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Deadly Dysfunctional


welcome back to Cherry Avenue. True crime podcast. Thank you for listening this. This is a true crime. PODCAST and this episode contains details of murder domestic violence and other things that may be troubling to some listeners. It is intended for mature audience. Listener discretion is advised. This case for this episode. It has to true crime shows that you can watch. There may be some more but these are the two that I'm aware of. I've also done research on various websites newspaper articles on this case and I will cite those sources at the end the TV shows are fatal vows descent into madness. I really recommend this one. I respect a lot of what the psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser and forensic psychologist. Dr Brian Russell have to say the other show is mind of murderer and the episode is called heat of the night. Dr Michelle Ward is excellent as well and her show is different in that she interviews the murders in each case and tries to get into their minds so to speak. So if you're interested in hearing more about this case I recommend both episodes is on these shows. Troy Patton was born and raised in Havana. Annoy it is located in central Illinois and has a river walk park mark that is very popular. The two thousand eighteen estimate shows that it is a small town with just over three thousand people in it at thirty two. Which Roy was a driver for a Soda Company he would deliver the Soda or pop depending on where you live in the US? What you call it to stores and the other places uses that stock the popular soft drink? Rumor has it that it was Pepsi. Troy was a good looking young man and people said he had a friendly outgoing personality and and everyone on his route liked him. His mother is interviewed in Bo- shows and you can see where he probably gets good looks as she is a very attractive woman Now and was most likely very pretty in her youth. His mother describes his crooked little grin that everyone fell for and I know exactly what she means by that right away like his mom and I think we would like troy. Janine is thirty three and her last name is D.. Ford at the time that she meets troy she lives in Lewiston twelve miles from Havana. She is a nursing assistant at a nursing home. In Mental Health Facility Troy delivers to her facility and they get to know each other and ultimately become intimately involved. The problem is that she was married married. She had two kids and she was married to a police officer. When choice? Friends meet Janine. They see how much of a couple they have become so they are surprised to discover discover that she is married. Troy tells his friends that Janine is going to leave her husband and that she is waiting for the right time to do it. His friends are surprised though the troy would even be involved with married woman but they can see. He is already in deep. Dr Brian Russell forensic psychologists I quote on this is there is infidelity at the beginning of this relationship and it is absolute idiocy to get involved with a married person because if they will cheat with you they will cheat on you turns out the guy. She is married to at the beginning of the relationship with troy is her second husband. Her first marriage was when she was twenty two and she had her first child. A girl with that first husband. Janine went right from that first marriage and jumped right right into the second one. She has her second child a boy with this husband. According to Janine the second marriage was going bad when she met troy she she claimed the second husband was verbally abusive in the fall of two thousand. Three Janine does get her divorce. Janine has already moved in with troy when this happens troy bought a three bedroom home for the two of them and their children. Troy had two girls and Janine had a girl and a boy we both have shared custody with her former partners almost a year after they move in together they get married. It was a rushed wedding so janine could get on Troy's medical insurance as she needed some type of surgery six months after they got married. They did a renewal of vows ceremony. So that everyone everyone could attend Choi's mom and Janin's daughter said they believed they were truly in love at that time. A lot of people said that troy was really good. Good with all the kids and bonded with Janin's children at first they were all very happy and having a lot of fun but these same people say. Janine didn't bond with his children as well as troy did with hers. Troy sister says she thought that Janine was somewhat jealous of toys daughters which you do see some of sometimes in blended families. The Mayor Mail carrier was toys ex wife Lisa and the mother of his girls. Janine gene and Lisa became good friends while stepparents and real parents. Being on good terms is a good thing being as close as close close as Janine and Lisa were behaving was unusual. One story goes Janine showed Lisa her nipple piercing just after having done another story as she asked Lisa to deliver their mail to the microwave in the garage. So as Stacy Kaiser put it. This is an unusually close. It's relationship and show signs. That one of them is trying to manipulate the other. Some people described Janine as having a bipolar type personality where she was either going one hundred miles per hour and talking so fast that you could hardly follow her or she was on her low and not talking walking or barely talking at all other people say she was taking ephedrine diet pills which were causing her mood swings. The primary very ingredient is a federal law which eventually became band when it was banned in Illinois. Janine got it from the Internet. Troy was worried about her and tried to you. Get Janine to stop. Taking in her mood. Swings became increasingly more dramatic one night. She locked herself in the bathroom and threatened to commit suicide. Tori spent hours trying to talk her down and to get her to open the door. It was also known. The