127: Auf Wiedersehen, Marcel


The listening to kilometers by citing podcast in association in wisconsin phonics call sign he doesn't get ed is driving up on the old on these long hop. I spent dunedin nothing into correct extended castell advisor bebop and they think the my ticket the difference fines and companions. I would like to tell you today that on ending my career as a pro cyclist with a postal website late last sweet marcel brought the curtain down on his career as a professional cyclist what had begun earlier this season as a temp reports to a glittering career is now full stole aw kindle is just thirty one still young in professional cycling but he has decided to bow out on his terms this decision process of not being in a quick quan has taken place over a longer time during my nearly twenty s sports career there have been not only incredible successes but also difficult times missile recently. The thought of this future without cycling has grown the awareness of the sacrifices that such beautiful but also very difficult sport like cycling brings with it. The biggest question of the last few months was can i do. I want to continue to make the sacrifices needed to be a well cloth athlete a my answer threes. No i do not want not anymore because i've always found the limitations on a top athlete as an increasing loss of quality of life that is why i'm very happy and proud that this point in my life i can make the decision to follow my heart in a new direction. My name is lonzo bernie and in this episode of kilometer zero by the site can podcast we'll hear hear from some of his former teammates about a man who demonstrated so much power on the bike but has shown equivalent strength off it five meeting that he is sometimes struggled with the lifestyle golf professional cycling launches is spread kettle hitting the front caffeinated on the left inside his comments on the left lookout but broad plates kid'll all the way avenue. I'm not sure who's gone it. I'm not sure they know who's got in moss. L. capable is the winner moss l. kid who oh makes history at. Its play quarter of the wheel is find on your eight years ago that i of nineteen grand tour stages a seven stage about well to came down to a sprint in talavera de lorraine and the german who was in in his first season as a professional beat pizzas again an oscar fred to the line actually skill shimono team grew so kittle grew with it they became oracle shimono when i moved up to the world tour and eventually became john allison in two thousand fourteen he had the world at his feet after winning jiro stages in belfast and dublin tool stages in harrogate london lille paris. It's not hard to see why he became the poster boy for german cycling which was still in the doldrums after a decade okay to doping scandals and the reaction to them. He looked the part. Whenever he spoke he was eloquent and open but in twenty fifteen just when he looked poised dominate the springs kickoff suffered a setback the onus on the loss of four men he was not selected for that year's tour to franz step forward patrick lefevere ethics ex- quickstep toward more these cameras do companies removes at the medicine cabinet otherwise nobody scored in two years with the belgian teen kickoff delivered again another couple of stage wins followed in the year six in in order the tool five of them in two thousand seventeen that was when kittle held the green jersey continue crashed heavily withdrew from the race at the start of a final week but it's a ed <hes> pity because it's a ucs talent. I don't have to explain this <hes> goulet. He was waiting five stages with us. Almost one lead out <hes> if he's good super but unfortunately there's something with him. <hes> he's a beautiful guy. He's a big guy <hes> but he's very fragile and <hes> we recover them from his former team and a lot of success but i want. He kept <hes> what he he cuts to the green green. I saw him suffering one. <hes> wanna break <hes> what's taking points every day you so he's years like yeah <hes> not he crashed in the goat he was not to satirists and nine was a little bit the beginning of a new you nasty to him. Do you think one of the problems for him physically was he was being the mountain would be very difficult. No there's nothing to do if he wasn't a good shape people's too. I dropped their bodies and another people as far before him drop so does another problem everybody to go over to moses but i was really a big mental. How did you work with and get the best out of him or did you have to keep your hands off in east the pressure on him a bit. I cannot tell you all my secrets though authorize everybody will copy me nah it. It was just mother e._v. Tacoma cetera listen myself. I don't want anything from you. We took it. We will take you to a dubai. If you oughta feeding gutu sprint you sprint. If you don't feel good you don't sprint and then you had that and say take you dry. He tried it even if i ate that don't they don't talk with tomato. We do another tactic. No no that's okay so i record to detroit and it went viral and we were we were gone. He said to me back in january that you felt he would still be the fastest sprinter in the world allowed me. He's still the fastest guy but <hes> to the right people. It'd be so my archive. You understand your caja. Experience is over my ark but he was reading like coming for ten position and passing. Do everybody five five speeds fast. <hes> cycling is only alexa also. That's why he's retiring at thirty. One from racing you