Giving Birth On Air


What is up everybody? Thank you for listening to this week's barracks. Talk podcast here at Devi Radio. We'd love to give a shout out to a young army veteran who has a wife? Little ones and JJ wanted me to personally tell you that you embody the concept of what veteran Brotherhood is. You stepped in when JJ was unable to be there physically for his little sister, and that is what the veteran failing means, that is what a veteran does brisk brothers and sisters. He's there when they can't be and to help along the way Nick Ayers. Thank you. You thank you so much for going out to Raven Crafts Tattoo, gallery, and helping them to clean up the mess and destruction net was laid upon them unfortunately not too long ago. It truly means a lot to myself. All of Devi Radio Staff and Jj most certainly is indebted to you now. Everybody since you're listening to US listen to the rest of this show, please remember the views and opinions expressed by this show or any other show TV radio, and it's strictly lose of said individuals and do not reflect those TV radio stab, nor the staff dysfunctional veterans. On go on your mobile device. Actually. Wait? Wait a minute. Wait a minute I. Waited her. Remember seeing something I believe in. There that I knew that I belonged I have come here to chew gum and kick. Him and being somebody in the neighborhood that was full of nobody. All audubon. Take your position all right. Here we go hold you ears, folks, Hey! It's it's it's. Also! Rectum. You Bitch. I WanNa for all the. Details KRANTZ TALKING MY T. Per serving. Shut their vibrator off gonNA. GET SOGGY fast. When I go to buy a new one I can tell you that. Is based trump trigger. That's all I. Will Never get rid of. You're tuned into W DVR ON DVD radio, dot net or by searching Devi Radio on the free live three six five app on your mobile device. That is it is on wd? The dot net is very suck. Lives July eleven twenty twenty up voter would. Gag grown. Ass Fuck man returning from long aspect and I and we don't know why we got cut her. We got. We don't have frosty because he was like. I need to get rid of that work. So you guys and they was like. I, just go show up really late because it and. Like you know what I've just got. Go Colorado, fuck you guys and clothes like Hey, I. Don't feel I. Get on the fucking show so fuck you guys and is just us, so what avenue? At law going on. I don't believe most of that happened like that, but the way you said it just makes it sound so delicious negative. That was wonderful again. Wait Stott everyone meet your mics again. Let him do again. Want more ferociousness this. Give it to me all. Okay. I want an all give give it to go. We. Got The walker rage your assist plugging. Try to flag shit up. Who the what? The Walker Rage Esther or whatever the fuck I said. Walker rage Orissa. What did I say? What was that last thing? And I'm not trying to remember. Patriot! And? I'm not trying to remember so the weirdest moments before we go too deep into what the fuck is going on tonight I am trying to pass fucking Giddy stone I've and tried to passes Bitch since what Wednesday Thursday point so seemless pin. Right. Now, he's now eighteen Yvonne, Murray. Middle of the week sometime yeah. Yeah so, is there a Thursday I've felt why I know is a fucking kidney stone because I've had enough of the PUCK and kidney stones. So I had like giving birth. Is Worse than getting but anyway. But anyway I'm trying to pass a stone so if I for any reason, go silent. These guys know what to do that means pick up my slack, and if you hear a loud scream over in unneeded Mike, probably me pissing out a fucking stone. Because I know it's about to come out any fucking time now. 'cause I can barely pissed and yeah. Pains are happening should be having so. Yeah, that's my life right now. luckily I've not ended up. Having to go to the emergency room time, so that's a knock on wood right there, Bowler with his you would. Get But That's that's what's going on seriously and. I. Don't need any sympathy from anybody, but if you know what the fuck I'm going through right now, it's not fucking great. Oh, yeah, house everybody's. A. See. This is what gets me not as like growing bands like you're so negative. I WanNa be a positive and yet. What still. Like a fucking sound like a mosquito just landed no a net that went into my aunt's like. I was part of that. I can't can't give him all the credit on that one I'm going to get it all to him because he started it. Yep You gotta spread the wealth there, but a cup Oh hail now hail to the nisell. All to the NISELL. Labatt Song Hell No hell, no, no, no. At Mad Dad, didn't he? I think he did. But anyway just to go back to a few refined say or trying to do about whole. How are you guys doing? I'm okay, Yeah, I'm. Been Weird Florida is once again. Doing Florida's on a grand scale. For some reason. unbeknownst to me like. Florida now has the highest Yup a Kobe spreading rate of all the states and dammit. I I wanted to go outside, okay? Punishment was that wait wait. was that a black a of a sneeze or that was sorry I didn't get. Okay not me I. All holy fucking Shit secondly gazillion. Sorry I didn't get a chance to mute requires certain. Kind of came up on me. Anyway. Literally. I can do the but now. I'm like Got Doug at Florida who do please use your head out of your butts and remember that though you may naps, you like you're contagious or sick. OR HAIR! The rest of the world is looking at us. We're looking at a stupid. And Konosuke like Canada. So what a stupid, but I'm old Shit! They're jump. I mean Europe Europe Open Lights Lada herders sectors of the. They opened up to the entire planet a set or America. That is. Putting our European country. Continent, euro, all of the countries in Europe. They all open and said Nah except America. is in. Keep it where you are. You meant to say the entire continent of Europe opened up. The, second time. I'm just saying to to clarify for the people that might have missed it. 'cause. It ran together so quickly. All Hot. Of Your. Continent. All the continents in Europe with all the countries and the gun right off. Countries in I'm talking like I'm now. You, Damp Loretta. Reaons, but now like. I heard. That now is like you know what I'm mad at everybody. I am I'm legit mad at every single one? There's no reason. No reason the half to do all this crap again. But there is, there's an increase. This is the second coming. Of COVID, though the second coming was supposed to be got Dang on light. was all. September October listen the. This, is this is only July? Right? Yet they they actually predicted it months ago that we would have a second. Wave of this before now, right? Not later, but before now. I'm so angry why? 'cause you're a angry ass. Man, Girl Man I'm not I, am not I'm happy. Posting. A. I am I'm happy days. And keeping weekend that unless it's girl, we. Keep into his thanks, thanks! Pins us, remind me of that one. Keep into his handle thoughts of grown ass. Man brought to you by Devi, radio dot net WDR. Uses also Patriot members. If you've not noticed, we did. Put the Beta link for the new website layout up today If you're wondering where the link is just quick, the top there where the big TV radio network layer logo is. Wake was nice enough to ask me where the link was because he didn't say it. And I was like that hot. As the post says. Follow this link this link this link up super fucking like I'll see you. God dealing and I even put after top of this post Yeah, if you guys. If you guys won't see, go ahead and use it quote unquote. Try to break it. follow what guidelines are in the post. Please read the post thoroughly before you contact us about anything there artemis nothing there are. There are issues that we cannot work around work in progress e, adding things like say escape and Usmc Racine and a few others that we were quickly with so those things are still in the works that you're not gonna see on there right now before the most part that's what it is going to look like when it comes out on mobile as well as a desktop versions or pc whatever you WANNA. Call it now There are things that we cannot change as in the stack. Layout for mobile whichever way you turn it. It's probably going to be sacked. You can't change that. We have no way to change that whatsoever with their background right now, What else can we not change their own that I cannot think of something ahead. Like you said I think a lot of just out issues right now on the US spacing since other things that. Again I think there's all. Little, and so you actually get it going live and actually see. The little issues ABC nothing major. Donald think anyway yet won't work on a few browsers. US Afar is the biggest one at won't work on. Some mobile devices like. This other one that there were so it's not working. do not do not if it gets sent to you by any of us in Facebook Messenger do not use the Messenger Browser opened up in a browser that is on your mobile device. Your I don't know how many times tell that to people. Because facebook Messenger Browser is retarded in of itself, and it doesn't like to do things the way I should if use Internet explorer, use, Internet, explorer or Microsoft Edge has going to change fought colors because Microsoft is retarded and thinks they can control everything, and they basically do so fly them it should work. It should work on the majority of most browsers and the majority of devices that we've seen so far, minus for fact Safari. We don't know of any other browsers right off the top of our head. I can't think of any unless wink can, but for a fat I know on Safari earlier. That seemed to be kind of a one time this year. Okay, so it may be working on safari now if it doesn't work for you, let us know and it'll probably be alive issue but you know on on on him. Dos I gotta work I am does. I do know for a fact that Microsoft, edge and Internet for will change the plot colors, and it makes it very hard to read. It should not because I have standard colors for like. the menu has white lettering, but it wants to change. It's like what is it fucking dark, blue or some shit? I don't know why Microsoft can go fuck themselves you hear me bill, Gates, ICU yourself, but anyway I digress so. His money right. If you're patriotic member, you can do that and we do encourage you to use it, so you can get used to the layout before we go that way We can question you about it what you like what you don't like as well as the people that are going to be need to you again. Help navigate them through. If they have any issues, it should be pres. go through though if you WANNA, check it out and you WanNa see what new layouts about her. See what goodies we have coming to you guys soon. Good Patriotic Dot com for slash. Devi Radio Become Patriarch number. you can do it for as little as a dollar or as much as whatever the advertising cheer is, which I can't think