Janine would get physically abusive as well with Troy. He was actually seemed the Black Guy. One time fingernail scratches as well on his face another time. There were holes in the wall at their house and as far as anyone knows that is the only thing troy hit out of exasperation and probably trying not to fight back against Janine but Janin's daughter says she never witnessed just anything like that. She said her mom had a temper but she didn't think it was over the top. It was reported in an article that Troy's daughters said that they had seen their stepmother hit their father. They said she would hit him right in front of them so they could only guess at what she would do when they weren't around. Janine said her second husband became verbally abusive. And that is why they're marriage didn't work her second husband and the father of her son says she was the abusive one. It worried him so much that he kept a diary of her behavior and when he thought she was yelling too much the children or being physically rough with them. Choi's ex wife was said to know about some of the troubles but said he was trying to make his marriage work. He didn't want to put the kids through another divorce force. Dr Michelle Ward Interviewed Janine in two thousand fourteen and she says that Janine is someone who cannot be alone people like like this literally go from one relationship to another. She calls it monkey bar relationships. They don't let go of one until they have. The next won firmly in their grasp because physical abuse from wife to a husband is embarrassing to a man they often cover it up and make jokes six and laugh it off. It is possible for a woman to physically abuse a man but we just don't hear about very often because of that. Embarrassment Troy was promoted from driver to salesperson and this was a good thing for the family however despite the salary bump and having two incomes the couple were having financial difficulties reportedly troy was unaware of this though until a woman who was renting choice. Old House bought him his mail that had been delivered to her by mistake. It was a bill for Troyon Janine and it was months past you with a final notice on it. Turns out out. Toy wasn't aware of this because his ex wife Lisa was putting their mail in the garage in an unused microwave. This is where Janine had asked her to put it and for some reason she did what she said. So Troy wasn't seeing the mail as it came in Halloween. Two Thousand Fifteen fifteen troy and Janine went to pick up his kids from his mom's house troy winning by himself to get them. Janine was upset at how long it was taking them so she started repeatedly. Beeping the Horn just laying on the horn in front of the house. Troy came running out thinking that there was a problem but janine gene was just angry. She had to sit there for so long. Obviously she could have gone in the house as well but she didn't so they all get in the car and she is screaming and yelling at him the whole time. She took off driving fast in a radically troy's girl said she was yelling at him and scaring them with that and her driving so fast on a dark road and then there were rumors that Janine was having an affair with a psychiatric patient. When Janine told the patient they had to cooled off for a while he wasn't happy he told the staff at the facility? Janine countered that she hadn't been intimate with him that she had actually been raped by him. It was taken into account that the psych patient could be delusional so it was possible. He made the story up but if that is true. Why does Janine Tiller husband? She was raped troy. Ask Sir about this. This was supposed to have happened at the hospital. So why didn't you report it to the police or her bosses right there at the hospital when it happened. Janine chooses to tell troy that it was rape while they were at a bar after they had been drinking he has been asking for her to tell him the truth about this patient because he is starting to believe what he has been hearing and that possibly she. She was capable of having an affair with this man. So Janine blurts out that it was rape in the bar. People saw Janine grabbing a beer out of his hand in throwing it at him they both left the bar and took separate vehicles home. A couple hours later police are called to the home when they get there. They find troy lying on his back on the floor. There are also two shotguns on the ground and a man is hovering Over to Roy at this time troy is alive but seriously wounded. Janine was yelling as they were taking troy away in an ambulance. Not Everything. She said was intelligible. But some of it was they did make out that. She said she had shot her husband. But the head had been and some kind of accident or mistake they said she was very upset and wanting to go in the ambulance with him. She told police that she was going to commit suicide. She got a shotgun and loaded it she then thought about her kids and change your mind. Then in the darkness she saw a shadow and she says that she thought it was an intruder so she says she then just turned and shot. She shot him in the head. Troy Evan Patent is pronounced dead at the hospital he is only thirty. Four years old it turns out the man who was near Troy when the police came was a neighbor neighbor who was doing CPR as a forensic psychologist. I can tell you one of the most common lies people tell when they commit murder is that it was a suicide gone wrong. Dr Brian Russell said also if you live with someone you don't live alone. Why would you expect a figure? Bigger you see to be an intruder and not the person you live with neighbors say the couple were fighting outside of the home before the tragedy unfolded. Janine went into the house and locked toy out. She went and got a shotgun she brought it out and pointed it right at him. He backed away and she went back into the house. No one knows why troy tried to get in the house again after that unless he thought Janine was going to kill herself and he was trying to talk her down. He kicks the