Ep. 191 - Living in Concert with the Mind with Meditation Teacher Light Watkins


It's not like you're walking around. There's just as one voice that saying do this or don't do that, you know, that voice. It's there. But then there could also be one hundred other voices from ego from your conscious mind from greed from all these other places, and so all of those voices are kind of competing with each other. And what I found is that that's one of the reasons why the practice of meditation is so essential. You're listening to the almost thirty podcasts a lifestyle podcast hosted by Christa Williams and Lindsay Simsek. Tune in for new episode every Tuesday to hear honest conversations about topics like wellness. Entrepreneurship spirituality and self development with guests who are really smart, really inspirational and really fucking funny. It's real it's raw in its unfiltered, inspired by our transition from our twenties to our thirties. We realized it's so much more than that. Our mission is to provide you with the tools guidance and motivation to help you navigate any transitions in your life and propel your personal. Thanks so much for tuning into the almost thirty podcasts. Here we go. Hey, guys. Hey. I making Lindsey record. I know she doesn't want to but I want no onto. And now you want to quit I'm done. Now, what if there's just a big reveal on the show, and I was just like, hey, this is Ed EV it would stop last. Do you think I'd be able to do it? It would stop. I thought about that. It would stop. There's no way isn't that? What you know me? Well, you. Yeah. What this is would not be without the other. Yes. You know, it would become something else. Shrew who'd become a porn channel. Yeah. I turned to my voice. But sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. Do you ever use voice? Yeah. In the bed. You do. We're just recording. Our new intro. They very interesting. It's amazing. It's great interest. It's a great intro. But it's crazy when you say things over and over at and you friend. Oh, yeah. Here we go. So at the end of it. We're like, hey, you know, you don't know what to say. Like, honestly, you're like, okay. This is the pie the magic carpet saddle up. Like what the fuck can you say? So we say here we go 'cause truly here we go. And so would you like why was I was like? I was like you. You're like it will the one year like. It was like it was like just like is it here we go. Yeah. Talking to my dog. Really take a piss. I don't know what's going to happen. Here. We go. So much on. No, it was it was it was like, good luck. Go the subtext of every us when we do our intro. It's like it's so crazy because like every time it's just unique. Like, I'm like unique your tuning into the earth or what I say like, you're listening. Yeah. So I'm like, you're listening to the almost thirty podcasts. And sometimes I'm like, you're listening to the almost thirty podcasts. I'm like, you're listening to the almost thirty podcast every time. It's an it's really hard to like get every cadence, right? Get every drop inflection weird. And because you could say at one way with us certain inflection pattern and then with the different inflection pattern. It means because something completely different Mike. Wait what? Yes, it's it's it's interesting real most need like a third person in the room. I know to like tell us tell us, but I think it turned out great. So just every time y'all now. So fuck. Yeah. Like new intro. We had to change because we said that our podcast came out every Tuesday and Tuesday Thursday. But now, we just don't say it. But now, we just don't say. Yeah, we don't see it comes out because we don't know we might drop one on you on a Sunday morning. 'cause here we go. We go. And then we just got off of our ambassador call. Oh, man. We're doing an ambassador program. It's basically like an MLM. So there's a bunch of little groups don't even say to be a part of it. I'm just kidding. It's a pair. Me reiterate, it's not an LM list. Kidding? It's out on them. All no one pays literally. Our group was bought burst open because the talk of melon. Oh shit. Yeah. You know? No. But it's it's actually the craziest. So cool. The coolest thing we have embassador is about forty of them thus far all over the country. And in London the world, who are Australia Bhaskar where you. Yeah. I think. Yeah. Where are you at? But I. I think they reached out and they're in the process of late. They should be. Yeah. Where are you pretty vocal? I know. That's just weird is we have a lot of Australian-based listeners. So I don't know where you I can't wait to come to Australia, and my Australian accent will turn on just automatically end. It'll be so bad, and they'll tell me exactly how bad it is Justice really bad at it. Gold. It's going to be meeting. So the master program is basically so that we empower the people in our community at host events in their cities. Yeah. And it could look like anything he meet up three people at a coffee shop or it could be fifty people at a workout in the park yet. Really? Yeah. Be whatever you want. Well. Whatever this is not like a cult weird thing. Not whatever we branded ourselves physique. Nope. But we're just so