Dan Patrick Show - Hour 1 - JJ Watt (11-20-18)


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Exhale welcome to the program, Dan in the Dench, Dan Patrick show. Glad to have you on board. Lot of things to talk about great guest list JJ watt. The Texans will join us coming up also talked to Kurt Warner former MVP now hall of Famer working for Westwood One. He was on the call last night of the chiefs in the Rams Chris Simms. Will join us in studio on loan from pro football talk. Lamar jackson. The ravens quarterback is he still the starting quarterback. He'll join us as we'll Reggie Miller with his weekly pitstop as well if you'd like get in touch with the program variety of ways to do so eight seven seven three DP show, Email address DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. Twitter handle at DP show said good morning to a radio and TV partners around the country in a season of record breaking offense as last night's Rams chiefs game took it to the next level. Rams winning fifty four fifty one. It will go down as one of the more exciting Monday night games of all time. One of the more exciting football games of all time. First time two teams had both scored over fifty points in a game. Fourteen touchdowns in all over a thousand combine yards. And normally you might say any team that allows over fifty points in a game can't be a true Super Bowl contender. But in two thousand eighteen that's not true last night. Of course was ridiculous. The Rams and chiefs didn't play well on defense, although they both had defensive scores. The Rams d two touchdowns Aaron Donald was a beast again. But maybe that's the best you can home hope for with these teams because they just need their defenses to make a couple of place and then get out of the way because this is all about offense. And last night was simply as good as it gets when it comes to that. I was reading a column the Monday morning quarterback with Connor or and he goes a little bit deeper on this game. He was talking about all of the political matching nations in red tape that have gone into creating something like we saw on Monday night football, all of the rule changes all the subtle winks and nods to the fantasy football crowd. Be arms wide open stance as the legal sportsbook start to roll in think of all the strides in health and exercise science, everyone maximizing their potential everyone being bigger and faster and stronger than they've ever been the landscape was ripe for a game that could facilitate a fireworks grand finale every week on every play in every stadium. Monday will be remembered as the night that changed everything he goes on to write. So what's next the off season will be catastrophic as team owners trip over each other to recreate this coaches will be fired schematic soothsayers will emerge from every corner of the football universe. Trying to get in on the fractious. The draft will ebb and flow with the vacillations of panic game plan architects trying to figure out how the hell they're going to build a team. Good enough to score forty in a game. But stout enough to keep the opponent under thirty five. It will produce more games like this in two thousand nineteen. Because alternately that's what owners want, and it will produce more teams falling flat on their faces in a desperate attempt to try will that be a good thing. Connor or rights? That's the question the NFL and all of us really should've asked ourselves years ago. It's too late to turn back now. But there's nothing like watching it unfold. You're going to have these offensive minded head coaches offense of coordinators the quarterbacks you're going to look for now. What do you wanna defense do one a run stopper? No. Are you going to get some pass rushers the edge rusher? Still going to be important. What about your secondary you watch last night? And I thought the officials did a really poor job. And this is an all-star crew. You can't be the story in the first half. And you were. But as you move forward with this with Patrick Mahomes. He's the new face of the NFL. That style. And even as great as Aaron Donald is does it really matter. And if you're the New Orleans Saints, do you look at that game and say man, I like our chances a whole lot more because we're all offensively. We're the same as those two teams defensively were better than those two teams. But the Rams winning last night hurts the saints because trying to get that home field advantage. But you look at the other teams how does Kansas City match up with the Steelers right now or the patriots right now. The chargers right now, the Rams the saints who else in the NFC. And there's this the game you want for the Super Bowl. It'd be exciting. It'd be fun. But as we move forward, you can have too much of a good thing. The NFL is a copycat league. Go back to the greatest show on earth with Kurt Warner Marshall Faulk that was that was where the NFL said, hey, that's something different. Now, let's try to recreate that. But eventually. Somebody will be counterintuitive to that. You're going to have everybody tried to go crazy and have these wide open offenses here you got to get third because that was the big twelve game. When he Patrick Mahomes have been Texas Tech plan against Oklahoma. Jared Goff could have been Baker Mayfield at Oklahoma. But the over under. I mean there were trying at sixty eight to seventy and then they just blew