings a song disquieting Naina beef beef flow mix which is good. It's a big tick tock. Song and also our our favorite our favorite instagram account opera heals us in a lot of videos. Cash Adema like what is she. Ask Her name is. Her name is mccarter but she I guess the the Songa big enough that she did one of those genius videos where she breaks down the meaning of that song. I love your. What's the meaning? Can't wait to hear but late. Let's actually see. Let's I want to hear what she says. Let's hear some cell is starting when I was like at home? One day I was like the press is folk. Didn't have a job. I didn't have a car. Nothing so rapid was like my only thing to do so I was just smoking a blunt and then I was on the floor my room and I just turned on the beat in started highlight cash might hit some. I S You can see it's that let's play some of it now like cats in my head so my attitude of ask you one of the band's if she keeps Muggy Galore may be. Put a spell on a chance. I I play the highlands e Bobby Can you please explain? Why Bruce Willis is corn teaming with Demi Moore in his adult children and some director. What is going on? Why is he not with his wife and his two small children? I mean I'm quarantined. Two small children right now and if I could escape Shula House. Full grown UPS If I could avoid wiping bustle day. I've read. Why is he with his adult children? And his ex wife. What going on there? What do we think are they separated? Maybe is this like a trial separation. Please tell me what you think Credit crunch within do belong in balloons. If you follow Demi Moore on Instagram. Which a lot of people do you probably noticed that. Bruce and Demi and all of their kids plus some other people. I need like they're sick. Goes I think it's like their boyfriends. Okay I think Demi Moore has a really nice estate slash house and Ketchum while they're all in the house and they're all reading books together Laura Day book together and they're all wearing matching pajamas. They're doing a stack. They're wearing pajamas. They're posing with sticks like shit that the house they're like they're it's like they're posting photo. I green is like why are they all in the House together? They all have independent lives. And then the second brain is like wait. Wiser Bruce Willis there. I thought they were divorced. In the final brain is like wait. Bruce Willis has his own other family with another wife and children. Who Were Young? Why isn't he with them? I had forgotten that I forgot new wife. It's an old. They've been together like eleven years. This isn't new. Yeah it's like an old wife. He just have young. It's an old white so he is married to a woman named Emma naming Willis Emma heming who was a mob Dole and modell a model. You say Interesting THEY HAVE A couple. They have a couple of kids together. Who ARE UNDER TEN? And he's not with them and so people were like what's going on here and even celebrity wrote about it. With the headline of why isn't Bruce Willis Corentin with his wife and young daughters instead of Demi and then people magazine wrote about it and then Emma was like I need to let everyone know what's going on so I'm going to quote them as Emma wants us to know she is totally cool with everything. A family source told people quote Demi and Emma or close and all three get on great big blended family. There are no issues at all. Emma needed to stay in. La with the young kids Demi and Bruce have been best friends for years. They are very close. Okay that's Emma's response but it doesn't really explain anything. Emma needed to stay with the kids with like well. Why didn't Bruce need to stay with the kids? Well that's the thing. So they live in Ketchum catch in Idaho and in the nineties when they were together. They both they wanted to get away from. La Until they bought a big state in the Sun Valley area of Idaho which is like a resort destination that actually celebrities had been moving to since the thirties. So the house is probably huge. It's like this huge estate. That's why so many people can be there but you're right. There is a suspect if you're so rich and famous like get that private jet back to La to like be with small kids and you're white who has to deal with them now. I'm sure I'm sure there's an intact. But anyways and now I'm thinking about like their their marital conversation that they had where he's like. Do you mind if I go to. I'd Aho with Demi and the girls and he's she's like no it's really fine and she's like no 'cause. I can stay. If you want me to inches. Like Bruce Honestly. I'd prefer it if you went and he's like okay. Yeah Okay Okay I love you. I love you all the time everyday. And she's like I know. Okay thought okay here. I get the house to myself well. Here's my like thinking. This woman has help you know anyways. There's no way that this woman is by herself with the kids has the new age. It's fine and the other thing. The other thought is that because all of his older children are together. They're so rarely altogether. Maybe as a as a unit that he was like. Oh it's a good opportunity to go hang out with my kids in their SIG OS and Demi like. They're all in together and it'll be fun and funny and like it's not like if he goes if he goes there that Emma's all alone with the kids. That's what you would think if you're a normal person but actually she just like has an Amazon is in l. a. like doing her whatever hurdle