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Bytemarks Caf: The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


It's November remember twenty seven and two thousand nine hundred ninety day before Thanksgiving and I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and welcome to another edition of Bite Marks cafe where we serve you. The first bite of today's science is technology and innovation. I'm Bert Lomb I stop we have Karima lassie. NRA Froman and they're here to tell us about the recent uh breakthrough breakthrough innovation challenge. And of course then we'll be joined by Isar von and rob fish and tell us about the I triple e. and their activities in Hawaii. Okay so let's just get right into it I wanNA Walk Kareem Yossi Arief Rahman and they're from UH and a company called all the Hawaii innovation lab and they sort of describe themselves as a healthcare technology innovation startup. And they're here to tell us about not. Uh breakthrough innovation challenge. Welcome to the show. Thank you so Kareem I start with you and tell me a little bit about the you know this whole. Uh breakthrough challenge. I mean what What was it that attracted you folks in terms of participating opinion it so we have import spitting in many of pace programs? That basically prepares young entrepreneurs for the real world world like kind of like the shark tank so peace and remind me what what does pace that for so the Pacific. Ah Pacific enterpreneur Students business students for a t h It's managed by travelers school at uh and and has multiple programs for this kind of professional starting from like Pitch Party. Were students pitcher. They're a business idea in one minute or less than one minute to UH summer lunch bed. And then this a breakthrough innovation where we send a two minute video pitching our idea then next step go to the finalists. Analysts Fourteenth finally to pitch their ideas in ten ten minutes and there is A judge that there is a committee that judge their the business idea and then the last step or one of the big steps to apply for a business innovation. Challenge where you where we submit a whole report of business. This plan now. The company is called Hawaii Innovationlab. And basically it's it's your company and you've started at a couple of years ago. Tell me a little bit about it. And what is it that you folks are actually focused in on doing. Thank you for having us here. Border Hoya Nutrition Laboratories Company we we develop healthcare technology. We started journey in two thousand seventeen. We're Kinda walking on four project to project is related to In Vitro collision embroiled. This kind of stuff and two other project is related to using Likud nonprofit liquid metal for different application. So the project with God Art Award in Lost Business Innovation Breakthrough innovations champion Competition that product is on a liquid metal cooling vest which is is a cooling vest where can wear unfettered dont untethered cooling which is not connected to anything but it can cool down. The body of the weather for prolonged period of time like eighteen hours which is unlike than what what is the current state of art so the cooling are you using some of the liquid metal as a way of keeping the vest cool. Yes so. We're using good middle as the primary coolant and there is the secondary Eddie Colon and we use low power discipline to pump the liquid metal. which is going to carry the body heat of the wearer to the secondary coolant And cycle it throughout this is how it's cooling the body of the where and the basting about our cooling vest is Is like one tenth of the cost and one of the weight and also can run four times competition the cooling mist which is currently in the market. Now you have Your you're a post doc. From University of Hawaii in the electrical engineering department and has a lot of the the products that you are now working on a result of some of the research that you're doing over at. Uh Yes. I completed my PhD from University of Two Thousand Eighteen during my gi. Develop two of the project still walking on and other two I develop later The focus of this company is to commercialize all does Ford Product and make Scalable and repeatable business model and take it to that Zemo from economic decides to the consumer. Now Kareem you know in in terms of applying to the whole breakthrough innovation challenge. Was it just a matter of submitting a video or did you have to go through a process by which to get your project introduced to you. Know whatever the process was altobelli getting to the judges so definitely. It's it's very easy if you have like. Infant time to say whatever you want these plan your business idea in two minute. That's it's extremely challenging so has to go through a lot of innovations to prepare our two minute video to reach the finalist and then the end we had mentor Noel. Who helped us to prepare for the final presentation because it's also very challenging to present like one year work in five minutes you I I so I take it? You know you apply for this but there was a process by which there were some mentors. That sorta coached you and and helped you with whatever the two minute video video was or the actual pitch was gonna be the actually. Were the full. You know you're part of a cohort four fineness and a reform. How many do you think teams actually were part of the whole challenge? I guess about two hundred twenty two twenty two teams participated in the fourth round. Everybody W two minutes video. There's a panel of judge who wins all the videos and C. littered four finalists and we were among one of the four finalists from the four finalist. We presented in front found another panel of judges in front of the audience Than based on our five minutes final presentation that was given to to to to companies. So Kareem. What do you? What do you foresee happening with the company? I going going forward the Hawaii innovation album Europe. which is still kind of in school? Reform Your Post Doc. You kind of out of out of school but the you you have plans. What are the plans for the Hawaii? Innovationlab going forward so we are having Many product lines so we we are going to focus in one product at the time. So currently that project that we won The breakthrough innovation sticking our focus. which is the cooling vest so we will proceed this Developing the product and making more market surveying and then awfully patenting filing a patent for this product. Then start to commercialize that product and then