Episode 27- Weathering the Storm with Dave Baker


Good morning, wonderful listeners, Hugh tuned into post session podcast a podcast filled with the still of a surf session. And the wise guidance of an voyager. Your water loving hosts I ready to share this infectious state of mind while encouraging and inspiring you for your next adventure. In. Iran you were looking find day and your. Broken down. New Brace shirt. Shorts it's hard to be a pirate always on the run. It's hard to be a pirate all day in the Sun. At. One thing is for certain we get to live upon the. Okay that's enough Okay so Welcome back everybody. Thanks for listening. This is episode maybe thirty we're not really sure something or other the general theme of the show is weathering the storm alike it. Yeah. So last week we heard from Tony Butler who was talking all about forecasting and weather he'd happened to mention. Dave Butler who we have in. Acre. Yeah Tony Butler. Tony and David had a baby it'd be. Only. Vaguely attorneys really nice by. Just not my time more Brunet. Great for days. He's told. Okay. So to to keep going though with weathering the storm we have we have, we're honored we have civil servants. and. Director of Ocean Rescue Dave Baker today. We're super stoked. Have this person who's probably saved? I don't know countless lives on the water. He's also a photographer. Scott a beautiful. Some photography on instagram account. And he's also speaker because this person who I didn't just found out has a Potentially genetic heart condition and but he has never kept it from participating. In life to the fullest and he's GonNa share a little bit about kind of his passion for that. You know what Laurel Flattering intro but I still feel like you're under selling it because. I was reading the CV yesterday that you sent. And actually several days ago because I meant Wiltshire prepared and you kinda sound more like the man delorean. What's that? Lets you guys don't know the Mandal Orient. Plead ignorant and feel good about it. Oh my gosh. Well, you should feel bad about it, but he is basically the hero of the galaxy. Episode was the UNSUNG Hero. Oh. We're emit is now unsung hero. Yeah but you're like a Superhero Dave I read it your it was blabbity Blah saving lives, brothers Lilla Terry this. I. Haven't upright here. Actually Dave shaking his head I think we're embarrassing him. You know you gotta understand right place right time or wrong time and just knowing some people you know, and then on the the save part, it's a team and I figured you guys, might you know since I've been at Rizal Beach. We've had little over four thousand saves. Wasn't exactly countless but more fingers than I have. But. That's not me. I'm the old guy with gray hair. We've got all these great people out there working hard. Doing the job we provide them the skills. That's all the year they're fearless leader yeah. That's because I got the gray hair. Holds. You know then you can become leasing. Well, I appreciate that humility though that's pretty cool to. Like I said. Mandel Oregon. So today. How about we start with the post session notes as usual rap about what's been going on in the water well good into the injustice of the week hopefully Dave. Brought a real. Funny Good. One. Intense when we're going to dive deeper and we have all kinds of things to talk about I mean really with Dave here it's hard to choose directions. That's what I was thinking. We almost need to have him like a part woman part to well, let's see. Let's see what happens. Yeah. This is and then we'll tread into some God waters and maybe leave everybody with homework we'll see. Do you want to start with. The postition notes or should we let our guest start I think we they start. Post. Session this morning already. Great Sunrise prone paddle five miles. it was when was blowing north northeast right around fifteen. So great bumps on the the oceanside. got a really good sunrise finish up paddle and Was Really. Nice I. Have a paddling partner named John Bo sang and we've been. Together. going on nine years. Now, we just show up, punched a clock and get the job done whether we're doing a and paddle or training for. Chadha Jack which is a thirty two mile. Race on the water I do it in an outrigger Jr And John is trained for thirty two's for catalina prone all this stuff. So we just work well together we don't bitch we don't complain and we show up it's like What time five thirty splash that means says when you get wet fifteen splash day that You know. Well, you can't do it alone, but I love that he's dependable I love that I'm going to start rewording my techs in the morning. It's GonNa be six, forty, five splash a little more active. Yeah. Like we're in the water we're not talking in the parking lot Tony. Went they. Come onto you. Did it together. Okay, but. and Nice little cool breeze war water. Stopped. Always, stop and and watch the sunrise never get caught up in your workout. And whether we're going south or we're coming out the inland when we come by the rocks. We stopped. And just watch the sunrise no matter where you are never forget what we're gifted in able to do. We talk about that all the time on the PODCASTS is just how blessed we are to. Live here in this coastal town with this beautiful water sometimes. So crystal clear. You think that nine the Bahamas I mean I can cave yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. We have a skill that other people don't have but not. Because it will be a time. We can't do this and even just not taking each other for granted because it is special to have a partner that you can like you said rely on. Keeps you motivated and pushes through that with you because doing it alone? Oh my gosh. Well, that was what I wanted to talk about in possession. Him since we have Dave here, I wanted to ask when I first started. Probably the first six months that I started going out I had a friend He let me use his board and he had a truck and helped me carry the board. It was so heavy. But probably when he went back to school I started going by myself and I. Would often meet up with people there I was surfing almost always at the north end but then there was many times that it was just me because I was just determined to surf every day and so I was just wondering I mean my mom used to say you're not surfing by yourself are you and I didn't have the heart to tell her you. Have a bag now. Yeah. She listens. But how you know when you're weighing when I when I think about some of the younger girls that I see out there, Surfin, most of are surfing at the South End, there's always a crowd. But if you're looking to not have a crowd and you go to the North End, is it safe to go by yourself? You. Know personally risk versus reward, and then what is your skillset? And know your limitations, and if you still fall within those limitations, that's not the time to test it on a big wave by being. But if his one of those things that you feel very comfortable with. Ago Out on days paddling doing long pals I'm by myself. And I feel very comfortable doing that because it's well within my limitations for the conditions. But if you're out there in, it's huge conditions in your loan I'm not GonNa go. I least I want someone to know where the body is right here. And this is the CAP or director of Ocean rescue people heard it from his now. I. But I think also When you are alone doing some like doing what we do never alone never because the risk is so much greater. But I think that sometimes being alone, you have to remind yourself to stay sharp because there is a risk involved