right by that. If you did if you did a rematch right now, I wonder what the over under would be. I wonder what Vegas would would say. You know, what let's make it seventy five points over under which seems crazy. But it's not. But this is the new NFL. This is what they wanted. They want excitement they want fantasy the gambling aspect of it. So whether you want it or not it's here, and you saw it on full display last night. Mclovin. You've got a poll question for me today. Yeah. We have a lot of questions off last night's game start with. This NFL you want as a fan. Okay. I would think they yes would win. I mean, I don't want to nine six titans colts game. But if you said, it was going to be a shootout where I just wanna make sure that the playing field is level just a little bit. And it's not it is tilted just so when these defensive players are are just trying to find out what they can and can't do and everything's been taken away from them. So I I don't think you're fair to the defensive players who are trying to make a living who are trying to stand out. I'm curious what J J watt thought of that game last night as a defensive player and a guy who will be up for defensive player of the year. I mean, Aaron Donald is spectacular. But does he really matter in the big picture here? What defensive player really matters anymore. And I think that would be the biggest concern, I would have and keep in mind. What's going to happen in this draft this year, you got four defensive tackles who are probably going to be in the top ten picks. What do you need a defense? Tackle for. Who matters anymore? I mean, that's why I love what the bears did the bears have a great defense, and they went and got Khalil Mack. There aren't a lot of calill max out there. But is that going to matter in the bigger picture here? Yes. Mclovin. Isn't a trend that you have to come up the middle be except for Khalil Mack. Nobody can get around the edge facet is a quarterback to get rid of the ball. Have you heard that? So everyone's looking for Aaron Donald I question is are there other Aaron Donald maybe at Oliver? I don't well. Ed Oliver supposed to be good clemson's got a really good defensive lineman. Auburn's got one. But you know, you're watching that and saying is that how is that the new way to get to the quarterback is to do what Aaron Donald does. Well, there are many air Donald's. There's only one Aaron Donald mclovin, Nick Bosa to he's an edge guy. Yes. Boeing if he plays last year the average NFL game the two teams combined for forty three points this year, it's up to forty eight and a half in less than a year. That's a big jump yet. Every other year, I can go back. It's always teams combined for about four. Two two points a game going back to nineteen Ninety-four. It hasn't fluctuated that much. I can understand. And this is what the NFL does like they catered it to gambling and fantasy. I mean, they they did they catered their product to gambling and fantasy. But it's entertainment. These owners want you to go to a game. They want you to share in the excitement, and then you have everything else that's going to play in here that I don't know if another league is done that where they they've given a nod to fantasy and gambling like the NFL has is there. One rule change that made this happen. Or is it the past five years of like the defensive back rules? The new hitting quarterback rules. It's it's a culmination and now the offense as well. Screw it. Why run for not paying these running backs? Anyway, I think that this open the door was open years ago. And you could see it slowly, maybe it wasn't that slowly, but they were slowly taking away the defenses, you know, defensive holding Seattle's defense from four years ago five years ago. I mean, they couldn't they couldn't survive. Now, they wouldn't allow them to do what they did back, then manhandled the defensive, you know, wide receivers, and I think that the NFL is opened the door to this of let's protect the quarterback. We're really going to protect. A quarterback we want more offense in here. We want fantasy. It's a big deal to us. Then the gambling comes in. Yes. Seeing it defensive holding. You just said that's become a big call. You get a lot of those in a game where I don't remember that always just seemed like pass interference or nothing and now defensive holding. You get a little tug on jersey. And does does end up being big plays GAM, mclovin. But the quarterbacks mug every receiver every play. And I think quarterbacks are worse than they've ever been. I heard it's peace practice. I'm they are so bad. They've no idea. What's going on in any play? They're always turned away from the quarterback in. They always tackle the receiver. I feel like you'd call it on any plan. Yeah. But I would mug the wide receiver too. Because I want to see if you're going to call it every play because you you've given me no chance here, I'm not allowed to do anything. So I'm going to try to get away with something. Why should you be allowed to hit the receiver when the balls in the air? That's the oldest fly full. You shouldn't be able to touch receive. I'm sorry. It's just never used to be out of touch him at least five yards. Yeah. You can still receivers can still. Push off. That's true. But like reverse could do this like I feel like quarterbacks are not good anymore. All the good players. Go too often Rivas is a