excited because you know, we through the tour have just been able to see the power of coming together and community will no matter what it looks like it is power full. So we're just I mean witnessing this and in all, and we just get on the call with the ambassadors, and they already have, you know, branches planned, and volunteer events planned, and like a little pizza parties planned, and it's really nice because there was also there was a girl that reached out to our Email and oh shoes from Ohio. I don't have my phone in front of me. But she's from Middletown Ohio, and she was to me because she's like you're from Ohio, you know, where I'm from. And there's not a lot of people in my area that I can connect with on the topics that you guys connect with on the podcast, which I can completely understand I've been there. So she didn't know that we had you know, almost thirty. Chapter that she could dry. So now, she's part of the almost thirty Ohio chapter, and it gives her the opportunity to connect with women that are interested in personal growth development, spirituality, everything that we are about, you know, she's now a part of a community of women that are are like her, and she didn't know we're in Ohio or or near her. So that's really the point of it. And that's been you know, the best and most beautiful part of everything. Yes. So you can search for the subgroups through our secret almost thirty Facebook group. And if you don't see your city there need like to start a subgroup and become an ambassador, you can Email community at almost thirty podcast dot com. We will be launching our almost thirty nation Instagram soon. So you better like it when we follow or follow it. That's what I meant. Like that. They're going to like it. You guys are going to get in the for the almost thirty nation Instagram. It's like an opportunity for the ambassadors and the people in our community to really connect with one another and to be showcased and to share their business, or you know, share what they're doing in their community. So it's really just a place for you guys to highlight one another truly truly madly deeply the best hose. Everything good. It's okay. He was a little bit of a roller coaster. Feeding like asked today I've been I haven't been able to sleep lately too. And I'm taking Benadryl. Every night. What what is the fireplace? Not being able to sleep feel like is. I just feel like I've. So much energy. And I can't and it drives me crazy. I haven't been able to sleep which is usually like me usually can sleep. Very well. Maybe it's I mean, it's probably not it. But it's. It's like the this month this next month. It's just a lot of like just kind of hyping up for this year ahead. I don't know. Now, usually I'm so physically tired though, which is weird is like at the end of the day. Sometimes it's hard to turn off my brain. But usually, I'm so physically tired that I pass out. But I haven't been physically tired in a long time, and I've been working out less than normal. I guess, but like still I've been working out. So I don't know what it is. I probably may be having caffeine more than normal that could be if you're sensitive to it. And I guess I guess I think that's what it is to be completely honest. But taking Benadryl sees here. Asleep? Real good not Benadryl. But Google melatonin too. Like, Tony doesn't keep me asleep. Oh, really? Yeah. I wake up I wake up every night in the middle of the night now to every night yet. Oh about their Justin woke up in the Bill night woke me up. We both Pete. No, let me get in bed. Hold hands to play like, sports and stuff. But like you don't have a sword. But you have like with my fingers orders things. Exactly. That's what I usually. I walk up to his rack is dick as four AM, and I'm walk up to sword. I know it's weird. I don't know. I don't like that. I haven't been sleeping and then today this morning was just I don't know. I was in a little funky phone just whenever I get your tax guy. I basically spiral truly honestly it's like it has four bullets in an excel document attached to it, and I'm actually on the floor. It's. Yes. I see more than four numbers. And I'm like, I'm out of here. This is really hard for me. But also, it's about a bunch of frigging information from January twenty eighteen I don't know shit about Ackley in like, we, you know, for anyone who's started a business to I'm sure you can understand like in the beginning. You're not thinking about all of the things that you should be thinking about when like tax season rolls along, you know. So it's yeah. It's a it's a lot about playing catch up now and just making sure everything is right and tight sit up moving forward. You know, we're we're good to go. But yeah, that's really fucking stressful in your very good of imaging it, not really but Brock Branca's, the smart. Just like, it's hard. We don't know. We're like one. I don't want know. Yeah. I don't wanna know. And I don't wanna know. So just so do I need to have him do my personal taxes to next year. Yep. You're going to have up someone. I mean, I ha-. Yeah. I have someone. One who is familiar with kind of the type of things that like stripping the stripping and like working the