of ahead but that's that I don't have any news from dv six because I could not get a hold of him today. I was going to have to live on pod bean for you guys before the show, and then we going to go straight into barracks. Talk, but like I said I could get a hold of him so. Going to presume 'cause what uh booming does I'm gonNA presuming that he's probably busy doing stuff whether it be with a camper or with whatever's going on out in Colorado. I presume yes dv six He has been gone love pod being for you guys over the week and I hope you guys are enjoying that Someone brought up to me that you may half to eventually by credits to use that I don't know how true that is. I've not heard of anybody else that I. know personally that broadcast. Popping being any of their listeners having to do that I do know that any monies through the pod. Being APP comes to us. is just like a little quote. UNQUOTE, patriotic. Extra if you WANNA call it that it's pod means little. On So if you do have to give money to to pod being, they get the actual currency, and for every hundred pod beans, or whatever the fuck they call him. We get a dollar so that in mind when you do. If you do have to ever do that, and you have to use those things to listen to any of our live broadcast on pod. POD BEING WE'RE NOT GONNA implement that that will be on pod being if they implement that, but just know that we will take that money, and we'll put it back into Devi. Ready for you guys if that ever becomes the thing We're not planning on doing that. I know mean oil had seen that at one point when we first tested it. Like I said I've had a few people. Tell me that you may have to Like I said I'd I'd know a few people that use pod bean and broadcast through pods team at are very successful, and they've not had yet so I. Guess it just I guess it all depends on. The actual broadcaster, idol, We've not implemented at so don't expect us to. People Right I wanNA bring you guys as much free to as humanly possible, and if I can do that, I am certainly going to do that and DB six to be seems to be having won that so I encourage you to do that please know that if you need thought someone that is not time, do not call in and needing to talk to someone if you're in distress, or you know you D to release anything or whatever you need to get in into contacted battle distress twenty till nine objected zero one talk about that, but please do not call any of our shows that are wide that you have access to call it, is you? As a call out. Okay, WE WANNA. Help you guys, but that is. That is not the time. Okay I knew that sales like I being a Dick but that means we have to stop everything, and then it might send someone else over the edge, and they might get into this Alz and then we've got two people or five people oinky. Talk About Object Zero really quick. Yeah, Jack Zero, I mean it's a free APP or Moses for IOS and your android devices created by veterans or veterans initially. you know it's a you get you contact with somebody you need talk somebody whether in your local area or heck you WanNa pick somebody from your home state and Online chat with them instead while means there at the ambassadors that they have are doing us a tennis later on hearts. They goes either training so there to help you know they're there to help by again. Listen and guide you to this resources. They can assist you, thank. You may need any new for free, so you can do it by text. It also do video like a few phone with zoom meeting, or you can also just do it by the old fashioned cell home. You know voice control, so it's it's awesome APP. Download and look at looking over. Lists of resources on that Abbas well. You're GONNA utilize android. Share her. Battle buddies whenever they needed. and. Sense Samaya during put. Yes. So this. We had a really really rough week, and before my ambien kicked him one night I really needed to just chat with somebody and I waited about five minutes yet. hooked with somebody and just got to Chan about. What was going on in my head just like? Just talking to somebody himself, which is like having somebody on the other end of the phone and. I can't recommend it at not having you instead myself. and. And you guys know we don't really trust keevil on their word as far as hey, we help veterans, but We've worked with objectives zero since before they began. We know what they're about. We know pretty much everybody they've helped. As far as we sent them and who has reached out to them in some way shape in some way, shape or form so when we say go to objected zero were telling you. Go to objectives zero. We may not, we trust it. We would use it if we absolutely need to. So it's a good place to start. If that's not the full on thing you want to do to It's a good place to sorry at least for resources and just to get an idea what it's like. Yes Sir facebook being stupid. Now that's great. Thank you facebook his I. I yeah. I need to monitor anything facebook. No, not at all. How I'll I'll wet to fucking do something on the page. It's like those pages. Not available were trying to fix this error we by. Yeah. He's got a little facebook. Dot Don't have to learn. Right so I I did post about an hour ago. Just under a actually over an hour ago about an hour and a half ago, now Devi. Radio stickers are coming soon. Yes, they're coming seeing They all may not look exactly like what's in that picture. They might be bigger. They might be smaller. We don't know yet, but that's basically out of the stickers. Those are some samples that I I. Actually, believe it was yeah. Friday working on getting some more to launch for you guys They might range in price were not sure yet, but they're not going to be too expensive and. we have to make profit, but we'll will at least make as cheap as humanly possible to cover Our costs as well as make at least a dollar, or so prophet the and give it back to TV radio and bring you more stuff We can't release any T shirt designs right now, but stickers. We were like flick. Yeah, we need the sixers out We might make some different ones. We might change colors. We don't know. Those are the basic ones that you're going to get as soon as we watch them do it this month. Not It'll be around the time that the new website layout launches a bit either way. Look forwards that then the next coming weeks at D. Radio Stories keep tunes you. Devi radios social media. Patriot members will get a discount on stickers s soon as we watch. For about a week or so so patron members, if you. Are Looking forward to get some of the stickers lookout for opposed when we start taking orders from you guys. Someone asked me the other day if they can still get free shipping. No, that was just for Fourth of July weekend. ship in his out the ASS right now it's second Stephen we try to make shipping as cheap as humanly possible through our carrier Then I think it's probably the cheapest flat rate you can get right now as far as cindy merchandise when it comes to t shirts and mugs. I'm sure there's somebody out there. That doesn't cheaper. And Better, or whatever you WANNA call it. We use the cheapest that we can get through our merchandiser and. Yeah so I. DO Apologize For that, but we are open up to basically the entire world, so if your country is on there, we can shit to you if your country isn't on. There probably because there's some type of tyrannical rebellion or terrorist shit going on, and that's why we can't Shitsu I'm not joking. That's why a lot of American companies cannot ship certain countries, because of whatever rebellion or encircling or embargo Or terrorist activities are going on That's why we can't do it, so it's not us. It's not our merchandisers. Nutter shipper s because of whatever is going on in that country at that time but yup, we can basically should to the whole world, which is all so. Yeah Anyway Shipped Alaska. Yes, we we can. We can shit, so Alaska and we can ship as we might go. We have We may come out with another Mug So when asked me about the dog? We might do a rhino dogging Mug as well for you guys and up until task dogs. What is it twin? T twenty point. Yes, this is that what it's called? I think it's happening in August or September September that yeah, the mood back. The oxygen record read or write a song. has in a few months I. do know that so until that happens anything that says Rhino Doggy or P. T.. S. Dog on. It from Devi. Radio store goes to. One hundred percent after our cost All but one dollar from the DVD farm rothe, recovering t shirt from the TV radio store goes to the DVD farm. We've had like three or four purchase. It I know not many and we're still working on. What is it for xl and point? Yes for Excel up it. sizes we are working on like I said we can't come up with any new designs right now and hinders us on adding the quote, unquote, big boys and girls, section own Devi radio store, but as soon as they say. Hey, you can do this. We're going to open that up for you guys as soon as he was possible, so if you are bigger than a three X or need a size bigger than three x, for whatever reason I personally needed three x so yeah I I'm there with you? OINK and frosty needed. What was it for X.? We we're not hitting on you. We're not mad at you. Trust me we. We understand the struggle but as soon as we're able to do that, we will get you guys and girls. Those sizes available on the radio store. It'll probably be one shirt, and then you get to choose from a list and whatever you choose from that list that will be your shirt instead of having you know fifty seven million fucking. Designs on there that are the same in people flocking that up thinking. They got a three x they had a four x or some shit but we're trying to do that as quickly as humanly possible, and they understand and they're trying to work with this but again. You know we can't dictate anything. Because? Oh all orders are made to order I got explained that there till you guys that again I know. A lot of people think that we have the stockpile of a warehouse now. Every shirt every Mug, every sticker anything you buy from Devi radio store. Is made to order. That's one reason it's eight so long to get your order right now during Kobe, because they have a backlog of orders that's coming in, so they have to get those out and then comes so whatever number in line you are, that's. What? That's best when you get your shirt. mugs and stickers are a little bit quicker because there a little bit better than springing printing and D D, D T G frightening. so keep that in mind. Everything is made to order, so we can cut down waste. We can cut down on taxes. Homer, cod taxes, but thanks. because if if you have a start and you have a warehouse, you have to pay taxes on that stock If you didn't know, but he sell it or not. You have to pay taxes on that. We know we've been there so. Everything is made to order If your order gets fucked up and you don't want it, and you send it