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Hi I am cliff Dorfman and I have a brand new podcast is called the cliff Dorfman show and I would love you to come check it out. I get to talk to some of the the best in some of my favorite artists. We have some amazing guests coming up Dane Cook and we have lasy Lonzo coming up. Stephen Dorf Christina Rod. Hello from whiskey sixty eight late George from animal kingdom we have a whole roster of people coming up for you to listen to Peruse and hopefully we get you. Here's a regular person coming on board all the time the cliff. Dorfman show ladies and gentleman Hello and welcome to the daily beans for Monday January thirteenth twenty twenty today. Pelosi changes course a bombshell L. about trump's motives in the SULEJMANI strike pompeo's definition of imminent and style buys his way into the democratic debate as we approach the first primary three weeks from today. I'm your host Jian with music is Jordan Coburn Hulu and Mandy reader. Hello how are you great said Javard weekend. Yeah yes. It's been good happy. Happy Monday to those of you listening on Monday. Hope your week is good. Yes Me Too 'cause weeks can be hard. You know what Monday morning it can be really optimistic time or a really like Oh shit Everything feels bad and I have so much to do this kind of time. So hopefully it's the more positive one definitely hope commute is going great He waved to the person next to you right now. Yeah Smarter. Stranger look at look at the smile at the person next to you at the stop late but really the Really could be about it you. Yeah and then sing songs beautiful singing your car. Great Start Start. Having Monday friends really trying to really high up the Monday I you know I remember when when I was doing. A regular workweek Tuesday's worse. Yeah Tuesdays were like you were flying from the weekend and it's still so far away from the next next weekend. I didn't like Tuesday's so tomorrow but today anyway we do have a lot of news to get to the hot notes. Hot notes all right. Let's start with what I think is extremely overlooked new story in recent days and and that's the report out from the Wall Street Journal traditionally. That's a conservative news outlet and it's called trump's new national security team made fast work of Iran strike This this is a long article it starts in the situation room Tuesday night the sit room. After they got warnings that Iranian missiles would hit two. US military bases in Iraq. It goes on to say trump's national security team in the sit room was relieved when they found out. There were no casualties. Then there's a press conference the next morning trump didn't talk that ninety waited until the next morning. I personally think it's because he was just he wasn't presentable so they had to get him that way. like bender. Something do the weekend Bernie's thing Then the press conference was the next day. And that's when trump said he wouldn't attack but He announced sanctions and then They they got they go into the the days before Like leading up to the strike on Sulejmani then they talk about members the national security team and who they are and where they came from their favorite Kalou and that how. This team is more cohesive and full of yes men and then they talk about out How trump supporters loved the move loved the strike on Sola Monte de didn't and then what Republicans started the dams not liking it and what the DEM's thought with Republicans thought of them thinking about not liking it? Then they're then they started talking about the nuclear deal and what the Pentagon thinks and how it's building with five sides. And how former officials were the more hawkish including Bolton And then they go on about Bolton forever and then how Esperer is different than Mattis And then they talk about Lindsey Graham and golfing and and chemistry and Millie and then criticisms about the attack like there's how there's no evidence of an imminent attack and of course the history of Syria and the chemical weapons and a saw. Aw Go on for like ten more paragraph after that going back to the dinosaurs and then in paragraph twenty two paragraph twenty two they make this statement Mr Your trump after the strike told us he was under pressure to deal with General Sulejmani from GOP senators. He views as important supporters in his coming impeachment trial in the Senate it in paragraph twenty two. After all that I mean you I got tired of me talking about what they were talking about. And I didn't even read you the whole article. Yeah I was like. I can't believe I'm still talking. I'm tired of my own voice right now. And then they get to that that he was one of his considerations was impeachment Is it that it was explicitly stated that they were Republican. Republican senators like it was not just an identifying characteristic that the Wall Street Journal added on. They happen to be supporters of impeachment. Or was it like reported in the sense that because has these guys are supportive of impeachment. That is why not supporters of impeachment supporters around. That's what I mean in the impeachment. Yeah and trump specifically said that He told an associate. He told several associates privately that he was under pressure from GOP senators. Yeah very then in the impeachment trial so the had to Kinda that helped him. I don't know if it I doubt it was one hundred percent the decision