Will the Premier League finish their season?


Welcome in today's edition of ESPN AFC here on ESPN Wednesday. I'M GONNA go for is the day to day later on in the show. Charlie's stood on with me with some exciting news. Plus an exclusive interview where he sat down with Gareth. Bale and spoke about that banner. Be Sure to stay tuned for that. Also a shocker. Hislop taking us down memory language. You believe it is twenty four years. The day in which Kevin Keegan made that famous rant against rallies Ferguson will getting his recollections of that Craig Burley with us as well plus Julianne Laurent and Gab. Markazi. We start by all these different stories. That going on in the moment about the return of bull in Europe will stop in Spain. This is what the president Spanish FAA come out. Say I'll do not understand why there would be more danger in playing football behind closed doors with all precautionary measures than working on an assembly line on a fishing boat on the high seas etc. In my opinion Francis decision is hasty other countries are already training. That's the example to follow important. Economic SECTORS CANNOT RESTART. They could end up disappearing. That could happen to professional football. Meanwhile chief don't advocate Michelle. My proposal is if it is possible. Avoid playing competitive football in the coming weeks tried to be prepared for the start of good competition next season. Believe me. I regretted profoundly. Because I'm a football man. I'm a little bit afraid. That's a have a complete solution. We will have to wait until we have a vaccination program. Meanwhile this is what the chairman of UEFA Committee Tim. I have to say under these conditions. I mean forest of local legislation. It is definitely possible to plan. The restock competition suspended during the two thousand nine hundred eighty two thousand twenty season in England optimism. Of course last week that seeing sort of clean somewhat diluted by the fact that some players on Canaan to return to get to the bottom of this I wanNA welcoming Gabon coffee and Julia around and I know it's almost an impossible question to answer and it's something that I was very optimistic. I've lost you days that yes. Things can get back to normal but France canceling their season till September. Surely a hammer blow for those expecting football to return sooner rather than later Gab. What do you make of all of this first things first? All those guys you mentioned. Everybody is talking from their own perspective. Michelle Judge Look the dudas Belgian. He is has these the medical community. But it's not like he's Gone. He's he's not he's not an epidemiologist and got studied this whole thing. He's just kind of giving his opinion. Remember fee. I don't really have skin in the game in terms of of restarting this summer restarting in September. Eighth on the other hand. Will they represent the big clubs? Obviously they'd like to finish their finished. The Champions League and they want their stakeholders the clubs and the League's to be able to finish their leagues so obviously the guy comes out and he says well well. The conditions are there. It would be great if we could restart well. Yeah sure captain obvious. If the government says you can play and it's safe to play then people will play. I don't even know where to begin with this guy. Making a comparison between playing football which is a physical sport at a team sport. Where you've got people in closed quarters was working on an assembly line or or going out fishing on the high seas. I mean it's it's it's an absurdity right. The reality here is that governments are going to decide this. They're the ones who are going to give the green light. The situation is different in different countries. There's different sensibilities in different countries. There's different access to medical care. In different countries. Different access to testing. All these situations are different dribble. They're going to play again. I think the biggest bellwethers GONNA come on Thursday. That's when we expect the German government to express an opinion on the Bundesliga plan. The Buddhists I've been far far and away ahead of everybody else. They want to start. Potentially as early as May ninth or May Sixteenth and they'll get hopefully should get the thumbs up or the thumbs down from the government ended up. It's the government that's going to have the last word in each of these countries. If they can do it in Germany then I think other countries have a shot the thing that strikes me chills is how different the approach can be considering France and Spain of have similar curfews regarding covert in the way in which developed how confronts being a situation where I would like. Nothing's going to happen till September. Tell US coming out and saying look. We want to get back as soon as possible. It's interesting because obviously the French prime minister announcing yesterday on choose there was a big shot. We didn't really see it coming until until Tuesday morning. When we were brief thought he was going to announce it. They just didn't think that it was safe enough for the players to go back playing even behind closed doors for the people around them. The Staff Club in stay gems. Everybody