you're allowed. So we don't get complacent and sloppy. That's those are the times when we dig our heels in and we're a little more self aware. That is exactly right and the thing of it is you have to understand that you alone caused the action you need to know you're exactly right stay on top of your game for the free diving. World. You mess up your alone. You're in the waters like you're falling down on the ground. No, it's kind of hard to breathe. We don't have gills yet. Okay and you have to be. Responsible for your own actions. Definitely stay on top of your game when you're alone don't get complacent. I mean aboard can hit you in the head. Yeah. Even on a small day I mean there's a risk there's a risk. There's a risk crossing the street. There's a greater risk when you drove to the beach are you kidding me when we get back? You know. Sailing from sailing. because. People are. Our family members especially, they're terrified of the free diving, but they're also very nervous for us about this sailing because they perceive the risk of being in the open ocean on a sailboat to be so high. In reality, the preparation that goes into. Jutting out for several days on the ocean is so much greater than just. SLOP. slop it on a seat belt and taken off seventy miles per hour on on on forty to get here. You know that's scary. And you're dependent on everybody else to make good choices. that's why I have a job. They don't call nine one one to say they did something smart right. Because accidents don't happen. And really the concept of safety is. Sort of mythical I mean it it's impossible to be one hundred percent safe safe is without risk. Something a safe. There's no risk involved so we can mitigate risk and we can do things more safely through mitigating risk but. We do not do things because it's because we're not living, right? Yeah. Well, did you have you have a post session that? I don't know you guys did pretty good I. Could I was going to talk about how I deal with fear during free diving. Just as a segue into some of the things we'll be discussing potentially with Dave later. Okay, well, I would say for any body interested in free diving out there anybody that's trying to get over that Hump most. People will say equalisations limiting factor the ability to equalize deep but that is simply a skill that can be taught. Managing fear is. A much harder skillset to wrap your. especially. When you're involved in something where a basic fear is, you're confronting a basic fear fixation or or having that breath hold is very basic being without air you immediately have a panic reaction. Yeah. Yeah. There are certain things that elicit this very primal reaction. Not being able to breathe being eaten falling these are terrifying. So with you know independent somebody's fitness level or even water experience doing the things you do we find often that when you stick them in the water. Underwater it's a completely different ballgame. So how do we manage that? They're in the beginning what I try to get people to do as we mentioned earlier Davis fixate on the technique that you need to do what you're doing. So you're only consumed with the next step. It's like the journey of a thousand miles when when you go when your father was going on any seven day. Crazy. Runs that you know that that's nuts. He wasn't thinking. Okay. Just six more days to go rhino. He's only thinking about how his body feels getting to that next little milestone that next waypoint. We're doing the same. We're just breaking down the dive into manageable pieces so that We are. We don't have time to think about the fear and the funny thing is unnoticed Lynn I was diving with you guys that. You don't necessarily notice what you're like because I was a Newbie I didn't recognize like Rinn said Okay Laura, will let's take a minute. So you can get your breathing under control or he could tell that I was afraid. I didn't even think that I felt afraid except for I was doing this. Is. Evidently. Some fear happening absolutely with that's the problem with fear. Is that it's it's consuming you without without being aware aware of right. That's why that. Fight or flight happens you're not making the logical choice. So we concentrate on the next YEP that would be my initial. And of course, it gets more difficult as you get deeper and deeper and you get two different level with your. Free diving. But in the beginning, we use a lot of technique to just make it to the next step stat or then there's thousands of tricks that we use to get to the point where we really are in a more meditative state that doesn't happen overnight though but don't you think fear though sharpens your. You Know Awareness Oh. Yeah. If, you can learn how to control. It allows you to actually push yourself a little bit more because you you become more aware of so many other little nuances. One hundred percent here. Right and that advice that I just gave as the first step to start to manage the fear 'cause it's GonNa happen but I equate free diving to it's like Competitive Meditation Doing something like you do. You might have this fear and anxiety, but you learn how to use it to your advantage to push a little harder or to amp you up I played a lot of team sports and you could use that herd mentality and that that like low of anxiety running through everybody to perform better like you say, and we do the same thing but very differently because the heart rate has to stay low so you have to Suppress that and hyper focus on only what you're doing. It's pretty interesting. I like a little fear though yeah. Alive Yeah I love that like a little electricity, it is like a little electric city. You get out there and you. I can't believe what I just did. That's all over and then you go on like. Can't believe what I just did. Talk. A little bit. Next time it's not as bad. Yeah, and we just keep on pushing Tavlin out in the hurricane slow. Save something for dive guys. Well, let's do the injustice of the League. Day Out what's raw? You know there's I came up with multiple once. I'm sure there's a you know from people driving. The way they park over the line. To spaces. Benja. But I'M GONNA, keep it beach and people. Okay. Why do people have to feed the seagulls? Paul. Yeah. A good is a good way. That one out. A winged rat. Yeah. Yeah. And I tell you. They're aggressive we were in Florida last this past year. Sitting on the beach with the kids we're working our way south on the sailboat and We brought a little lunch. I was eating a sandwich. I had it in my hand. Close to my mouth it wasn't for anybody else it was for me and the Siegel came. Snapped it right out of my hand big old wearing goal well, that's because he'd been fed. He'd been dead people. Yeah. There's nothing worse than laying on the beat and the people next to you. START, feeding the frequency goals I want to just smother them. Well you know what I think it is what if you don't go to the beach a lot and you're not part of that beach culture you don't know it's a winged rat don't know that it's a faux. Pas is the thing you think it's kind of cute and it's fun and you're interacting with the wildlife and trying to have that. Interactive moment not really realizing that people don't like that right and it's just. Annoying and then they'll do it in front of the lifeguard stand. They'll throw stuff in the lifeguards are going. Geez please no. Over there abuse some other people please you know at least the lifeguard has the little owning over their heads a poop. poop. John By. Yeah, we were on the ferry going to southport. And sure enough the