corner. Yeah. So you seem to make sure about sandals usury handles. No. But actually, I didn't have as many of those types of jobs, meaning like acting, whatever whatever. So. Yeah. Maybe I'll use Brock. But I also think to the types of emails that you've been going through. It's the first it's the first month back, you know, people are fucking aggressive when they're back. Yeah. People are back in their fucking. Yeah. We are. We are aggressive to. I'm sure not playing around and analysis planner, and I really didn't expect it. I'm like, oh, wow. Like y'all are not here to play and being real honest this year. Yes. I like that you're being a good needs have being very honest. But these are also being very tested. And and I'm like, oh, do you. Do you want to be honest? The time. Do you? Because here's some media test. -tunities for you to be very honest. Yes. Or are you going to do it or not for me to the honesty helps to create boundaries? I guess too. You know, like had a had an situation the other day where someone express their feelings for me. And I was really honest in my feelings back, and it just it. It's for me. It felt immediately. Like, I had created a really clear boundary. You know, and before it was like a little weird and fuzzy an, but it felt really good. I'm like, okay. So I can do that more often. Whether it's someone like that or or in business or in with family, or whatever it is. It's just it's great. So yeah. I mean, I lie. I like I love that part of you. That's like, Nope. Bullshit not saying in our share. But also it's scary because I'm like am. I. I don't know. She. If it's a fine line too. Because I wanna be I wanna be a delight. But I think you can be an honest, delight your sure. Yeah. It's just an interesting. It's it's figuring out literally. The the words to use in order to express. It is probably the hardest part of think. But people respect it. Yeah. If it's done in the right way. Yeah. How do you guys feel about being is honesty, honest, best policy next time next time almost thirty? That was actually pretty funny on Chris is podcast when he was talking about like the NPR guy. He was first Navient PR guy. He's like as honesty the best policy. They always kinda answer answer with his imitations mazing. Yeah. So then I was walking in and I wondered. Is honesty the best policy? Oh, man. So today's episode is all about meditation meditation. We have light Watkins on the podcast to day. I heard light on ritual longtime ago he's been on ritual. Maybe more than once, not sure. But I heard him on ritual a wire lag-. Oh, I think it was before I move to LA or maybe shortly thereafter, and, you know, became interested in his work. And then attended a shine event that he runs a group called the shine. And they host sober events that are for conscious people, and it was an amazing awesome event that had sweet green salads. I went with Erica chemic-. There was great singers comedians all of these things, and it was really nice to be an environment where you know, everyone else there was really enlightened and really kind and there for the same things. Yeah. He's he's someone that people go to to start their medicine. Nation. Practice released a solid foundation. He has a new book bliss more how to succeed meditation without really trying really the nuts and bolts like how to and I think that people just get stuck in the beginning. Because they're not sure if it's quote, unquote, correct? Or if they're doing it the right way, or whatever. So late is a great gateway into this practice. Yeah. I've been I think he goes. No. But I've been meditating for. Two thousand nineteen now six years six years and meditation has completely changed my life as much as people say to completely change my life. It is the reason I am here today. It is the reason I am the person. I am today. It is the reason that I have the personality that I have today, and I'm so thankful for it. A new brought meditation really intimately. I mean. I knew about it. I've done it before. But. Everyone. Yeah. Yeah. But we're together a lot. And so to have that being with me is like meditating truly all the twenty four hours a day seven days a week. A meditation practice. Oh, good. Okay. So enjoy this episode. We will see on the other side but connect with light Watkins light Watkins dot com. An at light Watkins on Instagram his new book bliss more is out. Now, you should grab it. And if you'd like to talk about this episode, please join our secret Facebook crew, we would love to see you in there. Yes. And then we also have an event happening on February ninth at sage wellness with Alexander rock, so you can see her on Instagram. She's one of my favorite accounts to follow its Alexandra R O X. Oh, and it is going to be a self love female juic-, sexuality, feminine revolution style workshop that is going to be awesome. So go to almost thirty podcasts dot com, and you can get tickets for that workshop happening on Saturday. February ninth at sage wellness with Alexander rock, so myself and Lindsay, it's going to be awesome. Cannot wait for that. Okay. Enjoy enjoy. Ben to China van avenue. It was amazing. I want to go and we're trying to cut amazing out of my vocabulary Mony