whole Famer fritzy, and it was brought up in the broadcast last night. I think it was booking Macron saying I'm one of his pet peeves was how come these quarterbacks. They don't play the ball enough. They don't turn around and just constantly past. Because at least you gotta make an effort like you're playing the ball and turn around when you see your receiver slowing slowing down because he's getting ready to catch the ball. It's coming Patrick Mahomes talked about the loss because he was good and bad last night. He accounted for five turnovers. Here's Mahomes on the offense the Kansas City. Chiefs. Have I believe are all sense is can be the best and the league. And I thought we kind of proved that for a while this season. But I mean, there's a lot of great offices another saints. Another Rams also have really offenses and and in charge, and there's a lot of teams that are playing. Well, right now, so always will take my team over everybody. Just because I know we're Kate was Mahomes. Also talked about even. So it was a great night scoring. It's still bottom line is they lost it sucks right now. I mean, this planning simple. I mean you wanted to win that game going into the bye week. He gets a team like that a playoff team. But at the same time, we still control their own destiny fleet. If we can go out there and win football games after the bye week. It's like that reset get your body ride and come back with that mentality that we're gonna win and you can still get home field advantage. Hopefully. Yeah. And I don't want to be one of those guys who says, you know, what this isn't the way I grew up watching the NFL or APIs exciting. It was it was fun. But I would like to see it where it feels like the defense can still matter in the NFL. And I don't know if if defense is going to matter I've always felt every time I make an a Super Bowl prediction. I wanted defense that can make us stop when you need to make a stop. And that's the most important thing in it'll it'll matter in a playoff game or Super Bowl this year. And I don't know if these defenses are bad by nature by design or these offenses are just too good. Yes. But it's weird. Then in a game that defense is don't matter. There was three defensive touchdowns last night and almost a fourth that was taken back. But it didn't matter like it was all about offense last night except that the defense put up so many points. They did make plays. But we're going to look at those defenses and say how bad they were. They gave up a thousand yards. Defense don't like combined thousand yards in a game. So while they did make plays. I thank you. Just look at the defenses an essay you Pat him on the head and say, it was really nice. And it was good way to step up times. Yeah. Yeah polk. But if you're the NFL you must be just loving this. You know, we're talking about this year. We're not talk about cabernet. We're not talking about protests violence anything. It's all about the numbers and the games and the quarterbacks that's for the past ten weeks. We've just talked about football. Here are the numbers in. This is why you should have seen this coming. These are net yards per game. Now this is by season. So the combined net yards so the two teams. Combining this is the average seven hundred twenty two yards this year. Second on the list is two thousand fifteen third is two thousand sixteen fourth is twenty thirteen. And then you got fifth is twenty fourteen. So the the the last five years, that's we've seen these numbers. They continue to rise over right around seven hundred yards net offense, but the two teams combined. So we we know it's coming and it's going to continue its seven hundred twenty two yards per game for these teams combined. That's the average. Yeah. Fritzy, I'm not saying it would have been a significant difference. But it's still worth mentioning that. No, Eric berry for the chiefs Noah keep to leave for the Rams that maybe would slightly tighten things up a little bit. If you had some of those quarterback threats and both sides, maybe maybe it would have been fifty to forty seven or something like that JJ watt will join us coming up next. We'll settle on a poll question. We'll hear from Jared Goff in Sean McVay following last night. Kurt Warner did the game for Westwood One radio. Chris Simms will stop by Lamar Jackson of the ravens their quarterback will join us and Reggie Miller as well. So a lot to get to. 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We wanna make sure you get the counters in time for the holidays, but the calendar is already a bestseller, and we're already working on next year's calendar. So twenty nineteen Dan Patrick show calendar. Yes. Bone some people so disturbed by the November picture asking that November be removed for the calendar. Overall the world count. Yeah. It would be just eleven month calendar because of Seaton's picture I did show to my family last night. Yes. Thursday is not going to be a great day. They're going to be staring at that Turkey thinking Seaton's there naked so tasty. Yes. This isn't it? My son was like. Dead. Yeah. What'd you do? Sal and San Diego says my wife, and I are watching today's show. She saw Dan's rods, Al bodies out loved it. Ask her if she wanted me to order her one. Then she saw fritzy see said only if they take out the month of February loved the show happy thanksgiving to all not necessary. Well, that's