August 21 Trevor Fritzler of Friztler Farms / Corn Maze Discusses New Venture


Northern. Colorado, never stops leader do we. This is loco now presented by the SHANIN agency. Here's Tanner's went. Happy Friday afternoon northern Colorado. Thanks for joining us here on no cone. How presented by the Jeanine agencies we are excited to be with you after a couple of days off. We Are Alive from the ARA collision, Specialists Studios and oboe. Do we have a lot to get to this afternoon We've got no co news that we're going to. Go about a lot of stuff coming out of Fort, Collins Larimer, county but already some some covert outbreaks inside some schools. So we're going to be talking about that a little bit as well. Trevor Fritz if you've lived in northern Colorado for longer than five minutes, you know the Fritz slur farms right I mean it's one of the the I guess tourist attraction if he can say northern Colorado, the tourist attraction. and. It's one of the. Farms you talking about the scary corn maize and it's now they turned it into Canada, Farm Park. But as was stated in a press release, it was sent out talking about, hey, they had fallen on some pretty hard times, trevor? Fritz slur is kind of jumped over into the CBD farming. So we're GONNA talk with Trevor about that and what how much different that is compared to what he was used to doing I mean he was born and raised on the farm I talked Trevor Of Times he was partnered up with Rocky Mount Tap House. So we had that about the love of beer and everything like that and and Trevor is a very interesting interview and we're going to talk to him about why exactly did you go and do what you did and and is it working and can people expect further farm the farm park to be there and ready to go when things get back to normal which I'm hoping very soon, I i. watched a video. Earlier today that actually made me kind of nostalgic. It was a video that was tweeted out from Penn State football game Everybody seeing sweet caroline, and just gave me literally gave me chills in. With something that you know maybe we just took for granted while it was going on right the gathering of thousands upon thousands of people. And there was just something about it like. We're GONNA. Miss that this fall as as everything else that we've missed we always had like this. Like we had. Okay. Maybe by this point, we're gonNA start doing this maybe by this point, we're GonNa Start doing this right now we don't have that and that's where I think it's it's For! Businesses it's scary for individuals. It's scary because. We don't have an end in sight. We've got politicians saying where your mask can do this and we'll tell you when you can stop and that that is kind of scary. Because we have at last reported a hundred and forty three total cases cove in eighteen cases hospitalizations in the entire state. So one hundred and forty three hospitalizations in the entire state of Colorado. That does not seem like something that warrants this extended shutdown that we're in and and this is where this is the point and I didn't mean to dive right into this right off the bat but here we are. that. This either either masks work. and. We can wear the mask and we need to open businesses back up. Or the mask don't work and it's just pushing a certain policy in a certain belief upon the people. That's where we're at. Something's gotTa give. The mask mandate I don't think it's going away anytime soon, I really don't see that happening. But the ten o'clock last call has to end. These fifty percent restrictions have to end. You can't keep killing business. For a hundred, forty, three hospitalizations in the entire state. That just doesn't make sense we've talked about it's been a fine and delicate line to walk right about okay. We gotTA walk. We got to keep the people safe but we got to open businesses and we have to walk that line guess what the lines move and we gotta stay caught up with it. Because the businesses are getting hurt for a hundred and forty-three people in the hospitals hospitals. Were doing tremendous. When you look at the rest of the nation. Colorado is doing tremendous. So why such tight regulations? Why such tight Restrictions on everything. It's time to start rolling those back and I guess that's a little bit of frustration kind of boiled over when I started to see. You know I saw that video the Broncos just announced that there will be no fans in attendance for their first home game they're hoping for limited capacity as soon as we three. It's it's time it is time to start unrolling this. We have the ability we've got the hospitals have the capacity. We can't keep businesses down. We can't keep the mental health of people where it needs to be when everything's closed. That's just not the way that it works. So it's time to start opening some things. All right. We got the opening rant out of the way let's dive into some Noko News You heard US report about the fatal head on collision that happened on Tuesday on. Taft Hill in Fort Collins. The whale the corners have idead the victim Kelly lyle out of the Colorado and reports. They'll in Canada, quarters office on Thursday to find the woman killed in near the intersection of Taft Hill and prospect roads thirty one. Year old Kimberly F read of Fort. Collins read was a passenger in a black twenty seventeen Toyota Corolla that was traveling northbound tapped hill road just south of its intersection with prospect wrote about three twelve pm when it was hit head on by a two thousand, eight mini Cooper that drifted into oncoming traffic for counselees. Services said in a news release read was transported from the scene by amounts to medical center of the rockies