seagull there's they're everywhere because they're behind the boat. For something to come up and Right in my face. On he was pretty young so she just started crying she couldn't handle it. Having a you. Yeah. She was crying that a single pooped on Mommy and. Your facial expression that brought fears. Oh, I'm sure it was this one. Disgust is this. Well I can only imagine what they're poop would be like I see our chickens. When we this fall since you know everything's kind of falling, we'll let him out of the coupe area in the Guardian this come out in the yard and pull out all the Mulch and everything just to get the little worms but. Always they will poop on the walkway and it is the NASTIEST. Junk chickens are nasty. Well, the dogs like it. I didn't hear. Back defeating this season. So maybe there should be a sign that says. Do. Not See the because really if you wanted to be part of the culture, you gotTA teach people that. True however. People don't read signs It's Don't know. There's so many things we have a lot of signed pollution. Look at all the rules that are out there. WAS, no one reads No one reads. And so it would just be one more sign. Yeah. One more thing pollution that no one would read. We just need one. We just need like three rules. Yes. I like that one. Let's. All the drinking backup like non breakable glass. Yeah, why can't we drink on the beach? You know? I hate that rule Dave I. I. Look at it this way. Okay. That's way above my pay grade. That's no comment but you know what you gotTa do you gotTa be talked about this last week you? When we were doing the injustice I think it's our responsibility to teach others. What's customary. Siegel. I think most people are not feeding the seagulls because they're mean and want to make everyone mad that's not it. Misunderstanding well and I'M GONNA have to agree because. What we take for granted when we come to the beach we'll have someone that has never been to the beach and you know in trade and we we teach them. You know look at that person until they hit the water and you know, are they a dunker diver? Are they gonNA dive under the waiver? They're gonNA Connor wave you know. Idea of what they are but. It's no different than if you threw me. In the desert And I die of thirst and a Bedouin comes by 'cause dozen Nino to do this right or it's not my. Area. My see feeding the lizards. Lizards here for hours. FEEDING THE LIZARDS Terrorist. attack. All right flush it. CH-. Let's Let's dive deeper. Now it's just going to be an extension of the conversation we've already started, right? Yeah. Well, one of the things when we talked about having Dave Tony Butler, mentioned that you. Were super instrumental in helping. New The surfing rules of or the surf. From being this small little area that moved every day throughout the month or the month of summer to having it be you know, here's the swimming areas closest to the lifeguards and then having the surf area outside the flags and. You Know I. Think Tony's being to kind. Is Tony did a lot of the hard work. And everything and once again I'M GONNA go. I'm the old guy with gray hair. So people are GonNa look at me and kind of like well, maybe he knows what he's he's saying and I'm going like. I just got hired I just my. I was I started on Monday the one of the first meetings woods on that Thursday. And I walk in and I'm going like. ooh. Are Is this. What in the world and just started to take it all in and going like. Now that this makes sense, the old set because it may be up on the north end only parking as we all know, could be on the south end 'cause it gets busy. And then a small little area with everyone cramped did. Was a recipe for disaster and people to get injured. Without a doubt. Since the change. It opens up sixty percent of the beach. For Surfing spreads him out spreads them all out. It allows those people that and. Where the flags are around lifeguard stands. It puts no surfing there because asked where people want to swim and it just helps. The Community of swimmers surfers. Terrorist but. Everybody. To to have A place where they can feel comfortable some cohesion and chaos. And you can park on the North End. You have a place you can find a parking in the middle of island or down in the south and you can still. Bring Your Boogie board you can bring your you know surfboard and the entire family can have an enjoyable time because that's what. Bottom line is come to beach we all are looking. To play in the water. Sit in the sand and just watch. And enjoy what's going on and You know I think salt water it's great therapy. And no matter how you get it whether the salt spray or be immersed into water. But this allows us to do it safely for four and a half miles of beach and no one has to argue because everybody has some read well enough sure. There's or OSCE Palencia families where dad or mom serfs our dad and the little boy, the Little Girl goes out surfing while the other half of the families on the beach playing or swimming or maybe not old enough to surf yet. So there's definitely A family of people that are wanting to do to swim wanting to serve. So they can actually be right there by the flags you know the surfers on the other side or the swimmers on. Inside the the zone but is it true or was it hyped up that surfers help save lives? Not, a high, that is a reality reality we'll. It is. About you Maybe here. Here's the thing. Surfers do save lives tell us about it. All right red flag days. This was a very, very controversial point during. Everything going on for for that process. and. Surfers are Alas Picket Line of defense. We have red flags that means it is strong and dangerous currents. You really shouldn't be out there unless you're an expert swimmer in ocean conditions. Yes. Pretty rough on a red flag day. Yeah. But there's plenty of tourists out there and plenty of recurrent. Die from rip currents that than anything else. Okay, it's not sharks or all, but just rip current days bad red flags our biggest one day Hodel one day in rescues was two hundred twelve just on Rizal beach. Beach this. No this was a couple of years ago. We had just one of those nice wells way off shore hurricane was go on by. And one rip current the Sandbar broke, and that's the way recurrent form. There's a channel in the bar, but this one broke flush twenty two people out all at once why twelve people in one day and right? Twenty two people at one time. And if If you waist deeper deeper, you're getting flushed out no matter how strong you were anything it was just taking you out. And fortunately. We had surfers. We had a jet ski are ready out there with a rescue sled because we knew we were making rescues all the time. I remember coming down the beach stop in a lifeguard stand to pick up another lifeguard to jump in the water and is we're getting closer. It looks like a Hornet's nest of people screaming and. Yelling and everything like that, and we have a system and we figured it all out. Guy On the jet ski was the Captain Jeremy This is you know just a phenomenal waterman. He's gone grabbing people throwing them on the sled coming in through the impact of doesn't even tell them what to do and he spins off to sled because we've got a lifeguard right there. Pulled him up and other one is right up in the he'll say go to him that one does a quick medical on them. And we're just doing this. We have a person up his stand calling out stuff to Jetski has he hazard? You Know Radio? We have other lifeguards in the water we got people on. And we have surfers. With their boards. Using that for flotation for that person