when we when we are done from the invest then we'll work in another product very good so A refund me. Where can people go to find out more information about the only Hawaii Innovationlab but the some of the products that cool projects working on We have we'll have an updated website. Invite you guys to visit our website to know more about our company and the product is www hawaii innovation Lab Dot Com. Oh very good. That's pretty easy so I'll put that up on our show notes for later on. Thanks for joining us. Thank you very much for having us here. And of course we'll take a short short break and when we return we joined by Isar must have fun. Assad and Rob Fish and we're talking about the Institute of Electrical and electronic engineers in ED. This is bite marks. Cafe support for Bite Marks cafe comes from the HP our local talk show fund which helps Hawaii public radio sustain and grow its locally produced. Talk Shows Mahalo to contributors Bush Consulting and island insurance. It seems like whatever I'm listening to at the time is my favorite for instance. Yesterday I totally loved a radio APP story. That made me feel like I wasn't wasn't alone in the world. You'd gone through the same things I and then I listen to wait. Wait and had a driveway moment that I just couldn't leave the CAR Aloha. I'm Carol Con from Powell on the Big Island. I`Ma Sustaining member of Hawaii public radio. Welcome back to Bite Marks Cafe and I'm glad to welcome. Dr Isar must have fun. Assad and Dr Rob Fish of course Isar is the founder and CEO of knowledge. Scientific and rob is on the faculty at Princeton University. And the President of the I Tripoli Standards Association and a member of the Board Board of directors of the Tripoli. Welcome to bite marks cafe. Hi thank you for having US per now rob you know I will give you all all the sort of tough questions because you know since you have the illustrious title of part of the Board of directors and president of the Standards Association tell us a little bit about the i Tripoli. I know it's you know it's been around for a while but Probably not too many people know of the the real sort of impact that the i Tripoli has had on a lot of the technologies that we commonly used probably take for granted. Well the I Tripoli has been around since eighteen eighteen eighty four in one form or another so One of the original founders was Thomas Edison and the current I aaa I believe was formed in the early nineteen sixties by the merger of Essentially the electrical engineers with a radio or wireless engineers mirrors and today it's a global organization with about four hundred and twenty thousand members with many disciplines computer Communications chance we have a microwave techniques Undersea oceanic engineering girl. magnetics you name it. We have a society that deals with it. And we're in one hundred sixty countries so I triple e. can really reach out and and anyone can be a member now rob. You are President of the Standards Standards Association and you know there's so many standards out there but of course the one that comes to mind to me for me is like eight. Oh Two dot three free and tell us just a little bit about what is it that the Standards Association does and how does that impact us in terms of some of the consumer electronics. That we use. WHO's in our everyday lives well? The Standard Organization is a place that Technologists can come together and produced standards We're very well known for both our communication standards. You mentioned Eight hundred three which is eastern at Also eight Oh two thousand eleven which is Wi fi We're not good at naming things like numbers because we're engineers but We're also do many electrical standards so the entire electrical oh great in Hawaii and every place else built in the United States or north. America's go to atrophy standards and So it's basically a a bunch of engineers who think they have a good way to make things work together and they come together and they meet for some period of time and produce a standard and then manufacturers juries who who equipment to that standard can pretty much understand that it's going to work with other manufacturers goods that also built to that standard so if a win win for everyone no Isar. I've had you on a couple of times talking about the scientific. And and that's a your company and it's it's doing some really great stuff and I know you're cutting cutting edge in terms of the work that you do. But you're also very active in the i Tripoli and and tell us a little bit about your role or your sort of interest in being an active participant in Tripoli Tripoli. Absolutely thanks for having me here again back. That's always a pleasure to be here so Yeah we are designing integrated circuits microchips and these integrated circuits need to essentially operate and with other microchips or other equipment. So there's interfacing that happens so lots of standards that use already in our day today so The the way that'd be I've interface with atrophy has been you know. It's it's a matter of voluntary my time and you know as is entrepreneur and also as an engineer. There are lots of problems that that I see so One of the ways that I've been helping. Is You know entrepreneurship Bob. You know policy uh-huh With the Nitra police. So I've been part of the epic community. Which is the entrepreneurship and policy Committee and we're trying to come up with ways that we can Position I Tripoli as a as a body of knowledge for not only just engineers but also other parts of society that can come to and get some answers informed suit so that they can make informed decisions and as a student going through whatever coursework whether it's Undergrad or graduate work I found when I was going to school. That the I Tripoli in terms of a lot of the whether it's the proceedings were papers that were written in in the area of your field of interest is is really kind of important and I think as a as a like you said a body of knowledge. I mean. A lot of the students are really dependent on some of the things that come out of the triple. It's more than the students it's You know what gets published areas has value and weight so You know when you're doing an rnd there in within research world over in company world. You rely a lot on other people's knowledge that has been published through conferences or very heavyweight journals Arnold's essentially that that really are Have the cutting edge of technology essentially so yeah so both students faculty members engineers a top notch