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Episode 62: Masvidal, Ferguson, Covington, Velasquez in studio, Cyborg, more


Today's episode of area. Ma Show contains explicit language that may not be suitable for all audiences listener discretion is advised. Hey gentlemen welcome to early and <hes> <music> back in your life on this in September two thousand and nineteen one. I'm area welcome back to the program. Hope you had a lovely weekend interesting in one in the world of mixed martial arts a lot has happened since we last spoke last Tuesday in fact I would say to really big things happened since we last spoke number one on UFC two forty to happen and in particular hubby retained his UFC lightweight title he defeated does support you in the third round via submission. It was is a very impressive performance look. I had some concerns that may be. He became a little too famous. That may be all this was his head. He has become one of the most famous fighters of all time in my opinion he's probably number two most famous Muslim athlete in the world today behind Mosala Liverpool F C and so this whole event was built around him and he was the star and you wonder you know we've seen this happen before we've seen fame and money change fighters later. They take their foot off the gas. You wonder how they're going to respond. He responded as impressively as ever just as dominant as ever. He was suffocating. He was stifling. I fling he was I mean he was aggressive. In their first round I thought it was ten eight against covering his face relentless not letting him breathe plus you consider the heat in there must have been miserable for Dustin Pori credit came back in the second round had his moments very early on on the feet but again later on it was more of Habibur Mogomedov and then of course in the third round there was that teen choke which looked like it could it could have submitted him. It looked like it was tight. It looked like he had locked it in but credit once again to Habib gets out and then eventually he is able to finish Dustin poor great win ended on a very good note jumping out of the cage hugging Dana white the T he shirt swap donating or saying that he would donate the proceeds of the t shirt that he was wearing portrays t shirt as good fight foundation. You can help but feel for Emporia guy who we have followed now for ten years a guy who's journey. We've become emotionally invested in thanks to documentaries like fight fill and all the great work that he's done. He's just one of the good people in the sport and so it was it was hard to watch him. That's sad and heartbroken. Afterwards I remember interviewing him. After his loss to Chanson junk in Fairfax Virginia Back in two thousand twelve he was on the cusp of a title shot in lost that fight came backstage to do the interview with fuel TV and was just absolutely heartbroken. This was ten times times worse but he will be back and he's one of the great representatives of the sport and that was that was quite the scene as we expected in Abu Dhabi and so now we hope they're gonNa make the Tony Ferguson fight. We hope that will finally get to see it. They've tried four times in the past. Khabib is now twelve. Tony Ferguson has won twelve in a row. These two guys have to fight the fifth time has to be the charm. This has to be the fight no if ands or buts none of this if Tony accepts it. We'll I'll go to kind of know it has to be the fight unequivocally. There needs to be a resolution to the Tony Ferguson Hubby Magamodov story and I think conor should fight the winner of just engaged fevers Donald Surani. That's this weekend in Vancouver but that's the fight that needs to happen and so we'll see if it happens later in the show. We'll talk to Tony Ferguson about the fight last week. We had him on the show. Now we'll get his thoughts on the fight so that was one of the big stories but then of course another big story maybe even a bigger story it was the UFC getting the Nathan versus whore Hey Maswadeh fight done November second Madison Square Garden the Mecca the world's most famous arena main event five rounds no title that's it Mas Vidal D. S. three zero five for two. Oh nine east coast gangster west coast gangster b. m. f. title quote unquote on the line. They got it done and what a wild journey was to get that fight done if you go the ESPN DOT com slash enemy right now. I'll tell you step by step how they got it done. They sort back doored into it. After his win over Anthony Edison mid August they sent out feelers. It seemed like they were too far apart. They looked at Kobe COVINGTON versus. Tomorrow's man that was the fight they won on it. That's the fight they ended up on for. MSG unfortunately they couldn't get a deal done with Kobe Comington and then they couldn't get a deal done with Kamaruzaman in the midst of that they decided they would do mas vidal versus men they gotta deal done with Mazal but they couldn't get a deal done with Kamaruzaman in fact they even threatened to strip Comorros men and and took away all his fighter guests fighter duties in Abu Dhabi and then they talked to Leon Edwards about a vacant title fight we almost had Leon Edwards versus Jorges Mazda Al Vacant title fight at MSG November second but in the midst of that they sent one last hail Mary to Stockton Tonight The S. and this this time he bit and this time he was eager this time he was interested in fact before the fight was done twenty four hours before the flight was done and so much could happen that twenty four hours Bakti started his training camp. That's how into this fight. He is. That's how eager he is to get this done and then Thursday afternoon. They got it done done Thursday five pm eastern they got done Friday night. They got it signed announced it on Saturday credit to them for making the a credit to them for recognizing that you don't need a title to headline cards all the time some fights some fighters are big titles credit to Maswadeh. Ds for what they have have done fighters with double digit losses on the record they are that big this fight is that big it doesn't matter it matters what they've done right now and what they we are doing right now and Maswadeh red hot with the win over Darren till in March and of course the win over Ben Aspirin in July and we know about what Nate Diaz has become so this has turned turned into one of the biggest fights of the year and it could be one of the biggest fights of all time at the Mecca Adams. She is phenomenal. My one asks is this whole title stuff. Love look at that Bill Right there and W. O. Belt that belt was cool because Hogan and company spray painted it on their own. You get what I'm saying not because the Promotion Ocean. WCW handed it to them. You don't make that belt. Let those guys make the belt. Let it be a rogue belt. Let it be like how shale walked up with his belt. That's that's what made it cool if you hand it to them. It's not cool anymore. It's sort of like the fate or sweater stuff. It stopped being cool once the promotion started talking about it so much so so I'm down for the title but it has to come from the fighters it has to be the people's title it can't be from promotion because it makes it less cool and quite frankly sort of devalue your belt also because what's next data's man on the planet built best hair on the planet belt biggest gut on the planet but like where do we stop so I like it. I love the fact that they're letting their hair down. I love the fact that the loosening the caller I love the fact that it's on the Promo I love all of that and more I love it. I love the fact that this is fun. This is cage fighting. It's supposed to be fun. It's okay to tip your cap pro wrestling. This is pro wrestling. I'm down with that but I just feel like their lines. That can't be crossed. I'm a stickler for that sort of thing subtlety subtlety nuance. I can't wait November second so those are the big stories are so much to dissect from two forty two today's hot show. I'm excited. We've got a lot of big names. We've got a lot of people we've got an in studio guest. There's a lot going on. Let me run down the lineup and we'll get to our first guest of the day four or five eastern time. We're going to be joined by Mr Three. Oh five that man right there the pride of Westchester the pride of Miami the pride a Florida the man who came from the backyard's the man who came from the under cards of of the Kimball slice barbecue balls the man who has reinvented his career this year the man who went to London and knocked out there until the man who went to Las Vegas and score the fast dot. UC history of the man who will compete against Nathan es on November Second Madison Square Garden Hor hey mother be dial is gonNA join us at four O. Five yes. I can't wait at around three fifty. We'll be joined by the reigning defending Bela Tor heavyweight and light heavyweight away champion defeated Czech Congo on Saturday actually he didn't I sort of you to defeat but the fight ended in a no contest. It was a weird one. I poke all that's just bizarre Dr. I've watched the footage a million times. It doesn't seem like an eye poke. I don't know what to make of it anyway. We'll get his thoughts and then we'll get his thoughts on the brawl with rampage Jackson and brawl altercation fractious Brouhaha whatever you WANNA call it. There was a thing that happened. People got pushed bras a little much. I take that back but you know what I'm saying the thing the fender bender Francis whatever anyway Todd Duffy's also gonNA join us he is back. Todd Duffey is back Jack this Saturday. I can't wait four and a half years. It's been since his last fight. Todd Duffy's fighting Geoff Hughes Saturday in Vancouver. This is the fight fight almost looking forward to forget about Gates Aronie. It's their turn of Duff Man. We'll talk to him. We'll talk to Tony Ferguson three thirty disclaimer. I spoke to Tony Ferguson. Listen on Saturday. He wanted to talk immediately. After forty two portion of that conversation aired on sportscenter the entire conversation airs today first time I've ever done that. Cave Velazquez will join us in Studio Luder Cain mask and all competes Sunday Madison Square Garden AAA he'll join us in studio at around two twenty five five to five. We'll be joined by Chris cyborg newest member of belvoir mommy she was revealed at the event on Saturday in San Jose Scott Coker is on the show last Tuesday today to help explain the news. We'll talk to two five Colby Covington. I'm one forty-five we'll get his take on what happened with WHO's been fi why he's not fighting. MSG Is he's still gonNA fight. Newsman is everything screwed up what is going on with Kobe won twenty five. We'll talk to have your Mendez. Who of course was in the corner of Habibur Magomedov Saturday Habib giving him a shout-out and his father great moment there? We'll talk to the head man over at the American Kickboxing Academy but first. Let's go back to the woman who had a massive have win. Saturday feature pre limb defeated Andrea. Lee ended her eight fight winning streak the pride of Scotland the pride of Glasgow our good friend bad mo fo Joe herself. Joanne Calderwood is kind enough to join US two weeks in a row. What a great pleasure? This is what a nice treat. Let's go to Las Vegas right now and and say hello to Joanne Call Dir would issue there okay. We lost her after all that talk about then Anthony Okay we'll connect with join corwin moments. What a great win for her on Saturday feature feature prelims she gets back on track after losing to Kaitlin Kagan back in June frustrated with that performance frustrated with that fight felt like Caitlin Keagan didn't come to fight for like she was to elusive ran away belief belief fight on Saturday? It was a fun one. It was like a multi fight mixed with some take downs here or there in particular in the third round but it was it was a lot of striking and in the end and Joanne Calderwood won a close one but I thought she deserved to win as you see right over there split decision victory on Saturday and now the big question Russian is does she get a title shot. Is there anyone else out there who can fight against Valentina Shevchenko at one hundred twenty five pounds that remains to be seen it was. It's obviously a notable. Her Post fight interview was was memorable talking about how she was in quote unquote not in the good-looking way she wore that rash guard will ask her about it but I was told from her manager Danny Room seeing that she wore it to pay respects to the culture in the UAE. It was incredibly hot over there. I was told that there were issues with the cooling system with the air conditioning with the ventilation a lot of fighters were huffing and puffing and their post post fight interviews. Don't know how much actually affected performances per se there were some fighters early on who were saying that it was hard to breathe and look. UFC's you've seen going back to Abu Dhabi four times. At least they've got to figure this out. A lot of fighters are probably going to say that they don't want to fight on these cars if it's that hot will see what one of them had to say about the experience of fighting in Abu Dhabi. Do we have joined Calderwood. Yes I am sorry that Oh very stressful told me can we facetime or is this okay. Do it this way okay. I don't know what was going on there. I can hear you are in your manager yeah but the thing is we always say how can we had their spoke spoke again like we here and it doesn't work so I believe me. You're okay you can blame me. It's kind of funny. It worked perfectly when you were in Abu Dhabi but but it's not working when you're in Las Vegas go figure on that one but it's all good congratulations on the win. Let me first ask you. How's your eye because you revealed afterwards on social media that you actually suffered a pretty gnarly cut before the flight? How's it feeling now? It's vein like you can see what was guard come. My main concern was because they say I had ahead of me. I knew it was gonna be a tough one and and they cut it came at a time and a place so I was just worried for debate but luckily it didn't open Nuton and now I can relax a little bit one on and it's fine. I'm putting some scar treatment on it and it will be good to go. How did you suffer the cut? I show an Roxanne's hips and she's got the sharpest childbearing kept I've ever and as is not the first thing that I've got like a black okay yeah concussion hitting her head so yeah it was it was yeah. How many times does it happen? Ah Eh twice before so this is the third time only guys think Glen and the funny thing. Is that like that was my last last barn before we went tabby Dahbi I fought before when we were not close like me best. You'd wear my box in helmet. I can't say session and default went through my mind and I didn't do it and then I suffered the first day of my career in life that really yeah how many stitches okay not too bad. Do you feel like you sort of like now. That was like a right of passage such now you got the first cut out of your way so kind of late in your career too bad well. I've been doing this for twenty years and I mean I've caught a lot of people I feel like Carmo. We'd come back but it's not about me yet so I must say. I think it's a it's a nice badge of honor but I have to say Joanne. I'm watching the fight and we sort of. I mentioned this on your instagram but I thought you were kidding. I'm watching the fight and I notice there's no shaved head shave side head. I don't know what the cool kids call. What do you call that aside head shaved head? I don't know you know what I'm talking about right. The side of your head was not shaved and we've already talked about how this is a ritual tool and somewhat of a good luck charm. You've been doing for years and I started to get very nervous that it would work against you first off. Why did you decide not to get the haircut this time you know what since I left Scotland and Scotland ahead they're really good day barber there and she'd always done a great job and and I just felt like I've found that next birth to do it and like I can for that it was like Parr my ritual before for I would go away? I would go see her and I would get done and I just can't a- unless of course like your get sales a wants to compensate me for a haircut in this kind of thing then <hes> enjoy that but yeah just and right now I'm like in between you go into a and ever never shaven again really that's it. It's over love this ritual. I know kids like no. I saw the pictures from stay. I'm like Oh. We're so why you may not want to save it ever again. Then I just like I say I've never fair finding someone that really done a great job that I'm crazed Lov in that I really look forward to going back to so and I've just yeah just never found that Barbour Tobar the one well. I'm GonNa work on this for you because I feel like this is a ritual that needs to remain but you did win. You did look very good in the fight so maybe there's something to that. Maybe it's good to switch things up you also also there's a lot of changes because you were wearing the rash guard but from what I understand you were doing this to pay respects to the culture right yeah for sure I like anyone. Anyone seemed me I have covered in tattoos and I just wanted to cannot pay my respect and gas I done for this fe and for the Oakland Marquette and obviously we can't really long Lanigan and oval man that would have been hot and the fate Armagan but yeah just wanted to show my respect okay. How long into the flight did you regret that decision so we actually asked to referee Commission before rural like 'cause I was feeling in the back even like everyone done on a great job in the SEC was tremendous but he's can't like that? He is just <hes> control and and we actually asked was any chance I could take it F- I got really hall are F I really wanted to take off and could I take off in between rungs and those minute a minute between Ryan's go really fast and everyone I think about my and I don't even think include had time and I just feel very end of the fate like I'm overheating here. Have you ever fought in conditions like that before. Yeah fought in Thailand twice in open arena and obviously they're they have a whole climate due honest and why like you're there so can you walk in between runs and you don't know 'cause I was comparing the two fate and <hes> yeah in Thailand like the drenching war and it's like ice cold water so I really felt like that was a different time. You couldn't do that right yeah but you know I like being hot. My I like is good for bodies ladies especially what we're doing to be hard and can I and I do like like intriguing like always even in Scotland. Are you saw his day and want my boy. Did you feel that warmth that yeah. There's a difference between feeling warm and being on oven yes and by the way I love the post fight interview after you said that you're really hot and not in the good looking kind of way making light of the whole situation of the female version of the Derek Lewis infamous post interview. I don't know if you try to pay homage to Derrick Lewis or was that just how you were feeling in the moment yeah I always feel not in the moment I would just say they're my boys are hot to get. Let's call a short down there. I don't know how people would take that. You Know Ah Yeah. Let's say the UFC fighting Abu Dhabi again next year considering those conditions. Would you do it again or do you feel like that. It was too much <hes> that I loved the WHO fight we can expedience there that stadium. I like to think that they've bought that for as I was I was I was really really proud to be part of that a whole expansion again my second so you're frustrated with the Caitlyn chicane fight this time around like you feel like you were in a fight. Were you happy with what Andrea brought to the table if felt like a fun fight. It felt like you were engaged the whole time it felt almost like a multi fight with a few take downs sprinkled throughout. Did you like the fight better yeah. I love those kind of face and that's just a fair I am. I like going on where someone that wants to knock me. Oh our standard intrigued west me and I just feel you like like even right and I feel like I've been on the fate after the CAITLYN. I did not feel like I had been fate and I just feel like I call me crazy. I love those kind of fate. was there any doubt in your mind that you you didn't win the fight. It was a close one. It was tough to score full disclosure. I scored a for you twenty nine twenty eight but it was tough and one of the judges gave it to her. What did you think before they announced it <hes>? I was nervous but you know I I done what I like. <hes> came and I don I could and I felt like I pushed more. <hes> I know I was gutted not left up to the judge again so I was just kind of <hes> being hard on myself but and also I knew it will macos fake so yeah I was nervous that relief descended. I haven't any name so afterwards you know especially in your way class you know there aren't a lot of contenders you mentioned getting a big fight or even Valentina Shift Janko. Do you really feel like you are ready for Valentina Shevchenko now yeah and I feel like I've put that like I'm fighting goes talk. Talk Phase Right now. I've I'm tied if are for the most and when the the final decision I've got there the more significant and strikes right now and I just feel like I'm say and I always bring it and I look forward to Kinda fate and I want to challenge myself and I feel like I've been doing this for a very long time my career being very up and down but it's brought me to this moment and I'm the best I've ever seen in my career and I've found we're I'm supposed to be in. It couldn't how how can they came last week. When we spoke you were talking about you know I'm not thinking of the title that was a mistake going into the fight like you said all the right things but now that the fight is over in reality where you really not thinking about the implications and the title shot like where you really able to successfully block that all out yeah? I'm always on a few Arrow but you know sometimes fighters will say something. I'm certainly not climbing yeah. It was the best camping in tons. I endured and all that no no honestly like for that for that can put was so much noise and even when I went to media day I was feeling drained from that because it was so the same questions came again and stuffing and that yeah I just made a fact does myself in the mind not to think about that and she was even there you know so and so our fate we can stuff so it's always going to be in the backyard mind but it's just no Sin Sen feelings and don't want something just like 'cause yeah. I very important tough eight on. I'm sure they do that and I just kept on made to myself that way. You can ask you <hes> probably the most important question I could ask you. Why on twitter are you Dr Nevil but on on Instagram your bad Mojo because into out my fate our heads? They told me I couldn't have died lawful Georgia on a EH. Was it Fox that we were on yeah yeah so I had to change my back then I don't even know if I had an combat the main thing that I was using twitter in the main thing that they needed was a twitter and I change my name but but now that that's no longer an issue one align them and make them the same name yeah we we actually discussed that means Johnny this weekend. We're GONNA Bunny make that happen but I kinda like the doctor naval. That's good yeah that's good. Yes Dan he's. He's GonNa be so mad because he wanted you to talk about the t shirt you're wearing last week. He was bothering me all week about this because flight. We can't see you so now. I can ask you about the t shirt. He's GonNa be heartbroken yea yes. Let's just tell him that I've got that one right now let's and so I noticed that in the brief moment that you were on before and so in conclusion Joanne. Let's just say right now. No one wants to fight Valentina. Everyone's afraid of her. No one wants US fight. You want the fight. You're going to be the one to unseat here. Are you GONNA be the one to give her. I lost his accurate or inaccurate <noise>. Yeah I know for a fact she wants to fade before the end of the year so and I was glad she could in my <hes> tied up for November there fainting member a I guess guys and your and obviously she she's coming off a loss and let commercial just lost their so right now that leaves me so I'm ready and I'm actually on my way to Jim after I speak to you and you know we're just GONNA get straight back at it and be ready all right. I love it signed me up. Congratulations Joann great performance great wind very happy few despite all the changes. You prove that you don't need to to be superstitious that it's all