that's sound. Well, fritzy's yours is in bad. I didn't think here's his bad at all. I don't think. So no Seaton's disturbing thing minds bed. It just disturbing. It's not bad. It's just disturbing until JJ won the Texans defensive end joining us on the program. How are you today? Are you doing I'm doing okay how much football? Did you watch last night? Most of the first half is wild game. Is it a good game? I woke up this morning, everything I read so it was like one of the best games of all the time. So yeah, I would imagine it was. But can can we have too much offense scoring? Yeah. Yeah. Defensive guy. So of course, my answer is yes. But I mean a couple of those touchdowns round defensive s off some of the highlights as mourners pick six obviously to fumble for touchdown so cancer offense. But I mean, I know it's I get it. I mean, it's as people wanna watch scoring. So I I understand it. But obviously defensive guy it you wanna see a little bit more decent scoring, but I like last night. But was there a significant rule change? Or is it just been a series of rule changes in the last couple of years that have kind of opened this up where it feels like it's big twelve football. Yeah. I definitely think it's been a little bit gradual over the years. I mean, I think you know, I've always said that probably the hardest addition at besides quarterback out there to play in the NFL is is defense back. I mean, you can't really touch anybody after five yard, you know, you can't make any contact whatsoever. It's and you have to basically run with the guy running full speed. And he knows where he's going. You don't know whereas on and you're trying to find a way to make a plan. I mean, that's that's extremely difficult to do. And so I've always said that's tough. And I'm sure that's obviously held a tribute to the offense appoints a little bit. Would you rather face a predominantly running team or predominantly passing two? I'm a I love the passer. So I always I'd like to say surpassing team, but it's easier to know what you're going to get I would say against running what change with this team after the slow start in Elvis sudden Texans. Are you know, a playoff caliber team? Not a ton. Not a time. We just start to find a way to finish the game. I mean, it wasn't like those one miraculously moment where all of a sudden we should be winning. Instead of losing. We just we just went to work every day and little things it was just little things. Whether it was penalties or whether it was winning a turnover Bali, you know stuff like that. But then we believe in each other. Now, I mean, we believe we're gonna find a way to win. And even if you look at our last couple of games, I mean, they haven't been the most pretty games in the world. And we went to a couple over time games early industry. But we believe that we were going to find a way to win at the end of the game. We had no idea how the last two games. It just happened to be when he's done to miss a field goal on the last play the game and found a way. Yeah. You beat the Redskins twenty three twenty one seven and three I in the AFC south you had the injury with Alex Smith, you were involved in that tackle of when did you know, it was serious. When I got back to the sidelines. So I had to play it was third down. So we off the field our back over the sidelines, and I got back over there song down. So I took a knee. And I thought it was like a head injury or something because I saw so many people around him he had really moved a lot. And then one of our trainers walked over to me and said, he broke his leg. And I mean, that's that's tough to hear. I mean, I personally broke my leg on the field last year in a game against Al Smith. So, unfortunately, I have a at least a little bit of a basis to know kind of what he's doing all went to this. I mean, it's the worst. I mean, you don't want anybody ever to have to go through something like that. I just felt sick and terrible. What is that feeling though when you break your leg? It's not good. Not good. What are you insured? Brian. I didn't I didn't know it was broken. So with mine, I thought it was probably just an ACL or something because I I heard a stat prop high Sumed. It was my yell. So they came out today shell tests, and which is just moving your knee around your leg around. And then we went I tried to walk off. But that's a little weird. So we went over to the tent and the doctor was moving it around a little bit more trying to figure out exactly what was on. And there's a lot of stuff kinda crackling around there. And then we went the extra room and find out it was broken. So amid a little bit more sense. Why it hurt so bad? He's JJ watt. The Texans defensive in. He'll certainly be on the shortlist for defensive player of the year. Ten sacks already this season. We were wondering if the future of the pass rusher is is it more up the middle now with Aaron Donald or is it still going to be on the edge in your opinion? I think it can be either. Obviously you have a guy in caliber up the middle of is a sector. I don't think that we can say he's normal engine incredible. But I think that, you know, especially with guys able to chip on the double teams bringing tight end or something you can tend to find a way up the middle. And obviously, it's a quicker path that you can get there clean. I mean, it's it's just point to point B is a little bit quicker. But