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If you want her to see nineteen ninety seven you must follow our instructions to the letter you will withdraw one hundred eighteen thousand dollars from your account. One hundred thousand dollars will be one hundred dollar bills and the remaining eighteen thousand and twenty dollar bills. Make sure that you bring bring an adequate size attache to the bank. When you get home you will put the money in a brown paper bag? I will call. Oh you between eight and ten. Am Tomorrow to instruct you on delivering. The delivery will be exhausted so I advise you to be rested if we monitor. Are you getting the money early. We might call you early to arrange an earlier delivery of the money. Enhance an earlier pickup of your daughter under any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your job you will also. It'll be denied. Her remains for proper burial. The two gentlemen watching over your daughter do not particularly like you so I advise you to not provoke down speaking to anyone about your situation such as police FBI et Cetera will result in your daughter honor being beheaded if we catch you talking to a stray dog she dies. If you alert bank authorities. She dies if the money is in any way marked or tampered with she dies. You will be scanned for electronic devices. And if any are found found she dies you can try to deceive us but be warned that we are familiar with law enforcement counter measures and tactics tactics. You stand a ninety nine percent chance of killing your daughter if you try to outsmart US follow our instructions and you stand a one hundred percent chance of getting her back. You and your family are under constant scrutiny as well as the authorities. Don't try to grow brain John. You're not the only fat cat around so don't think that killing will be difficult. Don't underestimate us. John used that good southern common sense of yours. It is up to you now. John Victory S. B.. TC Okay most people use the phrase ransom note. I'M GONNA call this a ransom letter because as you just heard it is long. Most ransom notes are short. We have your daughter. We want five hundred thousand dollars do not involve the police. We will contact you. This ransom letter is two and a half pages long written on your standard run of the mill. Eight and a half by eleven and three quarters inch paper now. What you're going to here is the captain and I tear through this ransom letter? You're going to get our opinions on different pieces of this letter as well as the instructions given to John Ramsey Ramsey on how to get his daughter back our opinions are going to be a combination of our personal opinions. Plus information that we've collected from other sources along the way who have scrutinized this same ransom bladder. I'll start us off captain with this up at the top of the letter at the beginning of the letter. Yeah there there. Is this great website out there. That's called statement analysis dot Com. Okay so some of our thoughts are some of the things that we mentioned here will include their thoughts as well. They are great website because they analyze these types of ransom letters as well as nine one one calls in. They have experienced doing doing this. You and I well. We got a little bit of experience ourselves doing this as we've been doing it now for several years but statement analysis dot Com. Tom They stay as well as a couple of books that I've read on this case the first line that they kind of question is the we are a group of individuals digitals and they point to this because a lot of people says this letter as a whole just doesn't make sense right and one thing that I want to keep in mind here here and we kind of did a little running around in our discussion last week about this case. But I think what's very important in the Jon Benet Ramsey Ramsey case to keep in. Mind when you're looking at each one of these items as we're going to do. I think you need to stay fluid fluid and you need to stay in the moment of what's going on with the case you know we were talking about the police showing up and how they didn't secure the scene and and You know people would point out. Well they don't even know if it is a crime if a crime took place right why should they secure it again. I believe that you WANNA stay. Fluid in that moment when you show up you have indicators pointing toward a kidnapping for ransom and so therefore it is a crime scene so obviously we do know some things that are going to come to light. We can look at those as much as we want but in the moment keep in keep in mind in the moment stay fluid as we go through this statement analysis dot Com as well as several other sources. Again points out that the letter is a whole does not make sense and they specifically Klay referenced. The line of we are a group of individuals pointing out. What exactly does that mean? What does the writer of this letter mean right because every group is comprised of individuals? I think it's a lie. We are a group of individuals. You would to say we are a group. That's true the other thing too that John Douglas would point out in his experience with random. Letters is that often. The the kidnapper is the authority in the situation. They're the ones that are going to call the shots. They're the ones demanding the ransom you're going to do this or that or this. Or that's going to happen or not going to happen. And he points out in his experience that often a you want to perceive a larger threat than what is actually going on. Because you as the kidnapper really only knows what everything that's going on the victims don't know everything that's going on. They only know what you choose to tell them in your letter right so John. Douglas would point out. Hey we are a group of individuals. We are a group if it was in fact just one person did eh kidnapped in wrote this letter. Then that makes sense to him because they would want to present themselves as a larger than life a larger larger threat. They're bigger they're scarier. It's not just one person. It's a group Brian. That evidence is followed back We represent a small foreign faction action. I think just that term is to back up the idea of a group of individuals the small foreign faction makes it seem like Something bigger and then when you get to we respect your business but not the we respect your business but not the country that it serves. Yeah again I think that's tobacco the small foreign faction The sounds very movie like to me. Yeah my thoughts here. They represent a small foreign faction. The use of the word small doesn't make sense to most because now it's it's the opposite where you say we are a group. You're trying to make yourself seem bigger. The threat seem more real bigger. Now smalls taking that down a notch foreign faction sound scary sound scary to me. But it's weird. Just those words together. The use of the word foreign sounds odd even if they would be foreigners to us. They likely wouldn't call themselves foreigners they would say something like we are the Islamic Jihad right. They wouldn't call themselves a small form. In fact I think it was serious. Ciro Wax Book where he states even a small foreign faction would not call themselves a small foreign born faction. It's just a weird weird statement. Yeah but I think right away it's it's establishing the mindset. You know this individual thinks. They said they're going to outsmart people with this nonsense I think the biggest thing in the letter to point to that it's not a group group of individuals is when he changes the narrative. And I'M GONNA say he but when he says I will call you I will call you between eight and ten am. Now I'm jumping some lines there but I think that goes back to a group of individuals vigils. The we turns to I correct and to me. That's proof that there was never a we. That's like a Freudian Slip Bright. Yeah that's that's interesting because at first analysis for me what my thought was if he saying and I agree with you will continue to say he he if he is saying we are a group. Oh and these men have your daughter right. You follow my instructions. Maybe he's the leader of this group. Maybe he's the brains the mastermind behind this whole operation. And he's the one that's going to be giving instructions. What makes it not work? That theory not working work is as you just pointed out that it starts with we and it ends with I so it does change along the way yeah. I think some people would argue well because because he's not with the other two individuals so that's maybe why he changes to. I will call you because they're going to be with your daughter but that's too much information. It's almost like stadium like once he goes to I again. If there's a group well there with your daughter they'll be monitoring you I'm not going to be with your daughter The very strange but I think also we can start by looking at this. No and I think it's pretty pretty clear to most people that it starts off a little sloppier and gets nicer as we go with the handwriting. Yeah the penmanship. Yeah not a lot nicer but a little bit nicer and I wonder okay so there's so much to get into one. Where did this individual right the note we we do know that the the paper this came from a pad inside the Ramseys home home? That's right there was a pin that was found in their home that they believe was the pin for note so this could go multiple ways. Did the person possibly steal the pad write the note and then bring it back. My issue with that idea would be both. Yeah you wrote the note. But why would you bring back the pad doesn't make sense to me But the note seems creased. which to me? Why would you crease? Nope if you're writing reading it in the kitchen or where that pad would be and then you're just transferring over to the steps why crease they sit. All the crease is very weird to me as well and I'm I'm with you that I've never thought of the idea of somebody writing the letter elsewhere and and then returning it to the scene not that that's impossible anything