about what you doing there so congrats well done to you and thank you for doing this. Sorry about the tech issues at the top so I would you say my phone doors yeah. Thank you have a youtube. We'll talk to you soon there. She is Joanne Calderwood. Aka Dr Nevil AK bad mo fo Jo-jo so that was the feature prelims but of course main event biggest story of the week Habib. No Ma'am returns after an eleven month layoff defeats dust emporia ed who is the man he was shouting out afterwards of course he was shouting at his dad who's in his quarter for the first time but he was also shouting out the King of San Jose Mr Javier Mendez who's back back from Abu Dhabi joining us right now have you. How are you congratulations on the win? I'm doing good. How are you thanks thanks? Are you tired <hes> yeah. I'm super tired well. You look tired but I'm sure the jetlag and all that is a little more. It's easier to digest coming off a win an experience like that. Could I ask you even before the fight like what is it like being with Habib in the Middle East preparing for fight of that magnitude like he came across as a megastar biggest star just watching on television. What is it like being by his side throughout that whole process while I've never experienced <hes> being pampered too? It's much more on this by men everywhere. He went he had he had undercover police. Officers following them everywhere I mean he's beaten catered catered to in every way but you know the thing about him as it didn't change anything who he is or what he's all about all those luxuries but like I did a little go a little instagram post that you know yeah you know he made he may be having the luxuries of a of a Ferrari type but he's still taking over that you know and it's all true it's amazing to see how popular is I know you spent some time with him in Dagestan. Is it possible that he's more popular in the Middle East. He is back home or is that a little bit of a stretch right now. That's a little bit of Australia. He's easing back actually Russia Russia. He is really very immensely popular everywhere but I don't think he's more popular than he is at home. Okay Osh myself you know was shocked at how popular I am in Russia's is crazy. Is it a little surreal fee like you see this guy comes to your. Jim Doesn't speak English now all these years later like that. He's I think he's the second most famous Muslim athlete in the world very close to a soccer player named most La and at some point he might over like he's. He's he's on a different stratosphere. We have seen very few fighters reach the level of fame that he's at. Is this this kind of crazy for you. Did you expect this yeah I did I actually did I was actually prepping him a while back that you know like with Muhammad Ali why I consider Muhammad Ali the greatest of all time is not just because what he did inside is what he did outside the to me I consider Mohammadi the greatest boxer of all time not because of the ring accomplishments but because he was as a as a person outside so I kinda thought Huckabee was potentially in line to go that route to because news of the mess popularity of of being a Muslim fighter in being one of the few and only ones that are out there so there were some concerns about the way cut. Could you tells tells how did it go in the end. <hes> there was never any concerns about the way I don't know where the hell that game from all for maybe previous things I mean I read which was talking about all these media obligations and etc etc but men have training every day and actually you know this is the first time that I actually was involved with the whole way cut in the whole process man. I didn't even know how much this guy works out. He works out twice a day. He was working on twice a day. We working out on Friday. We worked out the way cut then we worked at night you know after the way cut then we worked out in the morning before the fight is like I've never ever experienced that before you used to call me all the time and as we have house away cut go. I don't know if they're happy made me show up a really it was all about and and here he is even berries. I did this GRANDPA's him eaten berries doing his weight cut you know and now he had no problem with ah but I think in the past I think he had problems with it but not this time around considering how much has changed in his life and the fame and the fact that this whole event was built around him deep down inside their concerns from your perspective about you been around the fight game you become super famous. Maybe you don't have that killer instinct anymore you. You don't have that desire to work. I mean clearly he was working really hard but was there any part of us like K. Hopefully this doesn't go to our head what we're still as focuses ever even before. We were champion where you worried about that at all. No I wasn't worried about that at all because you know he was training harder than ever but you know when we were in in the in the dressing room right getting ready to go. I was was noticing. Why the heck is he taking his damn time? I'd like go. Have we gotta because just let me watch watches fight. GotTa get warmed up the you know. The commission guys are out there. Hey we gotta get dubbed up and Etcetera Etcetera and I'm like what the hell this is something different and I didn't realize to after after is that he was so concerned about his teammates being you know they wanted him to win. I'll the other Russia would fighters that didn't win. You know so he was really it was really bothering him. You you know so that was something different you know and I didn't realize that laughter when he did the interview <hes> the press conference. He said that he doesn't WanNa fight when any of his teammates around on the same card because it bothers them too much yeah. We've heard that from other fighters before but he looked phenomenal that first round was amazing. I thought it was a ten round beginning of the second second on the feet. You thought okay maybe for a moment dustin. Could you know catch him. Throw a Hail Mary where you at all concerned in the beginning of the second round slightly yeah 'cause he did hit him and his head moved that the way he was moving to said real jerking pretty far out industrial Israeli landing super clean anymore. I I wasn't concerned. It's just a matter of time to get him to settle down. In the biggest issue for me is I was always saying father's plan father's plan and I just wanted him to stick to the wrestling Glenn because a lot of people they always underestimate how good is stand up but is in and they still do this on their underestimated stand up at the one thing. They don't underestimated his ground that I myself. I like the easier route you know and I don't want him standing with people when I know he's so much superior on the ground but I was concerned. It's a little bit because there was a couple of shots that landed dust is a great fighter you know and we knew that you know we knew that going into it that we have to respect him and give them the full respected did he deserved so we trained for him specifically to train a great fight to fight a great fighter and that's what that's what how did what was going through your mind in the third round when he was in Nike choke laughing in my mind I was going to blow his arms up. You gotta get nothing look. I've seen him in my Jan with <hes>. What am I division wrestlers cow Kretschmer? He had him in a choke that I thought Oh shit I go. I'M GONNA SEE TAT for the first time ever. I was about to take my camera around the film to go Ha Sucker. You said you never tap here. You are you're tapping and God damn it. He didn't tap he just relax relax and that's you know it Kyle. He got out of the whole. I don't know how they only does it. I've never seen them tap and the guilty and no one was concerned. None of us were concerned. We say we we know he was gonNA get out there. You know if there was any concerned with maybe we had an unprofessional raft. They might have said Oh he's done. He's done you know obviously watched his arms. There's no way he it was done shortly thereafter. He wins the fight. What a great scene everyone so happy jumps over the cage? Were you worried at all or did you know he was going to do that. I know I it was too busy hugging his dad and like other like very happy the first time I got to train with a great man like like him and a great coach you know and and so I was hugging him. I didn't see anything I was just giving him a hug. A lot was made of the fact that his dad was in his corner for the first time. Did you sense different Hubby because his dad was there. Yes <hes> there was a little bit more motivation that was a little bit more pressure on him to perform in front of his dad. Yes for sure absolutely and and you know after the fight he said head coach please next time no more father plants. Just let me fight. Please talk. I say well we'll see it 'cause I always I always wanted to stick to his strengths. That's what he got it from his father and though he's a hell of a Stryker now I still prefer the easier route so for you know how much his dad means the him a lot has been made of this and it seems very sincere and genuine when he calls his dad over and you and you guys are standing there together and he's publicly giving you shot telling telling you to speak like this doesn't happen often for someone who's been in the fight game for so long and sometimes it can be a thankless job. I know you guys are in the back. Maybe you get blamed for a loss. You don't get credit for victory. What what are those moments like? You're there with his dad and him the most famous man in this region. What is that like for you well? It was kind of surreal to be honest with you because I didn't expect expect that you know I should have expected him 'cause normally fighters when when they're out there victory they forget about all those things you know and he didn't didn't even forget anybody and he wanted to bring him out when he called my name I wasn't expecting it and my only thought was is that I was almost in tears just thinking about his dad being there that that to me. That's all I was thinking about. I was very happy for his father because come on his father train them as as a child al-Din Here's this great coach. Let him come to the United States to train with me and I'm getting a lot of the credit that his father should be getting also you know and for me a great honor to have him finally be there to witness his son do the greatness that he's been doing it so you know it's Kinda teary for me. Did you guys get the the hamburgers and the steak and all that afterwards I had to leave man at the suit. As soon as I got out of there I got at four o'clock and then I have to get up. I clocked to go to back to the by to get to the airport so I had one hour like to try to shut my eyes. No he got the hamburgers and his instagram. I am the show they went to the Princess Palestinian in Dubai the compound and they they cook them a whole bunch of hamburgers and everything. I missed missed all of that. You don't want to stick around. I wanted to stick around. It's why well my wife didn't want to stick around so I had to go with the boss Colonels Yup happy wife Happy Life. I respect that greatly and so now the big question is what's next for Habib. I feel like everyone with a sane. Gene Mind thinks it should be Tony Ferguson if our opt for you who would be next for Hubby Magomedov if it was up to me Tony Ferguson he deserves is it you know he's always deserved it but you know as you know it's not to me and and sometimes it's not up to Tony you know sometimes. It's not a tabby but you know who it is always up to who is that you have see because they're the ones that are offering the individual that they want. They want to fight for the title and and you know it's a business you know and this is not a true sport. Sport is a business where you know you give the fans what they want so the what the fans want as obviously obviously right. It's what makes the most money. That's what the fans want so we'll see what happens happens. <hes> Dana has stated that Tony's necks and at the can't work out the deal then they'll go with with <hes> with connor bet you know who's to say how he was GonNa want. Conor Habib stated many times that connor has to do something before he even wants and I shouldn't even talk about connor because is not really in the pitcher okay so who do so you think will end up being Habib's next opponent given landscape you think it will be I hope so yeah these are deserves. It is done everything he needed to to do. He's had unfortunate. Situations Happen to him and he deserves the shot. I don't think anybody deserves it above him. I really don't this is my opinion. Is there any chance Habib fights again in December before the year is out <hes> n these possible Amino. He said that he wanted to take a few days in an enjoy his hamburgers and win that before he makes a decision so any possible. What is one hundred percent possible it was he'll be fine? I believe before February of next year for sure okay. Why is is that because he wants to be active you know and and you know he doesn't he doesn't WanNa just rest fight once a year? He wants to fight two or three times a year. If I was going to ask you about it but I'm just curious like he has set it from your perspective like when when he says I won't even entertain this conflated are fighting. He means that right like this is something that you feel strongly about strongly about it didn't end there is no love loss between those bridges just broken and I don't know if I'd ever be repaired to be honest with you and it is what it is. Is there a part of you that almost doesn't WanNa go through all that again like it would be nice. You know the the build up to this fight was nice right in the aftermath was nice with you know the t shirts and the charity and all that like it gets really ugly. When those are all right yeah that part I really loved? I Love Dustin Sportsmanship in true fighter the way he acted himself in be really respect some <hes> a lot as as a matter of fact he respected so much that at the back <hes> the Reebok wanted that the t shirt that they gave the Dustin he got from Dustin you know because because after the after the fight they they get one thing signed happy wouldn't give the shirt would not give the shirt so instead he gives signed gloves and you know and I know those gloves are worth a hell of a lot more than the shirt but that shirt meant more to him than the gloves and he gladly gave way to the gloves wow he wouldn't wear that shirt he was not. I'm not giving I'm not given even the shirt and the because normally they go after the lesser value right right if the higher value because he's no way in hell he was going to give the glove other shirt he got doc from Dustin because it meant so much for him to have received that from Dustin at him. It was an honor while he was an money. No money was going to change that that is amazing. <hes> <hes> just want to ask you two more things before I let you go. We're going to have your Guy Cain Velasquez in studio in a few minutes. He's now a luther door. Do you think we'll ever see CAIN fight against you. WanNa see him fight again given the success that he's had thus far and wrestling while it's up to Kane he's able to do whatever he wants but I love the fact that he's taken legit door like serious Jason Really practicing it in his his introduction to what he looked like legitimate. He looked like an intimate guy and I was very happy about that. I made a speech about that in the class. I said he made me very proud to go out there and practice the skill is still won't be an anime guy tried to door he when you went as your door the door art and I was impressive yeah it's amazing what he's done. I know he's returning the Sunday Madison Square Garden so that is very cool and finally do you WanNa see Daniel Cormie fight again. Can you know I didn't want to see him. Fight this last fight you know because of the fact that he didn't need to he didn't need the money he can move on with the entertainment world broadcasting and everything else that he's been doing so <hes> obviously he's such a competitor that that <hes> I don't now I don't see him. <hes> leading had an go. I really don't I some are another. I don't know when he's the decision maker there but I do see him not letting go and not finishing like that because he's he's much better than he showed and all the steep who who basically was able to adjust I mean that was I mean. Only great fighters can do that in steep. A is a great fighter. Have you talked to him recently. Are you giving him his space. I've been talking to him here and there you know I'm giving myspace because of the tragedy of losing his father I mean nobody truly knows how that feels unless it happens to you just because you handle it better doesn't mean that they have as well as you know so you always have to give in their space and not even discuss anything related to fight it because that's the last thing on their mind you. I've never discussed what he wants to do. Next now. All I've done his you know I love the Guy I just care about him as a person. I just called to see how you doing how you feeling now. I don't care about the fighting right. <hes> actually I have one one more of everything that you experienced with because you guys did a training camp prior to this in in Dubai prior to going to Abu Dhabi yeah we were at <hes> the NAS training center. Eh the Princess Center the compound. Oh my God what you WanNa talk about plans Pacific exists. I couldn't believe how great that place lesson you went to the Prince Unsolvable Dhabi we went. We went at his house lot of huge place there and they treated us like royalty over there. We had great food after training before traded after training. It was like the red carpet treatment man. I can't imagine going back not to say that you're Jim in San Jose is like the slums but like you. You said you were treated like royalty over there. I'm just wondering is there an experience a moment an interaction that you'll like this was a very unique thing having fight in the Middle East in in front of all those people being treated the way like this isn't a common thing in our sport is something that's always GonNa stick with you. From this experience. Yes the treatment and the way off med. <hes> you know who's the prince's right hand guy took to me any brought me aside took pity go see all the training center with a soccer field on the ground locker rooms are ad were were. They have <hes> you know. Cristiano is locker and his name's out there and then <hes> the prisoners secret a- quarters and the whole bit. It was pretty awesome. Wow I was an experienced man. That place is a sight to see. Obviously nobody can go there. 'cause it's very private but it's a state of the art facility man amazing doing what an experience what performance what a victory I think he is the most dominant fighter in the history of the sport and I think that was on display on on on Saturday and Abu Dhabi congratulations to the team. Have your thank you for doing this. I know you're tired but I really appreciate it. Thanks thanks for having me marrow yes sir. He is the head coach over Fred American Kickboxing Academy the Great Have Your Mendez joining us all right so I talked about at the top of the show how there was all kinds of drama leading up to the making making of the Mazda verses they fight of course one of the main figures in that story Koby Covington. Let's turn to him now now and find out what happened from his perspective why that is not happening between him and Camara Madison Square Garden Colby how are you. I'm doing great areas. It's a pleasure and honor to talk to you again. Oh thank you Kobe. I appreciate that so <hes> what a week what an interesting week. I'll ask a very simple question like what happened. Can you tell us your side the story. Why aren't you fighting a Madison Square Garden? Yeah my side of the story is <hes>. You know I'm ready to fight. I was ready to fight but you know the. UFC came to me with the basic challenges offering. You know I'm a champion. In there was no negotiation. They came ran out me and they said here take this or leave. It will pass on to the next person that's not fair negotiating and that's not right so I'm not gonNa take the first offer you you offer me. We need to meet in the middle. There's there's more to be done but also also on the side and you can't get the B side with WHO's been so. Why are we even Russian if you can't get the B sides on didn't want anybody WanNa find me? You don't WanNa fight the Red Dwarf. She didn't want to be on Scott so you know the problem is the problem has nothing to do with me so it seemed like initially everyone was blaming you. Did you notice. It seemed like everyone just kind of decided that you are the one messing this up. Did that bother. You didn't bother me. It's whatever you know everybody everybody. It is the most haters everybody knows what happened when I walked in the in the paper you last time in L. A. Seventeen eighteen thousand fans got on the Bruins screaming this and that you know I sold the show and I wasn't even on the jumbotron so I expect to get the to the blame every time and people to blame me for things that are my problems and and really just I didn't do it so the territory area my understanding was after it seemed like they couldn't come to a deal with you. They then moved to Mas Vidal versus men and and that's why they couldn't get done with Mazda was in all that stuff and that's when the tweet started to calm. Were you annoyed that they were just moving on like they couldn't figure out how to get this fight that you might be losing your shot again now. It seems like this could be a blessing in disguise and we'll get to that in a second but in the moment it seemed like they were almost going to give him another title fight. Yeah I mean it's frustrating. Everybody knows there's only one tomat- title unification by between me Martin fake news men so it was very very frustrating when they were moving to somebody that's to a fifty fifty journeyman edition so it didn't really make sense. I got a bell. He's got a bell. He's got the power ranger. I've got the most prestigious belt America's bell dull trump's bell the people's `bout. NFL needs to get unified with that power engine contender belt Martin fake news than has so so yeah. I was a little agitated by that. How far apart were you guys not that far? Really I mean you know they. They gave me one offer. They take it or leave it. You know you know that's not fair negotiating. I wasn't asking for anything unreasonable Ariel. I was just asking for what I deserved. In what I earned I mean I put my life on on the line for this company. In that post five chrome Brazil you know I accepted to fight for this title in Brazil again after I had death threats infidels running my head out in Brazil and I still was wanted to go put my life on this company and I continue to do it time and time again yeah you know go to the show seldom shows give people excited about the UFC brand you know branch now you know given my time in my money out of pocket to go visit the service and the members that serve our country in the military so you know you have seizes. They're playing a game that is not fair in really understanding for for all the fires that by looking at what I've done this what the White House you know. I have a relationship with the first family of the trump's. I want every five one. I have a world title and they still want to treat me like crap is still WanNa get you know not give me any room to negotiate in work you know and it's just it's not fair the company's rolling in money thirty percent growth growth last last month in and we all know the ESPN dealer making so much money so they need to make this right so before we got got to the Mazda. LDS fight being made you sent out a tweet towards Mazda which a lot of people thought was part of the act a work etc etc.. You just referred to Mazdas your ex best friend. What's the state of your relationship with Mazda all the state? Mr Relationship with <unk> dollars you know he's the type of guy that what you're doing something for him yeah he he'll use you but as long as you're doing better than him and you're not helping him out any more than he hasn't care about you and that's exactly what happened because when he got beat up by Damian Maya and I went in there and I completely destroyed Damian minus in his whole Oh country that's when the relationship started to get a little bit different you know he started different towards me like a competitor in I know it's not the the magic stuff that makes accent Matt area because he's a