maker but it might have pushed him over right domestically procam. Yeah just the fact that even and said that I was only asking did he. Did he say that he you know was getting this pressure from Republican senators period and in the Wall Street Journal added that they happen to be but he's straight up said dad in his own words got he said in the. Yeah These these guys support me. Yeah in the impeachment trial gotTa make them happy while And a quick quick impeachment update for you. Pelosi is brought out her queen so to speak play chess in her dear colleagues letter To her caucus she writes dear democratic colleague the League for weeks now Senate Republican leader. Colonel Dick Mitch has been engaged in tactics of delay in presenting transparency disregard for the American people's interest for a fair trial all and dismissal of the facts yesterday showed his true colors his very pale though pages intentions to Stonewall a fair trial even clearer clearer by signing onto a resolution that would dismiss the charges dismissal as a cover up and deprives the American people. The truth leader McConnell's taxed tactics are clear There are clear indication of the fear that he and the president trump had he and the president trump have regarding the facts of the president's violations for which he was impeached. The American people have clearly expressed their view that we should have a fair trial with witnesses and documents with more than seventy percent of the public stating that the president should allow his top aides to testify clearly. McConnell doesn't want to present witnesses and documents to two senators and the American people so they can make an independent judgement about the president's actions Honoring our Constitution. The House has passed two articles of impeachment against the President Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress Congress to hold the president accountable for asking a foreign government to interfere in the twenty twenty elections for his own political personal gain while the house was able to obtain compelling evidence of impeachable people conduct which is enough for removal. The new information new information has emerged which includes on December twentieth new emails. Show that ninety one minutes. After trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Celeski top office management and budget aid asked the Department of Defense to hold off on sending military on December twenty ninth revelations nations emerged about the NBA Director and acting chief-of-staff Mick Mulvaney as role in the delay of the aid the effort by lawyers at the Department of Justice and the White House to justify the delay. I am the alarm that the delay caused within the administration on January second newly unredacted Pentagon emails which we subpoenaed and the president blocked raise serious questions about the trump administration officials concerns by trump administration's officials about the legality of the hold on aid to Ukraine and January. Six just this week. Former the trump national security adviser John Bolton announced he would comply with a subpoena compelling his testimony his lawyers have stated he has new relevant information. I am very proud of the courage and patriotism which isn't exhibited by our House Democratic Caucus support and defend the constitution. I have asked Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler to be prepared to bring to the floor next week. A resolution to appoint managers and transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate. I will be consulting with you at our Tuesday House Democratic Caucus meeting on how we proceed further. That's a big statement statement right there We'll talk to you about how we proceed. Further Impeachment trial. Every senator takes an oath to do impartial justice. According to the Constitution and laws every senator now faces choice choice to be loyal to the president or the constitution. No one is above the law. Not even the president. Thank you for your leadership for the people sincerely. Nancy Damn Pretty Black and white thanks NANCE now Wow that's and she put out publicly typically send it to the colleagues. I don't know she put it out or if it got out and it was made public and no one was like sad No one was like many leaks. That are welcome but this one is i. I don't think she would written that letter. Yeah I mean it's like Kinda just stuff that's already been said. More or less except for the transmitting of the articles. Next week well right very very well to be fair not transmitting the articles preparation reparation Be prepared to bring to the floor. A resolution to appoint managers transmit articles to the impeachment or to the Senate So we find find out more tomorrow than if you're listening on Monday right. Yeah Batista Yeah And it also says Interesting Be Deep prepared to transmit articles of impeachment non the articles of impeachment. Right just articles of impeachment Maybe there is more. I think it gets the PARNASSUS thing right because harnesses lawyers. We've got more stuff. Mommy Mommy Mommy. Mommy know soon enough. Yeah listen to sit down down. Let me tell you a story. So we'll see but I. I like that letter. Thought it was well written and speaking of Ukraine State Department Friday release forty two pages news of Ukraine documents in the American Oversight Freedom of Information Act case. The production