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Yeah. Previously on the Tony Kornheiser show. I wouldn't have thought you would have watched the Emmys. I wouldn't want him to text you at least want to know. He's thinking way how how am I doing with baby boy Buzi? So you've entered a new era with the boy. He can now walk. He's talking to you held them for a couple of older Tong him up for the wine glass. Well, that's possible, but he and we and I go them all the time and I just go. Yeah. This is General George Washington, and you're listening to the Tony Kornheiser. Alrighty. Then we're back. Thursday were here again, Friday. We're here next week. Thank you for coming to chatter. We are at the corner of Wisconsin avenue, northwest and Jennifer street, northwest. We are open today and tonight tonight for football game that I never would have thought I wanted to watch, but I do, yeah, the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets. I wanna watch it because I think the Browns are going to win it. We have Gary Bromley, Chris Eliza we have Michael Kornheiser great allies in sitting with us, Niger will do the news and produce the show which is important. You watch the game tonight? Yes, yeah, I did. That's what I do. But but I mean, not I, if I said I was looking forward to it, I'm not not particularly important. I think I am. I think I wanna see it not gonna be here. I gotta be in chatter tonight and come to Binghamton reception people rent it out one of the rooms here. So I will just say Hello there, but I think. I'm gonna watch nineteen. Fourteen feel to it. It's just we'll see what happens. I have not seen darnold in a full game, so I'm interested in that. And then I, I really wish they went to Baker Mayfield Baker Mayfield darnold I would definitely because they're competitive, but I think that it's I'd like to see Mayfield off of hard knocks, Michael juice guy still on the team. I don't think I'll watch as much watch any Thursday night game, which is about five minutes to start. Okay. Well, I'm I will watch because if the Browns win, it's been since what? Nineteen. Forty three. I'm sorry, we dropped on this. Yeah, come on into chatter, matchup titans. Are you ready for me Smith and highlands ranch? Thursday night. Turning one on September twenty. First that's tomorrow night. You remember the twenty ninth September, dear Lord, I do. I know my wife is expecting me to use the craftsman tools. I purchased at Lowe's to build a priceless, heirloom like a doll house or rocking horse. No, I know my daughter, she's giving heart. She wants the magical orange one to be bestowed with a gift in her name done father of the year. Enjoy the golf balls may be used to fight the evil purple line and happy birthday to emelina smoke Smith and Emily, no, on these, these are the AB is speaking of golf balls. Michael someone came in with with a box of golf balls golf. Now I've never heard of that. The apparently our European golf balls. I think they are just designed engineered in Germany. It's in a way. It's a way to get a premium golf ball to you. The consumer at a better price, much like much like Harry's razors. Maybe they bought the golf ball factor couple of regular guys, streak. Seto welcome back in a low from the home of the west coast. Surf sound nice to have you all back regularly. It feels like something's been missing. To the morning routine this summer. I wanna thank you for playing my friend, eve hells banned the four twenty sevens back at the end of may. I saw them perform recently in the spirit of semi a box of those. I'm sending a box of CDs, which we gave out to a lot of people the band's music. I know Mr Tony enjoys this kind of music. I don't think he does MP threes, but I'm hoping he's all right with compact discs. I have a CD player in my car. Sadly the band hasn't released any of music on cassette tape, vinyl eight track many of the other cast. If any other cats would like a copy, please feel free or add these to the prize closet. And this is, I guess, is this from Calgary? This is from county area. How does have surfing wave on the bow river downtown? If the twenty thirteen flood, a new contour was carved creating a surfer perfect permanent way under the ten th street bridge. Isn't that right? And Chris's correct? Stay gold is in reference to the outsiders. Yeah. So that was big old pony boy. Now we have also a book which I hold up for people to watch on news channel eight. This is called dogs, cats and sports. My friend, Matt Williams. Who is involved with the humane rescue alliance is involved with this book. And this is pictures of people who have adopted rescue dogs mostly athletes from this area. But I am in this book. And max shurer is in this book matches your sort of the lead dog on this whole thing, if you will. So this is very nice. It's very, very nice. I don't know if these books are for sale, but if they are dogs, cats, simply a picture book of like local your. Your friend that, okay. Itself abetting I think so this is part of that makes sense. Best part of that picture spread is one of my golfers who lives in the neighborhood walked by the house with his then puppy and ruined the photo shoot. So all I can think is while there's this lovely contained chessy on the front steps with the two of you, then she. She was running the fence. Yeah, she was crazy. That's very, very nice. Very happy about that. You can buy this book. I think dogs moms wearing beautiful Schatz. May I read a quote associate attributed to me, which is to quote and Tony is quoted as saying, we have gained a great friend and frisbee catcher and lost a lawn. The dog runs like a horse. We're gonna have to resod twice a year, but better to have a dog and a lawn? Yes, so picture of us with the dog. So very, very nice. Let me start. Let me start the show with this with which I've something I find extraordinarily interesting because I used to do this for a living. I used to when I was actually a fairly good writer. I used to write long profiles of people, and I used to try and write these profiles so that when you read it, you said, okay, that's this guy. That's this girl and nobody can do this better ever again, occasionally, I succeeded with that, but every once in a while, Frank, Ford came back and wrote a piece and I lost see was a lot better than. Is a guy from Sports Illustrated, namely Jenkins who has quit Sports Illustrated and he's taken a job with Los Angeles Clippers as someone involved with the recruitment, I guess, and draft picks for the Los Angeles Clippers. This is based on something Michael Lewis who's a great great rain writer. Poker said, along other things among blindside among other things, he said, the job of the modern scout was to do more than figure out how fast a pitcher throws how high linebacker jumps jobless. Part psychologist and part detective. He should find out how player gets along with his teammates. For example, how he was being away from home. Lewis said, quote, what you should do is basically hire a bunch of young journalists to go figure out who these people are. Lawrence Frank, the president of basketball operations, Los Angeles Clippers read the interview and took Lewis's advice on Tuesday. Lee Jenkins the prolific feature writer for Sports Illustrated announced he was taking a newly created job with the clippers executive director of research and identity, which sounds like the beginning of orphan black more so than. A real job Jenkins isn't quite a young journalist. His specialty is profiling the biggest names in the game from Hawaii Leonard to LeBron James, I'm reading for the post that story by Benz drowsy. It's that skill, the ability to probe report and understand the biggest personalities around the league as well as I write connections led the clippers to pursue Jenkins. I ask all the time when I'm working on a story, who is he? Who is, who is he Jenkins said in an interview while after the first who is really owner? No, we run around with that question in our head and it's worthwhile question for sports teams to ask about players. It also says later in the story that Sports Illustrated is for sale, but that nothing to do with Jenkins's decision. The great quotes here are from Lawrence Frank who says he's not writing for the website. He's not in human resources. He's not a marketer. This is about a guy who has relentless curiosity, and we're going to use those skills. If I wanted someone for free agency presentation, we would hire an adage. The reality is someone who has been in basketball versus a journalist will attack a problem from different perspectives. If you want different thoughts and one to avoid an echo chamber. And group think you have to have people come from different perspectives. Well, then why not hire a grocery store clerk this that sounds really good. I did this for a living. I can't imagine helping a basketball team or a football team or a hockey team or a baseball team with my insights. 