dog trump fan himself. How do you know that I know that because the support that he's putting the past floor you know he's he he loves the Maga- stop and he's told me like he respected that I was taking the trump side and even though people we're GonNa hate me you know but he loved Donald Trump doing even always make fun of Hillary Okay and so when did things really deteriorate between you and Muslim because for the longest time and and even not that long ago we thought you guys were boys? I think even put out a tweet in support of imposed aspirin fight right yeah just it it was one thing after another <unk> at my thing starting to get bitter and jealous and that is soon as I won the world title like I had it in my quarter for that fine. He never even showed up that the helped me like he didn't show up two one five four five to help warm up with me. I knew he was making it all about himself and he wasn't truly happy for me and my success all he cares. There's about himself. That's all that's all. We're is is guy cares for himself. He doesn't care for others. It doesn't care for anybody unless they can do something for me. I'm not that got juiced up for you and then be taken for granted so you know now I pass about making more money than I'm being hundred chicks than him undoing veteran life and he's just joust bitch. Did you guys have altercation. UFC Two forty one some fans caught you guys interacting on camera. It seemed like security had to break you up yeah once again you know he was jealous. He was five rows back and he wanted to sit with the welterweight. King Colby chaos coveted in the front row because he didn't have the front row access so he was trying to get to the Brawley yen against station around <unk> the second or third. You know he had my six and he was just talking to me for my percents and and that was that okay so is the relationship over between you guys like you're sort of in the same orbit at some point. It seems like you might even fight right for the long time. It seemed like you didn't want to fight but now it seems like it's not in a good place and maybe can't be repaired. Would that be accurate. I think ACURA accuracy area would be to say that I'm not here to make France. I'm here to make money fair enough to that point. Let me just ask a dust. emporia was asked about the situation and he said that he won't sell out like you sold out was asked about fighting Boswell down the line. Did you hear his comments. I think you guys have trained together in the past. What did you make of them yeah area? I thought they were very distasteful. I'm not a sellout I bought in and he tapped out and that's what happened. You know I had to get the people you know. There's a reason they call the people's Champ. I had to give the People America's pick the week area. I had to give them my honest opinion. I bought this land of the free home of the brave land of opportunity freedom of speech. Sorry I can't have an opinion oh well. We don't have the same opinion that I wanted to help the people out and I just honestly knew that could be was a better fighter. He he thought Robbie lawler was a better fighter. He picked Robbie to be that I get my feelings hurt no out there and beat him so does this is not making excuses and try to blame me for his loss SAR you suck you're not the best fighter in the world. There can only be one the best part of the world. I'm sorry that I'm that guy so you think he was mad because you picked against him before this fight nothing else yeah one hundred percent. That's that's the the only reason because I picked against them in and you know it's just I don't know why he's acting. I've been childish Little Kid. You know you should get a sponsor from cleaners with that Emmy Award Winning Act in the post by I press conference crime dream so you know we haven't trained together in a long time at least a year or two and we we haven't been friends in the gym. You know turns the same team American top team. I'm thankful for this Jam of Thankful for Dan Lambert everything he does for us but you know everybody he knows this is a individuals for everybody knows where independent contractors contractors so Monte get line and just like I said before I make friends I'm here to make money eighty and so in the end they booked Mazal Madison Square Garden no title online. Dana White says they will not book title fight on that Card. What was your reaction when you found out what they went with my reaction was like oh they wanna make a pile? It's really the J. Pliable title the journey mother entitle in that sad. They're both fifty fifty in the last couple years. What state has one last three years? How does that make you A? BMX that you got destroyed by Deng kid you got absolutely obliterated by rocky does nachos. These are two guys that couldn't last one round with area is that they came to be on the on the best ever enjoyed you know two or two in his last four fights Biden five in his last ten fights that that sounds like a journeyman to me surname <unk> mother appetite Jayme title Imagine Square Garden it ain't going to sell anything AIN'T GONNA sell those guys don't sell they're not going to be putting the <unk> the the load on their back like I would do for New York and they going to be bringing the trump's front row like I wanNA brands so you know it's going to be another shit show. Does it bother you that you will not be fighting fighting a master scorecard and considering all the things that plan and the magnitude of the event and the stage. Are you upset <music>. I'm not upset because Ariel. There's a better opportunity coming up in that's in DC on December seven on a bigger platform on the ESPN a platform pay per views a dead model. Is that wells dried up so I'd rather go to DC ten blocks down the street from the White House. The trumps is easy easier commute for them and let's be honest. ESPN is the home of the best may journalists of all time and no. I'm not talking about that Bum Bread Akimoto. I'm talking about Area Hawaii. Well thank you. I disagree with what you said about prep but I appreciate the shoutout December number seven th you say Washington. That's that's an ESPN car. That's not a pay per view card as you noted. This seems like a good idea in fact. I don't know if you've read my article today. I threw out the idea so so perhaps we think alike in this regard. Do you think there's a chance are you. Are you foreshadowing. Are you trying to tell us something. Is this being discussed as we speak well. One Grim is like Ariel so I'm glad we're on the same page and you know it. Just it only makes sense you know. ESPN's a bigger platform and you know payback is not big enough platform for truly you know Kobe Chaos Covington. I WANNA make won't way division great again. I WanNa do it where the most amount of is most viewers in that could be on. ESPN million households worldwide so you know it's easier to move from the trump's right down the street in the nation's capital the brightest city in the world. I mean come on it only makes sense but koby chaos and temperance marty fake news men in the BRASSICA nightmare American dream and let's get a goal and then unit by title and move onto the next winner business beaten up <unk> or that journeyman Stockton Soy mega-bombs. He's stock this lapsed. Let's do this so do you feel feel like it's almost a blessing in disguise that in the end they went with Muslim. LDS because now who's Mon- is still he's still available and perhaps like do you feel like whatever issues you guys had in the negotiations association's now we can press the reset and get back to the table. Is that even happened yet. After the Diaz might as well fight was made. I'm open for business that they they know how to get in touch with by people so let USC get in touch with people do this. You know I'm here to do business and I do good business. This does better business than me right now. Area A working hard every single day twenty four seven three sixty five my life on the line undefeated undisputed muted. Everybody knows what I bring the table. You know I'm going to be bringing the biggest show to town every time I come to a town near you with the trump of let's do this a stop playing these games man this this you know dodgeball type game. You know it's it's ridiculous. <unk> cut the game. Let's get to serious business business. We're approaching almost two years of this drama like where you're so close to getting a title shot and things seem to happen. Are you afraid that at some point you will just never get this title shot doc ardy gotTa title area. What is the title shot meanwhile <unk> title? I have a belt a defendant I just I won the title I just attended my title last fight against Robbie lawler the scariest I in the division and I completely destroyed him setting record for strikes which no one's ever going to break that record record. I guarantee you. That's a fact I mean bringing the for the first family front row in Nicole from the president of the United States after the fight I mean those are all I and doing every single time so wait till next on a break new history and make new records so you know I'm not I'm not scared about getting time shy or things by personalized personal life night a big big multi six figure contract <unk> new new <unk> doors Miguel with a big company that I can't release yet but pretty much GonNa make me enough money outside off on that allowed to fight inside Dr John so unless the UFC comes right. I'M GONNA be doing business in just getting and better every single day I I love my craft and I love it. Improving involving martial arts integration the world American top team but what did you refer to Liane Edwards as Leon John Scott. I just wasn't sure if you just miss the upper that was like a new name that you had from like some of the other guys so let me ask. Are you worried that they might go with Edwards to fight now that they talked to him about about the vacant title like he was a part of this whole drama last week as well. Is there any concern there who who's Edwards either east if that works you say Leon the guy who just beat. Rda Semi Tone yes the I don't get it. I wish I did crazy to anybody. That guy is is on. Everybody knows cares about Mardi fake news than they only care about me. You know everybody saw how electric I brought that arena. La Everybody saw electric I I made the crowd in Newark New Jersey last time. I thought everybody knows when I come out. It's going to be a show and it's going to be the biggest show possible so you know there's a price for. Did I mention you know. These tickets are cheap but they're also not unfair the reasonable price in need a master at Christ's tagger. I got other things to do. Stand up for the fires. I'M GONNA stand up for what's right. I'M NOT GONNA keep letting people use me abuse me taking advantage and then just throwing aside. It's not gonNA happen. Stand up for what what's right what I believe in aerial and that's going to be that and to the best knowledge you know of who spun has cleared up his negotiation issues with UFC or do you think he's in the same spot as you right now fake news Komo yes the Champ Marty Chan the area. There is a little riff with him in a his rap manager Ali Della Sleaze. What do you mean by rift? I heard they weren't on the same page. I thought they run the run. The run the division Blah Blah Blah or the not on the same page agent relationship is getting a little dicey all right. That's a good that's a little tease there. We'll we'll have to see how that plays out I yeah I think it's a blessing in disguise. I know you wanted. MSG I know he wanted MSG but the fact that they didn't end up booking him against someone else. I love the idea I think that would be phenomenal. Be a big stage. There's a lot of titles that need to be defended by the end of the year. There's no pay per view in January. I think it makes all the sense in the world. I hope that you are able to figure it out because I feel like it's the title fight that has to be made. Let's figure this out. Yes it's only fight to be made you know you you saw when he tried to get thirty percent on that. ESPN that's after I beat Robbie lawler all the billions of us at got you saw what happened in the palm stop in line when he tried to attack me in front of innocent kids and pregnant ladies you know millions millions of views on youtube so this is a fight along time in the making America talking Black Zillions. We have a real hatred for each other. He's a deduce grab a D. One all all star so you know this fight has many angles he's Nebraskan Scrub and on the American dream so any other fight is not make sense ludicrous in the US to make that's right. We shall leave it at that. Kobe good luck with us. Good luck with negotiations and hopefully you guys figured out and get a deal done and we could see this fight before the end of the year. I I appreciate the time as always appreciate the time Mary much brother talked to you still all right there. He is Colby Chaos Covington the one and only hoping to get that title shot against one Kamara Roseman later on this year. I will remind you that later in the program we will hopefully hear from <hes> <hes> Corey Vidal and try to get his reaction to some of the things that colby coming to but he's got massive fish to fry as well. He is fighting eating not as on November second Madison Square Garden. What a big fight that is going to be so? There's a lot there. There's a lot going on. I maintain it all worked out all's well that ends well. They got the fight that everyone wanted they got maswadeh versus Diaz title all that stuff November Second Madison Square Garden and the I non title fight headlining a pay per view since UFC two oh two August of two thousand and sixteen so that that just goes does show how big of a deal this is and it also goes to show how big of a draw natives and that he can draw without conor McGregor it also goes to show just how big of a jaw or he mazda has become come. I mean if you would've told me two years ago that nate the Ezra's whore hey Mazda would be big enough to headline. MSG Big enough the headline pay per view without a title attached big enough the headline any this show. I don't know if I would have believed you. I don't know if I would have believed to a year ago and now here we are. There are two of the hottest guys in the in the sport there on fire. They are so popular it's crazy. I think my instagram post with the picture of the fight be made is my most like whenever I know that's not a big deal but for me. It's kind of crazy. It's like sixty five five thousand likes for a picture of these guys they are beloved and so the fact that they got that done keeps ready use wants Covington COVINGTON's meantime wants. That's the title fight gotTa Make It happen and then speaking of Leeann Edwards I think end of the year card December fourteenth eighteenth big fight do Edwards versus Woodley if we're not ready. He's got the hand having fight you know early next year Edwards Woodley number one contender fight Covington title fight. We'll see what happens in the the NEAT versus Mazowe fight. They're kind of fighting in their own division right now anyway so I don't really think they care about the bell. 'cause they're making a ton of money without the belt so it doesn't really matter there. Let's see how this whole thing plays out but I maintain even though they didn't get. MSG <MUSIC> I'm maintain. It was a blessing in disguise a crazy week as negotiations go but in the I think the fans are very happy because they got the MAS fight. It would have been a shame to kill two fights that needs to happen might as well. Ds WHO's been coming in to make one that had no heat behind it. Muslim who's been have no heat Muslim Leon have heat Covington have heat but that fight has no heat and by the way I know you won't believe it because Colby is saying it but trust me. I've been saying for the last few weeks. They are not friends anymore. They are not good buddies. They don't train together together. Maybe now you'll start to believe I suspect a lot of you will roll your eyes and say that it's all a work and all this stuff and you know all but I'm not I'm not selling. I'm wolf tickets here. legit not buddies anymore. They are not buddies anymore. That is one hundred percent fact so a very interesting time at one hundred hundred and seventy pounds coming up next plugging my thing real coming up next we're going to be joined by Chris Cyborg the newest member of the Bell Tower. MMA squad she was officially announced on Saturday. They made the big announcement the press release announcement if you will last Tuesday while we were on the air but then they brought her out during the show on Saturday at the SAP Center in San Jose big to do cool seen. It seems like I get the sense that the first fight is going to be against. It's Julia Budd for the featherweight title. That's the fight that makes all the sense in the world. That's the fact that has to happen quite frankly I know sometimes we like to say that a champion even if their former champ whatever they come to a new promotion they should probably fight once get their feet. Wet prove that they've earned it all that. I don't think that really applies applies here. She's the greatest featherweight champion of all time she's arguably the greatest female fighter of all time just give her the title shot. It's the fight to make and so in a matter of moments we're going to be joined by her but she's actually in Colombia right now. Getting some stem cell treatments so we'll connect with Chris after that we'll be joined by Lou Dora Cain Velasquez in studio. That's GonNa be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to talking to him. He's going to be competing on the triple a card Sunday at Madison Square Garden Theater in New York City Mexican independence today's so that's very exciting after that twenty Todd Duffey Ryan Bater and finally we shall end with game bread. Jose Mas Vidal for now though let's say Hello Toria next guest the aforementioned Chris Cyborg joins us from Columbia Chris. How are you and your take really happy? Always come to your show. Oh yes and wow what would amazing connection we have here. It looks like you're actually in studio. It's great. Thank you very much for doing this congratulations on the deal was it close with anyone else Chris or was built for the place that you always wanted to go now. I know I had a lot of reasons but I should like to bail out the you know the best to the vessel for for me and I worked before Scott Coker houses war confederates and at my high knows their best literally go heavy duty gross. I won't fortify never ten top ten girls and one forty five divisions only balladry and no. I don't see like another different promotion. It's supposed to be Fano Novella two I said right when it was clear that you were going to become a free agent that you're GonNa be one of the most coveted age if not the most coveted free agent of the past ten in years I thought one. NPFL and of course Bela Tor and rising would all come after did you end up talking to all those promotions at leisure management. Yes yes we talk Dr <unk> promotion. The Best Option Bell Tower saying this is the most lucrative deal and women's May history from your perspective. Is that accurate no. I think it is the best of offering Michael Ria you know <hes> happy when I went to ballot or Saturday feel like thank you there in the contract and then I'm dead then want to work together. It's Nice we partner Rio pardon. This is demanding. Do you feel like you have almost like a new lease on life. It's really brand new start few because let's be honest the end of your time and UFC it was a little ugly was uncomfortable like you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Do you feel happier now in short no I'm really happy happy on Saturday. I haven't good memoir. I'm worried that plays San Jose not years ago. Meets fought coker which Kennedy by division in that I feel like am born again. No I'm excited to having training and cited for stepping <unk> again and do the why they love to know how to fight anything outside of just over two <unk> A to do fighting to get their ballots in no it's my goal be. The only female fired four tired of war. Title Bouts and developed are going to be the next I it's amazing because the ten year anniversary of that fight against Gina Chronic was just last month August fifteenth. I believe two thousand nine. Was that crappy front. Was that your first time back Carina sense yes. Wow I remember an amazing. What was that like? I I will the all the fans will look at me and remember into noticed something who its everybody creates you welcome to Bella tour. We happy New Year. You wake you so welcome back. I'm talking about the fans say this for me. You know I'd be happy to hear. This is making me really happy. I made my night do you have any regrets with how the relationship with the UFC ended I did I know I didn't mind Bassett. The goals in India was doing my division and I thrived my best in. Oh I know you did it. Did it build my division never sign aldergrove fortifies and and I don't mean to get dirty but then on the beginning his before they signings already doing a lot of things like this in the day with a change new relationship relationship. We're GONNA get him bad. They're getting bad there. He never get a bad didn't know both I shoot me my eyes to be professional as to do my job and but I think it is house or no they'll have <unk> relationship capable place you know welcome no the boss nose-to-nose no trouble do the right wait you know and I think after the data now some Baladora if you might to you then I'd come Shoulda Shoulda Liar in no Gerry I move on the no. I'm the signed a new. I have new boss done that. We finish divorce to keep her in life. They keep my life. I move me too. Happy and Funny Sater's me because you to check it out his own. MOMS say he's alive. If you call my mom she's GonNa say about me. He's GonNa Line you say about me but I just had GERACI no. He's not happy guy is the dry hurt people but no I mean. It seemed like maybe the final oh straw was that video that came out on you apologize for it afterwards. Can you tell us what happened there with the subtitles it seemed like it was edited to make him seem like he was saying something that he wasn and what's your side of the story and now the biggest deal the like the interview. He is clearly before did he before I talked to him if JUIC- <unk> interview Chris I never said You EUSKERA Monday newness his Shaima face this is I know my community. He said Chris Evert said you afraid minimalist anyone minutes before his interview in the with the Fi that happen because she's afraid of the doing knees and you know he's he's liar. Faces don't feel team. Just lie is okay our strike it is to move. He's tried change age swift and now because they are we making did something veto but he's to lie. He's July. My face is say I never I said you have Frago <unk> did this. He said to me you know he just tried to East but you did apologize for that right about the video stuff l. My team did a mistake and I don't have afraid to say I'm sorry you know I you can sample the wrong my team that I say no. Oh I'm sorry this is good. People no mistake. I'm sorry but some people in the Kennel handling all right and you feel like that was the end like that's what a release you abruptly right after that video came out in this. Is that what you know. It's a actually Sheila after that Fox Felicia afternoon before I knew it was my last fight. I knew yes no chance she I identified through my to win a walker. This is my last fight. IOS For rematch she done. I say he's not GonNa give me. I'm on the way two years and after his <unk> Cyborg busy Magnolia renew for him because his ally Everton's life and I want to get my <unk> team like these it has has to be really know and most you can do noon is in l. Fight Chew can do it. I talked to Scott about that. I know then make champ against Shampoo Champa with verizon and I said may maybe can do have see me against him on the news and criticism in if you'd like to do that and it just then I'd have to call squad squad to make this happen. Make defy people don't see but then we're gonNA represent Balladur. Is there a part of you that you think like in thirty years. They'll say like I. I wish I got another crack at Amanda. Do you think it will bother you or are you at peace would never fighting her again. No I know I did everything for this rematch happen. I knew I know oh I talked to. I ask my team ask but the money they offer eight you for me. Sign a new dance is getting belot over for me because Aziz I would see the free my my venue and they see you know then then they're no no no help. Defy then