includes heavily redacted emails from Senior Department State Department of State officials and a letter sent to Yovany vich a letter to ianovich instructing her not to testify or produce documents to Congress in the impeachment inquiry along along with a response from her lawyer But what's missing from this. Production is just as interesting. What's what's not there is as interesting as what's there? Although I got to say a letter to Ianovich telling her not to not to produce and that was from the State Department had like top officials the State Department yeah that is so obstruction e. Yeah and it's also also. I'm really proud of her for doing it anyway. Even though she was intimidated by the State Department and they wouldn't back her up they already took her off the post at that point too right. Yeah yeah kind of at that point. You're like Just tell them whatever. Yeah they need to know And she did. She went and told the truth because she's Goddamn Patriot. Yup but anyway what's missing from this uh-huh document. Production is just as interesting. What's there namely zero communications? Between top State Department officials including Rudy documents come from the time. Trump was actively holding the Ukraine. We need and the time. Period after trump was busted for drug deal- despite the gaps in these documents. More documents are coming and each time they do. We'll see more evidence of wrongdoing undoing along with what they were holding back which goes directly to the heart of the second article impeachment obstruction of Congress. I mean an email from the State Department telling you not to testify. DOTS blatant fucking obstruction of justice in writing them in writing. Yeah that's just crazy town. Nothing is is crazy anymore. Everything's GonNa come out kind of feel like the trial and the actual impeachment articles are kind of irrelevant at this point. Because we know the Senate's not gonNA. Yeah it's more just like what's going to convince the American people not to vote for trump in November. That's kind of it. Yeah Kinda at that point Unfortunately that means that we have to put up with him until then MHM which two years ago seemed so? But it's so much closer now. Yeah it is so many bad the things have happened. It's like pain now. We also have more avenues at this point in time to feel effective in democracy like getting out the vote efforts canvassing whatever just this stuff like that at least occupies your time in a productive way to. That's nice. The next two years are going to be leading up to the election. And that's going to be super blatant in in our face. which in a way is A distraction from all the stuff that he's still doing which is awful but it's also I think a beacon of hope in that things are going to change. We have an opportunity to change things very shortly. I'll take back the Senate. Yeah and like like I said a year ago the best outcome is that we vote trump out of office. We flipped the Senate. He is as a private citizen. I can't be pardoned and get suzette handed tomb in federal prosecution now. I think he'll resign ten minutes before he's about to be outed outed ousted and Pencil Parnham but state crimes are still a thing. Stay crimes are still a thing. I liked that state crimes. Still thing works out that one. It's like shoop. There should be like an exodus music festival civil in DC when he leaves just have all the biggest stars in the world come together. I have and vogue. Yeah change all their lyrics to just say bye bitch over and over again just to the tune of their hits. Any en vogue song fits really. Yeah God it's going to happen sooner or later it it is going to happen. Yes yeah that's point he he will fucking begun all right and you know what I think. We might outlive him. Perhaps so I have to really temper what happens on that day because I don't WanNa seem too excited about something and he put his head in a jar or something and do forever. That's for me all right. That's right well you mean. We're GONNA outlive him like as humans. Yeah Oh yeah like. He's GonNa die soon well he'll die before right. Of course. Yeah Okay Yes yes yeah. Yeah that's all I mean. That's you know like Leo Barring US get hit by a car whatever. Oh yeah knock. We'll be right back after this break. as we cast some spells of protection these MRI. Jeez will be. AH everybody this. Episode of daily beans is brought to you by native deodorant. Did you know that many conventional deodorants contain aluminum which forms Ormes plug in your sweat glands and keeps you from sweating. It's really bad for you Yanks but native deodorant is made without aluminum. So you can feel better about what you're putting on your body. Native Deodorant is formulated without it. 