door open after trying several times. Soon after that the neighbors here a loud bang the neighbors called nine one. One Janin's blood sample tested positive for cocaine. Meth and amphetamine this this is obviously a concern. In most definitely would affect her thought processes and mood they also feel. The Diet pills had an effect on her mental state. They would give her the energy and make her more upbeat for awhile but would also make her more aggressive and she was already an aggressive person as it turns out she had gone one from the Ephedra to cocaine and then methamphetamine which she figured would have had the same effect but possibly on a larger scale so some of the money problems were now being explained. It came out that some people knew Janine as someone who liked cocaine and meth. The money was being spent on drugs. It's not cheap to feed those habits. Twenty two thousand dollars had been withdrawn from Troyes. Retirement in savings troy had borrowed some money against his retirement savings but family looked through the paperwork and recognize his signature on one of the papers but there were other papers that he did not sign. They knew those were forgeries and he had two hundred and forty eight thousand dollars the retirement account between that and his life insurance there was motive. Janine ended up pleading guilty to first degree every murder. She was sentenced to thirty years in two thousand and seven in her interview with doctor. Michelle Ward Janine. Says that she enjoys. We started doing drugs together. She especially liked cocaine and she says troy like marijuana which he didn't like as much so. Dr Award Confirms She likes stimulants. More and Janina Grease stimulants. Dr Ward says are especially dangerous with someone with Janin's extreme extreme mood swings because they exacerbate them in this interview. She admits that she did have an inappropriate relationship with that patient. Janine says it was only kissing that it never went past that she says nothing about Rape Dr Ward asks why she said Said She was raped. Done Janine said well it was almost rape another thing that Dr Ward asked about is why Janine plead guilty to first degree murder when she says she didn't mean to kill him that she had no intention of killing him. Janine tries to say it was about. I'm not putting family through a trial and things like that however while in jail before she had even gone to trial Tunin was writing to a male prisoner. She got to the point of telling him that she loved him and that she would have a life with him and that she would have his children as soon as both of their cases for over as Dr Ward says this shows her pathological need to be in a relationship also oh these are very similar if not exactly the same words that the mental patient claimed she said to him during their intimate relationship. Soon after those letters were discovered she pleaded guilty to first degree murder avoiding trial. Tim Hansen Special Agent Illinois State. Police said the fact that he had those letters was significant factor in her accepting the plea deal. She didn't want those to become public. Troy sister feels said if she didn't really mean to kill her brother than she would have gone to court and had a trial. Janine taking the plea deal confirms to her that she meant to kill her brother and as much as we feel bad for the victim here troy and his family. We have to remember the children. The kids were just as much victims. Troy's daughters lost their father and they were exposed to traumatic events. While spending time at their dad's house Janin's children lost her mother. She may get out sometime and they can communicate with her they choose but she is still not there on the day to day for them. They were also exposed supposed to dysfunctional if not traumatic events while at their mom's house it is so important to be careful as to who you let into your children's lives it. It is very important and illicit drugs are never a good thing. When you are apparent if someone decides to be apparent you have to realize first that your children need take priority? A woman who murdered her children but was denying it at the time was interviewed on TV and they asked her what she missed the most about her children children she said I miss the love they gave to me. I missed it when they loved me. Well that is all well and good when that is the first thing that comes to your mind it probably means life is all about you and everyone here unearthered to serve some purpose in your life in other words narcissistic or borderline personality et Cetera. The woman was Diane downs and she did in fact murder her children in because her boyfriend didn't want children while obviously. This is not at all like Janine Choice. Case is just an example of how some people people do not take parenting and do not see children the same as someone else. Might you have to be careful who you let into your children's life especially if it is a significant other. I think all of us were at least most of us in the true crime world. Already know this but it doesn't hurt to pass it on to let other people know to remind them just how important it is to take those relationships and how much their children are affected by them. Stay tuned for the historical newspaper clips. That are similar to this case for history for dessert. This one's from the Tampa Tribune Tampa Florida January. Twenty Third Nineteen thirty fires when he kicked down door. Another man arrested Mary Dan for a little slip of a woman in a red dress shot and probably fatally wounded her husband. Harry Dan Ford at their home. Ten Sixteen Memorial Highway early this morning when she said he came home drunk and tried to beat her. She fired one shot when Dan. I kick down a door. The bullet entered the man's abdomen and at the Tampa Hospital. He was given a slight chance wants to recover. The woman was arrested along with Louis Hazel. Bean a taxi driver whom officers found in the house when they went to investigate Dan. Ford dying was lying in a