'cause I'm not a trained psychologist. I can just tell you that I sat with this guy for x. amount of time to do a story and this is what I thought. But if you're drafting people, you're not going to have Chris, you did this for living. You're not gonna have that opportunity. You're not gonna be able to sit with these if you want a better basketball team, get better players. I don't get this. Yeah, I don't. I, I'm happy for Lee Jenkins. I'll bet his salary was tripled triple. It's a, I think it's a different skill set doing what we do versus doing what they like. I would never lots of reporters. Do this journalists do this. They go and be like the press secretary or a strategist or something for a politician? Yes. Even that I feel like it's it's too it's the same two sides of a same coin, but not the same side of the same coin. I, I mean, I think it is what they're trying to do, and we've seen we've seen unorthodox hires like this, not always journalist, but but hiring when they brought Paul de pedestrian baseball guy doing football, I think they are trying different things on the theory that you know. You just baseball role about the same scouts for x. number of years saying has been completely inundated and flooded, hopefully by analytics, people, I, I understand. A different. I think this is just another bite at the how can we think outside the box of someone who is around this world, but not of this world, and therefore maybe brings us a different perspective on our world that we're incapable of providing finally general, I would do it. I agree fully Jenkins, I think go ahead. I just so scouting for a while you could think in for a while, whatever ten, twenty thirty years, whatever it's been, you think, well, we have the best scouts. Tony's gonna see something in this kid, and no one else is gonna. See, we've reached a point of situation with that where people feel like as a scout as far as the eyeball test that they talk about everyone. Everyone knows what they're looking at. Everyone sees the same thing. That's what analytics was sort of born. Well, how can we get an edge? How can we scout in a way that no one else's scouting. I don't. I don't know enough about Lee Jenkins to say the hires, a good one are bad. When I might think intuitively, maybe someone with more of psychology background would be of more value, but but I think if I'm with this team and I think. Everyone looks at. Pick on people, but guy who's been in the news dashboard never looks at Josh Gordon. They know what his problems are. Okay. They they know what the struggles had been with him and everyone saw his talent. Everyone knew his talent. If I had a guy who could maybe tell me all right, this guy despite despite the off field issues that he has, I think he will. I think he can survive for whatever reason or maybe because of these issues forget the town. This guy's not gonna make it. He's going to kill your team. If you have someone who can who you think can help you figure that out better than you're presently equipped to. I mean, how? How can that not po- time, general manager and I've got the seventh pick in the draft of whatever sport you wanna name. So it's not LeBron James, it's not all right. It's not. It's not because with LeBron doesn't matter. Okay. But if I've got the sense guys every year we talk about this seventh pig. I can't believe that if I'm between two or three guys, I can't believe the people on my staff haven't talked to his parents. His friends, his teachers. Let me let me just answer that guys on your staff half. But every year there is it's not always doesn't always elevate to Randy moss or Warren Sapp guys who come immediately to mind. This guy's fell fell and then over overperform. But if you had a guy who who could tell you at at thirteen, you don't have to pass on Warren Sapp because he smoked weed because this guy, he wouldn't know that would know that I guess you don't think you would or you wouldn't hire? I don't. This guy. I think drafting is largely outside of the top two or three crap, shoot. And I think this is an attempt what would extend agency and stuff is. I mean, do I think the Utah Jazz have figured it out better because they drafted Donovan Mitchell and all the teams above them did not? No, not really. Because I could go back and point you to. I mean, they drafted Dante Exum. With a higher number number four. Now he got hurt, but I'm not sure that there's a formula for every LeBron or Dunkin, or even I know he's been hurt, but even Andrew luck. It's like everyone agreed. There's no paid. There's you know, you get down. I mean, even look at Oaten versus Durant. I mean, clearly one of them has had a better career. I don't know that you can ever bring certainty do it. But I think there's an attempt to bring in now to say, we know that we have a certain kind of thinking, and we've used this kind of thinking Gary put. We've used this kind of thing to guide our decisions for x. number of now we gotten some ring consultant. Is there any way that if we bring outside that thinking we can. If I got this job thirty years ago, this is what I did for a living. And I wrote long profiles some of what you can read on some web site that I found out about the other day called long reads. Yeah, that's a good one. Yeah. And I even went back and looked over a story that somebody sent me and I well, that's pretty good. I remember to who wrote this. So I'm sort of the person that they would hire to do this. And I would have taken this job in a heartbeat because they will triple my salary and it would have been very, very glamorous. And we've been lots of fun, but I don't know that it helps. I don't know because those things that you bring to a long profile, the most important thing you bring along profile, the ability to sit with this person for a some long period of time, and then be very reflective over some reasonably long period of time. And I don't know that you can do that. It's an investigative mindset is just, I mean, it's not just about a person's talents and trials into fifth because it's also a fit fit fit with us. There. It would Doc Rivers, look, how do they fit with the Andre Jordan? Who's I think the. Person left on that team. If these in be left on it because that teams stink how how do they fit with our with our team culture? And there have been people in these chairs far more talented than Chris and I. But you know, maybe they weren't a fit here, Tom Brady. If he's ever talks about how many times he was skipped over drafted by any other team, he he's out of a leak. So I found this very interesting. I'm happy. I don't know Lee Jenkins. I don't know. And it reminds it takes me to an old friend of ours, Matt Millen who I remember being granted, he was a player, but to me, I think unless you can think of someone before me was the first guy to sort of go to parlay the booth thing. I mean, you now see this more was terrible, his terrible, and he's one of the finest people, we know and we rooted his record in that door, right? I guess this is why journalists, I think a break when we come back Chuck Todd will join us Chuck Todd, Chris back to earth after five. And to start when said five gave it all back. We'll see what happens. Sleepy eyed, Chuck, Todd, I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show others the seatgeek it getting tickets. Online can be far too complicated with hundreds of sites, varying levels of reliability. It's hard to know who to trust. That's why seek is the way to go seek, pulls millions of tickets into one place. He can easily find the price. You're willing to pay. There's nothing quite like being there. Ersan and seek. We'll get you closer to the action for great value seek is designed to make your ticket buying experience easier than ever by searching multiple ticket sites, grading every ticket based on values. 