businesses. And like. Whatever do you mean? That's I think we're making it. We're we're projecting their situation onto ourselves normal people when really they don't have the situation we have at all and never would bay bip. It's fine. Go to Idaho. I don't even really want you here. It's just I gotTA guide. I prefer it Bruce. Just gotTA FUCK IN IDAHO K. So Rupert grint and a Ron from Harry Potter is apparently expressing. The baby was quote longtime. Love Georgia groom whose shorts are grim. I never heard of this person. Apparently she's an actress no idea. Who's Georgia grew? I've never heard of this person. Apparently she's an actress. That's what this call me. Apparently she's an actress is really good. She's like she's been in a lot of banks a lot of she was including one iconic thing and then kind of not as iconic things. Let's be perfect snug. He was the star in that movie which was pretty popular and then nothing really else as big as that. Let's be real. Yeah yeah that's true real we're being real and I've never seen that movie but I know that it's like a big movie. Her blood interest in that movie is Aaron Taylor Johnson and so I think that he he benefit. You got more famous than she did I think. Even though she was technically the star even though she was the star. She's snagged Ron Weasley. She did and he's very rich. He so he is. St- those kids are so rich anyway so she's pregnant now yes she's pregnant and they're like what's skewed. Is there like the most British couple ever? How do you mean just like how do you mean Lindsey Georgia groom and Rupert Grint grint just just like it the Daily Mail there also just because the Daily Mail is so rude? I sent this to yesterday but the photo so back in last year. Actually last April. There was a headline that said Rupert. Grint and Georgia groom spark marriage rumors as actress whereas a goal band on her wedding linked during lunch. And it's the root is photo and they probably took seven thousand photos of this couple eating food and drinking beer outside this pub but the one they chose to point out the fact that she was probably engaged was her biting her nails while smoking a cigarette. And it's literally like half the cigarette and most of it is ash. And and it's like a zoomed in to her face selling biting a nail holding a cigarette. And there's a circle over the rain. It's like you had so many clean shots of this ring. You didn't need to use this route. One there so while to she famous. That's kind of it. I mean that's kind of A. They've been dating for like a long time like years. We will certainly talked about this woman in the past just because like she's a big who at he's a big who will always be you know curious about the whereabouts of the Harry Potter kids? I mean I guess Rupert grint is is probably the least famous of the three main three. Oh Yeah Oh yeah by a mile but I think the I think the main thing is like Daniel Radcliffe as is like such a try hard like he wants to be an interesting actor. He wants to be interesting because he's good like I don't. I don't care about movies and blockbusters so can be Swiss army man and I can be an equis. Whatever whatever he wants to be. Emma Watson is interesting because she's sort of a try hard and wants to be a really famous and successful. And it's not working out. And then Rupert grint SORTA like. I'm rich thing here and there I collect. He's the ideal. Yeah Oh Georgia. I Love Georgia. I'm GonNa Mirror or just like you know leaving your best life. No pressure like kindest and I think. That's true when you fall into a child role I mean fall into when you when you get a child role. It's it's your natural charisma. You're not like this practice actor. You're not like studying your whole life to get this role so that more of like a not chance but you have to look you. Have the vibe you have. It's the timing data so like you could go anywhere from that. There's no predestined path. And like some of them turned out to be good actor. Someone trying to be bad actors try hearts they all and he turned out to be. Hey I don't even know if I really like acting. I was just a kid or whatever watch we're like working regularly and we both don't know about anything he's doing when you look. I mean he was in that show with Lindsay Lohan. Let sick note show. He's still in stuff but I think there's not there's no pressure there's an desperation they're like there is a desperation. Daniel Rattler because he wants to be seen as someone interesting and there's desperation with them and Watson because she wants to be seen as talented but I think regrets just like. Oh yeah he exudes a much more like casual and chill lax and unwind. Joel acts like Mandela. Because you brought it up there really is something so funny about the the gap between Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe in terms of like. You're right like they. Both don't need to ever work again in terms of like acting. They can do whatever they want. And she is so desperate to be like a starlet. To be like an actress to be a-list whatever and my books. Alright I wanna I wanNA brand. I WANT TO BE SMART. I WANNA be everything. And he's kind of like going to show my Dick on Broadway. I WANNA I WANNA play a dead guy in an eight twenty four movie I want to just what is the weirdest possible shit that you can do? And how off brand? You can get like. He's going to do it you know. It's amazing the difference