until we can get it and get it all cleaned up. Surfers. Surfer save lives hands down. and to any surfer that is listening to this. Thank you you have made rescues when we are not there we know that. You need to be appreciated for your skills and abilities and just think you save the life. So thank you. And that's coming from the Mandal Orient. Mouth to. Galaxy or something I would say to all the surfers including myself who have not saved anybody would be get always. Alot slacker. But to pay attention and to always be aware of your surroundings and to not just be thinking about your next wave but to. Just be aware of your surroundings and be aware if there's a swimmer plenty of Tom's we're out there wanting to catch a wave and we're annoyed that there's this slimmer in our way. But Hey, you know think about something besides yourself and be aware and be ready be ready to help a person out if they need have some situational awareness all the time. Absolutely. Yeah. especially if you have the skills to act. And then it'd be. The thing that is very simple. We're not asking you to bring them in or anything. Naturally. If we're around, we're going to see the guards know if you've got someone on your board, they're going into water if you got him I but always place your board between yourself and and the person right because they'll take you down we share will actually. They they. That's a great Hollywood thing you're supposed to slug the person and all that. Know Give Him the flotation and what happens. Is that one person now knows that someone knows that they were in trouble in. There with someone else calm down they now have flotation because they can keep their head above water. Ninety, nine percent of all your issues taking care of. And that's what we do. We're this woman out there and we're just giving you something to flow dot. com You can follow directions for the most part you know. Part. I had people in the past that had difficulty listening you know but. You had to slug on the movie. Actually, you just wrap of you. You. Tell people that we're not gonNA make it is we're GONNA DIE WE'RE GONNA go. I'm having dinner tonight. Yeah. I am going to make it. GonNa, make it in and I'm not gonNA leave you out here. This is GonNa be something you've may not like because it's rough and we're going to get tumbled. But. I'm going to be holding onto you. Never one rule is you'd never rescue the same person twice rescue. Oh Get Real. That is a good rule. You know what? You just spoke to a mental state that I think's important dimension in these kind of situations where people are panicked freaking out. Some people. Lose themselves and some people can stay in the moment and stay focused. And when you lose yourself and you just let your mental state go. Oh my gosh it. Compounds the problem like this person that saying we're not GONNA MAKE IT WE'RE GONNA die out here. They've lost it right there already gone. No recovering that mental state right away anyway as opposed to the person that can just stay focused and. Kind, of kind of be in the moment I, read this book about survival one time and it was talking about. people that are most likely to survive in emergency situations and unequivocally across the board although sometimes the expert was the person in the situation that survived it's not because of the expertise that people are surviving is because of that innate mental state that that you will adopt during the emergency. So even an extremely unexperienced person. might be the most likely to survive because they're able to just stay calm and say, okay, well, I'm stuck on this life raft and I guess I need to go fishing. Instead of. and. I think in simple terms to the sheriff with. Other people. For me when you get to things, it takes a conscious thought to quit. Okay. Is that you have to teach your mind? That so you're running long. Or you're paddling a long distance. Think about when Oh hey I'm getting tired. Of. I. Think I'm just going to call it quits. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Do that you half? That's a thought. You can't let the thought even get in. You know to to quote a trainer out in Hawaii Suzy Clini. The mine winds I I see this all the time and what we do. I have a friend early on in my free diving career I was with this girl and she's so great because she would share her tips and tricks and helped me along. But then she stopped progressing and I kept progressing and so I started listening to what she said and When I asked her hey, where are you going to set the plate today? How deep in ago? She would say I, don't know try seventy meters and if it doesn't feel good, then I can turn around. Our. Feet that's an option. I. Didn't know we could just turn around if it didn't feel good it's not gonNa feel good. When you go on a paddle, you know that it's not gonna be UNICORNS and rainbows the whole time. Oh. Absolutely not I. Was a thirty two mile paddling race that I do and you get into it. And there's always apart. And you start questioning yourself and everything starts hurting. I can't on is probably the thought I can't do it. Is that no I go there you can't go there you. Oh, you can't. Is just that it's hurting. Yeah but. Then you think back you go. I'm only at Mile Twenty, two, twenty, three of done twenty-five Five Mile Paddles to get ready to assume that. This is just a stage just you've just GonNa just keep on going and remember. If it's hurting for me it's hurting someone else's hurting everybody hurts. Some people hurt just a little bit less long because they're going faster. You know they're gonNA finish up in five hours. I may be at five thirty or something like that but we all go through the pain. And it's just going like. Just one more. One more but that's that journey of a thousand miles where you just take that you consume it you keep going you take that next thought consume that keep going or sometimes it gets uncomfortable I just say to myself who cares who cares Your legs you think it's going to deserve for this to be easy who cares keep going it doesn't matter if it hurts keep going right and It's at a point where. You're testing your limitations You're also they're going like like evaluating that I do that every. Jeez. Along Race I. RE evaluate myself like every two three minutes going good paying bad paints it'd be gone faster. Should I be doing this? So do I need to have food? Do I need to have this? You know it's like a keep my mind busy and I played bath. Ip Math keep your mind busy. You gotta give your mind something to eat otherwise it's GONNA eat itself right and then it'll be gone. Cure really tired. Muscles really heard. And They really don't. That's the advice because I do when I'm running I. my husband has run marathons and He's a runner enough try different times to run with him and I've always look we'll be running and he's always done this. I'm like, when are we stopping? And he's like I don't know. We'll. We'll see and I'm like, Oh, I need a finish line I need to know where it is I can have that mental. Action. Just get there. But if I don't know where that end is. Like and. Then I'll think one of the things that helps me is when I'm. Paddling out in it's. Really, probably too large for me to be out there but I'm testing myself and I'm I get pissed I'll get pissed at the way. That's how I get out as somehow a little anger and get me. L. No I'm getting to you know break or whatever does that help y'all? MAKES THE WAVE AN ENEMY No I don't think. So sometimes getting worked up does hell yeah. I I don't think in. With, a depth dive. You don't