'Valentine's Views' podcast: Mark Schofield talks Daniel Jones, Kyler Murray


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I'm your host Ed Valentine of Big Sunday's matchup couple of topics that I wanted to to hit on before we before we get to my conversation with mark the first of which is that it looks like the giants could be healthier this week looks like there's a possibility at this point face off on Sunday so if the giants can win a game they would only be they would remain just one game out of first place in the division really and we will talk to quarterback Guru Mark Scofield about the match up between giants Rookie Daniel Jones the sixth overall pick in the draft view. Today's show we're going to talk about several topics as the giants get ready to face the Arizona cardinals on Sunday a little bit later his best playmaking weapons back on the field this week as the giants get ready for a game against the Arizona cardinals who are the giants fans and welcome as he has gone through four games now as the giants quarterback so we'll see what mark thinks about the play of Jones so far and how excited he is to see is were at practice on Monday obviously you know media wasn't wasn't there for the entire practice we don't know how much they did but nine of this game is Jones Verses Murray really really interesting and we'll get marks perspective on that as well as on the progress of Daniel Jones Giller time of the season is that believe it or not the the giants are only one game behind in the NFC east the dollar Sterling Shepard who has a concussion and of course backup running back wing Goldman who also has a concussion we'll have to see we'll monitor that situation and cardinals rookie quarterback Kyle Murray the first overall pick it's obviously the first NFL meeting between those two obviously really the headline a young team one that is probably not at the level quite yet of the eagles and the cowboys when both of those teams are playing as well as that both saquon Barkley and Evan Ingram could be in the lineup really really good news for the giants if both of those players are able to play both nations as the week goes along but that's good news for the giants good news for Daniel Jones that that he could en- should have his his the three in one heading into Sunday giants of course are two and four and one of the really really interesting things about this about this game about this interesting and let me be honest I do not think that the giants are going to end up winning the NFC East I think that they're developing teams if they're capable of playing but what I do believe is that the more competitive games the more meaningful games the more games with playoff implications that the young giants core a which we wrote about a little bit earlier in the week at big blue view more important games that they can play the better off that is for their development the better that is for the future of the New York giants so despite back to back losses they can still dream a little bit you can still consider the possibilities and as I said any game we'll see what happens on Sunday we'll see how it turns out but interesting that the giants at this point despite being too informed at the giants play that has some sort of implications for the future implications toward the playoffs anything they can do at this point that that has importance attached to it is good for their future all right another thing that I wanted to talk about was the giants signing of veteran running back Joe Voracious Buck Allen formerly of the Baltimore Ravens Guy that was signed by the New Orleans Saints Ask and was released in August I believe with an injury settlement common opinion you know among most at this point is that doing most of the ball carrying we've seen a couple of costly fumbles by Hilaman including one on Thursday night against the Patriots that cost the giants touchdown the giants waited too long to make this move obviously not having Wayne Gelman the last couple of weeks hurt the giants quite a bit obviously you know saquon Barkley went down the giants dependent on wing Allman Gelman suffered a concussion in his second game starting behind coming Barkley in the giants have basically gone the last two weeks with John Hillerman rookie undrafted free agent and fullback Elijah Penny knee is injured against Tampa Bay that the giants held a workout with several veteran running backs Allen was not part of that workout the giants had that time chose not to sign any of the any of the backs that they worked out in on the face of it to me that was a mistake on the giants practice squad having cleared waivers I don't know what the situation is with with L and I know that after saquon Barkley ability that Allen is the guy that they targeted in the that he simply may not have been ready to work out ready to play at that point in time because then they had no experience backup behind Wayne Goldman but that that was the choice that they made I wonder if perhaps they were waiting for and and probably was a big part of the giants decision to finally sign a veteran back into to cut him Hilaman in case you didn't know his back and but I don't know I I do think while it may not have cost them victories the last couple of weeks not signing I don't know if I get a chance to to speak with Alan later this week at the giants facility when I get there I'm going to try to get there on securely Hillerman and undrafted free out of Boston College and Rutgers who really to be honest with a mediocre college running back not a star exclusive player profiles deep analytics team power rankings and fantasy sports insights you won't find anywhere else each subscriber gets a personalized I can do a lot of things run a little bit can catch some passes as a tough guy who's willing to run inside can play some special teams should L. and if they're waiting for an opportunity to work him out I don't know that for a fact but having had an injury settlement with the saints you wonder if there's a possible Thursday if I get a chance to speak with Alan I might ask him about that but you wonder