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And again, it was kind of weird at the time how they were even getting a lot of this information, but the globe came up with a graphic crime-scene photographs of the Ramsey house dog. A time but the National Enquirer held its own publishing a chat with Patsy out shopping while the star ferreted out that a large amount of child pornography had been downloaded on access computers back in January the globe offered a reward of $50,000 for evidence leading to the arrest and conviction of the child's killer that prompted the ramseys to raise the $50,000 reward. They had offered to $100,000 in July the globe up the ante to $500,000. That's a lot of money especially in the nineties citing unnamed Source within the investigation the tabloids have laid out two primary theories. The first has it that John Ramsey killed his daughter after a quote sex game that went. Awry the second posits that package Ramsey walked in on her husband molesting the child grabbed a heavy object and swung him but hit her daughter by mistake A variation on this theory. Has it that Patsy in a rage struck her daughter dead. Or threw her against a hard surface both Theory suggests that jonbenet's death was not planned but accidental and then elaborately covered up and why have the ramseys Natsu perhaps be a murder defendant actually has more of a right to privacy than a libel plaintiff. He can always take the Fifth Amendment if we sued for libel, he loses the privilege whether the ramseys are innocent or guilty of that says First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams, I would advise them not to sue because they are suspects and who would have to have answers to the most intensive and intrusive questions if that time if they were to do a show there is evidence to support certain contentious published in the tabloids some contentions rather that the autopsy report released in full by court order in August established that wage job and they died from a tremendous blow to the side of her head which caused an 8 and 1/2 inch fracture and from garroting. Dr. Richard Krugman a specialist in child abuse brought in as a consulting job. Hunter's office says that there was a vaginal aberration as well which is a sign of trauma but it's not assigned necessarily a sexual abuse doctor cerewet. He will not a forensic pathologist has no doubts that the 45 pound child was molested if she had been taken to a hospital emergency room and doctors had seen the general evidence. Her father would have been arrested. He said the vaginal opening according to dr. Robert kirschner of the University of Chicago is Pathology Department was twice the normal size for six-year-olds, the genital injuries indikitch penetration. He says but probably not buy a penis and there is evidence of molestation that night as well as previous molestation. You are also blood and urine stains on her Underpants considerable obstacle to investigators. According to One well-placed Source in the DA's office was the fact that the crime scene and the body were cleaned up, although not sterilized. Adding to the mishaps the corner didn't examine the body until seven hours after it was discovered and then spent only 10 minutes at the crime scene. That's that's just crazy folks. Anyway, just stunning According to some experts was the Revelation that the child had evidently been redressed after her murder jonbenet's parents told investigators that she was wearing a red turtleneck wage Amma top when they put her to bed. She was found in a white one a red total turbo Mac was in her bathroom sink navy blue fuzz balls adhered to her body and investigators are searching for a faxed to those casting doubt on the theory that an intruder killed JonBenet where the state and the position of the child's body. She was fully clothed and covered with one of her blankets the loan not yours around her neck and right wrist were as investigators say very loose and consistent with the staging more over there were no signs of forcible entry and no footprints in the melting snow Iraq. House Greg McCreary ads that pedophiles and rants on the kidnappers never overlap pedophiles grab the child molest them and discard them Ransom kidnappers or in his strictly for the money. He says, although the coroner did not specify at the time of death or a time of death a neighbor told police that she had been awakened shortly after midnight by a very loud piercing scream coming from the direction of the Ramsey house. The ramseys told police. They had heard nothing John Ramsey's children from his first marriage both Melinda 25 and Johnny and rue21 along with Melendez boyfriends Stewart long arrived at the Ramsey house at 7:55 p.m. On December 26th Ramsey ran to the curb to meet them along a medical school graduate told police that Ramsey had said that Jon Benet had gone to heaven and that he had found her body at 11 a.m. Although according to police reports. He found the body at 1 in the afternoon. So that's bit strange as well. Following day investigators video tape and interview with John Andrew at the conclusion of which they