have that same luxury. Maybe on a sent when it's really hurting and you feel like you're at the end of your breath hold anyway and you have to work extra hard maybe then but I'm so nervous. To let any kind of emotion trickle in. It really is just a mantra. Good. Good pull good kicks. So that I just focus on staying strong with the technique. To nervous to even say anything else to myself. I'd on a rescue, you have to be aggressive you have to get out there quick Whatever it takes to get out you need to go one, hundred, hundred, ten percent, get them flotation. Once you get them flotation. That's your time to like cry. Yeah, exactly. Out here for you but you just have. You take a breath. L.. Make. Sure. Questions we ask people when we get out there believe it or not we go. Hey how you doing? All Right? We're here are with anybody else. That's a lot of times they may be always someone you know, and then we have hand signals that will signal back to the beach. You know we need to be looking for somebody or or something like that. It's a big day but be aggressive going out and it gives you that extra. You know mole to get get through the waves and it's it's a good mindset. Just. Don't let it. Got Plenty of that to us to. Let it, consume you. Earned it off once you get out there. Yeah. Good. Nice chill. I can think of one time. This is giving me sort of some PTSD here because I can't think of. One time in particular in my life where I let my mind. Go I didn't maintain composure in Tena that I didn't maintain that positive mental state and it was scary. It was during childbirth. I was giving birth on e. says honest. My first child I didn't know what to expect at we're at home. and. So it was a natural childbirth and it was intense. It lasted for and lots of hours and She was sunny side up. So I guess it was harder for her to come out. But. You know I read all this stuff beforehand to? Find, something that's empowering to you maybe focus on that. So I did have a picture of. woopsie sorry I just hit the Mike I did have a picture of On one of my dives and partway through towards the end. Actually it was. I, said to myself. I could die I'm might die. Wow because it was just you've had world record dives that. This was real. This was real I mean lasted for between contractions I was just falling asleep I had no more control over my body. What was happening it was happening to me and I thought I could died and then I looked up and said, okay. Now, you've got this I had ran to and he was awesome. You know 'cause he's not GonNa let me die coaching me through it but that was a scary thought believed it. When I said it you know I believe I was. Kind of just let nut. Fear Aloe for a minute. Yeah. Oh I've been in situations where. Is Hurricane Swell well. Actually it's hurricane. Rescue Outer Banks on this guy and. went out. Got Him. It was just huge instead of coming in, I kept on going out. Because I knew the Fire Department guys that were working that would launch a ski. Come out and get them because I was needed to power. Easier out there out there to get them and. You know we're going in. And so they launched the got guy brought him in and I said I'll just swim on in well when I was coming in set doubled up and just. Lamb, to me and I was like I call it getting maytag. You know like you're GonNa make tag washer. I'm going around and around and around and. All Right, this is not fun anymore I'd really like to to come up yo and. Finally coming up and. The next wave hit and I'm probably six inches from the top and there I go again. That you're close. You've released probably air that well, no I was just like going waiting but. All. Right. Here we go. Again. So just Go with it and everything. Within his like. I hit the sand on the bottom it's going. Yes. Now I know I was trying to find my. Head my line. My Boo was you know of their tombstone this because I'm waiting dowd and? Put My feet underneath me and just push as hard as I could. And came rocketing up and just took the biggest breath. But if there have been another way that would been bad. Guys on the scene. Work Good. That was awesome. Do you know? Do you know you don't people don't get rescued because they made good choices. I'm just quoting this guy I now. That's funny. I did hit the beach one time. I was surfing with Rin. This is when he took me in that hurricane swell I just know this do yeah. My first time out and I got pummelled anyway later we went to a friend's house and he goes yeah, I saw this dude getting work today turns out he was talking about me. Embarrassing. Hello this is ranch adleman behind the scenes guy for post session podcast a quick announcement before we continue our discussion with Dave Baker in one week, we will be posting episode twenty eight with Free Dive and self defense aficionado tomorrow. On. November seventh post session podcasts will be hosting a free clinic featuring TALITA. It will be a great opportunity to connect with listeners as well as learn a few self defense techniques. Additional details can be found at our website and please RSP RSVP us. So we have an idea how many plan on attending. Thank you as always for listening now back today. Baker. Well, speaking of life and death or yeah. That kind of situation Dave overcome some serious I mean what was it like when you first got the news about your heart? I was doing a race and I wasn't feeling up to par and everything long story short I have A. My father grandfather, it's all genetic not lifestyle or or anything like that. Just think of my cholesterol in my body being like sticky rice you know in just no matter what you take or anything. In you know build plaque and do everything because he's obviously not a couch potato people. But I. Doing race just wasn't feeling good as like going I have never DNA which is do not finish race but as just like. Something's wrong. I just thought I was over trained. Anyway. Cut to the chase sitting there in the doctor's office and I knew. Cardiologists, it was two and a half weeks later, and in that between that time also run seven mile run with the lifeguards for the ride and is GonNa Pants taking me forever to to recover. So finally got into cardiologists. There he's looking at the Strip. Looking at me. Looking at the Strip He goes what are you doing it three o'clock No. This is what you wrote about that. We call it an article. What would you call that? It was it was an article for John Pedal Monster. Can we can we link to that in our show notes? Just. Put a note to do that. That way people can get some background a little more. So it just turned out to where I had gone. Unfortunately, having blood go into a portion of my heart, the lower portion of it for two and a half weeks. It was one hundred percent blocked. So it killed off the bottom portion of my heart. To where? Your ejection fraction is seventy five. How much your your heart pumps. Because you've got to keep a little bit. So if I keep primed and everything unfortunately with. All that catching up with me it was. Was Thirty two. Annual. Performing. Well, no. That was afterwards. So I could only walk like a hundred yards after awhile this and they did their stuff and. It was. Go through all the cardiac rehab stuff and I set my goals in because I told them and I told the. the physician is that. Don't tell me what my limitations are Let me determine what they will be. Give me some parameters I don't WanNa wind up here again but Gimme parameters. And he said. Because, he knew who I was and he said, all right. That's fair. Here's your parameters so when I went in there. This