retired early you can tell him and more to life than just racing bike wanting. <hes> did me a pleasure that i read that he wanted to study again and that's a very smartly i think all the writers who should go to to study again but virtually no not too much <hes> do it and then they lose a little bit <hes> array and then the normal life era by the sighting podcast in association with handscroll showers and taps the thing is important for all the people in the world shower high in peter saigon name writing for bronze grow a team for sure after the raise zero graying everybody to do to shower because <hes> sweat and <hes> stink after race and <hes> you can just refresh yourself and and <hes> to get begging condition for sure he have in the bus three showers and is going pretty well and pretty fast a a in and out in and out in hans course hours oh yeah for sure with hans grandma showers and taps doc the australian rider with education. I it's got his own podcast. It's called a life in the peleton and a couple of years ago. He interviewed kittle over a year. Dr kibble had been teammates just for one year skill shimon back in twenty eleven but it's clear that the german and left an impression on daca and they remained friends to this day only teammates for actually only young indians pains awards but we just seem to really love his character and i guess he had the same feeling for me and we stayed friends throughout that period and actually the author often we lifted saints we just stayed in contact and i always hope that i'd get a chance to rice with them again. Just because i really loved these nightjar and i was very appreciative in very humble about anything that he did <hes> and the wii sprinted and just very non-aggressive gossard just a fantastic team aydin <hes> are going on with a more than attain autism mike so year we citing conduct jesus speaking during quite a bit this year just about that next that next step and all his actually really really happy that he was able to make that decision himself. You know it takes a lot of courage to do that because a lot of people just go. You know walk not loving it but i've got nothing else to do so i'm just gonna push on and he's not loving it. I recognize that i'm gonna maybe call bit of ridicule for this but this decision i wanna make so. I really really respect that. He's now in a happy place. He's decision. We're not thinking about his character. Just sort of like i think the winners wins in general enroll that very cutthroat sort of mentality you know like kill be killed talk. I wouldn't say i never saw that in myself but he just was like august say just a really lovely how mu person and maybe that mentality ended up getting to him and that's necessarily auto show but i'm just seeing like he was a lovely love. He's a lovely person and in order to sort of eighty two cops right and just don't really care about anyone else there and just go. You know what i'm number one off go to do it so maybe he's naw. Slider was the the undoing and if fester on doing then that's an odd thing. Actually i learned his confidence how important it is to believe in yourself because when you're convinced that teammates just they just drop you in the last kilometer and you will find your way you actually do. It's i cannot explain explain it anymore. It's just a feeling it's just maybe maybe a view that you have on that final in no way so you have to go you will see what is happening and that's actually what happened. Also there. I mean everyone was super. Monte waited after the first one team really believed in me in me and i took really that energy out of out of that belief. I believe walk into it so i can do it and for me. It's it was incredible to back to to start my career. As a professional. I didn't expect anything became professional but suddenly i position where can win races and and it was just so much waiting and so cool to just see that also what happens not only with me but also with all of my teammates around me. Everyone was was motivated to do something so that's probably one of the best ways to proficient when i worked with my back in sculpture monarch but i got to say it for saying also i that was just incredible what happened at that level and that obviously went onto the tudor franz and things like that and just the way i used to do it. Sometimes it wasn't even the most aerodynamic or typical spring white just step out. He just got kites automated guard be sitting in the winfred seemed like forever and then he'd spring poss- everyone and just we invite five lengths and you just like who can do that who can actually do that. Let's say i always used to love watching screen because i had that connection with him and i just love the way that he sprinted he. Just you could see when he had confidence. It didn't matter wary very was ten th wheel wheel sick and wheel he would just do it and when he had that confidence and when he believed in himself and you feeling that rob price he was unstoppable normal and then the first race was cobby and first stage was i think one hundred twenty kilometres chore how long executive but not very long we arrive there as a pro continental team in style just today before six hours time difference thirty degrees difference in temperature pitcher. Everyone was super tired and we tried to do the leader for kenny on that day and that didn't work at all because i was yeah i couldn't handle my responsibilities of my positions. <hes> had no experience <hes> what what actually the team also. Can you