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Yeah I just there's like ooh dude. Okay here we go. My first story may vary first. Laurie by by Jordan Kunas Ross story is reporting this week. That major red flags. We're just talk about red flags raw raw story. they're reporting that it Shit was real fucked up trump's tax returns and that's how real fucked up yeah. Trump's tax return dot com Yup and New York is now looking into investigating so what happened was billed blasios. That's Newark's mayor of New York City. Aki asked the Manhattan. Da to investigate the differences between what trump Apparently put in his tax filings versus what he had put down in his lone filings. A spokeswoman for the mayor I said the Manhattan. Da is the proper jurisdiction to investigate these claims as the city can only review. What is directly reported to us the? Da has the jurisdiction to take appropriate great steps if they find wrongdoing so A criminal referral basically has been made now to Manhattan. Da and this is for the property the F.. Forget what is it. It's on it's on Wall Street. Forty Four Wall Street is at the address. What's the address? Four Hundred Wall Street his building it. Yeah to whatever whatever put independent Manhattan. Da's forty four forty four hundred. There's fours and there's evil But it's yeah so it's a jurisdiction fiction so the city's Department of Finance can also pursue back taxes if they conclude that trump's company has underpaid But that information is confidential basically though we can just look forward to further investigation by the Manhattan. Da into trump. Yeah so this is all that shit whereas his shit didn't match his other shake xactly. All this shit is fucked up right. Now they're saying now we're GONNA criminally look into it. Yes and it Cy Vance Yeah specifically if we his James Man Yeah. I don't like Cy Vance really well. Hopefully he does good work Yeah hopefully yeah. Yeah but I mean you already. Sorted didn't prosecute the Trump kids for their fraud for their real estate fraud. He dropped out case. I don't know maybe it was legit reason to drop it Or and he. I don't think he's going to have a case for the MAZAAR stuff. I think he had a misdemeanor case but that that statute statute of limitations is passed. Because everything's been being litigated through the Scotus. I think he'll get them as ours documents. But I mean I don't know maybe there's something in there that he can. He can impress a felony fraud but he better make it good right yeah. I was kind of disappointed to see only a mention of paying back taxes because that basically basically it seems like it amounts to a fine and not any sort of an actual like real real legal consequence which is what. I'm always hoping for with him just something that contributes to his demise is ultimately But I don't know I might be wrong. I might be interpreting. They're wrong. Maybe there's actually really big consequences for it. It seems like there should be lying. Hang on your taxes and also on your loan applications it because it's just the same shit. He's doing where he inflates is worth for for loan apps and deflated you know her tax taxes the purpose and the insurance e Yes. Yeah like he's lying about how many He also lied about the quickness of selling certain properties so that it seemed seemed like it was on the upswing. Yeah lender that looks good to lenders also helps you sell more condos. Yes although I don't know why he needs help selling condos because a Russian will buy it inevitably run it through Cypress. Yeah so that's that all right okay in Next door trump's poster bromont gates is getting shunned for challenging his fellow. Republicans ends to vote to limit trump's already when it comes to Iran I had to read. This is the ad I was like. What what what like is it Matthew Gertz do you know who matthew says he's like a reporter he's on twitter people mistaken for gates and he gets all this all these terrible tweets and he's like hey it's it's not matthew I thought it was him. WHO said is this? What yeah me awhile? And I still am like what Gates's legislative director named Devon Murphy or fee he sent out a letter to Republicans on Thursday. That said reclaiming congressional power is the constitutional conservative position so trying to maintain some sort of morals. I guess consistency. I Dunno could have done that earlier but if they're choosing to do that now now I'm all for it. Welcome it. Yeah well I mean it's also like much more winnable battle then stuff like impeachment investigations because that is a pretty cut and dry argument GEIC giving congress power versus the executive branch and more Republicans have already turned their position on this to write three not that many but right was there. Three Republicans Republicans that voted with Democrats on limiting trump's. Yes three and then eight Dems voted against it. Yeah Yeah I still. I don't know exactly But Manch like these are like super That's a senator. But they like super conservative I should say moderate tr like districts that trump won by twenty points from. Yeah it's just so funny to watch. Congress vote against themselves. Yeah like yeah we look at what we came up with. No Yeah it's so. Yeah look here's a thing. We came up with that would give us more power yeah that we are constitutionally deserved. Maybe that maybe relax. I'm busy that weak. Yeah I don't know what that job. Yeah either way. Trump was really pissed. Obviously Gates Eric Yulin milkshake at him. Now that'd be great eventually Eric Ulan Tease head of legislative affairs for the White House. He said the trump administration was disappointed. In the congressman's vote and is hopeful. That as the president's foreign policy continues to unfold he will reconsider his points of view That sounds reconsider any any time. I hear Republicans. Say The word reconsider. Just okay so like a bribe is imminent then or something or there's some kind of financial things your base. Yeah exactly it brings it into the office like what are you doing to ensure by sore to death. Yeah it's