you know growing the brand they're they just think about Dan and extra Bella to work with me and I don't feel my height about this because you know I ask. I did everything I asked for. Rematch then I wanNA give to me in that habit is happy my before <unk> fortified they lost <unk> have the rematch and I I like the never lost for the news may have no understood that who have seal happy now. I'm free me happy and had to deal at once. You know I work with some boys went with me. Promoters tweets respect us because he knows the fighters make event happen and there's this cool happy so I feel like you have to fight. Julia Budd in your first fight like you have to fight for the belt. No answer butts is that what's going to happen. Is your first fight for belts are going to be a title fight. You know I was like I wanna Find Ula buds in. No I respect her. She's a champion Ned. I'm hiding. I want to fight there now. Let's see what were the two and but Milwaukee Milwaukee to do that too. Ma'am up to me but your debut fight isn't set yet no yet and weighty eighty. Will you fight in two thousand eighteen twenty nineteen now. Will you fight this year. I think at the beginning of the year okay next year yes okay. Could you tell us. How many flights did you sign for a hey? Hey who are coming here to say quiz say say listen. I'm not asking how much I'm just asking how many fights why is it such a secret. It's a secret but now they can't get boxing. I can do that wrestling. I get a lot of things in the first year next to like to do on boxing fights and I'm just wondering if you're wearing headphones. How did he even hear the question? Are you both on the the phone at the same time. No no no no what else could ask is. Watch your show probably okay all right fair enough so so you think you will be able to box with this deal. Yes it has in Aladdin boxing. I can do resper recipe for Alexa. Do why and yes we partners. Partners build the branch together and you WanNa do for wrestling now if they have the opportunity to do that you know but my my goal now it's Fox in May and then probably doomed boxer Fi. How many more fights do you think you have left in you? How many more times do you want to fight in a perfect world three years forty years okay so you got a lot more lights? Yes you want to end your career adulterer in your mind you want this to be the last stop. Yes you know it's I come back home. I started to Scott Getting my title. I HEART WE'RE GONNA end of that is going to bigger and when you saw him on Saturday was the first time when was the last time you actually spoke to him. In person I think I went to one event belot or lay. We've said Governor and say hi to you and to Saturday Saturday speaker because most the people that work with me on strikeforce right and what a nice introduction they gave you right like the red carpet you come out the big intro like like the big announcement. That must have been cool. It must have made you feel good right. Yes is nice. It should be like this. You know. Fighters should abuse retreat like this house else for got bought the house and maisy be like this and it's just a thank you and now we're going to give back the love me and what about that that photo that I saw of the pygmy people in Uganda watching your fight. Wasn't that amazing when you fought Felicia Spencer. All of them crowded together. They're in celebrating and watching your fight. How did that make you feel when you saw that no I didn't see before the fight after fight that we should see before and by no may community happy? I think it now the new deal I can help more people you know Alyssa <unk> come can bless others and you just give me back this. Thanks Fhu and now I showed it had now can do more more special things like these people who really need and by the way that grass idea I walk walk into the ballot there at my mom did for me. Oh wow how's the two years I think in my closet and as special that must have been great and what about that Jersey you wore the Wayne Gretzky oilers Jersey did you end up auctioning off as well. Yes I get to Justin and just ran his okay and then it isn't that we may go like one thousand dollars the money go to the tribe big mistrial in Uganda amazing well congratulations on the deal great job Chris to to you and donating that money and doing all the great things that you do for the people over there in all over the world congrats on the deal once again. I'm happy for you. I'm happy that you're happy and I'm looking forward your debut and I hope it's for the title like I said before you came on. Sometimes someone debuts you. Don't WanNa give him a title shot right off the Bat but your case. I feel like you've done enough to earn that title shot against Julia they they make it right off the bat for you. Okay thank you for tuning. Thank all my fans fire Law van follow me in the know. See you soon at Bella tour and you guys Saturday. She's welcome over there there. She is Chris Cyborg. Joining US appreciate her time very much exciting stuff for her. She is now the newest member of Bill Tours the women's featherweight division and hopefully she gets that title shot sooner rather than later she said beginning of the year so we'll see if she actually gets zippy any of the year okay matter moments. We're GONNA be joined in studio by Lucia Door Kane. I wonder if he's going to be wearing the mask. I'm very excited about this. You may have seen just a few few weeks ago. My colleague Mark Money was there in Mexico City. Cain Velasquez triple a triple mania made his Lucia Lucia Lucia libra debut pro wrestling by the way Lucia door is Lucia Lebron pro wrestling in in in Spanish and doors a pro wrestler in Spanish here. AM flexing my Spanish muscles so to speak. That's all I got. I'm pretty much done after that but anyway it was phenomenal. The Guy was flying all over the place. He was jumping off the ropes. Hurricane Rana's I mean it was incredible and he is going to be competing this Sunday September fifteenth Mexican Independence Day at Madison Square Garden Theater and so without further ado let's say hello to the man himself the pride of Yuma Arizona Cain Velasquez are you ah you're not supposed to touch me remember. You're about to look at that smile Cain. You're so happy you you like my mask I do. I do like a Jessica Aguilar. Did you choose the colors and everything this is her. She gave it to me but I have to say so bring the Mike. Don't don't be so shy over here. Bring it as okay. This is possible. Maybe tilted up a little bit ago. How annoying was it for you to come all the way to Connecticut to see me was? Is this a big pain did you did you might have to say come on Kane do it do it bothers me a lot he did but I was already in New York this past weekend doing some <hes> promotional stuff for <hes> for the show coming up right this this next weekend <hes> so I was already here so it wasn't like it just came over here. Aw You could have said that I would have felt real but thank you. I saw you on the subway wearing the mask ask the US around New York City wearing that thing yeah. That's what I'm doing <hes> yeah. It's kind of fun. It's a little awkward for people I know. They don't get to see my face Kinda cool. I don't judge you this. I have to say I see the smile on your face. I haven't seen you smile like this in a very long time you see they come on. You seem really happy. Well Yeah. We're happy yeah. It's amazing what turn of events if you'd have told me five years ago that Cain Cain Velasquez would be Lucia before his good buddy Daniel. I would never believe this hour to believe you either really I wouldn't have okay so let's go to the beginning when did at this. I come on your radar like when was the first time someone approached you with this idea <hes> so as far as I'm so as far as the kid I watch caressing a big fan of it like that was like my which bear like American wrestling both became the first <hes> wrestling that that I got introduced to and the cool thing was like my dad was into it he was into it as a kid and we watched like <hes> Santos like the movies of them like Blue Damon discuss their movies as well as as well as like some of their matches okay just Lucci Lebron events that are going on on TV Rian stuff but we go to Mexico weekend and I remember getting these these action figures Luce guys. I didn't move there like this and they they he didn't move but you can do like <hes> I was doing like lateral drops with them stuff like that like the stuff that I was seeing right when I was a kid <hes> so then fast forward we went to <hes> the elimination chamber. WWE Data Cormet and some of some of the other coaches which is unlike other trade partners firm from K. and we were just like kids again those I loved it loved the all of us like we're talking trash to the to the wrestlers. Remember the front right or close to the the front. Okay yeah like balance is very eye. Opening experience like it just brought us ah again a kid again. We had a lot of fun out there fun just being in the moment so that kind of brought the idea of why will I train. It and let's see if I could even do it. I so okay so it was really that moment like like you went to the event and that's what kind of let the fire you. How long ago was that was that when DC was doing a tough? CPA so that was maybe two thousand and last year right after his win over or his his win of CPA CPA wasn't that long ago. This wasn't on your radar at all. No wow was it. No no not at all do like incident. How do you like okay? How do you go from actually watching being it and being like Oh? This is a great time. Actually this like what happens then so we put out <hes> we put out something on social media while I was wearing the mask you know kind of see what kind of like buzzer would create for for myself again. I was okay. Let's let's go. Let's do a training session. Let's see if I can even do this right. I went to the Dodo we performance center and I was there for a week and just go on your own Orion yeah really I went there on my own for weekend. <hes> I did just all the workouts that everybody else was doing you know just just try to learn as much Kurt and again see if I can even even do it in the coaches love me. They were just like like your your natural. You can do pretty well. What did you work with? I work with <hes> coach. <hes> <hes> Smiley Oh Norman Smiley Norma smile. I'll talk with them for a bed. Just really also got me like once I got there and I knew like okay. I can kind of do this. The coaches and the staff were amazing. The wrestlers were were all. Just you know good people. Just everyone one had a good attitude right it was a team is a team of working together to try to make something like special happen right where they're in the AFC. It's not necessarily a team to work together to do something like that which I thought was really something that I haven't been a part of like in a while Aka as sure but not not not the not the FCC per se it's not the same way you know as as as a worse like internally but what the WB I saw that as a family it was it was a big team and they just all work together to put on a great show and I really like I really loved that and just from the outside looking then I got to see that so that was pretty cool and so how does that work like you. Call them up and say hi came Velazquez. I'd like to come you have to pay like how does that actually work. I had my my agent Mike von Secca just call them and tell them that I wanted to do it and that's if they would host me for a week and just in Orlando right right. Yes okay wow and when you go there like do you feel like people are testing U. and trying to see just how tough you are. You're you're the heavyweight champ coming in right like you're the big real guy the real fighter. Did you feel that like. Did you feel Oh. You're walking into hostile territory. No everybody was it was cool with it. You know like open arms just welcomed me who was super nice to work with. <hes> I can see a lot of like is on me definitely not right and again like when I was doing the staff working on it like just the little techniques like <hes> I Agassi yeah like people like you know obviously deceive. I can even do this but I had grit discreet feedback from all the coaches. They're like like you pick up. Pretty quick is a lot of guys that that have been here for a while and like they're. They're still doing the stuff that that you're doing my first time going in so oh that's the same feeling I had when I did or I really started doing early on like I picked up pretty quick but that's how I learned like <hes> like jelly generally something physical Vic- Don I can do it. You know I see that's that's my learn environment. So was that the first time you ever did any training or running the ropes all that all the hurt. That's really tough right touch. The ropes earn angle and like I don't know what the Hell I'm talking about but I've seen enough documentaries where it's really tough yeah you WanNa know how highlights that the ropes really are yeah and you really gotta hit them. When when you run to him got like pivot like the dual dual one eighty and have your your back and like your lower back really like hit the ropes evenly or else you'll get bruce hit from something and I had a huge size bruise like this on my Latin from from the first time running? It wasn't like ask correctly and now it's I like dispersed. They entered the the way energy on on the ropes like correctly when you do and so is this before the guy knew fighter after the end GonNa fight where you go to W. W. -'s all before all before oh he's the what happens after the trip to Orlando Orlando <hes> nothing really you know they. I think the I think the. WB The wwe new had an interest in actually joining wrestling <hes> <hes> but they know are still fighting and that's pretty much where you know we're we're staying off you attract or see where your interests were any contract and they're always asked me like what are you going to do. Do you WanNa do you WANNA show just come in every now and then or being there being and you know in Orlando and train full time and do that <hes>. I'll definitely willing to do a lot more and even then I told them like I'm willing to in to do one hundred percent like learn as much as they can just because it was for me. It's something new so it's fun to learn you know the environment's different <hes> I like. I like that I get to learn something new kind of charter perfect and it's Kinda got me hooked yeah okay but then after that you start to prepare for and gun right and and I'm too since the guy who fight it seemed like you hurt your knee and fight you did. Did you need surgery I do you do haven't had surgery yet. I have it what happened so the story was after the fight is pretty jacked and had like a <hes> three months or two months before I had the <hes> the <hes> the Mexican event in August the triple mania yeah so I was like man. I don't think I can do it right. I can't even do anything really and I just started rehabbing. It and I would say like a month and a half into into it like I was like damn. It feels pretty good like it was good I can. I can do something out there. You know I'm I'm going to try to make this this super main event so to to start practicing and got got the the brace and everything the knee brace and been good ever since <hes> is needed time slowly just get get take up and and it did healed up enough where I can definitely. Do you know pro wrestling I can I can fight as well. What's the issue? I I just want to know so. I asked some stuff torn in there. Okay no but I heard you don't really need so that was really yeah but don't don't you need like a pcl. You don't have one. Why do this storm? I read Iran like an article saying that what time will heal itself okay so I was kind of banking on that and and it did you know and in that in that month and a half of just like rehabbing the knee and stuff like did like a good enough I can do. I can do a bunch of stuff and train. I've been training <hes>. May you know wrestling with the guys there in so doing the pro wrestling as well but I had to make sure that was that was all good I person and it did it got better on its own. It's it's <hes> it's definitely healing sound so I'm I'm trying to go. I'm going that route and it says her right now. No okay now man doesn't like anything that I've done to like from from then on from the fight. It hasn't heard so I've been training you know sparring delights barring doing <hes> again like the Wrestling Class there at Aka so testing Senate as well yeah. It was a big debate right after that fight like didn't guy knew really knock you out or did you hurt yourself and that's what led to the quick finish. What do you think like did he hurt you with the punch or was it more what happens your knee the second punch go when I went in for that? Take down the one those I kind of be on the Air Yeah I was. I was out on my feet and I didn't know at the time you know just <hes> but I was on my feet and as I wake up I'm falling down and then like the <hes> the the pain from the knee on the way down as well woke me up. I'll wow you know so I was coming out like out on my feet beat me down. The knee. Woke me up so I thought like Oh shit. I need just gave out like some freak accident. Yeah you know and I will look at the the table where he hit me because going into the take down like the last thing I remember as filling the back of his knee with my with my left hand yeah yeah the last thing I remember not that's like I'm in yeah I'm in and then he shot and then from there. I don't remember anything from until I I go down on my me and then that's what woke me up is he has advertised as far as the power is concerned yeah definitely for sure power yes <hes> <hes> but not controlled right. You know that that sought that he threw you shouldn't have thrown because I was already in the take down. He end up throwing it. It's behind the ear. He shouldn't even throw that trajectory faces here on he needs to do this. not this early like in practice something. I'm already passed asked your punches a leg. My face is running the chest now and then you throw that that other shot that comes around so he's very dangerous in two aspects one yes lot of power and tremendous athlete of course but he's better control you know that was was a big deal like that was the big homecoming fight rate the layoff there was a lot at stake. ESPN right. How did you react afterwards? How did you handle the loss Amana happen you? You know like nothing that can do okay. You weren't like super down or oil. Of course I was but the like there's nothing I could do. So what what am I gonNA. Do you know I've been in these types of situations before where you just gotTa keep going you know things in life. Don't just happen like a movie. The and it just doesn't happen like you know there's always there's always something that you need really like dig and dig down deep and I feel like I've had a lot of those situations but but life does that actually have to keep going forward you know and that's the only thing you can do and I think that's going to obviously payoff in the end. I've always been a true believer of that so when you have that fight you don't have a deal with AAA at the time right you did. Yes you do that. You were going to wrestle yes okay. So how long did you take off before you start focusing on the debut in August so that's a month and a half off just to kind of rest the knee get rehab and and I really was just like I don't I can't wrestle. You know like I would love. When did you sign with them? <hes> we had a verbal agreement beforehand. Okay cool that yeah we got our in our contract Oh wow good for you well done the show's coming and coming to the US and stuff AAA AAA at the moment yeah okay the fight right. How many fights left? I think it's like three okay yeah all right. Well okay so so you start preparing for AAA and then you're worried initially but eventually get over the worry and you're going full bore. You're doing this. I'm going to start training at pro wrestling revolution listen in San Jose Yeah <hes> that just a coincidence that there's a great school in your neighborhood Yeah Abraham chances right yeah. I just worked out yeah the places in San Jose so I'm able to drive there and then kind of work there <hes> I worked a lot with the meeting Massaro <hes> we had just one one on one training sessions and <hes> we're talking to <hes> to Conan from triple a yeah ex-wrestler s awesome dude <hes> I love talking to him. Cool Dude and just kind of talk to like you know. What type of things do you WanNa see or do you want me to practice on before we do the AAA event wow and so you do that when you go there so we had <hes> you know my friend colleague Mark Monday was with you and he was telling me about some of the stories like you're you're treated like I've been here fight in Mexico like I know how they love you and Adore you there? But did you expect that kind of reception. It seemed like a real home kind like Ah Adore you still after all these years. Did you expect that like being there for like in the wrestler being there just be just for the week before the week before eight and you're being like all these people came out. The Fridge wasn't for me. I know but it felt like you were the man I mean at least from my perspective there yeah yeah I got a lot. I know a lot of fans that are like die hard fans there yeah. It's awesome adore you. I love it. I love going when they're visiting everyone just it. It's a good place and that whole week <hes> the reception I duNno I wasn't yeah I'm here to do job but like the people that are just always so amazing so I love to go there. Just Kinda just yeah. Just you know we nervous. Purpose Helios nervous more so than in your enemy fights of late well. There's a lot of things going a lot of things going on in my head sure sure because I'm like okay I'm going. I'm going to wrestle like I know I know what I can do then wrestle but what I'm not sure what people are going to say you know what I don't Care Eric because I'm doing this for myself. I'm doing it because I love it and I feel like people should always do that. Whatever you WANNA do in life and and you do it grandeur regardless of what we will say when I first started fighting? I have any support from family or friends really they didn't want you to fight. Of course I'll just graduating from Arizona state at that time. Fighting wasn't as big as it is now sure sure much like not underground but it was it wasn't like mainstream is there was a stigma attached to write. What did they want you to do? War I gotTa Educational Degree from the teacher. <hes> you know and and I I would have done that of course coaching. I Love Coaching. Sorry I would've done but I have the support that they started doing like the pro. Wrestling a lot of people were just like your family. I <hes> ages. It just seemed very out of the ordinary right and some were like yeah. That's cool but you know I don't know right. I'm not even when you brought me with. US Aren't wrestling. I get advocate the use of the idea right so not to say that people were super excited which again there's something that I wanted to so so yeah. I've been watching for a very long time and I know what it's like. When celebrity comes over and has their debut right like I've seen like when Laurence Taylor comes over like Mike Tyson makes the appearance and usually they protect the guy and he's like a bulldozer and doesn't really do everything all that crazy and I knew about the knee and we know you still have you still got your career and so I thought all right they're gonNA use him like the brute wrestler wrestler and he's just going to pick people up and slam meanwhile? You're like jumping all over the place you're doing her can Rana's you're jumping off the ropes. Where did this come from so the <hes> the week of in Mexico and <hes> train a little bit what the what the cycle clown he just Kinda did little little like tricks that they would do due to kind of get warmed up to to get Kinda ring like awareness like jobs? Is You practicing through the road. Yeah I do that as is the first time I did that too incredible so so I told MAG hey man I want to do something like Lucia staff. Lucia moves in the match and he and he it was like okay cool so we'll work on the match the day before and in that spies like hiking do the <hes> Hurricane Rana. Could you do that and then you've never done it before. I've never done it before or not. Even how do you do it right and you've been in San Jose like when you were in San Jose Jose now. I didn't even touch that she'll like how to do it. So I'm like Asko keene just kind of show me how to do what's the process of what you gotTa do and he's like robes boom. You know jump up. Get your legs on <hes> opponent and roll so does it and then the site clown standing next to Conan Conan asked me. Can you do this move even do it and I say I don't know I'm going to try and right now. You can do it okay and so I did it Boehm landed which is like those fucking awesome. What days this this is the before the match? This is a Friday night yeah Friday night. You're learning how to do for the first time yeah. That's that difficult. Yes wow that did it again cool Cornell's. I won't put that in for good so yeah I did it there. We didn't Dan we added to the show and so it's one thing to do in like in an empty room with a few wants another to do it in the midst of a match. Come on where you like. I I'd be crapping crappy my parents in that moment. How nervous where you I was nervous going out again? It was just a lot of other emotions a lot of like okay what I didn't know. This is not good you know. I don't know if it's internal well like if I go out and Russell like again I'm doing this is the new thing I'm not sure if it's going to translate over like I wasn't sure what to wear right out and do I have to wear something like intimate ish yeah so people can know that's came now. Picture the way I pictured it was always with a mask yeah right. He wanted to where the where the mass yes. That's the way I pictured whenever wrestled like I'd have to deal with a mask so I just did the whole outfit like the tights the mask I was nervous going out. Deficit was a little different like jitters than a fight like a little more excitement little you know little anxious excited edited out there and Yemen just going out there doing the moves. It was like the mood when I had to do them. I was Kinda had I blood blinders on and move them and then from there just like have fun. You know have the reaction of the crowd. Just Kinda just take all that in just be be one with a moment and that that made it just Super Fun Super Memorable for for me. This is the mask is the one that you are. This is not the exact one and then I wore by. This is a variation of the mask yes. Can you do me the honor. Can you wear the other one. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA ochsner off the when you're you're for the for the proceeds going to the Gilroy strong foundation right yeah yeah but this one is another variation of it. Wow this is legit. Look at this. What an honor this is okay? I can't see the day before our wedding. We can't see you can't see the bright put economy. It's amazing. Wow this is amazing. Wow kanai Alaska literature. Is that your name Alto Yeah like with it the Bull Wall in Mexico like they've they've always called me you always it's always I never had like nickname stick because I never like user per se but I've always had the people that have always called called me that for for myself like of fighting okay. What does it feel like when you put that on our just I was just hoping I could see out of it? You know that was yeah. What's important for me you practice with it? I did yeah I did and <hes> when I practice was actually with a mask on as well <hes> and then I saw him because he he wears a mask like everywhere that he goes and he has a big tongue sticking out. Have you seen this mask. I I think so. It's like a crazy clown of course of course in the end of the time I was in his mouth too when he's taught online always like moving but now I just for me as long as I could see out of it then who made it and who made the mask guy there from Mexico that he does all of the AAA masks okay so it was legit right. Them's <hes> Oscar okay. He does all my AAA staff. <hes> it did my shoes he painted he painted my shoes and start my whole like outfits very authentic authentic. Yeah I was talking to him as far as what we thought we wanted to do like the full mask <hes> but yes. I like the colors then like doing like the print and stuff. That's almost tell me like like we want this one in this color so it's kind of cool to be like in charge of like you're sure sure what you're gonNA wear Kinda customize it. How how how you want to freaking cool man? I must this looking at you. It's like mesmerizing. You feel like you turn into a different person when you wear that or am I like you feel like a kid and you feel like what yeah yeah like like a like a kid almost like yeah definitely transform into something different because while it's different for me because I look the mascot broker recognize me sure sure know me from from something else that one and put them ask on. Let's say I walk around walk around New York with Iran and like nobody even knew who say you're crazy was yeah and they're like looking at him like Oh. Oh Shit yeah nuts for me. If I been talks to go into the Lucia libra world as well they WANNA call me L. noughties. Do you think of that. You know you're gonNA wear a mask of course but I have to have a really big opening just for the nose yeah. Have you ever seen the destroyer. No I'm not today. No you're meeting Moscow. Yes I know meal. I don't know the destroyer. Maybe you should watch look at the big nose you did okay. I see this like yours is very flat over here line. There's no way you know. It was just too much that I mean. What do you think about it? I'm cool Goto. Peres says told me that was a good Monica. Go by you know. He used to wear the masters well. I think it's personal to you and you want to. I think yeah and it is okay so you get the match and like where you thrilled was income true. It was even just again between tween doing the whole like the whole match. I I took some heat. I end up getting beat up a little bit for me. Look at you arrest mark. Mark took that that's right. That's right so I gotTa beat up a little bit that match <hes> I was down <hes> outside the ring and beat up for a while and I knew how to go back in but I was thinking to myself like at that moment dislike Allahu made for this this is fun shit yeah just looking around and as there's a chaos yelling this one news like I kinda curse at me cursing at me as down like next to him Tom. He's like you fucking suck yeah. No it's all good he's do. He's like curse honorees like telling me sadness. I'm getting beat up. I like soccer like AAA. where I suppose laughing's good senior that was funny? It's amazing so fun. That's a man after we get done with it afterwards and like yeah like we did all the spots were supposed to we. We got cut short on time so actually we're supposed to do like a little more stuff but we kind of had Russian kind of match there so that at that moment was kind of chaotic because Oh wow would we got to like cut it okay. Let's let's see how this unfolds. Let's let's bring it home. That's let's finish the match but afterwards yeah I just got to see him the head of the crowd I saw my my wife and daughter. My daughter was in tears like she loved it so much like she's to me she. She stole the so she was like. She's never seen you compete ever. Oh really I've never had her go to any like. EMC fights have had our will watch some some of my fights but my wife said even I'm on my way down like walking to the ring. There was like she had tears in her eyes while she loved it. She just wore her her heart ernest leave and it was it was an amazing day like to watch her like to see. I didn't see her at all. Walking down. When I was done I went over walked over to my wife and in an assault her and she was crying like unbelievable? That's how old is she. Now he's ten. He's ten. Wow that's amazing that you see that. Did you have the second the second match that you're having this Sunday. Did you have that planned before this one. Was that always the plan or did it go so well that they wanted you to come back so soon we had a plan but it's kind of a base off of like how how I would do in the first match okay but yeah but yeah we had this implant and then October October thirteenth we're going to <hes> to. La Lights do the forum already have the next one set so so if we had these three plan for okay or the in Ghana fights and and that's it for now it's just three matches or now. It's just three matches just with AAA okay now and so you know when when I said that you were going to be on the show today a a lot of people were saying oh keynes going to announce his retirement from Emma May. Are you done as an enemy fighter. No not you will again yeah yeah. I will let somebody else telling me otherwise and you want to fight again. I would love to fight again yes but I want to keep doing this as well okay definitely want to keep fighting for the UFC of course yeah yeah yeah and do you think it would be possible to do. Both I think it would if yes both organizations like are okay with that and like obviously I think I'm an asset to to both chair. You know so we'll see on. We'll see what happens with that but you happy with AAA I am. You want to stick with them. Yeah for sure I do. I definitely want to keep wrestling for them. For for just Har- along I can but the recipe for other places as well to okay yeah yeah I've kind of got like just really Kinda opened in more into like the the wrestling world right talking to mark. Mark is like your guru he is. I know he's a guru for sure because in yeah my knowledge on it was not not there yeah as far as what's going on right now so he he really up to speed as far as to what to watch which organizations are out there that are just kind of making a buzz and are you like after that debut. Did you get a lot of people hit up you or your agent like W W I was like wait a second. We had this guy in our school. I feel like they're gonNA come after you happen. Have they made the call been in talks with them or interest. Are the talks going going pretty good okay. Does that mean we'll see okay. We'll see you do triple A. N. W. W I'm not as well versed these days and how that works. I haven't seen anybody do do that but all my my tag-team cody Rhodes Awa team with aws talking to them too. I've talked to them a lot to him a little bit so i WanNa Talk Tim a little more. I think they're doing great things now that I've started watching a little more like wrestling I think aws doing some things and they have a good relationship with AAA lays well okay. They have a Lotta guys going triple A. and back to W. W. Two does a lot of like Lucia Steph. You know a lot of Lucia wrestling which I think is pretty cool. <hes> I really like what they're doing. As far as the rest aspect of it I think they haven't really good athletes. Come in really good just to show men and <hes> they're making the doing good things right now. They have a big debut next month right on TNT. Are they asking to be on that. What are the chances because he's just doing? I'm just okay. I'm only all I can only do these three to away matches but yeah I would love to do more yeah and with different organizations as well I would I would <hes> well. My dream is a El Toro. DC TAG team match req- We'd murderer on yeah. Have you talked to him about it. I'm sure he's asked you about the experience and everything I'm sure he was blowing you up joking. Yeah I kinda go. Oh well you know I kind of kept. I didn't like say too much about what I was doing. Ranger training was and <hes> I want to be just a kind of a good surprised yeah yeah yeah you know and DC was real excited like the copays before he's getting ready for his fight with CPI and he knew like the chain that I was doing and he's GonNa hit me he. He was definitely hitting me up. You know like the company's before he's real excited. What I thought was super? Co You know oh so he was just getting really excited just to watch the match and he did. He blew me up and he was freaking awesome. You know you can do that like yeah yeah yeah so <hes> it was just a surprise to like you know just that the he saw it he got he got like a lot enjoyment out of it so that was fun. That was fun. Do you want to keep fighting. I wanted to do what he wants to do. If he wants a wants to keep fighting harbor many times he can do that for sure because that's that's the type of competitor the type of guy that he is but also if he doesn't then he doesn't have to write you know he's done and isn't so many great things the sport <hes> it's been a privilege to watch them on light heavyweight Nelson in division just fucking being the top guy like that's a it's awesome that he did that. I love to see I just love to see him succeed in what he's doing you know and if you want if he wants to do it coon he doesn't WanNa do it then. I'm definitely cool with that to you at that fight in Anaheim last month. was that tough backstage edge afterwards. I'll never forget the moment I think it was the first Jones fight where you greeted him backstage and he cried on your shoulders to remember that and I know he's very emotional guy and that's I think why a lot of fans love him right because he wears emotionlessly. What was it like backstage for this one? I just saint bombed you know like us winning that fight. He's doing really good and then you know it's hard to turn the other way. <hes> it just yeah it's topping. The enuma may like the winds are big. Losses are are like some really hard hard losses right. Hello Sport is and it's great. You know you never know what's going to happen. You know the fights can always change and you know that that that's the beauty of May but yeah yeah you just you know just just beyond and I've been there before. You know it's hard but you you know that that's why we do this right. You know the two took it to greatness and sometimes we don't get there. You know it doesn't hand the way we wanted to in that in that fight or in that match but <hes> you know you can always going right so and Alf also I'd be remiss if I just wanted to send my condolences to you. I know you lost your mother recently thank you how are you. How are you handling that? I'm good. Did you know like just think of the good times right like she's gone. She's not here anymore and for me. I wasn't sure how how I feel. Oh you know with her like being gone like what I feel like something is missing and it is you know and <hes> yeah my mom. She was choosing amazing woman like back. Her mind was shoes open to like two people <hes> I kinda got that from her being open minded and and stuff like that so I was just like I could tell her anything. You know I had that relationship with that. I would tell her anything until my friends like what I what I talked to her about. They'd be like why don't you talk to you about that. This is how she was. You know I can talk to her about anything very loving and compassionate with are there like she job mouth at school even in high school I'd be I'd give her a kiss. Before I left and up you people wouldn't do that right right you know but but I would <hes> and that's just how I felt whether is very open open with their <hes> <unk>. Tell her anything just very loving eleven yeah so she she left a big impression on me. Obviously my my whole life so yeah. It's Kinda hard as tavern tarragon. Did she get to see her debut. She did okay. That's great and how's Your Dad doing is a mess okay. Mom had <hes> a lot lot of like health issues like the last couple years of her life and my dad my dad took care of her okay all right there everyday like took care of her. She wake up in the middle all the night you know and <hes> shoes bed ridden for for the past like two years of her life and he took care of her change her diaper and everything she knew and kind of crazy to see that that form of Life Yeah Yeah but ah when I'd go over there you know I I would help I would help as well and my dad was just just a champion just did in sludge earned love talking to her are so now she's gone. He's hanging pretty hard because he doesn't know like his routine changed. Yeah yeah so it's hard for him but he's a strong strong man is strong human being hill who continue to keep going forward as well. I wish the best to him. The guy you know been in fights with the hat cage side before I let you go just WanNa ask you about Habib's. When did you watch it on on Saturday this? How good is that guy? I think he's lost ominous athlete. We've ever seen like the way he suffocates people twenty-eight Ino- it's absurd right. He's amazing as a beast yeah. Have you ever grappled with them. I think I have okay but he's going against bears so I don't think it's not yeah definitely yeah. He's he's amazing like for sure like he's. He's a beast and the thing is I like the guy who brings to like the all. Those guys are good yeah. It comes with the dog. Is Tom from dying on like. They're all super strong. You don't think that they're going to be that strong but they they are and I I just know like with with just his presser like going forward mixing up the boxing wrestling. It's just something that's really tough deal with you. GUYS ARE GONNA have trouble dealing with them. Awesome add aw I love what he's doing. I know like the first time he came in. Take you know I just want to be a fighter who the best guy out and and he put the work in to do that and now he's that guy he can also. Hell yeah it does it. Does it make you smile to see Heavier Mendez like he brings his dad like that's your guys will refund all these Russian guys and I love I love the hobby is just having fun. You know he's kind of like these little like he doesn't like. I like show motion and do fun stuff. He's kind of like a prune. I guess you'd say but like he's guys they take them around to. Wherever earn he loves it and I love that he's fine so he's posting like stuff on social media and he's having he's having a blast yeah? I love that. When do you think you'll fight again? We'll see so after the AAA event in October then I can figure what am I gonNA do. As far as when I when I would fight again realistically when you WanNa fight again we'll see it could be any time next year. You okay yeah anyone on your mind. No I've always been the type of guy who <hes> never pick an opponent share. You know that you're not done. I'm not done NAPPI. Done can't go like that. We're all total in Velasco by the way. Was that your first time back at that arena since the fight was on my gosh. What was that like like just like fuck? You got to go perform now right. Yes the mouse you're doing so you feel like you. Were able to Kinda like right that wrong. Put those feelings. No I mean of course not right right is the different page yeah chapter that I got to got to write up which was positive but right now. You don't get to right that wrong yet yet. Never know never know you know what I love about this knock on you for all those years was like yeah he's great but he has no personality so quiet all this stuff look at you know personality come on. You've done an interview last like thirty minutes with this bull mascot. It's amazing. It takes a while. I stand stand that like for me if I if I'm hanging out with somebody takes nobody year at a like a really bring out my true self okay and I guess with the fans is take a longer. It's yeah this is. This is how I am. I don't know it takes me a while yeah. I'm genuinely happy for you. When when I saw you flying around it was great I could I could hear from you know just your reaction so thank you allow one hundred percent that means a lot to me and so it's this Sunday's September fifteen I believe six? PM Eastern at the Madison Square Garden Theater in New York City and it's another three way it's a six man it'd be all three yeah tag team who who's on your team time so psycho clown and <hes> no okay who are you going up against so we're going up against inside junior taurus okay and then another new guy coming in. I think it's Donald I talked to you look at this. We've got the card over here. Look at that WHO's responsible for this. Once over well done look kate. Alaska's psycho clan clown Brian encaged taxonomy junior torres and Scorpion King that AAA invading New York. MSG Hulu Theater this Sunday Blue Demon junior against Dr Wagner Junior. That's going to be great. Show I mean if anybody's ever been to prevent La. That was so cool for like fans sounds like they're very much involved party. You're there. You're you're cheering your bui thien make as much as you can and just just let loose listen get into like what's going on and you have a boss and lax lax thing went away but lax those guys are cool. Remember them from back in the day. That's good all right right well. I wish you the best my man thank you for. This has been fun coming here. ESPN did you ever come here before I had before <hes> it's good it's good to talk to you. Oh Wow I'll it's like Oh always flows it. Does I have to say of all our interviews and we've been talking for a long time now. I think this was my favorite one. There you go do you agree ah I look back and on a good note and and in <hes> great job on ice success thing I know you've been you've been hustling out there. Thank you so that's all shit. Thanks bye man good is yes. Yes and how do you say good luck was was worth it there. There is Cain Velasquez the former and soon to be future. UFC heavyweight champion triple h champion w champion Awa champion the world is his Oyster Alto. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Good luck this Sunday by the way how how can I watch. Can I watch you can watch it on twitch twitch unless you're Latin America that you can watch for free okay onto it's all right areas. Watch him this Sunday. Mike appreciate it my man thank you very much. This has been a lot of fun came. They'll just escort you out. We don't take commercial breaks here so it's just like a revolving door of madness there you go on the next. Yes thank you next step. I think is Tony Ferguson L. Kukui you've heard of him right the man Tony Ferguson coming up Todd Duffey Ryan Bater and of course what hey hey ma vidal so another fighter who has ties to the Latin American region <hes> that was amazing that was great stuff. Thank you very much to canes team for bringing him in Yes. I've been interviewing Kane for a very long time over a decade that was the happiest came Velazquez that I've ever seen that I've ever heard from that. was that was really great. That's smile L. I don't know if you guys could capture it. See it feel it through the mask on screen but that was real that is happy man. I'm so happy for him. That was really good. That lifted my spirits here at so great stuff there. Thank you very much to him and if you're in the New York area I'm told from mark that the AAA shows are phenomenal and very fun for the kids for the family everyone one everyone likes it so do check it out all right great stuff there who is next corporate by the okay to Tony Ferguson. I was right all right so you want to know what Tony Ferguson thinks about Abner Magomadov you WanNa know what he thinks about his big win a UFC two forty two so I've never done this ten years. I've been doing this show ten plus years. I've always done every single interview on on Monday or Tuesday. When we have a Tuesday show you get what I'm saying and a couple of times we've pre-tape like thirty minutes prior because the guy had planned to Kashmir always very upfront? I've never taped an interview review on Sunday or Friday or Thursday to err on the show never done it before but when I reached out to Tony and his team they said they want the immediate thoughts and they want those thoughts go out to the world on sportscenter and so we did that we spoke on Saturday like an hour after USC to forty two concluded a portion of that interview aired on sportscenter later that night but now the entire thing will air here today so here's my conversation with L. Cu We Tony Ferguson the consensus number one contender at one hundred and fifty five pounds and now we're after a beaver Maga may win over destined Saturday night Tony. Thank you very much for doing this. You have to forty two wrapped up Saturday Saturday afternoon. I know you watch the main event first off. What do you think of Habib Magara Meadows Performance Lazy? I want dimensional. Nothing against him are both guys did awesome fight week. I know there's a lot of nerves and stuff showed up. He obviously one he put the pressure on Dustin Austin that doesn't have an answer for Manso prompts to compete for winning but like I said it's a lazy we prepare for this many times he he's a he's the fighter but I know how to break that when you say lazy I think a lot of people will be surprised by that description. Could you explain why you felt. It was lazy performance wellbeing in my type of fighter in my kind of type of Guy Right you know I throw a lot of barrage of punches kicks knees elbows so when I see somebody pushing against the cage not really doing too much being active just kind of put couldn't themselves is a wet blanket introduced us saying he's a wet blanket. Sitting there is a lot of pressure. I remember when I fought Danny. Castillo he kinda the same kind of thing but it's interesting how how could be fights but to me. It's just boring man lazy. When you watch a fight like that you start to think okay I I would do this and this situation like when he's Mauling Dustin in the first round he's putting his hands on his face? He's going for the neck. Crank the rear naked choke you start to envision yourself in those positions and so what was Dustin doing wrong that he should have been doing to avoid those positions were for myself as a high level of just trying to the harm but to shit man. I mean as high level grappler I mean that's a little gravity. He's been grappling his whole entire life so I don wrestling. You're playing chess not checkers you're going to I need to know where your next opponent is going to go and so forth you can't just learn wrestling overnight since case great great fighter and everything but I've been doing this a lot longer than doses has as far as that grappling and Jane Russell Endure that kind of thing like I said not take anything from a dozen out. There did a job saints but my style's a little bit different <hes> obviously it's not gonNa work but right now for copy by believed my style is actually the one that could outsmart him. Could I think could move him outmaneuver him and and put him in places where he's not familiar like dancing territory. You heard him saying he's like our fathers. Say if you don't know how to dance don't dance Shit Dude. My Dad told the day's GonNa go fucking Shit like straight up got no when you watch him holes in his game right now I I. I've I've a lot I mean a long time ago where it was such a high level it ought to be doing is sitting here competing in trying to make myself right my stuff better joining with him. I see a lot of holes in his game but he's got a high level team with him and obviously they know what they're dealing with so they're gonna go to Jordan or they're gonNA try to fix those holes. <hes> I think it was in awe during FI- league. I think that <hes> probably just a culture shock. Our everything was just I mean. It was probably just alive after bullfighters so I mean I think that without being said I think the next fight uniformly. I wanted the best community ever seen so they're gonNA fix a lot of holes in this game and he's GonNa take those nerves and hopefully you know what I mean. He didn't even sound like you want to take the fight. I mean seriously if you get you get done fighting. You need to act act interested through this is everybody wants to hear was to fight you me. We know we got to squash. This shit got a Lotta history behind this. I don't have to go talk a bunch of Shit we already. We don't to hide behind this four times right John. Let me ask this would be the fifth time Yep so let me ask you about that. When Jon Anik onic asked Habib about what's next he didn't really take the bait? He didn't mention using mentioned really anyone in the cage. What did you make of that? I'll try to be here correct you but I'm GonNa tell you man. It's check is chess. This isn't checkers anymore. I mean literally. These guys are in check. It's defender vacate. You've got two options either. Set it down and walk away like I said or you're GONNA have to sign the dotted line thing to have to face me and then you're GonNa get a good Ole American Ashville my way Tony do feel like Habib doesn't want to. I think that <hes> there's a lot of nerves I mean I'm not gonNA take anything from the occupied lightheaded. I mean literally the shift. That was a lot of pressure. There's been a lot of build up up. It's been a crazy year. <unk> props bullfighters mammon and everybody on the card here was really hot out there and I was like she said hot that gets you like known as fighters. Did you just have something in you that you just going to have to go through it and Dawson said it right there in the interview do that. You know what hopper <unk>. He said. No he said absolutely not we're. We're in training. Were putting ourselves through so much heat and somebody's bullshit that when we do the do the damn thing and BBC knows man and his team Marino's. We've been through this already. There's no other solely to repeat man but this is a tune that we all WanNa hear and we WANNA dance to it so many he's got. He's got nowhere else to run Madam and literally they said it. You don't have the Tony Snacks this other BS. I don't have to do shit hype Nelson. was there anything that could be in the fight. That actually surprised to these said okay. You know this is this is commendable. I'm impressed by this. He I mean he upgraded some of the smaller details that I've seen in the fight. You saw a couple of the face grabs some of that. It's like a rough house rules. It's like schoolhouse rules in ranking football player on the field of boom so many you know oh man you kinda played well. Shipments Ludar rules. That's what that was so. He got a little bit a little bit more <hes> tactical as far as the school school fight Q. I mean it's hard. I mean it's not the streetfight but when you're in there there was the rules are pretty clear. You know certain things you shouldn't do and the rest is pretty creative so I mean prophecy him for for doing a couple apple smart smart things in the fight I mean doesn't do the job very seriously put his back in his cage trying to peel them off getting good hand control. I mean he worked for the Guillotine. Duty almost had him he almost had with the KEA team man I mean <unk> was panicked. He Adam panic man but that was going for a power move like that. You'RE GONNA waste all your energy not waist. You're going to use all your energy in the process of forgiving ongoing fucking different country in heaven business like that in the I know he's got the loss but not hanging out for you know Tony considering what this fight represents to you and considering everything you've been through through over the past two years the ups and downs when you watch beat fight now and then you see like everyone talking about you in the midst of the fight after the fight. What are the feelings that go on inside is it is? Is it hard to watch him. Is it hard to envision what might have been what could have been. What are you thinking as you're watching this? Nothing I some frick early awesome awesome bands I don't know how or why but if you go on. UC embedded I mean the whole comments section is it's frigging ridiculous man. It's like Tony type of guy just frigging amazing dirt. It's it's awesome without the support from my fans and letting me do what I gotTa do is fight. The fans are fighting for me man. It's fucking cool dude. It's a really cool experience to go through it very fortunate my family in our faulk. Everybody's doing good man where we're really. It's I can't be thankful enough that I've went through so much bullshit to get me to this point so thankful you have see president. Dana White was asked multiple times about you leading up to the fight this week and also after the fight in the Post by press conference and he continues to say Tony Ferguson is next if he accepts if he wants to fight conor out there but if Tony once a he can have why do you he keeps putting that out there. I feel like you've been very clear about what you want but he keeps putting that caveat what you make of him always saying that the Tumor Mannesmann Management for my age I mean all gotta do is worry about fighting and I'll be at the at the first part of the day. It's you gotTa Wake Up. You GotTa put in your time enough for these dudes already fucking know that I've put in my time and effort so it's Kinda hard to go sit at the breakfast table when you put the numbers up you putting up the fork in the newspaper boom home in it's right there in your face we're GONNA do right. Come on dude is not McGuire seriously man. It's like they're dancing. Gas The shit. I'm still focusing. The same to him is not fuck you pay me ten pushups knowledge for ten bucks. Let's go come on Amana Putin. My time. I put in my offer I'm here. I don't have to ditch anymore. I'm here. This is cooked. If could be excessively its defended Vaca- man <unk>. I don't really matter who they put it in front of me. WE'RE GONNA go out there. We're GONNA pay very smart my team team and I we were very diligent in our approach towards any opponent that we face and I've got my family and my my team supports without being said even as good old fat. It doesn't accept it. We'll get that bill either way so I was GonNa ask you. If there's a part of you out that you know he's talked about. George saint-pierre. We know conners like this cloud that hangs over the division. Is there any part of you accept anything else or is it a title fight next or bus. You are not entertaining any other idea. What do you think area which which which take on that one you all my take you all my serious? Take your your buddy. What's your two cents? You've won twelve fights Enro- he's twelve and owned the UFC. It's a crime that you haven't fought for a real built yet. This is the fight that has to happen. It has to be next for you. It has to be next for him if they go in any other direction. It's a huge stain on the sport. It's a black on the sport for this is the fight of both of you are healthy in my opinion. This is the fight that has to happen and the talk show end there. There should be no other footsie being played with any other fighter it should be you to and hopefully it should have to within the next six months if I was in charge. That's what I would do if you'd like to know if I was in charge we do in this December aerial. You know what I'm calling it right now. We called it already we need to do this shouldn't December. We're GONNA let go unheeded hamburgers cheese and all the other bullshit. Enjoy away a fat head. Don't get some fat coming at you harder than term suit Tuesdays. I mean it's still there abandoned poppin. I got some new Shit for you guys. I'm really excited okay so then let me ask you that because I saw the video that you've posted about December fourteenth. Do you have any indication. You know. There's a lot of title fights. The has to put on before the end of the year. There's a lot of champions that are waiting to get fights. Guys like Max Holloway Amanda Nunez and John Jones issue. Do you think it is really possible that this can happen December fourteenth you have any inkling. Have you talked to see your management talk to you. We'll tell us about the status. I know it's all very fresh but you did call that date specifically. That's what we want. That's the day that we want. We want to go there. We want to perform form in Vegas. That's what I want. I know it could be whatever he says I mean literally you got except for fight. I mean literally or not defend vacate seriously descended down fucking walkaway buddy ready to say everybody that you know you don't WanNa fight me. You're scared retire. Do whatever the fuck you gotta you major money just sitting down and walk away if not literally that's where I wanNA play. I WanNa find find December. I'm tired of fighting once a year area. I'll be real with you. I'm a competitor a high level competitor a Multi Sport Athlete. I don't like sitting here here in Washington people compete. I'm not trying to move jump weight classes. I got asked to kick your so until I get that belt seriously. We're all we're going for giving title shot or bus December. Could I ask you you already. Have the game plan in your mind like could you give us some insight light as to how Tony would attack even without giving away too much. You've thought about prepared from four times before. Could you give some insight. This is a guy who's lost one round. It is a tire. UFC career twelve fights. How do you actually unlock this code well? He pissed me off a couple of times so when him and and his team circle my family over at the hotel one I owe him one for that and then have your elevator. Actually just don are being broken in the elevator doors open. Here's Harvey Man fucking looking at me. I don't know who it was. I remember he was a coach and he looked at me and he kinda went sir. I walked by WHO's not what the fuck dude aren't so that was to like seriously and the third one man like suzy can keep count them I- older dude a couple of shots to the stomach. He's got to come into the stomach. I'm GonNA silence from his feet to his back and in Sombor. That's like a big disc now when I saw cowboy Surani like if you kick them on the back leg and the front they do like a double kick. That's like kind of like a man. I just kicked your ass T.F. It's kind of like an ankle pick. I did that destroying. He broke no disrespect to surrounding now. No disrespect could be but I'm GONNA slam us. I'm going to pick them up. I'M GONNA show him exactly what grappling all about the do-doesn't like to get hit. There's no there's no secret to this. It's WHO's going to want it more battle of will you have see December Vegas Nobatoshi defender vacate. I'm here. I got my belt. I'm staring right at it. I mean what he just got a new one. That's cool. Let me take off your hands kit. You don't need doc. Id GonNA fight enough can ask you about that first incident. You talked about what happened. You said they surrounded your family. Yeah we were we were checking in the Hotel Ryan <unk> fucking team kind of bunch of little fucking goons or whatever and we're checking in my wife and I we I looked like four of his teammates they're looking at us right like like through like circling the fuck and then later on my team and we had another like kind of like run with them room like Sushi and these are just a bunch of fucking bullies a standup. I stood up for the association. I exchanged some words over at the five not too long ago and he fucking knows exactly what he's dealing with. I don't play around dude. I really don't know when I do. It's cool. It's fun and Games when it comes to this game it's ruth through mass more ruthless than Robbie lawler and it's more ferocious ferocious <unk> hate the talk to myself third person but seriously the one thing this game has taught me is to never take anything for granted and to fucking work can put your numbers are that's how I got accepted into. The ultimate fighter man I put my numbers up and I put on a piece of paper not told him you gotta take me brother. Sco Go kid on a platform. Why did it again? Give me another chance you see it all the time you gotTa Work Cardin's industry especially for the USC because that's a man and somebody else is GonNa take if you don't take it so I'm here. I don't fight just a couple more things. What's the game plan as far as your management is concerned when you guys going to try to reach out and get this deal done for December well? I'm GonNa talk to them right now. As soon as I get off the phone with you I'm GONNA call them. I'm GONNA probably talk about that too. Little I was watching from the sidelines. You understand that it was really hard so I like to compete so being the guy that I am the type personal I am to watch that and then see how Dustin reacted after I can feel it in the same way we could be in the same thing like I said I'll let could even doesn't listen have time off. You know enjoy time but <hes> come Tuesday. I'll remind could be what day it is. That's right okay. Let's end on this. Let's end on a good note tone and you mentioned the embedded comments. You mentioned everyone talking about we talked about last week. Tony Ferguson is the kind of guy but I failed to ask you this question. I feel like I'd be remiss. If if I don't ask you this question what kind of guy is Tony Ferguson. I'm the type of guy to wear shades at night and inside and on the type of guy that goes <music> out there in fights and you can follow me on my way to victory on I g a little tweeting thing at Tony Ferguson exte- thank y'all so there you have it Tony Ferguson his immediate thoughts following. UFC Two forty to the words that stood out to me Lazy Unprofessional later was complimentary also those run INS with Habib and his team. I had not heard about but very clear what he wants. He wants to fight December fourteenth fourteenth. He wants that title fight and like I said I feel like that's the only fight that is the fight that has to happen now this Saturday today the UFC's back in Vancouver the main event is just engage you for Donald cerrone. I feel like the winner of that fight should fight conor next. I kinda went on twitter afterwards and said book the rematch in in Moscow and I have no doubt that he would do that. I have no doubt that he wants that but I feel like right now with Ferguson's win streak in the fact that they tried to do that fight four times before it's it's the fight that has to happen and so we'll see if they get it done so gates you Surani is a phenomenal main event. There's nothing that I can say to get you even more excited about that fight. They sell themselves right the to name themselves. But would you believe me if I told you that's not the fight that I'm most looking forward to this Saturday because that is in fact true the fight that I am most looking forward to this Saturday is Geoff Hughes versus Todd Duffey. Yes Todd freaking Duffy there. He is four plus years. Since we've seen that man inside the octagon he is backed. The Duck. Man is back todd. How are you I'm good? I just just finished up your <unk> the Black Room Oh yeah ooh I missed you. Where have you been Eric? I'll I've been hanging out in California Vegas. You know having a good time. Why have you not fought in four plus? Years House couldn't get to work out DOC. It's tough sport. Was it injury related. Was it something else yeah I had an injury. I was supposed to like Canada car mock tongue candidate card last year. We'll see it on but I ended up falling through the cage. It's tough the you know the tough. Jim fell through the cage gap and blew out my knee so that Kinda took some time off for sure you fill through the cage at the at the tough Jim in Las Vegas. How did that happen spoil blackguard before he fought junior about two weeks before maybe a week before we were pretty light but I bounced back in the floor kind of gave out just enough for my leg to slide through between the cage and the the floor and what happened you tore your knee yeah and upload awesome? Did you need surgery. Oh yeah wow which knee I got up. I finished around. I felt the pop and then I got into like a graph in exchange. I was like Oh we got stopped and then like I waited like a week or two thinking that maybe I can just kind of get away with not void surgery <hes> but it was just wasn't it wasn't an option Sadler Ero. What the question I was just trying to paint the entire picture? I want to get the facts are but that's a serious thing I mean like. Did you consider like did you consider legal action. I mean like your career was derailed or was that just a freak accident. No it was a bad I think the next week they took the whole place down. I'm not the first person it's got hurt in that in that case like that. I know that there was a fight Greg. I got his ankle todd. No I mean you sign a waiver when you walk in the door. You know so you kind of take on that responsibility that Jim probably should have been taken down a few months before it was pretty evident. I mean it was an it's an old Jim. It's been been through quite a bit right but it's just like you know how much you miss fighting. How much did you miss the nerves? The feelings the lights all that stuff our love to be alive hero Yeah Yeah. It's fun miserable. was there ever a point where you thought you might never come back early on Edwin. Joe Is negotiating with me after my last fight yeah. I just like it. Just didn't make any sense. I couldn't anybody behind me. I couldn't it just didn't that makes sense. Then I was worried that I would not be able to make it back just but you know <hes> the new matchmaker may came in and he made me make a deal and I was able to get back in the fight fighting water from so when you say that it wasn't something that was in the cards you know like they made it pretty evident that I didn't have the value. The you know normal all fighter jet. I still wasn't smart just couldn't make that could make sense when you say Joe you're afraid to Joe Silva the former UC matchmaker right he hasn't been around for three plus years. That's how long ago it's been. That's I mean that's just been. I been worried about it since mixed out okay so it was like man like like I may not be able to do this anymore and sad it was that was here. I wanted something out of that is just like oh so did mic reach out to you or once. He came on board. Did you reach out to him. I can't remember it's been a long time. Okay and we do that. We do the three years ago. I just Russia shoulder surgery right so he gave you a new deal. Are you happy with it. That's great okay and so here you are. You're back now part worth paying the studio anymore. He's gone. He's gone. He's the man you weren't watching no. I was trained in look at me. I know you look plenty. It's amazing. How much do you weigh how much you expect away on Friday always changes by week most camp by being told to forty eight hundred forty four wow my way myself every morning and night typically so and say I really liked the new hairstyle really you're always with complement? Sorry it's hard to believe you. Allow the time you know. I don't know why you wouldn't believe me. I feel like I'm sincere. Genuine guy I I saw the hairstyle by the way on instagram page at Todd Duffey for those that want to follow up with your comings and goings also your twitter page. I noticed protected these days yeah. Did you know that no idea. I feel like I okay but instagram. You're quite active on it so I was just wondering like what the Harrison because I remember you. Who is the shaved head Guy Robocop right yeah? I remember what happened. You felt like growing it out. Yeah I mean there's just people are nicer to me. Let's be honest. Have you ever hear people away nicer. The gas station attendant really waitress. Oh God yeah. Why do you think that is prejudiced? I don't know we're just like very quick to make judgment. I guess yeah maybe look a little more approachable a little friendlier. I don't know but I think it's on you so I hope you keep it. I know you hope in the midst of you've had a lot of ups and downs you also had the Parsonage Turner Syndrome drome that you were battling. Does that still affect you at all or are you completely over that. I'm over personally okay. I'm tired of it. Does it's still naturally yeah of course it does. It's just one of those things you know. You knee injuries affect you for life sentence or something in the sport so anytime you need surgery. You're never going to be the same any that's injury your body's. You know you only got one right but does it affect you training at all like have you had to change the way you prepare prepare for fight because of this yeah but that was that was six years ago right so I'm Kinda eastern point of adjusted it. I haven't really it hasn't came to mind and probably the last three years training just kind of adjusted to it. I know how to manage it. I don't really just kind of part of life so I don't know if you know this but like I do the show now it's live but there's is also a TV version of this show that airs Tuesday nights on ESPN two and we do like a one hour version of very long show and at the end of the show I always do the segment called. Turn back the clock where I look at something that's happening now and kind of look at the history of it or whatever and so this week segment is about you and your very puddle the one that is amazing and gross but you've had a very memorable career ups and downs it's been ten years from The Hague knockout and then the Mike Russell fight lied and leaving UFC and over him in the midst of all this like you ever take a step back and just look at this journey because I mean with you. It's just it's never been boring. It absolutely has never been boring boring as A. Do you ever pop in the old well. I don't WanNa pop the tapes. That doesn't really happen anymore but you look back. Get some of those old flights and reminisce these days. Sometimes I do. It's been I mean I haven't watched myself. I probably a year probably will this week at some point just to kind of get an idea. You have what what what does somebody might expect but not really I mean it's there's a major evolution that goes on in ten years. Imagine sure you feel like a different from person. No okay so I guess there isn't a Latchkey kid growing up so I can already had my adult hat on I guess right but there were times where you sort of butting heads with management and all that I it seems like maybe that's not the case anymore. Who has well you remember the left