between Wendy and Bobby. I was just calling because I was just looking at my finger. Birthdays DOT COM for my birthday. Which is July third? And there's a person on their name to La Toya Jackson but it specifically says that she's thirty years old are two people named Jackson. Although he's leterrier Jackson related to Michael Jackson or a good board Melbourne. First of all is the La Toya Jackson who is of the Jackson family who were them one. Two three who them? She's kind of like one of our most iconic coups. Maybe she has them he name recognition. She's like a very famous. Who like she always glommed off her family and like disrespectful way she had like she had every type of project you could imagine. She had her own music career. That was kind of floppy. She had a psychic hotline. She was like one of the first. True reality claims you know. She's a celebrity. Agay Camp Star like she. I don't know I think she's like she's kind of the Tori spelling of of her. La- Toya Jackson is the perfect representation of problematic. Gay icon. Because it's like this the same person that you're like. Yes we stand queen the toil where you're also sort of nervous. She's going to play the F. Word shout to our friend. Paul Carp who went through a big phase. I mean he took me with him because I'm still. I still think about it where he listened to a lot of. Toya Jackson's Music. And she has a song called like he's my brother and it's like sometimes we fight but he's my brother Jackson. Please play it but it's like it. It'll never leave my mind. It's so amazing. She had a lot of music that was like she had a full album about his Jacksonville. Life is either is going on cable. News and either fiercely defending her family or like fiercely dumping yes. She went back to the whole life. She went back and forth for ages. I mean she literally never. She never took aside. She always could be anything okay. So there's another Latoya Jackson though another Latakia Jackson. This is the Michael Jordan of Latoya Jackson's. Her NAME IS LA. Toya Jackson which just kills me. But it's funny. That says her the first line of her twitter bio is former reality TV personality. Which could be said about the other toy jacks and trail? But that would not be what you would lead with. No she was on the real world a real world season. I did not watch. Choose Real World Saint Thomas which league. I don't even remember what season that was like. Where what which number season was I mean? Real world watching a real world Atlanta Anomaly for me and we only did it because they sponsor and yeah. I liked it but I was like. I haven't watched in so long we did. I did watch that season on the one on facebook but before then I hadn't been caught up you know. Obviously it fell off and it was also hard to watch. Mtv So this is from MTV dot com this is her bio when she was on the real world. And it's kind of funny. Don't let the name fool you la. Toya Jackson is not a member of that Jackson family. But this self-proclaimed head bitch and charge still has still has plenty personality despair. What okay Bubbly and energetic. Toya as her friends caller worked in local. Tv News but soon realize she's meant for something greater. This is all boring but she is. She was on the real world she was also on. Because now. If you're on the real world the more honestly I feel like the more popular shows are actually the challenges that like. Oh yeah everyone loves those more yes? She was on three challenges. She was on free agents invasion of the champions and dirty thirty and she won none of them. She's third. She's about to turn thirty one. I believe social. Turn THIRTY ONE IN THIS YEAR. So she was born in eighty nine. Okay in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine in nineteen eighty nine. Latoya Jackson really wasn't a joke. You know like Toya Jackson was just in the middle of her music career. She hadn't become the aggressive. My family hates me Jackson kid yet. We just kind of funny weird and so it's like her parents. Were like yeah. We love the Toy Jackson like. It's like the parents knew what they were doing. When they named her literally Jackson Lewis Jackson. But I don't think they could have predicted the trajectory the real or the other Latino. Jack was going to take right. They didn't know what they were setting herself up for to be named La. Toya Jackson like in the mid nineties. They were like we we. We chose the wrong Jackson. We put our eggs on the wrong bass Janet Jackson or something good. They have named her literally anything with so many Jackson's. Yeah so it is weird to be okay. Just say quickly It is weird to me. That Michael Jordan has been able to overcome being named Michael Jordan. Like how is Michael B. Jordan's still Mike named Michael Jordan? How did he does a really? That's a really good question and I think the be. I think the beat is a Lotta Michael Michael Jordan. The beef flows off the tongue. The the B. is much more elegant than like Jay Jackson you know like that's not going to distinguish you Michael Jordan or is it just. I think that I think it adds enough of it. Adds enough of a punctuation? I mean to differentiate it from sport also sport is. It's a completely different industry. You know but when Michael Jordan. I came on quote unquote the scene. Like there is no way that we're going to let this guy whose name is literally Michael Jordan. Be a famous actor and I was