and loveline where she was pronounced dead at four ten. The coroner's office said Thursday her cause of death was listed as multiple blunt force injuries. So very, very sad news though don't mail driver the Corolla was treated at the scene for minor injuries. Police said the adult male driver the mini Cooper had serious injuries. Police are investigating whether the driver Cooper was under the influence of alcohol according to their news release criminal charges related to the. Crash have not been announced so very sad news and our prayers and thoughts go out to the family of Kimberly F. Reed who was the victim of a head on crash in Fort Collins on Tuesday Putin Valley Hospital Ads Progressive Care Unit to help free up ICU beds This goes back to what I was just talking about this from Pat. Farrier. Out of the Colorado on. Puerto Valley's Hospital New Progressive Care Unit was under construction months before a worldwide pandemic hit but the new beds will position hospital well, at Fort Collins sees another surge of covid nineteen first of all four collins and Larmer county really never. saw what I would call a surge but that's another argument on Monday morning, the unit bustled with last minute activity as staff waited for the first patients to arrive at nine am the Twelve Room Progressive Care Unit provides a step between lower acuity care and the intensive care unit, which provides the highest level in most expensive care obviously in the hospital patients will move up or down to the new unit as their conditions worsen or improve. So it's like not first class, but it's like a little below that. So they still. A Middle Care Unit progress a progressive care unit. Excuse me nurses will care for patients coming up the accuity scale possibly to move onto intensive care as well as others coming down from an ICU on their way to a medical surgical room said Julie nunly Bhutto Valley Hospital's chief nursing officer This is interesting. I mean this is again opening more the more units more beds this was happening. So before anybody like why are they doing this? We don't have any covert nineteen cases. You're right calm down. You're right they had this in plan before all of this happened so they were able to finalize it now. Would it help if this craziness does take the next step? Yes it would but was this the Meta the the main designed from it no it wasn't. So Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland has to Progressive Care Unit it's cardiac progressive opened in two thousand, ten followed by Surgical Progressive Care Unit in two, thousand, sixteen both have twelve beds in average eleven patients per day according to UC health it was a request from our medical staff who's on increased level illness among hospital patients nunnelee said today it comes to fruition. So that is exciting news able to take care of of what they needed to get done. And Take that next step in in in adding that progressive care unit onto onto excuse me poodle valley hospital. If you want to get in on the conversation nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten or text the KFC text line at three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six, Fort Collins is taking county to court yet you me, right? Fort Collins is taking Labor County to court over what you might ask this has to be something serious Fort Collins. Really. Asked to be pissed off county, it's over an electronic billboard from JC Marmaduke out of the Colorado and it's legally appealing. Lamoure. County commissioners approval of new electric billboard just outside Fort Collins city limits, Kenny Commissioners June approved the construction of the thirty foot tall billboard on state land fund property at the northwest corner of Harmony Road and interstate twenty five adjacent to fort. Collins. arapahoe been natural area in exchange for commissioners approval for the electronic. Billboard St Media Group agreed to take down five other billboards in the Fort Collins area. The land where the billboard would stand is in Fort Collins Growth. Management Area meaning the city expects to annex it the city as previously express express numerous concerns to county staff and the board about the billboard and its potential negative effects and decided to challenge the Commissioner's decision in Larimer County district. Court after unanimous council vote in executive session Tuesday according to a city news release. Mayor Way Trachsel said we respectfully disagree with the county's decision to allow billboard we feel the installation of this type of structure would have major. Consequences and it does not reflect city standards and priorities which have been developed over years and public input where I mean okay you can say you feel like it would have undesirable consequences. What are they? The city disagrees with the billboard placing because it would interfere with the recently approved harmony gateway plan, which envisions a naturalistic gateway to the city southeast entrance has this have negative effects on city natural areas and wildlife and conflict with city codes according to the news release the county, the county commissioners are I mean they can't catch a break right now? Honestly. They really can't they I had the the project that they're getting a bunch of heat over and that's GonNa be interesting. They're going to have public comment on that on Monday afternoon but they're they're taking some heat right now over and I guess this is good news like they're taking heat over non covert nineteenth stuff like that means we're getting back to like some sense of people complaining about something else. Right instead of how they're handling Cova