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Steelers Preview: With key dates looming, how will the Steelers, and the NFL, respond?


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What's going on Brian? Trying to get the image of Dave Scofield in a Banana Hammock. Outta my head going really. Well thank you. Are you feeling Better Brian? You the weather for your show earlier this week I was beat up. I took Monday off of work. Just did not feel well. But I- rallied to do the Q. And a. The kind of reminds me of You know when you when you say I rallied. I think Billy Bob on. Varsity lose coupon rallied ear and you so I WANNA make a quick statement About the show itself about behind steel curtain About our platform and I I wrote a letter from the editor today. It was kind of on a whim. It basically stated like. Here's here's what's going to be happening the the world and I say that intentionally is on pins and needles right now. Not Knowing what's going to happen well here's the thing we are a steelers website. Steelers podcast dealers youtube channel. And that's we're GONNA give you all we're not gonNA stop as long as it's Internet. You'll get our content whether it's in written form audio form or visual form for those watching live on Youtube. I WanNa make sure everyone understands. We're gonNA cover what's going on with the Corona Virus See cove in nineteen. Whatever you WANNA call it and as it pertains to the steelers in the national football league and we have to. It's because the sports world has been shut down so with that being said that we were. We are GonNa talk about it and we're gonNA give our two cents now that it means anything and then we're GONNA move on. We're going to start not move on. That sounds so horrible. You know product how those of you listening podcast for. We have a user in the live chat with the with the name of product of Mr Two. Am So he didn't know that. Brian head other. Let's just go there. I'M GONNA wake my wife up and tell her later I feel like I'm I'm immortalized. Your your person on this show is so different than on the steelers. The steelers hangover. This show is. It's totally different completely. Different Brian Anthony. Davis your bad here. You're bad here you're Brian. They're slick but Jerry exactly to bring things full circle we are going to give you steelers content tonight and every time we have a show so if this is going to detract you kinda like distract you or detract from the news in from the the some say the horror of what could be the fear the anxiety than sit back and relax. We're going to have a full show for you in the preview. And we're still going to be doing the after Party so Macias hang out afterwards In check that out because that's always at least for a few good laughs period. Okay so our right off the bat I think it was Read over and who's longtime listener of the show and always in the live chat said what a Weird Day for sports in that is a hundred percent true. I feel like when you look at things that happened in sports in how the world responds. This is going to be one of those days. It will be talking about for years to come. The only thing that I could think of is the fact bed. Maybe nine eleven is close in terms of something's happening in society that impact in the sport. In everyone's talking about Dave. What are your thoughts? I mean that's the only thing that even comes anywhere close to how much the sports world was affected by something but it it still not a very. It's not a straight comparison but it's the last time that's the last time an entire professional sports league decided not to hold their games and that and it wasn't just the NFL because you know the mlb took because they were also there as well but that one was an event where we we. It was being safe. It was a precautionary was respectful. But we knew we were coming back this. We don't know when things are going to resume so it's it's just a completely different feeling in that regard. Brian Lehrer your thoughts. It's just one of those things that when Dave says nine eleven. Yeah I could remember shutting down and because you needed that the time to heal and but you definitely knew it was coming back and you want that break because you wanted to consume everything that was going on. This is a completely different situation. I am reminded when you say nine. Eleven of Of when you go back to nineteen sixty three when Kennedy was killed and they wish that they would have taken that weekend off football and They they actually. I remember Dan Rooney's saying that we made a big mistake. Then so we definitely do. We definitely did not want to back. Nine eleven Not Do that this time around so we could honor that but this is a completely different situation. This is a situation where you have. I mean this could be the public's lives at stake and I know there's some people saying you know people going crazy with buying too much paper doing whatever you know. Let people panic the way they WANNA panic? I was in Sam's Club the other day I saw a guy with a black