oh. Oh, ho was singing, right? How do you think? Robert, Egger, speaking. Yeah. That was a good one. That was so great. It was an LA was right near Santa Monica across campus. Yeah. Say what with my friend, Eric Quebecois? I think you've met. As for the boon. Yes. Chris know. No, I saw that. I peep that. He was like the singer. I don't know if you've ever heard her. She is the most she's amazing. We can play some of Monique, right? Okay. So she used to be in like the pop music type space, and now she's transitioned to more like conscious singing an Mony coup like bitterly. Oh. Bibit our something figure how to say our last name though. Islet? She made me cry. It was at one of those singers. We are like. Monique been ab-. Oh, this is from the shine. Tonight. Oh, what did if the thing? He owns the right? So. In creating making this. When the room. No. No, you get. Wow. So good. How do you know her link? Yeah. Oh, yeah. I went to the shine. And then amber Ray, we we went to school together in Ohio. Really? Yes. In a higher Miami of Ohio. Okay. So she messaged me because someone said that the podcast, and she's like I am ever. I wrote this book and at first I was a little hesitant. She's from. I was like she would school at my school, Mike, it'd be that cool. But then like everyone loves the Booker book is incredible instruments credible. She's awesome. And I know I she was on the shine page on the front edge said that her BMC was on the page. Two pictures. So funny little communicating for baby. Yeah. So we are snuggled up. My Lenny Kravitz scarf on trying to make happen like wearing one of these blanket. We're so happy you're here. Yeah. So happy here heard a lot of good things about you guys. Nice of you to say, it's all true true. All we've been a big fan of yours for a while now, and and miring you from afar, and we talk about it a lot, you know, Christa introduced me to meditation and just kind of got me on that path. And so our community has kind of not followed suit, but has been so Schori curious, which is that's all we ask with anything that we talk about. How did you? How did not shown by new? I'll answer that in a second. But a little bit. What what is your practice? Like what what are you guys do? Yeah. I I looked at her. And I was like you can. Do you know a lot of people feel like I should have some, you know, even just sitting and reading a magazine instrumentation like widow just curious mind, kind of changes feels like weekly? But like last week, I fell really good waking up. And that's the first thing. I do some weeks. It doesn't feel good to do that. My mind is kind of focused on something else and men all come back to it through movement. So I relate a lot to kind of just being in my body in that moving meditation really has had a positive effect on whether things -iety or just my mind running and. Yeah, I mean, I do think I'm alone a lot. I guess when you live alone, not alone a lot in Los Angeles. Yeah. It's kind of a lonely town. So when I'm doing things, I've just tried to be a little bit more mindful. Whether I'm cooking or I'm like, I was just. Sweeping out there before you know, just kind of being as present as possible because I'm not always present, you know. About you. Honey. I just I learned renovation probably eight years ago from someone, and I just have repeated I repeat the mantra I am until I can kind of get into it. And then once I'm into it. It's just focusing on the breath in and out. And then if I start to wander noticing that and then trying to bring it back to I am and mine's always sitting I can't really get into meditation laying. I don't really do like moving meditation because I can't really drop in in the way that I can when I'm sitting. And then if I am feeling like I really want to just kind of branch out. I'll do Tara brach tear Brock. Yeah. She's she's the best and soldier like tear, Brock fifteen twenty minute meditation inside timer thing her voices. Like, the only voice, and I haven't done one of your meditations, but I need to, but yours is really nice. And soothing, but hers is just. Very I love her voice sometimes in some of the apps. We call map is really great. But the voice is very very particular about it. Go. Yes. So I I I I got into meditation back in the nineteen nineties when I was dabbling in yoga, I was living in New York City. I was modeling was in the fashion industry, and which required a lot of time spent in the gym and one night. I remember doing shoulder precious presses up in the there was this gym up on the Upper West side of New York familiar with New York me, let seventy six in Amsterdam. What was it called? It was just little gym called equinoxes. All the models. Only had two locations really the nineteenth street location. And there was the seventy six eight location. Yeah. So the nineteenth street was like the cool hip. Okay. And the seventy six tree was like the kind of family location. Exactly. And it was started by these brothers. And anyways, you had no idea it's going to be come this huge behemoths of Jim, but it was nice back in those days. And so I was going to economics because I was living in that area. And and I remember one night these really attractive women