nineteen I. Guess you can look at that as a positive way, but you're going to see this anytime that Fort Collins. Starts to build or grow or anything that might disrupt some wildlife areas. You're going to see a fight and it's GonNa be it's GonNa be you know it's going to be a pretty good fight honestly because they are. I don't know what what's the politically correct way of saying that they're a split demographic you have the people who are economically driven and the people who are environmentally driven. Hey, that was pretty well said I think politically maybe the career politics coming up here who never you you never know let's keep looking around no co news here This is something that this was a heck of a PR shoot Greeley School district six break ground on new Greeley West High School estimated opening of approximately one, hundred, twenty, million, dollar building is twenty, twenty two. This was everybody gathering out there for a nice photo shoot and Delaney the Tribune reporting on this in the midst of a pandemic and. Dodging an evening storm with rumbles of Thunder, the Greeley Evans School district city of Greeley CD of Evans in Weld County Communities Wednesday celebrated part of the schools system future in a thirty minute socially distanced ceremony grant was officially broken on the new Greeley West High School and approximately one hundred, twenty, million dollar project to build a two, hundred, eighty, thousand. Square foot school with capacity of eighteen hundred zooms an estimated opening in twenty, twenty two. So still to two years out but it was it was exactly what you think of it was everybody grabbing a shovel on the nets like, Hey, we did something. It's like okay. Now get get out of the way so that they can get work started on it. To think about what this will be when we gather here without mask said Greeley of in school district, six board of Education President Michael Matthews. One of the five speakers in his remarks it's a symbol of all that lies before I. Agree it's Great News. It's like something to look forward to right. It's these these kids that are. Working through some craziness right now, they've got a new school to look forward to, but I mean, could you imagine being like this senior class and twenty twenty one like that would suck right you like a year out from from being able to be in this brand new brand new school there's always that class it's like Gosh Dang it we could have been we could have been there have been the. Senior class that Christians this But that we're excited about it I mean I think everybody's excited about it grew west if you've been in. High School you know it's time for a new one Do want to end Noko News here on. A very somber note in a very sad note. Coming out of the Colorado and again the missing Rangers body was recovered from horse tooth. Reservoir. Earlier this morning coming from miles bloom heart. Of the Colorado and the body of alarm or county department of Natural Resources Ranger was pulled from Tooth River early Friday morning Lamoure County Sheriff's Office said it received report at nine eighteen pm Thursday that ranger was missing after strong winds struck horse tooth reservoir. The Rangers boat was found on the water but the ranger who was on boat patrol could not be found, which prompted a massive search that included. Boats, drones, divers, and a helicopter. Their interest body was recovered from the water around three thirty am according to the sheriff's office release Friday morning initial reports indicated the search was focused on the area near the Rotary Park. Parking. Lot on the east shore of the reservoir. PFA said during the search the sheriff's Office released did not say in what area of the reservoir the body was found very. Quick quote from Sheriff Just Smith it is with a very heavy hearts. The acknowledged the death of Lamoure County Department of Natural Resources Ranger at Horseshoe threads of our last evening he died while on patrol Sheriff Justin. Smith said that very nice tribute There is a procession of of at least twenty four law enforcement vehicles mostly, Lamoure County Sheriff and Ranger vehicles. Traveled East on prospect road through Fort, Collins, their lights, flashing and sirens silent. One of the vehicles was pulling a patrol boat So our thoughts and prayers go out to again everybody in that Rangers life and anybody affected by this as well. With that note, let's take a break. We'll be back. It's no Noko now on northern cod voice thirteen, ten, Kfi. Party northern Colorado's for. Thirteen ten KFI K. The Block Party Wednesdays from Florida ten PM. AMAC into nocona presented by the Jeanine agencies we are live from the collusion specialist studio. Hope everybody Well, the week is almost over you bow already for the weekend. Hopefully, everybody had a great week starting to kind of get back to some sense of normalcy able to get out. We had a little bit of rain of course. So Clark Johnson has not clerk Johnson. I say he's GonNa come up after me actually at five o'clock. Loveland Indians training camp day thirteen days, thirteen teams but. Clerk hasn't broadcast a game since would have been early early March and the first game broadcast that he had back was yesterday afternoon. Softball Brush Platte Valley and wouldn't you know it? It comes in and there's a rain delay and clerk it's rained on and. We didn't have any rain in the site like it's been. It's been hotter than a hell all week and then boom all and and I'll tell you what else happened is that I washed my vehicle I watch my pickup earlier yesterday. Of course, it's gotTa rain on it. Then right it's gotTa rain on it if I'm going to do that but between