light. I saw another woman. Take a one of those Flatbed carts with bottles of water into the tiny bathroom there. There's another family and I was only fifteen minutes and other family blue gloves. But that's what they WANNA do. That's fine I'm not gonNA laugh at them because I got to tell you what I have a son who has a very low immunity. He hasn't been to school all week because he's been sick with something. I know it's not this but he's the first one along with older people that will be getting it because he's a very low immunity so if we have to pay caution we've gotta take caution and it's all across the board. It's not just sports leagues here. In the state of Maryland were all three of US reside in as a teacher. They've the entire state has shut down the public school system for two weeks. And it's like I told my wife tonight at dinner said what if it doesn't matter he now I mean what if after two weeks just two weeks to start. Yeah just what they're saying for. Sure you know fellows. I work in the medical industry and walking in doctor's offices right now for my job is really interesting because I walked into a medical building in West Virginia today and there were six questions before I could even walk in the door and one of when I told him what I was. Therefore they're like yeah. We were shutting it off to you right now after. I answered the questions and I respected that because you know I guess. I'm I'm unnecessary right now. To be in there and I guess I really am even though. What's my living and I need to be in there but there. They are only keeping people that are necessary. But they're asking you the questions they're asking you. Have you been outside of the Cote country? You know anybody that's been outside of the country and West. Virginia they're asking. Have you been outside of West Virginia? Yeah and I think today. Yeah and they. They don't have any cases but it's just hey. I've we've never seen anything like this. Hope we never see it again. You talk about nine eleven. We really never saw anything like that before. We didn't know how to act. We had to figure out as we went and this is something if look but I go to the doctor. If I have something going on you can call me a hypochondriac. You could tell me anything all you want. But I'll go and I'll pay that twenty dollars co pay just to get the. Oh George Costanza get Outta here. You're okay cancer Outta here. You know I mean that's what I want. I'll pay my twenty dollars. I'm fine but I'm not going to get from the doctor would come here six months ago. We could save your life so be cautious the way you want to be cautious. You only have one life and you never know how things are going to go. Because I spoke to my father this evening and he and he had called his doctor's office with something that they need to go on. The doctor says they only saw patients. Today everyone cancelled so. That's a doctor's office where nobody's coming in because they just don't want to go around to it so it different people are gonna handle things different ways. I know the my biggest thing is is I want to the issue of like going to the store and being able to actually purchase something I need and it not being there. That's that's the biggest thing of how people's lives are going to be effective. What we'll see how our plays out. We're going into uncharted territory here. Yeah in you know. I don't want this to become political analyst people in the live chat or bringing up the president and stuff. I'm not going there. This is a health thing in lake. Brian said everyone's going to react to the way that they want to react to it. Some people have been preparing for months some people or just now getting to the grocery store. Look you gotTa make the the wise decision period. So let's let's talk about the steelers here in the NFL. The National Football League Dave last I checked had said that. Hey the eighteenth has a new league year and that's when it's going to start have. They changed their tune. Because that's what they said this morning. They have not changed that tune as of twenty minutes ago when I last checked because the last update that I made on our article that was just giving league-wide updates on behind the curtain dot com was the update about the xfl. They were one of the Latte. They're basically the league that suspended their season as well and they are going to continue to pay their players so much respect for that that even at a p the players can't pay that they're that they're still going to get their checks which I think is pretty interesting but I've not heard they did. Cancel the League. The owners meeting the League owners meeting at the end of the month. It was somewhere in Florida just to be smart but I would not be surprised. My thing is do you think the voting on the might have anything to do with why they don't want to announce anything yet about the start of the league year. I don't think it matters. I mean to me just say the NFL you say well. Let's prolong this vote now since we don't need to have it done by the start of the