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If you'd like to. Of course, this is called jitters, and the band is called civic duty. We know where they're from, because Mike doesn't identify where they're from. I believe, landed her planet earth. Yeah, that's good. I'm tired of playing those things from the rain. I typed in civic duty band into the interwebs and it says there from the DMV. Oh, that that's great. So maybe they play around here and they can tell us where they play by the way speaking of Uranus which is. Except to wilpon there is, I think it's in Cincinnati. There's a new paper called the Uranus times. Is that right? Saturn last night just below and slightly to the left of Saturn Mars Mars Mars same beautiful orange in the in the evening. Scott telling us the truth now is your arms truth. It was mar last night. Sky was Uranus glowing, Chuck Todd joins us. Now Chuck came back to earth. As I said earlier, Chuck was five and two in week one, and we thought on the launch pad for one of the great seasons ever and then Chuck was two and five last week. So he's now seven? Seven, Minnesota, do you, how do you feel about that? I feel like an idiot because I brought up the problem I've fell into, which was the a lot of home dog right was picking against too many home dogs. I mean three of my three of my five, lots were home dogs. Ethnically the Packers were plus one. I think the the giants, Dallas giants home, Doug, you know what? You're going to have dogs today. You're going, we'll see how you do on these dogs. If you're gonna have to at the bottom of the board today, let us start with a gain. The we talked about earlier in the show the Thursday night game, which I actually want to see the New York Jets and our plus three at Cleveland. Cleveland should be to know Cleveland's kicker cost them two games against good team. Should they be Cleveland former Katie. One hand you could say there could be to, no, but my God Pittsburgh worked them took five turnovers for them to get tied, right? Yes. And and that that saints game, it did look like the saints were just for some reason that figuring out how to score, but they were keeping Cleveland in it versus Cleveland staying. Okay. So is that mean you're going to take three and take the jets? No, no, no, no, no, I'm I'm on the bandwagon. I think he's still good. I think I'm picking against the rookie quarterback. You're going to take Cleveland. I'm taking Cleveland the points just because I you maybe the motivation of not having won a game yet when they should have won a game. We'll finally, we'll finally finally get in and the jets how to win games either do that. No. So these teams that don't know how to win game. If we're going to have a tie this week, isn't it? This game free Bud Light on Thursday night in Cleveland? No one ever. Take tomorrow night off. Is that right? But these to happen if there's another time. So Bud Light, put these self locking refrigerator. You know, the story, no Tony, you're okay. Bud Light installed in a bunch of bars in the Cleveland area. These self locking refrigerators fully stocked with Bud Light that if and when Cleveland wins a game automatically unlock and all the beers free this, this cannot and badly right just open to in the morning. So if it happened tonight that's going to greatly reduce Cleveland's productivity on is that Philadelphia Philadelphia's getting Carson Wentz back because they saw enough Nick foles in the first two games. Indianapolis has Andrew luck played twice ready seems pretty good. Not not the level you need but seems pretty good Indianapolis getting six and a half. Whence back for Philadelphia. It feels like bagels trying to sucker. Sucker you into take an Andrew luck. That's a lot of point. Carson Wentz is come back. I'm nervous about it. It's it's one of those. They want you to tease it down and and lot of people are gonna use Philly. As a half point. You know he's down for half point, use it with other games. They're begging you to take in. But I can't make myself to do that. So we'll take. I'm gonna take Philadelphia, but I don't like it. This is one of those. I have a feeling. I'm gonna wish I just can't bring myself to bed on Andrew luck that that many point New Orleans is getting three Atlanta. I've thought that would be a smaller line, but New Orleans has underperformed this year. There's no question about that Atlanta one last week after losing the opening game of the season of these teams are teams that you think will make the playoffs. Who do you like in this when you get three, if you want in the world. And by the way they actually really don't. You know, this is a real rivalry. I sort of make fun of, you know, I always say that, you know, have you ever met a falcons fan, right? Like you just you don't meet people that are south Constanza. Don't meet people that are Atlanta Hawks fans. You get my point here. Right? You don't be like you meet anybody in Georgia who's passionate about anything other than the box. But this is like a real rivalry. I give me I'll take whoever gets points in this game New Orleans. Gets three Cincinnati. Is that Carolina? That's inter divisional game? Cincinnati's two, zero, two, zero. Andy. Dalton has looked good. Carolina, I think is one in one lost on the last play of the game. The other day beat the giants in their first game, right? Not such a big win. Jaguars beat the giants. Eighty or they'd be Dallas, right? Yeah. Didn't have a lot of points. Yes, Cincinnati. I don't know if you trust them. I never do Cincinnati getting three at Carolina, Chuck. I don't. And yet. 'cause he asked yourself, it's Cincinnati at three zero team, right? Forget this game. You're like boy, who three and and then you have to say to yourself? Well, somebody's going to be three and this week that's named either Tampa Bay or Cincinnati think. Yes. And maybe even both of them and you're, I guess I would. I didn't. Carolina is. The better team. So at home, I'm going to stick with Carolina. 'cause I don't believe in Cincinnati yet, but, but this is one of those where you know, there's always that one one team that you like, how Heller they three now, and it could be that Carolina Carolina does not have Greg Olsen also something that can city, so you, okay, you will give the three and take Carolina. This next game is intriguing, San Francisco, getting six and a half at Kansas City. Kansas City looks good, but San Francisco looks pretty good. Six and a half is a pretty big number. At some point, somebody is going to figure out Pat Mahomes and shut that down a little bit, but he's got tyreek hill. He's got Travis Kelsey. They look pretty good. They look pretty good. What do you think? Can I tell you? This is why I'm scared of both this game in the Philly game. Right? Both six and a half, right? They're both at that because you know what people are going to do. They're going to tease them both together. 'cause you think, oh, those are easy wins. Philadelphia can't city never loses at home, right? They never lose it on. They have great home field advantage, and now they have the coolest quarterback in the NFL. Right. And this is our home opener. I believe I two or on the road. Yeah, I hate this spread. I think it's too much, but I feel like Mahomes is the guy that you're at the blackjack table and you just you're like, you ride him. I know I'm not going to get a third blackjack in a row, but man, I'm going to be really mad when he throws five touchdowns again. So and the forty Niners don't have anybody to run the football. I guess this Matt brea. Brianna guy. Breeze them read them? Yeah, they, you know that offense Garoppolo isn't as good if he doesn't have somebody to to to dump off too. So. I'm not gonna ride the chief, but I'll admit, I don't like it Chuck. It sounds like, and I think it's a, that's a pretty sharp. Take on that teaser thing. It sounds like one affiliate k. c. will likely lose outside. Yeah, yeah, he would kill their Keyser killer. You can feel humming, my guess is that it's probably karston went right in his opening game vs Mahomes, but it does feel like one of those two are going to go down and I don't know which I'd rather bet on them both and bet on them. Both Lutherans Pittsburgh is a home. Dog situation for Tampa Bay Tampa Bay is to know team. Ryan Fitzpatrick is