the game broadcast and and clan me washing my pickup, we were able to garner some rain which much. I will say that as as the wildfires continued to rage on where do we go here? So this was one story that that I hadn't got to that there is a thirty five year old severance man who was arrested Thursday afternoon after an hour long hours long standoff with the weld. Swat team this from Trevor Rita. The TRUMPIAN please on. Wednesday. Responded to a home in the block of three, hundred block of. Mount Bras Avenue Investigate and earlier disturbance falling the investigation police issued an arrest warrant for Kyle Bursch thirty-five severance on suspicion of second degree assault and domestic violence police attempted to stop bursch in his vehicle but he fled according to police they called off the chase due to public safety reasons, other agencies attempted stops and pursuits and other nearby jurisdictions. So obviously, you start to see this escalate bursch return home late wins I. Why would you return burge return home late Wednesday evening and refused to come out for police police called for the Weld County Swat team in the world can sheriff's Office for Assistance Sheriff's Office Spokesman Joe. Moylan. Said negotiators arrived about three forty five am and began making cell phone contact. With Bush, he repeatedly hung up on a Gauche eaters later prompting them to. Blow down the door and deploy a phone according to Moylan. The SWAT team arrived about ten am. So this a three, forty, five am they arrived ten am is when the SWAT team arrived and began making announcements for Berge to leave the residence Moylan said a flash bang grenade rounds of chemical ammunitions. Munitions were deployed to try getting bursch out of the residence. So, now we're at twelve thirty PM. So, been a long long day already following a final conversation with negotiators bursch began to cooperate and was taken into custody without further incident police booked him at the weld. County jail on the warrant in an additional charge for vehicular eluding. Class Five Felony Class Five felony other agencies that assisted with the? Colin. The eaten winter. Police. Department. So they were able to to get him eventually but I that's just. A. That's a heck of a standoff. The negotiators got three, forty five. So meaning they I mean he had been there for quite some time like quite some time and that's already what Being. That's a long day guy don't do I mean the fact that you get the Swat team called on you goodness goodness. All right. So this is where I wanna go real quick before again on the other side, we'll talk with a Trevor Fritz. Fritz farms about what's going on in his world. But there's already been a couple of positive positive cova nineteen outbreaks, and again, you know how I feel about the term outbreaks that's two or more, and that's kind of where we're at there. They did have a student test positive for Kobe nineteen at Windsor Mental School this coming from an delaney out of the Tribune thirty, seven students and seven teachers at at. Windsor. Middle School are in quarantine after student tested positive for Kobe nineteen this week. Well, Ari four spokeswoman Lisa Loo said Friday morning that. Students test came back positive on Thursday leading to the two week quarantine of the students, the teachers and four para professionals in the seventh grade cohort release said, the district was notified of the students positive tests, Thursday afternoon by the county, Department of Public Health and environment. The student was in school on Thursday, the students and teachers will all revert to remote learning until they are cleared to return to school, the teachers will return to school. September. Fourth the students who are all participating hybrid model of learning this year because of the pandemic will return on September tenth. Fort Lupton had this happen too. So that's two already here in northern Colorado that that have had this happen. This is where and I will say this like it's it's going to be reported, but it is not getting blown up to the to the magnitude that I thought it was going to be. That's what I was worried about. That was soon as we had one student, it would have been i. told you. So you know you can't do this. I thought it was going to be explosive. Haven't seen much of that really haven't heard much of that. It's been honest accurate reporting. And again, I've said it on here bunch there's enough data. There's we know enough about this disease that these kids. Will be okay. They're GONNA get sick. We knew it was gonNA happen but it this disease will not kill these students. And that's why maybe that's why it's been more of a rational way of handling things, which is kind of honestly surprising to me. With Kobe nineteen because we haven't seen that. But is that why that? It's been more responsible okay. We know this I mean, it's not. We don't want anybody to get Kobe nineteen that's not the point but. These kids are going to be okay. They're going to get it. They're gonNA. Get Sick. They're going to be okay at the end of it. So I will say, Kudos, to people for understanding that. Yes these kids are GonNA get sick They're going to go to the quarantine they're gonNA follow the proper protocols. In terms of make terms of mental health and in terms of getting these kids what they need, they gotta be around gotTa be around the friends you gotta be in these schools so. Let's keep this up i. mean let's keep this up and keep looking for it. PRAC physical and sports medicine locations in Eaton and in Greeley they'll get you back better than you were before don't waste that surgery where there it's your knee, your shoulder, your