around us three hundred three hundred and fifty people who will have to be in the stadiums even behind closed doors. They was not safe enough. The risk was too big to take just for football with all the implications and financially. And everything that you want of course but it was too much of a risk to our those games being played even in June maybe July Oguz. There was a possibility but they didn't want the risk is as simple as that gave me more than my Ryan saying why in the UK the Government of very much the driving force behind trying to get football back. Yeah that's actually making the primarily primarily clubs uncomfortable. The has a brief that they think it would lift morale if they can come back and obviously obviously doing it safely right now. We're still here in the UK. We're showing your lock until may seventh. But they certainly blocked back applying to do it. The trouble is the Premier League they. They actually care about their image. They're saying we don't want to necessarily go back until it's entirely safe until it's been made clear that we're not diverting resources from From elsewhere I think there are certain primarily clubs are asking themselves wait. Is it really worth it or all? The costs to go and do this safely is all of this worth it And also as a colleague. Alex Shaw Reporting Today There's some players who are saying you know what I don't trust these guys. I don't I don't feel safe. I don't want to come back. So you've got you've got different stakeholders with different views. But I think the one thing to remember and I find this really shocking about the primarily because that Spain Germany in Italy. All have very specific protocols that they've released to the public they've released to the government for examination about how they're going to play when they come back and they go into great detail the primarily haven't done that yet They meet on Friday. Maybe they'll come up with a plan but the fact that they haven't until now kind of makes you wonder what that appetite to go. Come back is really a strong as as some people suggest. This is all conjecture and I know this and and it's not like predicting a school or anything like that but I am interested. Joe's just personally. How do you think we're going to see football back? I think I think we've see back in. England is in for like an only speak about France and England here from the information. I have. I think he'll be back in England. Maybe knowing June maybe more at the beginning of July still find June very very early and very ambitious if if you think about the situation right now in the country again with with test with people dying people fighting people contracting the virus the virus it every day. I don't think it would be safe enough for football players to go by playing in June in July. I think you'll probably be okay. And they will do it I can. I can see the emotional connection that football I've with people in the UK. In England maybe bigger than in France. So I can take in consideration as well and I think that would be football but not before July in my opinion gap. I think I think Joe's right. I think says there may be football again. I'll feel much better about the sector. We'll see what happens with Germany but I think we'll we might see Even though it's not what the league want right now we might see a situation where football comes back in a reduced form if there's a way to come back and maybe move to a playoff system to to to settle European places. Settle relegation places possibly settle champions but simply play fewer games more controlled circumstances? You can throw more resources at them. It becomes more cost effective than might even allow you to finish the Champions League possibly under those circumstances somewhere. Somehow obviously we'd be talking July at this point Then I th I think right now if I had to bet that would be that would be. I think the most realistic scenario but again this could all change. Let's all sit and observe what Germany Duke last word on. This Scott mentioned the champions. The trolls obviously twenty four hours since the decision for France canceled football up until September within the country. What does this mean? Ps G. and. Leo is a bit different because Davis that can lead to play. Where from intriguing against you venter's whenever that would be possible to do so. You don't have the same issue with PSG who will have forshaw a quarterfinal home. Game to Blair. Some point potentially no goes. That's when the Champions League you F. I wanted to be finished. And they won't be able to so they will have to play their home game away from home again. Neutral ground somewhere abroad which is obviously not ideal. They won't have any games to prepare before the champions within because they complained against so maybe training games could do so far from ideal but they said we're committed to focusing now on the Champions League. Which is the right thing to do four for you if I was. It was a nightmare. The worst that could happen was one of the big five weeks to cancel neglect of nightmares. Well because thus far from ideal when you have high ambitions for the Champions League jobs thank you very much gills. Must be a rarity that you get to speak