know so as is expected from me so <hes> kenny then said okay must listen we are going to change the positional tomorrow so unstaged to lookout for you and then he will see how we do it and then we try to keep on working. You know that you actually learn what you caning. I can honestly say kenny was very fair to me. I always good relationship with him. At that time he for shows he was a crazy sprinter and he was hand. Let's face it but in the end that's that it was myself because the next to the stage and it was my first professional team at same for me to start out. There's so many great characters and kinney was a guy was dislike very very humbled so he came across a guy that you rice against was the t._v. Screen you know about he actually went to moscow. Okay you spring tonight. I'm going to show you how to lay it out and this is what you need to do so kenny said i'm going to screen all show you how to do it. In mouse marcellin non winning that diane look as regards the residency sorry for screen to actually be caney humbling guard nar on looking to just go. I want a new lead out man or whatever i'm gonna actually show you how to do it so that's also an integral policies career toy seating in toronto mold same night eight good friend moscow kill and we're actually enjoying a call beyond yes we do. This is actually the first one. I think i've had to be you want to podcasts. It's really very sad teams. He was able to relax as well. You know and that's something that maybe we connected really well. With some work we worked but also we knew how to relax and when i suggested to him even though he may be perini said yes it. I'm also oh can you you enjoy next week. Let's just reported podcast question. You know i come around headlock two three bs before we saw it and four five years afterwards you know so it was just a recorded ford is somewhere in the middle there but it was just a great catch and there was not like when not profession was just like this tongs we just going to switch off of it and he understood that what is is probably the most important thing that i ever cycling's from my father. He always kept saying to me especially want to move. The young started cycling. You can always happy happy with race. When you know you did your best if you did your best and you wanna race it's if you did your best and you couldn't even finish the race and that's how it is. Did you come out of the blue for me because i to agree on these storm on the exterior of the last few years and issue we caught up at a rice here and there and send a message you can't get that close and understand everything that either <hes> but like i said at the start something i respect about muscles that he he recognized that and made that decision and from any sport or any job. That's a hard thing to do to make that cole something. You've built up to do and everyone's looking at the u._s. He's position and you know he's got a child on the wyans. He's he's realized that you know he wants to be happy too so i didn't like alexa answer your question yeah. I didn't say coming. You know our respect that he was able to be men. Make that decision. I raced marcel the first time together back in two thousand twelve at g._p._s. in punishment pita hem with our show where he was racing at the time i was quickly struck by what a down to earth and genuine guy he was the star at at the time that he was becoming in the star he is today in boswell writer at team katusha alison talking about marcel kendall of had the chance to race in with marcel the past last year and a half at team katusha alpaslan and got a raise the tour with him last year where he's one phenomenally sixteenth stages prior to priorities retirement which is a big feet and i just have only the most respect for the man he's he's obviously a phenomenal athlete but he's just a really genuinely good guy and i've only had good encounters with him. You know he's been through a lot in this career. You know the last year and a half has been tough on him and he never let issues surrounding him affect the team. He was always positive. He was always upbeat. He always brought the team together. You know on on kutu shell persson when there it was a large group of german writers you know they'd go into speaking german at at a dinner table or something. Marcel was always the guy to to make sure that everyone felt included and reminded everyone that we needed to be speaking english because the team policy and he's just a great guy and i know he is going to have a positive future regardless of what he does because he's just so driven he so well spoken and charismatic and i hope that i get to see him again. Luke amaze get you the rider with mitchelson scott. He's a fellow sprinter. I'm for a time with a key man. In kittles lead out trade yeah surely that news of him retiring sorely surprisingly to many and we all we all know he had his ups announce all the time and he had a really brilliant season and the next season. He wasn't have such a good time there and then again next season. He was winning four stages at the tour so i think just the mental aspect of this up salons johnson were too hard for him. I guess and yeah it's it's a pity because i know he's abilities and i've seen him on the top forum. I mean when he's really focused something. Secret the chief much more but yeah that's his decision and i'm <hes> happy happy. The thing with kim was really positive point that he didn't do that. Pressure on on himself like something was like really easy going no