it was June seventh of seven okay. And so I went into cardiac re have with. I said I'm not going to be a mall. Walker guys. You know. Let me go this is you know and I got doctors order saying let me do my own thing. And you're always running you're hooked up to Keiji stuff. So a first goal was run a five K.. And you have twelve weeks. in this. And so halfway through I was I was easily at the five kate stuff and then doing all their other things and I said. Okay. Last Day. I said I'M GONNA run a ten K which you know six point two miles and I'm going to do it under an hour. So you know, put you into nine range and all that. Still. Got To print out, it was like fifty eight minutes you know. They're going six months later I'd say I'm going to run a half marathon I WANNA go under two hours, which keeps me at a nine minute pace. You know somewhere right around there and. Did that. Then, I went and did a That was that then I did half ironman. And did role there. No. I this. Well, actually quite lake was. One that they did. Just a super hot day, but it was still a good race. Let me interrupt you curious. Like what characteristic? The believe that was innate new or something passed down to you that that when that doctor said okay, I'm GonNa give you. What you can and can't do that you had the. Wherewithal to say wait a minute before you tell me what I can't do. I want to tell you this know that I want you to set parameters that I don't want you to tell me. What I can't do? Genetics, maybe an on on just hearing stories of my grandfather on my mom's side in everything things that he did. It's like. Now. The mules have worked all day plow and I'll take myself to the physician 'cause. I. Cut my hand. You know I'll walk into town. You know just do your own thing. Do don't let people say no, you have to take the car or you need to ride the horse or mule into town or anything like that splits the alternative really I mean I think they alternative is scarier to sit there and and resign yourself to. A lifetime of inactivity because you're afraid of what might happen ninety percent. Ninety percent but I think there's the half maybe fifty percent of people would. Would concede to Oh. Okay. Well, this is this is a better you know other listen to let the doctors the doctor knows what he's talking about. GonNa. But I'm going to. Urine experiment of one. Okay. No one knows you better than yourself and being? Somewhat of an athlete in and doing things I understood. My Body. And I'm also going like there's a lifestyle that I want to continue to have a yeah and. I don't need to have podium finishes any any more or anything like that but it's being out there being enjoying what you do. It's truly the end that participant in life. In, doing those things instead of just sitting here and being a spectator watching everybody. You know. Discover your own limitations. Stay with and. It's okay to push him but do it logically respect the distance you're going to do I'm not going to JUMP IN AND DO A. Two hundred foot have. No but if I train. I know I could probably get there. Now you need four days. Four solid days in two of those are in the classroom. But I took a waterman survival class and. It was. Eye Opening. On so many things because this was all post. Heart and I was going like I was we were talking about fear. And being scared. But I knew who was around me I knew what they teaching me. and. Just start practicing and do this and it was like the static breath hold for for three minutes. I was like there's going to be no way. Unbelievably. It was not as. Scary or it was something that was very much obtainable even in going into because. Alex new all peop- you know it was like. No Okay I jokingly say we you know. He's talking about the water and survival course he took with our buddy Alex Ns and we teach very similar things and I jokingly say we don't teach people to read. I've. Or hold their breath. We just teach people not to freak out and tell them why they shouldn't, and once they have that information i. it's not like a day or two days we're training your body to do something. It's wasn't capable of doing before we're just train your mind to do something it didn't conceive of as possible before that's it. We'll speak enough safety I have to ask. For the first time in my. Fifteen. Years of Fourteen Years of surfing I paddled over to me, and there was just the wind was right and I thought Oh somebody else was going to go up paddled with somebody else and I was just curious in your experiences that are there safety issues that I should think about I definitely know that there's a lot of boat traffic we were doing early in the morning so I felt safer but I could see where if somebody speeding through and it had a little bit drink, which we know that they do on the water, I would've been like the target. are think going over macer there's really. No at the sons doing is the glare. Can they see? Definitely know what to tide state is you know incoming and outgoing or do you want wind up on the rocks or do you want to wind up in? First Cove? Okay and Where do you start? Do you when you come to the point you go to the eastern part of the point and then get slingshot around or you go back around on the south side I mean the the west side and start by the coastguard station beat side. then. slingshot out in and around that way and which is the best way is the best way. There's also an Eddie line where even though the water's coming in. You can take it. Right next to the rocks and get shot right to where you WANNA go and not have to work at half this hard like this morning when I need to. You can run across the run next to the. If you're three feet over persons. They're going backwards in your disco on the opposite way as fast as you can. Wow. Yeah. So there's little eddies that spent around. There's a lot to know he knows the sweet spot. Jay Does. Talk. Gone to Mace in what you're doing is. Is Nice. It's good. It's very safe. Have the skill you have the ability you have the knowledge. And you're not on a wave store. Little. Timid Saturday at about. Anywhere from eleven am to three PM where. Every teenager is out in their mommy daddy's huge votes overpowered I I've seen him more this year than I've ever noticed it before, but I think it's Foolhardy and dangerous to have children with such little life experience going sixty miles per hour through banks channel. I don't like it at all. That's why limit all my paddles early in the morning and I to stay away from the crowd. To the world of twenty twenty and in covert. Johnny. Get Out of the House here's the boat well I. Tell You. Wow parents, right. So beach parents, I'll just urge you to do this. Give your kids limit. Tell him to keep it under a certain. RPM. Because sixty miles per hour is too fast in abode and banks channel with people pulling their children people at anchor swimming paddling. In it's truly speed kills and yes. people are boats don't have breaks do not have brakes and you don't have to have a license. Yeah. Yeah. Being in kids that age let's face it. They're not looking out there looking in How do I look? Yeah. Listen to that. Pot. A Little Boston whaler a little John this is they great boat for a kid to start in or anyone with limited boating experience. Figure things out for they get out there and jam. Run people over yeah. So do you guys as? The safety rescued are y'all in that area as well I mean 'cause you don't go all the way down. We will. Do, rescues halfway down Mason Borough and then all the way up to figure eight bridge were responsible for. If we get a call