this much with Gavin. The conversation as well just reminded the latest edition of the Cabin Gills. Podcast drops. Tomorrow be sure to check it out so Christine. Carlson was given the task of naming the top thirty six plan under twenty one. Here's the top ten Kilian mbappe number. One J Sancho to try and Alexander comes in three Josie still with us We WELCOME CRAIG. Burley into her. Pray Jason Show to do. You agree with that. I don't really have an issue. I mean I was looking at heart. You look markets Riceville than stupidly. I realized he was twenty two because I think Arash performances for united could have shown them enough. It'd been the right age because he's not Jaden Sanjay talent the relevance and needless. Yeah well you know. Of course so why change? Just because there's a lot that I I looked to show Felix ten on. I think that's purely based on is not really hit the ground running and we haven't seen the best of having he's way higher up and Ted by hand even it's junior and one or two others for me is is Holland But if you're just talking about Jaden Sancho getting propelled into that category by a lot of people are going to talk about for a big big move for him And then the the pressure is really going to be on them. You know as one of the most talented most talented youngsters in Europe against them. But you haven't met tutorials I agree with on on these toll free up to say I think he's been below. Mvp and I think a lot of them are regardless how talented they all on is very impressive list. If you're cutty in food those thirty six players were all under twenty one on. May the first shooting talented very impressive bass you think. And Babe's way way above everybody else but yeah for sumptuous second for me make sense. He has a wonderful season before we we had to stop it and we certainly leaving the summer fall off money to a to a bigger club than Bush. I don't deserve so great so so far. We've got Marcus Roster this twenty two and as very good thank you very much chance right. Let's talk about Jaden. Scientists then shall we chose obviously Manchester heavily linked to the English. From where are we on this? Well we would was mentioned on the show on a Monday. I think he was trying to lobby to clear about what they're gonNA do. We're not going to spend a lot of money. We don't have much money to spend not much will happen is transfer window anywhere this summer which is very true. United are still very much leading the race for Japan Sancho as we reported many times on the show and on the website. There's always been already been talks between the two clubs between central united as well the other day he was doing a live instagram. And someone question and said SIPA. Bit of water. If you'RE GONNA time for united. And what did he do? You drink the water. Obviously so I think it will happen. I think he would choose united. He will have clubbed him. He will pick whoever he wants about in the United. Right now by far the most Chinese contender Craig. He drank the water. What does that mean? I'm asking neck? Oh he's he's taking shape pie if he's going to do something. I mean that's a given and I don't know should united goal from absolutely there and been in the process of make big strays to close that gap He has one of the most sought after players. Out there. Bushier Dortmund will not let them go for less than the variation they have of them and not be money And you know today. It doesn't often from pay. Because of finances is a very good club in is a very good woman covenant is put in a good site. It's got lots of games off. The United Mover. Any move doesn't come from When all this Lockdown and pandemic is hopefully over then the move will come sooner rather than later. I think the key for his patients and making the right decision and as I say if it doesn't happen for for whatever reason he's a brilliant club weary as smallman time meanwhile highly regarded reporting in Germany. Saying that's hands. Flick had a conversation over thirty minutes. The by Munich coach Would Leroy. Sanae about a move from city to the Bundesliga. Yes and there's no surprising that in the sense Dr last summer before we go really injury there were already aloft. Talks between the two clubs as well. They were negotiating of a historic for. He wanted to go back to Germany. And there's really only by Munich for him if he goes back to Germany. That time city wants you to over one hundred million euros which is something that by Munich. We're not ready to pay. And we a year on pretty much say and he hasn't played yet. This isn't because of the injury a obviously he's only one year away from the end of his contract. Which means that. He's price has dropped significantly compared to last summer. And I think if you can get Leroy who will grow back to full fitness and probably two is based not far from his best for fifteen million euros. Maybe even less than that you take and again. He wants to go to buy immunity buying Munich looking for play like him. It makes no sense. Seems to make sense Sunny Craig. Simpson no brainer. Yeah it's been networks for quite a while so I would not be shocked. I think is one of the moves that were never found opens up again Is More than light happened. The thing in this