league year so what they really. It's league your started. And here's the thing. As I a free agent visits you could skype. You do not have to be you. Don't have to trap somebody in the building and so you can't leave without signing the contract you. We have so much technology. Look we weren't. We weren't even doing this a year ago. We were still on blog. Talk a lot of us a year ago so I mean with an I know. This technology has been around awhile but with the technology that millionaires have and And players have going for a contract. They could sit here like this and negotiate inside an agent's office they don't have to be traveling they there's a lot of things they don't have to be doing but there's they don't have to halt their league year because of this. It's not playing. This is this is just business. And how many businesses? How much business is conducted over the phone? I'll give you a perfect example. One thousand nine hundred eighty six knock toll plaza. Ls was on the phone. Making deals with a fountain pen over and over and over again. A and I've said this all along is that the NFL's in the prime physician right now. They're they're in the off season. You know all these other organizations the NHL The NBA The NC Double A. Or having to make some really tough calls about Spring Sports about big tournaments big money events the NFL's if I'm Roger Goodell I'm sitting back and saying we don't have to do anything different. You tell players you tell players. They're not going anywhere so the thirty free draft visits have already been canceled. As you're not gonNA see the draft picks potentially going around the country in person in person. They consider to do them exactly Brian. Just don't make sense. Yeah absolutely and then you have the NFL draft still did in Vegas. No fans are going to be there hack. You don't have to do it in Vegas you can do. Old School does have the camera at the League office. Have the Pittsburgh steelers second round they call in? Here's our pick while Blah. His players aren't going to be there is going to be no green room. That's crappy for you but you know what who cares you. Don't get to Hug Roger Goodell. You still get drafted. You're still going to be a first second third whatever round pick I. Don't think that for me the NFL the NFL should say yeah. We are going to have our league year. Start on the eighteenth because we can have our league year. Starting the eighteenth and until. There's a reason for us not to do some of this off season stuff. We're going to proceed. You know I I feel like I feel like you said Brian. The technology we have today. I don't think you need to do. It has been a little aggressive good common up there. Mohammed Ali's Holly Muhammad Ali. On it you gotta remember. Bad players have to pass physicals. You can't do that over the phone in free agency YOU'RE GONNA have to. You're either going to have to put a stipulation with the physical to be done later or they're going to have or you just got to push everything back because you can't do it that's A. That is a great comment. However there's I agree with you gotTa work around that. You can't just stop business at this point because you've got the the. Nfl has deadlines and the if this doesn't go. Everything stops and I know everything stopped for the other leagues but they can keep this going and like I said use technology while you're listening to this. 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Okay you don't become a billion dollar industry and the most popular North American Sport by Being Idiots now. Some of the things that they do in terms of discipline and stuff like that make them seem idiotic. They're not idiots and they see right now that the NHL Major League Baseball NBA. They all said. We're cutting the cord for now in rightfully so in the NFL's like you know what we can still have news. We can be what everyone's talking about. Tom Brady's a free agent. Philip rivers is a free agent we can dominate the news cycle. We're not GONNA have. There's not going to cause any harm to anyone. Oh my gosh. This is perfect. This is this is exactly what my mom I caught. My mom is a teacher. She called me today in talking to me about what's going on in the school system and stuff like that and She can be at a right about as we go. There's going to be news. They're still going to be news unless the NFL says. We're GONNA PUSH-BACK They're going to push back the League Year. And all this stuff there's going to be a significant amount of news the NFL and the Pittsburgh steelers coming up right. Dave yeah I mean things are still going to things are still gonNA roll. We're we're still going to go with it and you know what one more thing about the draft if you can't have the draft send a cardboard cutout of Roger Goodell and have everybody you so could ask you guys each. What your call Ligier. Are THEY GONNA push back. Or are they GONNA keep it? Keep it for all the reasons. I just said that I could be wrong. Brian. I agree with Jeff. They're foolish not to keep it. I think they don't want the