not even trump. That's only I pissed him to obviously all the Republicans are coming throw. What are you doing bro? You're breaking her fucking line here. Come on man a picket line of sick a weird judge liver food food F toddlers angry. Yeah that someone went to the other team. Yeah precisely so I don't know how fun revel in Mac aids being not a complete piece of shit just first second just for the sole maybe and then you can go back to your regular program dating back next time you open Okay and finally we. We have the huge story that came out right after we recorded. I think it came out the next day right. Yeah because when we were recording I think the bombs were being dropped on the basis. And we're like Oh wore wore and we are like I was very very terrifying and then yeah I think within twenty four hours a couple hours later later at this is this this happened but we didn't learn about until the next day. I'm pretty sure you're right right. So yeah sorry. What we're vaguely referring to is of course The Ukrainian airliner that got shot down all passengers on board died no survivors and there was a lot of discrepancies over. What may have caused that crash and we learned learned from Iran itself that they are finally taking responsibility for what happened in saying that in what was an accident There they they make it seem essentially they say that it was human error. A bit of You know trigger-happiness that happened when they're on high alert during that time I guess eight-lane came in and made a hard turn and I thought. Oh that's a weird maneuver and right thing that it was a yeah so they shot at it. Everybody died and all of the people in Tehran. Iran are very very upset. Obviously there's a lot of protests that have been happening. Hundreds of people have taken to the streets They're saying that Iran lied and that they're incompetent They're demanding you know a response to this. That's appropriate and there's a lot of tension tension over there right now because they're you know there's a history there of subduing protesters and violent ways. Sometimes there is a a tweet from President Trump's account on Saturday which was in all caps. That said. Do Not Kill your protesters. Here's Thousands of already been killed or imprisoned by you in the world is watching. So that's obviously a dramatic phrasing of that but I mean you can't deny tonight effect that there is a history of violence towards its own people. I was interested to see the Iranian people going back protesting so quickly their own government because I remember I know that there were there was unrest with their government in their policies among the people. But I think most of this had to do with specifically that plane Going down right definitely. I have just on the topic also like Iranians criticizing their own government and the the duality of that and and also not feeding into Super Western sort of you know this kind of like more xenophobic motivation for criticizing them. I haven't seen a lot of really good posts posts from folks of Iranian descent. That's like you can you can. Not You can condemn the actions of the Iranian government's while also not buying into this this sort of incredible amount of Slama Phobia and I think that that's an important thing to realize just a nuance of the history that does exist there. It is true that citizens have had had historically a very difficult time with their own government. There it's also true that the US has made that a lot worse in a lot of ways and they've had diplomatic tensions that are very real and very present for a really long time so Either way complex and layered. Yes John exactly really. Yeah exactly exactly and then you know you bring the fact that trump is compromised by UAE in Saudi Arabia. And there's issues there I mean the the Middle East has never been simple rate. Who Knew it could be so difficult But for real it's there's so many Different competing sides allies enemies and adversaries. And and it's so complex yeah But you know now if you if you haven't read any of Seth Abramson books it's important now. Trump isn't just a Russian asset he's a he's a Saudi asset. He's an asset is an asset of Israel. He's end you know. He's he's now answering. I mean he's always answered to Putin. But I mean when you think about how the Saudi is play into this and how when people think and how and how after this whole strike Iran was threatening If we retaliated against their retaliation for our retaliation then they were going to go after Israel and Dubai and right and that is probably one of the main reasons for the stand-down Aside from the fact that there shouldn't have been an escalation in the first place because we shouldn't have I don't think gone after all the money. But yeah add this whole plane into the mix. Yeah it's just very brutal it's incredibly. Yeah it's incredibly emotionally brutal any way you slice it This was a very emotional appeal. The commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. He said that he wished that he was on a plane. So he wouldn't have felt so ashamed in front of his nation. Really Yeah So. There's just a lot of genuine remorse. Yeah and yeah it's just really tragic. I mean this is like these are the effects of war is what happens. Yep accidents have like think of even just like the notion of friendly fire and civilian casualties on its own. That's something that always