asked him what he thought an appropriate punishment for the person who committed his crime should be after a long pause. She said forgiveness and credulous to the detectives went into the brutality of his half-sisters murder and asked him to reconsider his answer and other Silence ensued then he said again forgiveness Johnny Andrew Ramsey and long declined to comment considering that he isn't a Ramsey there was really no place for this searing tragedy in the exemplary life of John and Patsy Ramsey access Graphics head outperformed his best expectations in a 1996 had revenues of 1 billion dollars Patsy had celebrated more than a year of her life from her cancer which struck her in nineteen ninety three. She had great plans for her family her work at the Junior League and of course jonbenet's career. The child had already been crowned Little Miss dead. Charleroi America's Royal Miss National tiny Miss Beauty and Little Miss Colorado and had one more than a dozen talent and personality Awards the buzz on the pageant circuit was I was going to be this is a one-way trip basically for Jon Benet that she was going to win all of the different prizes. John Ramsey had been raised in the middle class town of Okemos, Michigan the Elder of two sons, he been described then and now as extremely quiet and reserved his mother Mary Jane been a a homemaker died in the mid-seventies and his father James was a decorated World War Two pilot who ran the Michigan Aeronautics commission until he retired in nineteen seventy-nine. That's a win Gibson eighty-two who still lives across the street from the old run Ramsey home says of James they always call them Czar Ramsey because he really ran the York Airport this way it Ramsey friend who met the older Ramsey in the mid-80s recalls that he was very cold like John was wage. Everybody had Michigan State University Rams. He became president of the Theta Chi chapter and in nineteen sixty-six. He married a college classmate Lucinda past following a ROTC training Ramsey spent two years in the Navy stationed at Sub sub Bay in the Philippines while earning his Pilot Wings after receiving His Master's in marketing in nineteen. Seventy one thousand Ramsey signed up for the management development program at AT&T Jeff Marek met with him that same year when Ramsey was living in Columbus, Ohio. He's extremely quiet says Merrick off and some and gregarious man adding. He could be very Charming in nineteen seventy-three Ramsey moved his young family to Atlanta and went to work at a computer company, although he and Merrick drifted apart. I stayed in touch and in 1976 during a visit to Atlanta American his then-wife stained with John and Lucinda and their children at that time. Jim Marino met with Ramsey on a business name. To Syracuse in the late seventies. We immediately became friends said Marino he was going through a divorce at the time but he'd always check in with the kids. However in his own quiet way John Ramsey also has a guy for the ladies according to police reports. His former wife. Lucinda said, it was a romantic plays on with a co-worker. That was the last straw for her although Marina and Ramsey, correct and whored around together. Marino said Ramsey was notably discreet. He never got much out of him said Marino you wondered what he was all about. Although Ramsey walked away from his first wife with little money is closed in a car. He slowly began to prosper as he worked his way through a series of computer companies. His success has Marino was part of his appeal to women. He had money he drove a Porsche and he dressed nice but he was shy however, you could say that whatever he went after he usually got in 1978 Marino after being injured in a motorcycle accident was confined to a wheelchair birth. Almost a year John came and visited me and gave me a job said Mourinho. He saved my life. Although the two went to work for different companies in nineteen eighty. They remained very close friends engage in seventy-nine Ramsey caught a glimpse of a beautiful twenty-two-year-old brunette in Atlanta and pursued her two years earlier. When a journalism major at West Virginia University Patricia, and Paul had not crowned Miss West Virginia and had won a talent award for a dramatic reading of the Miss America Pageant Marino who often double dated with Patsy and Ramsey said his friend was deeply smitten with her. She was his Jackie Kennedy in 1980. They were married in Atlanta Peachtree Presbyterian Church at 37 Ramsey was fourteen years older than passy and the couple settled into a mate. Let's keep caught house and the Dunwoody section of Atlanta, which is a very very nice area of Atlanta. I've been there. It's very very nice Ramsey ran his own company MicroCell from his house and Patsy work to log. Tri dim after a series of business reversals Patsy asked her Father Don Powell a retired Union Carbide engineer to help her husband's struggling company and the word is said that John was going broke and donned bailed them out financially although Dawn and Nedra Powell were able to raise their three daughters Patsy Patricia Pamela and Polly pasch let in