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Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch and Alex Bowman


In summertime tips, and fun facts from Paul, Kristen index ter-, total wine and more for grilled wings. Bring on the barbecue sauce pair with Sarah to make your taste buds hop. It's a great time of year for strawberries in a salad and joy with a crisp cider for a perfect pairing nothing. Beats recommending a great wine. And with our extensive selection, I can help find the perfect one for your budget. Whether you're hosting or does bringing the wine he'd love to share, always low prices, ridiculous election, this summer at total wine and more. Cheers. The following is a production of the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Rock and roll today without the plug four hundred laps guys there, have a great day. Tonight. We'll have a window where we gotta do the racing network presents NASCAR law. Kyle larson. We'll see the checkered flag and Kyle Larson wins the thirty fifth annual monster energy NASCAR all starring three ain't gonna get their baby. We're gonna win. We go out there, and it's always nice to be able to run six hundred miles and remembrance for those who allow us to get to go race on the weekends. So it's a special weekend massacre live is brought to you by Yalies tires Ryan on our strength from the motor racing network studios in concord North Carolina. Here's your host, Mike. Bagley mental, everybody welcome to another edition of NASCAR. Live here on the motor racing network. Mike Bagley and the Marin crew with you on a very busy NASCAR lie. We're so glad you're here with us. It's Charlotte race week and race teams are gearing up for the longest race of the year. It comes up Sunday. It's the Coca Cola six hundred on today's show. We'll talk with Kyle Busch about this weekend's race and much more. With this week's face to face interview, the sixth annual little six hundred is going on this afternoon at the gopro motor plex in mooresville, North Carolina, and RN's Hannah Newhouse. We'll be talking with some of the drivers that are over there throughout the show Saturday night's all star winner Kyle Larson will stop by and talk about the win and his twenty nineteen. Season. Speaking of the monster energy NASCAR all star race war here some of the best in car audio with this week's NASCAR live backtracks Hendrick motorsports driver. Alex Bowman is on a hot streak. He's got three second place finishes in a row. We'll hear from Alex today's show as well with this weekend being Memorial Day weekend. Nascar, we'll be showing respect by honoring fallen soldiers on each of the race cars in the six hundred while highlight a few of those on today's show as well. We've got all that, and a whole lot more. But to get started. Here's Kim Kun with this week's social media news. Gimme the talk of the town on social media has been Clint Boyer and Ryan Newman's desktop following the monster energy NASCAR all-star race. Here's how it sounded on the motorist network that we have got a fight that has broken out on pit road. Clint boy or went to Ryan Newman's car and was wailing on Ryan Newman. I let's get Clint side of the story. What happened in west Mark those frustrations? Honestly, I have no idea Xing. I know. Beat nam after the race turns me into wall where I come from that deserves punishment enough. And now let's hear Newman's version. I'm not really sure what happened in fourteen their other knee losses. Cool and you still trying to figure out how to drive his I don't know. I don't know why he cut across my nose there after we'd hit. I exchanged a little bumper tap with them after the race because he coming off earlier in the race just about turn me and him around on trial, but just just offered any body slam me obviously, he's got some aggression issues, but they need to cut across my nose and turn three in crash himself. So I mean you can look at the data and a stirring, trace and everything else, I don't know. I'm sure he doesn't know but I'm sure he's got assigned to well, both divers. They're not very happy with each other. And I guess that's what racing for one million dollars. We'll do to you the coq six hundred will take place on Sunday. Be sure to check it out as our friends from the performance racing network will have the coverage. I'm Kim Kun? You can stay up to date on all the latest NASCAR news by following our social media channels at M are in radio or you can visit our website, M R, N dot com. Thank you, Kim. It's a busy time in and around Charlotte, this week right now in mooresville. The little six hundred is set to run at the gopro motor plex and a new house is standing by with one or the drivers in tonight's race. That's right. Thanks, mike. We're out here. Go promoter plex right now for the little six hundred here with Michael McDowell a great out here. Lots of fans. Lots of things going on talk a little bit about this event. Yeah. It's some of this really special just marks in everybody here. Go promoter. Plex keeps growing every year. And as fun to see a lot of fans in a lot of cool activities. You know, the racing's always great, but more importantly, just a cool way to interact with the fans and you know get away from the race shack but still at the racetrack. The legends race. But also know the race that has a lot of current drivers in it as well. Now, you just in Mark might be topping the HR with a lot of these younger drivers, you gotta you're going to get these punks a run for their money should be in the legends category, but really excited about the legends. Just something new this year to bring the little six hundred or so many guys sort of paved the way in karting and in and NASCAR and other forms of racing. In the have them out here and have legends race going to be really cool. So first of its kind, also cokes hundred this weekend slated for you guys memorial weekend. How important is it to you guys to be able to run on memorial weekend, especially here in Charlotte? Yeah, it's amazing. The I got the privilege to go to Fort Bragg last week and just spend time with those guys there that, you know, just loss, one of their, their team members Zach Beal and the have you have, you know, for me myself that have to have somebody on your car that pay the. Sacrifices is a great honor and privilege. And we'll definitely be honoring Chief Warrant Officer farmer this weekend, and his family and thirty seven years old for kids in a wife and, and I, you know, I'm thirty four with four kids in a wife and, you know, just can't imagine leaving them and, and to do it for our countries just built a sign of respect and really excited honor him. Awesome. Thank you. Michael, good luck tonight. And this weekend is well, thank you. Thanks handle. We'll check back in with you later on in the show, coming up on that scar live look back on Saturday nights. Monster energy. Nascar all star race with this week's backtracks and later. We'll have this week's autozone. Driver of the week. Alex Bowen, seeing your check engine light. Come on, can be seriously frustrating, but the cause is always something serious, the free ozone fix finder service can help you troubleshoot the likely cause, get in the zone, autozone. Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. Which means you're going to start telling your kids to clean up before the cleaning lady comes doesn't make sense, but you're the parents, and they're the kids, you're gonna start telling them that now too good news is, it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive, and save on your car insurance. And there's your opening to remind them who pays the bills around here. 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I think it was very important for us to get Martin into get cold both of those, as, as a group because they're very good at what they do. Nascar today. Midday Monday through Friday on the mobile rinsing networks, but poice of NASCAR. Your co two for Wayne sprint car. Talk news and information. Find all the episodes of one nation on your favorite podcast platforms St. folks. Ashley streaming and Aaron Evan hill in-depth with the race winners and personalities from dirt tracks all across America wing donation on Facebook Hala wing nation on Twitter. He'll get stories and information and live broadcasts of wing nation shows, some of the top dirt tracks in the nave. Winged nation, your home for wing sprint cars. This is NASCAR. Now back to Mike Bagley. Welcome back to NASCAR live Saturday night. The stars of the monster energy NASCAR Cup series late at all on the line for one million dollars. How bad did they want the win? Here's some of the best in car audio from this week's NASCAR live backtracks. He's got the best you in the house, at least when they dropped the green flag Clint Boyer. What? Reliable go. Thirty one this is. Thank you, Bill. Million dollars on the line. Looking for the green flag? The NASCAR all-star Ben is underway. With Harvick Kyle Busch trying to take it away. Here's pile again. Looking outside Martic liking the lay down low, but pilots stay with him striper, stri. Go higher. I gotta do. Lyric Jones, made the wall damage on the right side of an upper quality Toyota. He'll continue on the back. Frank down here. Are you going? John park is the blew it off. Right. Yeah. We're gonna have I remember between between state is it doesn't. Yeah, we're gonna have to get right? On it to a weekend. Family lab here here and everything. Not what you wanna do. You wanna come? Three white for position number free and side by side for the leave. Jimmy Johnson's got some smoke coming off the right for your quarter of his car. One inside one inside clear. On them for buffer coca pretty good Bush across the line. He will see the green checkered flag in front of Kevin Harvick. Clint boyer. Faded back to third. Take care of your tires tires. Exactly what I need. All right here. Segment planning for may help me good restart as a draft off for the way it did, right there. You bet. Bye. Right here to start finish line bubble lawless. Ryan Newman get together Ryan down through the grass the caution flag will fly coach. Derived. Ruben around everything else straight on it. Yeah. Right. Front for forty three can hold afraid overthrow. Contact with Bush and Austin Dillon Dillon across the nose. Or did he come from? Yeah. He just failed in all been there. But let's. Not. What you need. Ain't that bad guys that ain't that bad. It just he pulled out of Neath pulled out money lion. Caution is out anything huge break. Kevin Harvick is off the pace Parbat fell off the pace was coming to pit road just to that brave broke out there still keeping yellow yellow vote. Oh, keep it. Value. Absolutely terrible. I mean, the Senate tires got three slow pit stop. Now you're going to be tired can't say. So I don't know how it up the wheels are really Lou swell, an loot talk about the different drivers in what they've gotta do. Let Gano is up front. And everybody else who's gonna kind of new here. Around Jeff, this was the land of the bare knuckle haymaker. They were four wide knocking each other doors off knocking each other's fenders off Martin ex juniors. Pancake on both sides of that. Dr. Every or this Cup on. Erin clear, the left off. Call now like a samoyed time temporal how can. How can call? Further back. Eric Jones at the racetrack. Everybody who is inside Jones will spin turn four. Bill. We're done. They're fine. We keep running. When whenever you want to do. Don't we got a clear, the hamblur record? I can't tell the right we went down, but I feel bad what happened. Yeah. Hunedoara now that it was going to make it just off the four lap ago. Bush got sideway club that wall off a turn more pancake, the right side that number eighteen car. And he is way off the pace right now because of the worst. Your life bearable? Other. Parable. Looking at it role. I don't smoke. Harvard gets there, ain't over yet. It's five ago. Off her number four Kyle Larson. We'll see the checkered flag and Kyle Larson wins the thirty fifth annual monster energy NASCAR all star race. Ain't going to get there, baby. We're gonna win. For the next year, but hell of a job. Oh. Awesome. Nude. That's this week's NASCAR live backtracks joining us in the studio right now is a driver that got a million dollar payday Saturday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Kyle Larson winning the monster energy. Nascar all-star race. Welcome to NASCAR live congratulations. Yeah, thank you. Thanks for having me on here that had to feel good on Saturday. Yeah. I mean, anytime you win it, it feels good. But after the start of the season we, we've had it makes it feel even even better, you know, because I wasn't I didn't feel like we're really do appoint yet where we could win in. Kind of came out of nowhere. So it it was sweet. You know in the beat new Kevin Harvick Kyle Busch there at the end to hold those two off was made it even more satisfying. How hard has the season been? I know you like to win and, and you're a winner, you've done it. But this year has been a struggle. How's it been managing the emotions that go along with the struggles? Well, I would say in years past it's been harder because, you know, we, we were finishing races, you getting to the checkered flag and twenty-fifth you know, where this year we've just been blowing tires and having this issue after issue. So I've, I've always felt like our cars have been pretty good. You know, seventh to twelfth I feel like it's kind of where we've been before, our issues kind of pop up and put us out of the race. Whatever. So I know were there if we could just get some consistency would be alright, so we just couldn't finish races there for a few weeks in a row. And then a few weeks ago Dover, we have clean weakened finally, the first clean week and we had all season long with. No problems. So that I think helped kind of change momentum in it lead into Kansas, where we had another fairly clean weekend, and then the all-star race which was