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Offbeat History: Marchesa Luisa Casati


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Levy editor at large billboard for this and other in-depth conversations with the biggest artists in music, listen on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you get five. Hey everybody here is an episode from our ten episode playlist that were calling offbeat history. Yeah, we're adding this to our our regular publishing schedule as one kind big drop all at the same time on March nineteenth, and that is so that you maybe have a little bit of extra entertainment options available to you particularly if you are self, quarantined or sheltering. Welcome to stuff. You missed in history class, a production of iheartradio. Welcome to the PODCAST I'm holly. FRY and I'm Tracy Wilson and today. We're doing a podcast on one of those people that come up in history. WHO's kind of larger than life I'm actually shocked that a lot of people don't know who she is just because she was really like A. Taste maker as well as being. The source of much gossip and discussion in her time, yeah! She's not name that I recognized when us sent the outline over, but I saw a picture I went. Go that person. Yeah, yeah, she is really unique in that. While many people admired her over the years for her life, which was led entirely based on her aesthetics in this idea of creating oneself when you really start to examine her biography and look at her. Her life story you also find a woman who was incredibly selfish, and she was even described by close friends as meg aluminum foil so clearly a very flawed person, so I think that's why it is so startling to me that she is lauded as this amazing icon of style win. The same people who do that are like, but she was in many ways terrible. But even when taking into account, her really irresponsible and utterly self centered behavior, it is also easy in some ways to see how she charmed. European High Society in the early nineteen hundreds, simply by being such, an outlandish creature, and really something of a caricature of her own design in this very complex woman that we're talking about today is mark as Louisa Kazadi. She was born. Louisa Adele Rosa Maria Amman on January twenty, third, eighteen, eighty, one and Milan Italy. Her parents were burto Amman and Lucia bracy. The family was quite wealthy. Thanks to a successful cotton mill, and Alberto was granted the title of count by Italy's King Umberto the first. Child. Louisa was interested in art. She taught herself how to draw first copying images that she had seen in prince and applying her skill to creating portraits of her family. Louisa was considered a lot less attractive than her older sister, Francesca and living a rather isolated life as a child of wealth, she was rather shy. In April of one thousand, nine hundred four count on, and his wife were traveling in Florence for business, and so they didn't have their daughters with them on the trip and the Countess, who is only thirty seven at the time, became quite ill suddenly, and she died, although it is still unknown. What exactly caused her illness? In the two years following Lucia's death, Benneteau tried to raise his daughters, but his business really required more and more of his time and keep in mind. Mind also, he was grieving his wife at this point he died on July eleven eighteen, ninety six two years after his wife, leaving his then teenage daughters with an immense fortune, the girls lived with their paternal uncle Eduardo Amman and his wife Fanny for awhile after their father's death, but match really they were restless teenagers. They were eager to engage with the modern world, and their new home was in a small community that was about twenty five miles away from Milan. Yeah! They were very restless. They wanted to go to the city all the time. which is something that they had done with their mother a lot. So there's that to factor in as well and eventually in one thousand, nine, hundred. Louisa made her debut. And soon after on June, twenty second of that same year, she married Kamilo Qasadi Stampa. Decent Chino three years. Her senior and she became a a in the process in this match was really a good one at least on paper what Kazadi lacked in liquid wealth he made up for in Noble, heritage and while Louisa had no ability in her family line. She had A. A great deal of money, so they kind of complement each other in that regard, and the newlyweds actually went to the Paris exposition on their honeymoon a year into their marriage on July fifteenth nineteen o one, the Kazadi had daughter Christina, and at this point it seemed like Louise was on track for a fairly conventional life that would be expected for a wealthy married heiress. An interest in the occult and the Supernatural which are pretty popular topics at the time, but she was leading a pretty typical, though very lavish life. Yeah, we really cannot stress how rich she was! She was often touted as the richest woman in Italy, the richest woman in Europe. Some people call the richest woman in the world during. Her Heyday. But then in Nineteen, Oh, three Louis, omit the Italian poet and playwright Gabriel Denuncia