off to a great, great. Start fits magic picture. Not here. Pittsburg, not off to a great start in Tonio, Brown, disciplined levian. Bell on a jet ski. Ben Rothlisberger attempting to be Thomas Jefferson doesn't doesn't really work Pittsburgh minus one on the road. Why are they get? How are they failing? Because because this is dealers they're desperate. I mean, there's there's zero one in one. As you pointed out, Cincinnati might be three and they're getting the point where they, they really need to win. There's always going to be dumb money on teams like the Cowboys and the Steelers. I mean, you know agree with that. What isn't that? What this feels like feels like Vegas having to artificially keep money, even I'm writing the buccaneers. I wrote him last week. I'm gonna keep writing. They're gonna keep getting point and undefeated team getting points at home. Yeah. No. I mean, it's the great bed on paper. Okay, Green Bay. It's another another home. Dog situation. Green Bay is in Washington DC, Aaron Rodgers. I don't know if he's better or not better. He only only had one leg last week seemed pretty good. Green Bay giving three to the Washington Redskins who looked bad last week at home. Here's my concern about this game, correct me if I'm wrong, is Kip. There has he done his. Yeah, Chris. And Gary is a concern pretty raining, right? Yes, it is supposed to rain on. That's right. I have a feeling someone on one leg with with with with when it's wet. The idea right that that that scares me. He apparently is already talked this week lows at source close to him, said something like, he's not sure if he should keep planning on. That tells me every Monday morning he wakes up and it needs to of size of great proof, right? And then by Friday he thinks, oh, I could play on it and it's wash repeat. I'm gonna take the Packers 'cause I don't like picking. I got punished for picking again, Leslie. Right? So I'm not gonna do that again. But if it's raining, I hope as a Packer fan Rogers doesn't play. That sounds like right on the verge of Chuck emotionally hedging against his agreed be right. I am a little bit, but I do not want him out there in rain. I just feel like it possible. Is it possible? He has like a real ligament damage slash tear, got to keep him out for four weeks. You can play play on at forty c. l. I mean, he does any pressure on his leg and play with a torn ACL. But there's been a lot of speculation that he has a legitimate sprain of his MC l. sprain not even a partial tear because they keep him out. He cannot put pressure on his one leg. You're going to heal the reason they had all those field goals because they can't run the full offense if when he can't roll out, that's right that you know, that's why they're getting field goals when they're in the red zone. So this is an eighteen with him in there anyway. Playing like this show. I, I think they ought to pull them if it's if it's raining and then you would have faith in the worst quarterback in the history of the NFL Sean Kaiser, the worst. The worst, but by the way, my favorite nickname form Kaiser Sosa. Debate between Nathan Peterman and Kaiser. So-so. Worst active quarterbacks, Nathan Peterman, horrible. I don't understand how into the Green Bay. We supposedly have quarterback guru is a coach, Mike McCarthy, and they have the worst backups. Dan, the humbly kid last year was terrible Flynn before that a good kid, but guy. But you know, terrible quarterback. I asked the one one political question that we have not gotten to here we will after this particular segment. Kavanagh confirmed. Closer today than I would have said so yesterday. Yeah, I think that that that if Republicans have given the, I think Grassley has made it seem as if he's giving her all these options to testify, she doesn't testify Republicans can say, well, she had she had every opportunity in the world. Now, Republicans don't have a good argument as to why it has to be Monday right there they have. They are giving her all sorts of options, but they're saying all these options available to you by close this Monday, right? So that's that's where they're where they're highground gets lower. But I do think politically, you're starting to see everybody starts getting into their corners biparti. And so I don't know why he wants to be confirmed with an Astro. That's the thing here. I don't know why. I'm surprised he hasn't called for an FBI investigation himself. If you would think he would want to say everything had been done to. Clear his name so that he doesn't have an Astro sitting on my court. Thank you, Chuck. We'll talk to you next week. Chuck Todd, boys and girls. And if we give you Chuck Todd, nobody else gives you Chuck Todd gains. Meet. The press is, you know, let's meet the press, but we got the guy picking games, but we give you more than that. See. Watch side had spoke with bud grant. Everybody's soon is purple that. Wretched spies too. Sometimes. Too much Johnnie Walker. So good. I guess I went down to the national zoo a big week for Reginald last week, bounce back from the three week to know. So he's back at five hundred very excited there. He is right that sound excite, always very excited to see me and it was a lot going on at his cage area. There were the camera crew costumes. He was in costume and apparently he's shooting some scenes with Tom Selleck in a reboot of the series. BJ in the bear fan says that'll be coming to a television set near you. He plays the bear. He's playing BJ. Okay. Is the bear interesting. Trying to make an extra twist on it. So the first game we get, tonight's game much Pated matchup between the jets and the Browns in Reginald showed me an old faded photograph of him, coming out of studio, fifty four with Joe really Nemeth. We Bank who was visibly intoxicated, Emerson boozer that's ask. So. So. Who's role number thirty two. That's right. Clearly as ties is that game shown anywhere in the DC area. Jona chatter see, fifty come. If you're in this area, come to friendship heights. The chatter that game's going to be all his Chattan. Okay, that's on the corner of Wisconsin avenue, northwest and Jennifer streets in friendship. I should. You mention that Reginald presently red hot coming off a three and a we said, okay. I was not listening Gary out every once in a while. Sure. The next game gave we sent Francisco getting six and a half at Kansas City. And he showed me some old newspaper columns in telling me that actually his great grandfather was actually incarcerated in Alcatraz number of years. Apparently he was an enforcer for the Schultz mall back in the day, so but spent some time in the San Francisco area. And so he will side with the the nine as this when take the six and a half smart light. Doesn't show. We'll see connected obviously I know I know I think you'll be pleased about this lab because we gave him the the Green Bay Washington game and might be interested to know this one as well. He showed me an old home movie of this is gonna be like nineteen eighty one eighty two of him at Bob Woodward's house at Claudy riding the Mody. Yes. Tony, who else was it was the same phone out. Mike gnomes. Was there Neil? Oh, quits and Don Warren as well. And so yes, very much. Guts show. More. So clearly he likes the Redskins in that game. I, we'll take a break. When we come back, we have news, I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the. Tony Kornheiser shit. Stepped on that not as my this is the Spotify ad. I'm going to do version one today. A one day. Did you know that every single episode of the Tony Kornheiser show is now on Spotify the same app that has millions of songs. Now also as thousands of podcasts on Spotify, you can listen to all of your favorite shows like this one and discover new ones. Just not too many because we get jealous very easily to subscribe to our show search for the Tony Kornheiser show tap, follow f. o. l. l. o. w. follow, follow, follow and get every new episode delivered to you podcast on Spotify. They're streaming right now and now and now this is that Tony Kornheiser show. Three. This is civic duty for the second time today. The song is called door to the sun. It has the beginning of it, has that jersey shore, doesn't it? It really does. It has Springsteen field. So Michael people, if bands like civic duty or any bans out there, any individuals out here, I think Roz he's