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Here's a new podcast. I am excited to share with you. Produced by the team behind revisionist history go and see is a six part series focused on Lexus and the philosophy of Gin Gin Bhutto which means go and see for yourself an idea that stems from the belief that if you experience something yourself you have a better understanding of people and how to create something for them in this series. Lexus invites Gladwin to Japan to discover their unconventional thinking firsthand. Find out how a Japanese tea ceremony influence the engineering of a car window. How Understanding Samurai warriors is led to a suspension innovation and more follow the journey starting march fifth wherever you like to listen visit. Lexus DOT com slash curiosity for more stories? Like these. It all starts the day after tomorrow the day after tomorrow is the publication date up the money tree. My New Book Fiction debut where I have created a whole story and characters in the universe but I'm also teaching self reliance some of the same lessons I teach through school but in a very different format for now. Let's focus on today's story which features a money-making skill we have never before looked at. That's correct after nearly twelve hundred episodes. We haven't run out of ideas and opportunities. This is something I always get excited about it. I'm like Oh we have never talked about this before and this one. This skill idea opportunity is all about piano-tuning piano tuning in a story a software tester cereal side Hustler. Learns this new skill and turns a profit from it in just over a week. I love that time line. You know a few days ago in the classroom episode. We called it side-hustle Sprint and I was like. What would you do if you had to get started in two weeks or so? Well this guy is setting an example. So story is called Software Tester Tunes Pianos for Harmonious Hustle and that story is coming right up announcing a live virtual event. That's right I couldn't go on book tour at least not yet so I'm going digital on Saturday April fourth. I'm hosting a live virtual event to introduce my new book the Money Tree finding a fortune in your own backyard during this event. I'll be teaching sharing answering questions for two hours. This is in partnership with my friend. Chase Jarvis and the creative live team so chase. We'll be there as well and maybe even some special guests you can register for free and you'll also be able to watch it afterwards. Check IT OUT. Just go to school dot com slash virtual. That is once again. Side-hustle school dot com slash virtual. Your non working hours are precious and should be spent relaxing perfect bed. But which is the best well mattress firm did the research right now. During the semi-annual sale you can save up to four hundred dollars on top rated brands. Plus you'll get a free adjustable base when you spend six ninety nine or more so you can enjoy the sleep. You deserve without doing any of the hard work so go on. Kick your feet up and save big when you shop now Software Tester Josh. Kemp has always been adept at using his hands. Although his day job involves working at a computer he enjoys learning more physical skills on the side in particular. He likes traits at the intersection of art and science which has led him to study topics ranging from shoeing horses to installing water fountains. These skills also allowed him to generate several income sources apart from his paycheck. When Josh Got Free Piano off craigslist he decided he would restore it as best as he could but after messaging several piano tuner is in the area. He only received one reply an offer to the job for one hundred and thirty five dollars worth that piano. Tuner failed to show up on the day of the appointment and never responded to any of Josh emails. That's right he was hosted by piano. Tuner Josh was upset at first but the whole incident and got him thinking. How much work do piano tuners have if they treat customers this way and if there was so much work out there? How hard would it be to learn to tuna piano himself? You might be able to clink out a harmonious new source of income. The first thing he did was reach out to a few known piano tuner and other states and he used e mail addresses he found online to ask what they thought about someone breaking into the field then. He used his wife's phoned which had a different area code to ring up those in the local neighborhood to gather feedback. Some thought that pianos were going away at this gig would soon disappear but the majority believed that there would still be work for years to come armed with this information. Josh jumped into developing the skills he needed wanting to get trained quickly. He looked online for a course he could purchase he stumbled upon an instructor with a seemingly modern platform and he paid the seven hundred and fifty dollar cost all. It wasn't a small amount the market research. He did told him he'd be able to recoup the cost soon enough and besides he loved learning new skills. You only problem was the course taught piano tuning like it was nine hundred ninety six and had instructions specifying the use of tuning fork without the use of any modern APPS or equipment in his words. It was almost useless and he had to turn to watching videos to get the real knowledge that he needed based on the recommendations from those piano. Tuner is on Youtube. Josh bought a tuning APP for three hundred dollars. This worked far better than what the online courses taught him and now he was ready to play the Diet. Tonic scale or perhaps scale up. The online course had taught him to run Google ads but josh found that one hundred dollars of that failed to net him a single piano in need of tuning the piano. Tuners he'd spoken to had zero experience with digital marketing. This may Josh decide not to pay for any more marketing but instead to rely on free organic posts to spread the word and it worked his pre piano tuning ads on platforms such as facebook marketplace and next door got the attention he needed and at a price of eighty dollars. Josh GOT HIS FIRST CUSTOMER. He then experimented with his prices raising them to ninety dollars and finally to one hundred dollars as he realized that was the optimal price for his service in researching his competitors. He saw that a lot of piano. Tuners had websites that look like they also belonged in one thousand nine hundred six or at least nineteen ninety-six and they had almost no online reviews. Josh decided he would plead with everyone. He worked with to leave him. Google review even walking through the entire process with them in some cases. He offered them a five dollar or ten dollar discount. Within three months he showed up on the first page of Google for piano. Tuner is in the area and started receiving calls from this ranking. The results. Were far better than anything he ever got from that online course but it turns out the disappointing course had a silver lining. It wasn't completely different. You might say Josh's experience led him to develop his own piano tuning course with lessons drawn from his journey. Having picked up a trade on June twenty eighth and then having made his first sale on July Fifth Josh knows that bias for action and practical experience goes far to be precise it. Spans seven octaves. So what can we take away from this story piano tuning our first time to feature this trade in almost twelve hundred episodes? I think about this concept of becoming a detective that I wrote about in the book. Do your research and see what competitors are doing in this case. I like this tactic of Josh using his wife's phone with a different area code to call around locally so that other tuners realize he was in the area which is pretty clever sneaky. You might say but clever. Also those local Google reviews are important for a service business. You should do everything you can to get customers to leave them for you. Google really prioritises local businesses. That have these reviews. So that's why it's so critical. And then lastly in most major cities you can often find free pianos. That people just moved out of their homes like they're happy to give it away if you can take it away. They may not be amazing pianos. But they're free. I wonder what kind of opportunities there could be in this surplus of large musical instruments. So think about that. Maybe somebody out there has an idea. Oh and one more thing. Why are pianos so hard to open? The answer is because the keys are inside. What can I say we do enjoy good pun from time to time. Here on the PODCAST. If it's not broke don't fix it. All right. Inspiration is good but inspiration with action is better. Today's show notes are school dot com slash Levin ninety-one. My name is Kris Kello. This is side Hustle School From the onward project.

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