show, and her life took on a very different course for a little background on Denuncia. He was famous already at this point for his romantic exploits with actresses and socialites. Throughout Europe, he is sometimes credited as the inventor of Fascism and an atlas obscure article written about him in late, two, thousand fifteen described an NCO as quote, a cross between the market Assad. Aaron Burr Ayn rand and Madonna So that gives you an idea of what he may have been like as a person. denuncia wrote in his novel ups. In eighteen eighty nine quote. It's necessary that the life of an intellectual be artwork with him as the subject. The an-and zero I saw the Marchese as she wrote on horseback one day during a Fox Hunt. You wasn't participating in this Fox. Watching when he saw the woman who he later likened to quote, a slender, Amazon, he was immediately taken with her, and from that moment on, he made sure to attend. Many of the same hunting parties is the Qasadi stood. Just get close to her. When he did at first start by flirting with her sister, he remained fixated on the mark as A. Yeah there are many theories as to whether he was just lavishing attention on her sister as a way to get Louise's attention, or if he was just maybe playing, the odds either of these heiresses would be into him. But for Louise's part at this point, she was already growing really frustrated with the role of wife. She felt like she was confined by the expectations of it, and she was progressively less and less shy as it seems. She looked to others for social stimulation and slowly throughout the course of a series of hunts in events. Where Denuncia made sure he was there. She became aware of him and he was nearly twenty years older than she was in his Joie. Joie de Vive. and his adventurous spirit eventually captivated her, though he was far from being an especially handsome man, but it wasn't long before Louisa and didn't. ENZIO began a sexual relationship, so the affair that the two of them had was intense. Kazadi became the Nuncios Muse and Kazadi is. Husband's seemed to just ignore the whole situation soon. Louisa WHO DENUNCIA had called quote destroyer of Mediocrity, one of his book dedications had become the Toast of Europe's guard set. Yeah we'll talk a little bit more about Camilla Custodian why he seemed to be okay with ignoring the situation in a bit but we should say that while Louisa and Denuncia were sort of gallivanting around Europe. It was not as though everyone immediately accepted the pair. mistresses were certainly common for wealthy men for a wealthy married woman to fairly openly pursue a romance with a man who was not her husband was still considered quite scandalous, and Louisa often found herself the subject gossip both whispered and. And imprint although it did not seem to bother her, she actually seemed to kind of like it. She also started to gather a list of very high profile, friends and admirers as their list of high profile, friends and admirers got longer and longer my Keizo Louisa. Kazadi continued to evolve. She constantly up to the bar on her own outlandishness to basically keep people interested in her and feed all the stories in the gossip columns. They're not only was she not bothered by the gossip? She was encouraging it. Yeah that goes on throughout her life. And, she was such an unusual character that she became almost mythical, her extreme appearance, which will talk about in a bit fostered all manner of gossip and speculation that was both tied to and reaching beyond any that had circulated about her affair with Denuncia and she seems tracy just said to have consciously nurtured the more outlandish stories that were told about her. Her in social circles in society pages living in the vast luxurious homes that she shared with her husband, because they did have several homes often left the mark as a feeling, lonely, isolated and bored, she countered this problem by throwing really lavish balls and parties often for charity she was often outfitted in the most extreme and showing ensembles for these themed events. And we're going to talk more about how Kazadi started to morph into an almost entirely different person, after she met Denuncia in just a moment, but first we're going pause for word from one of our sponsors. Here's the thing. Saving money with Geico is almost better than playing pickup basketball. Because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock. He constantly bricks threes, and who completely hack you, and then put his hands up and say no foul, no foul with GEICO. It's easy to switch and save on car insurance, no need to fake an ankle sprain because you're absolutely exhausted so switch and save with GEICO. It's almost better than sports. Hey, guys, it's bobby bones, I host the bobby bones show, and I'm pretty much always sleepy, because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later. I get all my friends together. We get into a room and we do a radio show. Share our allies. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world. World if he possibly can, and we look through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music, too, so wake up with a bunch of my friends on ninety eight point seven W. MC in Washington DC or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP. Through the years following nineteen o three when she first met you, the Marquette changed dramatically. denunciations idea of self creation is art. which you mentioned a moment ago, really struck a chord with Louisa and Kazadi was naturally a very striking figure. You'll remember that. He saw her riding on horseback and was completely taken with her. She was six feet tall, and she was very very thin, but she actually chose to accentuate these physical traits. Traits rather than minimizing them, and she created a sort of character in the way that she chose to present herself, so her hair, which was naturally sort of dark brown colour, slowly shifted in shades to become a brighter and brighter shade of Red She's powdered her skin, so it would be as Pale as possible. And she took on the habit of maintaining a constant smokey eye appearance by applying plenty and plenty of coal eyeliner. Really dedicated to maintaining a very heavy dark. I'd look sometimes. She would go so far as to glue strips of black velvet around her is in addition to always wearing these very heavy fake lashes. Sometimes she would have several layers of lashes on at a time. I have hard enough time with one. On the rare occasion that I have reasons to wear eyelashes. She's even said to have taken Bella Donna in regular doses to try to keep her pupils dilated for the aesthetic effect, which also sounds very difficult. All of this artifice was because she wanted in her own words to become quote, a living work of art and this sentiment was very clearly in line with Denuncia ideology as an artist like you. I can't imagine that that much heaviness. is at times. She allegedly wore false eyelashes that were like two inches, long, thin and layered. It would feel like a chandelier, but. Didn't make her quite striking and memorable I remember at my wedding. My lashes were really two different. Lashes, but one of them was like a half set. And even then. That was a lot of eyelash too much. I wonder about the strength eyelids. They were constantly getting a workout. All of these changes in appearance because up to this point, she really had kind of looked like the classic well-dressed, almost Gibson Girl esque image but these changes did not go unnoticed by Casado as friends and acquaintances, and so is she stepped farther and farther out of her demure appearance as a wife of nobility, people actually begin to speculate that there may be some occult influence that was being exerted by Denuncia that was causing this shift in her appearance and behaviour, because it was so dramatic when I went to find artwork to go with this episode. My first thought after. Was! Is Halloween already. It's always Halloween Tracy know. So for his part Denuncia was equally under her spell, so he had seduced a lot of women in his time he would eventually move on when either his interest in them or their money ran out, but Louisa really kept his attention in part, because she just stayed really obsessed with herself and her transformation. She's more obsessed with that than she was with him. And that in their shared love of aesthetics and decadence really fueled their romance, neither of them was tethered to the other, but they stayed involved romantically for decades. Yeah I was reading in in one account that part of the reason was she always met him as an equal like she'd never fell into the the traditional role of a woman is subservient when she was with him, and so he sort of. was very intoxicated by that. In one, thousand, nine, hundred six Kamilo Kazadi. Her husband commissioned another home. This one in Rome and Louisa was given complete control over its decor, and the move at least for part of her time to Rome, remember she lived in many houses facilitated Louisa meeting. Some new friends who were is obsessed with our as she was including the painter and sculptor, Alberto Martini, and the future is Filippo Tommaso, Manetti. Through nunzio she also met with the celebrated portrait painter Giovanni Dini. This artist was instantly fascinated with Louisa and he wanted to paint her in his studio in Paris. So without hesitation she moved immediately and temporarily to France. She left her husband or child and many many households behind when bodine painting which features the markes clad almost entirely in black with accents of purple, accompanied by a Greyhound and sort of gazing directly out from the canvas when this was unveiled as part of a show of portrait's Bible. Dini got a lot of attention. And it was both praised as the apex of Dini's work and criticized as having a vaguely demonic air about it and that controversial assortment of attention to the work completely delighted Louisa Kazadi, but her delight quickly turned to anger when she discovered the bowl. Dini had denied magazines the right to print reproductions of the portrait. She really wanted that press and after the. The artist and his subject bigger over the matter, primarily through a series of letters back and forth Baldini finally consented, although he was convinced it would lead to a degradation of his reputation, because of the bad prince that be