wrong. It's pretty famous. It worked for Michael Jordan. It's just weird to me. That that that what that he didn't change it that we have so many actors go from like Robert. Hamill far too like you know Joe Smith Michael Keaton. You can't go. I mean I know why it will be Jordan. Was like no. I'm doing this. I'm doing this even care for Jewish and show business anymore and they're still out leaning their names. There's something to be said about his ego and has confidence because East Answer Bakari. So like he could have just been my car and that's a unique cool name. Dr Like that sounds like a big name like that. That could work right but the fact that he was like no one would be Michael. Jordan is kind of cool. I don't know there's something cool about it. No it definitely is impressive. That's just what like this made me think of that. I was just like it's amazing. Bad he got beyond that and it seems almost like an unnecessary thing to put yourself through to try and get beyond Michael being named literally Michael Jordan. Yeah Okay like being named Jesus Christ it just like such brand name. Jesus Okay and have to sell the podcast on his most having remained blast Drummond Also known as the pioneer woman which made me remember that the other day has in grocery store I saw that she had is a line of frozen foods now including something called her quiche. So Who who's in bands of frozen food? So we've got like Amy Lee and or know lean cuisine. Okay I keep the other presidents bye-bye see here's somebody having fun and this market is so heartening. Leeann so who's in them? I was looking at like a lot of. I think I do all of these frozen. I'm looking at. I look at the list of frozen food brands which included nachos frozen dinners as unlike lean cuisine. Lianne cuisine whenever I zoom to the talk top of that list. Amy's Amy Amy. Amy Is like those burrito everywhere. I would call. I would. Oh nine out of these I would call right at these all right all right. It's like just frozen potato souffles stalls. Don't firs stouffer LASAGNA? There's a amy's I would say. Is that the banquet. I would maybe say as a who the hell lean cuisine Leeann. Leeann cuisine is definitely hit. Cuisine is definitely them because those key those it's not delivery Zorno Digiorno Totino's rolls about for shadow is for Shutt- also them or is it. A who what about hotpot is shadow for shadow was the digital in a competitor. Like nowhere fancy. That's who for sure Marie calendar's I would have to this question. Is She knows. The question is terrible. That's why it's so I don't even answering it but you have to separate them by like food type. You can't really go like what overall food it's like. Oh for pizzas for like chicken. I think I think she I think she's specifically means frozen. Dinners like the whole thing and so I think you got your weight. Watchers is definitely morale are like them's marlene them. Yes Mart wants them kit cuisine them but I think a lot of these like hungry man dinner. That's them hungry. Man is a classic. I took Li Liang. Cuisine is so good okay. She couldn't even keep going now. The reason the real reason we played that call not only because it's hysterical is because it had this follow up and then after this we're going to end the show Halen Z. Bobby So my sister left you a rather deranged choice now about the names of the frozen food aisle and I know this because she called me immediately afterwards and I don't think I've ever heard her laugh so hard thinking about who's in them's of frozen dinners and so I just want to thank you for bringing some joy into this very dark time Your podcast is kind of the only one I can listen to right now so Thank you thank you for making my sister Chicago Laugh so hard and I'm sorry to her sister and San Francisco by. I need to hear her. Say Leeann cuisine one more time hold on lean cuisine. I needed that. Laugh to go from eight. Cisco's she's going from amy. She's like here. Susan here's Jocelyn. Here's here's Lee Zine honestly just hearing. Somebody beat joyful in a supermarket. It's like I never. I couldn't imagine be made mention watching this person like you're in your mask you're six feet away and you see this woman on her phone talking to the frozen being like okay we have. The stomach hurts good lasting to thank you for listening to. Who's there are weekly call in show that you're listening to who weekly our twice weekly show and if you subscribe to the Patriot Patriot. Dot Com slash. You Weekly. It's four times weekly show and sometimes five times weekly show. Oh my God and call us at six when I knew them. If you have any questions. Comments concerns follows on instagram twitter and facebook. Right Review of US on Apple podcasts. Those are the best And Have a good weekend stay chewing food handfuls of nuts. I wouldn't is probably the only them proposition how you weekly. I'm using quarantine to catch up on movies. I should have watched but never did so. I watched goodwill hunting for the first time and I have never been so shocked my entire life to learn that this man's name was will hunting and it wasn't about a movie about hunting like. I know that good will. Hunting is of that But I think that will hunting and I would love your input higher. Nc Bobby Apparently Hugh Jackman has been married to some woman for twenty four years He'd been she punch living with eat a laptop.

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