not cleaned for anybody. But it's not supposed to be so it's just it's it's been good. It's been a good string of races here. I just hope we can keep it going. Do you think do you ever get to a point where it's just like what in the world do I have to do to have something good happen? It's like, are you looking for lucky rabbit's feet or you're looking for garlic or looking for exorcist or whatever? Because it seemed like you would have things go good. But there's always that one thing that would happen to prevent that goodness from continuing on what is it like them navigate that as a racecar driver? It's tough. I mean like you said, you try and look for every bit of lucky thing you can find and nothing seems to work, but you luck is always good for your confidence. But when you can't find that lucky thing, you know, it, it hurts your confidence. So we always fun. It was funny to go to Indo ver-. Jeff Gordon took me to some like witchcraft. Place, and we did some funny segment for FOX, and we he bought me some crystals in, in some other stuff and. Luxton good, so far since then. So we'll keep it in the trailer. Keep burning them candles and day. Do we gotta do call Larson? Joining us here on NASCAR live winning the monster energy NASCAR all star race. We'll talk coke six hundred in a moment. I, I know you had a chance to spend some time at the hall of fame earlier today with some students in the folks that credit one Bank were involved bringing the listeners up to speed about what was it like spending spending, some time with some fourth and fifth graders today the NASCAR whole fame. Yes. So I've had the honor of getting to go down to Charleston last couple of years, and go and do meeting street academy, which is, you know, a school that, that credit one Bank helps out with. And then you know this year or some point last year, you know, they talked about raising enough funding to buying the school a school bus. See yet today. We got to present those kids with their new school bus, and I got to drive it up into the hall of fame there out front and surprise the kids with me driving it, so it was a neat deal to be a part of new anytime. You can be a small part of, of anything new give him back to kids or whatever. It's it's special and I think being a father now. It makes it even even cooler. So it was news. Neat to see their excitement and brand new school bus. It's been a long time since I've been on a school bus. But I know when I was in school, those buses weren't that nice. So, yeah, I think those kids are really enjoy it. We know what's funny. Is that Brennan gone at in Las Vegas? He on his downtime works as a school crossing guard. Maybe perhaps, maybe get some downtime, you can will the school bussing the kids to school one day. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I wouldn't mind that. Yeah. I like driving vans and buses and stuff. So bring it on. Well, you're going to be driving. Obviously, you're Chevrolet Camaro this weekend, and the Coca Cola six hundred back to normal the package and stuff that we had Saturday night in the all star race. We'll put that aside and get back to the task at hand running for points. Running for a championship. Six hundred miles is a long time. If you started preparations, yet, it, you write, and your body right for the rigors of that race. And what that can present to you on Sunday. No. No. I'm probably doing all the wrong things this week. I'm I'm super busy last night. I was mill bridge till ten thirty seven o'clock, proxima go-cart. And then as soon as I leave here, I'm headed back out some over to race and then tomorrow, do some more racing. A mill bridge then Thursday on track at Charlotte for practice and qualifying. And then Friday I'm racing. My spare car, the dirt track in then Saturday's more practice and racist car in, then we got the six hundred so and then IRA suspend Gargano Monday. So if you can say I'm getting in race shape before the six hundred and yeah I'm working hard. But yeah, I mean, I'll just try and stay as hydrated is like hand, you know, it's obviously really hot here this week, so awful, I will get my fluids EMMY throughout the week to, to try and stay ready for Sunday. All the luck in all the best. And good luck win in the six hundred on Sunday. Yeah, thank you. That's call arson. Joining us here on NASCAR live coming up. We'll hear from Hendrick motorsports driver Alex Bowman and later, we'll breakdown racing's biggest day. Racetrack to the road home. Fill up with open the official Hewlett NASCAR Sonoko mixed high quality performance fields for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track. Whether you're pulling up to the pump or experiencing the excitement being at the track on race day. This will be four tank. Top it up with Sonoko may I service complete. Secondhand Finocchio fuel in he's doubted away from enough to be the fuel. That keeps you capture the essence of racing and Philip with the official fuel of NASCAR cinema. I guess corker joy going me, and my friends warn FOX, Daryl mom the Sunday, money podcasts. We talked racing what happened for you. Help for you, because, you know. Yeah, they all set in a pit road. Wait. For one guy. Be the sacrificial lamb. And none of nobody wanted to do it. And just like do palm of, on TV, definitely I cannot close never know who might stop by young Ryan Blaney here with something in saying, I brought to our script because you guys are like our show. So it's Sunday money on MRI dot com. I soon Spotify or wherever else listen to podcasts. Congratulations to Kyle Larson and his pit crew for the win and Saturday night's monster energy NASCAR all star race there. The wheel entrusted to perform pick of the week on the road in the air and around the world. Wieland is trust it to be seen trusted to be heard and trusted to perform coming up next. Alex Bowman will join us. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Here's your chance to win a set of your, very own Hercules tires, go to Hercules, tires dot com slash M in simply registered and each month. 