kinda like you guys. Glowing healthy. Cowing? What else they're standing there? Again, standing there barefoot with these little rolled up mat snug, and this is in the mid nineteen ninety. So there wasn't like a yoga scene. There certainly wasn't a meditation scene. And and I just got curious while I was doing shoulder presses about what were they were going because everyone just looked so healthy. And I I kind of wondered in there and found myself in my first yoga class, and and it was a horrible experience. Because I was very very stiff up always been very Steph could barely touch my toes and the teacher. I was the only guy in the class and the teacher who's woman for some reason gave me all this attention. And I just of so embarrassed because you know, she was trying to contorts my body into these different positions than like bounce back like a thick rubber band. But it was also I was hooked. I kept going back. I just figured that was the teacher for me, and they had other teachers tried other teachers, and they had these real like classically trained yoga teachers because there weren't a lot of yoga studios back then. So everyone was talking about meditation and all these different books and eastern philosophy. And there was no music. There was no like hip hop music or anything like that like you here today. And so I started forging these relationships with my yoga teachers who invite me to their apartments with mother yoga students, and we'd sit down on the floor, and we'd meditate and and that's kind of how I got introduced to meditation. And then you read the books I was obsessed with conversations with God and the cell stained prophecy, and, you know, those kinds of new age modern eastern philosophy books and everybody may references to. Tation or Somali and vonda. And and so I was just curious like what this day. I knew there had to be something to it because everyone was talking about it. But my own personal experience was just basically me sitting there staring at the back of my eyelids. So I didn't know if there was something wrong with me or my mind, or if there was something wrong with the approach, but I just kept dabbling dabbling dabbling. And then and then Finally I ended up moving to Los Angeles few years later, and and then I met meditation teacher who gave me a mantra and taught me how to use it. And that's where I started really enjoying the practice of meditation, and then ultimately became trained by my teacher to become a teacher myself. How'd you get from Alabama? Right. Yes. So I grew up in Alabama. And then I left there after I graduated from high school, and I went to DC to college. And then when I graduated from. Mm there. I'm moved to Chicago and started working in advertising for few months that was my only real job. And it was a great job. It was like a dream job is in the creative department of junior art director, but I kind of looked around and saw the people who had been there, the longest even in the creative department, and I don't know people didn't really seem all that happy. And I I felt like advertising is always going to be here. And I can always come back and do this. I wanted to. But since I'm feeling young and free. Why not just go out and explore and follow my heart. Again, this is like in the nineties. So there wasn't a whole lot of emphasis placed on working in your passion. And following your purpose and all of that. But for some reason, I was able to kind of tap into that and and follow through on it. And so. Yeah. Discovered for modeling or what was that? Like, no, I didn't I didn't know how to work. About that. I I I kind of discovered myself. You can get paid. For what had happened was. I did a couple of amateur fashion shows in college. So I didn't really understand that that was amateur compared to what real modeling was. I just figured while. Somebody wanted me thought I was good looking enough good fashion show in college. So maybe that means I can be supermodel. And I started going around to open calls the castings when I was living in Chicago. And I had some pictures that were shot by this fine arts Taga for. Naked. But whatever. Oh, people looked at it. Like, nah. Thank you so much, and and I got turned down by everybody. So, but again, you know, when you're young and you're naive like that. You don't think you don't think it's you you think it's them. So I met this photographer who is a fashion photographer, and she said, I'll take some pictures of you. And so I got my pictures, redone. And then I went back and got rejected by everyone again with my new pictures except for the last agency, I went to go see. So for those of you who don't know, you know, with modeling you have an agents, you have an agent in different markets. So if you're in Chicago, you'll have a Chicago agent, and you also may have New York agent and a London agent and Paris agent in Miami agent like that so, but one of the person who you initially sign with sign is an air quotes because you're not actually signing anything if if you're discovering yourself if they discover you then they may sign you if they're gearing. teeing, you certain amount of money, or whatever or contracts, so. I've I was taken in by this