hip what's the national? What is it head shoulders, knees and toes any of those they're going to be able to get your physical therapy handled in it sometimes, they could prevent A. Surgery they can get that muscle back up whatever the injury may be without having surgery done as proactive physical therapy with locations in Eaton and angrily more online at proactive Colorado Dot. com. All right let's get to the bottom of the hour news weather and just second we've got trevor. Fritz. Are Coming up on the other side. It is no co now prison by the J nine agencies on North Dakota's voice thirteen, ten k. f. k.. Dan Patrick the whole show and Colin Coward or a northern Colorado's voice thirteen ten Kfi K.. Welcome back into Noko. Now on this Friday afternoon thanks for being with us. We are live from the auto collusion specialists studios. Hope everybody out. There is having a great week and hey, it's about time to to to head out for the week go and go and enjoy the weekend as we get to our VIP guests joining the program. It is a Trevor Frit slur. And again, if you've been in northern Colorado for more than five minutes, you definitely know about the Fritz slur farms and Trevor. Well, things have obviously been weird and twenty twenty and that's made everybody adapt and you're making some changes in finding a way to make sure that the the Fritz. Are Farm Park and everything like that keeps going through the way of him production. Yes that is correct and spent a difference a different face for we grew. Last, year in two, thousand, nineteen and There's a lot of things that happened in the very do. that as farmers we felt like we needed to get ahead of and take control of so that we can ultimately get back to the farmers and industry with some some integrity and kind of lead the way and this new market space right and this is something that. Like you said a very new talking about him for CBD products well, that CD prices plummeted that's kind of what led to this is that right? Yeah, the CBA I mean. Everybody jumps on the band way last year, and there were tons of acreage that were on and you know the demand meet the supply and and then there was this a lot of bad hands in the industry that came and You know muddled some stuff and it just it was so challenging as a farmer going from a commodity crop wreckage, take your corn and elevator and get paid to figure out how to sell your own oil to a competing market space it just it was very, very difficult and you. Know frankly me and another farmer were a little fed up at the end of the year and decided we had a plan to get this thing moving in the right direction right in. This is something I mean this this isn't necessarily nude forming industry right trevor and I know you can talk about this being a fourth generation farmer but you know when all the hype was about eighty five and in corn driven fuel and and we saw this and we saw federal money start even flow into this and then when that crashed. Farmers kind of took the brunt hit of that as well. Absolutely I mean we were looking at not so long ago, low three dollars corn, and that's just not sustainable for farmer to to keep keep his farm going I mean I'm I'm a fourth generation farmer I'm a young Guy There's probably not a ton of real young guys out there farming right now just because it has been profitable and they wanNA have something to sustain their family and and frankly I don't blame them talking with Trevor Fritz Slur and talking about this new new thing farmers revival you WanNa walk through that Trevor. Yeah. So we are a post harvest, pre extraction, processing company we. Work with him from the drying and even helping with feel harvest. That's the the but we do the the drying and biomass cleaning, and then this year we've partnered with zillow's an extraction company in Erie that we're going to act. Virtually like the elevator for him where this is going to be able to come in and purchase D- biomass from the farmers. So they don't have to wait for a year or more. Some people are still sitting on last year's crop to receive money for their products and we're we're doing all this in a way that we've developed so that the costs can be extremely minimal. So the farmers coming out of the field. So they still have margins at the end of the day. How were you able to get the constant the you know because I it says about a third of the existing market in terms of cars for for the post harvest drying. How how are you guys able to do that? I mean that that's a that's a huge chunk of money. When you talk about as much Hamptons being produces there is. Well, we're probably even more than a third in cost reduction We built a lot of our own equipment in house here and we've. Just really developed ways to understand that this is a get rich quick scheme that everybody was about last year and realize that our margins seemed to be extremely tight. So the farmer can continue to produce this amazing crop and as the industry grows and the demand grows will be able to be able to grow with it and be more realistic about our approach going back to the farmer and. into the industry and some great extractor partners Leo's that can sell directly into the market space talking with Trevor Fritz Ler. Farmers. Revival Trivia you. You mentioned this a brand new post-harvest drying technology. Walk us through the process of how you guys came up with this idea and this plan and I mean obviously with anything new like this to be a couple of bumps along the way. No. We we got creative and understanding the plant I and understanding the way the track homes are held that there's difference in differences from plant to plant each genetic, and