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Live one of the biggest stories that this past month is the success of Hendrick motorsports driver. Alex bowman. He's driven is number eighty eight car to three consecutive second-place finishes recently. M R S beat Estonia caught up with Alex to talk about the team. And a whole lot more. The white wine, some top ten finishes last year races feel like starting to fall into place about this race. Team hope. So I think the biggest thing is staying consistent and, and keeping the momentum and keep going in the right direction obviously things are going to happen out of our control. But you know, we can keep the momentum going, the right way can be really positive will the bar set really high for this team. Right. So by Hendrik standards struggling a little bit, but chases won the got some top ten finishes and those kinds of things are the struggles starting to come to an end. I hope so. You know obviously both the last two weeks at the racist go a little differently. I feel like we can capitalize and he'll win those two. So you know, we've had capable race cars, and I think that's, that's a big part of being headed in the right direction. The Morial day, I've seen means a lot to the military the troops NASCAR. And I think that makes a really good connection, how, how important is that for you? Yeah. Obviously, you know, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing without. Without them. So anything we can do to honor them is, is really special and all the military families that are that are always there, can everything we always do around the six hundred weekend is, is really special. So I guess this year we're gonna we're gonna stop on pit road after stage two, which is really cool. You know, we're, we're all very appreciative of them just any little thing that we can do to, to show. Our nation's is very special. You're active on social media. I follow you on Twitter and how many Twitter followers, you have any idea not enough of, I don't know, probably like eighty thousand or something. So I'm one of those. All right. So how do you balance because you want to show, your personality interact that with, you know, let's be honest, a lot of criticism things that come with Twitter and social media? How do you strike that balance man that, that has been a hard balance to find? I think if I always said, what I wanted to said being a lot of trouble on there all the time, so between Kelsey, and Tina, they both helped me a lot with. That and basically almost run. Most of my tweets through them. I just to make sure that I don't get in trouble. You know, I'm not I'm not Kyle Busch and can say whatever I want. You know, you definitely have to in my situation, have to be a little more politically cracked, and a little more reserved. So that's that's definitely been a balance, you're in an interesting situation because you've been around the sport awhile, but you're still one of the younger faces the sports trying to attract a younger fan base. How important do you take that as part of your job, that tried to attract a younger fan base to watch you race on the weekends? Yeah, for sure. I think I think that's a big part of what we do. You know, but we also have to take care of the fans that we do have, and you don't want to change everything to attack. One fan base, and alienate, another so thing NASCAR does a good job balancing that. And they're really the only like sports body, that's always trying to make everything better just for the fans. So I think that's really cool that they do that. And you know some of it works. It doesn't work, but we're all in this together, and we all need all of this to work, right? I mean you can sit here and criticize NASCAR but without mass, none of us have jobs either. So we all we all need it to work the best. They can. And we're all together final point the rules package has been done to do just that to try to make it more entertaining for fence. Huck challenging has been and how close do you think we are to get there where every week fans like, yeah, that's exactly what we're looking for. Yeah. I think that's a really hard thing to find, you know, you're never going to have all the fans. Happy is fans want different things. They're not all the same. So Dovers always tough to pass. But we went thirty I I so it wasn't. It's not impossible. You know the the cars that finished first and second start both started in the back, you know, lap traffic, probably kept us from getting back to the nineteen on the on the early early stages of that last run. But you know it just. Like I said, we're on it together, and we all needed to work. You know, I, I think that if they want superspeedway racing everywhere we still have too much power are, are going too fast. You know, I think if you slowest down a little bit more and get that mid corner, speed down a little bit more week and can run wide open everywhere. We'll have that style racing everywhere. But if they don't want that, then we gotta go back faster. We're kinda like in the in the middle of the two right now walked away. And see, I think everybody's anxious to get practicing, but it's, it's an interesting balance there for sure as well. That's Alex Bowman as he chatted with M R, N dot com. Senior writer, Pete Stony coming up on NASCAR live. We'll talk about racing's biggest day and later, we'll get another update from this year's little six hundred in mooresville. Since nineteen forty two Freightliner has been an industry. 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Will follow the NASCAR xfinity series and the monster energy NASCAR Cup series. We are back on the air the following week from Pocono and we've got a lot of coverage for you there. Friday may thirty-first we've got cut practice expanded practice and monster. Energy Busch pole. Qualifying those times eleven thirty one and four respectively. Of course you can hear practice sessions on our end dot com. Saturday, we'll have Cup series practice and the Pocono green two fifty for the NASCAR xfinity Series Cup practice eleven AM and the race. Twelve thirty eastern followed on Sunday by the Pocono, four hundred that. Again, Sunday, June second. You can hear live coverage of that race right here on the motor racing network beginning at one pm eastern. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Nascar coast to coast on dot com in motoracing networks, Facebook. Join me Kyle Ricky and Hannah. Newhouse as we talk with the next generation of NASCAR stars and established local and regional racers each Wednesday at one eastern time. Or subscribe download in listen on your favorite podcast provider. Nascar coast-to-coast grassroots NASCAR racing from the motor racing network. You hear it every week this one, thank the whole team in all our guys back in Denver. Everybody supports this tape kit. Unsung heroes of NASCAR in their life is the pit. This is Rockaway simply teen years. I've jacked up some of the biggest names in auto racing. And now, I'm Jack bring it all down the street level in acquaint you with the guy behind the wall, and Becca, the shop join meal imortant crew call it by money lions every Wednesday. On the marine dot com, I are wherever podcast or. This is NASCAR live. Now back to Mike Bagley. Welcome back did ask our live this upcoming weekend. Easter's three massive motor sports events. One overseas in the morning at Monaco, and to here in America. It's the Indianapolis five hundred leading into the Coca Cola six hundred. Here's Steve post on the biggest racing weekend of the year Sunday of Memorial Day weekend has for a longtime featured the Monaco grand prix in the morning for the F one cars, the Indy five hundred from Indianapolis in the afternoon. Then the nightcap the coq six hundred Charlotte for NASCAR. A menu of racing that would solve any race vans appetite says Kurt Busch, I love Memorial Day weekend. It's a chance for all of motor sports, too shy was always looking