story and we discussed it just before we came on air was these things have broken. You know the fact that there's possibly been a telephone call between a Manchester City employees and by Munich employees stroke head coach which is breaching the regulations of how you're supposed to go about your business now for Estra staggers me because you know we all know topping up goes on but surely hail conversation one of them says. Let's go any further because we're not supposed to be doing this. So if I was Manchester City I would not be particularly happy even though I know. I'm probably going to lose the player. I don't think it would be too happy about an employee of mine under contract having a discussion with the manager. Another club at this moment jules. We know this happens but it's incredible that this becomes a public that's your rights and it's not the first time in the last few days we also Marino picking up his phone to quote them a million different Klabin maneuvers not the caliber of Leroy Cyber Sims. Those kind of things are leaked more and more now especially when there's food around so we probably focus to be more on transfer stories and what managers and players and agents are doing which we probably shouldn but like Craig said. We know he's going on. It's just a shame when it goes public like this just reminds keep out today. We'll the latest transfer news. You can go over to the website and click on transfer Toke. Though we're apart these days sharing so at Geico we'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing. Your savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your. Diy Haircut fails thanks for sharing your inner lip star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEICO give back the fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers. Because we're committed for the long haul the fifteen percent credit last full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash give back for more info and eligibility over to our Youtube Channel. Plenty of content over there bichon described subscribe as. I was welcome. Charley Stillitano to this show of course famous in the community in the US and also presents on Sirius Xm FCC alongside and the Obama and Ray Hudson now the three have come together to launch. A podcast named the hat trick. The first one drops tomorrow and they all starting in some style and exclusive interview with Real. Madrid's Gareth Bale Hayes a clip of bail talking about that flag but after that That that one game when the banner Chemo Garris? How much did you knew about it? The one that said wheels Gulf Madrid in not order. It was hysterical. But I guess you had to have a good sense of humor which I love the Spanish Charlotte's Real Madrid did not but it all got gloss. Not on did it. Well I said I'd seen the bind the boys that showed me a few weeks before from pictures online and stuff and if you were just saying after the game if we do qualify to find out how call do as well but I will be together it but again I'll see the founder of. We're all celebrating the team like I said before like I'm not GonNa not. There's a bit offensive funland. People can can see how they like to celebrate on the pitches a country to qualify in just having a laugh. It was one of those things. Charlie what a way to start off your podcast series yet. No we're quite pleased. Thanks first of all. Thanks for having me here today. It was Extrordinary really was the human element if you will human being Gareth. Bale came out. That's a really came out in the interview and I was. You know over the years you get to know so many different people and and you know you have these personal conversations with them with them and you hope comes out during one of these. Podcasts certainly did in this case and it certainly does. We have other PODCASTS WITH LUTHER. Matteis Carline Rubini Tusa Marc Lamont Nazi tells us about the head but and the reason he felt insulted It's extraordinary it's it's great stuff. We hear from people like Patrick. Kluivert talking about the young American kid in the Barcelona camp. So there's a lot of fun things in these podcasts. Well struck you from speaking to him. Struck me how much a manager matters really that to me was the most interesting part of it that it matters per players development and whether or not even becomes a professional he talked so much about how his only goal was to make it at Southampton to make it to the first team and he was extraordinary when he got called up for the first time He you know. He said he couldn't believe it and his his sites are are are are very realistic. In the and I think in some ways he's overachieved but he really started out to achieve. He's become one of the one of the biggest players on the planet and he's he's demonstrated you know the big moments very few people come through as much as Gareth Bale does do you think he minds the reputation. They has Spain yeah. I had a sense that he was disappointed. Is the best way to say it and the fans reaction you know. You talk about Especially the English fans. They usually support the team the players even in difficult times. But you know at the Berna bows we know. And I've been there when they booed Cristiano Renaldo. They've booed eaker