scrutiny of saying. Why are you doing this? I think to push it and I could see that I can see that. I'm not saying I'm not saying that's what I want. I'm just saying that. Was You know what I think the want this? They want this deal done so badly that I think that that's not gonNA get pushed back. I will tell you that that's not getting pushed back so that won't get pushed back but the thing is they can still like like. Jeff said you can have Tom Brady put in place somewhere. He doesn't have to be flying around the country to do it and like Lance says you know you really don't need contact in free agency especially with a guy like Tom Brady or Philip rivers. He's been the league forever. I mean you. You know what you're getting you've got a ton of tape. I mean free agents are at least at least four years removed from their first rookie season. So it's GonNa be interesting but there's going to be news no matter what whether it's a push back where the league year starts franchise tag deadlines still going to be coming so the CPA voting should be wrapping up. What is that deadline now dave the CBS voting your Saturday night at eleven fifty nine pm? Eleven fifty nine fifty nine. I don't know that they've said with the fifty nine seconds but bottom line is we should. Hopefully I hope they don't sit on the results. That's my biggest thing I I hope they don't sit on them. At least I understand that. They don't release midnight but come on at least give it. Give to announced on Sunday because my goodness we need something. You're right. I'm just laughing at Lance now. He's stating that. You don't eat physical contact to sign a contract and I mean you can eat signed documents. Yeah he signed his contract electronically good for you. Lands all right So yeah so long story short here. We're still GONNA be talking about the steelers and I still think there's going to be news to discuss in here on the preview. We're GONNA continue to preview one positional week as we head closer to what we think will eventually be a typical with minicamp. Not as the exact nature and today we're GONNA be previewing. The tight end position. Yes the notorious tight end position. Wise it notorious. 'cause there's not many they're Vance McDonald has a club option. We're not sure if he is going to be able to serve. The Club is going to pick that up. Haven't heard any rumors about that either way. You have the rookie. Zack gentry coming into his second year. You've Christian Scotland Williamson who still on the What is that program? What does that program called guys? The international stature steeler Superfan then. He's on the team. And then also we have nick vinet. Who is a free agent? He's an unrestricted free agent. Am I missing anyone gentleman Kevin Rader you personally on the practice squad most of most of the season and he has a futures contract as well so he was one of the guys that was on and off the practice squad. They needed to move stuff around question number one. Do you pick Vance. Mcdonald's option. Brian we'll start with you. I'm going to say no and I've changed this but no why the I love five guys and I'm not talking about Burgers and fries. I'm talking about guys that are actually maybe six. The our draft worthy that will might not even go in the first round namely coal combat out of Notre Dame. I just love some of those guys out there the kid from Missouri that I'm not GonNa dare pronounce his name Albert or something like that. I would kill to have just draft him. Just have Yinzer say that name But you know you would get so much savings from not keeping him around you might try to trade him though Dave. Take it up or not. Okay what can I tell you? Flips answer from Tuesday because it did not know Flip Fisher? What are the raiders at binding so curtain Dot Com? Joined us from the Stat Geek on Tuesday I can. I stop real quick. What's up. I tuned in live to a few minutes of that show because I've never seen before. Never even heard his voice outside of the youtube videos that he does okay so I was. I tuned in and all of a sudden and Alive Shad. They created a drinking game. I guess we've had a yellow cuff next to him and I guess he kept drinking from it and they said new drinking game. Take a shot. Every time flipped drinks from the cup. My Gosh you'd be dead by the time you got to the steelers. Nhl It was. It was funny. We told you about it between Joe's and he's still road with it and he live chat later and he loved it because he's talking about good a great show. It really was is very educational and he would take a sip and then all of a sudden you just he shot. I watched the what's Bo shows. I didn't watch the live chat though. That's funny yeah. It was a lot of comparisons to to Kevin Greene national. The hair but flip out of really good answer. He said if if the passes he stays if the CBA fails he goes that was his answer and I thought that was the way he laid it out was very because he thinks he is. That border. Line guy that are they going to need that extra money or not based on the new. Cba ME I say. I think he's