forward to getting the USA today and seeing what they would put on there from Memorial Day weekend in the sports section to, to see the cars, and Monaco or to see the cars in Indianapolis. See our cars at Charlotte. It's like an unofficial weekend for motor sports to shine and it kind of kicks off summer kids are getting close to getting out of school. And you always hoped that it motivated families to come out to our events in racetracks around the country code is one of the few drivers who has a tempted the coq six hundred Indy five hundred double. He did it in two thousand fourteen. Now, his brother Kyle is very interested year ago. Kyle proclaimed he wants sponsorship, lined up to accomplish the feat. But everything didn't work out. I had it done last year sold and everything ready to go on. I got a boss that said, no figure it out. I got two bosses one's a male in one's a female. So I would certainly, you know, I thought that I had a great opportunity to do it. I'm kind of glad it didn't come together because Alonzo's kinda stole the headlines the last time it was done. But you know there may be more in the future guys coming over to run that race. So, you know, I'm I may have to split the limelight if you will with with somebody else kind of wants to do that race over the weekend. Cowboys showed interest again, telling Arkham Coon that this year, the double wouldn't have made sense for several reasons that fans would love to see do it. Where do you fall? Do you want to ever do the double? I would. Yeah. I mean it's just I got to figure out how to make it all work and get it accomplished. You know. So, you know, I'd love to be able to have the opportunity to do it. Whether or not I can get that get that through, and get that past time will tell, but certainly, you know, it's always kind of in the back of your mind in somebody asked me to they were like, well, do you feel like the windows closing and certainly the windows closing on? Me getting older and being able to do that. But I feel like I'm trying to keep the door open as long as I can with staying in shape. And, and also, you know, working out and doing the things that I'm doing to make sure that if it ever did happen, you know, you're going to have to put on a big push on working out strength training and just endurance training for being able to do both of those events. In one day, I mean I'm actually glad that, that twenty nineteen isn't the year that I'm doing it. Kyle Busch was not the only one interested at one point. Jimmy Johnson wanted to attempt the Indy five hundred coke six hundred double. He says that window of opportunity, though, has probably closed I was looking into it seriously years ago. Shannon, I just going to work out a deal that pre kids and I, I couldn't get it done, then so in until IndyCar decides to put some kind of roof on their cars or protect the driver's head. It's just, you know, from our family discussions. It's kind of out of its out of the question, it would be cool to see others attempt the double someday. Maybe look at Kyle Larson being a possibility of Ekern drives for Chip Ganassi racing. Who has won the Indy five hundred four times? Roger Penske has seventeen victories in the Indy five hundred. His NASCAR driver. Brad Keselowski said he would love to do it, but the logistics will likely never work out. Yeah. I had a lot of desire to do that. A few years back and, you know, there was no real opportunity to do it, especially with the four Chevrolet Honda. You know. Rivalry of sorts. And so now I've got into a place where, you know, it doesn't look like there's any solution to that in the near future. And, you know, accepted the factor fate that I'll just have to watch him on TV, but would be nice to do. And I have a lot of respect for those that have done it and try to do it as well. You went on to say that the prize and prestige of indie is the main appeal heart sixty thousand fans in two million dollar prize at the end of the day, that's those people are there and they make the the fans make the race big. I it doesn't have to be any car shoot. It could be a monster truck of two hundred thousand fans there and two million dollar. Check the win it. I want to win it. And so with that mind, the fans and the people in that community make it special along with the track. And they put up the American racing. The American racing fans Sunday of Memorial Day weekend is like, no other. Whether you're a local short-track fan and will attend one near you this weekend. Or you'll listen or watch Monaco or NBA, the coq six hundred at Charlotte. We hope you enjoy one of the most spectacular racing weekends of the entire year. Postman Marin has ties to India this year. One of our pit reporters. Dylan Welsh is working NBC's television coverage from indie in the month of may. Of course, Dylan is from Carmel, Indiana. So the five hundred is very meaningful to him. It should be fun to watch all the racing this weekend coming up. We'll preview the Coca Cola six hundred at Charlotte and later. We'll talk about the NASCAR salutes program and the various ways. Our industry is honoring fallen US soldiers this weekend. Get IN America. It's that you've been waiting for. That's right. Outback delivery is here. Nathan enjoy low affect fibers anyway, has figure to Santa cut SuAn, and it's he will guide die Ponti flooded. Kookaburra wings until have tight fear was thanking different night at hundreds dot com and place your oldest because affect livery is here at Bax, typecast, Causey rules delivery. Viability varies delivery. Judge might apply looking towards the weekend aren't days at drag hours to get your weekly visit nitro, you'll any Tori talk every Thursday on the straight line, presented by Riley out apart. This is Ralph Shaheen joined Doug urban and myself as we thought the biggest names both passed 'em prison ever stumped down on the left pedal, top fuel funny, car pro stock, motorcycles, you name it. We talk about it. Don't miss a straight line Thursdays on Marin dot com. I tunes or wherever your favorite podcasts are her. We'll preview this weekend's Coca Cola six hundred at Charlotte Motor Speedway next. This is NASCAR live on. The motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Victory junction was young race driver Adam Petty's dream, he worked toward building a camper children's series medical conditions concentrate on fun, and not there or disease when he died, tragically his family and friends around NASCAR made sure that dream came true today victory junction is a camp that provides fun, life changing experiences to children dealing with and disabilities. All at no cost to the camper. Help us serve more children by visiting victory junction dot org. The nineteen Ninety-three Cup series season. Had more than its fair share of twists and turns checkered flags wave and a look my MIR here of Earnhardt white on my tail and he goes down low. The past me. No. You don't swallow spent his car goes on here stories that you've never heard before in attend