September 14, 2020: Aiko Koo Murdered


In. This episode is brought to you by hub spot is your content management system holding you back managing your website doesn't have to be complex with seamus hub. You can move quickly grow your business and deliver a great customer experience all from one platform learn more about cms hub at hubs spot dot com slash spotify. Today is Monday. September Fourteenth Two thousand twenty on this day in Nineteen, Seventy two fifteen-year-old Aiko Koo was murdered by notorious serial killer. Ed. Kemper. Also known as the CO ED killer Kemper would go on to kill five more victims before he was finally apprehended. Welcome to today in true crime a podcast original due to the graphic nature of today's crimes. Listener discretion is advised extreme caution is advised for listeners under thirteen. Today recovering the murder of fifteen year old I, Co Koo. Let's go back to Berkeley California just as the sun began to set. I co-, paste in front of the bus station checking her watch her dance class had already begun and she hated being late her single mother worked overtime to be able to send her at each missed class was like a dagger to her heart. She had to make it as quickly as possible after a few more minutes I co- decided she was done waiting even though her mother had advised against it, she stuck out her thumb and started walking along the side of the road. She, didn't have to wait long before a car pulled up, assigned her a man with large glasses and a thick moustache roll down the window. He looked extraordinarily tall. I co had no idea how he'd crammed into the tiny vehicle but though his stature was intimidating his voice was calm and friendly. After hesitating for just a moment, I go hopped inside the car. She told him. She was going to San Francisco and he agreed to take her the whole way. While, they drove the man started talking he introduced himself as ED and quickly drew I co into a pleasant conversation. He was so friendly that I go almost didn't notice that they'd somehow gotten turned around. They were going north when they should have been headed south. I go mentioned the mistake to Ed and he grew silent as he sat in the driver's seat completely in control I suddenly realized the danger she was in. Tears filled her eyes and she begged Ed not to harm her at this ed reached below his seat pulled out a three, fifty, seven magnum and the gun into her ribs he told her to be quiet. He pulled the car down a side road. Then into a secluded section of the forest as the car stopped, he explained himself he claimed he was suicidal. He had picked I co OP intending to kill her and then kill himself. So he didn't have to die alone but after talking to her she was so nice. He couldn't hurt her he wouldn't hurt her. He just wanted someone to talk to. I Co was stunned the man in front of her was terrifying but he was also clearly sad she knew what that was like. She was happy to let him talk. The two of them sat in the car for some time as the giant man on boated his feelings, the young girl listened with sympathy sometimes even reaching out to pat his back the more he talked the safer she felt, but she felt too safe for for her own good. When ed finished talking he suggested that Aiko let him tie her up and put her in the trunk. He said he would take her home. He just didn't want to get in trouble it would be better if the police couldn't see him driving with a young girl because they would assume she had been kidnapped. I co thought about it for a second then. Read she would let ed tie her up. Ed step out of the car and opened the trunk pulling out the rope and duct tape. He came back to the front and pulled on the door, but it was locked. The keys were in the ignition. The gun was on the front seat Aiko was inside while I was outside for a brief moment, I co was nearly free. But Ed had opened up to her he made her feel safe. So she reached over to the driver's side door and pulled up the lock. Ed. Smiled. Coming up ED pounces. Hey listeners I wanna take a quick moment to introduce you to the newest parkhouse original on the block. It's called incredible feats and it's a short weekday show hosted by Comedian Dan Commons. Every Weekday Dan shares a true account of physical strength mental focus or genuine bizarre behavior going behind the scenes and into the achievements of world class athletes like Dean Carnasciali's who once ran for nearly eighty one hours without stopping and performance artists. Lucky diamond rich who boasts layers of tattoos in the most unlikely places and even everyday people thrown into extraordinary circumstances like. Koepka who was forced to survive alone in a rainforest for eleven days. 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Ed's strangled coast throat until she fell unconscious he then sexually assaulted. and. When she woke up, he strangled her again until she stopped breathing for good when I go was dead Ed placed her body in his trunk. Thrilled with the kill. He drove to one of his favourite bars to celebrate. He checked a second time to make sure she was dead before he went inside. Ed Drank Three Beers taking his time savouring the feeling. then. He went back outside and the trunk once more this time he all gold her corpse as he later put it like a fisherman admiring his catch. Ed drove back to his apartment that night and hauled Aiko's body upstairs there he took pornographic photos had sex with her corpse and spent four hours dismembering her body. He disposed of the mutilated parts by burying them in isolated locations in the Santa Cruz mountains but he left her head in his trunk as a memento even keeping it when he visited his court appointed psychiatrists at his very next appointment. Ed. Convinced his therapist that he was no longer a threat to society. He was an expert manipulator I co-. Coups body was never found. She was Ed Campers fifth victim and she was far from his last. On January seventh nineteen, seventy-three Ed Kemper killed. Year old college student Cindy Schall a month. Later he picked up a twenty three year old woman named Rosalind Thorpe along with her twenty year old friend Alison Lou. He shot both women, and later dissecting their corpses finally on April Twentieth Nineteen seventy-three ed killed the ultimate source of his rage, his own mother. He mutilated her body like the others going so far as to remove her vocal cords and put them in the garbage disposal. It was a symbolic act punishing her for the nagging voice that had plagued him since he was a young child. That same night he invited his mother's closest friend over fifty nine year old Sarah Hallett to surprise his mother. The real surprise was for Sarah who ended up being Ed's tenth victim. After Sarah was dead, Ed went on the run driving three days across secluded back roads talking the way to Colorado. But soon, he decided that he wasn't cut out for a life on the Lam and turned himself in to the police. It was perhaps a bit anticlimactic, but it officially marked the end of the co Ed killers reign of Terror Ed was deemed criminally insane found guilty on eight counts of murder and sentenced to life in a maximum security mental health facility where he stays to this day. Thanks for listening to today in true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson. If you enjoyed this episode on the murder of Aiko Koo be sure to check out our serial killers episodes on Edmund Kemper where we do a deeper dive into the madness of the Co ed killer. Today in true crime is a podcast original, you can find more episodes of today in true crime and all other podcast originals for free on spotify not only does spotify already have all of your favorite music. 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