going to stay because it. It could possibly cost more to replace him that it would be to keep him. If you're looking for a real viable option. I also would not be surprised if the steelers attempt to Redo his contract and actually have him take a pay cut but may be extended for another couple years. Yeah I could see those options now. My second question about the tight ends is. What are your expectations for? Zach gentry and you're too are there any because he literally had one catch? I believe in the entire season was often a game day inactive. Brian will start with you. What you're like. Are there expectations for this kid? I don't think they trust them I. They drafted him. They said this kid's a project so they're going to give him every chance but there's something. They were not seeing on Wednesdays through Saturdays throughout the year. I mean if I have the practice right The there's something that they just weren't seeing in the Scott to get him more action because there were times when Rance McDonald wasn't really ready to go and you had nick van that out there in gentry still. He was barely getting a look so I don't think they believe in them. Dave yes and Kathy. Healy had the one target on the season and one catch which was a third down conversion for a first down. Believe it or not so if you wanted throw those stats in there. He's perfect on third down convergence. Obesity would not be shocked now. I know they don't have any other. We don't know what they're doing in the draft if they could resign vanette or all these other things I would be. It would not be shocking to me one bit if he did not make the fifty three man roster or fifty fifty five man roster depending on the CBS. I would not be shocked if he did not make it a Mutt. Saying I'm looking forward to. It just wouldn't be a surprise. He's really gotta show something this year or else he's just going to be a guy that has one clear catch. The problem is he does nothing. Well he's not fast. Not Super Athletic. Doesn't have the greatest set of hands you've ever seen. And he's not an exceptional blocker. What is at he's tall? He doesn't slow he's good at being big is because of that. You have a mediocre at best prospect so I mean he was a fifth round draft pick right. Yeah and can I throw in something that I've been stewing on when you were saying that rollaway? Here's the thing about two picks earlier. They were all getting ready to call the name of foster morale get restarted in. I know I know they were. And the raiders. Yeah I did the raiders trade into that spot to get get foster moreau or I think they were there. I can't recall the last pick of the fourth round. I'm pretty sure that Moore went and what I'm trying to say. Is I think he was a reactionary? Pick we want to get a tight end here? Let's go with this guy is gentry was the second take from the antennae Brown trade. He was Mr he was. He was the fifty. Andre Johnson was the third he was the fifth. So you're right that the raiders picked shortly before in a day. Zag that Kinda that KINDA CHOPS. It doesn't it the foster. Did you guys know? Oh no question what. That was the guy I was talking about. Podcast I like I have a question which chaps you more the foster monroe or the wildcat snack. Oh the question I answered I shall I? Shall this level when when you mention the word when you mentioned name? Foster Moreau I go to this level. I watch it on Youtube. That's up to the top of the screen. When you talk about that that wildcat play so Kooning guy in front of seventy thousand thing. Spooning in front of seventy thousand people on National Television Audience Listening them complain about the fumble. I mean WOULDA COULDA. Shoulda up the steelers drafted Josh Dobbs over. George get a lot of people thought they were. GonNa take with that pick and they took tops. Okay last question that I have at the tight end and then you can bring up something. Like that is Nick I mean I know that I know that his future with the steelers in how aggressive they are with him as number sugar free agent depends largely upon Vance McDonnell and what they do with him. Let's assume though that they are gonNA keep Vance McDonald for at least this season. Pick up his option. Maybe they do a new contract. Suggested that's to be to be determined if they keep Vance McDonald. What did they do with Nick? Vinet let them walk Brian. What do you think they probably let them walk? 