part series called the nineteen Ninety-three season. Twenty-five years later and Davey, was behind me and came up corner. And there's a gas standing in the middle of racetrack. You can download it for free on I tunes and at MR dot com right now. This is NASCAR live now back to Mike Bagley next again for joining us on this week's NASCAR. Live this weekend were racing six hundred miles at Charlotte Motor Speedway for this week's race preview. Here's cowl Ricky, it's racing's biggest weekends in for NASCAR. That means the Coca Cola six hundred the six hundred mile race is a challenge for drivers and teams who have to adjust to not only the length of the race. But also the ever changing track conditions from day tonight, 2017 Coca Cola six hundred winner. Austin Dillon says Memorial Day weekend is his favourite race weekends ws back when the coke six hundred there was nothing alike. It's my first Cup win. So special and being tie with Coca Cola from the beginning of my Cup series career and get into represent Coca Cola on a full pay now coke zero sugar it special. So we got our awesome looking car for the six hundred also representing Chad Wilkerson from the navy seals when we go out there, it's. Always nice to be able to run six hundred miles and remembrance for those who allow us to get to go race on the weekends. So it's a special weekend. I can't wait for it's my favorite weekend of the year. It's always hot here, and I, I feel like that plays into the advantage of the six hundred miles a guys that are in shape and can run a full long race. They kind of its grind, so it's mentally emphas- good top racing and rewards you at the end of you're around for the very end of the rate, four time Coca Cola six hundred winter. Jimmy Johnson says there's no other race that challenged his drivers and teams like a six hundred mile race in Charlotte six hundred to such a test driver in his sheen strategy team in what they can do over a afternoon start to erase into the night. I mean, the challenge we have to face the ultimately hundred is just insane. And in those victories mean ton to me, and it's hard to believe of one as many as a half, and I can recall, one of them against Bobby Labonte coming down to literally, the final straightway the last lab, which after that many miles, it's hard to came down about twenty fourteen Kurt Busch attempt. Did to complete the double racing in the Indy five hundred than flying to Charlotte to race in the Coca Cola six hundred in the same day. He says the physical preparation for the length of both races started about six months earlier. I started January first as a mental approach to working out twice as hard, the gym was three miles from the house. And so I would run to the gym then do the exercises Knicks things up and then run back home. And so I was really prepared with all of the extra physical activity and then checked in with Jimmy Johnson, about nutrition and adjusting things for the month of may, and then went on what, what you would call a super low carb diet, the week of, and then carb loaded on race weekend. And I felt like superman and preparation from myself, mentally physically, with nutrition, the actual eleven hundred miles. I'm not gonna say easier than I. Thought, but I was prepared and I did it months in advance fake Kyle with it being Memorial Day weekend. Nascar will be honoring our men and women of the armed forces, m Alex Hayden has more on what you'll see Sunday night, some of the greatest race car drivers in the world would do battle in honor of men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. Sunday in the coq six hundred teams NASCAR and even the tire manufacturer Goodyear we use differ ways to express their appreciation, the forty drivers in the coq six hundred will carry forty different names of fallen US soldiers seven time champion Jimmy Johnson will carry the name of army sergeant Richard Donlan, who died fighting in the Vietnam war. It's such an honor and he looked through our industry and you see weekend and week out the commitment that we all have in the armed forces and the recognition that's given. And then it all comes together from day weekend. And our sport just does the mazing job of the inactive involves. So I'm one of forty lucky drivers to carry a name. On the car and honor that fallen soldier and look for Dover formats Johnson's cars, camouflaged with the sergeant's name above the windshield. Kyle Busch is carrying the name of army sergeant Dale Griffin lost his life in two thousand nine during the operation Enduring Freedom to have the opportunity to carry a fallen member's name on a race car is, you know, the ultimate honor really and to be able to meet those families, and be able to spend time with those families, and to have the opportunity to, to get their story. And to know more about them into here. Exactly, who were who were honoring and what we're honoring, is what means so much to me in the rest of the field. I'm sure the 2017 winner, Austin Dillon is carrying the name of Chad Wilkinson, an ABC L who lost his life in two thousand eighteen Wilkinson so created a good friendship with a bunch of the seals back in Virginia Beach, Chicagoland a while back and I kind of go to them each year asking about who they want in the car. So, but we'll chat Wilkinson on the card really proud to have him on the. Car, and I think some of the other guys that were on his team, we're gonna come down and hang out with me for the weekend. Nascar would do its part to honor the fallen soldiers by stopping all of the cars after the second stage in the coq six hundred for a moment of. Silence. Goodyear, again, will alter the side wall of the tires by replacing the word eagle with honor and remember, here's good years. Greg stuck to explain this year. We're just changing it up a little bit. And we're partnering with an organization called honor and remember, it's a tremendous organization that really focuses on, on honoring the, the military members who, who have given the ultimate sacrifice. You know for their service to our country. Goodyear nascar. The teams and the Charlotte Motor Speedway will present a ceremony Sunday like no other on Memorial Day weekend. You the fan gets enjoy NASCAR in a country that stands for freedom. And it's a good time to thank those who help give you that opportunity. Thank you. Alex, very well said, it's a great feeling to see everyone pulling together to honor those that sacrificed, everything for our freedom coming up on this car live. We'll go face to face with Kyle Busch and later. We'll look back on the events of this week in NASCAR history. Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents soon. You'll have a separate fridge in the basement or extra groceries are exiled forever. Remember that frozen lasagna? Of course, you don't it's been down there since two thousand eight good news is, it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive, and save on your car insurance basic AAC behind the lasagna. It's very old. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discontent available in all states or situations, Leland designs and manufacturers, reliable and powerful warning lights. 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Here's a special message for those of you who owed the IRS at least ten thousand or more in back taxes. The IRS has special programs in place that could eliminate or reduce your tax debt by thousands of dollars. The IRS is currently accepting reduced settlements and other favorable programs. You may qualify for substantial savings. So get the help you need. Take down the number now for the federal tax management hotline eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six eight hundred two four to seventeen. Zero six. This is NASCAR. Now back to black Bagley. Hope you're having a great week. Thank you for spending some time with us here on the motor racing network over this past weekend. Kim Kun had the opportunity to sit down with Joe Gibbs racing's Kyle Busch for this week's NASCAR live face to face interview. Here comes Kyle Busch per number. Checkered flag did it. You'd Samantha have been on what seems like this world wind tour lately to bring attention to. Infertility IVF, what does it mean to you guys that there's an active audience that wants to hear your story? I think it's pretty special. I wouldn't say it's been quite rewarding yet, but obviously, to have the opportunity to go out there to talk to, you know, many of the people that we have, whether it's been insurance companies, or other companies that are we're talking about insurance coverage or benefits to those that they employ for being able to have infertility benefits and then, you know, obviously just advocating for people to raise awareness about it talk about it and, you know, it's, it's a very. We looked at it in the beginning as a very dark place. And you really didn't want tell many people about what you were doing what you were going through. What was happening because people would always they come up to you and ask you, they'd be like, well, when are you going to have kids, you know, you guys have been married five, six years in? It's like the, you know, we're, we're trying, you know, it's not happening so that you figure, it all out, and then there's answers, and it's kind of like, oh, well then people probably kind of feel bad. So I've just over the course of the last five years while four years now since we started the foundation with, with the bundle of joy fund, I've had a ton of team guys come up to me. Nascar officials come up to me fans people within the sport just being at the racetracks and, and even being at some of these appearances that I go to that. People are like, oh well, my brother is a is an IV for my cousin or my uncle my aunt, or my nephew, or whoever's gone through at are going through it, and, you know, so I've been hearing a heck of a lot more story about it. Lets people see a different side of you. I would say, yeah, I mean, it allows people to see a different side of me, it just kind of shows that no matter how perfect your life looks in social media, or in the world, or whatever that there are certain moments behind closed doors that are definitely difficult. And I think that's for anybody Memorial Day weekend is arguably one of the best weekends and racing for you. What your best Memorial Day weekend racing memory? Last year able to score the win. Yeah I remember coming back from injury that year and fifteen and thinking I was like I knew I was in for, for hell because it was going to be a six hundred mile race. And I haven't raised anything all year except the all star race. And so I knew it was going to be a long night. And I remember when the race was over. I was, I was done like I didn't feel like I could even get out of the race car after that one. So it shows you that it when you're not in shape and when you're not accustomed to doing what you're supposed to be doing for four hours that it, it's going to wear on you. It's going to beat on you. So it's not that anybody could just get in a car and be able to do that. And now that I've worked out last couple of years been in better shape last couple of years like last year. You know, the six hundred mile race was was nothing like it was fine. There was no big deal. So hopefully it's the same way this year. Where does that win stack up for you being able to win the six hundred compared to whether it's the Daytona five hundred or the Brickyard or where does it stuck on? I don't know. See special circumstances, surrounded the coq six hundred win for me because it also was my check for being able to win it, every single active track that I've raced on so that probably made it more special, but it was definitely a special win for me really cool because I remember watching Jeff Gordon when I was a kid he scored his first win in Cup at the full of six hundred and I was like I want to be able to win that race one day. I just always dreamt for being able to do that here, and it took me so long to get it done that it probably meant more that it took so long, but there, I think there's always that homestead race that's, that's above all being able to win the championship. So, you know, homestead race is probably number one, Brickyard, sir. Probably second on the list, the Bristol sweeps or right there. The coke six hundred eight there. So it it gets fuzzy after after third. You know, who's going to score higher for third fourth or fifth. It gets a little fuzzy when you have a resume. You have a special car for the six hundred tell me a little bit about that, how that came together for the Coca Cola six hundred. We do we have a red white and blue scheme. Everybody's kind of like, well, you run the red white and blue scheme every year. So, you know yes, that's true. We do, but, you know, we've got a new for different fallen soldier on our windshield that we get to honor and remember through Memorial Day weekend in the NASCAR salutes program that we've had for the last few years. Fortunately, last year, I had special sergeant talk on my car, and we were able to take him and his family to victory lane and celebrate with them and give them a moment of not forgetting. But just a moment of. A sense of relief or a sense of happiness, you know, something that, that they're able to remember forever. And hopefully we can do that, again, this time around with with sergeant Griffin met his, his folks, the other day when we did our reveal and, and they were they weren't. They have been NASCAR fans. But this is the first NASCAR race. I've ever been to. So that was pretty cool to be able to pull them out of Indiana and down Charlotte. North Carolina to be able to go through the race weekend with us, and hopefully we can take them to victory lane. That's Kyle Busch and Kim Kun on this week's NASCAR. Live face to face interview coming up next. We've got our autozone commercial free zone brought to you by autozone. Seeing your check engine light, come on. Can be seriously frustrating, but the