if that was perhaps part of the reason that they were waiting for Buchan feet of stories live writer Qna's podcasts and more just download the athletic APP pick your favorite teams and the athletic will begin surfacing all the latest on the the veteran back who could have helped them you know leaving so much responsibility on the plate of John Hillman analyze a penny per a subscription based sports news site for real fans through in-depth coverage from local riders every team plus national writers. You already know like Jay Glazer Mike Sando sponsors when we come back we'll hear from Mark Scofield about Daniel Jones and Kyle Murray today's show is sponsored by the athletic. Alan is a player described by our Baltimore Ravens Website which is Baltimore beak down as jack-of-all-trades player we'll cross our fingers and hope that Barkley does play this week but Alan should help them going forward you know we'll see how much and it'll be kind of interesting to see athletic dot com slash SB nation contour from Cox has all your favorites all in one place and with the contour remote the a help to the giants should be a guy who who they can get a little bit of of mileage out of as a backup to Barclay in players in storylines that matter to you ready to get started for forty percent off a yearly subscription to the athletic goal to the dot com slash SB nation. That's the you know for programs that weren't powerhouse programs turned out to be in my view a mistake but it's one the giants have moved on from now whether it is Allen or gall men who emerges as the real number two running back you know it's Goldman comes back from his concussion so that'll be something to keep an eye on in the meantime let's take a quick break forward you can use your voice to fund them on live TV on demand and streaming APPs like netflix prime video and more seat Cox dot com for details or a giants fans. I'm joined now by quarterback Guru Mark Scofield to talk about this Sunday's giants cardinals matchup with two inches report you'll have a piece for us later this week on on Kyle Murray but let's do this let me ask you first fun podcast and I think he's going to be fun game between these two teams coming up this week well that's that's kind of exactly where I wanted to start I mean you have the first overall pick in the let's do this mark you've written about Daniel Jones for us a number of times you have another post up this week on basically Jones progress how many what questions has cuyler Murray answered for you thus far I mean I think he's sort of raft you have the sixth overall pick in the draft two guys that they're franchises are banking on being their futures. Aim It this way a lot of the questions around Kawamori like you said they had to do with the size the frame and sort of his ability to run but we expect to sort of be interesting rookie quarterback's Daniel Jones and Kyle Murray Mark how you doing I'm doing well and great to be back with you look I'm looking forward to this one I think it's going to be opted what we thought his office was going to be for more NFL type system I think Mario has been fun to watch because while he still makes mistakes and he still makes them throws and foremost we know what the questions were about Kyle Murray mostly size mostly build you know mostly the offense that he played in that a minute but when you look at this Arizona offense I think they're starting to sort of figure out what they want to be I think Kerry has done a nice job of sort of a just just how excited are you to turn on the TV and watch this one on Sunday I'm very excited to watch it because we're GONNA talk a lot about Daniel Jones so we can get in to watch he's been fun to study and of course there's Daniel Jones sides who would wear you know he's had some great frozen moments over the past couple of weeks as well so it's fun to watch these two quarterbacks of a deeper drops we can get behind the line a little bit more but I wasn't as concerned as others were were about that when it comes to his frame and his size and that way I wonder if you could his plan style would enable him to last in the NFL to sustain a full sixteen game season I think you look at his baseball background. The patient rose doors were areas at where I thought we're going to need to see some growth from how many started to sort of put that stuff on film the past couple of weeks I was got it obviously the fan base for both teams are hoping that these guys will be battling in the NFC for years to come now but this will be the first chance to see him on the field at the same time had worked through but when it comes to his is you know the height thing he's adept at finding pro online similar to Baker Mayfield the year before him Michael Lombardi gift certificates setting a new standard for sports news there are no ads pop ups or Click Bait just great sports writing that tells the story behind story when you see the ability to sort of slide at I know that sounds a little bit silly but he does a great job of protecting himself he's a quarterback that you would see give up the potential then you could see that from his film at Oklahoma where he was able to sort of create some throwing lanes with his feet sometimes they'll structure their pocket differently to give Alta the coaches film as up over NFL game pass and you're seeing isolated examples of him doing things like looking off safeties or making NFL offenses we talk about Cliff Kingsbury we see when you watch the cardinals that they're doing some things that are different offense than than little nuanced things that didn't really see a lot from him and Oklahoma he started put that on tape now and so those two areas that manipulation that anticipation those were as between the linebackers you know he's getting the ball out before Fitzgerald crosses that first linebacker so he can make sure that Fitzgerald's going to catch it between the two new those anywhere else no ads or click bait just great sports writing join today for the inside story on your team forty percent off your annual subscription to the best sports running around air for that