back, we our merchandiser gives that to someone homeless. They give to a homeless shelter, so it doesn't get destroyed. It doesn't go into the trash. It goes to somebody else so yeah. They're doing great shit over at our. WHO WOULD ERA PRODUCTION PRODUCTION WAREHOUSE? Thing whatever you WANNA call anyway. We need to go to break. I am going to try and pass the stone during break. Hopefully, I'll know but hey. You are listening to back here. On dvr be ready dot net you got Boehner. Would Gutter and grown ass, motherfucker man. We don't know who else is going to join us later in the show, but. You can find out if you stay with us. We'll be back right after this. Are you looking veteran resources and peer support? Objectives zero has an APP for that. Download the objectives zero APP for free from the APP. Store or Google play access wellness resources like yoga and a free subscription to head space. The world's most popular meditation at Checkout veteran's resources access on nationwide network here support speak to fellow women, veterans, or someone in your field and branch of service. You get to choose who you want to it. Learn more at www dot object zero dot org. That's www dot objectives zero dot org. What Steve Radio TV radio is. The veteran, active duty, service, member, caregiver and civilian supporter of the military TV. Radio Dot net is the online veteran network, nate four and by veterans from original shows syndication. You can find it here on DVD radio dot net in an effort to continue our mission, and make better quality shoes, or each and every one of you visit our patriotic at Patriot dot com slash. Radio whether you can only pledge one dollars per month or that entire million dollar inheritance. Your uncle left you. There's a tear with rewards waiting for you, so why not keep ev radio running and get rewarded at the same time at the Patriot dot com forward slash Devi radio now. That's Patriot Dot Com. Slash DB radio's. Radio let's get it. You're listening. TV Our own Devi radio DOT net. Five editors, four veterans. View. So. A. took. Two. Team. Gets. No body. Big. That is as right hair. Readier dive that. That's that's really hurt my. That is short people Bahraini near many. If you don't Randy Newman date, is he? Is He man? That made all most all songs for Disney's Pixar toys. That Toy Story. That's it that's it. That's it. You got a friend and me. That's the same. While that fucking song short people so short people song is like a tongue in cheek. Song talked about how everybody is so against people for the dumbest of reasons and is a hilarious song makes fun of Short people obviously, but in reality. He's telling you listen to how ridiculous this is as to why I the person. That's end the song hate short people, and that's how retarded. The world was at the time and has gotten even worse, but yeah. Yeah at the time that he wrote that Song Yes. y'All got worse. As what I'm saying it's got. Did I just not like and say that. Anyway we are back here on DVD radio dot net W dvr. Spirits talk on. Boehner would be got grown. Asked mind we got. We got cutter and Google joined us deer in the break. Out I have arrived. Google. What will. you know. Same Shit Different Day. had. Six instead. What, house arrest in Sixes head? My versus fine and sixes is fine. Guess. I don't know he's been on the road you. I. Really like real sweet, this whole house, their wrist in sixes. Right. Well I, I had carpal tunnel surgery like a month ago, and then a couple of weeks leaders six slammed his head into a wall in cracked skull, open eating nine staples. while. I guess he was like. You know what you're not going to be the only one having fun on the GATT. Dang on half of their money well I think it's because I fell and hit my head, and then he was like Oh my beer. Forbid, Ma. Ana. Goes Town how we go short people. I like I. Always I I'm okay with people soaking acurite. Offensive or not, I don't care, but when short will act right then I'm okay with them. You know, don't. Don't jump up and give up with me like Oh. Don't go. You know. Get off your high horse because it has to be solar. Be Real people. Real people. Poor and I have serious Napoleon complex that's not. Only meal alone. That's short five foot. Short even for woman. Short when all your brothers are over six foot, okay, that means hoops on the gene thing he acts. On the. Change. You. See what we did there and that wasn't. Just. It's just. Word True Song, just saying. I don't think. That short people should be rude to taller people, merely because all people are tall short people can't see over I. AM MORALE! I'm wrong. honestly wasn't paying attention. I was checking back. So we're having problems with some stuff so as That's. Over there. You're younger. I still have a kidney stone. That I got a vast yep. I'm good. I know and yet we don't have an itinerary. I wonder why. You wanted to take time off. That's not my fault. Noah said Friday and I said. I said Friday and stuff. That's all you need five okay I. Guess we're just GONNA keep talking over people because you know that's what we do here. Do Radio. No what I said was I was taken Friday and Sunday off I would be here for the show Saturday and then come Thursday. A Dole decided to ban. A fucking still decided to say Haibo. I've at your kidney. Hey, when do you want me to come out and I've been working on that bitch ever since fucking Wednesday or Thursday give or retake and. Oh foot. It's like I told them earlier. I felt the pain doing something in the lower right part of my back so I know it smooth, and it like pene is not what it normally is because it's not like all four school and shit so I know it's about to come out probably within the next ten hours and that's ego. Joe So Google you've you've given her person correct? A chill as a matter of fact. I, go go. Perfect. Both said that. The the feeling of passion kidney stone. Is like giving birth. No, I did not he said is worse was what he said. Agree I said it's probably worse. No and then I agreed because I've heard that before as a woman. Yeah, so I WANNA, know from a woman who has had you know. A human being pushed her. With the? Two of them now because I've never had a kidney stone well-played all right so. And also nor deny also I have evidence to prove that it probably hurts more than giving birth. The Vagina is made to open up whereas the Retha Natto. Woman was not meant to open up. So! For Push literally here literally you're literally pushing. You're literally pushing now. A spike right out of your your Retha that does not open up for something salary scissors at lone away is yeah, I can. I can personally tell you that catheters and kidney stones feel the same way he had or out. It builds the same way. I'm talking about. That's fun on both ends. On both ends what? Markham La die. Anyway, so so, how has your week been 'cause I? Know we've got to talk much because the busy with so much shit, including stones and DVD's combs stone. God drink during the. Play Gordo combat I, haven't I haven't been I'm not drinking and I'm not playing comedy Yothu. then. What was the button mashing while the show was going on earlier? Completely different video I'll bet. Combat, but yeah remember. SCONE. I. Love the Cinnamon Raisin once, but you're good. Anyway Google what has been going on at the farm and do you have any updates on six? Because I tried to get hold of them today and I'm assuming and you don't that. Does I'm assuming that he has a lot going on which is why couldn't get in touch with them to do 'em popping before the show? so. I? Don't know if I'm supposed. Say Anything, but he's in Colorado last I heard. That's like yesterday. That was the projected time for him to be. Yeah so. From as far as I know, that is where he's at. Oh, no, and then. Oh, this is funny, though because last night I got a text message from six. He's. He goes what your address. On the Mike. Mike Yudhoyono and he goes ocean. With choppy thought it was. That netted into. No no wait. Wait so men. Hilmer owns zoom one day and he's trying to give out the address. The somebody and they're on the phone like let me find the address for the farm here and I just start rambling and all things like. Is it really? Yeah I should know by now I've only thought it up. How many fucking times and he went? You Know My home address and I don't know yours was like I'm not the one that always puts into a GPS doesn't actually say. He doesn't know his own home. He gave the wrong zip code. He gave them the wrong zip code. Number. I've known I've. Known my zipcode since I was three years old. Eventually. Ebay. That's on that really matters, but it's funny to see him struggle to get out the address. Like an alert. 'cause he's like four fourteen. And then he finally gets all the numbers and letters names, and I'm like. UK over there You just learned in your home address going up there? How? So he's he's in Colorado. and. There's really not been ALLOCCO and on here. We moved to baby. The other day. So they're in with the big chickens. Make repeat. They didn't make Bo PCP and then GEEZ! Hold on the. That's not the chicks. That's duck. Christ? Anyway I was GONNA say. I was going to say something, but then held back because a better not. I feel stole moving as hurting and I'm trying the screen now while we're don't show. Flip, overloading young, want sympathy or not. No just keep doing the show. The chickens the OH. They've taken now have an outs- outdoor patio, but it's got fencing around it. So that even at night, they're able to go out. They all have to be in the house. So it's Kinda cool. They have moving up there improving new. And Chick World Yeah. Silje Gada piece of the duck. Why! I'm sorry. Stop bringing. Is anything else got through a lot of periods? I'm trying to think what else there's been happening and. How are the vets doing overall? There good I mean sixes and years ago. And said that I kept thinking why. There's so many people who treat animals. One? Goodness like I. Really did like a split second like no, he veterans okay. I mean you know it's funny? Because normally went six leaves. Just the dogs act a little goofy oh. This is fun. And? Yeah, because they bark at every frigging little noise. I closed the door and they start barking I'm like what the Hell? You haven't told them what tank pulled on six before he left, did you? Know. Because the way he was acting, and then he thought that they stole tank to to make it easier on his leaving. A six hundred told you that either go. I know six said that. He thought that they took. You, so you know. How was acting was six after Hughie died, right? Like? He was up sixes as he didn't WANNA. Go Away or anything and then. I think the vets had to leave What what was it, but they did he go out? Friday He loves Sunday. Okay, so he was Sunday and the vets went to town or something I believe. They were. A couple of down in mass with painting. The Bar