produced, meanwhile, Denuncia was obsessed with Venice, and that sparked Casado, his own love affair with that city, so the Marchese decided she needed a home there, too. She had actually set the wheels in motion before this portrait trip to Paris but it wasn't until after the painting had been shown that a lease was found that would suit her needs. In nineteen ten Marquette Louisa Qasadi moved into the Palazzo Vinnie a day Leoni. And construction on his unfinished Venice Palace was likely began in the mid seventeen hundreds. The luxurious home which sits right on the canal was never completed by architect Lorenzo Biscotti, but even unfinished. It was the perfect place for Marquette Kazadi to indulge her every flamboyant whim so I, she had the structure restored and decorated, but she insisted that this restoration still retain the sense of deterioration that the building had had just wanted it to be structurally sound so that it would not literally deteriorate around her. She also hired a permanent gondolier who was always dressed in eighteenth century clothing complete with a powdered wig. Their stories about how the the people who owned the other homes in the area were really excited, initially that it was being renovated, because it had gotten a little dilapidated in with something of an eyesore, and then they realized there was nothing being done on the outside. You're like. Oh, it's it's still gonNA. Look like a mess. But she loved it that way. And, in setting up her new Home Louisa had her greyhounds transported to Venice, and then she purchased two Cheetahs as pets as well. She would eventually start taking the Cheetah's out in her Gondola, and walking them through Venice jeweled leashes to complete her image and her new city Marquette Qasadi turned to the designer Mariano for too many. Long lean lines at rich colors and luxurious fabrics that for tuning, famous, for made the already tall and thin Marquess, a look, even more extreme, so she became a really devoted customer. By this point Louisa and Kamilo who preferred room. We're living almost entirely separate lives. Their daughter Christina, who was nine when we moved into her, Venetian palace was sent to boarding school in Effect Louisa had completely rid herself of any of her familial obligations and Camilla Kazadi was dependent enough on his estranged wife's. that. He really didn't make a fuss about her. Essentially abandoning him and her daughter, the pair did eventually legally separate, but that was several years into Louise's carefully cultivated life on the canal in nineteen fourteen, and it was another decade before they would actually be divorced Louisa. Incident only insisted that she get to keep the title. Of Marchese. In that divorce settlement the markes who? Who the residents of Venice started to Call Luck Assadi became famous for the parties that she both through and attended. She became the ultimate party. She spent massive sums of money on drinks as well as opium and it one soiree, a Russian, ballet dancer named vast love, Nanjin Sqi an American dancer, being Isadora. Duncan gave an impromptu performance for the other lucky attendees. Who Were there? That sounds amazing. She also had a wax version of herself made any time she would do. Things like sit in a dimly lit room with it during her parties to see how guests would behave when they wandered in and discovered this audio. This wax and d'appel ganger would sometimes accompany her to dress fittings, or it would be seated at the dining table is though it was a guest in at one point Denuncia even plan to include the wax figure in a narrative that he was writing, although it appears that that project which was a short story, never really came to fruition, or if it did, it was lost a time, a key part of her image particularly at. At, all these parties was lack Assad. He's wardrobe their descriptions on top of descriptions about her dresses and jewels in her accessories. She said to adopted the habit of shopping in Venice with her cheetahs, wearing nothing, but an incredibly luxurious dressing gown. She even been described at times as wearing more perfume than clothing. This was also the period of her life where she regularly patronized another one of our past podcasts, subjects designer Paul Poor A. Yes. She definitely liked to draw the I. which was sometimes in a wild outfit. There's an image if you. If you do a an internet search for her, you'll find an image of her. In this wonderfully bizarre looking dress that's made of light bulbs, but then she would also just kind of count on using a bit of nudity to try to get the same attention if the clothes weren't doing the trick. There's one story of her at a party where she insisted she couldn't breathe, and she just cut her dress off of herself. So sheep definitely was into the exhibition ISM. She would also have outfits made by Ballet Russe costume designer. Leeann boxed as well and increasingly the difference between her fancy dress ensembles, and her everyday clothes became kind of indiscernible, and at the same time she felt her wardrobe had to be constantly augmented top what had come before so? She was always adding to that and the Amusement Park. Palace had become. She just