in this case in particular. Anything seems to be possible muscle decreases odd. Because wouldn't your objective your goal as the kidnapper who wants a ransom now. Now there's people out there going well we you know we know this and we know that again. I'm staying fluid in the moment analyzing this particular item this evidence as it is in the moment. If we are to believe the ransom letter the goal of the author of this letter would be for for the parents of this girl to find the letter as soon as possible why we know that because of instruction given in the letter do not contact the authorities if they discover discover their daughter missing before they find this letter they could very well screw up that whole instruction by not knowing any better and calling the authorities. He's our daughter's missing right. We haven't found the letter yet. Why crease it Patsy Ramsey? Says she finds it on the spiral staircase and it's three pages and has is laid out side by side so we know that at some point the letter was not to be concealed. It was to be obvious it was to be found by the parents and and for the sake of not contacting the authorities. Well I'll tell you what. Why don't we tried to start at the at the top of the letter just work our way through and try to hit each thing along the way? I think it'd be easier for us all to play along at home. The letter starts off addressed to Mr Ramsey not to John Ramsey not to John and Patsy Azzi not to the parents. But two straight up Mr Ramsey which I find to be interesting for several different reasons reasons. It's a choice that the author is making. It's a choice to only address this to Mr Ramsey. A lot of these ransom Notes that we've seen in the past they don't even need to address it to anyone the line that we have your daughter clarifies exactly who the letter was was intended for right so it was a choice to address it to Mr Ramsey. Now one thing that a lot of the TV shows documentaries point out in in this case the next line is listen carefully and they all point to that being weird because this is a letter. It's not a speech. It's not somebody shouting threats at somebody or calling on the phone. This is a letter. You're reading the words the word say listen carefully. You don't listen you're reading I get it. That's never seemed weird to me. I I've always taken that as just like I'm the authority. Listen carefully here we go. Yeah I think it's a little strange elma sounds sounds like something you'd say on the phone. Call them listen carefully. I have your daughter. Yeah but I also think is it that big of a deal probably not but also also I wonder if that points in any direction on where they got this possible idea to kidnap a girl in the first place all right then we have the letter we respect your business. Okay we have your daughter we want one hundred eighteen thousand dollars or she dies. But Oh by the way Mr Ramsey. Here's a mild compliment. We respect your business right shows that they care about Mr Ramsey at some on some level and some people have pointed out that if Patsy Ramsey was the author of the ransom letter that she may have chose to mention this to create some kind of distance between John's company and the investigation bright regardless the writer is aware of John. Ramsey's business sir. The letter and that he is successful right. If the rider is interested in a ransom they are targeting. What many believed to be a weird amount of money one hundred eighteen thousand dollars in cash at the ready according to Steve Thomas's Book Jon Benet inside inside the Ramsey murder investigation from a leading detective on the case the author wrote we D Show Letters D. O. with the? Da Crossed out. We we do respect your business deck. Detective Thomas takes that to mean. Either we do respect back to your business or the author was starting to write out. We don't respect your business but then changed their mind. mid-sentence this this you really have to question as it goes to motive right because at this moment in the investigation looking at this letter this is supposed to be laying out the motive for what is going on here and it would point out that the author is if Thomas is right that they were starting to write. Don't we don't respect your business. Right at. The author is undecided if they respect Ramsey's business up into the point of writing that sentence if it is an intruder who wrote the letter letter. It's just you broke into this man's home and according to the letter to kidnap a small child and threatened the parents with the beheading of the child. Yet you're undecided on how you feel about John's business. Yeah but I also think to me. This point says somebody copying in a letter My gut feeling says that this letter was composed somewhere else and they thought to be. I'm going to be real smart about this and get away with it so therefore I'm going to write the letter inside the house use pin from inside the house or use a paper from inside aside the House I wouldn't bring the layer that I wrote with me and it might have stated we do. Respect your your business but then messed up and then realize while well you can just put we respect your business that works too. But there's obviously there's edit there but I but I I believe the person is reading off their letter and maybe there's not a lot light in the house and so again I also think one of the reasons why it's sloppier in the beginning a lot of people when they start writing it's a little sloppier but I also think it's sloppier because this individual is not wearing gloves right. Oh I think you know gloves and could be very nervous. Bright and maybe the nerves are easing up as they continue to write. I KINDA AM with Steve Thomas here on his thoughts about believing that the writer was intending to write the word. Don't we we don't or we do not respect about your business because we do respect your business or we respect your business the same sentence and it's not necessary to cross out do in that in in that moment so that seems weird now the writer goes on to say we respect your business but not the country that it serves. So are we to believe the Jon Benet was kidnapped and then murdered because someone has a hatred for the United States. Most people would agree. This crime is not an international national incident. So it's just weird to put that in there that to play that toured motive. We you know maybe be. There's many factors based in to why you are going to leave this letter but to include we'd you know the we don't respect the country that it serves that your business serves. It just seems a very strange thing. I think this is pointing out to what you say. It's it's not a group. It's not a small foreign faction but if we mentioned some distaste or hatred for the United States in that same letter it's it's there too it's purposely. Put there to confirm that we are a foreign entity right right again. I think it's as simple as I'm going to throw some of these these things into try to throw you off the of who I really am but I think the fact that they sit there and say while we respect your business. That's A. They made that choice. Therefore they're showing some kind of concern for Mr Ramsey later on. They show some concern for him when they say You know be rested causal. The delivery will be exhausting. I advise you to be rested. We you would not put that. If you didn't in care about the person on some level this is another example of people say well that's shows up. Patsy Coulda wrote the note because she the the writer keeps showing affection almost for John on some level. Captain I respect your talent but not the garage that serves deal with that. Get Out of my garage. As you pointed out the writer misspelled to very common words One of them being business and the other possession however the writer then correctly spells the words deviation and attache even including the accent on the word attache many believed that the writer purposely misspelled those two words to try to make it look like an uneducated in person or again a foreign person wrote this note. Yeah alive people pulling that to be patsy Ramsey and the idea that okay. We're soon down to write this. No we're trying to disguise our handwriting. So we make it a little more sloppy at the beginning. That's hard to keep up over two and a half pages ages. So that's why the sloppiness goes away but also at first of all. Let me misspell a couple lanes to throw them off the scent and then they kind of forgot about that. Because I don't think there's another misspelling for the next paid in the half. As you point out captain both of the misspellings occur when there is a double s US double letter S. situation. I think maybe this could be a tell. Almost like a signature or fingerprint. If in fact this was not made eight up right I want everyone to just stop and think for a minute. Do you have a couple of words that for whatever reason your brain just seems to jumble up the letters in those words or or screw up the spelling of those words regardless of how often or how many times you look the word up. have an auto corrected or ask somebody for the spelling captain. Did you think of any words that that that you have trouble with fish pony hip hop hip hop anonymous. Damn you you give him all the easy ones. All the whole English language is very very difficult for me to spell anything correct. I wonder again like you said is a tell or is it on purpose not on purpose to spell it wrong but his the author trying to give us a hint of who it is By making these mistakes so the reason why I say that it could be a signature signature or almost like a fingerprint for the author of the letter would be is if this person always miss spells. These two words when somebody would be aware of that like for me. I know the vacuum and convenient does towards. I'm like I'm never never going to spell them correctly. The W for years always screwed me up. I think I've straight actually I take that back. I think I've straightened out my vacuum situation. But for whatever