agency in Chicago elite elite, and and they became my mother agency. And and then they started sending me to other places. So I went to Miami and went to Paris and went to Milan, I went to I mentally ended up in New York and stayed in New York for seven years. Wow. But I was never like supermodel of my imagination. I was working part time as leader eventually after a couple of years, I started making enough money modeling to support myself. But then this starts to the client a few years after that. And that's why I retired and moved to Los Angeles to follow my dreams of becoming a yoga teacher two thousand and two. So just in terms of lake where your curiosity stems from because I do find it rare. That men are curious about the things that you've been curious about are so open. Do you know lady from Alabama, Alabama, which athlete? No. I wasn't an athlete you feel like you're nothing. You're actually never really worked out or anything or played sports. Out and stuff. Interesting. I was these are really good questions. There's no one's ever asked me this before get ready. It's going to be a lot. So what one morning this is the most random thing what I really love my advertising job for the one that I have three months. And and that summer in Chicago is one of the hottest summers on record. So am I parliament in Hyde Park didn't have any air conditioning? So I literally wake up at two or three in the morning put my head in the freezer for a little while just to cool off people were literally would dying that summer in Chicago. So anyways, I. Started going to work at like six o'clock in the morning, just because it was air conditioned, and I also enjoyed it. But, you know, just because it was nice to be there on my own. And all that. So I remember going there one morning really really early and the door was locked and couldn't get in. So I thought well, let me just go kind of explore. This is down on Michigan avenue in downtown Chicago. So I'm just kind of walking, and I go around the corner and see this I go into this building. And I see this sign for this place called Bally's and know what valleys was curves. Right downstairs and next thing. I know him in Bally's health. Lattes? People are in there working out. And I never really even been in a gym before. Like, I said it never literally had done. Was it weird over you? Like, I want to do that. It was weird. And I wanted to do that. Yeah. So I kind of signed up. A thing. And I thought you know, what this'll be a great way to get out of the heat. And it'll be give me something to do before. I go to work every day. Why not? And I went in there. And I started literally everyday I would go in there, and workout. So that's how I started getting introduced to physical fitness is through not being able to get into my office one morning, and it was being really hot outside of crazy. I feel like yeah. Just kind of float from like or at least. Now, you're you're. Very curious person. But don't you feel and I'm sure you've met people and have probably helped people through. But when things are things pop up where they're challenging like no air conditioning, or whatever it is. They usually just either run the other way or there's a lot of resistance to it. And it's like this fighter flight. So what about perhaps even before college? Like, your upbringing created that within you what I think honestly, I can remember always feeling that way being curious now have to give credit to my family. They've been they've been very supportive. They never had an agenda for me in my life. You know, you should do this. You should do that. They had the idea to go to college. Because you know, that's just what people did I never really been thought about that. But as far as you know, putting myself in the situations where I could explore things kind of always done that at. Started with you know, I remember doing this the safety patrol as a kid, you know, in in elementary school. So literally when I'm six seven years old. You know, those little bit guys who are out with the flags helping. Strip blocks. Stop the traffic and trust is true being mentored by one. I don't know. I was fascinated. No hope to. There were like ranks you could become a Lieutenant. Get a uniform that you had to wear. You know, how sometimes parent they they have to like drag their kids out of bits force them to go to school today in barter and negotiate. I was the opposite. I would wake up super early. And I was like I couldn't wait to go to school would have to be there like six six thirty to do the safety patrol and have my little uniform on earned and everything in my whole family would be sleep. Just get up make my cereal and then won't. Read the paper. So I've been doing that. And then when I was a soon as I turned thirteen I went down to the barber shop, and and ask the barber owned the owner of the shop by could sweep up hair, and you know, as a as a job because I just I just couldn't wait to work, and then I just start. So I started working very early like that. I just I don't know. I was just I would just go out and do that kind of stuff. I remember one one time Ricky, my mom out because I decided I was going to I was grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, which is kind of a small town, but still big enough to get into some trouble, you know, and I just left my house one day and just went for a little walk around the corner in the next thing. I know I walked five miles to the local mall. There's no cellphones. There's no pages. Nothing. So I was just out walking. Then I call my mom from a payphone from the mall, and she like freaked out a you even get there and. A little stuff like that. I would just I don't know. Do it gave me time to think or just seeing if I could do. Thinking. Patrol. It's been hard week. Changing. Guys know, I always say it collagen is one of my favorite things in my beauty routine. So I was skeptical at first to drink my collagen with dirty lemon. But after I've, you know, been drinking for about a week, maybe even longer I noticed a difference in my skin, my hair, and my nails. 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Are just you know, growing up in Alabama. You just man, it's it's there's not a lot happening down there. You just want to get away. That's all I thought about growing up with how bored out of my mind was how much I just wanted to get away to a big city. I wanted to all the big cities. I wanted to see the world travel. Yeah. In DC seem like a really nice nice place to be international city, lots going on. And it seemed like huge when I went to DC to visit on my God. It's all every this lights. I never been in New York or L air evac stuff that was the biggest ever been to. So I was hoped when I first got there. And I also knew I recognized that that was probably the first. Time that I actually had experience of being somewhere or doing something and feeling something that resonated with it. And then once I had that resonance I just kind of knew. Okay. This is it and then it was decided, you know. Just that kind of you feel like you're in sync with the flow of that place. And and I felt the same thing when I moved to New York when I moved to LA when I got into meditation when I came yoga teacher all of those different when I quit my job. When I got my job my my advertising job, you know, it became a pattern. And then when I was twenty nine, you know, how they say when you go into your Saturn return, you're like twenty eight twenty nine that's where I made the conscious choice. I said, okay. Enough of this kind of you know, fucking around. I'm going to start following this thing relentlessly like on Ivan on a question in anymore. Whatever it says, I don't care because when I looked back. I saw that it never led me a stray even though in the moment. It felt like, you know, maybe it was smoking something the voice, but when you all when you look back you see that. Oh, actually it was. I was it was directing me right where I was supposed to go. And and that's where things really got interesting because bindis in this never even a question to not not do it. It was a matter of do it or not it was how soon can I built the courage to take this leap because I knew it was going to have to happen at some point. Was there a time where you didn't follow it. Yes. There was. Yeah. When I was in around two six I lost the love of my life. That's a whole other. T- whole. St. actually grown two thousand and six I had gotten involved in this. This investment currency exchange investment, which on paper looked like a really good thing. You know, really great returns all of that. And so I made a lot of money very quickly. And then I decided okay everyone's like flipping houses in LA. So let me get a little bit of that action. Little piece of that action. And I took the money from the investment, and I purchased about I took like twenty thousand dollars, which is what I made the investment and I purchased two million dollars of real estate in. This is back when they were given. Exactly, I was yoga teacher making about nine hundred dollars week. No a month at the time and wasn't a month. No, I was making about nine hundred dollars a week. Okay. Yeah. And. At ain't bad. No, not bad at all for yoga yoga. Yeah. And. So. Yeah. Two million dollars though. It's not too many dollar property. If anything goes wrong enough, you know type of money didn't have any like savings, and you know, for a rainy day or anything like that. So anyways, when I was signing that paperwork for the properties. Something told me, you know, may not you may want to reconsider this. But at the same time, I was just curious about the whole thing. And you know, I'd never really been in debt before that. And I was up to mystic but looking back in hindsight, I think I was probably more greedy than I was Optimus tick. And I was thinking, okay. Can't wait to prove that I'm this kind of financial wizard, and of course in two thousand seven the market bursts. Everybody lost their shirt allows my shirt, and my pants and was really close to filing for bankruptcy and ended up. Just clawing my way out of that whole thing, but you know, at the same time, I learned a lot of things and that process, and and I was able actually able to become a meditation teacher because because I had these properties one of the things that you you you got in the mail where other cash advance offers because