and the fast track and all the single lever kicked out quote bad attitude but there was no story behind for some weird reason how are things now? I mean they're fine fine. They've always been fine on my end. I've never I never got to have a conversation with Dan when they brought me bags right before I walked out the way as as a hey man are we good. Is there anything you want to sit down to talk about. There's like no we're great with a big smile. That's the extensive that entire the entire thing and I left that because then what's it matter you know I'm back and I'm happy to be here. <hes> where do you live. These Las Vegas now okay. When did you move there probably four or five months ago okay why financially it just makes so much sense with the therapy aspect I've not been able to get to fights because of an injury here injury there so having physical therapy at my right right there every day is a major big difference? You know I'm here healthy and I made a fight week healthy so that's where you do the majority of their training tours and then FBI both here and you bring your coaches there with you or do you work with coaches from the gym. <hes> both <hes> bring in Roddy prices on boxing coach Peter Pence Oh my mood's high coach Glenn Coach <hes> yeah and I bring him up the air. We come here so you know it's Las Vegas. It's a little different you kinda you. Kinda got hit the little circle shares where were you living beforehand on the bay and Santa Cruz Okay Trinity. ANC which I can still consider my homes that's all that's really where I kind of feel like I really kind of came into my own up there. Without coach. Kyrie and I don't think I would have made it back. He'll always be my coach as far as I'm concerned even if he's not day to day involved or whatever IV he was a huge influence and he CEO you'll remain that way curien fitzgibbons right well he in your corner Saturday daddy now they only give us one flight out so the only have one corner man. I'll have somebody possible. meet me up there okay and like it's been a long time obviously since you last fut- financially did you have to get another job four plus years. I would imagine you had to make money some otherwise pretty well and then like I like ticked up a client here and there something like that. What do you mean by client or do some personal training here and there but not too weak at best okay but this was concerned for you? Okay and what do you know about Geoff Hughes Your opponent legacy heavyweight champion likes to go. Oh the distance likes to spin about twice around kicks about twenty percent of the time boxer karate style <hes>. He's exciting. If you're spinning you're you're right. He does train out of St Base Camp. I believe but I don't know else. He lives out there so I don't know that I mean he's he's. He was a legs. I think five fights bell for it's pretty it's pretty impressive. <hes> you know he's ponies game a lot about it. You know it's not actually do know a lot about him. We're considering. I guess right but there's not a lot too not lots on the cover right. You ask questions of course smart right. Do you get the sense todd that like people miss you that people are really like. I'm genuine that hope you feel this. I am general excited to see you back. You get the sense that the fans there's a lot of new fans in the sport since you last five connor stuff. You feel like people miss you or do you think that people like forgot about you or Joan know about you. I think a lot of people don't know about me now but yeah definitely I mean every day my license. I've seen in the last four years. Somebody some strangers asked. When are you coming back? Where are you? Why aren't you fighting Yada Data Yada? I mean yeah of course I definitely I can tell that I haven't been forgotten. That's for sure <hes> somehow I ended up on the main card. You know there's two ranked. Heavyweights is fighting the same night and then on the main card says a lot right yeah. I didn't make it can workouts but did make Air Hawaii show who needs that all right. Let me say this is the real estate right so I mean yeah of course obviously I saw a pretty heavy fan base. It looks like and I'm very thankful think for that. I appreciate it the patients it's been a tough road but I made it. You know I have to be honest like I texted you on Friday. I think I just wrote Hi Todd. I didn't know if that was still your number because it's been a while. I really didn't think you were going to write me back. I always was really quite sure what you thought of me so I thought maybe it'd be like screw this guy or wrong number so so I'm really genuinely happy to see you. I thought we were friends. Do you remember that last center. I think it was last year. It was terrible yeah what I was trying to call out frank and I couldn't get him to take the if I may be an hour before he took the fight and we just had no smoke slots we all these lies to give him and he just ruined. It was great on his part. I guess you remember that interview vaguely. I mean it's been a while. It's been like four and a half years right then but I appreciate that you remember it by the way speaking he of frank fight like the fact. That was the last one that that's the one where it kind of stop that does that bother. You still think about that fight a lot. I'd love to get the back of course you want all those back <hes> not really though it doesn't like eat at me in any way I did not expect it to go down on the way it did. I mean but you never do right right. He came out aggressive. which was a big again? I hate to say and I every time I think about that fight. It's like how can you be shocked somebody that came out to fight right right. Is there a chance we're going to see a different Todd Duffey in this fellow. Have you evolved to the point where you're a different kind of fighter. I don't know Oh you know it's <hes> I think my skills has been much greater than I probably typically shown in fights either because they've been too quick or just the way the fights kinda played out <hes>. I'm I'm still so saying guy would think right. This is a little sharper a little better a little more mature yeah. Do you believe I believe in ringling stops I have now. I don't really think ringer us is the thing I've had big gaps between fights the four so no I don't. I don't think that's like a major factor could be. Maybe I don't know if someone's just learning about Todd Duffey now for the first time. What's the one fight that you want them to watch before this fight on on Saturday? What's the quintessential Todd Duffey fight the best fight of your career? Thus far think it's going to be this Saturday. Ooh Good answer but if I WANNA WANNA get ready for you if I wanNA watch you a primer if you will. I don't know what you're not say. I'm the most exciting heavyweight in the division and aerial well the miss me I miss you dearly. Because has this always killer be killed with you right. Let's be honest. You're either knocking someone out or you're getting knocked out but it's never boring. It's never been a dull affair. It's ever been like one of those heavyweight fights that just drag on you. Come in there more often than it ends in the first round. You've given US incredible moments fastest knockout in heavyweight history seven seconds right. I mean you've you've really come and and delivered plus. There's been some drama along the way that just there's like an aura around you. Write your specimen. You're built like free robocop. I mean there's just a lot about you that people always been drawn to how about that there you go. I'll never forget I agree. I want to be put on the fast track. I remember that yeah man. I wish I would've fought Pol. He's friends with them. Real good friends Pablo Intel and Asta kicked his ass house cortisone shot away from beat him up. I just didn't know any better. I want to just protect my back so I ended up out of that. What is now Paul's the man he's A? He's living in San Jose with his wife Sia. We were together like two years ago. He took a fight in a couple of fights in Russia. I believe I helped him. Get ready for those. He's working journeys living life. He's loving life. You know think he's got a couple of businesses. He's running those details on my shirt. I haven't heard with that name in a long time always one of the good guys in the game so it's nice to hear from him. We'll have to say parental recently and then I don't know yet to over Russia. I helped him get ready for I remember I remember one was like short notice when Eric I think well I must say <hes> great to see you again todd odd. I'm the division a what do you mean like what's going on. Everybody exciting well. They're Steve's talk about me. Steep as out there right. DC is still out there. We had canes saying that he's GonNa come back so that's exciting Derek. It's just coming back as well so that's fun. Jd is coming back against Alexander Volkov so there's a lot that we're all still here. You're also there. We even have arguably the best heavyweight on the planet Ryan Bater coming up next on the program. Oh Nice Yeah. What did you think of that? Your fiber dominating the heavyweight division. Isn't that amazing. Yeah Ryan got a great. Let's Hook. He's a great wrestler. I don't think he's fighting the best heavyweights yeah. I think that Russian cat I give them some problems inch right this minute Calvia Minakov yeah. He's good yeah but that's interesting but that's not your concern. You're a heavyweight in the UFC and you return turn this Saturday UFC Vancouver beautiful city by the way. I don't know if you've ever been there but one of the all-time Cities Yeah you've been there can be Canadian taxes this Saturday. I'm Canadian this weekend. Beautiful Awful there you go so we welcome you with open arms todd. Thank you for doing us good to see you good luck to see there is Duffy not one of the great characters in the history of the sport returned to action on Saturday against Geoff Hughes if you've never heard of this ban do yourself a favor watch him or watch our show tomorrow night the PS two because we did a little trip down memory lane. We turn back the clock. The guys had a crazy career. Killer be killed Todd Duffey all right so just spoke about Ryan Bater. He returned to action this past last Saturday. He fought in San Jose main event against Chicago. Unfortunately it ended in no contests controversial finish. He's joining us right now. If you facetime and Ryan I know you don't like to facetime so I appreciate you doing this very much thank you I appreciate it greatly so did you or did you not poke check Congo in the I hi everybody live scene but is no basically when he waits I am or do they or soda on Akra. Pay If the Games on there pushing it was right now in the picture of the reverend here in the back so go back. They've come out with some of that being so you you feel you didn't even go anywhere near his eye. You kinda Kinda like poked his nose. Yeah some of that is found in his nostril aw grabbing half a million in baton on that when he wins now guy harder and I clearly show their video may stronach that were not. Did you need to watch the video to confirm this in your mind or did you know like even in the moment. There's no way poke in the eye it but you're not flying there. You're in spacious punches. So you know I figure your resume. You know you take your time. Whatever Italy was back the fires when he has going on in Iraq you see good good mealy say see they called? I Ninety his whole hassle for me. They just WanNa ray out so you feel like he was just looking for a reason to stop fighting right yeah coming there through the beginnings of Broccoli in in our Greece and don't come on this now with that with that. Did you in obviously nothing conventional at all either spent thousands wrong. I thought were fish within our games. You know Sir my head. Do you have any interest in running this back l. now it might be. I don't think I could go back down to my head. Wait at the guy I wanted a would be to this. Yeah there. You go back down here. We are looking for Smith batted back and forth to be circle for we headway on you know be known to it. Is there a part of you that just kinda wants to end the back and forth thing is your heart really set on being heavyweight this hate stature literally or by vying with myself along with his guy. The I do bellcore's told me so you want me to go back down here. I still see these lab in try outs and so then we get so I'll be honest. The fight was over. I think I watched your interview and it had been a long day of fighting with two forty two and I turned it off and then I check my phone and then I see Ryan Bater and rampage and so I went back to my APP and rewound the tape and I was like what is going on at this point. It's been such a crazy day. What exactly happened here because as we couldn't really see the beginning of this? Could you tell me your side of the story of what happened between you and rampage coaches in go and I'm walking out kind of thing most students firemen on there's a look at the beginning and I got a guy. He's yelling your wishes out. My herb exceeded on purpose. I realized rambis little later. News came out patient Alaso. Basically you sound Michael Come on in in in in their own nat whatever our former bag innings the car Biz talk. Dan Is Pretty flat right there awesome this and he's GonNa be our our planning our time so I just wanted to the best of your knowledge. He was talking smack your parents Oh yeah I got my sisters. You know hundred thousand easier he take back our many preceded the whole arena there so I was. I asked him up their cues using her. You know when I woke you think he's trying to get another fight with you. Of course you beat him at U. OF C. One forty four and I know that fight is always bothered him. Do you think that that's what he was really trying to do. At the end of the day more passive the dealer or England for how we're going to got again. We'll see we'll see you know competition me soon okay by the way we're like. We're any punches thrown or anything like that. That have to carry their. You know I walked up steam realized her put let me just serve security rain. You know that separate us all in yeah I'm not now. Let's all after living dominate so they on Isaac now aw room back there okay okay and by the way I mean it. Was You know looking get your social media week one of the fun story lines if you will was you continuously getting your brother-in-law with these grants and I must say it's funny to watch but like being on a plane and having an open bottle just poured on your lap that is not fun sworn by my sister a little bit on the as Dr Yeah by the way how much time was left on that flight like how long did you have to sit there with the water all over his pants all agreed our oh gosh that is and and then you get to work and he didn't end you ended the video right when he looked at you like he didn't like punch your anything gene or do I mean I know you're right. He my program I can see the taxes August to rule out around trading king then you've got him at the game was that was that shaving cream yeah eight. They want us to live Orlando Shaping Yeah. It looks like he went for a double leg there for second. was that what he was doing pretty balanced yeah amazing all right so is there a chance to fight again this year. Do you think you're done because they have that big Japan show coming up or are you going to be on that. No we're wine. Are they detained so far over my anyway. Oh I like that a little bit but things don't work ingred rabies time in the before our cloud over reading in the light heavyweight champion near the Polish guy is there talks of that like a champion versus champion came out at the media while last trading who wanted take into go down and that big fire vision coming coming up next year. I'm obviously healthy so he yeah okay overall. Though you happy with bill you feel comfortable there. You'd like the way they treat. You ought yeah. I'm interested in new deal to before this a lot at that point Osu Osu it really is and you know we got we go anywhere in unquote respect. They won't racing car really the you're a something new faces duties for Brasserie and your nose Dubai and now being able to uncorking hobbies different opportunities to do that to Dan. So was your deal up or they just wanted to sign you before it was up. We sat in rows up. We're GONNA go see Dr Grant Rian ourselves to Wasilla automobile rate so one more so we yeah did you did you consider testing the waters at all really get their winding media padded says Super Meteo even looking at her house. They really were farmers and work mark in here all right well congratulations on that. I know the fight didn't go or didn't end the way you wanted. You Look Great. It seemed like you were at that point on your way to victory. I'm sorry it ended that way but keep up the great stuff my man you're having a great run over there and it's pretty impressive to see what you've you've been doing and be pretty cool to get another built from a different organization on your love all right and thanks for doing this. After landing. I appreciate it Ryan all right there. He is Ryan Bater joining us the bill tour light heavyweight and heavyweight champion coming off that controversial ending to the fight against Chaconne Macondo Chicago in case you missed it the they stopped the flight Congo city couldn't see a rampage posted that picture afterwards of the I. I'm not sure if that's the evidence that that is really needed in that case because I did see if you go on on instagram. You'll see that he has the slow motion video. It's hard like you want to. You know there's the eye right there from rampages instagram but you want to. I mean I'm I'm not accounting. Check hung a liar. Who the hell am I to call in the video? It looks like he's hitting his nose like right here and he drags up but who the heck knows. It's a bizarre thing that that champions Champ idea in December they are planning on doing a show in Japan last. I heard Miami sort of Co Promotion Having Bell Tower in Japan and rising you know how does the December twenty ninth show and then December thirty first show will one one of those could be able to our show and I've heard there were some talks of Bater fighting there and also rampage vs FYODOR Milenko in possibly his last fight fight in in Japan as well so we'll see what happens it also was the start of the Bell Tower Featherweight Grand Prix these sixteen man tournament my favorite part of the whole thing was I don't know if a lot of you saw but Emmanuel Sanchez prior to his fight. Did the Old School Jackson Wink Nipple Rub. Did you guys see I feel like I'm the only one who saw this. Maybe everyone was tired and burnt out after you've see to forty two but not only did he do. The Old School Jackson winked Nipple Rub. He did the Vanderlei Silva handrails well. I gotta find out the story. Perhaps I could reach out to manual this week because I did not expect that and I don't think he has any ties. Correct me if I'm wrong to any of those guys if you don't know the story back in the day the <hes> Jackson Wing Fighters George saint-pierre Rashad Evans Keith Jardine when they were being announced by Bruce Buffer they would all rub their nipples. It was a very bizarre thing and there was this this guy on Youtube I think his name was lookout. Whale who did this compilation video of all the fighters doing the Nipple Rub tweak thing it was very strange and they said it was like something that gave them powers some bizarre thing had not seen that in a very long time and then all of a sudden in my half asleep state eight I see Emanuel Sanchez doing it and then doing the Vanderlei Silva handroll which I pop for the results from the first round of the tournament by the Way Pedro Carvalho who they're very high on out of SAP GB Sam Sicilia via rear naked choke in the second round Emmanuel Sanchez the aforementioned Emmanuel Sanchez defeated Taiwan Claxton via triangle choke in the second round and Adam Borsch defeated Pat Curran via Tko in the second round and then finally of the fights that happen on Saturday der Compost defeated Daniel Strauss unanimous decision so all in all a pretty solid start to the tournament and there were some other good fights but it's just it's just tough. It's tough when there's a UFC see fight it ends at around five o'clock and it doesn't just end like I mean forget about the media before fan as well. Just say like all right and that's it. There's Habib proving once again why he's one of the great there's dust emporia. Cry Like you watch the Post fight stuff you watch the press conference leads. You take some time to come down. You're on twitter. There's a lot that happens. It takes at least for me a couple of hours to come down from a very intensive and another one starts right after so it's always hard. I wish that they would steer clear of each other like if there's a show on Saturday at least two Friday going on the same day and plus from a media perspective like it just I you're always gonNA get overshadowed. You just are and that's that's unfortunate because this was a really good card. I watched the majority of it cast bell with a nice performance on the undercard improving to four now talked about him in my honorable mention list so look for that later in any event. It's a very it's a very tough thing when you're going on the same night but they did it and now they have another event later this month in Inglewood California coming up for you said you have see Vancouver this Saturday. Just engage Donald Surani a lot at stake in that fight fight. That doesn't really need did any promotion or any hype. We know who these guys are. It's a fight fans dream. It's a it's a fight that like I can't foresee any scenario in which this fight does not deliver and I really think and this is not gratuitous at all. I really think that there's high stakes involved in in this fight. I really think that the winner of this could very well be next for Conor McGregor. You'll recall earlier this year. They tried to do connor verses Sironi in July and you'll recall call that they also tried to do later on Connor versus Justin G- H. E. and so that's not just an idea that I'm throwing out. There's a legitimate backstory. There and of course Aronie has been calling for this fight. You've seen some of the stuff probably that just engaged. She has been saying on social media leading up to the fight. He has been very aggressive towards connor so there's something there and it seems like the perfect if I'm advising connor at this point you wanna come back great. You want to get that bill back great. You're focused again great. You got the Mojo back great well well. Let's get a win. Let's get a favorable matchup. Let's get a striker. That's get the win and then we'll talk about the title but to jump back in there against Bieb in my opinion is just not smart and it's not because I think you're getting a malt or it's bad I mean he. He'll definitely be the underdog going into that fight. No doubt about it considering how the first fight went but why not just get a win and I'm not saying tuneup fight right. I'm not I'm not saying that four versus five whatever those rankings mean but you get the point. It's H. E. Sironi we know who these guys are. Fight the winner of that fight beginning of next year see how Habib Ferguson goes and then fight the winner there. I mean they. He can't ignore him. It just makes too much sense of connor big fights but that's if I were advising him like everyone has a dance partner at this point. Max Has Woken off. sqi Diaz has Mas Vidal Ferguson should have Habiba everyone's kind of paired up this to me makes most sense and it makes the most amount of sense from time line. It's pre- perspective as well like like they're fighting Saturday so just have the winner fight him early. I mean for for Surani. That's even like two months too long probably so I think there's big stakes. There's other big fights. One in particular that I was looking forward to was the return of Michel ahead as of right now he doesn't have an opponent. I spoke to his management and they told me that they suspect he will have an opponent. His original opponent was pulled due to a visa issue but I was told as of right now that they're hopeful that he will be on the card. Remember Michelle Pahitas debut back in May was phenomenal. One of the all-time great debuts human highlight reel is like watching a video game character just flipping all over the place that was the guy who was kind of made into an Internet sensation just a few months ago when he was fighting in Korea and video merge of him flipping all all over the place while he got signed by the UFC the debut was just as impressive if not