like I said, it takes a guy of very high caliber to be able to do it the way he's doing it. How do you feel when you want your brother play? Were brothers. Yeah. Extremely proud. I mean, it's nervous. It's the coolest thing in the world. No, not Dervis. But it's like watching my own like myself play like, it's like, you're you're live at every play like I can every single password for TJ. I'm like Kournikova trying to hit the ball. I want to quarterback the whole the ball. I wanted to you know, I wanna strip sack and everytime watching Ferrick live in the block with them last game. He had one for like nine yards, and it got called back, and I was like pissed off at the guy got called back on, you know. You live with them. And it's it's the coolest thing in the world to be able to watch NFL and have a brother out there. Yeah. I don't know what it's like for your parents when they watch they probably watch it differently than you do. Yeah. So they every week. They're generally on the road every single they don't go home for football there. One of our games like this week. They were Jacksonville for TJ's games. And I was looking at the same time. So Gatorade an awesome absolutely to pretty much every single stadium in the in the league. So they they get my family sweet at all our weekends. So they have a sweetener watching T J outfield in my game on TV. And my dad was telling me something that was interesting. I didn't even think about here's like so we can watch both. He said, but both teams kicked off first game. So you're both on the field the exact same time. So it's as a tough dilemma for them. But they're always watching, you know, which quarterback you sacked the most in your career. I think it's probably the locker. Maybe look. Yeah. You got him ten times. Playing twice a year. It's a third batch. Blake Bortles is second on that list. Okay. Yeah. The colts are a little bit different. And Andrew luck. Is you know, they not giving up sacks enemy's comeback player of the year. I don't know you're going to be up for comeback player of the year with you and lock in there. Are you starting to credible job? I mean, I mean what they've been able to accomplish. And obviously goes on. Player. And I think that we all knew that if you could get healthy from. Yeah. Right. Felt the same way after the last couple of years he'll be back to playing the way that he knew he could. And he's been able to do that. He makes quick decisions. It gets the ball out quick. He's he's a great player is Thursday going to be a cheat day. Yes. Very excited about it. My parents. But the cooking out. So I believe I saw that with some before. And he's been known to put the pie before Thanksgiving Day. Anyway. So I make sure it stays out before we get to Thursday. Could you take out a full Turkey yourself? I wouldn't pick the Turkey to be the thing. I fully take out on a thanksgiving table. I think it would definitely be the pie or possibly the mashed potatoes and gravy. Well, happy thanksgiving to you and congrat- so far on the season. Good luck against the titans. And always appreciate your time. Thanks. You guys have a great. They're JJ want Texans defensive in. It'll be up for comeback player of the year. More importantly for him defensive player. The already wanted three times as anybody want it three times in NFL history. Lawrence taylor. Bruce Smith, Reggie White. When it mclovin, I don't think. So I'm not sure how long the awards been around. Okay. Double check that Aaron Donald c have one. We got to figure out. How many he has he'll be chasing him. Yeah. Aaron Donald one at last year. Didn't he but I'm gonna guess that those two and Khalil Mack? It would probably be those three will MAC I heard a little bit. Yeah. But he's still been disrupt. Oh, yeah. Still been incredibly disruptive. But. I don't know if they just look at the numbers because Aaron Donald is going to have the sack totals there. But JJ got ten so far. I don't know what they go. Like if we're looking at the MVP or offense should player of the year. You're looking at numbers. I think numbers are big and that award with sacs if they're gonna see that Aaron Donald number sacks forced fumbles those kind of things. Yes. Boring defensive player of the year. Joe? Greene twice Lawrence Taylor three times, including I got double check. He may have gotten it as a rookie, which is nuts. Bruce Smith has a couple Reggie White. Any it feels like if you've won defensive player of the year at least twenty s you've gone into the hall of fame. That's correct. Reggie White Bruce Smith, Mike single, Terry. Lawrence taylor. Joe green? I mean, I think if you win once you're strong candidate, well is JJ want hall of fame right now. You know, this gets back to, you know, Terrell Davis and gale sayers. Like if you had that short window but productive window. You're a transcendent player. But let's say JJ watt doesn't play after this this season. He get the gale sayers treatment probably or the Terrell Davis treatment if he'll say he could not come back for that last injury. Probably. Yeah. I'm looking to solicit defense players in two thousand six Jason Taylor defense, and he was a first ballot hall of Famer. Well, you had Tom Brady who wrote a letter for Jason Taylor. If you're a voter, and you're going to value something a contribution here to the voting process, and you go, oh who's this letter from? Oh, this is from