bar bright whatever. Right so six, they took tank with them to make it easier on six to just leave. And he's like I'm thinking these assholes. Day Hid tank from me, and I can't say goodbye to come to find out tank I guess had got his little moment of depression and was doing his own thing. You know the ending. The whole and six is legitimately losing his shit, thanking that the vets took him to down. Tank is weird. Let me tell you this dog. As I'm coming in from the barn. I look over and tank is way on the other side of the worst fields like Wigan far of the hill right. He doesn't see me. I go into the basement. I don't even make it all the way to the state of the stairs like I. Almost made it into the House and I. Hear this Lau forgive noise behind me, and it's taint hauling up. The stairs haul Mike. What the Hell did you know why you would game inside the? You're not watching me. Now. I'm like Holy Shit. This is insane. Again, he came hauling. Like Oh my God. That's what he does. like tank is weird. But. He's cute and he's nice. Emulate him. I miss my bulbs. Never too late to get a new one. Ni-. I missed my dog like I love my daughter. I do a limited. Then again, not not happening, not again, tired old. I feel like I feel all with his eighteen month old baby running around like I really do i. Brother wait until the terrible. They're. Like now like we know like I'm trying to feed you now. Are you saying you don't want food now? And then he thinks this moon from self on much. Okay, that was Arthur. And then. He'll grab me. Like what are you doing and he'll grab me hill playing my hands somewhere like this. You're done. In he'll push his table and put them I like okay. Maybe you're done. Up support him down and get him out of the around share putting down, it was like. I've gotta go Mike. What are you got? An the other day my wife takes the fish with his video of him. He went you see was in the bathroom. He was in the bathroom with her, and she'd writing at sea. He goes in and steals. My toothbrush runs down the hall into the living while she follows she. Gives her I. Don't understand how to foot nothing small infant person in Juke full Rome I, but he does. He gets pastor runs at the federal in Costa. The baby gate. Behind Just just be glad that years unintelligent when he's done eating because mine. When he was done eating, he would throw his plate on the floor. There was still food on the plate. It ought. I'm like what the Hell is this? I. Don't know worry about it. I'm doing my yeah. MIAMI'S SAISD in the first years live their lives easier Milwaukee coffee other sixteen. Sit Down and shut the fuck up. That's. Forward to. that. Usually. Something that I regularly hear. That is funny. All your life film in the show. That screen. That's that's what Mambo Mike is doing to. Anywhere. You back. Yeah I'm talking to my mom. She's getting really down. Works? Instant story opener. Yeah No! Mike I forgot. Honestly all about what? Raffles Bar. Like and I just remembered by. Off Good, it was just ninety loo west around the. Scenes for that's who I still need to get next to. You is still available. Oh Yeah I. Mean I got all time. It rolls so yeah. No rush no rush. I need your help. Sure no rush they. Anyway So I was talking about Florida. And I don't know which is not sadder. The fact that I can't go anywhere anymore. And I have to be reserved. The hell in the house and being angry like can't you go anywhere? Man By! The whole whatever Colbert fake Kobe real bullshit thing is getting worse in Florida's. And I. I don't want infect my kid or the my nine eight year old Grandmother in law like she's ninety eight. Now God bless her. It will take strong. And I. Oh No. So you don't want that to happen to Natta no. I'm like okay I. I can't go out I. In you know look Blah Blah Blah Blah, but then if I, and now is getting worse. Yes. You're almost there. See. That's the thing. We had a big discussion of here. The mayor of Anchorage was a plane. Say that the just because we're testing more doesn't mean that's reason why we're having. More numbers of Haitians were like There's GonNa be. Come out with that. Doesn't make sense this 'cause. We're testing more than we have war. No, that means you know about more exact valuable of it because he were so much a symptom. Weren't giving us right. We, don't we don't have a lot of termites, but if he break open a couple of floorboards. Break on a couple of more. You might see more. Shit's still. Really. So, yeah got kind of kind of. Like I. Looking for having some. Good News, though is that will up here anyway. Yes, we're having more haase's cases, but the hospitalization rate has increased as much, and or the death rate has increased as much as. Case Number Genome Sciences. Statistics, the numbers they can make. You seem whatever lucky. Seeing you know what I mean just with numbers and. Recording them. Yeah well lucky freaking. No offense lucky. Alaska, is that. We don't have any more ICU MS down here. I gotta say that with a grain of salt foods, you know. Everything with a grain of salt. I hate to get politics brought in here, but people are believing the media even. Even though the media says hey. John Lewis Dead Oh wait we out. We jumped the gun. It's actually a fake report. We apologize, but yet people are still believing. Not Kill him so. Ohno a bat you. Oh, you heard about his His friend, right? Friend getting arrested, boo. Whatever? UNPRONOUNCEABLE Namus wife girlfriend lover, something like that. Our knows how to say our name the quarter own. Say Her name is lane his lane. I don't fucking know nats why we said no one knows that say your name I don't want to say it because it's filled with so many sexual innuendos. It's not even funny. Line of Work Years See thing. We went there. Welcome to the radio dot net wd are were we take the most sexual objective and make it sexual I put a cake in the oven posts. Right, this is what. They. Do. With a little bit of my nays anyway. Far. She said she liked cream cheese, but anyway. For Raisins. Anyway any. speaking of. The segue like this. Because this is gonNA sound like the biggest fucking jerk ever so so we are actually in the works for Dod. Against Didi dysfunctional veterans against domestic violence of the the episodic series. I told you guys. We were actually gonNA. Make school to tackle. Very very hard subjects GonNa go as far as we can take it without being distasteful So. What many people probably don't know? Is that on social media I facebook twitter instagram all that Bullshit Youtube. They D- monetize no matter who you are. He needs that talks about sexual misconduct rape You name it anything like that is able to monetize it. And with what would what the monetize? was I mean means you can't make money on it? With that with things such as facebook instagram twitter. They will cut your reach even more than what it is already cut so seen as how our reach barely goes anywhere anyway, because we. We will. Not. Pay Any money to any social media platform unless it say skate was we know exactly how Stacey works? We will not be able to make a reach at all with deviance Stevie. Because the post is going to tell you exactly what it talks about and we're GONNA. Tell you so. You can be prepared for if you want to listen to it. So. We have to somehow compensate for that. Number One. We need you guys to share shit we. We honestly need you to share it. On top of that to help us in some way shape or form, we need sponsors. Four deviates DV as well as Merrick's Nawar. As worried about Eric's right now as I am against Didi. is to all of us here Devi Radio and under the umbrella. It's person on some level I. don't care if it was US personally was bothered by it in some way shape, or form an attack or have some dealings with it where it's someone that was close to us. that had to go through that or was a victim of it. It's personal every single one of us sitting here now, and it's not on here right now and owned other shows And we're going to do it whether. We are able to sponsor whether we're able to get reach I. Don't give a damn and I. don't care if your feelings get hurt about what we talk about not. If you think we shouldn't do it. That means we should do it if it makes you uncomfortable to hear us. Talk about any of it. I'm doing the right thing I. I've done my deed for the day So when you see US trying to promote, it tried to push it. Try to get people to listen to it. Please share it. It's GONNA come out hopefully within the next month and a half. Or, so so that'd be about September It might sick a little bit longer depending on interference with from other datings and what we've got going on and People that we get come on. But we need you to flee if you don't share anything from TV. Radio Cher the DV AGAINST DV series. It's going to be ongoing. It's not gonNA stop. Until we have to stop and the day we stop is the day that the shit is happening. So you tell me when it's going to stop. But I'm asking you as a personal favourite. It's an me honestly. Share the fuck out of it when you start seeing US talk about it and pushing. I. Don't care what your thoughts are on it. If you're guessed it, you're against it. If you're not thank you, but I'm asking personally. From me, Bo would not boehner would not devi voter would vote would. So, please share the flat out of everything and help us. Read it to as many people as we can. Please thank you ahead of time if you do that. like I said if you don't share anything else from us. He share that. I'm begging you. visit, it would honestly mean a lot to me and everybody here and everybody else. That has to deal with it on some level. So, thank you. So I got to say about that. By else. Halo Ice Cream. I'm eating chicken mcnuggets recall. That good for kidney stones. Do don't give a fuck. I'm eating right now. I'm fucking starving. Right some definitely. Halo Ice Cream. Brie hundred and fifty calories or less. It's Halo Ice. But. I mean. Look. That's bad. To piggyback off of what he said, what I did there Yes. It does need to be talked about just like here on their, so we talk about suicide depression PTSD valve. We'll talk about these things as well as. Sexual harassment medical military sexual trauma rate you name it is child trafficking. We're going to hit it off I. Don't care. Somebody says you can't talk about that. Fuck wait, are we? Are we talking about today? We were talking about. The show that were okay. We're. Talking about which trying to prepare people for it. Okay. Oh Com. Yeah, yeah, preparedness good. We're going GONNA, have dictums own and we're GONNA have. Psychologists and doctors at people that beach us to talk about it You hear some of our personal stories Yo Harrison. Emotional Shit I'm not gonNA lie. But at the end of the day, and he's talked about, too. Many people want to cover it up and I'm her not just covered up? Everybody wants to silence. It and I'm tired of it. I'm