accompanies wartime. And even though we're not you know officially in war with them right now I would say. Murdering Sulejmani is an active war as definitely as far as they're concerned so. This is not surprising that something tragic has happened so quickly. It's just really sad it is we really is my face the microphone. Yes so we'll also get make status Edison's you It makes sense that they would be on very high alert and be scared about what was going to happen and skittish right. It was a it was A. Don't fly over a Iran and Iraq moment It's like don't Everyone Land Your plane. Don't take off why they took off while this was happening. Yeah I don't know I haven't heard details about that either. That's the thing. I can't understand. Why Tehran Iran was allowing planes to take off right in that in that region that they're monitoring for foreign aircraft and stuff? Yeah Yeah Yeah yes. It's really scary. It may be probably honestly just a breakdown of communication right yes employees. Yeah but I think that I'm owning up to. It is like the best thing that they could do you for their people right now. Obviously yeah well. Even I mean they're still mad but yeah they definitely up and they apologized i. I don't know what else to like. What else do you do right? I mean yeah I guess they could have just kept denying it but yeah I imagine as a civilian there and this is completely imaginary because I'm white is fucking zero actual ties On to any folks that are actually truly affected by all this but it's the US has like as we've talked about previously has really really really fucked over Iran in in a lot of other countries in that region obviously Unforgivable ways but then on the other side I've I've also heard you know there's a lot of discontent with the ways that the the folks that kind of came in like rose to power when the opportunity energy existed there's a lot of flaws with how they handled their powers well so they have frustrations with this incredibly powerful. US government that's constantly fucking with them and their own government. airmont does not doing a great job at times a lot. A lot of times taking care of them. Yeah I mean that they became an Islamic republic the US. I shares blamed for that right but what that Islamic republic does in and of itself Isn't all our fault right. You know what I mean. I think that's kind of what you're that's exactly what I'm saying you can't you just blame the US even though you could definitely make the argument. That is what has like kicked off and sustain these kinds of tensions. But still all I know that these you can't take responsibility for everything that they do within that Islamic Republic government right so even though they're government right now is kind of using language. That's like Oh this wouldn't have happened if the US Ascoli while logically that is true. It's also like it also wouldn't have happened if humans devolve like. Yeah the main niche would have happened if we got taken by a meteor rate A hundred thousand years ago either. Yes exactly I do think though that the main existential truth is they wouldn't be embroiled in this conflict. If Western countries were constantly trying to capitalize off of other resources. Yeah just overtime. All the time and colonization tation. Yeah yeah that's going to bring on the resources Yep even reasonable stability that they just continue. We just continue to exploit so. Yeah that is is true and that we installed the Shah it was specifically us and Britain that installed the Shah they had the little regime change there. Yup So high five Winston Cut. Yeah and just the history of violence that those civilians have had to endure over time it's just unimaginable and general. I you know I can't even imagine now. I cannot even imagine that. We're so fucking privilege and lucky to be over here in our like prissy ass safe country we always feel like oh they want to attack here you know we have such an entitlement there. I mean of course there was nine eleven but the reason that was so fucking devastating because we have such a sense of constant security. Here we don't have to worry about a entire passenger jet accidentally getting shot out of this in killing everyone. That's fucking tragic. Yeah Yeah it's a lot to deal with uh-huh right Thank you for those uplifting. Feel your age I see you meet you and your range. Yeah I'm a hundred bucks also sucks not understand it fully and feel like totally failed by the history of our own school system that so much when I'm trying to delve Elvin to politics in the Middle East in that whole region. I'm everything seems so new to me and I feel so just uneducated as ignorant about about a like. Oh well because then you've got people like what did you do this. And that they're not context nine hundred reasons and every single action that any president has taken except this one has a hundred people behind it with one hundred considerations and all you know he he just goes out and just does shit but you know careful. Presidents trying to act properly in the region to maintain some semblance of stability Um have to make so many considerations and probably so many concessions that they wouldn't normally make human being exactly and it sucks but it is it that is how ah how the Middle East is now. And it's not because it's a bad place or good place is just a very complicated place. It's complicated totally. Yeah