casillas. You know it. It's just a matter of I. Guess it's a right of passage in some way but I think he's he he put a little finer point on it. What he really said is. I don't think it helps. And not sure why people do it and he seemed a little bit confused as to. Why a fan would do that. Do you think he's going to say what? What was the conversation? Do you think you'll stay in Madrid? I think he likes Madrid. I think he likes the idea of being at the biggest club in the world is certainly one of the biggest clubs in the world. I think he's been a player that he he feels. He still has more to prove. I think to the fans and the manager. That's the sense that I got. I do think he misses a little bit of being sort of the. I guess the straw that stirs the drink. You know the main guy on the team. I think that something he misses and maybe his next adventure. He'll try to do that again I think. He seemed happiest when he was at Spurs. At least. That's the impression I got. And that's more because I think his players and managers relied on him and the same thing with Wales and I think he he really thrives off of that was a great for your first podcast. Just stay with me because I wanted to talk to you about something else because it was interesting. I was reading football. Three six five listed the top. Five netspend does the last five years. I think pretty much gas mileage two cities that Manchester United four though AC Milan. Which really struck me considering? This is a sign. That isn't meeting the Champions League since two thousand thirteen. I want to welcome back to the show. Guy Mall concept as well to the conversation Charlie. I want to start with you. This striking figures. Yeah it really is and as a lifelong Milan. Fan Gabes a lifelong inter fans. So he feels much better about this. I quit hits. Your is that they've spent a lot without without being able to sell these guys on words and you know the club to me. That's done a great job with this. Maybe because they own about a hundred players is Chelsea and they were able to capitalize on the market was good in China and so they were able to sell some players for a high profits in China. It seems like the AC Milan players. They've gotten haven't really panned out and they have to give them up for you know for nothing compared to what they paid for them to me. That seems to be the real problem. Their face with gap got it so wrong. Well I mean I think there's a number of things going on I mean you know. They've had three different owners in those five years. And you look at the tail. End of the bill loose corneliani regime They were thinking of getting Ou- they they spend money but they didn't necessarily didn't have that clear idea in between you had the disastrous Leon. Hong Monica Frassoni era. Where you know they were just just chucking money around left right and center I And I get by one bad decision after another a lot of question marks and these new owners that are in now Elliott management there. They've got very clear ideas about how they want to turn things around. They've inherited though a very very difficult position. I think a lot of the damage was done under the previous owners under Leon. Hong where they said we're way into a whole. We want to bring the club back. Let's invest a ton of money. Hope that we go on and win the League and you'll qualify for the Champions League will make up for it with the revenues on the other end when that doesn't happen you get yourself into an even bigger hole. And that's Kinda. What part of the reason why meet on earned the situation there now challenge we all scattered to give the top five worst transfers during that period. Calls Packer five equine. Full Pantic comes in three bigly to Lucas Pack Cancer Number One signing forty million year Rosa. Do you agree with that? Was the worst of them all. Yeah I think so. At least where we see now where he is right now in the pecking order. If you will and I don't know what's GonNa Happen to the transfer market. I don't think any of us know whether it's going to be it's gonNA collapse or what but no one thinks it's going to spring back or we're going to see crazy number so to get rid of these guys. It seems like they're always selling them on for a loss and you know they have to get it right to at least get into the Champions League and that's where the money is and yeah I mean it's it's it's not a mystery and it's a team that has a lot of decent players but I'd like to say a lot of players. They're all pretty much the same. They're about the same quality you see even a guy like Ibrahimovic at thirty eight years old changes the whole dynamic of the team because of the quality of player that he is and that you know in the old days you'd get twenty year old guys in twenty two year old guys twenty six year old guys coming in at a C Milan. That were that caliber. Not Wonder Thirty. Eight I mean when they had they had Hebrew the first time he was thirty years old and that was sort of the perfect. Ibra now Even though he isn't as good as he was and he's thirty still helps because he is a player of let's say significant magnitude. He really is. He makes a difference. Gob Is there any lights at the end of the Tunnel Fair? Ac Milan fans like