How We Are Doing During COVID-19


Okay I wanted to give you an update on how we're doing with our business going this whole crisis this could nineteen and just give you an update or where we are. Hey there I'm Kevin Daisy and I'm Eric Olson. Join us on our journey to building. A one hundred million dollar. Hey there it's Kevin. We're doing fine. So that's the first thing we're we're doing fine. I feel like the things that we've been doing the things that we talk about on this show and the things that we preach in the things that we've learned have really helped us be set up to handle something like this and there's been a lot of little things too like not niching and being a little bit more diverse in our client. Makeup has been a big thing for us because we lost retailers but that wasn't all of our clients we have a very diverse set of clients but a lot of things that we've done like how we do our finances Profit I all these other things have. I think have helped us being a better spot than most so. We're we're doing okay. We have lost quite a bit of business and we've had a lot of clients Paul's and we've been concessions for some clients. Some clients have had to drop completely and we understand that We've GOT SOME INVOICES IN HALF. So yeah it's hurt us and has hurt our revenue for sure but again we're fine. We were in a good cast position when this happened. We don't have debt and loans and all that stuff We have lines of credit that we can rely on if we need to be immediately applied for the Payment Protection Program again is in case. We need that. We can utilize that but we've also been closing deals so most people are are like. Wow what am I gonNA do? Nothing I'm going to sit at home. Were shut down. We can't do anything and on the other side of it. I see other businesses going after new opportunities enclosed deals. We've closed probably six deals in the last few weeks and I'm recording. This is the first week of April. So we're kind of right in the middle of this thing. We saw signed today as recording. This we signed a deal so there's opportunities out there you just have to find them you may have to tweak and shift. You're thinking you may have to go after a different industry. Maybe something you're not used to but you if you don't change you're you're not gonNa make it but there is opportunity out there. There are businesses that are doing well and some are doing better so depend on what you do. Is there something you can make a shift or a change towards those industries? That need your business or your help your services so I urge you to try to figure out how to shift a little bit rethink about what you're doing but we're doing fine. I think we're going to be okay. Out of this of course is not over with an anything can happen but as of right now we are fine. All our friends employees and their families are all fine and and free of Karnal virus. We hope you're safe and we hope you're businesses are doing well and we really appreciate you tuning in to listen to Eric. Digital Marketing is constantly changing GOTO DOT com slash trends to download digital marketing trends for Twenty Twenty e book. It's free and you'll figure out how you can benefit from the friends with your business.

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