there's so many genetics. So we're able to fine tune a machine that we can. Adapt and change to have an understanding of each material that's coming to us and then on top of that this, this unit also acts as a dicara box elation unit which is a fancy word to which basically is been done up to this point with extractors. We've been able to do that on our side upfront, just just to increase volume and and productivity and drive costs down and extraction So we're able to dry and then come back and material if if it's wanted or needed to go into the extractors, which which really helps everybody's Martin along the way. When I think everything that you just said I'm sure right now there's some of our listeners out there are sitting saying holy crap I didn't know there was that much that went into farming and I mean there's a lot that goes into this in especially in a brand new industry like this I mean everybody's you know twisting on stuff and tinkering and trying to find the best way but it sounds like you guys found that you're very confident with. We are we you know we had our failures last year and had a lot of bumps in the road that we've done away with and smoothed out and built the process under one roof a lot of. That were offering last industry happened in multiple different facilities then had to finally end its way up into the extractor and so many people were touching the material. We feel like having it all under one roof where it's drop off and and at the end of the day, you can get a check for your material and and walk away You know that's that's just seems the easiest row performers and let us August headaches Tiger Trevor again, farmers, revival There's a quote here from you saying, the World Needs A. Farmer and we're offering it sustainable crop tons and tons of potential. It is time that farmers earn something for the hard work that they put in for generations on US soil, and there's no doubt about that agriculture has been the backbone I just here in well the northern Colorado but but across the country and we talk about tons and tons of potential you know for somebody that is for somebody that maybe isn't that familiar with CBD in how this product can be used talk through exactly what potential you're talking about? Well I. Think the biggest problem is maybe the lack of education on the plant. The whole CBD is a byproduct of the plant extracted oil from the flower at create. What? Being, mentioned something farmers revival is diving into deep in producing and building marketable skews for is the actual fiber that comes from the plant and the seats that come from the plant and diving into new industries with their anti microbial properties and so we're working with the entire plant as a whole regenerate fitness at the plant. Even the ball itself holds something that this industry needs not just in. The agriculture industry, we're talking textiles we're talking straws I mean the opportunities are endless with this plant as a whole and I believe the farmers should be able to collect the revenue stream from the whole plant and said of just a byproduct of IT Trevor I've talked to you quite a bit I mean there's no doubt that your pass passionate about this. So what's next I mean what's next for farmers revival? Well farmers revivals. Main goal is to revive farms. In the hopefully across the entire United States. But starting here in Colorado and so every step we go diving into this fiber industry. Wholeheartedly, we've developed some extremely great products from it and finding markets and outlooks for it is really to go back to the farmer and said, he looked you can make money again in this crop and it's education education education. How do you do it? How do you drive your your Costs. Down with this plant and how can we get the most bang for your buck out of it? Would you have thought five years ago this is what you know. If we're doing an interview in in in, would this have been something that you thought you would have been doing five years ago Tanner at you know the. I can't even. Yeah. It's everyday is a new hat in this industry and you know we're focusing in and lease are focusing on all the things that we're doing right and were exploring new options and trying to create an entire industry around plant that that really benefits the farmer in. The in game so I know the first question that we're going to get asked trevor is to as well. What does that mean for the foreign park because there's a lot of people that that are very interested on what you guys do, and of course, such a such a tourist attraction for northern Colorado is the farm parks I mean is still going to be up and going is your data handling that where does that stand? You Bet. So the farm park, we've been working closely with the health department and and all the you know authorities to ensure that we can have the safest attraction going forth into this year, and we at this point or planning to open and are continuing to work to make sure that we meet all the regulations and requirements who this. Pandemic time and season. But yes, the Foreign Puerto is going to go full force We're pushing that and and we think that's a great opportunity for people to come out and learn while they're there as well. Yeah that's I. Mean that's gotTa. Be Nice for you as well like like you said to learn about this and and was this something. Last. Couple of questions here for you trevor was this something that you were taken aback with how much science goes into a CD because like I like I said to, and like you said, is that not many people stand maybe the full effects this is a new field. How much is how quickly is this field changing and we're