so fucking tired of it. It's disgusting. Thrown it's morally wrong, not just lovely morally fucking or hung. Barron. Sit by anymore. We've been planning this for a while. And use other shit. They got pushed aside for various reasons. Personal reasons. But We're slowly coming back. One of our team is hopefully getting a surgery very soon hoped he pulls out of that. Really good can't wait to see her after that. Surgery, soon dammit? Different reasons. That I. Don't think you're going to get surgery before this comes out. Yeah. Button. Here knowing they'll. Yeah! Devi, against Be on the lookout for talking about it. promoting it season it and share it with. Please thank you and we'll get up about Soviet. Speaking of your surgery there. Had you heard this week? What's what's the latest good news actually or not? you? The Cross team hostal, crippling cribbage enough to read a nice little nasty gram I wrote. The might not easy him. And I guess it must have worked because they've actually try care. This is is actually within seconds for both. The bariatric or gastric bypass surgery. And the replacer also. Thought The Orthodox homebase wanting me to wait. Until the bariatric guest bypasses well folks. It takes according to the very stock that I did see the very person. It takes a minimum of six months or insurance purposes of tests in by Titians, and you know just different psychological evaluations at all kinds of stuff goes on before they would use the very after. Now, let's thank this very surgery. The ship of instantaneously automatically crews magic fuck dragon, disappear. It's a process with no. You're still talking another six months minimum to a year from the date of that surgery for the weight draw. And, then the Orthodox have do the hip replacement off. You don't know I've already. Have, a right side, hip, this or she? Is already. Pretty much done fucking hurts l.. Walk on, so keep to continue to walk on it for a year and a half. I can't do that. I can't ocean that so I sat down or a nice little. My docking. He listened this what you got a point, so I'm. We're putting the second. Opinion both Orthodox in Bariatric. See, we can't get one of those hopefully sooner than six months in work hip replacement sooner than you know a year and a half so grow for you that came through and while I was waiting on this the process I decided. You know I've never used va and when I hear the VA appear in Alaska is ten times better than some of the places down on our lows for yet and believe it or not. From my experiences so far it's true I've talked to. Numerous people and they were just as early. I mean he's helplessly and they got me set up with my new PC VA trap. Yeah, so. But also getting another referral through the Va for another Orthodox take a look at the ship, and as well, she can't move forward with either the replacement or some same thing that the. Based on a least we're moving forward in the right direction Bergonzi another look at it, because I like I said I don't think I could do it on a year and a half walking and working on partially flaps walk. Away. just to give people an idea of how vast ingrate TV a of there is. How long have you been going to the VA hospital? Va Hospital just started. I mean literally. Three weeks ago tops amy I back to them and you know because I I did the normal thing like most veterans should you is took a copy Monday deportees you. Retired you go, but never got ta car or you because I've tried here, retiree. Trigger since I have a little value. No those just me. I probably just dropped on the life of subtle. He ate, but. A little guy needs anything in the in the medical system. WHY NOT DETROIT YOU'RE! Right though. He's underneath me and we use tracker. Have you strike well like I, said since I've got this goat rope, doctor, he's wait a year and a half the end of the really seem to care about quality of life issues. I mean literally the other day actually crawling up the steps in my house, because the pains of that and my little guy, he's only seven. Was it jump on my back? Thanks Daddy's playing. The new. US Oh, you know there. There's quality of life issues that were. We're talking about so yeah. This has been going on since September last years almost. Ten months note though so to put it in perspective when I went to get approved during the A to go on humira injections. Put me two and a half years to get approved. Half years to get approved for a injection to try and control microloans granted. He married nearly flocking killed me every two weeks for six months. It took me two and a half years to just get it approved, and that was my Va.. And Point has not even not, and they're already like through lawsuit. fucking do for. Me I haven't actually seen. My doc immersed me to this whole. My Corona Virus Ocean. The she seen to be really laid back and listened way to say and was like. Listen to it. Let's put in that referral because. They're not doing anything. So I didn't hold anything back or because most oxygen and when you talk Va.. You caulk trike here. He don't like step on each other's toes us and I can understand you know what I'm saying. They're both professionals right yup but. At the same time when one's not doing anything for veteran, that's that's done his time or her time it gets to be. His point worse bullshit, Black S Berezin I think she seen that bullshit bragging. She called him on so. Her Gift for me and you know. Let's hope the stuff is goes through this book and. Relief And If. That doesn't go to show you that I'm about to call bullshit on it. But I call bullshit on that the needs more funding to help people know fucking doesn't tell you that right now. That's when Alaska and I'M GONNA. Tell you that they probably get just as much as any other VA clinic or hospital around America. And it just goes to show you that it's the people that are at the Va hospital or clinic. It's not the funding whatsoever is the fact that they give us shit. I dates just like everything else. We need to replace who the fuck is up there. And get rid of the quote, unquote cancer, you can argue with me all as statistics while the funding statistics I don't give a flying fuck and I've used this metaphor of slash analogy for. When you hold an umbrella straight up. And it's pouring down rain. The rain evenly goes around the umbrella. When you tilt it to one side, you get more rain on one side than you do the other right or wrong. Okay same way with funding. When they wanted to go to a certain place, it's going to go to a certain place when they are doing the right thing and Walter, you know, be quote, unquote equal. It's all going to be. It's not as much as it is people that give this shit at these clinics I add an awesome fucking nurse at one of my the clinics. And because she stood up for me. I'm almost positive. Because within a month, she was yawn and transferred out of state. I'm almost positive. The good ones that try to stand up for most vets in these. Bad Clinics hospitals and I don't WanNA say bad as an overall term, but with the bad. People they get transferred not out of town and she was also. She went to bat for me, so many Tom because nobody was listening, and they were throwing me around like a rag doll, and she's no longer there. They transferred her out no reason they said that it came down from the top and I'm like. Okay, and that's when my eyes started did really open up a Mike. I'm not a fucking year anymore, but yeah. Wonder if. Your. Children. But again is also changed his obviously, I haven't seen the dock shed the. Cost. That's wonderful. I love that. I love that I'm having. Let me, get like this notion. Crawling. If your steps in your house and your seven year old son is watching you that. Thanks, you're playing because. You can joke with a lot claims lot. When the you're supposed to Sir in. You're supposed you don't get me wrong right, but You have to yell at him. No, he's not playing this time. You know stuff, stop it! Directly in vain that's. Yes, definitely second your pain dead. Oh! Grandma built. We'll show you. Get that canes way. It's alar Boston anyway. Anyway, your switch boy, grabbing green either that Greenland. Yeah, go ahead billboard, right? Did one or the? Oh Shit hold on one second. One. But Yeah I won a not not for nothing owned man I'm happy for you. Guys Egged. I'm still having the time eating getting scene. Because when I came off duty. Oh. It was. I came off active duty. I was supposed to receive a call. which is normal? You come off active duty you receive. Everything fine well I came back to duty. Wish to the IRR. That every you know nothing issue, but then they gave orders to go to Ghanistan directly after I came off. In January. Well I'm not going to Ghanistan. Sorry! No, thank you. So when that happened. They. Go. But they didn't kill the yours now wasn't getting. Hey! But what what did happen worth? It changed me from getting. Her from having regular Wolfram from having reserve, try care or trike diverse elective my. TRICARE PRI-. Well everyone knows and you try your prime. You have to go to the like the serve member has to go to see the doctor on post. Will where I live in Florida the nearest post is three hours away. So when I actually went to that post because I finally. Let me, just try it. She was going to go on whatever. They're telling me. I can't be seen I don't have to post. Up She's. I'm likes but I don't. But I. Try to sell me that I have to go from Florida back to North Carolina to actually see the actually. No, because when I looked at these orders, it didn't have a place. It didn't actually have a area I was I was going to. That was in America so I couldn't get seen anywhere. So I'm still dealing with that, and thus that problem when I was a pendant. Why was a reservist? I was active duty dependent and I was living in the DC area, so I was like. Oh. I need to go to the dentist I'm. GonNa have to go to wall to read. Molterer was like Oh. No, you can't go here. You have to go to wherever the post is. Will he was in the Middle East? Why I'M NOT GONNA. Go there to go to the damn dentist exactly. Exactly, and my family's have new the what you just described as off families having to do right now and I'm like look man. I'm not sending my my my toddler three hours. He is so note. You. GUYS ARE GONNA. Fix something and I've I've I've I've made? The request of the request made the request not sound like an extra question to the congressman. Out The OPO congressional no. Was Zero Care I. Don't blame you. Nonsense! I don't blame you at all. What it's like. When? I was trying to get the room. Everybody wines. We me and say unoccupied guilt one. Hours tired of it, and I was like you know what. I'm going to write to the state. Virginia Foxx whether your thoughts are for her against her has done a lot for veterans and getting a what. Shit done in North Carolina and even though she's out of my district, I was like the least