kept wanting more and more and more of everything. In addition to the dogs, and the Cheetah's there were monkeys, birds and other wildcats. She then became obsessed with snakes. She started with small snakes and other eventually worked her way up to a BOA constrictor. She also wanted the snakes to travel with her, and she commissioned expensive boxes from jewelers that she could carry them. With her when she ventured from Venice, she's also alleged to have convinced a zoo in Rome to lend her. So that she could have it tethered to the throne that she kept in her home. So while Kazadi was by all accounts, a lover of animals comes up over and over that. She loved them the manners. We have to say in which she kept them. We're obviously not kind by today's standards. keeping primates confined in cages, taking wildcats out unleashes making leopards pull her in a chariot and sedating snakes so that she could wear them as jewelry are obviously all very very problematic. in short, keeping exotic animals as pets is generally a bad idea. And especially so when they are considered fashion accessories. But for all that extreme extravagance Lisa always wanted more, so we're going to dive into some of the ways that she pursued it after we pause for another quick break. Hey, everybody, we know that so many people who listened to our show have been trying to find some ways to fill some unexpected time at home as pretty much, the whole country has gone into a more protective mood in the face of the current pandemic, so we wanted to help out, and we came up with a list of shows that are a little lighter in tone, and maybe a little funny to help lift spirits and also. Also, just provide an escape from the things that are going on. This is something we are calling our offbeat his playlist. It is going to drop as Ted episodes into our shows feed. That is going to happen on Thursday march nineteenth. They will all be labeled as our offbeat history playlists, so you'll know what that is when you see it, so we hope that it helps you get through this crazy time and that you enjoy. I'm honey German and I'm Carolina. Bermudez and this is life in Spanish, and you know cooking it up in here. We got that. Boy You're waiting for you. Why are you looking at me so confused because I'm like what we cook and. You got TA. You. You've got. Got It all for you at life and Spangler I need us on coach. Any type of food listen and follow on the iheartradio, APP or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. When even her home wasn't an exciting enough space for her decadent masked balls and costume parties Kazadi actually managed to get permission to use Venice's Piazza San Marco as her own private party space. She hosted a grand ball there in September, nineteen, thirteen, which was an eighteenth century, themed, Masquerade Ball in the Marquette, made a grand entrance by boat, after the rest of the guests had arrived heralded by trumpet and accompanied by her Cheetahs. Kazadi also became increasingly interested in the occult. And she would out seances and other gatherings of like minded people all through Europe. She would also invite people who seem to have connections to the spirit world to live in her home as Venice in Venice as guests for long periods of time. Yes, she had people that live there for years, and perhaps in line with her complete indulgence in her own fantasy, world is the unrest of World War. One began Louisa was almost indifferent to it. She was actually in Paris on August third nineteen, fourteen, when Germany declared war on France and the next day in her suite at the Ritz she rang her bell for Breakfast Service, which was incidentally in the afternoon for her, and she was irritated when no one came to bring her food, she allegedly ran down into the the hotel lobby and discovered a bunch of soldiers there and that same day Great Britain declared war on Germany. Kazadi really whether the war in relative ease she took advantage of that time to patronize new artists and basically continue her lavish lifestyle in Nineteen Nineteen Casado sister Francesca died during the Spanish flu, Epidemic Francesca had been the one family member that Louisa had retained a relationship with, although there's no real account of how the loss affected the Marchese. Something that comes up over and over. There's not much recorded out her like emotional state at some of these times, so whether that's just because she kept it private, because it did not add to the the exterior mystique that she was working to cultivate or not is unclear. She continued to travel the world amazing, amusing, and sometimes dismaying her hosts in various measures with outlandish attire, which sometimes included a walking stick that was almost as tall as she was, which was actually a flask, from which she would serve herself absence during a lengthy stay on the island of Capri. She wore only black, and she dyed her hair, bright green, but then eventually darkened it black as well and her sort of bizarre behavior and appearance led to rumors spreading among the locals there in Capri that she actually slept in a coffin. Those see remained her same self. The postwar world was less and less her oyster, a lot