reason convenient is the most inconvenient word for me because I always want to put the I in a weird spot I I will never get it right but anybody that I have corresponded with many times may know that that I always have trouble with that word. And then they could think of all nick the extra crispy. Colonel wrote this ransom letter because he jumbled up the eye and convenient. Yeah I I don't know why you'd put vacuum in a ransom note but it's your ransom note so your party. I did what I didn't write a ransom note. I just asked everybody to think of some ladder. Some words that that they always have trouble with why I wanted to mention that we have commas and here so we have some some kind of knowledge of writing and we also have the big one to me is your you're right A lot of people get that wrong. There's different yours right. Yeah off the top of my head. I think think all the yours or correct. Yeah I didn't look at that so I'm guessing that they are and I know a lot of people probably sitting there going. I ever bizos right. NOPE nope that's like the one of the number one pet peeves. I have on facebook when people get their yours wrong so I worked in a small office years ago go foreign faction office. Yeah and I remember. There was a conversation that needed to be had. If that's even correct grammar probably probably not but there was a conversation that took place in a meeting where they addressed the office as a whole probably not to embarrass one or two do people in particular but that was the the exact conversation that they had to pass down. That needed a trickle down to some some of the employees. Your yours are always wrong in in your business letters and your e mails and this that and the other thing and it's a reflection of this the company they you don't know how to you don't know proper grammar bright it's just like when it's there and they're all those like weather and whether those drive me nuts when people get them wrong but join us after the beer break when we discussed math hellofresh America's number one meal Kit get easy seasonal seasonal recipes and premeasured ingredients delivered. Right to your door. All you have to do is cook and enjoy breakout of your dinner with hellofresh Twani. Wani plus seasonal chef curated recipes. 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The words in our possession are simply understood and unnecessary and really just in those couple of lines. There seems was to be several extra and unnecessary words. Next you will withdraw one hundred eighteen thousand dollars from your count. One one hundred thousand dollars will be in one hundred dollar bills and the remaining eighteen thousand and twenty dollar bills. Make sure that you bring an adequate size attache Shea to the bank the amount of one hundred eighteen thousand dollars this all things considered is a relatively small amount of money based off of the ramseys wealth or perceived wealth and John. Ramsey's company is doing very well. They just did. A billion an annual sales was made public. We discussed the news articles that came out regarding this. John's net worth in nineteen ninety six was in the millions. And wouldn't you agree. A nice round number would be more typical than one hundred eighteen thousand dollars so there should should be a reason why the writer chose one hundred eighteen thousand dollars and even John Ramsey agrees that that number one eighteen gene is could be significant to the killer. Yeah couple things here one if we believe the writer on what they're stating I'm calling you. We have two people that have your daughter so we at least have three individuals so now you have to split that three ways so I we think it was one person now but what I'm saying if we believe all the letter. Yeah where assistant shoe men watching over your daughter. Yeah Yeah Three. Were a minimum three. That makes them out even lower. Everybody's going to get roughly about forty grand What's that GonNa do for you right it? It's not worth the risk of of the amount of prison time that you're signing yourself up four if you get caught right so not a large amount but that again goes back to the idea that were probably dealing with one individual and not to you or again somebody that is falsifying a ransom note to cover up a murder and one thing that's been pointed out many many times over the years years in fact it was pointed out very early on in the investigation and the public's Investigation into the RAMSEYS. Let's say was it the amount it may have been significant because John Ramsey's Christmas bonus our annual bonus for nineteen ninety-six was right around the same dollar amount. There was actually two things one his same dollar amount roughly for the bonus and I wonder if this is also kind of a tip of the hat to asking for this amount because I know you got as a bonus so therefore it will be easy for you to give to me. I know it's available possibly also think it leads people to believe that whoever wrote this. No if it's not covering up inside job that it's it's basically stating I know your bonus you know me brought up by also also think that is kind of smart. I'M GONNA make it seem like were this big organization while actually a small foreign faction but were a group of people group of individuals. And if you just do what we say and give us this amount that we know is pretty small to you. This will be done and over with and I almost think that they picked this amount because they knew it would be available and that possibly because of John's wealth that they'll just go get the money and not contact the authorities right and the interesting thing here too is we. We have Steve Thomas who points out that look. That amount could be important because it could be indicative of his annual. Oh bonus that he received that year like you pointed out if somebody else knows that if somebody that wants to stand to gain some money from this whole situation they know that that money could be readily available rather quickly that this is. This is money that this dude dude can actually get his hands on. We all see people drive. Fancy Cars live in big fancy mansions. That doesn't necessarily mean that they can get a hold of any cash. Asia might be up to Denton up up to date to their eyeballs and have no real cash no real liquid money or whatever to pay. Hey such a ransom stinky hard cash and then you have to think about the banking system hundred and eighteen thousand. For some of. That's a multimillionaire. They can go in there and get that money and one transaction right. If you make the amount to high half a million or Mil- million that's going to take some time mm-hmm again the more time that this person has to process this the more likely they are going to go well We have to to contact authorities And so again it becomes this thing where it's like. Is this a smart amount. Because they're just going to try to get I look. I don't think the money is the main purpose for any of this right. But but saying fluid in the situation right we discuss it but this is some evidence that points to that. Possibly Patsy Ramsey writes the note or John Ramsey your together they constructed this letter better. Yeah Yeah and I think if they wrote this note together that would make some sense also would make some sense on why we have some scratch out mark's right. Oh No don't do that. I mean let's just get into the handwriting analysis. John they kind of ruled out as being the author of that doesn't mean he didn't help her right it But it seems like his handwriting samples. Don't match at all on a scale to one to ten. He's zero doc. But as far as Patsy Ramsey goes she's on the lowest scale of matching handwriting samples. She's on a very low spectrum of that on like a one to ten. She's at like maybe at two but cannot be cleared cannot be clear cannot be ruled out. And what's weird about her to is. It seems like there's speculation that she actually can write with both hands ambidextrous. Yes so it's like That's that's a that's a word I want to put into a ransom note. I can drink beer with both hands right very talented individual. So here's what's weird about the amount to me EH is. This is just like everything else. And I don't know if we mention this last week captain but I know we've talked about this and our personal conversations stations are personal talks about the Jon Benet Ramsey case. Is that even the sources you go to to try to find the truth to try to sift through all the bow Boesch Bullshit Bullshit and just get to the truth started bullshit and the real hard core evidence the problem with that all even the sources even the good ones sounds even people that you and I agree that we respect they all seem to have an ax to grind the the in it. So you don't know if you're getting the one hundred percent honest to gods truth so the public perception for a long time. was that well. It had to be John Ramseyer Patsy Ramsey that wrote the letter it wrote the ransom letter because they would be the only ones that would come up with this random amount of one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars. They would be aware of that because that amount amount was on their brains because of the bonus that he had recently received. Then you have the others the Ramsey supporters that will say you know you would have anybody. There could be several people at his company. That would be aware of that amount. There could be people at his bank. That would be aware of that amount now and the Ramseys were not particularly neat freaks and they've had a lot of guests they always are having guests over to their home there. There are people that could have worked at their home or could have been there as a guest and could have seen this information lying about somewhere in the Ramsey home and came up with that amount so wiles a strong argument for either in my opinion. Yeah and I also question. How braggadocious Patsy Ramsey was and. Is it possible that she was telling people at the Christmas party. All will drink up. You know because John