got a new single that we're not going to get our hands on. Oh yes, we need to do that. What we do. So how do they send in their stuff? Send us a music by emailing to jingles at Tony Kornheiser show dot com. And are we selling anything that's still have the official line tyrant, corkscrew and bottle safe by the way? Did you took home that beautiful thing that was sent to us? The wooden thing would to hold the wine bottling. I never took it home. It's should still be here unless one snuck into the studio and stolen. Well, it's gone. I thought you took it home. No, I left it here for safe keeping, but generally or somewhere was not secure? No, not. Kevin is if behind. Niger was the only one who's been in here when I still things all the time. But I remember stealing that, yeah, you shouldn't. Gary broke. Everything could fix it. I have my gold medal metal. No, it's not. You're not in studio, and so it's gone. That's why you take things home. I blame guilty. Euros on MRs Tony, we'll start off with baseball and we'll stay local for a second. This could be the final homestand for Bryce Harper with the Washington nationals that's finish on the road. They finish off division Colorado or so games with the other team. They're not many the nets. What do we think is Harper gone? Harper's gonna finished with thirty five homers one hundred RBI yes, and he's going to have produced in the second half of the season. Tremendous. The ticks that by the way, did not help the team at all. No team has been worse, but what do you think? I think he's probably gone. I would say there's a thirty five percent chance. He resigns and I think and I think that will be dependent on what does offer what the market looks like for him. I mean, I think he used himself as a. Mike trout like talent. I don't think his numbers bear that out. I mean, I think he's route is the best. Yes. And on for is in the. Had a gory and as may maybe nobody else in the first cat is twenty five. Like it'd be twenty six and up to. Yeah, so I would love for him to stay. I mean, I think he I get the whole. We could get a catcher and another pitcher with the money that we would pay bribes. I still think Bryce puts butts in seats gets all the kids to wear jersey makes people excited about the team, but I am Sonny. Bloch in Atlanta went to an Atlanta nets game last week. Bryce Harper gave his son the game used cool pretty. No. I mean, I. How I mean, I. I think it's good for the city to have a Bryce Harper, but I think he's going to your value is so much higher than anything that you're going to send on a stat line. That said, if I'm if I'm being reasonable, I do think he's gone. I think the best scenario for him is to go to someplace in division because their teams that would readily want him Bellevue Philadelphia would be the best fit. I think he might be looking into it and say, it's not the best recipe to try and play my former team. The team where I came up that many times over this next set of years Atlanta. I think that right field wall just isn't the best fit form. If you wanted to take him, you have to accept that his fielding is a minus if I want to keep them here, I have to wonder, what is it like over these last five or six weeks where he looks to his left and right and sees one soda in Victor obeys and says, do I wanna take the known over the unknown? All these other teams are going to tout the young talent they have. I have the young talent that I knew. I know it right that these guys are good at the end of the day. However, he would need to really want to stay here to be here because there's going to be more money elsewhere. Right? I think I would say as much money elsewhere. I don't think there's a guarantee. They'll be more my own. You think that the natural under not under, but just depends on what he's chasing. If you look at the single biggest moment of his career happens to be, I think that all star game absolutely homerun derby, and that's something that was afforded to him because of his familiarity with the stadium with the fan base with the coverage. So it's all about it's all about value for him. Yeah, he might be able to squeeze out a few more million dollars elsewhere, but when you make that contract? Yes. In terms of value to sting. Yeah, there is value to staying here and also with the under armor money that he's getting the actual money on field is somewhat meaningless. All right. What else going to the Red Sox and Yankees? Red Sox just needed win one game and his three game of the aunt used to clinch. The AL they've not been able to do David price very rough outing again versus Yankee Stadium. Terrible at Yankee Stadium? Yeah, although not really helped out by water known, yes. All go through a couple run school and also the offense. Non-existence. They lose ten to one. Do you think David price will be a significant factor in the postseason to be? He has to be significant one way or the other. He and sale have to be. There's no question about that has price. He's he's not one one postseason game. Is that what it is? He's been a very good reliever in the post. Starter and maybe maybe he becomes an Jamila just for this particular series. There's only one question in all of baseball, which is will the same Louis Cardinals win more games than both the Los Angeles Dodgers in Colorado Rockies thereby eliminating a second wildcard team from the NFL west that that's the. That's the only thing that's out there now. 'cause the the American League, my kids reminded me this morning before I left that the Braves still haven't clinch the division swell. Still gotta run in us s pieces the line is moving. I don't know what else to the NBA. Mr Tony, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban is agreed to contribute ten million dollars to women's organizations. This is coming on the heels of an NBA investigation into the atmosphere and culture of the Dallas Mavericks in which Adam silver, cold, disturbing and heartbreaking about the allegations, Rasmus and violence toward female employees that went on back decades about him. So we didn't do anything about it until Sports Illustrated broke the story. It's going on for twenty years and and Mark Cuban tells everybody, nothing goes on in my businesses that I don't know everything about, but then set to the sorry. Yeah, set to the NBA I didn't know anything about it. Went on with Rachel the other day and said, it's terrible, awful. I didn't know anything about it was on with Rachel yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's this is this is just like, you know, urban Meyer going on with Tom and all these, these public confessionals. I didn't know anything about this. I'm terribly sorry about what happened. Have some money. I mean, that's essentially just throwing money stack of money. I'd like to take all the money you want, but I knew nothing about it and I'm not saying he knew something about it just seem, but I'm saying that he always runs around saying, nothing goes on that. I don't know about and said, I know about this, you know? So here's money. No, for the punishment for. Because he didn't know anything rice, not staying with the association. Looks like. You like going to? I'm not Catholic, Chris, your calf, I am when you go to confession. Well, what happened? Let me think back to my twelve year old self haven't done much wrong since. Yeah, I mean, you go and you, you lay it out and then they say like, do ten hail Marys like that sounds good. This is the same. This ten ten million dollars to a bunch of women's the NFL given ninety million dollars in the last couple of years to hit two, two people, you know, on the force what is now referred to a social Justice. It's so easy to throw money at easiest thing to do is to throw money ways changing behavior. Yeah, we'll change. I don't know. I mean, and I'm not. I'm not trying to be. I like more Cuban lot. I liked, but a lot. I'm just saying that there is this notion out there the same thing with urban Meyer. There's this sort of notion out there that, wow, I can't believe that this happened. I am shocked shocked to find there's gambling going. Myers sat there and time after time after time use the phrase I was trying to stabilize, I was trying to stabilize household. And that family talking about you were. Football coach, and you owns the basketball team? He wasn't looking for that. I stand that