more and now is we're looking forward to his return pony gets pulled but it seems like as of right now even though he doesn't have having opponent officially last I checked right before we went on the air. It sounds like he is going to he's going to get one or at least they're confident that he's going to get one. We are awaiting the arrival of whore. Hamas vidal hopefully is going to be joining us in a matter of moments you probably have heard by now that he will be fighting against Nathan on November Second Madison Square Garden you've probably seen the tweets now from the Rock Dwayne Johnson saying that he wants to be the one to put the CBS title around the ways of the winner. Everyone going crazy about this fight. Everyone very excited about this fight. What a scene? It's going to be Madison Square Garden the perfect venue for fight like this in my opinion Broadway big deal. There's the rock about that for him is aww saying I'm telling Dana White. I want you to put the belt around my waist three. Oh five all day of course the Rock Johnson used to play. Hey for the University of Miami or the U as the cool kids like to call it he said doing all I can to make this fight if I can and you win. I'll put the belt around your always at. MSG consider done wait does that mean that he's only going to put it around his waist not nate's if he wins already shaping up to be one of the biggest first and most electrifying fights and you've see history can't wait. I've noticed that the rock these days has been promoting the UFC A lot. I wonder if that's because he's managed by I. I don't know he's always been a big fan. Who Am I kidding you see one thousand nine interviewed him in Indianapolis of all places <hes> <hes> and that card is shaping up to be pretty darn good as well Dr until versus Kelvin Gasoline till's middleweight debut Johnnie Walker Against Corey Anderson? That should be a lot of fun as well what other fights have been officially announced for that card. Let me see fifty by the way this Saturday that should should be a big one <hes> Caitlyn Chew Kagan against Jennifer Maya that's an important one and one twenty twenty five the return of the Black Beast Derek Lewis Against Roy Ivanov that should be fun Derek Lewis returning for the first time at MSG. Since of course he fight against Antiquorum Ebay Cormie there last year ear Kristof Joko against Edmund Shabazz Ian. That's a big fight for Edmund a little bit of a step up. He has look good as of late ten Ino- a a product of Edmund Tie Verizon so those are the names November second Madison Square Garden New York City one other piece of information to mention before we hopefully connect with horizontal. UFC President Dana white telling ESPN's broke last week in Abu Dhabi that they will not not be booking BJ Penn anymore in fights after the release of ad video the strike video that TMZ posted obviously a very unfortunate ending to his career. We'll we'll see what happens. We'll see if they release them. There's going to be promoters out there who are going to want to capitalize on his name at the end of the day. You just really hope that he can get his life back on track that he can say I know. BJ's not happy with me. I've never called for anyone to retire. I've never tried to do that whole thing and I'm not doing it because like Oh. I don't WanNa see. Bj Penn fight again or I don't think he can hang with some of these guys. I think he's not going down the right path and I think that it's unhealthy to fight and unsafe for him to fight. I went through all this already and I I don't want to kick the man while he's down. I just hope that he's able to find peace and happiness and stay healthy. Stay out of trouble and that we can hopefully see him prospering life after fighting. He's given us a lot of great years. A lot of great fights a lot of great memories. I understand the idea of him. Being the training camp is a lot safer and healthier than you know out on the street and doing whatever but there's gotta be another actor because you can't fight forever. You can't fight till you're fifty you. Just can't it's not healthy. It's not smart. You can't fight your at some point point. It's GONNA end so why not now when things aren't going well so you know Kudos to the U. OF C. for recognizing that we'll see if any other promoter it tries to capitalize on his name. I hope that is not the case and I definitely wish him the best I wish him well. BJ Penn one of the all time greats like on the shortlist and the the legacy has been affected no doubt about it like you cannot talk about the story of Bj Penn the career BJ Penn without talking about the last ten years so you just can't ignore it but what has happened in the last ten years should not affect what happened in the early days the way he was as a prodigy in the world of Jujitsu in the world of mixed martial arts when at one point he was the best lightweight in the world when one point he was arguably the best fighter in the world period pound for propound and so you hope that he's able to figure it out and I'm curious to see what happens to him after this by the way after the speaking of Japan I was just reminded that I reached out to George saint-pierre after Habibur Mogomedov win on Saturday asked him about about the victory he said he is a very very good fighter and no one has been able to find his weakness great champion to and Dana White said sure and response to fight against Japan in but he's not holding his breath. I'm not as well but you know what I am. Holding my breath for November second Madison Square Garden New York City three Oh five versus two oh nine east coast gangster versus West Coast gangster math title on the line game bread versus Stockton taught him hospital joins us right now on the phone. Are you there my friend and get goosebumps but that intro food you like that. ooh ooh I remember. I'm a goon though thank you again. I'm going Claire. What does it goon mean? Don't worry about that okay well. It's good to hear from you my friend. Are you feeling better because you know we were supposed to talk a couple of weeks ago. I heard you were sick. Are you feeling okay yeah. I'm way better man. I was thinking shit but I'm good now man role. Oh okay so what a crazy week for you or hey last week because I heard that you were involved in a lot of different talks a lot of different fights. Can I get your side of the story like how did this fight with nate not as well Oh man now after this. I still my God a lot of people we're going to twitter talking crap. I'm getting sick of this shit man. I crap talkers Bro. Don't pay me enough money to deal with these crap doger's. I'm being honest with you but they offered me a fight with <hes> reduce man and you know went back and forth. Maybe a day on the the numbers and stuff like that when we got to wear I liked it and it was comfortable. I said you have the suit I mean <hes> Denison the same thing so later while that later was going on they reach out to nate nate said I'm in this is the right for me and then they approach me back again with the hey. Would you like to fight name. I said okay. Let's fight nate you know so <hes> that's how it happened and fuck. I'm excited man. I mean the light always comes forward. You know there's a reason why these guys are salting hating bringing them my name because I'm the mother fucking main Batman People WanNa see me fight. Nobody wants to see another man just hugging another man with not trying to hurt him or finish him or put him away or or separate from yourself from the pack just to be petty and significant crunches. Nobody's in a so obviously you guys <hes> got bumped off the car and they put the two most dug down motherfuckers they could fine go hard you know and when you when you offer title fight which option did you better well. I will <hes> I'll give an example. You know. We'll make them famous. Now you know whatever Ben asking for example right. What's the worst take it happened to me? This is how my mind works. What's the worst thing that happened to me? There's GonNa hug me up. You know no Biggie when I a guy like nate speaks to my soul because when I think about what's the worst that can happen to me. I think about some bad things you know me getting me getting tired me getting hurt trying to finish me and they're trying to really end me and and those fights fucking speaks mysolar motivate me they wake up. I don't happen press the alarm button because I'm already awake. I'm already running. I'm already doing what I have to do. 'cause I know my my life is at jeopardy and when I'm when I'm uncomfortable is when I'm most comfortable if that makes any sense so that fight immediately spoke to myself you know not that I don't WanNa fight for the title not then. I don't WanNa bus open had wide open for the world to see but you know we all know what he does. He's GonNa try to point writing just sniffer crotch watch. You know whatever you know. He's GonNa get his but I I don't WanNA throw down there. What I do left in the sport? I wanted to be epic. I'M GONNA throw I want to be involved in the biggest. That's all I've been doing. That's how I've been doing since back. I'm trying to give you guys a Kale. Guys want quick fashion Kale's brutal endings I'm trying to do. He's doing this as being salty punks. Were you expecting ats to call you out after his win over Anthony Prentice like you were there in attendance but did you have an inkling that he would do that or were you surprised yes or no you know I mean. I thought there's always a chance to see that one seventy five a top rank guy that they gotta finish over Thomson. You know there's a possibility you know I didn't know for fact. It threw me a little bit for surprise you especially where he did it. I thought it's just how I kinda. You supposed to do it again. You good I'm good. Let's find out WHO's the best. You know. That's between Amen how many kinds of operate little kids got real. Fuck you you little bitch in and go to that all the time because that's doing and says don't really throw them in the gym. That's how they have to so. Pick up the slack. You know by by doing that. You're shows I mean shipment. May people have been. I think there's a betting taking bets already on where the me and nate ain't make the press conferences wherever show up to one of them goes to show. We don't do our fucking work in media age of talking Shit. We're just GONNA get it in there. fucking throw down and find out what's up not a Lotta month focus could say that nowadays and that's I think what brings so much describe the maybe we're not gonNA talk too much. Maybe we will will maybe I'll show it to a press conference. Maybe I don't know but she you know showing up November second with bad intentions. That's what the fuck you do know did you ever Spec for an ATS or is there bad blood there between you two. I never I never had any incident for you to even bring a bad blah. <hes> you know like you just starting to start right there man the Pfizer radio and a half. We're ready GONNA kill each other man. You GotTa do that. No no me nate. I've always had respect for that dude you. I Click I see him like this speaks like me but in other side of the country during the thing again after it <hes> coming from humble place and using his God given abilities elitist wilder further his life to get better you know so how can I hate them that I love anybody that get they can go through a little something and then push the little something to make themselves a better person you know were were. You impressed with yeah. Definitely I mean pedestals. I saw he was losing to the top times but he he showed the world. Yes pot you know if he catches deitch and the budding you can put you out so I think early on I think maybe Pettus Kinda head kick them. Nate look like <hes> took awhile came forward put the pressure on him and just kept going the the pressure on them and just man you know you're GonNa just box you up or guys can't stop you just that one too and fake fake and went to this and take a look look a little better than the wrestling regain some size you know way better in their life taken notes. He's going to be fighting and it's GONNA be fucking scrapping. Do Do you feel about this idea of making an actual title. Are you down with this. You like this idea or not. Many walk is not not the best idea you've ever her listen. You don't have to leave the comfort of your home. You don't have to go into some fucking ghetto to watch his fight whereas usually will take place the place. Maybe not ASU SAFE and come to get on the cover of your home or your sports bar or even the venue you get to see some while fucking in the country throwing down damn right descends to have a special title to it man Damn Right. This is a little different than everybody else understand what I'm saying. I know you especially. You'RE GONNA pay your heart and money for this because this is a scrap of scratch. Someone's GonNa get hurt man and to the best title. Are you guys making this title. The fighters okay all right fair enough and did you have any reservations about fighting in New York or were you down. Would that is well. I wasn't an <hes> I wasn't inclined find. You're being honest with okay. Why not a couple of I read that in a couple of incidents commission? I'm pro man you know you. I know how this thing works and I kinda got big time in like how Kinda got treated in some instances and <hes> I just had a loan that's it I don't have to have another reason but the US you need to be a plug it. I'm Newman described as a little bit of short notice. If it was up to me I would've fought December. Fourteenth would have been a little better okay lucky. I'm a gambler. This is what I love the do compete at the highest levels. You also told me a couple of times. I want to get paid like I don't care at the end of the day my next fight. I need to get paid are are you. Hey I'm getting paid and not play. That's for sure listen. Listen to your boys happy meal and he took care of me now and now here we go because there's going to be a lot of bitches coming out saying anyway I mean it's never talking about my female listeners. fangio anybody know this particular individuals that are bitches that are tension whores that are very salty individuals there already salty. These numbers come out. Some heads are gonNA pop so I you're mischief. I don't ask you about this because I feel like you're losing to it a couple times. We spoke to Colby earlier in the show so I don't know if you've heard about what he said but I asked them per se I didn't hear like coming out of his mouth but right before I got on the home with you. Somebody dropped some <hes>. Some <hes> knowledge that despite here was just talking about united saying things all. I don't know exactly what we're seeing now isla noise that he knows what fucking Jim and when fucking there and I'm actually maybe he doesn't know so <hes> I don't know I could be at the gym tomorrow. Thursday whenever you want Kobe could be at the fucking Jim and whatever incidence you're having you know we can talk about it like men I mean he had to tell Dana white that I was trying to assault and they know why came over to me like in kindergarten talking about don't don't give on those three pieces and soda I go what the Fuck are you talking about Dana and he goes no Kobe's telling me you're trying to fuck into something. You can't do that on a go man disguise these guys such a bitch. I told him let's talk like men why you're lying doing all this shit for like for fucking for follow a fan. That's that's how low your shoulders because two weeks ago. He's the one insane I was his best friend. I haven't sent a while because this fucker this some shit. I didn't like somebody that I adore and that's my coach so since then having been cool so you know there's doing these slowdown man because <hes> I mean he knows better than most of the fuck I am so I'll be at the gym Kobe. If you're hearing this you little bitch 'cause you will but he acts acts like he's not sensitive most sensitive I've ever met he cries when he reads comments so Kobe for hearing this or when you read this obviously Jim this whole time at the week man you know if you WanNa talk like men or not. Let me know you guys aren't friends anymore right man we we haven't kicked in some time you know I just I know the type of person is he throwing my my name out there my best friend. This is my best friend. Since since this fight his title fight were already a an incident happening between him and my coach and my coach going to them in that fight as well Suzanne. I never picked it with him. None of that stuff you know but I don't like to talk about this right now. Stupid you know but since this guy's bringing it up and talking about all this shit and fuck it we'll bring it up but supposed to be between me and him not between me and the fucking world. That's the way I was raised. That's the way I was stopped but if you're going to be a little Hor opened up your mouth for attention where here it is buddy Freddie and guess what if I'm talking shit. I'm doing any of that. Run up on me. Bro Come come come. Come at me me to my face. The bombing man Jesus fucking look nine. He says it'll even he said you're the kind of guy who is friends when you need something but when you don't need some thing you're not friends anymore. That was what seemed to be the thing that bothered him. The most yeah I mean if you if you if you started taking people like seriously I mean this is what he wants to. We've been talking about this last question. I'll answer this is all since he started his his whole thing. We used to be cooling back down so I heard his whole campaign. <music> of high wants to do this and he wants to do that and get people to hate them and they get people to love him because he's GonNa say did it because they were gonNA. Cut Me all this stuff that that he's doing. He's he's had this plan this head for wow I get it if you're ultimately and everybody hates at school but you know I think when these yields go like everything that they say just Bush. Do you believe that he was slamming John on Jones on his head and wrestling I mean do you believe that the guy that that cormier limping Russia is saying wait putting out wrestle John Jones you think Kobe was grabbing him. I'm an slamming the money's heading in Iowa wrestling match like when when when do we draw the line for just bullshit in maybe somewhat of truth because the track record speaks for itself Man <hes> John Jones said what you want about the dude. I've met him numerous times cool dude <hes> we have a lot of close friends again. They got nothing bad to say about him. The only person was colby had an incident with Kobe that I know of in this business. You know what I'm saying and Kobe did some shady sits in Tyron Woodley saying fucking Shit. You know what I'm saying. <hes> another guy a great multi coach and Friday Gregory tripling. Does it have the nicest things to say about the guy for people to know that guy my coach probably in her and then there's a track record speaks for itself. He keeps saying Shit about me very because there's so many people they know the truth you know he needs to stop Robbie. Though is the Rock and be at the flight on November second. Can I mean I'm not a fortune teller but I think so. They're making me wrap or hey. I WanNa talk to you for another hour. Wait don't wait up with a paid up airless. Let me let me were you cutting meat. You know who's who's telling you the company Short Man I took time for my day to talk to you and you cutting Michel. Do you think he's talking to Matt. WHO's putting your fucking producer man? Who's calling me short corporate jake? I'LL L. Call him out to me. I can you believe this takedown break. He's a great guy book. Had I just asked what is just fucking teasing you cutting short and you have a great time. I'm dying inside your the hardest guy. No no I just WANNA ask you. It's not enough forget. You'RE NOT GONNA big time area now. You're you're poking all over the newspapers. You're not going to big time you. What is your muscles a little bit of weight? What's your message to not as yes? What do you want this man to know about you man he? He knows everything that there is an Obama between men between real man. It just takes a glance man. You just exchanged that look and no but it's going to be go time. glares bought we're going and you know the engines are running. We're going in and that's the thing you know with me to have to go back and forth I do and use it across my go man. This is GONNA come to fucking turn my lights out. We don't need to be talking to you and maybe you know I understand the have gamesmanship and be funny and be like Oh you part of the Chin-high Club or you. You Ain't got no job shit like that either accurate funny you know but in the case of <hes> aw and in the case of a lot of those men they just got to talking because they can't bring it on site. You don't want to see these guys that are currently planning and you just mentioned in your interview that I made Amos right now. You don't care to see them. Fight you just doing it. 'cause you get paid to cover the sport. You really don't care to see a lot of these crotch sniffers fight right and then all they do is talk talk it up. Hey look in their employees. May whether women may not be yourself man. Stop Stop and listen and listen and no offense because you know I'm not even GonNa touch like I heard this dude said he was named more chicks. He's somebody told me that buddy wasn't anymore what you and let's say <hes> about that is I don't pay per se but you gotta be kidding me remade come on. Everybody knows I Berle you creating me man. Stop Look so put on how I've all people of all people to say something. This idiot would dig his own grave stupid ears man. You got the most evidence of your the biggest cornball motherfucking live when it comes to the chicks do stiff mice everytime I'm just takes around and Nice. How about you get more man anyway it's got to do I? I love you man. I hope you guys have a great fucking all right. Thank you let the light lead you the truth buddy that's right and by the way can I just say this if you're still there there I just want to say here. It's a great story my man you've been through so much to see you. Get this big fight on a stage like that against an opponent like this after everything you've been through in your career. I'm generally happy for you. My man you deserve it. It's great. That's what I want to hear some. That's what we gotta start doing. Aerial Man us more positive that's right. I hated them and making people famous that are never going to get there. No matter how long have we known each other we go deeper than who said what and so and so said this to try to make about positive shift. We're doing in our lives and keep motivating ourselves and others. How about we do that deal to Westchester? I'M GONNA say dollar to everyone in Westchester and I'm going to be there. I WanNa see the way you grew up your hood. That's what I'm GonNa do to extend the olive branch. Okay okay perfect good. They're all right all the best there. He is hi Mazda. I wish we had a camera corporate jake back there in the control. He's probably losing right now. We went way over. I'll say goodbye you could hit the music. I got nothing more to say there is you didn't think I could get him there. He was in the flesh rush. There was his voice. What in the world what a day what a sport what other sport you characters like this? Tell me all the nonsense. All the stuff that we have to deal with this is why we do it for characters like that for fights like that for for November second for Madison Square Garden for B. M. F. Titles for whatever three Oh five zero nine. Is it November yet what is going to be what a day it has been. Thank you very much to all of you. Who tuned in? Thank you very much to all our guests. Thank you very much Joanne Calderwood congratulations to her on the big Gwen. Thank you very much heavier Mendez congratulations to him and the entire team on the great win great performance by Habibur Magomedov. Thank you very much Koby Covington congratulations to him on and just being back. I don't know put a weird day. It has been famous Shuqrah cyborgs congratulations to her on the new contract. How about that interview from Cain Velasquez? Wow if one of my favorites thank you very much Tony Ferguson hopefully he gets that fight. Good luck to Todd Duffey this Saturday Vancouver thank you very much Ryan Bater and of course thank very much and congratulations to horry muscle on getting that fight against nate. Ds Case you missed anything. Check it out twitter youtube all those places. I'm more attuned as well back next. We

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