we will we will go to their we have done helicopter extractions off of Mason Borough for for people. That was the question like okay i. get the Mace in something happens you know like a thunder storm with lightening and what have you? Just waited out how do I get Herreid? About it and bring a phone and everybody was smart enough to leave earlier. Wait it out. Allocated out. And just go okay. Lesson learned watch for these pop-ups. Back, if they don't have transport, don't be the last one to leave. And never go ahead. No Go. Boss just going to say I. Guess It was maybe two maybe three weeks ago. It was beautiful. Sir feels nice out suddenly the storm came out and I mean the lightning strikes were they got closer and closer and I got out. Early in the morning. And people get out I don't. Know? No. I was one of those days. I'm telling myself I looked at everything. I look at the radar they were popping. I'm going like, okay. I'm just going to do a quick paddle out to the. Mile Buoy and back in, you know the interest. and. I turned as watching and just see this thunderhead growing and growing and then just. Going off to town and going like. it is just started sprinting for everything I was worth to get ahead out of that situation, but people will stay on the beach unfortunately during lightning. And I've pulled people out struck by lightning. ooh. What's that like well? Yeah Surfers was it a swimmer or it was unfortunately A. UNC W. Young. Women in the water I said, don't take the lightning. Lightly. Exactly. We leave once it gets within ten miles Okay and you can go on APPS and get another state is cool. APP. Yeah. There's plenty of APPs out there. Like the lightning strike up actually weather bug has one. And you can go to there and. We also talked to you know the National Weather Service and communicate all the time but. Once it gets within ten miles we pulled the lifeguards. And in the past that should one in five years had. Three lifeguards. One. All near Near. None of them died but. Two were off the beach. And they. Were underneath an awning and got. Struck in Blake blown ten feet into a wall. And then actually One of our lifeguards was it was coming in and they were trying to hook up the trailer and it was a mere strike and it went into the ground and then came back and came up right into Oh and. I got the call and I remember it and it was one of the things I said. Guys called we've got an ambulance come and quick I mean they were fine. Now I'm fine I said, no. Right there's A lot of stuff going on and. Got Him back to the station and I said Amazon Way I'm fine I'm fine and then it was like. Every Cell in her body tried to re polarize. And she said that. Her chest trying to touch her spinal cord. Just doing this and then she started. To wear with all to call because the body is much like a machine. A really really well designed machine, but you know you drop your cell phone in the water or something it works at first, but then there's little shorts and things start to happen. Over some time and yeah, I would think that all that electricity would not just be okay This was like just. A second year I was there and everything we had the old town logo for Ocean rescue stuff. Yeah. I resigned and so that's what we have. If you look, there's still little lightning bolts on there. Yeah. Yeah. Look looks like that underwater. Army. Rangers. The. Underwater operations, guys, the seals they're rangers, but they're the. The divers they have something, but anyway we. So Redesigned that just remind you know lightning and this person was very fortunate and is. You know. But they're scared US lightning storm heck yeah. Seriously as it deserves to be treated, I think. I'm glad I heard this because I know that it's so Tintin when the waves are good and you're like That close there's always a tomorrow. Yeah there's always. Tomorrow we forget to worry about unless you're stupid. Don't heed the natural. Advice. Warnings ranks yeah. I I agree with what you said earlier. Dave might be a good candidate for part two because we talked a lot about safety in in this kind of thing. But I feel like we just scratched the surface on some of those other things that are super interesting the performance related. Yeah. Item. So if you would be willing to be tomorrow but. Maybe. In the future, we could do a part to and talk about I'm really interested in some of the. Yeah. Absolutely I think it'd be fun. You know it's We'll give you some banana nut bread Oh. No maybe a sticker. We stickers have stigmatised. Yeah Sold. But it is time to try and God. Laurels. Stickers. That's what I was. GonNa say exactly say, no, I was just thinking about. You know like are limits like what are limits are in? You know even though you can overcome quite a bit by sheer willpower and Self taught yeah. But but there's some things that you can't overcome like mother nature or lightning and different things that you have to go. Okay. These are. Imposed limits upon me that that you don't WanNa fight against but I think. There's something in the word of God that talks about pick. The is eight forty who yeah. Yeah like Oh old school. Yeah. We don't go there all the time. That's right. That's right. So I'm GonNa Start With Verse Twenty Eight Okay, the Lord is ever lasting God the creator of the ends of the earth he does not faint or grow weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the faint and to him who has no might he increases strength? Even use shall faint and be weary and young men to fall exhausted the they who wait for the Lord. Shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like Eagles they shall run and not be weary they show walk and not faint. So it kind of is talking about this. Underlying strength that goes beyond what we're capable of. because. It kind of talks about even the young will. Come to the end of themselves. Go ahead and also it speaks to the mindset because there are some people you know that might have cerebral palsy or something where they're not literally going to get up and walk I mean the miracle could happen. Yes. But but to have that strength of mindset so that they're liberated from their physical condition anyway. Absolutely. I have An old. Forty years. But they were tragically. In a in a car accident and became C. Four, C. Five quadriplegic Great story on their part. But They have their PhD they teach. The but in when you listen to her talk in. About things, it's that your mind is your most powerful thing. You can accomplish these other these things you don't need a full body You know you need and you can you know and for her it was. not, giving up live not you know she lost power but she found the strength you know and that then she took that and went through all these things to become one of the premier. people for talking about vehicle accidents working for things and is has at Clemson University and South Carolina well, and I think when I was thinking about this scripture, I was thinking of you as well. Just being someone who Maybe has Hatha or as as a heart that is working half as well as maybe a young person's whose whole heart is working but I think too. I. Think about my little brother whose. Brain injured and But Mom did not let what the doctor said about him. Keep him from riding a bike and do an independent things that that. You know became something that was more than what anybody's limits had on him but. When I think about God I, think about. There is the supernatural thing that when. We. Look to God when Lee nothing a of times when people would say, Oh, well, you didn't find God. So you