he's not looking for that. The people are in charge the team's doing where he's not looking for that it's not. All right, Jimmy, Butler apparently is interested. He's out. Yeah. Interested in going to the Los Angeles Clippers apparently every with Kawhi Leonard, if he goes to the Los Angeles Clippers. Yes. So another team guys, love Tom, will everybody played for Tim Butler apparently till tiptoe that he would like to be traded before reporting for the timber wolves media hates him? Yes, that would be that would be an indication. Yes. The most interesting thing I thought about the stories, his list of teams. It's like the clippers the Knicks and then it's the nets. Yeah. I mean, I guess it's because you're in the New York media market, but who the hell wants to play for, they think, yeah. Because the Knicks stink. Then that is worse. Yes, I mean the worse. Yes. It's like listing the teams. You wanna be on, know reds. I mean, these teams are bad, perennial, Jimmy Butler is a very good player. You know, this is this is wilpon tell me why he's going to go. He loves dividend loves tips. He loves this going to work. Well, he apparently hates tips. And apparently according to age in wars are asking said on television this morning that I saw. So does everybody else that has no relationship at all? With Karl Anthony towns? We know you have to really good. Yeah. The guy takes his five starters, and by the twentieth game of the year, they're, they're collapsed. Daughters, he I don't. I never understood how he was touted because I mean, I know he's supposed to be a defensive genius, which fine. But the way that feels to me like in the pros, it's a lot of personality management and he does not strike me seems like a better college coach like a scheme guys guys, right? They should hire Lee Jenkins to talk to the players to convince them that though is good. Apparently nobody works. So while the NFL has released a statement saying that we have, we are continuing to work with Pepsi on a plans for the Pepsi halftime show. We don't have any announcements to make on what will be maroon five with. They say that official. Yes, it's over five saying, yes, Wilson sources close to maroon five. This apparently after the Royal Godsman were all gig just too busy. We can't do it. So it looks like maroon five will be even the NFL hasn't officially announced that yet. This is what television can do for you. If you if you wanted to, this is what American idol could do for you in the old days. If they put somebody on there to help coach up somebody, this particular show the voice. They have Blake Shelton who who can do whatever he wants to do correctly. He can be on any show he wants if he wants to they have they have a guest host the today, show his tour. If he tours, he sold out everywhere knows, yes, I don't think it's. I don't think it's coincidence that what's her name? The first American idol. Everybody under Larry know Kelly. Clarkson on that show moment like this. She's on that show now and that helps her Adam LeVine is on that show, and his band is maroon five. Merlin the other players, maroon five do nothing and they sit there and they go, yeah, yeah. Go down the road down the road view. If you do the halftime show at the Super Bowl and you release an album jackpot sick, you know, so good for them. Are they any good fun. Five kids total. He's very likable on this show. He is probably more talented than you would think is music gives them credit for. I'm sure it's, I'm just asking about me. Who would you rather see? Maroon five of the zone bees have time show? Well, can't ask maybe macaroni selling anything to me, but depends. True. I'm not a target. I'm not buying Pepsi. I'm not anymore. Cool, rumble and Pepsi Cola. I have trouble opening the can for the promo for the voice featuring Kelly Clarkson Adam LeVine and Blake Shelton, and others that air during the Super Bowl last year. I don't know if you guys remember it was phenomenal. I commend it. I'll play for you in the break. I think I played it for you at the time. I just don't remember anything including your name is Blake stale with Miranda. Lambert nine. I don't know overwhelms members. That's right next to them for grace, Chris with glimpse defining. Goodnight. Both of them both rental Lambert and Gwen Stafani. Wonderful performance. Yes. Wonderful. Singers. Blake Shelton is a big boy says, is explore. Guy, big Riley pig. They used to. Gregory this. We have time for one more story. We, you're gonna touch on Valentino Dixon guy, radio. I don't know what that Valentine addiction was incarcerated for nearly three decades while he was there. He voted back to something he joined doing child drawing at one point. It wouldn't came up to him and said his picture of golf course, and he started drawing that. And then he started throwing all these courses so much so that he sort of became this urban legend and Gulf digest did a whole feature on all these brilliant pictures that he'd drawn and then groups involved into women. Should he really have been convicted turns out another bloke like right after his conviction on on a motive chart said, no, no, I actually did it and yet Valentine feeling prison this time. Now he's gun. So basically they went through all this and they said, you know what you've time enough for the illegal weapons charge so that he's been released now and it was actually through Georgetown Georgetown. Did this big project legal center. Yeah, that is Nicholson. Aren't they? The ones trying to solicit in jail? I think that that typically around convicted out though. Yeah, yes, but it's a fascinating story and so we will have old radio when we return. Yes, mine correct order and Jeff, MAs well and Jeff incorrect order. Even though this show is completely out of your taking this actually on Monday, I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show so everybody knows how much I love this. The lows have because it's gunmetal talking about these things. 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I like to go around the yard with one of those little things that cuts branches. The little hand. I like that. I got yesterday afternoon that gave me great pleasure going down at the bottom near the ruining stuff. That's what I like to do. So of craftsman Mejia's of Prunier with a three degree art swing to get into the really narrow spots down by the roots. I'd love that shop the new home, craftsman today of lows dot com. Slash Tony, that's lows dot com. Slash Tony, you're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is old guy radio for the day over my best wishes. Nigel pick this sugar sugar by the Archie who are made up through. From the studio musicians who wrote the song, wrote this voice in heart. That she written by a seat on Kirsch that he writes, he is the group. No, it was Jeter berry Jeff, Barry, Barry, Greenwich and Barry. Yes. All written by Jeff. Very ninety. Kim. A why Mandy, Kim whose other big it was a rocky Jim. Yes. And apparently this song hit number one on this day in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine nine years ago. They there for eight weeks. Yep. Yeah. It's an infectious terrible song infection. Apparently it was as not sure I've ever. Ever ordered this part playing right now, but. Second-set apparently offered it to the monkeys. And Mike Ness, myth as the legend goes, put his fist through all. Absolutely not fused to do this song and obviously was a huge hit a very big hip. Yes, but they're invented groups couldn't soar right? Because it's just stadium is Jeff marr joins us. Now, Jeff had another good week. He was three into which is not as good as first week three and one, but he's six, three overall, his podcast is called bet the process with Rufus t firefly what is Rupe is Dottie thrifty. Thrifty bodies such a great name firefly Groucho Marx. Groucho Marx, local kid and big Redskins fan. What was that? Right? Isn't that right? Cool Rufus. He is local and here the big Red Sox fan? Yes. All have to be a big Red Sox fan. To be honest roof is five fly from duck soup. Cacho Marx's Rufus firefly. So what have you got Jeff. Sadly, I think we're finally jumping off the Cleveland Brown and wagon and we're getting onto the New York sets wagon plus the three tonight. It's, you know, an interesting situation where even though Cleveland is, oh one on one, the perception is all