the middle class town of Parkersburg West Virginia. Both had endured Hardscrabble childhoods rescued by the g. I bill daunted obtained a college degree which led to a career at Union Carbide networks are done as his Great White Knight San Marino and contrast to her laconic husband. The wiry Nedra was driven and Relentless determined to see that her daughters enjoyed more of the good things in life, and she had said to his vehicle for launching them into a Prosperity was beauty beauty pageants. So I did my first pageant when I was a junior in high school p and Paul told me I won Misty job. America in 1976. I won the national crown for that and I want a local Country Fair contest at the Wood County Fair in nineteen seventy-seven which Patsy also one in nineteen eighty-three years after Patsy all the crown Pam. Also was Miss West Virginia and a Miss America contestant natural become a fixture on the pageant circuit. She was involved in the whole Miss America Pageant organization when I met them said Marino, she was one of the coordinators Jeff Marek didn't meet patssi until 1982 though. He was on a business trip to Atlanta and Ramsey and fighting over for dinner after dinner. We went to a big disco and Patsy and I danced but John didn't dance with Patsy. In fact in the twenty years. He's known him Reno has never seen his friend show physical affection. I never saw John hug Patsy or even give her a kiss. Even when we were dating. He said the first time I saw them clutch was after the murder and I saw him hold her hand on T when they left the church birth. Real by the mid-1980s John Ramsey working with his father-in-law was doing well enough to move into a sprawling Colonial House in Dunwoody Patsy saw to it that both of the ramseys daughter from his first marriage were given coming out parties Judith Phillips be violent attractive photographer first met Patsy Nineteen Eighty-Four when Patsy was working with Phillips husband marum development company in order to be friends with Patsy. You have to accept her into the family because they are such a big part of her life. Especially your mother said Phillips. Sometimes natural wisdom. Not just said things that were so so called out of flying and shocking but the woman is unbelievable in her loyalty towards her daughter's Patsy and Judy Phillips raising children, roughly the same age were drawn to each other. Although there were differences Patsy was very pro-life said Phillips. I was a feminist Patsy who was involved in Atlanta Junior League in a ladies who lunch charity called social T off. And up until the birth of her son Burke. She worked Philip said Patsy had very expensive tastes. She had 18th century art work and exquisitely antiques and John at very expensive and classic taste when it comes to his clothes. He liked his toys. He had his boat named Miss America and a plane in nineteen eighty-nine Ramsey murdered his company with boulder-based access graphics and another firm these control of the new company and in nineteen, ninety one relocated as family to Boulder among his new hires were his old friends Jeff Marek and Jim Marino Ramsay son said they hit the jackpot showing access to Lockheed Martin and continuing to run it as president and CEO Judy Phillips who had moved to Boulder three years earlier. Wondered if Pat's he would have had a hard time making the transition from the Antebellum capital of the South to a small town full of hippies Buddhists and mountain climbers that pretty much sums up that area. However Patsy now the mother of the four-year-old Burke log. Born Jon Benet assured her that she was ready to have a different life Don Paul adapted easily and moved into a company condo on Pearl Street natural Paul. Whoever made no bones about feelings concerning Boulder referring to it as that hellhole in November. Nineteen, ninety one, the ramseys purchased a 6800 square-foot Tudor style house and one of Boulders Choice neighbor is for about $500,000 over the next two years Patsy remodeled and decorated her new home spending According to Jim Marino seven hundred thousand dollars. She was thrilled to Hash House listed on the boulder Christmas tour as well as on the home tour visitors recalled her greeting them at the door with Jon Benet and Burke by her side all of them and matching sweaters featured in jonbenet's room or trophies and medals one visitor said that in huge master bedroom suite Patsy's Miss West Virginia dress and her Miss America competition is dead. For laid out on the bed. Although the ramseys had been Presbyterians. They joined st. John's Episcopal Church. Social climbing said Marino sadly, that's what it was about. She wanted to be where the money was dead friends were dropped as well as the replaced and attractive wealthy Boulder rights were made friends with Karina says, I was never invited to his house John and I were let's get a beer down at the local pub after work. All right guys, we're going to take another break there and we're going to pick up on the third part of this four-part series next week. Please hit the five stars for us. 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