Hungary Bans Travel From Africa, Most Of Asia


You're listening to the news at this on Africa. Business Aradio. Hungary's government and Sundays said it was barring travel from Africa most of Asia apart from China and Japan and restricting entry from several European countries after worldwide spikes in coronavirus cases. Prime Minister Viktor Bonds Chief of staff. Jelly Julius said Hungarian health officials have placed one hundred fifty four countries into three risk categories based on numbers of virus infections. He told reporters in the past that they need to protect the security. Security so that the virus is not introduced from abroad as the level of active infections, cases at home is falling, and most be kept like that entry into Hungary will be for citizens from countries assessed as read from Tuesday midnight, including all African countries in Asian countries, apart from China and Japan, and that was the news at this time when Africa Business Radio. You can continue to listen live online at www dot, Africa, business, radio, DOT COM or via a mobile APP. I. Am Rachel She Junior? Thank you for listening.

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