got a big bonus or whatever. I think. That's a possibility as well and and there was a lot of people in that house like you said in all it would take would be somebody tons somebody that told somebody that told somebody but this also also amount goes to and. I don't WanNA overlook this too much Mr Mac I believe his name is there was a guy that was fired. Geoff Merrick yeah a guy that eventually you know John Ramsey said. Hey this is somebody that we should look into. He's making threats and basically his pay was the argument that they had was. You know around this dollar amount So he was looked into because of these threats and because the John could also prove that this dollar amount was pretty much. What they're arguing over so he was looked into his wife was looked into now on the high end of the spectrum? I think we talked about him before. A MERRIMENT MR MERRIMENT which he was? I think tested say I I think patsy Ramsey wrote the note four times of who she was tested four times again the more and more samples that she gives you now. You're not comparing note note. You compare note to four notes. And that's what led us to the bottom of the barrel that she possibly wrote it. This Sky Merriman. He was he actually wrote the note. I believe seven times and they actually put him on the higher spectrum. You know I I on a scale one to ten. He's maybe eight or nine he hit more markers. Yeah if they're looking for nineteen different markers to indicate kate. This is the author of the letter. He's hitting more of those markers than Patsy Ramsey. Yeah by ten times and eventually when they came back and wanted him the right another sample he said look. I have rode enough to fill the library of Congress. If you want me to write anything more come back with handcuffs This no doesn't make a lot of sense at all and this amount doesn't make sense but I know that John Douglas and I believe another F. B. I.. Agent profile owners have looked at this amount and looked at this no and thought this kind of points to a male in their late teens may be early twenties. He's because again because amount would be significant to them. Yeah and younger person but I also think That makes a lot of sense and these guys are experts. I mean maybe not as much as I am but they are experts but I also then question. Is there somebody else that this this is a lot of This is a bigger amount to where hundred in eighteen thousand might not seem like enough of a reason to kidnap kidnap. Somebody but again. I don't think that's the reason I think this is just kind of icing on the cake and again why not pick a smaller amount to get get it done and over with well even one hundred eighteen thousand dollars. That's a whole lot of rolling papers. Yeah so here's the thing I do want to point out Steve Thomas Promise. His book is fantastic. Regardless of you agree with his opinions and theories on the case I highly recommend everybody picked that book up and check it out. There's a lot of information in there. Does he have an axe to grind everybody that we will name. I can't speak for the captain but my belief is everyone the one that we name in this seems to have an ax to grind. But I think is ego. He states well. But I believe with Steve Thomas he he he firmly believes he's right. He has some things that to him. Point out to him that he is right and he's just he's trying to push us out to the public and say look. This is what I believe happened and why so. I'm fine. With with hearing his opinion one thing he states about this one hundred eighteen thousand dollar dollar amount. This is one thing that is. I've not seen it reported anywhere else so I want to make sure I bring it up here before we move on. He states the there was some notes that he found in John. Ramsey's personal. I don't know if it was a journal or personal notes that John Ramsey made aide about his personal finances and the number one hundred. Eighteen thousand was significant as it was referenced within those notes now I don't know if that was liabilities or liquid or what but it was it was significant according to Steve Thomas in those notes and so he's pointing running out. Forget about the bonus because a lot of people could have known about that. This could be a number that SIG significant to John Because of his personal financial santeuil notes that we found in his office. That's interesting but then we also have a few other interesting takes on this one thing. That's been pointed out many many many times and I just have such a big issue with this whole that. Look this case. This investigation is salacious enough without coming up with Halloween stories to add on top of it. But there's always been the speculation Out there throughout the years that all one hundred eighteen is significant because it references psalm. One eighteen from the Bible and the Family Bible inside the Ramsey home was turned to psalm. One eighteen which discusses child sacrifice in the Ramsey's are satanists right. Sorry that that just doesn't make any damn sense. It doesn't add up number one number two point hold on if you got sacrificed warner kids I mean. Don't you pick the ugly one. I don't know the I don't know the first thing about child sacrifice or the or sacrificing my own child but what I will point out is is the law enforcement stated first of all. The Family Bible was not turned to some one eighteen. That never happened. They never found that. To be the case it wasn't marked. It wasn't bookmarked Psalm. One eighteen doesn't seem to hold any significance. To this case for the Ramseys on top of that read the Bible Psalm. One eighteen doesn't discuss child sacrifice. So it's just it's just a theory. That's all kinds of wrong. It's interesting it would make like for a good movie. If you're put together good horror flick that would be something of interest but it doesn't seem to mean anything now. I like what John Douglas States about the amount of one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars. He states that you know that if you were to convert that money to another currency Douglas Douglas points out that. At the time Nineteen ninety-six one hundred eighteen thousand dollars. Roughly translates to a million pesos. See so either either pointing out again as a little wink wink hint situation that this could be a foreign entity or a foreign person or he also states. You know it could be somebody that was younger and looking to flee the area after receiving the money and and hide out Mexico. Yeah so it's interesting that there are several different reasons for the possibility of this this odd amount and again John Ramsey himself agrees is that the the number is probably significant to the killer. Now the phrase I actually I should say this captain just before moving on also like other things with this case it could have no significance at all. It could just be one of those weird things. That's the amount that some crazy sicko go on the spot came up with and that's all you know and that's all it means now. It's totally a coincidence. Then we have the phrase your account in the letter. This is interesting. The author could have just said the bank. You know you get the money from the bank right and I'm not your account. Also this is implying that the kidnapper knows that. There's that dollar amount at least in John Ramsey's account then. If patsy Ramsey was the author then we can see how and targeting the note toward her husband she would use the phrase your account versus my account. Right make you know. Make sure that you bring inadequate size attache to the bank. Most kidnappers are not going going to remind you to bring an adequate size case to hold the money. Plus this has got to be a rather uncommon word I can. I can think of only a handful of times other than the Ramsey case where I have even heard the word attache us or seen it on a piece of paper her. Yup I again this to me points. I mean we we gotta look intelligence level and I would say that this individual writing the note whether it's Patsy Patsy or somebody else we know. Patsy has a higher education. I if it's not patsy at somebody else with higher education because I just don't think that ah they would even try to use that word then. The suggestion that you be well rested. I'm surprised they didn't right. EAT OATMEAL for breakfast. You're going to need your strength. It the kidnapper. Frankly doesn't give a shit if you're well rested right or not you know doesn't care about your feelings. Feelings are about your your health your physical well being. They want their money. But again this could be immaturity. This could be somebody quoting dumb shit from a moon addressing. This could be this could be patsy not understanding how to be a as aggressive verbs. Maybe as she should or this could be somebody. That's actually close to the Ramsey family. that it this is like A. You're writing seen too much. You're giving too much away and and I think a lot of people believe that little tells like this point to that it's somebody that knows the family. The word attache was written with an accent place over the letter e most people in the US do not use this special character actor. It may have been used because the writer wanted the authorities to believe Jon Benet was kidnapped by a foreign faction right the rider. May they have used it because he or she is educated. The other thing we have to make take into consideration is that Jon Benet. His name was written with an accent. Patsy Ramsey was accustomed to using the accent when writing her daughter's name. Yes she all. She wanted her daughters author's name to sound French right. So you will withdraw one hundred eighteen thousand dollars from your account. One hundred thousand will be in one hundred dollar bills and the remaining remaining eighteen thousand and twenty dollar bills. Make sure that you bring an adequate size attache to the bank. When you get home you will put the money in a brown paper bag? I will call you between eight and ten. Am Tomorrow to instruct you on delivery. The delivery will be