caught off guard a little bit maybe by how much information there is out there about it. Yeah well, actually, I was stunned with how little of information? And and I think the you know the education piece of CBD finally caught. It's buzz luckily in Colorado we've been you know we've been a illegal state, the cannabis sector for while then you far bill came out with some guidance but there wasn't a ton of information you know especially on the farming side and preprocessing side and all the steps you know people a lot of farmers. Were caught last year knowing they'd had to grow the crop but not understanding the expenses that went into the host, the pre extraction pieces of the the the things that we handle the drying, cleaning the million to certain micron to make sure it's ready for extraction how it increases you go how changes your marketability, the CBD concept, how we can bring that up all those things yes. The willing. But we've learned we need to stay in Arlene and that's why when we partnered with. They do the science stuff, the extraction they're extremely reputable great company got this down to a science. Truly. So staying in our lane, it's been very helpful with that trevor appreciate your time this afternoon and my friend any last things that you want to throw out there. Yeah if if you're farming or one a farm or crop this year, you know feel free to reach out to us. We're we're available by phone at nine, seven, zero, six, one, four, three, one, five, one, and we'd love to talk to you, Trevor. Thank you so much. My friend. Good luck and thanks for do what you do and what you do man. Thanks thanks. It is Trevor Fritz. Slur. with farmers revival so taking on a new endeavor and Kudos to him on that because you know sometimes. Sometimes you know those farmers they they. There are these different things like the eighty five in the ethanol like it was pushed. So hard and everybody's switched over to it because federal money was coming in and there was money getting backed behind it well when that bubble pops then. Trevor said you've got way more supply than demand for it and it's an issue it really is and you're seeing this now with CBD. So He's getting he's getting creative with us and and again pretty interesting. Pretty interesting stuff farmers revival that is that is Trevor Fritz. Right this is no co now presented by the J nine agencies. Let's take a break. We'll come back on the other side wrap this bad boy up this co now on northern cowardice voice thirteen, ten, KFI A. Here, mornings with Gail Weekdays. Six to nine in northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen, ten KFI. Welcome back in the Outer Collision Special Studios. It is no co now presented by the Jeanine agencies I told you guys this on Tuesday. That is that Mark Larson said the best of Greeley for State Farm Insurance Agents and I will tell you what I voted for him. He deserves your vote to any say, well, how can I vote for him? I don't even know him shame on you go get to know him. He's got the lowest car rates right now lowest car insurance rates. That you need and it is mark. Larson Colefax is filling in today he's pulling double duty. So he's doing some pre production workforce in heat he. His eyes just lit up. He's like. Isn't it ridiculous? Like car insurance can? Be Really, really expensive and it's like one of those things that you don't even think about that often and it's like Oh. Damn I need to pay my character it's and it's like way harder than you expected Mark Larson's state farm insurance. Agency. Even if it doesn't work to the point where okay. Maybe you do have something lower maybe you like where you're at, you can at least talk to him and say, Hey, here's where I'm at. To offer what are the differences and I can guarantee you. He'll take you in the right direction nine, seven, zero, three, five, six, eighty, seven, hundred, Ninety, seven, zero, three, five, six, eighty, seven, hundred appreciate a marks sponsorship here of Noko now. So this I mean, this is normally where we get into the headline calm I but I just wanted to to take some time and and talk we had two very sad stories that we talked about in Noko News this this afternoon just keep in mind. There's a lot of hate being spewed out there from everybody both sides I've talked about there's idiots on both sides of the Aisle these idiots in this world. Keep in mind that life can be taken from you. That quick and keep in mind what your last word might be to somebody and I'm not getting on my pencil because I'm guilty of it too. But I think it's times like this where we can sit back and just look at it and and use this as a reminder to be nice to people to take some time out of your day to ask how are you doing? Is there anything I can do for you because people are stressed and people are are in tough spots. So you never know when how long we've got on this earth so just trying to be nice. To people out there. That's the headline, the caught, my eye this afternoon we've got Clark Johnson thirteen days thirteen teams coming up here in just a matter of a moments. It is a loved one. Indians. Day presented by Blue Sports Girl I talked about Blue Sports Grill they've got some of the Best Green Chili Burgers you'll ever have over there but looking forward to that Mike Felton, accompany catching up with Clark Johnson and that'll be that'll be about it for the week here K. we'll be back at it on a Monday afternoon at four o'clock for Colefax Peterson appreciate him. I'm Tanner Schwinn that will do this has been no cone now presented by the Jeanine agencies on North Dakota's voice thirteen, ten cam.

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