'cause I don't think they're ready to let go of Gentry just yet so there's no reason to throw him extra money. They're they're thinking about drafting somebody. Okay Dave I think it's either or I think it's a if it's a McDonald's or Vernet kind of deal in my opinion but I don't know it's I mean when you talk. There's not really much excited about talking about the steelers state ends. I mean I mean Burnett was the second best tight end on the steelers last year. But you know that's like being the second tallest guy at the little person convention. No I mean because the kids were tight ends Ryan tried for. Brian comment there when he tried to go bad and it went go bad and ended up dad but seriously it's I mean the steelers tight ends were not that impressive. I think there's more potential there with McDonald but a lot of people's Questioned the health. But it's a big position in a question mark at that position. Here's what here's a really bothers me. Is that everything I've read and everything I've heard about this coming. Draft classes at. It is not deep tight end. Some are calling it. The weakest position of all the positions in his upcoming draft class. That's not good that makes me think they're gonNA keep ans- McDonald and then they're gonNa try to find. Just fill the holes Christian Scotland Williamson anyone disguise even having a chance prayer making the roster and not just staying on the practice squad. Anyone dealer that. That's a tough one. Because that's that's a guy that because you could keep him on the practice squad and it didn't count. There was no way I mean people like. Do you think he could make the roster no because they could keep them on on the practice squad and not have it. Count as one of your guys. Why would you not take advantage of that? Therefore you want to say well. We're the steelers not wanting to showcase him very much because if other teams knew what he could do they might be interested in signing off the practice squad I dunno or is he a guy that if it wasn't for this eleventh position he didn't have a prayer to even make the practice squad. We really don't know what the deal is with him. Yeah Hey real. Quick throw this interro quit. Double H H just had a question about me wearing chaps shop to the after party. Got a great for you. I promise you there show up for that. I've got an epic tap story. I feel like I feel like that's going to push you away especially on on visual. It's not no. It's not dirty so you're not going to be wearing them. Are you know I stare? Full Take Jabs. Shops are all of them. I think any of assets jobs is the The scene from is American wedding when they have the Bachelor Party at the House and Mr Belvedere is there and he has all the back. Oh my Gosh I dunno days for parties left completely to wrap this part up this segment. The tight ends with the steelers sock so Let's hope actually like this draft class top heavy. It is with about five or six guys and even Thaddeus Moss there to who is Edward a little bit and you could probably get them but I like some of these other guys that I think they can grab. Yeah it's not like it's really impressive. Tight end clashed your meeting. You're not gonNa have guys going in. It looked there was two in the top twenty last year I would not. The steelers could possibly have the choice of whatever tight end? They want at forty nine because there might not be any gone. I personally would like to see them. Maybe wait I the name I like. Trautmann out of Dayton. That's the one that I think 'cause I think he has decent upside without having to use your topic on them. I don't know it's GonNa be interesting to see what they do with that. The tight end draft class. I mean Reading the I'm shocked that no one suggested in the live chat yet because sometimes they bring up some crazy thoughts like someone already asking the steelers get Amari Cooper No. I'm going to get Jimmy. Graham's going to get released in. He's probably past his prime but the surprise. No one's brought his name up as I I was waiting. I was waiting to kind of disappointing. The live chat they. They're kind of disappointed me tonight but I don't know I'm not saying Jimmy wising up Jeff. Not Someone as we could sign Amari Cooper earlier. No I missed. That one was really early. Show all right the last segment that we do on this show before we hit over to the after party is I put on my imaginary dunce cap as the idiot of the group and we do our trivia segment so dave is as tight end trivia. Oh yeah this is tight. End Trivia Titan Trivia or make fun of Lance Trivia. Which one would you prefer both. Okay all right so so the the yes time. Tight End Trivia is this how many steelers the don't worry about multiple season. How many steelers tight ends have ever caught five or more touchdowns in a season? How many different players for the steelers have caught five? You'll have the names. You have the number. Oh I have both okay all right so Brian. Let's see if we can rattled these off Miller that's one eighty mark bruener mark. Bruener had season in there. It's Eric Eric. Green Air Green is three. Hello this is Jesse David Fox senior editor at vulture. And the PODCAST. Good one a podcast about jokes. It's a podcast about well jokes. Every week I sit down with a comedian comedy writer or director jokes and figure out how it all came together. I don't sit down with a pen and pad and physically write down. Everything has not my style turns out. Comedians take jokes pretty seriously. I like all jokes okay. That's what I do. That's what I live with is really nothing else I care about. It's all very revealing. What did you sort of learn from this? What was your takeaway? Nothing guy and I'm not. I'm