Charlie. Arby's it's going to be a slow painful step out of it because financial fair play era. You Pay for past mistakes and Charlie something before. It's absolutely critical. I totally agree with you mentioned Chelsea but it's critical that you sell well and some people might point to Carlos Baca and say well. He scored a few goals. You know why are you have on the list? Well they didn't sell them. Well you know. Basically they ended up giving away in exchange for effectively. Simul Cassia till you have to be smart in terms of the deals that you signed the contract. You sign players. Lucas is an enormous contract. Signed him when he was thirty one it was obviously we're never going to get the resell value. And now you're stuck with it and you're stuck with people like showing Lou guys. Nobody wants and what day of promises they're going to go and they're gonNA be much more numbers oriented Admitted look for value. You saw little bit guys. They signed last year. Theo Hernandez Benazir. Those guys are players. Those guys are young they have resale value. They can do a job for you now frank. Seo Arguably if he regains his Mojo. I think you can build around that but you have to be smart in the way in the way you do it. And unfortunately they're inheriting some really big contracts and very if you'd asked me that five stupidest moves. I would've put Donna Rumas contract in there because he makes an enormous amount of money and even though he's a phenomenal goalkeeper. He's now twelve months ago. Twelve months away from becoming a free agent and of course his agent is meteorologist. Which Which nobody wants to deal with. So you know it's going to be. It's going to be difficult but I do. Think you do see baby steps in the right direction. Aquinas following through. Yeah I think that really need to understand that this administration if you will under I because e is and the Elliott Group and still Paolo Maldini thankfully is a is a group that is inherited a lot of the problems and I really have faith in this group that they're going to be able to to right the ship if you will but it sort of where. Inter Milan was five. Six years ago at the differences that soon being a retail giant they can. Let's just be honest. They can manipulate financial fair play. They could take some of the retail clout and bring it into the sponsorship. Side of the club is many of these clubs. Have done Ac Milan with Elliot doesn't have that opportunity. So it's it's going to be a little harder but they do have a solid financial backing and if they start making some as as gap pointed out some really good. Good solid moves Then I think they're going to be okay but it's GonNa take more time than I think. Any of US said dreamed of Jolly on. Thank you very much. Thank you very much as well for wearing a tie. Much appreciated need to say this. I'm only wearing a tie because ever sir. Alex Ferguson. Watches you guys. He says I don't understand why they don't have tie and why they wear jeans so in in the event that he sees this appearance. I WANNA say were tied for your boss. I like that a lot of that tally. He's old deal. Expect those sort of standards. I suppose you very much then guys just remind Charlie's new podcast along with Neil and ray drops tomorrow that exclusive interview that Gareth. Bale the hat trick Bichon. Download it Brasco to our website as well plenty of podcast. Download over there. Let's send the clock back to one of the most dramatic stories in Premier League history. New Cost like they were cruising to the premier league title back in January Nineteen Ninety six. They were nine points at the top of the table with a game in hand however they drop points Mantis united. We'RE NOT IN THIS EXTRAORDINARILY RON. And this is how the table loads twenty. Four years ago. Manchester United Three clear of new calcium nights. It now nuke also closed. The gap to three offering one victory against Leeds during the last few weeks are a lot mind games. Going on between Ferguson Keegan foggy talking about the fat the opposition they're going to go soft on Newcastle. Because of Keegan's relationship Keegan then snapped saying no. No when you do that. With footballers like Ferguson said about leads. And when you do things like that about of mine likes to it past. I've really quiet but I'll tell you something. He went down in my estimations when he said that. We have not resorted to that. But I'll tell you you can tell him if you're watching it. We're still fighting for this title. He's got to go to Newcastle. And get something and I'll tell you honestly I will love it if we beat them. Love it. `course it never transpired. That united went and got the victory against the middle's on the final day of the season. Craig Burley with us on shake hislop's of course. He was part of that squad during that season. Let's just focus. I shall we check on that. Ron How where? Or when we aware of what Keegan said we heard about the new dress room after the game. It'd been building to that and not only what he said immediately prior but I just feel as a team. We started to feel under pressure. Come come the tuna the year. We've been flying up until up until John. Refers to as you pointed out and cloudy sees nothing we finished with three