exhausting so I advise you to be rested. If we monitor you getting earning the money early. We might call you early to arrange an earlier delivery of the money and hence an earlier pickup of your daughter. Note the author third row delivery of your daughter if you see this on if you go and look up the actual paper right. Yeah the author wrote delivery of your daughter crossed crossed out delivery and wrote pick up of your daughter so it reads mistakes and all we might call you early to arrange range and earlier delivery of the money and Hanson earlier delivery pickup of your daughter. The writer started to say that upon receiving the money he or they would deliver Jon Benet to the parents then realizing that a kidnapper would not deliver the hostage right but would tell the family family where she could be found therefore he changed it to pick up its Alpha that a a well thought out kidnapper would make this mistake. It's a strong wrong indication that the the writer was not an experienced criminal. Yeah which makes this case even more baffling because that no oh makes a lot more sense if if it's patsy writing the note and just really bad at writing a ransom note to cover it up and this is one the points where she goes Enhance Right She was kind of commonly known to use that phrase and I believe even burke uses that phrase when he when he's questioned by authorities but again is immaturity as this this somebody that's just trying to throw people off the set but also we might do this earlier instead of the call. I wonder if you're viewing Patsy as the author is this Setting up for them to change changed planes on the police if they have to. But I also think that depending on when you wrote this no and in what manner you did this this would be kind of a weird thing to kind of come up with off the top of your head yeah. Let's there's a lot to really dive into in this couple sentences sentences I believe so i. The word monitor implies a continual surveillance. This is further emphasized when the writer states you you and your family are under constant constant. Scrutiny the kidnapper would have US believe they are continually watching the Ramsey family which is very highly l. e. unlikely one but two goes back to that line of if we if we see you getting the money earlier we're going going to we'll make earlier arrangements to return your daughter right. A kind of. It's kind of underlining that yeah we are watching you and we will know when you go to get at the money the word hence as you pointed out is incredibly interesting. It's not a common word. The word hence is a former way of of saying therefore the rider starts out. The ransom note misspelling words giving the appearance that they are uneducated however his or their educational level begins to show when they use words such as hence we see the same writing style in the Ramsey's Christmas this message on December Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety seven the first United Methodist Church in Boulder Colorado held a memorial service for Jon Benet in the program. There was a message a Christmas message from the Ramsey family. This message was also posted on the Ramsey families website. In the message we find the statement had there been no birth of Christ there would be no hope of eternal life and hence no hope of of ever being with our loved ones again. Yeah it's suspicious but if there's also a enhance and their Christmas letter maybe it's again somebody that God that Christmas letter but this is the year after she was killed now but didn't say that there was and there was a in the original Chris- uh-huh Christmas letter that people would have gotten nineteen ninety-six as there are no enhance and that one I would have to go back and review that. I don't believe that there is is a and hence but there this this fact is from their December fourteenth nineteen ninety seven. Messages is memorial to Jon. benet right so that's very suspicious towards patsy Ramsey but if again like I said Burke a couple times I am says enhance and his. I guess you can call interrogation tapes questioning tapes. Is it just somebody. That's close to the family and knows that enhances something that Patsy Ramsey uses so therefore I I use it and my letter not so much suspicious towards Patsy patsy Ramsey but more of a clue that hey I know you were close you you WanNa hear one sad thing you. You mentioned their Christmas slender. And I I forgot about this. There's so many things involved in this case so many details involved in this case and regarding their Christmas letter that we we discussed last week that they sent out to their friends and family. Yeah they send it out so late in December. I believe I've heard the statement that everyone but just for the sake of being fair and not having that in my notes specifically I will stay the that that statement was most of the people receiving most of the recipients of that letter you're received it on December twenty sixth the same day that they had to tell friends and family. That Jon Benet was killed right. So just what a sad sad thing for friends and family. You get this happy cheery message about the Ramsey family and then find out that same day. The little girl that you read about in their Christmas message has been killed. Yeah also in these statements in this letter we have an unnecessary the word over any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter you also be denied her remains for for proper burial. The two gentlemen watching over your daughter unnecessary words are words that can be taken out of a sentence taken out his letter completely. Lately in the sentence still makes sense. The rider could have stated the two gentlemen watching your daughter. Extra words give us extra information. What is the the difference between watching over someone and watching someone? According to statement analysis dot Com they say the best example is in reference to God. If someone were to say that God is watching over me then you have God keeping his distance he sees the person here she. I don't WanNa get into to that argument here. She sees the person but also sees the entire world at the same time. God can see the person because they are apart of the world while God is watching over that person they are also watching over others. The word over means God is spreading spreading his watchful eye upon the earth. Now if someone were to write or to say God is watching you it becomes more personal. It's a focused attention right. Another example would be if a friend asks you to watch over his house while he was out of town and this case he probably wants you to stop by every once in a while and make sure everything is okay. Maybe you'll pick up the mail. Water the plants. Whatever however if he asked you to watch his house he probably wants you to house it to stay there right? You want you to be there where you can keep a close eye on things. So on December twenty six. I think something else that we should point out is. This would have been Thursday so yes people are off work normally on Christmas. But there's a lot of people that go back to work on that Thursday so if it's not written by Patsy Ramsey I believe I would have to be written by somebody that knew that they had time to do this that that day possibly somebody that doesn't have a job or or is off work which could be a lot of people apple But I think it's important to point out. Oh Santa Claus is spent the whole time working just before that so I'm sure he is often often resting on that day. Statement analysis goes on while we're talking about words that are unnecessary. They go onto ad in a kidnapping. The kidnappers should be watching the abductee meaning. The word watching is also unnecessary. It would be understood. They will want to keep a close eye on her. They they want to make sure she does not escape or alert. Someone that she needs help they will want to make sure she doesn't harm herself. If her being alive live is dependent upon them receiving the ransom when the writer of the ransom note said they were watching over. Jon Benet the writer was telling us they were not keeping a close eye on her. There are only two reasons why you would not closely watch your hostage. One if you knew for certain certain she was all right and could not escape or two if you knew she was dead since dead body isn't going anywhere it it is something you watch over not keep a close eye on right. So let's be clear about this if it's Patsy Ramsey or somebody in the Ramsey household household then we know that Johnny is dead and so some of this stuff points to that brain My issue as always been the person it's an intruder they had time. So why wouldn't you write the note beforehand. If the goal was to take Jon Benet at the House the whole kidnapping suggests be a ruse. They maybe they even want money. They just are going to use this as a ruse to give them more time right watching over and all that stuff might not make any sense I to me it's less likely that the intruder ruder takes her to the basement. Kills her on purpose or on accident and then decides to write a note. My gut feeling says if it's an intruder the note was written before the death of job name and it's just immaturity Nana season criminal. Not a you know but I also think a lot of the stuff is leading to somebody with them. These education decent ability to who right I believe the person is giving too many clues on their close to the family and again. I don't know if the the dollar amount matters at all I WANNA stay on this for a little bit because I personally do not believe that the what statement analysis dot Com is stating here here in its simplest form that based on the language used in the letter. It appears that the writer already knew that Jon Benet was dead when writing the ransom ransom. Note right I don't really firmly agree with that and I think that when they say that they are trying to indicate that that means that it has to be patsy and John or Patsy by herself writing this letter already knowing that the