not sure Mar Kirsch good one from culture and the box media podcast network for free on apple podcasts. Or on your favorite podcast APP. You do not use the podcast APP. Let a great question Jesse David Fox. Let's go randy. Grossman Randy Grossman that he ever had had more than one. It's crazy burner and Benny Benny Cunningham. Nope wow you're not gonNA get us one thousand nine hundred sixty seven buddy dial now John Hilton now Johnny Hidden. That's it Johnny Hilton. He's he said. Yeah because there's ten seasons total but Heath Miller had one two three four five of them. Brunner had one and green had three and Hilton head. One that's five or more. What's the most touchdowns ever caught by tight end and season for the Steel Resonant? Miller had eight in two thousand twelve. So it's not like it's one of those positions that's completely Tearing everything up talk of Quick Sidebar here not to change any you have more questions or you have Lands Trivia. We which we we. Don't miss no no no. It's not about like it's just going to kind of just how okay. So Heath Miller I we all loved heath but I don't think I appreciated him enough when he was playing. You know it's one of those situations you don't know what you have until it's gone in it. You didn't appreciate the blocking. You didn't appreciate how he was there all. The time has never really heard if he was wasn't a long-term injury and he was so reliable and he did it all. He didn't. He didn't have breakaway speed. The my gosh do I Miss Heath Miller. Just WanNa make that quick statement. Well it's funny that you said about injury because part of the reason that steelers got him was because there was concerns over. An injury was with an ankle or foot Brian. Do you remember the night and it was drafted? It was a he was a lower extremity will take. It was a lower body injury. I think it was a foot. Yeah it was a real quick real quick what are the odds of Heath Miller ever even getting a look for the hall of fame? He's number should be in the hall of a tiny field. He I think he will be. I think he will be. I think he's number eight among tight ends as far as as far as catches so all timetables so on the all-time catch list he's eight for the NFL. But like I said this is among tight end. So he's up there but I just don't think he gets a look ever that he's or the tight end zone catch touchdowns definitely in the ring of honor and I think that's would rod Woodson said the other day when he was interviewed by stands. Avenues that I'm so happy that they have that for players that aren't going to get into the pro football hall of fame but yet still deserve recognition for what they did with the steelers. His name was Carnell Lake. He's the guy was one of the best defensive backs I've ever played with and he's not GonNa get into the pro football hall of fame because he moved around so much that he knows the stats are so skewed because he played safety played cornerback. He was drafted as a as an end. I didn't realize that that's interesting anyways. I digress back to the borough Phil saw the other day he. Here's the thing last night if anyone was watching the standard of the standard. Whoa we just lie was watching. I was watching. Yeah so those youtube Rod keeps disappearing. Here's what's Lance. Made a statement last night that I'm pretty sure you were going to crucify him on and then the news broke about the NBA suspending. The season got off on that topic. Which by the way talk about being tough. Yes things. Were breaking during the show in trying to confirm that for you yet because we didn't want to say the wrong stuff on the air and anyways go ahead I yeah but lance we. You guys were taught you ask. The question of was either the Johnson or Juju Smith Schuster would one of them lead the steelers in receiving Atlanta's answer was going to be a running back. So here's you're leading receiving reverting back. Yes would be so awful. No that's not bad but it's happened here. We go first of all who led the steelers with perceive regards. This past year was Deontay Johnson. Jock did you know what that number was. Six hundred six hundred eighty fifty story. Hopefully that will be more next season. But let's say it's not. Do you know how many times in steelers history a running back has caught more than six hundred eighty yards in a season lady on bell? He's did it twice once. Oh just wants okay. That was in two thousand fourteen. Which is the the League leading? You're receiving yards for a running back for the steelers. Does leading sorry franchise leading eight hundred eight hundred fifty four to fourteen year. He was ridiculous. I mean he was so good day. You're so there was one other running back in the history of the steelers that had more than six hundred and eighty yard leaving and his this was in one thousand nine hundred fifty five and his name name was Ray Matthews who remarkable. Who made he made the so? Here's the thing anytime. A steelers running back has had more than six hundred eighty or receiving. They've been a pro bowl player. So which one of