Tom Brady. And then you know, he has these verbal bouquets with Jason Taylor. That certainly helps we have a few who aren't going in. Bob sanders. Remember him with gas? He just couldn't stay healthy. He was very disruptive. But you know, what you're five nine and two hundred pounds. Thank you. See what about Jane's Harrison two thousand eight former Steeler. Yeah guy. Yeah. He probably won't. I've never heard him as a serious fame candidate. I could be wrong. We did have the unbelievable touchdown return in the Super Bowl. I mean that was a huge return. It always felt like it was a collective effort with the Steelers with their defense. Maybe not. I mean, you thought James Harrison you game plan for James Harrison. But I don't know if he stood out the way single -tario Reggie White or LT or JJ watt Yarmuk love one more lewke one time defensive player fourteen four time first team all pro he's going to be a whole Famer. Thanks. So if he can does you have to play a little more with some of his health concerns with concussions. Yes. But then it might be that, you know, we start to look at these careers differently because of the health issues with some of these players and Leuke Kley would it feels like Lucas one more concussion away from not being able to play again. I mean that that's how tenuous it feels with Leuke. But I think Lukic lease all the Famer I think they would vote JJ watt in as a hall of Famer. All right. What's poll question? We're going with mclovin. Was that a great game last night? Is that what the question was? We could go there. We have a couple of other options off the game pollyannaish. Who's the biggest winner last night? Tyreek hill had two hundred fifteen yards. I think that would qualify. Aaron Donald obviously, the big plays Jared Goff or Patrick Mahomes. Both had huge numbers or here's a go in the NFL competition committee because they've gotten what they wanted. The NFL in general. Yeah. I would think the NFL in general. Yeah. I would think so I agree more than any individual in that land. Yes. Yeah. I think this is one of those Aaron Donald moments where you go. Oh, that's right. He held out. And now you look at him. And you say he's worth whatever they're paying him Tyree. Kill might be the explosive. They most explosive player in the NFL might be the fastest player in the NFL. I think Jared Goff if you can be the number one overall pick and be underrated. Jared Goff is underrated believe it or not and with Mahomes. I think you're seeing in some of the Rams said this after the game he seemed a little rattled when the game was on the line. Now, you know, I don't know how rattled, but you know, you're responsible for five turnovers. And I started to think about that. The chiefs could have scored about seventy points last night. I can when you think of the turnovers if they didn't have let's say they had to turnovers, you know, maybe they're scoring seventy points last night. Yeah, pulling. Yeah. The Rams defenders have a point they held Mahomes to four hundred seventy eight yards and six touchdowns. Yeah. He was rattled kept him. Imagine. If he wasn't rattled would he would have done last night their quarterback rating. They both were one one seventeen golf Mahomes last night. I would have thought Gough had a better night than just a hair better Mahomes. I'd say the NFL one last night because we're just talking now I thought the officials were horrible at times in this was supposed to be an all star crew. But if you have an all-star crew, they don't work together. But I mean, you can't be throwing laundry all the time just ease up a little bit. But when you have a hold on a punt. I mean, come on really just felt like, you know, these officials they were they were getting in the way, I think they wanted to let you know that it all star crew was here, and we're going to call it like an all star crew. Well, you almost took away from the game. All you almost became the headline here. Now, we'll get to your phone calls on this. Like, I said, we've got a busy show here. Reggie Miller will stop by. Kurt Warner was on the call last night. I'm curious what he thought he probably loved it with all the offense. And it's a copycat league. It's like Golden State. You know, when you watch the Kansas City Chiefs, you watch the saints in you're watching the Rams now. Everybody wants to do it. Not everybody can do it. Because if I look at common denominator there, I got great offense who've minds here, I got Andy Reid. Great offensive mind. I got Patrick Mahomes. Very bright young kid with a great arm. I got drew Brees with Sean Payton, another bright ofensive mind. I got Sean McVay an bright offense of mine and I got Jared Goff. Great pupil. You gotta have that. Now, the the great offensive mind. And that's what that's what been missing in Cleveland, in my opinion. Have a great offense of mine. If you're gonna help Baker Mayfield junior the third and these other young quarterbacks in buffalo if Josh Allens going to improve and be something, you gotta have the offense in mind there to help you. But you know, Salo to the big twelve that's what the NFL is. Or that's what the NFL is about to become. We're back after this with our play of the day, Dan Patrick show. Okay. This is just a thirty second commercial. And I'm gonna throw a lot of numbers that you, please. Please stay with me. And just fifteen minutes. You could say