were at the lowest rung on the ladder but cares good on you as you know what? That's when you decided that hey, maybe there is something and I don't have anything else to turn to and I think about the different people in the. Bible. Will the Israelites themselves that were slaves in? Egypt, for this tiny rejected nation. God, pulled them out rescued them. David King David was you know nobody in the ended up fighting Goliath with a slingshot? Or Daniel who was taken off as Captive after a a war and ended up being able to Roz empower you know have. Yeah and would also be thrown in the lines dinner no fiery furnace and survive, and he survived an all those things were able to. Be Manifest because of God's supernatural power but also I think some people will some people have the? You know that faith place where they will look to God for that extra strength and and and for that mindset, the some people despite their belief system whether they have gone, their lives are not already have the mind of God. You know where they have that extra. Ability to kind of overcome or to to attain that mindset that well I think we were all created by God. So I feel like he put that in you like he put the ability to choose more for yourself or choose to go beyond what other people might put an and I choose not to look at how hard Do. I have a whole heart I choose to use it this way. That's right. And that. The strength that I have comes from so many. Things that have happened in my my life and that it. How you? Move forward is not look at your disabilities, but your abilities that you have in the strength that you've gained. Over the years you know that you've lived well, I think of part of the physical therapy program that we did with my little brother was, oh, he's got this brain injury. He's still one years old. We look at all these brain cells that don't ever get used know how do we know that physical therapy program was to activate as many brain cells that may have been dormant to take over or? Take over some of activity of that part that was injured and I mean for all. We know you know like they said, he'd never bike can do all these things. He was able to ride a bike. He was able to talk. He was able to do so many things in and we don't even know what all he was able to do because of what we did at the time or what my parents. decided to do, but if they would have listened to the doctors to determine. What would outcome bit right? He in a wheelchair? The thing of it is the goes back an experiment of one once again. And that your. One unique individual. Yes we're all you know the creation of God but. We have the ability to to to see what our performance is going to be. I can't tell you know you can't serve that way that you'll never be able to surf that. Right? You, know because I will never gonNa hit three hundred feet. Yeah. That's not no. You can. You know or whatever the death of me needs to be it's that. No we're gotTA find. Going we. rolled. And then say Yeah. But I think the cool thing when I think of mom parents and and my little brother I look at not only did they not take the doctor's word on what he would or would not be able to do but by praying by prayer and I, believe a supernatural. Ability that they were able to not just pursue a good life for Benjamin but they were able to build a assisted living center for I mean their minds that was you know what? We could put Benjamin up for the rest of his life or figure out a way for him to be most independent person but they wanted if we can do it for one, we can do it for more than I would like to have your mom. Or Your Dad Yeah talk about the Benjamin House because that pretty? Awesome Don't you aren't. You amazed sometimes that doctors who are these healers zoo. And a lot of them yeah. Will have the power of God working through them to people but will so many of them. I. Think sometimes no offense I have a lot Dr Franz lovey guys. The day lack that mindset that. Their patient will mountaintop. And have wings like eagles why do they lack that mindset when they've seen miraculously things happen and and have abilities past would I can do? Yeah I can't perform brain surgery maybe with training right? There in the brain. tooling around and I was very fortunate to have. A cardiologists that was an athlete. My mindset that was not going to. Say No you need to stick with. And even suggested some things and I said No. I said I would rather do this and. Fortunately. Through the years you know I chose the right decision. You know I don't know where I'd be if I had taken the other one but. I've always said every day's a gift. There's no guarantee for tomorrow. I know it's Cliche and we all say it but it is exactly true because June seventh of Ho Seven. You should have been dead, right. Well. Not only that how many I mean I feel like it's more meaningful when you say it when you've seen life and death. Over and over again. It it's I don't think you see life and death I think that you appreciate things a little bit more. the grain of sand the way the wind blows, the the waves, the way they break. Yeah and everyday since I took to position back in four. I take an hour when I'm working and the guys all my guys zone and everything you've see I did it the north end and watch ways for an hour. That's my time. That's my stomach growl. Some. Good reflection I like also that you had that crazy thing happen to you and you decided to do something with it because I know you're doing some talks, right? I have. and. Entertaining us today to talk about this thing. So I do want to dig deeper. Into that stuff. Absolutely. Critical. We'll. Homework do we need some? Whom do you? Know what I would say sit back. And really look and. Appreciate what you have. Not, what you don't have. But what you really have find out what that is. I like that make a little list even if you have to be reminded in a physical way mega list. Yeah. And take the time because I think that's the The ability to. Have gratefulness and to have that appreciation. In this rush rush world, you're going to have to take the time like your taking the time out of your day that you know. Maybe you could be sitting at home and reading or whatever but you're going out to work and you're taking the time to spend the time to appreciate. If you don't have that calm moment those moments than you can't when you're survival you're not. Which I think. A lot of people live day to day in. And they can't appreciate what they have because it's just a constant HAMSTER WHEEL So you gotta take that time yeah. Yeah that's what I want things. I'm grateful for is my schedule. Because and and our livelihood what Renan I do to make money and support the family because we're able to make a living but we never have. Money. Our work on the front burner. They're always. China to me right now we're working really hard so he can say. Things we WANNA do. Yeah. But yeah, we don't live in that constant state of wanting and needing I'm glad for that. Dangerous Place Bring US home. Well, thank you guys so much. For listening If you. Listen to this episode please leave a comment or question because we're going to have dave again. So if you have a question, maybe we'll ask it or save it for our next episode and asked him. So any burning questions for each safety and or? Running race or Race and then go to our facebook or instagram possession podcast and give us a like her Yeah. Check it out and Thanks. We might even have some bonus material first patriots from this episode. Thanks everybody. You Dave.

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