wins on the road. Out of out of ten and ultimately was undoing but then just before that leads game short peers announced. He was your testimony at not in forest. I'm he unknowns. That new cost united would be the opponents. This was a game that was going to be played a week after the season closed on. That prompted Alex Ferguson. To see that appears not an foras wanted Newcastle to win. We still have to play forest in the league and suggested that they would go easy on us because it would ensure that our show piers got got a big which I can was absolutely right. An unfair accusation on a player with a record like like sure peers but ultimately was mind games and it got the better of of Kevin Keegan's certainly publicly but within the dress room. We knew that had been coming. We've been feeling the pressure within address from building for for quite some time Craig. Fogy clearly got into his head. Yup I think the way it was going anyway. United Newcastle United would imploding. The shocker mention the title was heading to Old Trafford. Anyway but I think the whole implosion from Kevin Keegan and it's an iconic moment whether you agree or not with the tactics behind it. I think really made sweetser. In whilst Keegan was s sharing has TV public run in Manchester Site. And he's armchair chuckling away elite. Never chuckled. Before because we knew he'd one particular bottle and he knew that was the kick in the Nila Nicole for Newcastle United S. After all mind games you had it with us. Vangere with Kevin Keegan had it was part of the part of the fair. Gesine resume really was to make sure he as well as putting good teams together and manages heads as well and he's got that Newcastle sharing away. Because shotton was brought to me it was a heck of a Newcastle State. Unfortunately they couldn't see and united. We're ready to pounce. And I'm sure whether Ferguson down in Keegan's estimation are not I'm surely united manager couldn't give a hoot shack was. What was the players like? Wow he's really lost it. There was without question because you didn't expect that from Keegan he he tried to maintain an even Keel. But as I mentioned from the player perspective we knew the pressure was getting to him and as a result got repairs as well that had been coming. Ellison figgy ultimately was the main antagonist behind the main focus of that around but but the pressure and as I mentioned the poor form away from whom particularly was telling we changed how we trained and weekly routines and just because they lose a couple of games. You don't do that and I think it sends the wrong message and that Sydney was. I get as much as I understood. The man had the inside view of of happened and how it happened to Newcastle United. And I was maybe a little bit on some of his accusations craigslist right if you involve with Manchester United and or dressing room. You couldn't have just Chuck Louis Gentlemen. Thank you very much just reminded. Espn AFC back on your strange tomorrow. Be sure to join us. Let brings us the end of today's edition of ESPN FCA. Big thanks to Charlie Sultana for joining us. Check out his podcast. The hat trick available tomorrow exclusive interview with that Gareth. Bale also bake thanks for his slob. Taking us through the Newcastle Dressing Room. During that Kevin Keegan rang. Show to stay tuned. No extra time is next GAP MARKAZI CRAIG BELLY. Welcome into extra-time. Thank you very much for your tweets Gavin Craig with me. There's a report that you say will only give players the popa any idea of which plays a possible. I would guess the leaked and DEBA- out of the question four. I mean look. I think this report is based on the fact. That cash is in short supply. And so I don't think it just concerns. You get concerns most clubs so if they really are as obsessed with fog about people suggest then there's only so many guys they can self I I would assume you would want to sell elected board DEBA- or bedtime core those guys are probably your most saleable assets because you're still young and they still have a market so I guess it would have to be one of those guys but bear in mind too. United we're linked debated last summer. I don't know if they're still interested or where he would fit now. That DEZ is there They're obviously going for James. Jones licht is immune Araya client and So yeah so. I'm I'm skeptical when people drop these these massive player swap deals in football. Meanwhile Craig who do you think? Spurs Manchester United Arsenal or Chelsea will be the next contending for the Premier League whose trajectory is better united finished before the shutdown relatively strongly But I still think they're going to work to do. I would probably say is definitely between Chelsea and united for me because I think the united vote spent or at least some of Chelsea well as well with the transfer and being furnished. I would probably say my oh club. Joe Arts the hater burly if a window of Sancho party and verner would have united challenges to the top to possibly yeah forcibly Sancho T. mobile party from Athletico Madrid. Might go somewhere bridge. The seven point guard sports thing Which young player frustrations you. The most by not becoming the world class players. They should have been either