bedroom. where the door had been beaten down? The woman's pistol. A thirty. Two caliber with one chamber. Empty was lying on the dresser. Mrs Dan I readily admitted the shooting. He started to beat me. She said I ran into the bedroom and closed the door. I told him if he came in. I'd kill him. He kicked down the door and I shot him. The officers pulled a pistol out of dampers pocket. They said Hazel Bean was armed as well. The woman apparently kept a gun in her bedroom. Besides being held as a material witness he's being charged with carrying concealed. Weapons being drunk and disorderly. Mrs Stanford was held on an open charge pending the outcome of her husband's wound. The woman herself telephoned the police. About twelve thirty. Send an ambulance to ten sixteen memorial highway. A man's been shot out here. She said call officer Clement. Went speeding out with an ambulance and when he found it was just outside. The city limits outside of police jurisdiction he called Sheriff Joplin who then with the deputy mckee went his take charge of the case with Stanford on the way to the hospital. The woman waited for the county officers talking freely to the policeman. She claimed self defense and said her husband would have killed her. Had He ever gotten into her room. She said she'd been married a little more than a week and she described her husband is something of a troublemaker. She gave her age as twenty eight and her husband's is about thirty three but she didn't know exactly. Her story had not been checked yet. This morning thing in numerous details were lacking for one thing. She did not explain Hazel beans part. If anything in the case of the fight she did not explain why her husband in Hazel being were armed or if old trouble existed the officers were inclined to believe that the shooting was not the result of a family argument this morning but went further back to other happenings. They wanted to learn more about downwards record his employment and why he was armed. Mary downward was not much concerned. And about the shooting. Her husband wanted to beat her. He kicked down the door and she shot him. That was all. She went calmly to the county jail in her red dress while she talked freely. She was not voluble. Her sentences were short and quick. The sheriff will ask her a lot of questions today. If her husband dies it will be a job. For the state's attorney one Stanford fell sprawling through the battered door. He lost consciousness almost immediately. He was still unconscious. Two two hours later on the operating table at the hospital. His wound is a dangerous. He may not live through the day. The house where the couple moved after the recent marriage has been the scene of numerous boisterous parties and neighbors have been complaining among themselves. If not to the officers late hours were kept there there. It was sad and cars went to and from the place throughout the night. Sheriff Joe Flynn found several persons at the house when he arrived early this morning and names were taken taken for possible witnesses. The hasty investigation did not reveal however if there were witnesses to the actual shooting all the officers had was Mary very downward story and she told them that briefly in hasty bitten off sentences while she primped her bobbed hair. This one is from the St Louis Globe Democrat Saint Louis Missouri June Seventeenth Nineteen fifty. Seven wife shoots husband during quarrel Edwin C Lindsay nineteen year old Lemay. Welder was shot and seriously wounded yesterday following a quarrel with his wife at their home. One eleven seven East arly avenue. Police quoted his wife Wanda Joyce as saying she picked up a small caliber rifle pointed at him and pulled the trigger. Not Thinking it would go off. Lindsay fell with a bullet in his back. Take Into County Hospital. Lindsey told police. He would not press charges against his nineteen year. Old Spouse wife shoots husband. She said abused her. This is also Saint Louis globe-democrat but it's April twenty twenty-fourth nineteen twenty. Two wife shoots husband. She said abused her Edgar Lohman thirty two years. Old of twenty nine fifty eastern Avenue was shot in the left thigh. Seven o'clock yesterday morning by his wife. Elsie after he had according to his wife come home in an intoxicated condition and abused her. According to Mrs Lebanon her husband after being away from home all night appeared with two friends at five. AM lohman stronger and humiliated her. She says news and then left. He returned two hours later alone and resumed his cruel treatment. She obtained a thirty two caliber revolver and shot him once and the last one is in. Tennessee is Knoxville Tennessee. July Fourteenth Nineteen O. Six wife shoots husband who returns to home. Tennessee woman who seeks divorce then surrenders to police Robert Milligan. A well-known railroad man connected with the southern railway was dangerously shot his young wife Mrs Stella Nox Milligan when he called it his home to obtain and some clothing the previous day. Mrs Milligan through attorneys filed a bill for divorce in the Chancery Court and after joining Milligan from molesting her or coming about their home or from interfering with their child tied up his bank account and real estate. Mrs Milligan then left the House and she was and gave herself up to police officers. She was escorted to headquarters where she gave bond answer to the charge of felonious assault. Thank you again for listening to Cherry Very Avenue. True crime podcast. Remember to hit the subscribe button. So that you don't miss any episodes Also chair with a friend. Post a positive review on whatever. PODCAST APP that you use and if you'd like to visit us on social media we are in Instagram as Jerry Avenue true crime podcast a facebook Cherry Avenue true crime podcast and also on twitter as Cherry Avenue. True true crime podcast. I'll be all have the happy holidays. Merry Christmas happy Hanukkah whatever you celebrate and remember be safe.

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