i. can do is try right. So I wrote to her about the bullshit have had to endure with the DA, and I had one of my doctors even right own to. And within a week of me, getting a letter from her within a week. The VA headquarters for housing out of the Lanna Georgia called me and personally said Hey. We just got a letter that you need a death of housing and Blah Blah Blah and I'm like Funny. So now can get And if that doesn't tell you that, sometimes, you have to take that step above and beyond. Quote Unquote chain of command. What's going to I mean sometimes you have to take into your own hands have even had a son up. Some of my nurses say hey. if you WANNA, take this Marinol, slash CBD, thing to the stay and try and get it approved for you at least go for it. We're all for it. And because I know, my doctor is not going to see in the pharmacies like no, you can't. Now and there's no evidence to. Reflect Yourself. Gasol yeah. I feel strongly for anything that has backing evidence, and then they try to say aw, there's no evidence saw to your that all these queries are legitimate. Yeah, there are and you're. Throwing him under the fucking. Task looks like a dog. My Dad Docklands lucky going to be? I mean come on. Tell them about it, right? So Yeah I don't want seconds. One, Sorry I'm typing into five people and I love this guy, not I'll stop the show if I have to hear the sky, but anyway we are tuned in. You are to hint wt VR Dot Damn D-. Radio Dot net it's Barrett's talked. Library listens to us. Don't podcast Oh oh my God. That was the fucking stone. You're listening to us on either pod being stitcher Google play. I teams wherever the fucking Vitus, at all on. PODCAST, even I'm still trying to work on our past podcast. Get it edited and up on spotify, please. I've got so much shit going on. If you only knew you ask Lincoln frosty investor and who else. Editing stuff. No, not at all, not at all. Not at all. Volvo go to break on the other side of the break. We've got John that's in the news and Google is going to have to actually get her news leaks from just. That's in the news chat box because I didn't make nights hairy 'cause I, said fucking. Tonight but we'll be back right. I take time off. Hey Hey. But we'll be back right after this and we I just wanted to facebook, and it says welcome to a fresh simpler facebook dot com. No thanks, motherfuckers better switch back as you will hate it. We introducing a new luck to facebook dot. COM and we're excited for you to try it out I'm. I'm. Good I. Already don't like it in the I haven't even hit next on the box yet. On any. I, don't like it. Now he'd like I can see the background. I don't like it. I don't know how to switch back. I'm trying to take us to fucking break can. Break. Classic. He's at any time top right the little Arrow that goes down. Donnie to to I need to show you. Australia after the break our during eight year experience. I need to go to your. I've having pain. Got There Anyway Chelsea raise lips of a liar. You can check out her music at Chelsea Ray Music Dot com I'll have to give you that in just a minute. You've seen them on Mike roos returning the favor. He is a guy who will fix your car for free if you can buy the parts disabled vet with a heart, gold and a heavy toolbox. Something has to be done if you're just joining us. Now they bring you in original show to w DVR DV Radio Dot net ladies and gentlemen welcome to screw loose auto I'm your host. RESI nuts. This far away is the coolest thing I've ever got to do with an hour of my time on a week night. Maddie go to the hospital for them to basically cream my back. Sorry for urinating in your ear. I Love Cars I. Love What this is about being being a veteran myself. Wow, we just lost half our listeners. We're live yet. GotTa. Go in my Joe Dude. That every single. Bro wouldn't have a minimum standard if the minimum standard wasn't good enough. Stay tuned for more updates about screw loose auto from hard-luck automotive. Right here on Wdr Devi radio DOT net. Your natural. Radio. With E. Coli. Dummy. And now trying to find out what. Sorry can find the mute button. This seems to be a lot of people's problem. Right and I was trying to organize my stories, but I had an issue doing that, too. So what get story? This one kind of bugs me because it will a more than kind of bug me. SEATTLE HELP segregated training session on undoing whiteness. Billing Whiteness this was only for white employees Yup the city, so the city of Seattle held a racially segregated employee training session aimed at white staffers, and instructing them on undoing your own whiteness in order to be held accountable by people of Color according to documents obtained by public records requests. Oh that's that's different. One Hand out distributed in the session declared how racism is not our fault, but we are responsible. Another said White staffers must give up the land, and they're guaranteed physical safety in order to be an accomplice for racial justice. see that's the problem with how we explain. Things as white as racism I. Mean we're GonNa Segregate White people tell you that all white people are racist. That's not how this works. I on second off, you're going about it wrong in on so many levels and grown man Marquee Roberto. We all talked about that about there's a right way in a wrong way to approach racism, and you don't segregate and say you're only the racist people because that's basically what they're saying. Exactly it goes on. Don't worry. According to doctor according to the documents, the Office of Civil Rights hosted a two and a half hour training on internalized racial superiority for white people, and then email invitation sent for the events the office ask city employees who identify as to join this training to learn reflect challenge ourselves and builds skills and relationships that help us show up more fully as allies in accomplices for racial justice, and then continued with we'll examine our complicity in the system of white supremacy how we internalize and reinforce it and begins to cultivate practices that enable us to interrupt racism ways to be accountable to black indigenous people of Color folks within our community. Wow, okay? If I had received that email I would say that I do not identifies. For your. Either Censorship because every time I. DO I put on here. Racer unit has the oldest other. I'm not I'm not actually. Story a little bit. It was assigned at a little a little too far on the nose, but as a as you went to explain it. It's like Oh. Oh, yeah, okay. Cool. So. You would be okay with a with someone saying that only black people should be attending this training. Yeah. And you see the pause where I I didn't say anything yet. And but because hit, here's the here's the his the rope. The rope with the class itself. the class sounds like a horrible, horrible, horrible horrible idea. But in actuality is not doing anything different differently except me, call something different than what me and marquee in anyone else do we explain what the Hell's going on? And when someone comes up and says well I, I happen to be white and I didn't do anything to any of you but I understand you have a grievance. What is? They have literally taken that in fashioned it into a this is almost I actually know. They made it a mandatory thing at work, and I'm not saying that it has to be a mandatory thing, but I think it's actually a pretty good idea to sit down and say okay. This is what. Hopes for talking about. This is what they're talking about. This is what they mean hit. Let us enlighten you the reasons why we think the way we do, and you know what you could leave. You can leave that little seminar or whatever they call it. No or You could leave it with your with your Your perception, your understanding a spent. He the way, but you at least have the information to do of wants. So I don't think it's a bad idea. The way you it the way. It was red. And the beginning of sounded like a horrible idea, but honestly like I said a couple of minutes ago. is nothing different than me sitting here telling you how on behalf of black people so this? Speak how we feel why we that way? No. I personally. No No, we were listening to I. Personally think that. When you won't say attack something like that you don't. Single out one thing in one. Way. The way they the way. There won't wait their way. They're wanting to do it there wanting to take only white and say okay, this is what you're doing. Right and and there's probably not. How many black people do you think are going to be in their none because there's only white people having to learn this, and only pointing it out where there's no black people there to say yes, or no to what they're actually. Actually talking about I, don't think it's I. Thank, you're adding more quote. Unquote racism in a way because the white people are probably going to be like okay I get what you're saying. Whatever and they're going to walk out and then they're gonNA talk about this was bullshit because they didn't hear it from a black person's perspective or a Mexican person's perspective, or whatever that's why I don't agree with segregating colors of race. To do a race. Top. Thing is you know we do it and it's wrong. I hate it I don't think we should do it. We kind of have win. When there was a syncing session in our unit in, it was essential session for just the NCO's. That is. Totally different there. That's something different. Then, there was a there was a syncing session for just the females. We had to have one, and it was a closed door syncing such just the females people do it on purpose to have a particular now. No because. If you have. Forty people go to the seminar and out of the forty people five. Just like nope. I have my ways of thinking i. have my ways of feeling. All black people are horrible and know what if they can all go back to their country. About me. You can. You can have that conversation within feeling a little bit more Even have that conversation about black people in in. That's fine. You don't have to have a black person in the room. Speak necessarily the proper way about racism. You don't have to have ways goods now. When you're in a room and you're being told that your the problem. Angora the reason there are visual injustices in you are the one who is the racist though you don't see yourself as one. That's a problem. I told that all the time and it's not racism at that point, but it's sexism. You know how many like and we were going to step on this a little bit earlier. A little bit later and blow actually say that we were going to do this later, but know who the problem is in the military when it comes to military rate, not the women. Is Not the women. It's the men. The, mid, who covered up is the men who do it is the man who say Oh, no will. They were just joking or glass would being guys. Know I deal with to the idea with an on different level now. Someone who