cause is always something serious, the free autozone fixed. Finder service can help you troubleshoot the likely cause, get in the zone, autozone. Greatest Asian racing. A picture risks setting poor racetrack one of the best that we go to the year. When you come here, you're probably gonna see things happen that you will not see any place else, campground to full the fans or filing into their seats. And we are just about ready to get things going off of the rolled out. Once again, here's what's going to be an exciting one here today land, Wiki than monster energy NASCAR Cup series race today by visiting NASCAR dot com slash tickets. Checkout MR in dot com for a new podcast series called the tough trucks of NASCAR twenty five years and still trucking we'll take you back to some great races. In the win at Michigan and so wild moment. What craft upside down, and we'll let you hear the stories behind them. He was too bullheaded me pass him, and I was too bullheaded, lent him, heaven. Download the show for free on I tunes and at M R N dot com. This is NASCAR live now back to black badly. Welcome back to this car live. Coming up, we'll check in again with Hannah Newhouse at the little six hundred in mooresville North Carolina. But I it's time to turn back the clock for this week in NASCAR history. Thanks, mike. Rolling back the clock to the middle of may nineteen Eighty-nine Queen covets, the airwaves with I wanted all Harrison Ford seeks the holy grail as Indiana Jones and the last crusade rules. The boxoffice tooks is the driving cat takes the wheel for the first time on Saturday Night, Live and rusty Wallace gets up on that wheel to move. Darrell Waltrip out of the way in one of the most exciting all star races in NASCAR history. At Charlotte Motor Speedway Walters. Karsh slides up to the top of the group. You're comes Wallace pitch at Delvaux. This is going to get a federal longside. They touch Waltrip is sideways for welfare spending to the field grass ten. While check with the brakes walked up sliding down the straightaway. Grasses rusty Wallace continues on here the come out of tournament. Four rusty Wallace ahead by two car lengths at he is going to win. The Winston two thousand five rascal Flatts, races up the country charts with fast cars and freedom. Garth brooks. Wchs popped the question to Tricia earwood live on stage before seven thousand fans Carrie Underwood launches. A stellar career winning season, four of FOX's American idol, and Mark Martin drives, the all American Red white and blue Ford to victory in the Nextel all star challenge. One, the all star challenge in nineteen ninety eight he's going to do it again, in his last one, I of Extel all star challenge, Mark Martin, Vicks, up the victory, two thousand eleven Adele floats to the top of the charts with rolling in the deep violent tornadoes dominate national news as they ripped through southwest. Missouri decimating the city of Joplin Oprah Winfrey says goodbye to her fans after twenty five seasons and forty seven daytime Emmys and Carl Edwards says goodbye to the field to take the top prize in the sprint all star challenge. The back straight away Carl Edwards to turns away from a million dollar payday. He continues to lead here at Cheryl is best. They're repetitive. An all star race was fourth Becca two thousand six tonight. He will bring Ford to the win and the all star race at Charlotte, and those are just some of the events from this week in NASCAR history. Thank you, Susie before we wrap things up this week. Let's head back out to the gopro motor flex in mooresville North Carolina, where Hannah Newhouse caught up with another driver for tonight's little six hundred. Thanks another one. The drivers tonight at the little five hundred year ago. Gopro Austin syndrich now, you more of a road course, background gopro being a road course thing that gives you an advantage tonight. Well, if anyone was here, last year, you know, Michael McDonalds, a pretty good road. Racers. Well, he and I had a hell of a battle for last last year. So I'm not I'm not sure road racing experience means too much anything here tonight, but we're here to have fun. It's your for the fans. Get everyone excited for, you know, one of the greatest Ricans motor sports and I'm excited. Hopefully, hopefully, I'll pick off a little better than where I left off last year giving fans something to watch from I last I like it out here at gopro. Now xfinity is back in action this weekend after an off weekend. How excited you to get back on track? It's the guys ready to go. I mean, we've got a we've got a great couple of tracks coming out for us between Charlotte Pocono, Michigan Iowa. Those are that's a lot of diversity on the schedule. So I'm I'm looking forward to getting in the summer months. Get the get the hot weather coming up. It'd be the hottest day of the year coming up on race day on Saturday. So looking forward to that, and no, no who's who's eating their Wheaties and who's who's hydrate enough. So I love the summer months for that reason and looking forward to actually getting back Grayson. You heard from Austin syndrich, if you guys are coming out this weekend. Stay hydrated. It's going to be hot one. Thanks, this has been the autozone commercial free zone brought to you by autozone. Seeing your check engine light, come on. Can be seriously frustrating, but the cause isn't always something serious. The free autozone fixed binder service can help you troubleshoot the likely cause, get in the zone, autozone. That'll put a wrap on this week show. We like to thank how Larson for stopping by. Also Kyle Busch. And Alex Bowman in with the rest of the crew on my back. Back to so much for joining us that you next week right here on that's carline along everyone. Nascar live is a production of the motor racing network with studios in concord, North Carolina, and Daytona Beach, Florida and was brought to you by bloom and Monday at outback steakhouse and by Berkeley's tires right on our strength. Today's broadcast was produced by Alexa, Henry Tyler Vernet, and rich Cobra the executive producer for M R N is Ryan horn, remembered, a visit Marin dot com to get all of the latest, NASCAR news and information. Nascar live is produced under an exclusive license with NASCAR any use of the accounts are descriptions contained in this broadcast. Must be with the express written permission of NASCAR and the motor racing network. Summertime tips, and fun facts from Paul Khorasan index ter-, total wine and more. If your burger with grilled onions and blue cheese, pay your work of art with a spicy Malbak, nothing beats a buttery Chardonnay with grilled corn on the com-. I'm ready to find you the perfect bottle of white for your next get together cooler for this weekend. We've got canned wine and beer, ready to throw on us, whether you're hosting or does bringing the wind, we'd love to share always low prices, and ridiculous election. This summer, total wine and more. Cheers.

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