daughter is dead. Right I I don't believe that. So much but staying staying on this idea of additional words or unnecessary words I go back to the we are a small foreign faction. We are a group group of individuals. The men watching over your daughter. This is a group watching over. Could actually apply the watching over your. Your daughter could make sense as we can't assume we know everything that the kidnapper has planned regardless of the long letter left on the spiral staircase. This watching over could be intended to imply. Simply the men took your daughter. I am the mastermind of this operation. And I'm leaving the ransom. No after after the fact they are elsewhere watching over your daughter the two men watching over your daughter do not particularly like you when we look at a copy of the ransom letter we find the writer originally wrote do particularly like you. The word not was written above the space between the words do and particularly align was then drawn indicating that the word not should be inserted between these words all right then we have of any deviation of my instructions will result in the immediate execution of your daughter you will also be denied. Her remains for proper burial. The two gentlemen and I'm watching over your daughter do not particularly like you so advise you not to provoke them speaking to anyone about your situation such as police FBI et Cetera. Tre will result in your daughter being beheaded saying that Jon Benet will be beheaded is very unusual. Statement Analysis says in the United States. We generally do not talk about beheading people. This was put in the no in their opinion to make it look like a foreign faction was being being behind this kidnapping right now for me captain. This is the line that I have always questioned the most. Let's say Jon Benet died in in some kind of accident and then the parents covered it up. which is a very popular theory so they covered up and then write this ransom letter? They would still still be very upset about the death of their small child. They would still be grieving parents in a way. I can't I have a very it. Difficult time. Believing that parents for any reason would reference the beheading of their own child right. It's not not necessarily to throw that in that note to cover up an accidental death or something else your small foreign faction in the beheading makes me think and the season season right. Tis The season for one of the best Christmas movies of all time. And if you don't think it's a Christmas movie you're just wrong diehard makes me. I think that somebody watched die hard too much and went out. Yeah Foreign Faction You know be heading. This is the terms that they would use bright. If we catch you talking to a stray dog she dies. If you alert bank authorities. She dies if the money is in any way marked or tampered with. She dies as you will be scanned for electronic devices and if any are found she dies four times the writer uses the phrase. She dies if Jon uh-huh was still alive. The writer should have been speaking in the future. Tense she will die. This is a strong indication that the re the writer again knows that Jon Benet was dead at the time. This is again that same website kind of pointing out to the that we could have a cover up here by the the parents yet again. The cover-up makes more sense than but as far as the she dies. Okay while then she they would say well she will die die. This could be something going. Well that's this would sound more like a terrorist would talk. That's right she dies and and then after this she dies this this is this would be the terrorist or the threat level being turned up. Crank it up to eleven right scare the hell out of the out of the parents now. I really liked this portion that I found here it states. There are three times when the writer use an exclamation point exclamation points as we all know are used to add emphasis to the statement. Listen carefully this has an exclamation point and talking about killing Johnny. The writer does not use any exclamation points. Four Times the writer wrote sheet is we would expect this to be a point of emphasis in the letter but did not use them. When talking about killing Jon Benet this too may indicate indicate? The Jon Benet was already dead in the author. Knew this at this time. There are can you. You've been kind of hinting at this all day long here there. There are several movie references or close to quotes found within this ransom. Letter in the movie. Dirty Harry Inspector Harry Callahan Clint Eastwood. I Love Clint Eastwood. Is Looking for Scorpio. A man who kidnapped a little girl when talking to Scorpio on the phone several times time. Scorpio tells inspector Callahan. If he does not follow his orders the girl dies as opposed to saying the girl will die in the movie. The girl was was already dead in the ransom note. Jon Benet was already dead another very interesting thing. Is the letter only names John Ramsey by name. No one else I it's Mr Ramsey and then simply John. The note is addressed to Mr Ramsey however towards the end of the letter Mr Ramsey becomes John ongoing have a practice now at some point. Yes where it's It's addressed to both of to them so in the believed or what is called the Rough draft or the first draft often referred to as the practice note practice letter they find in the same note pad. It's believed that. Did this. Ransom letter came from the same note pad that they later found At the top of a page somebody wrote Mr and MRS I. It looks like I because what the the authorities authorities state is it. That is the down stroke for a capital are that the intention was for to be Mr and Mrs Ramsay Z.. And then before even completing the capital are the author change their mind and then decided to address the letter simply to Mr Mr Ramsey just to John Right which look this is a pad that the this drives me nuts because it's like the housekeeper could I said I'm going to write a note real quick to Mr and Mrs Ramsay or anybody else that worked at the house could set down so yes they believe it's possibly at practice. No but there's also other explanations or other things that you can speculate that is that there was no practice. I know we don't have anybody to claim that that that little letter right there. You know the Mr Mrs I right. I think if somebody the worst claim that it would be easy more easy to dismiss. But because we don't have that may appear to most that a possible practice letter nobody's saying definitively that it was right but there is evidence to certainly point that it could be you and your family are under constant since scrutiny as well as the authorities. Don't try to grow a brain John. You're not the only fat cat around so don't think that killing will be difficult. Don't underestimate a US. John used that good southern common sense of yours. It is up to you now. John Again this pointing I think to somebody. That's closer sir to the family then the small foreign faction but also it's simply input point towards Patsy Ramsey. Well Yeah Yeah I mean. This is an indicator that the the author of the letter has some general knowledge of John. It's it same as the the dollar amount right. It's the same as knowing that he would be able to pay this amount. Use that good southern sense of yours that good southern common sense of knowing that he's from Elena China right and then addressing him as John. I'll tell you what though for all the reasons that many people point out that the letter itself shows no level of criminal sophistication. I WANNA point to one sentence that I believe shows a good deal of understanding and criminal sophistication regarding getting the ransom in that is. Don't try to grow brain John. And we know that that's reference reference probably from a movie from from speed where he says. don't grow brain. I'm on top of. You're says something like that and that that's a that's an the individual that's looking to collect a ransom in the movie but this line right here can you are not the only fat cat around. So don't think that killing will be difficult that to me show. Some criminal sophistication right there. That to me is the person who's demanding the ransom to say you know what on top of that don't deviate from these things because there's a lot of people to say. Well you don't pay a ransom because you're no right away that the killer the abductor will not kill the abducted person the abductee because if they do kill then the likelihood of getting the ransom goes down significantly. They've not they've not upheld their end of the bargain every this line because they're saying don't deviate from us because guess what we don't care we will kill your daughter and then we will take somebody else's kid and we'll give them a ransom and somebody will pay US eventually so don't try to outsmart here. Just be this is a very short way of saying. Don't try to outsmart us here. Just do the right thing and pay us Because we'll do this again. We're not we're not worried about giving you your daughter back. We're not worried about losing out on the ransom because we because you screw up and we have to kill her while so you have one line that we believe is coming from dirty Harry but you say that there's a kidnapping there so that's interesting and then the fact that there's another line that we go that might be from speed and there's a ransom there. I wonder if we're missing other lines from movies. He's well and dirty Harry. There's a line if we catch you talking to a stray dog. She dies Well sorry that's from the the ransom letter but it sounds. Sounds like from dirty Harry if we if you talked to anyone even if it's a Pekinese on a lamppost bringing on a lamp post host. The Girl Dies Dad's from dirty Harry. Are we missing some other references to movies and to me. That's a again. I find it hard to think that John and Patsy. Their daughter is the accidental death for and they're trying to cover ever up for their son. This is their child doesn't have to be cover up for their sun. Though there's