doesn't have any issue with it should have no issue with it. I have no issue. Being told that men of the issue in the in the military right know why, because I don't want people. I don't think that anyone on this slide or anyone. Listening should have an issue with hearing that white people are racist or black people are prejudice because if they aren't racist and they aren't prejudice initiative no problem. But if they do if that his little bit clue Costa home and digs a little bit to the then. Maybe they need the information. Maybe they just needed just to have it. Because you know what in in being informed is important, but that doesn't mean that you have to change your mindset just because you're in for. The messes me now, but I think having somebody like you their vote romantic, even marquee somebody who can actually fill in those questions lengths of. Of You know what I'm saying because. They use a total bullshit. And that's exactly what I'm talking about because I can tell you right now. That somebody that is not being racist, but they think that something they say towards a person of any color of any race might offend them and they ask. That white person that's teaching that racist class or whatever the class is supposed to be about. And that white person is like Oh. Yes, that is completely racist. You should never say that, but then you go man say I don't. Know that's not racist, but yet it is perceived by white person because they are teaching that and this one person bills, it might be racist just because of whatever it is, and then that White Person Oh. Yes, that's completely racist. You should never say anything like that. That's my point with these glasses. Going through one of the. Oh the trainers also instructs his weight employees in practicing self talk that affirms our complicity in raises. Which is a problem I'm not gonNA. Tell myself that I'm complicit in. Racism when I'm not. And I'm saying this very carefully. How. You you know that you're not being complicit. How we know that you're not being complicit. At all in this is the s a real. It's a real odd question. I, I offer that question to anyone. Because one the first problem is you know what it affects. He will understand the overt. Hey, boy, get over here, you inward issue inward that go back to your own country with burner staking your equal Ahmed. Say You right now. Everything I'M GONNA. Tell you right now. Every black kid that I see wearing baggy pants and Derek I. Don't sit there and go. Oh, look at that. Look the gangster WanNa be look at that I don't do that. Yeah exactly I do that even white kids. that. All right, but you get what I'm saying. I get what you're saying I'M GONNA. Bring it back to my point, right? The whole or no one worries about the no-one no-one, not necessarily words. No one is questioning over because his or her. People question. The sub hurt the stuff. That's another under on these. On the. So for instance. If. You have no idea that what you do every day. Has the possibility of even being considered racism. And then you still you continue to do it in someone up. Not that's that's not right. No, it's just fine. The then then that goes along the same line as being funded, I might say something that offends one person, but not the other I might say something that won hers seems as a racist comment and someone else doesn't so there really is not distinguishment at that point. You don't know if what you're doing is racist or not. Because one person might say it is, and another says is not so rock for your pension. What do you do with it? I look at the same way I'm like okay. This person says it's racist. This person tells me it is a racist so. Now even more confuses when I started massacre. The same concept as being funded by everything, I. Think I know right now to an extent, what me and girl man can talk about an jokey manner, I know me and marquee extinct talk about in a joking manner. They know ninety nine nine nine percent of the time. I'm not trying to be a dick or raises right. But at the same time, there are people out there. That might have friends of whatever race that are in this class that Gig just brought up. Better sitting. They're going. A made a choke to my friend. The other day did did I send them, and then they ask that leader teacher. Whatever of that class is that offensive and that person is probably going to say yes, because to them, it probably sounds racist, but yet they don't know the context of what was used in right. They don't know how that person of that race is actually going to take it, and whether it is yes or not. A racist thing! Yes, most of us can distinguish what racism is on the surface, but like you said grow man. There is other types of racism judgy profiling, which I think there's profiling for reasons own not just race other things, but that's another whole fucking thing of itself, but there there's racism in all aspects of everything we do on a daily basis, and then there's prejudice so I mean. Are they going to distinguish those things in this class or are they just GONNA attack. Okay? This is what you're doing to be racist, and this is how you can fix it, and this is what you should do and what you shouldn't do. Shit, say and what you shouldn't say because I feel that's what they're going to do. Because it is Seattle and Seattle is pretty. Pretty fucked up when it comes to shit like this and they I mean I'm not trying to be an Aso about it day. Stretch a lot of stuff when they teach things white. This I've seen it I know people that had to be part of it, and they absolutely do not agree with ninety eight percent of what Seattle has come out with as far as. Things of that nature, no matter what spectrum their own own, a person, not of color or person color whatever race and I'm not just lumping blacks in their own, saying he fucking race right so I, write hanging out of Seattle Rana. Frazier. Racial Zach GONNA so. So going along those lines, still with the class itself they did have. A chart that listed characteristics that define God. Internalize oppression hold on so internalized. Racism already was defined by perfectionism, individualism, imposition, arrogance, paternalism, silence, intellectualise, ation, control, violence, comper, appropriation, cognitive dissonance of objectivity in anti blackness. And then internalized racial inferiority was defined by color ISM isolation, protectionism, addiction, self-doubt, Southgate reach shame, denial, assimilation, ethnocentrism, distancing graduated visibility, hopelessness, a apathy, erasure, invisibility and Insi- whack. Yeah. I'm both I so based on those two lists I suffer from Bo I. Both Inter I'm. Both internalized Rachel's superior and inferiors. If you just go by those on the surface. Right right like talk about it. No. Not Get things. That's all story one folks. Right, we've only spent fifteen minutes on it. With his whole pandemic thing, this is funny that we. Open DEMOC thing Harvard has decided to go online. And continued to charge students that fifty thousand dollars a year which tells me you're not paying fucking classes in education at that point but it's going to be teaching all versus online now the day after that story brew. Another headline said. Hold on, let me find the right headline. It's right here. Harvard and MIT are suing over the trump administration students immigration ruling means. They are suing the. Station for forcing. International students to do the classes online on like. You just say you're becoming an online college for at least the following year, and now you're suing because you want because he's because the trump administration wants these immigrants to be educated. With great? Education. Yeah Yeah. Now. that. This is the world we live in people. And address. The emigrants can't get education. We are going to give everyone full access online. Let's give the emigrant's access and make them go to educating themselves online. No, we can't. Exactly. Now the ruling from the trump administration does say that foreign students attending US colleges that will operate entirely online. This fall semester cannot remain in the country to do so. which I'm fine with. Why are you going to be? But it's neither here nor there if Harvard is going to be solely online then A. No. And most of these international students they go back to their home country during the summer anyway. So. It would be great for them to be at home during the summer getting. They're all my classes. Exactly and tards and these people are the ones that put laws into a factory. People just lighting up. These are the people. It's funny how Harvard said. We're going strictly online. Tunes. Grooming you make students. This online. The these are the Harvard professionals that said wear masks. Gut which you're talking about. So question for you. Because what I'm reading from Forbes. On July! Six Thousand Twenty trump administration announced that international students at United States universities operating entirely online may not take a all online course load and remain the United States according to the student exchange program, so if they plan on taking all of their classes was faked king. It do online. They have to leave. which most international students go home during the summer anyway? Not. The majority of them do not. Really I mean. That's a very strange and interesting. Fact throw out but okay. Here they act, they done a statistic. Really four years ago I think because we had so many immigrants coming in in certain times of the year, and they were trying to figure out what the correlation was, and the Big Hussein was kids coming back from a summer break. Here, it is I was listening, but here it is out of the backlash came in a lawsuit fob a Harvard Mit. The site cited an interview with Khin Cameras last thing who speaks. For the administration on immigration policy in holding the number two position on the Department of Homeland Security Despite analysis point analysis point out Baba. Indeed the administration has acknowledged that Isis. Decision is designed to force universities to conduct in person classes notwithstanding universities and public health officials sitting judgment that it is neither safe nor education advisable. All okay, so they can still go to class. They can still be here, but they have to go to the classes where they could get covert nineteen. Okay, no, no, no, we're good. Let's keep on. and. That's not at all what it's about though. I'm just. Are. So okay so this why? Are? We more concerned about students learning. Or teachers not dying. I will think teach essence that I invested. Ni. Is District or a university gonNA be responsible. If the teacher catches, it or student catches it. You know WHO's. WHO's it halt? I know. Be Back in class. Like not start okay so when I started UNH in the fall. Okay, they already have things in place to prevent the spread of cloven nineteen. Such as