stress he did his job training well and then when he came to the race he was relaxed then he just didn't stress about certain certain things you're just easy going into the races and with that approach he also won a lot of things this physical aspect goes with mantle aspect so <hes> if you were physically stronger than you're also mentally strong and vice versa so <hes> i think more heart was like when he was out of shape shape and he's still had to compete. He's still to perform the team had certain expectations from him and also the fans and it's hard to be with ninety kilos colors and always on the top because you have to come over the mountains and hills and everything and if you're not on the top shape is just too demanding demanding to the body i guess so <hes> i think he took a lot of bidding condo small things when he was out of shape and should that that leads damage damage with tax here and they're also on the racists. We talked a lot to on an easy days and then when he announced that he you need some time for himself. I texted him and we'd take some back to a little bit on one side. I can understand he. It's too much but somehow i was. I expect him expecting from him to come back. After a year i mean once he was there and <hes> surely he could be there again if he wanted. Just right war cried approach and motivation. Is everything here those two stages. He won in the netherlands jiro. Do you have any memories of those days. Oh yeah i have <hes> look so easy every time like really nail it with a legal but he did his own thing and rome one from far behind so so that was always his dranked because he could find find himself also without the little train also when it was hectic here he found the gap kissel allow beginning to open up his sprint. He hits the big job and goes. What could he do to the best of the rest of the reactive position but don't test kloss delivered mic number seven of the season for boscell kit lease-back your legitimate italia after two years years about since ninety s to live at the first opportunity at that time he was mentally so strong can <hes> confidence that makes a lot of things easier in invention also he had that name and everybody gave him space so easier. I think what struck me in my limited dealings dealings with marcel kissel the most was his civility some we'll talk about has charisma and but that implies something a bit loftier and grandchildren they're on no-doubt he he does have charisma to but he always seemed to me through respectful and polite i saw other jiro when it started in belfast in two thousand fourteen and he won both road stages there in belfast and dublin it was raining and cold and pretty miserable and kissel would be sasha ushered into these press rooms to give his press conferences and you could see his decency in the way that he treated the volunteers naylor local people who are working on the race and after his infused finished the way that he would stop for photographs and autographs despite it being cold and wet he seemed to have all the time in the world for people and also someone who took his responsibilities as a professional cyclist moreover a german professional cyclist very seriously. I went into him in cop where stage two of this year's vuelta finish a few years ago just after he joined quickstep ah we sat down to do the interview he into an apple and immediately apologized because he knew that i was doing the podcast and so he insisted on his apple to the site to finish it later she did an interview by some of the behind the scenes lobbying he done with john danton cole to get german television by the tour de france the conversations and meetings with executives there after they boycotted the tour following the yahel eric doping scandal on the t. mobile doping scandals and so i i really think that leaves the sport as a writer if cycling germany how many has regained some luster some credibility and respect i think it was a lot to get not so much what did on the bike but the way that he conducts himself and communicate indicate the dolphin sprinting is unique discipline in cycling really because the accolade of the best sprinter in the world is a bit like the heavyweight boxing in crowns in boxing there several hours held by different organizations and so at any one time several people claim to be the best and it similar in cycling because because the sprinters can win at the zero in the welte but it's really only at the tour of france when they all go head-to-head in their best form that we get to see who is the best sprinter every now and again somebody comes along to unify those titles if you like and stand head and shoulders above the rest in the last two to three decades mario approach alenia <unk> comedy show two names immediately spring to mind when i'm considering the undisputed fastest man in the world title for a couple of years in twenty not sixteen and twenty seventeen marshall kittle could probably of made a justifiable claim to that title it never did that the poster also though this is being an episode of kilometer zero by the cycling costs supported by amazon at showers and taps. My name is bernie and the producer. Was tom walley a big. Thank you to mitch docker. If you haven't heard it podcast before it's called life in peleton and it's really worth listen. Some of his interviews are they revealing also the very relaxed style. I'm checking out in all the usual places the pour coffee cooler life in the capital <music>.

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