of her rich friends that she'd been partying with for years were struggling financially after world. War One they couldn't keep up with her anymore. And then to make matters worse ready to wear clothing was becoming stylish something. We've talked about in past episodes. Ready to wear clothes were utter anathema to her. The custom closet of expensive garments that she was used to having became difficult to maintain when many designers making those garments were closing up shop, her trademark, White Skin, red lips, which she maintained started to look dated instead of glamorous. And at the same time Louisa was tiring her homes in Italy, and so she purchased the grand tree, and all in their cy, which was known as the Palais rose because of its pink marble exterior, and just as she had done in Venice Kazadi spared no expense in creating another spectacle of decor indulgence. It was in the Palais rose at the end of June nineteen, twenty, seven, which was deep in the decade, known as NFO or crazy years and France Kazadi through a massive party cards Suare magic, the Markes was costumed as the Count Kenjiro, Stroh, who had been an Italian magician and occultist, the late seventeen hundreds COSATU's ensemble for the event, included a crystal sword in a suit made of silver and gold. A photographer from Vogue magazine was actually on hand to capture the event, but this lavish primarily outdoor party was upstaged by the weather. When a storm rolled in the costume, guests were conducting parade. Everyone had to make a run for it. And as that storm whipped in Kazadi, who literally her clothes were being whipped off her by this weather, brandished her sword to try to rally the revelers, but then she fainted, and the evening came to a rapid and unpleasant close. There were a lot of other things that happened that night. That did not go well allegedly. Allegedly won tendency, even spent the night locked in a closet for having committed the Sin of wearing an outfit similar to the hostess, all of this lavish living the costumes, the animals, the drinks and the houses obviously they were expensive Louisa soon blazed through the fortune she hid inherited as a teenager by nine hundred thirty. She had also taken on massive debt alleged to be as high as twenty five million dollars in modern worth. Desperate to try to settle some of those debts Kazadi traded many of her priceless pieces of art away, and she sold items from her home. She also started to borrow money from shady people to try to make up gaps in her finances, which only created worst problems additionally, she still couldn't manage to control her spending habits. After a lifetime of just throwing money around without a care, an auction was held at the Palais. Rose in December nineteen, thirty two, and almost all of the marquesses, personal possessions were up for grabs. The Palais rose itself was mortgage several months later and passed to one of Cassidy's creditors. Louisa initially moved into an apartment in Paris, but after just six months there, she had no permanent address in the city. She basically moved from hotel to hotel. She depended on the generosity of friends to cover her expenses in nineteen, thirty eight. The person who Louisa had been closest to the length of time in her life Gabrielle Denuncia died just as with her. Her sister, no record of her reaction to this passing, and she did not attend his funeral. Meanwhile, Kamilo Kazadi had remarried and settled into a quiet life. Christina Kazadi had married Francis Hastings. The sixteenth earl of Huntingdon and MARKESIC. Assadi would sometimes visit them in their home. In Britain. In one thousand, nine, hundred thirty four hastings painted a portrait of Louisa. Yes, she had a relationship with her daughter, but it seems like it was. To my reading, it feels almost like Here is my odd distant relative than than like the closeness that a mother and daughter would normally share and eventually to escape her debts in France, and Italy, and a reputation that had been built on a lifetime of invited gossip that, then at this point made her basically a pariah in high society. Kazadi moved permanently to great. Britain, although it's unclear exactly when this move happened by nineteen, forty two, she was. Was Destitute now by the late nineteen fifties Saudi was living in London. In a series of small flats should never stayed in one for very long over the intervening years, she had subsisted on small regular donations of money from her friends. They wanted to keep her from having to beg, but they knew that if they gave her lump sums, she would just spend it all and then back to asking for help. The ones exquisitely outfitted mark, as a was sometimes seem rummaging and trash bins for bits of velvet or lace to adorn herself, and there are numerous accounts even from the people who loved her. Dearly of her ongoing substance abuse, she could be at turns her most charming and delightful self or an angry and unpredictable specter of her former glory, her daughter, Christina who had divorced and remarried at this point. Point helped her mother as she could, but then Christina died of breast cancer in nineteen, fifty, three in her later years, Markes Louisa, Kazadi