continuing social distancing wearing a mask all these other things that we've already been doing for the past however many months now. That have been working. Along with that, there are shoe full dorm halls residence halls that are not going to be used by any students, unless you need to self quarantine, for whatever reason for fourteen days so if you're an international student and you come to campus, then you will be placed in one of these rooms. To self quarantine for fourteen days before you move into your residency hall. As July six. The campus status is under Massachusetts safer at home advisory essential on campus staff, only remote teaching, learning, working and research resume at science lab operations. stringy stringent requirements, which means even though the trump administration is saying you gotTA. Do It in person. that. Because so this Kobe. And Its ender district that those kids can still take them online. They don't have to go to class in person. They have to be in person own wine, but not in class, because more than likely. They're not going to be allowed on campus because the campus status as of July six from Harvard Dot Edu Slash Corona virus. If you WANNA look it up right now and I'm I'm GonNa Guarantee You that? They can still take them online and they're suing the trump administration over bullshit. That's all they're doing. They're wanting to calls an out cry for people to go know, what are they doing? They're not doing anything that they wouldn't have done any other college during their time dirt for this that they're not i. mean just because they're saying. Hey, you got to be in person and in class doesn't mean you have to be physically in a classroom. That's not what they're saying. They're saying you have to be your student. As in the identification that you signed up with for that college for that class and class, whether it's virtual or not, and you've got to take that class you yourself not as in you have to be an in-person physical being in a classroom with desks and tears. Mike Kemp. Mike Chemistry. Biology classes are gonNA be online the only time that I'll be. Physically in the classroom is for our lives. And, that's what this says. Resume Science operations with stringent. There will be a limited students her lab so if there's a lab that has fifty students normally, and they're only allowing twenty at a time. We would just Roti and unless you have to do something in person. They're not going to allow you on any campus whatsoever right now. That's ninety nine percent of the capital is going on, and that's just stay whatever it's down to the state right now that the federal government right now really doesn't give a shit. They're enacting certain things when they go back. Back to class in physical form, but at that what the trump administration done was nothing I mean they've done that before in other administrations the Obama Administration the Clinton administration. I think Bush even done after he done. The no child left behind act something similar all something similar to this every administration to make sure that it's not illegal immigrants for we have another case of Osama bin Laden, coming and taking college classes to become a bucket maniac on a plane and run them into another fucking building. Data what it's for. It's not to stop anyone from learning at all. That's the last thing they want. They don't want a fucking asshole like bin Laden fucking coming in under an eighteen year olds name of country and say hey, I'm whoever the fuck I say I am and I'm going to get whatever the fuck I want, and then in ten years I'm GonNa fucking smash up buildings and then started work. Conspiracy theories in line respectively. Hoax story which WHO. To we only ten minutes on that one five minute short, but we're getting there just jogging. The DC is going to be its own podcast this week. Thank you for listening to Barrett's Talk WDC radio dot net now. News. Right reopen theme Parks Band screaming on Roller Coaster. GonNa go out a kidney stone. He reads this this. Happened in, Japan. Japan at the Fuji, Q Highland Amusement Park recently. The chief executive and his boss took a ride on the park's number. One attraction implants to thirty feet without as without so much as a pete. I'm sure they've done this thousand times. So! A videos show the two executives both clad in masks, thoroughly riding the coaster in complete silence, it ended with a message. Please scream inside your heart Fans campaign against. Rovers targeting Zegers, who manage fellow burs virus, carrying droplets with amid ride utterance enjoy the ride. Say The state theme park operators just don't let your voice show it. Basically you can go to the park. You can go on there is you cannot scream. Scream you can break it wind all day long. The ban on screaming along with a recommendation. The visitors wear masks is included and guidelines at least Japan's theme park associations when parks began reopening back in May, the guidelines are being followed by most parts in the country, including Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan in the Sakha. Audi's stop people screaming on a frigate. Your heart. I apparently yeah. And, what's the Ho? God. One mothers said that she to keep her three-year-old daughter quiet while rides at Disneyland and basically ended up shrieking the whole time. Mugger her kid no! Could have been horror story right there God damn. Easy in the funny thing is. Is that the color of their? They actually deuce really strange. I mean the two years I spent over there in Okinawa I love it. But man they definitely looked through thrill seeking stuff. It's crazy. a New York native, who lived in Japan fifteen years, said he found it relatively easy to stay quiet on Disneyland Rights on reopening day, saying I managed to my silence like the medieval. Wow. There, we go again new you'll talk for. The. New. Job. However a few weeks prior this New Yorker is on a universal studios. Japan rollercoaster we're riders are strapped into a prone position, so they feel is if they are flying without anything under them. And he said I screamed so much as it was coming out, it was a sound that I couldn't even believe so I guess he had some practice. Of screaming I just Freeman. You don't. Well. I'm wondering how many of those screams were from releasing their bowel movements at me were legitimate screams of terrifying fear. Oh God Sweetie I. MEAN! Seriously, you can scream. No Google For Ben. So no screaming roller coasters at anything heart in Japan. I had to look up at the TV, and apparently Ford is being the Ford's Ford CEO is being pressured to stop selling cars. While I said no, we're going to keep producing these and telling them. Yeah Alright final story of the evening and I read this one for Jada. God that is so fucking disgusting. HINES! No, the ketchup maker releases creams kits to turn popular condiments into ice cream I'm the. Oh, yes, I want you to muster lick sickle. Much follow of catch. Not even I won't get. Hines released doing yourself. Creams hits that allow purchasers to create their own Heinz condiment flavored frozen dessert. The flavors come in Mayo Barbecue Salad Cream Mayo Chop. And of course. Up. Though the most iconic vitriol sauces to catch up has reportedly sold out according to the hines website. There because people are curious. How fucking horrible case! Here no settle to tastes really shitty. Your best friend's always like dude. You cut a try. Yeah. Exactly this was. Fantastic as always his. Upright. Each kit comes with a recipe card as well as reusable tub. It's a store. The ice cream a goldens moon and a golden ice cream scoop as well as a full-sized bottle of whatever condiment flavor you're choosing. Ever you're on your own as far as providing the milk and cream and Guidry S. Currently. These are only sale in the UK. That doesn't mean anything. You give. It's close. Performance say. The the kind hearts at Heinz have released the recipes online for those dedicated enough to condiments to once turn them into a perennial. advocated. Go Walker Soup. I logged. Asked you go and. ING. Cash it like I'll put at just about anything but by screen. Though here you go so I the recipe for the Heinz Mayo Creams is. nineteen ounces double cream a health. Nineteen. Oh No then back it up a hundred ninety grams double cream, one hundred ninety grams, condensed milk, seventy grams, whole milk and fifty grams, hines. Good mayonnaise is You'll need a whisker mixer, a freezer safe bowl, any food processor utilize all of the ingredients for at least an hour. Then add all the ingredients combine them using the whisk attachment on the slowest cutting Once you have them all combined gradually increase speed until you reach the fastest setting with the radiance Arctic as you can. That just sounds. GET MONEY A male. If you whisk it hard enough, I'm telling you right now. Right gently. Poor them make sure interior. KRIENS TUB or freezer, safe container leaks set in the freezer for a minimum three hours and suggested toppings. Those. This smooth and creamy ice cream is deliciously paired with apple and blackberry. COMPO hopped with a layer of crumble. Missed a whole continue mixing it, so it may forget support. Salt peaks so when you turn your whisk upside down the. Just starting to hold. Oh that's great. That's great. It's insane me. Tell you it's just insane. Oh my God. So yeah, there you go, there's your. Your Hinds Ice Cream. And that is all news Halford is. Oh Fuck I don't know where to go from here. Again anyway show now. Know. Far Go. Relearn Mike Smith is an hour. It's going in and out static. It's stuff will with. Thank my laptop because it's literally part of. The I'm looking at the the big barbecue recipe. It says the smokiness of the barbecue sauces perfects when paired with some crispy bacon bits. And pieces and Maple Syrup. That's for the ice cream. The Barbecue is time. If, you want me to. Hear my as Yes, no. We. Know at the Fuck House today. You can thank. My fucking lasts up anyway. This laptop foot my mic. Fuck it all. I don't get a shit anymore. Anyway go fly me for default. Six is on his trip bikes going to drop the link. It's in the description odd gas. Last words for our listeners. Now remember. We are still having the raw recovery teachers as well where everything goes to the navy for mice, one dollar will go back to radio. Say check out. The link is also dropped jeters little. Google. Gall. was muted. Judge go back. Home in. I got nothing not after this. ICE, BANK FIASCO, Girl. Man. I hope everyone had a thing I'm going to. I'm voting. Would you've got like grown ass? Asmad Google cutter cut out. Early DVD's six is still on the road. He should be in Colorado now for the best. We didn't have recoil or frosty, because fought barracks walking wer radio dot net anyway until next week cycles. On facebook twitter. Radio?

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