of a sudden that they're playing much better to our offenses. They're often has really not been that good. It's their four point five yards per play, which is the fifth worst. Melito and the jets have been much better offense. Early in the season. Offense tends to be much more predictive. Like if you're really good offensively, it means that you're probably going to be better offense throughout the season. And just defense has been pretty strong tops, four in the league in terms of yard per play, allowed at four point eight. So I just like the jets getting the points here that the one thing that people could say is like, how in the world where you know Cleveland has not. Wanna game and what whatever amount of years should they be giving three points to anyone, right. Oh, I like the jets plus three points. Okay. What else. And then moving onto Sunday New Orleans is is probably been the most disappointing teams too many people as I mentioned, Rupe Rufus p firefly guess Tif firefly. Yes, Keefe I fly. He, he them ranked as the number one Team New Orleans going into the season. So what are we to make of the first two games of the season where their defense had been abysmal wealth. As I mentioned, offense is a little bit more predictive than defense, and there have been a still quite strong in terms of yards per play, though the number sixteen at six point two yards per play better. That Atlanta who's been the number ten team. I actually think these two teams are, are you know, New Orleans still a little better than Lanta. I think New Orleans will sort out their defense and again, getting three points, I'll take New Orleans. Wait, I think is the better team. Okay. Now we're gonna move on to a team that's getting their quarterback and the Philadelphia Eagles. The really this line is low. I don't know. What are you guys seeing? I'm fixing six and a half. Six and a half or six and a half. Snap? Yeah, obviously likes it better. Six. We'll still take it at six and a half. The difference between Wentz and fold is is obviously huge here, and I think that you know, people are gonna expect wants to be rusty what people also forget how good once was and how good he is credible, and he's incredible from fantasy standpoint, but also from the standpoint of real football making plays, and I expect Phillies to roll here. There has been still quite solid and then getting back, we'll be really great for them. Okay. And then a team and then team that I've ridden most of the season already Cincinnati. I like them plus the three points. Against Carolina Carolina's d is actually been below average this year, which would surprise many people, and you know, ofensive -ly that they'd been okay. But since he's been a much better team on on both sides of the ball, and I expect them to continue to play well in this game, again, getting three points with the team that I think is the better team. It's is the is the value that I'll take Cincinnati. The one sure bet is at someone will be will be flagged for targeting thrown out of the game because that happens, although perfect I think is still suspended. So he's unlikely to be that guy, but they, there's two surprising teams, obviously, Cincinnati and Tampa Bay so far right that you'd say that. Did you know that all all al-sirri Florida teams are undefeated so far this year? No, really? Yeah. No difference dolphins. I didn't know the dolphins. Oh, well, is this these games? You take you there anymore? That because we're fine the four games picking. Okay, thank you, Jack tone out point this out of the six underdogs Jeff has taken so far this season five have won outright. So with three three point dogs, there's a nice little money line. We j. we, we've been listeners and the the podcast. Doing versus the monkey so far you're beating the monkey monkeys, five hundred hundred plus three. You're crushing the monkey at the moment at the moment. It could be on sees plug your podcast, plug it that that the protests we drop it every Thursday we give out college picks NFL pick than we talked about the industry, the whole and all the news that's happening these days and analyze, sort of like what the mainstream media talking about. The sort of shows that are on some of the major networks which are kind of popping up everywhere. Now, thank you Jeff. Talk to you next week. We like Jeff, do Jeff Mont. What did I want to talk about? So Mike, Lynn yesterday, first of all, had a great dinner last night. Listen, Ron came over Michael and Liz and baby boy Buzi came over. So my dog. This is an interesting thing when people come over to the house chessy the dog is very happy and goes outside with them and drags Visby in her mouth and encourages them to throw frisbees look. All of that you have to attend to her first and then she's good for the rest of the night, but she guest, you mean yes. But she also one of the things that she does is she she does not nap while people are at the house. The dog does not nap so that because the dog is especially with baby boy Buzi walking. Now, the dog has likes the baby much more and goes up to the baby and doesn't knock the baby down or anything, but looks the baby in the face a seventy five pound dog. And so sometimes this annoys the baby born to baby is now on the same height lane as the dog before when you'd hold the baby, she just wanted what was ever in your arms. And now that he's on the ground there, like two ships crossing the night. He she's always aware him, but she no longer needs to be right there on top of it, but she becomes concerned with him. So when everybody leaves, the dog goes to sleep for ten hours the dog just like I could barely get the dog awake. It's morning. Dog spend so much doors you dog is worn out. So Michael knife vigilant, Mike, the night yesterday, we played great use for baby boy Buzi wearing out the dog. It's a corollary benefit. We didn't really expect fit chessy Seattle with a small sample. We put the baby on. So this is this is about the dinner. I don't. I don't mean to embarrass my wife, but we are texting with Liz and Ron about dinner for the evening and bring it all, you know, break fast looks at me were in the car. Why are we gonna have breakfast for dinner? Well, it's a different honest mistake blurted every learn all this chatter platter. Yes, we did was wonderful. We, we all had a really good time. Great. I'm in during the afternoon as I do. I've talked about this before my. You're not work. Of course. Yes. I will not work on Yom Kippur, but I will play golf. And you could say that's convenient rationale because you like to play dolphin. I would say that's too. I'm guilty of that, but I also feel a certain spirit. Rally on a golf course, then I don't feel anywhere else. Michael was kind enough to play with me and Michael play. Well, I did Michael shot one under very, I didn't wanna posted number publicly, but one under. I think those who criticize you don't understand what the golf course means to you and to our relationship. And it really is when you see the light filtering through the trees, when you hear the birdsong when you realize that you're just alone with your thoughts and for the two of us alone with each other, and you actually get to pause and you have that space for reflection. It makes a lot more sense and you get to hit it. Get straight to your ball, hit me under three hours. Three. We had the chorus bit pretty much. I wouldn't. Yes. It was not a big, Yom Kippur, crowded Irish Catholic club. That's right. So, but it was it was wet, lift, clean and place and stuff like that. But you know, Michael played, I was thrilled played good. I played good, but Michael play, she seventy five. I seventy five. I got. Right around. I think I broke ninety. You broke ninety. I think it's pretty happening outbreak in ninety. Two really good par sees for you. Yeah, I was. I was happy about that. So I did say this because we did talk to Chuck and we do have Chris here and Chuck said he believed that now it tilted a little bit more and that the confirmation of bread cavenaugh might be more likely than he felt it was the other day. I, he brought up that thing that you think Cavanaugh would like to have the FBI investigation. That always if somebody doesn't want an FBI investigation, that always leads me to conclusions that are not pleasant for that person. But I perhaps I'm just clutching at straws there. I'm