by laziness believing their own hype all five partying too much guy who springs to mind. Well I think there's an obvious answer if you're Italian and that answer is Super Mario Batali. Now there's been some revisionist history with people saying well. I never saw it. I don't see what made him so good and those people I'd invite them to go back and And watches goals against Germany in the in the euro. Two Thousand Twelve Semifinal but these obvious one that springs out there one of the guy would mention and it's not entirely its fault and it's a totally different category. Because he she so much. But you know guys like Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen. Were never the same you know. Once pass their mid twenties and injuries certainly played a part of it. I do wonder with Hindsight Medical Science. Maybe today being better ties and it was then what careers could have taken a very different very different path. And maybe there'll in jeopardy could have could have been maintained trey got retinol school about Robbie savage in a gym and football magazine. They mentioned a solid arguments. You had with him in a match. Can you tell me the whole story of? Did they found something in? The story wasn't so much an argument. At least Maitland's Darby at Pride Park Dot be sexy and the print media think primarily you get what was in the Premier League and the game wasn't going to well frozen eve is normally does refer Chech- up on nothing could dive. Sorry he die for penalty on. I may well have me a debt. Grab them rather than helping them. Back off the ground but I grabbed him around the throat. Area wasn't said but not argument. Not Between Myself Savvy. That was an argument that was done investors but the argument between the players continued into the tunnel often the game which we lost three to buy it. Never forget reverend out for a bit of a screw up. Until eight the Arken by the strife striker for Leicester City took his top off. And I've never seen a man so big and so muscle bound could we couldn't wait to get back into the door. Okay moving on. Can you rank the following footloose crate share and writes Gary Lineker? Random Shearer leneker right? That's the way I would go. Van Hooydonk or Mark Viduka while well both disappeared for a period because of unholy don't went on strike just before there by win mark. Viduka was teammate. Repeated don't strike Nottingham Forest and Beg Viduka spent on the missing list just to resign for Celtic and went back to Croatia. However he was he was phoned and dragged back to show up so I would say not played refined Hoi Dong but no how talented the as Bob and played no just token to play he was always saying mark. Viduka meanwhile gap. Where do you stand on Pete Surfing in square or triangular slices well okay? So they're not really triangles triangles. When when you take a pizza and you cut it into eight slices. Obviously looks vaguely like a triangle but the end is more sort of a a half moon shape. Of course it's eight slices. If you're hungry you might cut it afford slices if you're if you're less hungry triangular square pizza. That's more of a thing that they do in wrong. Obviously pizza didn't originate with but listen. I'm not a pizza. Snow Pizza's not my culture pizzas from Naples. Other people have taken pizza. They've adopted some people have have made better were acceptable. Some people have gone screwed it all up by putting a lot of garbage on it and those are the ones I resent. Have you cut? The sixteen. Gob is up more. That's if you really really hungry Greg. If you have the Dan then you might go. I sixteen pieces. There's much too much for me. I normally you know go for eight or four if I'm if I'm not on a hefty pay as one of my favorite does she says is cooked properly concede as the medical device. There's a total knee andro. When it comes to toppings on pizza I mean good grief there with these dress sense. Pineapple Pineapple go sick right. I've got to accept it embracing a few etteleat find out on a pizza. I don't find your chances of getting final question Ukraine. Do you have any superstitions or rituals before a match? What was I used to always try and go out? Lost wasn't a ritual. I used to try mixture MOTIF. Oh put them up for dead. Forget sometimes what S. Your Time's Aref was not about to blow the whistle but maybe a couple of minutes away in about the boat but down the tunnel and put them in time if I hand them to the monolith physio which they want. Please let because the game is about to kick off but I used. I used to draw before yes horrible. I used to touch the grass and just put machine pods on a certain way. I yes I used. The answer is yes I used to try to sell things and the dressing room and the warm up and before a game just before a game. I just can't remember all the things that I used to do. You have a ritual superstition. You go free before a big article. I don't superstition it's all it's all dark ages hearsay and no in fact. Sometimes I go out of my way to do things that that people consider to be On lucky just to go and prove a point thank you very much surprised just reminded ESPN AFC back on your streams. Tomorrow be sure to join us.

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