anybody could give the accidental death but right right right you're right but what I'm saying is this is our beloved daughter. This is I love somebody. Somebody said Well it even. If they didn't care about their daughter they would they would have been upset about their investment who who makes those claims towards parents there is no oh evidence that John and Pats Patsy were horrible Satan worshippers and didn't give a shit about their little daughter so if there's there there was an accidental death whoever's responsible at the end of the day we have a dead six year old daughter so I think for them to sit. Sit around and come up with this letter to me. It's cutesy. Oh we'll throw in that line about what you know. What dirty Harry say? Oh yes say something like that. What was that movie a woes at line speed? Yes say something like that. It's too cutesy That their six year roll daughter died. And and in this case. For whatever reason it's like oh well the little bit of money that doesn't make monsters. She spent a lot a lot of time with her daughter. No matter what you think that is you know and I am also so sick and tired of people on well. They set her up and they put her in a position. -sition where there's all these pedophile calls and and so really even if they didn't kill her if they're not covering up an accidental death that they really brought this upon their daughter. I'll give me a break. Your kids ain't safe anywhere. I have friends that have been molested by teachers. Counselors boy scout leaders bus drivers soccer coaches priest pedophile are everywhere. So it's the the claims that we can make when there's no evidence beforehand or afterwards of them being horrible militias people. It's just it doesn't make a lot of sense to me like I said it's too cutesy. I'll try to throw in some movie quotes. There's no evidence of them being horrible militias people people beforehand either so this to me is the most interesting portion of the letter and actually it's what is not in the letter patsy is is not named Jon. Benet is not named but his referenced as your daughter or she brian. This is interesting. Because what if it's it's possible that the person that wrote the letter did not know the little girl's name or at the very least did not know how to spell l.. Jon Benet. That's not common name. I can't think of anybody else that that shares that name right. Is it possible that they avoided that name because they didn't know how to spell it also. Could the intruder have only known John Ramsey's name. Yeah it's a difficult one because because you think you know with intruder theory a lot of people go this. This person must've been obsessed with this little girl if you're obsessed with her when he you know how to spell her name and also if you wrote the note beforehand and then brought it with you or or wrote a note beforehand and brought that with you and then copied it down and Europe Sas Sass with her. Why when you put her name but again? Maybe there's all these little tells that if it's intruder that they know the family well right but maybe that was there. I actually disagree with that. I think that the only indicators that we have is that the intruder may know John. Well again. Pointing out no Pazzi. No Jon Benet all the references that that would indicate that they know of the family. And maybe you're just using family in a loose term there right but it's all towards John Mr Ramsey John we respect your business business We know that you're wealthy. One hundred eighteen thousand dollars us that good southern sense of yours right all John and and there are theories out there intruder theories that person's believed that the intruder yeah. Did they do some horrible things to Jon Benet. Yeah they killed her. But the the the intent was to was to harm John Ramsey right be on emotional level or whatever not on a physical level oh but that was the motivating factor for the death for the murder or the abduction of this. Little girl was to heart and possibly destroy John Ramsey that the the killer or the abductor hat was seeking revenge against him or was or sought to destroy this man. Yeah it makes sense to just focuses on John if you're if the writers patsy because what would make you think that you should focus on yourself right so that's where I I think people go This had to be patsies doing. And here's the thing too and I'm glad you point that out because that's something that I think. Most people kind of skip over when they look at this case here so many people people go. Oh it was the parents or it had to be the parents. You can run different scenarios in your head where it doesn't have to be the parents it could be a parent aren't right. It could have been one or the other. It doesn't have to be a united front of of the two right because you killed covered up in then it's the two of them against the world going forward bright because what's interesting in this case. Is You have a lot of people that think patsy was up all night long long and that her husband he took a sleeping aid so he passed out. And what if all this stuff happen and now she is responsible more. She feels that she's responsible and she doesn't think that John will understand so that she has to cover this all up on her own. It's possible hole but I also think when I think about the intruder theory is that maybe this person had a affection for Patsy as well and that that's why they didn't put her in the letter they didn't name her you. I mean like if I'm GonNa Talk Trash to somebody I'll talk. We'll talk okay. A little stick to John. But I wouldn't do that to Patsy so I'm not going to do then the letter when you say that this individual would have it out for John Right Right The evidence against that is if you have more hatred towards somebody. You're not going to be so polite. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA spew a lot more venom and that doesn't happen. You don't think you're the only fat cat around. Don't wait so you're you're kind of giving them a compliment just in that statement you'd think a lot more of like John Use a piece of Shit and you're GonNa pay us and you know you're a horrible person and your and Your Business Sucks. You know what I mean like. But they're the two complementary to him so I I doubt the hatred then we have the weird ending of the letter. They're the victory S. B. T. C. S. BTC. It appears there's no period after the letter C.. Just after the other three letters others people have for so many years have wondered what could S. b. t. c. mean that has always been one of the most popular questions in this case. One of the most popular popular theories is that it stands for Subic Bay Training Center right. Subic Bay is a bay. On the west coast of the island island of Luzon in the Philippines about one hundred kilometers northwest of Moulana Bay and extension of the South China Sea it shores where formerly the site of a major United States Navy facility named US Naval Base Subic Bay which is now the location of an industrial and commercial area known as the Subic Bay. Freeport on under the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. We point this out because many people have suggested that John Ramsey who was stationed as Subic Bay may hey have come up with this S. B. T. C. because it means Subic Bay training center however in the description that we just gave you it clearly tells you that there is no entity that exists with that name right. Subic Bay Training Center. That's not what that place was called and and as far as I could find there is no training facility station there. Nobody would have any reason to refer to the United States Navy Navy facility named U S Naval Base. Subic Bay as Subic Bay Training Center. Another possibility captain is the S. BTC could mean saved by the cross which could mean a number of different things statement. Analysis says this is because of the ramseys professed faith in God and because the word victory precedes the initials S. BTC as all Christians know is through Christ's sacrifice on on the cross that we have victory over death. The ramseys were religious and attended church. As we mentioned in the timeline. Patsy beat cancer answer to and it has also been suggested that saved by the cross is a reference to patsies victory over cancer as BTC could could would have meaning to the perpetrator or to the perpetrators relationship to the RAMSEYS. Org Jon Benet or what is probably the most likely situation relation is that it means nothing at all that it has no real relevance to the case at all I believe Patsy at one point when asked. SBA could mean she said son of a bitch. Tom Carter which was someone the family knew but that of course it just seems like like Kooky Talk. I mean. It's just yeah. She had no filter really right. Well you know I do like that about her. There's a certain charm charm. John has too much filter right then. PATSY has no filter. Yeah it's Son of a Bitch Tom Card while there is a guy I that they look into and one of the new documentaries where he would sign his name he had like aliases And and the t would stand for truth so it was his alias but he would put truth in there but again they once you do more research search you go while this guy was connected to Colorado. But he couldn't have been there at the time so I think everybody's grabbing at straws trawls for this one I questioned the letters themselves so S. B. T. C.. That's what we're assuming is because again uh I think one of the things that really points to the fact that patsy didn't write this no because if she's calling nine one one this would have been not not much after she already wrote the note. Bright it could have been minutes could have been hours by. They asked her who wrote the know. Now who's at from and you almost here you have to. You almost hear the thinking though wheels turning and she asked to go to the back and say. SP T. C.. Then she reads up victory If she wrote this now she would. Yeah your your your knee jerk. Reaction would be to say victories. BTC or just