fifty. Eighteen percent or more on car insurance. The company that has been offering great rates and great service for seventy five years. It's gyco. I'm using for a long time, I self and anytime you need help you could speak to one of their trains specialists, twenty four seven no recordings the company. Gyco. Go to Geico dot com today. Sorry for all the numbers, but I've been a fan and a customer guy go for a long time and five four three two one. I'm out hit podcast zan's world found a new home on podcast one gun Linnea breakfast for the. World traveller author and alcohol aficionados Zine land free is well learned the art of embracing a good time as he reviews, the best attractions and destinations on the globe. So we went to black market liquor bars. That's what I remember checkout zan's world every Tuesday on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite type casts. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of ABC news headlines, right after this podcast. The star of Cree to Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan had acting with a be in the middle. Plus holiday cooking with guest. Chrissy Degan today at three on NBC four the news for team has been breaking story after story about predators in the classroom. Now, a new egg is it almost always men about thirty percent of the incidents are female teachers are female staff. Members to many are getting away with we're working to keep your kids safe tonight at five. Play. Of the day. Check this out. Spike, gerald. Throat. Jerry hit a mistrial. Down the sideline. Courtesy ESPN the killers shot at the night. Chiefs Rams combined for thousand yard fourteen total touchdowns hundred five points the highest scoring game in the seven hundred seventy three games. Played on Monday night. Football teams go into a BI week. Play the day play. The day is brought to you by brought to you by well NBC the day after thanksgiving. There's still so much to be thankful for you've got the Rangers. And the flyers squaring off the discover NHL thanksgiving showdown that Friday November twenty third only on NBC always loved watching. The couple of tweets here is from preacher. Nan are rule. Changes the reason for more offense than defense. I'm gonna ask Chris SIMS about that. I'm gonna ask Kurt Warner about that coming up next hour. Joe summers tweets, how do you think? This new NFL trend will change the draft NFL is turning into the big twelve. Yeah. I agree. That's my Patrick Mahomes looks comfortable they're probably saying this is like college for me here. Aggie jet, Mark. So the big twelve is Bach for its lack of defense. But now we're heralding the same game as the future of the new NFL. I'm heralding your offense. The you know, the NFL is always behind college when it comes to offense. And that's what's happening. So this influx of spread offense. Is that we've seen certainly with the big twelve. Yes. I'll mock the defense is in the big twelve but I'm going to praise the offense. They're owed. L tweets. I'm curious. Your thoughts was Todd Gurley. Hurt not injured last night or was McVeigh too cute with the play calls. I didn't know it felt like he was hurt because his backup played a little bit more than you would expect. And I didn't have enough carries. Both teams abandoned the run. And you have both you know, teams have great running backs there. But I thought maybe there was something wrong with Todd Gurley. So right there with you. Did we decide on the poll question? No sure did not. But we could put up did you like last night's game? Do you think it'd be ninety five percent is any are there any allies hold out to what defense anymore? You know, which probably the keepers of the gate, you know, keepers of the flame here with the NFL. You might get the old school. That says, well, you know, we need that need a little bit more there. You can have too much of of a good thing. It feels like let's say you need a little bit more. But I do do people want to go back to seventeen thirteen. Well, no, that's not what I'm saying. A little bit more of a chanted. I agree with you. I think the defense is no what they can do and not do that might help. Because I think there are times when defenses player doesn't know what he can do or not do. And I think that that's unfair going into a game. And it almost seems like it's game by game official by fischel that it changes the interpretation there. Yes, mclovin. I'd another poll option are either teams we saw last night going to play in the Super Bowl. That would be the interesting question. And I think because the lack of defense that's where people would say that these two teams will not play in the Super Bowl either one which would be shocking if you look at how talented they are how much fun they are to watch. But are they going to be when you need to score? Can you score when you need to stop can you stop? I think that those and those are question March with both of these teams now they do banged up secondaries. And you're hoping to keep to lead comes back. Eric berry comes back for Kansas City. I do think, and you know, this was told to me a couple of weeks ago. Kansas City's defense is getting better. Like don't don't sleep on the fact that you don't know the names there, but they do have a couple of good players. How many good players do you need to have a good defense? How about this the overnight rating for that game was eleven point