the running backs are going to make the pro bowl? Then if they're going to lead the team in receiving but here's the other thing about Ray Matthews is. After that season they moved into wide receiver because basic. He wasn't even starting running back. He was the backup they just wanted to use it more moved into to wide receiver. So this does it really happened. So you're looking for someone to set steelers records as a receiver is running back or the receivers are going to royally suck anyway is going to happen. I Lance is my boy defendant until the day I die. I'd say he does that show immediately and gets home from work though because he doesn't get home on the west coast like six o'clock and I'd said it's nine o'clock here. I'm at the point where I'm at my wit's end like we did this show on the road is he just jumps on the air and he does it sometimes. I don't think he actually has a very clear mind because he and the same show. He said a running to lead the team in receiving yards yet. He took the under when I said ten and a half games at James Caan would play. He took the under. So that means if any SNELL would have to go beserk in terms of yards after catch for them so his narratives don't always line up that I give him give him a pass because of how he has to do the show. So there you go is that does it. All Your Lands Trivia. That was good. Yes Brian Anything. Yeah so we already talked about this guy earlier but woah bring him up again in nineteen ninety the steelers with their number one pick drafted a tight end from liberty coached by former browns coach. Take Eric Corinne. But actually they had a pick a number. I believe it was number. Sixteen that they traded away so they moved down because they knew they could still get Eric Green that pick was traded to what team for what Future Hall of Famer. I Know Day it was the Dallas Cowboys for Emmett Smith. Jeff would you like to steal now because days? Right thank pretty serious right. Yeah Hey the live. Chat brought up something. We look at the Johnson. I was for some reason. My filters must've been off. Did you realize James Washington yards and in this past year? Did he ever seven hundred over seven hundred so guess? What even even now. I can't remember the name of the guy that I said. You know. The didn't even know the running back from nineteen fifty five Ray Matthews. Yeah Great Raymond where he wouldn't even even is receiving yards from nineteen fifty five which put him in the pro bowl. Still wouldn't have had lead the steelers issue number twenty five Ray Matthews. All right last trivia question comes from me. This is a this is a fun one and we'll see you can name the player and is number. This player had a double Ganger that went around the city of Pittsburgh and God perks in and around Pittsburgh some say he got dates in and around Pittsburgh claiming to be this tight end naming number. Brian you know. Don't say what I want to let Dave out defer today because I know this okay so so he Adama. Ganger is a mush really. Couldn't couldn't have a baby till they found all five DOPP gangsters. Nice right. I'm GONNA go with. Let's go with Riemersma. Dallas quickly said Leonard Read rebours mark. That's close close. Because it's this. He played at the same time. One number down. Yes and eighty four. Jeremy George J Amee Tumen Jeremy to Mugniyah. There's this guy in and around Pittsburgh Jeremy Tomb and they said he would go into parties he would sign autographs. He got like dates apoe because he was Keagan sticking that is two stories and they realize. It's not Jeremy to the yeah like this guy that you can look it up. There was an actual. It was in the news everyday. Serve time for her citing vita but I think we might a guy busted for my fingers is how many people knew Jeremy Tomb and look like see them saying Germany. Tumen looked like your typical all American football player. You know short really tight haircut just big Guy All American boy you know what I mean. It was just easy. Yeah well nine months later looking for chair. It's not spelled G. a. m. e. like drain to what? Tv show. Was that where the one guy pretended to be. A member of the eighty five bears to go to a luncheon. And they're like. Oh Yeah you're a tight end It was one of those crazy. Sitcom Sausage King Mid West him from your Abe frozen and that's GONNA lead us into the after party. Serve Your live for watching live on Youtube. Make sure you stick around and about five minutes. You'll see the notification. Go through. We'll be right back you're talking about. Lord knows what and then if you're listening to the audio and you're like where's this after party. It'll be published at one. Pm So you have. The the steelers preview in the morning one PM is when the second show in the same Dave Stack EEK one. Pm is when we published the second. Says it makes you stick around guys anything else we get. No I'm just GONNA go to a bar road quick and tell people. I'm Jeff Reed. Macy where you're tabs all right. We'll see in the afternoon.

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