and I honestly don't understand. Dan like the first half of it. Yeah yeah the history. Probably you know somewhat similar history that you learn in a public school in Canada or the. US is like pretty white. You know it's doesn't it doesn't prepare you. Oh yeah why. Why would they teach us? When they're teaching us about like World War Two in that era why would they tell us about something like Oh yeah and the in the? US government over through a democratic election in various other countries. You know it's like you can't even especially with our all we bring democracy to the world exact when we brought the opposite using our CIA in a covert coup d'etat. Who by the way you're supposed to trust law enforcement and they're the good guys all the time and below enforcement right exactly which is like I mean? Obviously there's a lot of law enforcement enforcement that do incredible things for the country but yeah you literally can't teach us everything that has happened because especially when you're young in school because your brain rankin even computer otherwise would not play soccer. See Yeah exactly. He's trying to learn fucking math but then you grow up. It's like what Y'all why did these people hate us or something or you're like what are you just do this Do you clearly don't have an understanding what's happening over there. Yeah so thank you for that reporting. I'M GONNA continue to research this just because I feel like I could probably studying Middle East politics for the rest of my life and still not know absolutely content of what I should. Yeah we will be right back with good news right after this. AG is helping. The daily beans is brought to you by route insurance. This is car insurance points for new drivers. It can be crazy expensive even if you're a good driver and that's why I'm so glad I found route insurance reinsurance things. The old way of pricing car insurance is not fair so they developed up to mobile APP that measures driving behavior so instead of basing your car insurance rate on your credit score your age or gender or your Zip Code route basis rates primarily on how you drive by removing bad drivers from the equation route save good drivers up to fifty two percent in two thousand nineteen. 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Join Route DOT COM to learn more and see how much you could save reserves the right to refuse to quote any individual premium rate. Reinsurance advertise here in savings based on national reported by actual customers form number. One not available in all allstate's this product is not available in California. All right. It's time for good news. It's time for good news. And during his junior year at Scarsdale High School in New York Mark Woolf Kooky or cooper or cookie or landed a two month internship with NASA and during the summer of two thousand nineteen. He travelled down to NASA's Goddard heard space flight center in Maryland. His first assignment was to examine variations in star brightness captured by the transit. EXO So planet survey satellite. We call it tests. Well they call it tests. I don't I'm not part of NASA but if I were I would call it to us. And this is part of the planet hunters Citizen Science Project. The Citizen Citizen Science Project allows people who don't work for NASA to help find new planets just three days into his inner internship. He discovered a new planet cook. Yeah a junior in Highschool Nancy. Now NASA announced this week on their website after confirming the teenagers work submitting a paper that he co authored scientific review and announcing the discovery of the planet. Now named Te'o Jio. I thirteen thirty eight B at the two hundred and Thirty Fifth American Astronomical Society Meeting so he found a planet cleaning looking through the data data and everything the volunteers had flagged as an eclipsing binary a system where to star circle around each other and from our view the eclipse Each other every you sorry. The equipped each other every orbit and about three days in my internship. I saw a signal from a system called. Te'o thirteen thirty eight at first. I thought it was a stellar eclipse. But by the timing it was wrong for Hillary Clinton it turned out to be planted. It's exciting for like twelve year. Old boy inside me is like you plan. I know ooh he's like an unpaid intern discovering planets salary. That's just so congratulations kid. Wealth Again Wolf Kooky great anyway also A federal judge edges allowing each gene carols suit to go forward all right hell. Yeah that's the writer. Who Clinton the defamation trump Richter isn't she suing him for defamation? I think so. Yeah so. That'll be fun Discovery will be interesting. All these suits are allowed to go forward. We're at probably right around the time of the election. All these suits are going to be coming out and right now. Simplisafe shod Freida also Friday. We learned in Alaska. Judge has ruled in favor of an effort to recall. Alaska's Republican Governor Mike Dunleavy saying the division of elections was wrong to reject the recall campaign. Alaska Superior Superior Court judge. Eric are Seth said. This question is for the voters and the Constitution makes it very clear. This ruling was certainly appealed. This ruling will allow recall supporters to continue collecting collecting signatures to try to force a special election. You need about seventy two thousand Registered voters to sign the petition. Because you have to have twenty five percent of the number of people who voted in the last general the election and they have about fifty thousand and now they've this kind of gives them more time but the I'm sure the appeal there will be an appeal and it will likely include emotion to halt signature gathering. But this judge says he won't approve it. Although the Supreme Court could if Dunlavey is recalled he would be replaced with Republican. Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer Right. Recall package to the people and let's take a look at Ruby worms calendar. She always puts out the best calendars starting on the thirteenth. We have the trial beginning for the Panama papers in the Southern District of New York and in the Eastern District of Virginia. We have the trial beginning for George. Nader I don't papers. Wow Twenty fifteen wasn't it. y'All Jesus they're just starting now. That's how the slow the justice system is justice on the fourteenth USAA USA versus Concord Management. So there's a scheduling conference for that and on the fifteenth Former state GOP Chairman Robin Hayes. Sentencing is tentatively scheduled for the fifteen. What did he do again? Manono Robin Hayes. Google while I'm while ago forward sixteenth Jew free versus Maxwell Conference at ten. Am and then next week is my birthday. And on the twenty first I'm going to be traveling going beyond Melissa Melendez. PODCAST and Michael Abernathy Trial Trial begins his Nike extortion trial. She's on the Twenty Second Michael Flynn supplemental memo do by noon. And and then of course the Twenty Eighth USA versus Michael Flynn sentencing eleven am eastern. So you'll wake up Monday morning too. Nice surprise months and then on the thirtieth Roger Stone's sentencing was due And the FBI corruption probe Imperial Pacific International Grand Jury testimony is happening and some reserve versus Donald Trump trump on the thirty first must participate in deposition. Trump has to. Oh my hoes in the summer service case some fun month. Thanks to Ruby worms for putting out. Those calendars really helpful. Yeah follow her on twitter Robin Hayes former North Carolina Republican Party chairman faces up to six months imprison agreeing to plead guilty to lying to the FBI in a sweeping federal bribery case. Yet that's it that's begum. He's seventy four. One of four men indicted last spring on multiple charges of conspiracy and bribery. And we indict these folks when they're in their fifties that lays so they can stop crying cramming into the golden years years brought to you by the Republican Party. Come join US early bird special at Denny's mood discuss how to crime into your golden years. We commercial really honestly. I've ninety nine a nice. He and liver and onions and learn how to crime into your into your retirement. You need a reverse mortgage no. I'm climbing. That's their retirement plan. They gotta needed save on. My assets will be seized. All right that is our show for today. Okay thank you so much. I hope we got enough. Good news there for you at the end is kind of a heck of a week And it's GONNA keep keep it's not stopping bowls GonNa keep on rolling your so. Oh any phone Fox No well other than my retirement plan is a little bit Begi- Farm. That's yeah I wanna live in a giant commune and grandma vegetables. That sounds doable. Yeah Yeah so anyway hell. Yeah what's your term. You want to do it in California. Would you accept farm anywhere. You know what we'll see whereas livable by then good point point Tanna tropical right. I mean I have a Canadian passport. y'All move to the Vancouver's looking really nice mostly because it's going to be tropical and a few years what about you. Retirement plan Well I would like to. Ideally I think be able to work for like a really long time as like a writer Yeah yeah so I I would like to work until I die very American. I don't know just use my brain. You know be surrounded surrounded by friends. I guess might do some Old Lady Shit somebody white life. That sounds cool. Yeah Oh oh hey just a sec. Do some betty white shirt. You're like hey can I do some betty white shirt and your goes just a SEC. Yeah my phone identified. I wanted to uh-huh Betty white recommend cool plans. Oh yeah me this is this right I am I consider myself which I I went to open my 401k. And there's like what. What are your retirement plans on like this? This is it. This is my retirement. I in retired. This is what I do now and I will do it like you until I die. I can't not do this anymore. forever Mhm Yeah Yeah Yeah Totally Yep Anyway and not I thank you for being on the other end and listening to it otherwise I would really have no point although I probably I think you got kids to sit in here and listen just talk. I think I think I can totally do that. Ramblings of a madwoman put it on video. Release it at like one person you've got you've got to use this week. Alright thank you so much for listening. Please have a wonderful week. We will see you tomorrow on the daily beans and please take care of yourself take care of each other. Take care of the planet. Take your mental health. I've been I've been Jordan. Coburn Peterman reader and that means the daily beans is executive produced and directed by AG. He and Jordan Coburn and engineered edited by Mackenzie Mozelle and starbucks. 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