they probably haven't seen yet it's a great question at I'll take the second part of it I you're seeing a lot more in the sort of decisions that you can question now a couple times a game he'll come up with a throw that will really sort of impressed you or sometimes more than a couple of throws it really sort of impression so he's been Dell style or pro style offense and what are the cardinals doing that is really different that the giants are really going to have to prepare in my mind coming out but at the same time there were shoot of areas that I was really looking for from him manipulation with the eyes and dissipation throws over the middle yet A. Y. Cross a couple of weeks ago we've that crossing route and it's Larry Fitzgerald coming from right to left and he throws them open in Spain additional potential yardage to get off on the next play and so I wasn't asking certain about not as well and when it comes to sort of the idea of implanted NFL offense and know that was a is but he has the ability to press a lot of scrimmage if he decides to keep the ball and then you really put that flat defender and a bond because on one side of you've got a potential in a sense by the clarifier but I liked his ability to make region throws from the pocket and so you know he answered a lot of the questions at least what you normally see in the NFL it's really a twofold question is there really any more such a thing as an enemy the big play in the running game when he scrambling on to duck out of bounds to slide rather than you know take a defendant a spin move or something he would forgo or sacrifices you know watching this stuff from lease four and five last night and get ready for the show and get ready for the peace I'm going to write you know when you call the this morning I was looking at his game from last week ever in the flat wade he can throw into and you've got the quarterback press in the line of scrimmage in the ways usually designed it's just that flat defender that they put in conflict with that you know zone read an option off of that type of game that you don't see a lot of NFL teams really do whether they'll run basically inverted V ear where you've got the potential Murray to keep it with blockers in front of him you've got sort of zone read stuff where the gut built in package screen earns and questions and a hat from him and he started to sort of peace that stuff together let me ask you this mark talk about we talk about four pro style. NFL offense I really have those questions about him to the extent that others did I thought they weren't certainly things that he would have to sort of figure out there's a lot of options in Vir elements that you're more familiar scene on Saturdays than you are on Sundays so these offense at the giants haven't seen yet this year here at so obviously that's going to be stuff that they're going to need to get ready for on the defensive side of the ball going into this game as far as sort of bigger picture issue I really alone him with a post behind him and deep over out in front of them whichever way he goes you throw to the other one you know we typically think that's sort of a pro style concept but how different is what we typically associated with NFL passing games and pro style offenses where you isolate a defender and you high loa I mean what everybody's sort of sort of next evolution of a rudimentary aspect of offense of football which is finding a defender and putting them into conflict and then make your decision based on what he well I guess you look at it and you can say that I guess good offensive concepts that that stress defenses in in different ways about Daniel Jones we really haven't we really haven't gotten into Jones too much yet today you did a sort of a quarter of the football again for the main reason is money because when you draft that rookie quarterback we have that younger quarterback you wanna run things ear progress report on Jones you know for us that that published on on Tuesday what I want to ask you is really perhaps you the simpler what you always call the quick game concepts you know the the the one decision or the other decision that a quarterback might have verse you know New England with Brady you're seeing some of the newer concepts Lloyd air raid concepts that aren't really new for the NFL in their playbook as well to make it is perhaps a a simpler way to teach and and as you said maybe a quicker way to get these guys on the field and and give them a chance to succeed you be would you be happy with what you've seen from Jones would you feel optimistic about his future or as he sort of come does we're used to seeing it sort of deep downfield passing game in moments like that are beyond just doing it in a little bit of a different way all right so let's talk a little bit that really then showing a linebacker potential hand off and if he comes down you throw the slant route over his head if he stays deep on the sled you know your hand the ball off it's just is work their way into the NFL from the college ranks of from schools or systems that have been you know coaching this stuff for some of these guys would be coaching this stuff for years now lead yeah I think that's a that's a great point and I've thought about a lot of what we're seeing now the college and even the pro ranks types of systems work into the national football league so the idea of pure NFL offense a pro style offense I think that is solely but surely going by the wayside there's this push to get younger perhaps more inexpensive players on the field and productive early in their careers you're going to turn to these designs and then let's face it we're seeing in obviously the name right now is Lincoln Riley perhaps becoming a head coach you put all of this together you're going to see more of these offensive tiles types of plays you know good offense is good offense and the other part of that is NFL teams have a lot less practice time than they than they did in years gone by so per fell so part of the reason people are probably happy about where he is

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