three which is I think lower than you would you would expect for a game. Like that. Yes. Put in context with us. I believe it was a Sunday night game. The Packers Packers patriots to drew a fifteen point six Richard Deitz, the immediate critic for Sports Illustrated, but that's comparing a son in game. Two Monday, Monday, always suffers a little bit compared to something. I can't sunny. It's right there. You flow right over to it. Never new games. I wonder what that would be like a Monday night game. If the Rams and the chiefs were Sunday night and patriots Packers were Monday night Rogers Brady hype. They I think the veterans still probably pull a little more than Gotha Mahomes. Everyone knows Rogers Brady. Yeah. This is the poll question you could choose the Super Bowl matchup today. Rams chiefs or any other matchup? You get to choose it today based on entertainment. You don't have a dog in a fight. I'd love to see it again. Jozy rematch? Don't live up to what you would expect. But then this lived up to the hype which is the amazing part of it. But if you're saying those teams meet I think the saints are the best team that I've seen this year. But I don't that may not mean anything. Yeah. Make love I wanna see. The Rams saints rematch is the game of the playoffs. She'd rather see that in the NFC title game. Maybe then you would the Rams chiefs in the Super Bowl. Probably I think that is the two best teams. But I gotta tell you. I'm curious how the chiefs plays. Hey, the patriots or the Steelers or one of these establish teams. Well, the chiefs have already played the patriots and loss in Foxborough. But that was another shootout Dahbi fund. I think the semi finals are going to be really good this year. But if the chiefs have home field advantage, and then all of a sudden patriots gotta come to town. Yeah. That would be fun fun season. Yeah. It is. But then again, I thought Tom Brady was on his way out is that what the latest could be could be it's week by week maybe past bypass for Tom Brady. All right. Your phone calls coming up, but we'll ask irt Warner and Christians. Both will join us coming up next hour and Lamar Jackson. The ravens quarterback is he still the starting quarterback question. Mark would would the ravens allow Lamar Jackson to come on? If he wasn't the starting quarterback that I was curious about Reggie Miller. Will join us his well the upheaval with the Washington Wizards what could have been with that back court. And now those guys could be jettison. They could be traded here. Crazy. So we'll talk to Reggie will join us coming up in the final hour. Let me see Email address DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. Twitter handle at DP show. Anything else that needs to be mentioned here talked about the calendar? So we we can only do fifteen hundred. I was only going to do five hundred because we wanted to get the calendars out to you for the holidays. Is there any feedback any negativity on this calendar that I'm not aware of beside from Seaton's thanksgiving photo, which I think you're all reading into actually in terms of negative quote air quotes, negative reaction. He's technically not nude. Technically. Okay. There's a little bit of him. That's covered up. Thanksgiving dinner will never be the same. It's thanksgiving season and podcast. One is your home for the best cooking podcast around get a helping of celebrity chef Rick Bayless on the feed food. There's a lot of food with a side of forked up a kitchen podcast you want the okra Dustin then top it off with a slice of Richard blades on starving for attention this crucial part of a hot talk, right happy. Thanksgiving and enjoyed the feed forked up and starving for attention each week on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Introducing the amazing iphone tenants you'll love on T mobile but most loved in wires. It's the perfect way to stay connected to those you heart most fauna with. Ted T mobile right now trade in the glide foam and you'll save three hundred dollars. Visit a store or call one eight hundred. Service for many ounces service and finance agreements required to seventy nine ninety nine down plus thirty per month times twenty four full price ninety nine ninety nine zero percent APR for well qualified buyers plus tax full price allow eight weeks rebate. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. The Trump administration's ban on a Silom for anyone who we legally crosses the US. Mexico border has been put on hold by federal judge in San Francisco. Julie Walker reports the request was made by the American Civil Liberties union and the center for constitutional rights, which quickly sued after President Trump issued the ban this month in response to the caravans of migrants that have started to arrive at the US Mexico border. Chicago is in mourning after losing a doctor a pharmaceutical assistant and a police officer in yesterday's shooting at mercy hospital James grace, all the gunmen talking with a woman in a parking lot before he shot her dead. They were walking and talking and he just tend to this shooting. She was. A doctor within the gunman had a domestic relationship say police and police say the gunman ran into the hospital shot the pharmacy resident and the officer. It's not clear if the gun and killed himself or was killed by police. I'm Rita Foley.

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