wondering what is your feeling now? Well, so I, I take a little bit of issue with Chuck in that he said, why does he wanna be supreme court Justice with an asterisk? The first part of that's more important than faster because he'd be at some court Justice. Yes. I think it is more likely today than it was. Then it has been at any time since we found out about this which is affecting last Friday, but really Sunday afternoon when Christine Blasi Ford came full where I think it is more likely there. I do think this is a, this is not a, this is a created timeline by Republicans to say, well, it has to be Monday or it's not at all, but they have managed to rally, Susan Collins and other people like Pete could be right, could be off the board and make that make things more complicated. They've managed to rally people behind this idea that if she does not show up on Monday, they are proceeding to vote. I believe it's no scheduled for Wednesday. And that that will be it. I, you know, took Grassley that Senate Judiciary committee chairman set a deadline of about sleepy on ten AM ten. On Friday morning to have her making decision. Her attorneys continue to suggest that it's not happening. You know, it's sort of a game of chicken. I think at this point she's going to have to be the one who blinks because if she doesn't, they're just going to proceed. I think there is risk in that. I think Democrats are headed to a very good election in forty six, seven days regardless. I think this could make it even more. So you'll remember that after the Nita hill thing that was ninety. One ninety two the year, the woman big gains for for Democrats think he may see something similar, but I do think if you were a betting person today, as of this second, he is more likely to be confirmed the not her testifying would significantly complicate that to you think she will testify at the moment that's to say winning. I'm gonna say no, because I say that cavenaugh is better than a fifty fifty chance to get confirmed. I think if if if at eight fifty three a tweet comes out. Says she's testifying. I think his chances go down again just because of the public spectacle how we know those things play out. The likelihood she would come across as credible person doesn't mean that you know, I don't think we're ever going to know what the capital t. truth is here, but I think that would go down her, not testifying seems to me to put him back on schedule. I'll we'll take a break. We'll come back with Email and jingles. Yes, that's right. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. Tony's back. Got your emails, faxes, new notes here comes Tony's back on every some for all you fall. Of course, in east craves not Gary blonde. Fabulous. Thanks, Chuck Todd from meet the press. Let me thank our predictive expert, Jeff, Ma let me thank today sponsors, lows Spotify, seek remember to listen and subscribe to archived episodes of the Tony Kornheiser show wherever you listen to podcasts, including apple, podcasts, Spotify, Google play. If you listen to show tunes, please leave us a review. It's not raining today. It's a beautiful day. Alex came down from New York City. I'm brought us black and white cookies from his arrows and a couple of Hollas. Awesome. Boy. From Dennis McCann in Bayfield, Wisconsin brewer fan here. Just wanting to thank you all for sending geo to God six shutout innings, Wednesday night and no muttering around the mound like the GIO. You remember, we'll happily take your gas talks. Is Harper doing anything next month? It is painful to see that it's the Blake trial and roll painful. Yes, it's it is it's honestly painful from Tim in San Antonio made the pilgrimage to chatter this morning. Fortunately, the metro didn't catch fire. I'll have some tribute you in the gang was wondering if I get a birthday shout out to my wife, Melissa and the rest of the men and women of the three hundred eighty six expeditionary civil engineering squadron. We're currently deployed. Melissa may not be a full blown little yet, but I'm working on it. She claims she doesn't know enough about the topic to discuss but tell her not to worry today solicit exactly. None of us. Thank you. Entertain not only on this show but also on in the military as well. You shows always being smiles and a small taste of home to all those deployed. Cheeser. Thank you very much. Hey. Tony one Mason Ohio, many years ago at our wedding rehearsal and a Catholic church. The best man was instructed to hold the holy water. I am not Catholic, but the woman whom I was soon to be related by marriage is so I asked the snarky questioned the priest father Jean, our best man Ed is of the tribe. And so I in quiet as the one would happen if he spilled holy water on himself fought Jean said Ed would become uncircumcised. Needless to say, I tried to jostle at both at the rehearsal and during the wedding to witness a miracle twenty-six years later, my bride and best manners still around surprisingly eat at solicit, met me with Anthony Beason and when I was in Cincinnati, Mike from Burke Virginia, congratulations. You have officially passed into Khajah with your statement that you enjoyed the in memoriam segment. Did you break it down by the phones and below the fold they want or not one sex last twenty years of my grandmother's life. She started her day by carefully analyzing the obits in the Greenwich newspaper after stabbing that our own name was not contained therein. She looked for friends enemies and deaths in really good neighborhoods last one because nobody enjoyed good, a stint, like my grandmother condolences on all of those deaths from Mike in Burke Virginia. And by the way, Tim, San Antonio says to tell Mike in Burke, Virginia walk who was so I guess they're both both alums Brian Rigsby in Ilan North Carolina. I want to share with you. My k. moment this week, my stepdaughter Kendra was helping out on a promotional photo. Shoot. When she came in from the first day, I asked her who was the photo shoot for she said, some male clothing line, Johnny, something she has not heard of them. I shouted Johnny. Oh, she said, yeah, that was them. I explained the Johnny was advertising all the time on the podcast. I told her to the next day she needed to have the models give the TK salute when they posed an NC. If she could get me a big box of that, the impossible. Handsome, John, John O'Donnell from Justin Johnson in Arlington Virginia, correct me if I'm wrong, but the national should actually have an easier time getting into the playoffs now that lebrons no longer the first true? Yes, Kevin Duffy and Williamson, Michigan. It was unearthed to listen Tuesday, Tory Gary Nigerian, Michael glibly agreed to hop aboard that pot, token rocket, Manny Lon Musk's upcoming space, x moon mission. I'm not getting on. Musk is the founder of tesla. Everyone knows about Tesla's issues with their self driving cars, catching on fire, but did the TK rocketeers know that in two thousand seventeen tesla recalled fifty, three thousand of the seventy six thousand models sold in two thousand sixteen because a break you could cause the car to become completely immobilized forever. So yeah, go ahead and let the guy designs cars that don't move. Shoot you into outer space. It's clear that you're the only rational person that chatter HMO man. Dan, that is saying something we're going to the move from Michael Gorski in Rockville we have hosted break, faster young for several years, and that relatively small crowd of twenty. This year we provided usual assortment of bagels locks, exile, whitefish, veggies and drinks, and our guests what they can bring this year. We got offers of dips fruit flowers. One in numerous desserts. My sister-in-law graciously volunteer to make to noodle Koogle's at the end of the evening. She started packing up the remaining Kogel to take my wife said she would like some of the cocoa for leftovers. My sister-in-law refused saying, what did you cook? My wife somewhat bit her tongue. It's not easy for her to do, but added that. We did just also have them dinner for much shuttle last week who deserves the Koogle. We manage to keep three pieces. That sounds like a great fight. That sounds like a great fight if you're out on the bites as always everyone do where, why don't. Wrong. Back. Who. Two, three foul. I will.

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