was largely cut off for most of the society that had went celebrated. Her should no longer corresponded. She had started believing she was telepathic. She engaged in seances with a handful of friends and acquaintances who were making her social circle by the end of her life. She died of a stroke on June first nineteen, fifty seven at the age of seventy six. A friend and frequent seance participant named Sydney farmer snuck into her home after learning that she had died and took her Pekinese dog, which was taxidermied. False eyelashes, which he then spruced up. This was not to steal them, but to make sure that someone who knew and cared about her preserved them for her funeral. MARKESIC Assadi was buried five days after she died with the taxidermied dog, and the false eyelashes dressed in black and leopard at Brompton cemetery, one of the oldest garden cemeteries in London. Among, those in attendance, which is a very small number, was Emilio Bustle Della who was Casado Gondolier from Venice. Venice home was purchased in nineteen, forty, nine by Peggy Guggenheim was Guggenheim's home for thirty years, and beginning in nineteen, fifty, one, the American socialite with open, her Venice home, which was filled with art to the public in nineteen eighty one year after Guggenheim died. It was open to the public for good as the Guggenheim Museum. which it remains today, so if you wish to Walk Markes, Louisa Kazadi is decadent footsteps. You can still visit her former residents in Venice. Yet as I was talking about her to a number of people P- really over the weekend. I saw a lot of friends and several of them have traveled throughout. Italy and I was saying Oh you. Have you been to the Guggenheim in Venice and they would go. Yes, it's amazing I'm like that is where she lived, and they would go holy Moses. because. It's an impressive structure If you've ever heard of the fashion brand Marchese it, is named after her many men, he designers have used Louisa Cassidy as inspiration for their collections, and there has been speculation that her unique look, tall and gaunt to was a big part of what drove the fashion industry to seek out models exclusively of that body type for many years writer. Quentin Crisp described Kazadi in the forward to her biography as a picturesque ruin of a woman. They also made a really insightful observation. That goes a long way. And examining how a woman in her youth seemed set to live. A secure conventional life ended up taking such a dramatically different path. Chris wrote quote without question mark as a Kazadi was an exhibitionist, but exhibitionism is a potent drug. After a short time, a dose strong enough to kill a novice no longer works. And in a similar sentiment, painter and later album bedtime, Martini who, of course we mentioned in the episode. She knew he was one of the many artists she became friends with, and he actually worked as cassidy's personal painter for time, wrote in his autobiography that the marquette quote lived partly as a slave to her dream, world and finally Jean Cocteau once wrote of Markes. Louisa Kazadi. She astonished she did not please. So. That's the Marquess Louisa Kazadi, who is? A mind bender for me. She's very fascinating. It's one of those things where you kind of want to love her, but then you're like. Difficult. I think probably many people in her life felt the same way. Thank you so much for joining us today for this classic. If you have heard any kind of email address or maybe a facebook, you are L. During the course of the episode. That might be obsolete. It might be doubly obsolete because we have changed our email address again. You can now reach at history podcasts at iheartradio, DOT COM and we're all over social media at missed in history, and you can subscribe to our show on Apple podcast. Google podcasts the iheartradio. APP and wherever else you listen to podcasts. Stuff you missed in history classes, a production of iheartradio for more podcasts from iheartradio visit, the iheartradio APP apple, podcasts, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Hey. I'm Joe Levy in the latest episode of inside the studio. I sat down with one of the all time. Greats here, songwriters James Taylor. We talked about his new album. Where is music comes from and how telling his life story through his songs has helped him. Music saved my life, but I was lucky also to survive I did some very stupid. Some some years at were were just really high risk unnecessarily, so a lot of people around us died. So, join me Joe Lee. Editor large billboard for this and other in-depth conversations with the biggest artists in music, wasn't on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get cast. As Week. We need to reap. You have no choice. It has to be done. The epic fiction podcast Tuman Bay returns. Are We met before. Oh. Yes, General from creators! John Scott Dryden on Mike, Walker I need soldiers an I need them now. Maya is defeated. Don't you see? It's not a gift. It's a cuss way other. Fish God. That fist is now raised in its. To. Of Unbelievers. From, March twentieth on the iheartradio up Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. 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