companies. They all subscribed One way or another to the You know published information that comes out of a Tripoli and journals now rob you know you have all these. We saw sort of a high titles like the on the Board of Directors of Tripoli and as well as being the president of the Standards Association. And you're you're over there at Princeton University but you actually spend a fair amount of time in Hawaii as war and we've met and we've we've hung out and what is what do you think ah in in terms of characterizing Tripoli's interest in being active in Hawaii how would you try to characterize that well As I mentioned we operate all around the world we have a section there in Hawaii And meetings every month so If you happen had to be in McKees you can come to our meetings once a month. but You Know Hawaii sort of center the Pacific and It's a great meeting place for technologists for Asia and the Americas and All around the Pacific Rim to come together and So we've done a a lot of work in Hawaii and of course within the I I also and sells it's a great place that has Opportunities votes for Highly urban areas sped also communications and technology four more rural areas and agricultural areas. So all of them put together make A great laboratory if you will for high technology and So we're really trying to to boost that activity through bringing some of our major conferences here and also having regular events in Hawaii that we can bring the whole technology community together with To to talk to each other and network and hopefully do something good for Hawaii as well. Well you know I do want to talk about some of the conferences that are coming up and you know you described literally as a as a member organization and how would you what is it. What exactly is is a member organization? I mean something that obviously members will benefit from but in your words I mean what would be some of those benefits. Yeah so there is There membership membership dues yearly India Ravi hundreds of dollars less than two three hundred dollars a year membership essentially Both for International. If you're a student you get a huge discount. For example while some companies pay for membership of their employees at at such organizations but What this means is You Know Rob can probably explain that a little bit more but it's really driven by volunteers. You know people that are actually members also volunteer a lot of their time in running technical societies or running young professionals olds groups or other Other essentially either events or actual publications so And that that's one of the things that makes it really great but also Lean and mean. So that's why the membership dues are so low because it's really relies on a body of knowledge at volunteers it's time and rob So in terms of being a member organization I mean what would you. How would you describe some of the key benefits? And how would you like to go to raise the awareness of the I Tripoli Tripoli here in Hawaii as a member organization well I'll say two things about that one is first of all is as I said. It's a member member driven organization governed You know I'm a volunteer. I have you mentioned. You mentioned my title several times. You can get any kind of title if you're not getting paid and I certainly not getting paid but You Know Really Tripoli's about community it's about a community of technologists working together learning from each other in fact our motto is technology for humanity and It's very important for I. Tripoli members to members and volunteers to think that their work is not only for themselves or for their own careers but for helping the public at large for humanity humanity of arch. And that's really the key of why we volunteer so much time in in Tripoli do would you. Let's see eh in terms of trying to raise the awareness of Tripoli. I mean and you know I've been doing this show for going on you. Know twelve years now but In terms of trying to let's say be more present in Hawaii I mean how would how would Would more members helped hope to contribute to that. or how would more members perhaps moved technology agenda in Hawaii. And how can I Tripoli. Please help do foster that well. I think that's that's a great question. obviously As I said we depend on our membership volunteers to do things. In many places around the world we've built Various kinds of Models of technology for communications for Is Not is a big issue now Internet of things so for instance smart agriculture and variety of SMART Smart Technologies. That might help people away in their lives. I think More people we have doing it the more we can do for Hawaii. Okay and Certainly we'd love to have more people to to turn to and talk to about those kinds of things. Well you know I I do want to also ask you both about the upcoming conferences. Because I think that has a lot to say about how Tripoli kind of not only contributes to but it helps to foster this relationship with the with the technologies would hold. That thought we'll be right back after this short break do continue our conversation with both must define Assad and Rob Rob fish about the. I believe this is bite marks cafe support for Bite marks cafe comes from the HP our local talk show fund which helps Hawaii Public Lick radio. Sustain and grow its locally produced talk shows Mahalo to contributors Pacific Database chaminade university and Hastings and plead well a communication in company. Welcome back this is bite marks. Cafe I'm Bert Lung. And if you're just joining us so we're talking to east sorry. must've he's in the studio and raw fish calling in from somewhere somewhere on the east coast. I think is where it's cold and we're talking about the I Tripoli or the Institute for Electrical Electronic Engineers and of course how they a support the engineering community in Hawaii and of course the you know what we wanted to do was talk a little bit about some of the events that are coming up because you know part of again again. I mentioned I triple E.. been a long time Organization all the students in engineering know about it and I think they foster a good good Sort of relationship and a pathway upon which students can continue some of their learning. But you know the actual conferences that that come up are also a great way to learn about some of the state of the state of the art things that are happening and and rob you've been involved with the planning of this conference coming coming up in December called Globe cop so maybe tell us a little bit about that