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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer President. Donald Trump on the heels of the worst stock market plunge in more than a decade is promising tax relief and help for workers whose livelihoods take a hit from the fast spreading corona virus outbreak. Trump saying is confirmed cases of Cova. One thousand nine hundred deaths linked to the disease rise ripple effects of the economy are hurting airlines and cruise line companies and he says the administration is poised to act. We are going to be asking tomorrow where seeing the Senate going to be meeting with House Republicans Mitch McConnell Everybody and discussing possible payroll tax Cut or relief substantial relief very substantial relief. That's a big that's a big number in the US. The number of people infected with the virus has now risen to more than five hundred sixty with at least twenty two confirmed deaths. Oil prices plummeted today after dispute involving Saudi Arabia and Russia opened up the TAB for cheap oil to flood world markets here in the US taxes produces and refines more oil than any other state and most shell reports from member station K. Ut in Austin the industry is expecting some tough times. Some oil companies were already having trouble controlling spending and meeting shareholder expectations at long. Necker heads one of the state's biggest industry groups. He says this sudden drop could increase bankruptcies and consolidations if prices don't rebound quickly the US after gas industry remains one of the most resilient sectors in the world and we believe will emerge even stronger but in Abia painful process and the industry may look very different than it does today and extended downturn would also spelled trouble for the state economy and could mean thousands of jobs lost in a massive hit to the Texas state budget last year oil and gas production tax brought in over five billion dollars for NPR news. I'm Mozambique Shell in Austin Montana. Governor Steve Bullock is running for US Senate boosting Democrats hopes of making political gains in the chamber during the two thousand Election Montana. Public radio's corn cates. Carney reports bullock enter the race after repeatedly insisting he would not run Steve Bullock face growing caused enter the Senate race after dropping out of crowded Democratic presidential primary late last year. Democrats need to pick up a net total of four seats to win control of the Senate. The Governor says he's entering the race to challenge. First Term Republican. Steve Daines after hearing from Montana and speaking with his family. We decided that this wasn't a time to be on the sidelines to step back former President Barack Obama and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer separately met with bullock earlier this year as bullock insisted. He wasn't interested in running for the US Senate. He officially enters the race just hours before Montana's filing deadline for NPR news. I'm chorine cates Carney. In Helena. Krono virus concerns. 'cause Wall Street plunged the Dow down more than two thousand points this is NPR the Turkish Ambassador to the US appealing for more international. Help to resolve the crisis in northern Syria. Turkey says it has lost fifty nine soldiers since early February trying to protect the last rebel stronghold they're more from NPR's Michelle Kellerman. The trump administration recently announced another one hundred eight million dollars in humanitarian aid to help Syrians fleeing live but Turkish Ambassador Sirdar. Coolidge says the needs are far greater than that and he says Turkey expects more diplomatic political and humanitarian support from its NATO ally supporting Turkey in deep is a demonstration of solidarity with its immoral obligation is humanitarian obligation. We are trying to defend the people from massacre in the region. Turkey is working with Russia which backs the Syrian regime to. Try To. Keep the latest cease-fire on track Michele Kelemen. Npr news the State Department officials with Princess Cruise Lines say passengers on a third ship or being ordered remain on board while crew members are tested for Kovic nineteen ship placed under a no sale order by the US Centers for Disease Control. Princess cruises says the ship will dock in Grand Cayman task. Kids will be dropped off and passengers will not be able to disembark. The ship set sail for Fort Lauderdale where it will remain off the coast until further notice. The Regal Princess was finally able to dock at Port everglades last night. Another cruise ship were twenty one people. In fact with Krona viruses docked with passengers being sent to a military base for Fourteen Day Quarantine San Francisco. Oil fell ten dollars and fifteen cents a barrel today. I'm Jack Speer. Npr News in Washington.

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