simply SBC. Yeah without a pause who are the no. SBC Okay. Well more likely that she wrote the note but when she has a search through it because she claims she didn't even read the whole note She got to the point where you have my daughter. Oh Shit Shit I gotta go check on my daughter. Oh Shit John John Yeah come help me all we you know John Maybe reads the no. Maybe doesn't maybe we get the same part. We got a call the police and then at some point. You're going how shit now we call the police. But they're telling us not to call the police but again she reads up and she says as BTC victory If she wrote the now you said start with victory as BTC or say s BTC quicker. I questioned the letters and this is what I mean by Patsy. Ramsey is the one that determined this is S. BTC This is pretty sloppy handwriting. I don't know if that tea is a tea. Or if it was supposed to be possibly a Jay Jay because because if you look at every other T- son of a bitch John Carter some of his term if you look at every other t the bottom swoosh Sean t goes out to the right and when you look at this t- it almost looks like there's a dot Well it is a felt tip pen. Okay so I do WanNa throw this in there. According to Steve Thomas they had verification from the Secret Service United States secret service that one of the felt tip pens in the little. You know everybody's got their little pen pencil holder that contains multiple pens ends and pencils that that pen and Pencil holder contained a felt pen that authored the letter. According to Steve Thomas and according to what he states is proof from the secret service said they were able to determine that the the die or the ink doc I guess would be better to say was Was a perfect match for one particular pen in that that holder. Why point that out felt tip pen because if you anybody that's use them often knows if you just kind of hesitate to pick up your pen it will leave? What looks to be a dot at the bottom of a letter or at the at the end of a stroke that you just finished? Yeah which I get but again and I think this is more deliberate and the reason why is because look at every you when they see why. Oh you right at the bottom of the why. What happens with their pin actually goes to the right look at a hundred percent when they make the percent sign? Where does the pain go naturally? Actually t to the right to see that. What was the last one you just stated? I'm I'm reviewing the US so if you look at the US. The bottom of the Y.. Always starts curving to the right even on the on the bottom of the DS. If you look at the word you when you say you I thought you meant the letter U Yeah you're right with the the Y.. At the start of the word you and at the end of the word victory you can see right here on page three. Yeah it it goes to the right a little bit. Yeah and then if you look at one hundred percent are the bottom of the percent sign it goes to the to the right and that happens over and over almost every y goes down into the right Even even the FS and you're right on the day goes to the left on well on the T.. It goes to the left making it impossible j yes just but only on the S. T. C.. So I think it's possible that the person started hurrying and through this a little bit more and that is sp J. C.. Right could be. Yeah and could this. So some of 'em bitch Jesus crisis how it is now no it could mean anything again it could mean nothing at all could be here. Look look the truth of the matter at the end of the day is the ransom. No is a farce. However you want to spin it whoever you believe to be involved it's a fake meaning? Whoever wrote it never intended to receive any ransom? I believe that one hundred percent okay. So what you're saying is if Israel by somebody in the family. They're covering up. They're make they're making it look like it's something else and upper an accident or they're covering up a murder okay. If it's an intruder it could just be a false. It could be a farce from the beginning. And they're still planning on taking her and that just doesn't work out and then they left the scene and move about their business. I think it very likely that given what we we know of the wine cellar in what we suspect of the body of Jon Benet that if this person or this group had any intention of taking this little girl and removing her from the home that this letter was constructed structed to buy them time meaning win the the thing with the intruder. I'm Kinda with you and I'm not saying that I believe it to be an intruder order but if it were if I were to say yes I believe this was an intruder. That's responsible for the murder of Jonbenet. I believe that the the intruder theory Only works if the letter was written was constructed before the attempted abduction of this girl right and that there was no really true intention to ever return her. There was no true intention to collect on that ransom that this would have been more likely a sexually motivated crime time and the letter was constructed to buy this Sicko some additional time right and that could be for either her any number of purposes or just simply for the purpose of getting away a fleeing the area or distancing themselves from the crime itself. Don't contact police if I if I can do anything to stall law enforcement from the if I can do anything to stall the experts from getting involved then. I'm going to do that because we we all know. If you don't solve this thing in the first forty eight you don't have a suspect. In the first forty eight I seventy two time is the killer time makes it more difficult to solve these cases and this is a particularly complicated one and so I believe if it were even an intruder cruder the idea would be to distance themselves from the investigation to slow the start and progression of that investigation. I I pointed that for several reasons because even if somebody look we we know that she's killed we know that she's killed somewhere in that home and then the body. He is left somewhere in that home. Even if the kill the person killed her had intended to take her for the purpose of a ransom. You you would still remove the body because you could still collect on that ransom. Even though she's dead the persona that she's dead right and even and even if they were even the sentence of denied a proper burial indicates that the author of the letter understands that even the return of a dead body has some value. So I don't really believe that. There was ever any intention of collecting on a ransom and we went through the timeline. I will contact hugh between eight and ten. Am Tomorrow to give you instructions. There was no contact. Nobody ever reached out for any reason at all. I think I think it is also very important to keep in mind. I think one of the smartest things that Steve Thomas added to this case is where he states states that eight to ten. AM is so confusing. Because we don't know what the author means by eight to ten. Am because because this crime we. We're talking this. All went down in the middle of the night if if the doctor attempted the abduction auction after midnight well then eight. Am To ten am tomorrow. Could mean the next day so I think it's all it's all very lost sense. Yeah and again I think I believe that the person if it was an intruder they they wrote it beforehand and either copied their own note and tried to make a couple of corrections to it or whatever. Yeah and that's why we have those as little scribble marks but I think they wrote it beforehand. There's too many cutesy like little references and little things about like Hollywood Hollywood. Not even so much even if you say. They're not quote in any movie. It sounds like stuff that would come from a movie. They could just be quoting things or or not specifically quoting movies but just again grabbing window-dressing the the the comes to mind right when they think of all. What would what a kidnapper who wants a random right by? What do I think a ransom letter should look like? And that's why I think it's what what I I believe and I'll go forward moving forward with this is it. I believe the ransom note is the random letters a complete farce and that either points to it points to motive for me either. It's a cover up an inside job that had to be covered up or it was in fact an intruder and the whole purpose of the ransom letter was constructed in advance and it was constructed to slow the investigation to to delay the start part of the investigation. Maybe the parents don't call nine one one right away because they're scared and they believe the letter they believe. They're going to get their daughter back. That doesn't have to have any indicator whether the author knew in advance that they were going to take the girl or or kill the girl inside. It has no nothing to do that at all. It's just points everything in this letter points to me that nobody had any intention of collecting okay. So crispy colonel if if you had to bet right right now if you had to wager your whole life savings One hundred and eighteen thousand dollars hundred eighteen thousand dollars and you had a wager that against a small foreign faction. Is this coming from mm-hmm inside the Ramsey family. Or is this coming from outside the Ramsey family okay. I would walk up to the window to the the betting window and I would place fifty nine thousand dollars that the author of the letter was an intruder and then I would place my I would wager my remaining fifty nine thousand dollars. That one of the ramseys are both the ramseys. wrote the letter highlight. Are you like that wager right there. Yeah that's a horrible alien sir. I'm going to go if I had to bet it's an intruder. They simply safe. Is My choice for home. Security is comprehensive professional home security at a fair price rights and right now is the best time of year to get simplisafe security system my listeners get a free security camera plus a huge discount. On Your Security System Visit Simplisafe we save dot com slash garage to get a free camera. 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