well go up. com is From produced by the I Tripoli Communication Society any one of 'em forty-six sightings and councils within I Tripoli Communication Society is the largest Volunteer Society for Communications Communications and networking technology in the world. And we hold once a year. A conference called GROW COM or Global Communications Conference. It goes this all around the world and this year in December Starting on the Nice December in Waco on the Big Island We're going to be holding. Glow calm here in Hawaii right and it's going to be five days of events Industry advanced research events keynote speakers education and tutorials. So this is a great chance to see the global best in communications Right you're right here in Hawaii and who are you expecting as participants or attendees at at Glow Com well Glaucoma usually attracts a couple of thousand people every year and They'll be technologists and Industry people from around the world. Really who you know. Whatever they do in December they always come to calm and also? We're going to be cooperating with the University Hawaii at Hilo who are going to be bringing some of their students over and The students will be participating in the events as well. So it's a great opportunity both for the local Technology community as well as the global community. Just sort of get together and talk about the latest issues in Communications and networking really cutting edge. Research is the key elements of of glow common. That's what you'll expect to hear their no Isar as a as a PhD As you know in terms of the work you do in in electrical engineering the and you know this is sort of the cutting edge Worked at Nulla. Scientific does How would you like to take advantage of of of globe? Calm and the things that they might talk about at that conference yeah. That's great question. I happen to be actually a communications engineer myself. So I'm all passionate about it. That the work that we do today is not exactly in the communications field. But we borrow a lot from that technology so I'm always looking forward to looking at the latest greatest. That's out there and we build a lot on top of that hat so that will be my way of trying to interact and learn from that now. You've you've talked a lot. About how foster more of this kind of not only Technical growth but entrepreneurial gross within the community in Hawaii and You know in in terms of for how you see things sort of unfolding not only from an entrepreneur and a startup company. But you know with some of these activities that perhaps Tripoli really can bring to the table. How do you see maybe building more momentum around the technical development of resources here in Hawaii one of the the things that will come as actually going to have this year called Innovationlab or innovations area that they they do have exhibits area traditional companies are going to be out there all the big names are going to be there but also so they also have this innovationlab that no scientific will probably be a part of and you know a few university groups will be out there too. So it's just a place for people that or companies that have smaller budget or or are in the invasion space entrepreneurs space to actually show up and show face and connect. So these are I think the some of the steps steps have been taken young professionals and other area that probably plugs in really well and you know even if you're not an entrepreneur you know I definitely in support entrepreneur from your spirit. You know even if you're a young professional And just starting your your new job or near career it always helps to have that mindset and so one glad you brought up young professionals because Aretha we had earlier is part of that young professional group that you refer to and what is is that. What does that group is it? Is it an actual entity or are they just you know a gathering of of volunteers that call themselves young professionals. That's a good question to I. AAA has the definition. As if it's fifteen years after your first You know a professional degree essentially and then you're considered young professional. You might be in your fifties but you've got your electrical engineering degree when you were thirty five so you know you're still considered young professional hockey Yeah so that that actually actually is Is essentially a group. That kind of is a super superposition you could be in in different technical societies of Tripoli. But if you're you're a young professional you could find ways to connect the network within the society attend events or similar things no rob real quickly. Can you tell us a little bit about the conference coming up in January called calms futures. Yeah so come futures a one day event for all the people in in Communications and interested in communications on Oahu. We're going to be holding it on Saturday. January eighteenth right before the Pacific Telecommunications Communications Conference that's happening at the Hilton Waikoloa one day cost to come is under one hundred dollars. And we'll have a great day of talks on things like Undersea communications optical networking. Smart Agriculture A I and network management and blockchain aim technical technology ethics. All of these things are going to be boiled down into a form that the general public can understand. So we're really looking forward to doing doing that. in January sounds good. So is there a website for futures. Yes it is actually futures twenty twenty. That I- I AAA Dash. com futures are probably be on your website. Put that up on our website. So of course Dr Isar must have fun is the CO founder and CEO of Knowledge Scientific and Dr Raw fish is the Princeton and of course president of Tripoli Standards Association and a member of the board of directors of the Extra GonNa. Thank you both for joining us today. Of course thank you for listening to bite. Marks joins US next week when we will find out about the United Nations local. Twenty thirty hub. If you miss any part part of this edition you can find the podcast with tonight. Show on Bite Marks Cafe Dot Org and if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to email me at bite marks at GMAIL DOT com. You can also find me on twitter. I'm at bite. Marks are engineers. David Chong you can catch us on. HP are one every Wednesday or anytime. Each app I tunes Google play in Stitcher. Use the awesome. Happy Thanksgiving and we'll see next week and another addition of Bite Marks Caffeine.

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