you are property owner so banks which is sin you tens of thousands of dollars zero percent interest. I eighteen months or twelve months that you could do whatever you wanted to with you could pay off other balances and transfer other money into other accounts. And so it was because I got one of those offers that I was able to afford to go away to India and stay away for a few months and learn how to become a meditation teacher. So there was still some some good that came out of that, you know, but and also fortunately, I was single I didn't have a family or kids or anything like that. So even though it had that loss at it didn't affect any. What else except for myself? Very true. Yes. How did it change your meditation practice or even just, you know? Being awesome. I think it just it reminded me that happiness is not out and the and the external circumstances, you know, so when you see that you have the peaks and the valleys, and that was a valley moment for me by Nansha Lee. And and circumstantially I found that you know, I've been meditating for about seven years consistently at that point. And I found that it didn't really affect me as much as I thought it was going to affect me. You know, once I made the decision that. Okay. I'm just gonna I'm gonna do the best. I can to get out of it. And and it was actually turned out to be a positive thing too. Because. The properties that I purchase weren't. They weren't like high end properties. And I was starting to get these calls from people I got attacked coming into the building. You know, the police are here up LA and just realize no amount of money is worth my peace of mind. You know, and add rather just kind of white my hands clean of this situation. Then be sitting around feeling like, I'm captive to whatever is or isn't going on in these properties. So yeah, that that's that was probably the last decision I made for money. And then after that, I was like, okay. All the decisions, I make all the people that I work with are going to people actually like and the gonna be decisions based on creating and and feeling inspired. Like, I want to do things that are inspiring not things just for money that I don't because I never had a passionate about being a real estate mogul or even a property manager. Like, I knew that wasn't passionate about that. So it's funny when you like do things because other people are doing it. Time on sudden, it kind of blows up in your face or it just doesn't work out. Yeah. I feel like I've done that before where it's just. Yeah. You always have that. I thought which that intuitive thought and then the eagles like, no, no, no. To like for me, personally, kind of goes to the belief that I which I am do not have any more. But the belief previously that I had that I can't make a lot of money doing what I love. So be like you'd had that temptation like I could see myself doing that to you'd had that temptation to make this money doing this. And then it'd be like, okay. Well, not your meditation because I'm making all this money and real estate to you know, sorry, I thought about that with certain things having parts of my life or parts of how I make money still going because I'm like, oh, then I can still do what I love. But you know, that's not even really true. I think a lot of times I think we all kind of agree that we should listen to the voice inside. But it's not like you walking around. There's this one voice that saying do this don't do that, you know, that voice there. But then there could also be hundred other voices from ego from your conscious mind from greed. From all these other places from feel not wanting to be alone from fear. And so all of those voices are kind of competing with each other. And what I found is that that's one of the reasons why the practice of meditation is so essentials because it pure clarifies that the underlying voice of your purpose. Your passion, that's keeping you here and relevant. So when you are able to listen to that, it doesn't here's the other thing about it. When you're listening to that. It's not gonna lead you to a place of greater comfort is going to challenge the status quo and things that are no longer relevant for you. So it's oftentimes is is going to be is going to take a lot of courage to hear that voice and follow through. And then that's why we kind of sometimes default to the ego egos going to say, hey, look, you can be really comfortable if this thing pans out, you're gonna make all this money. People are going to really think you're smart, and they're going to get more. You're going to get better partners. And, you know, get that nice house. So that's how you can kind of tell if there are all these voices, whichever. The voice is challenging your idea that happiness is outside of yourself. That's your inner voice. And then the eagle voice is trying to kinda snuff out the that that part of you that wants to be challenged wants to grow and wants to Paul beyond trying to find happiness outside of yourself. I feel like that's a lot of the reason I agree with you. And I think that's a lot of reasons why people are fearful to meditate because it's almost like an underlying understanding and knowing that like if they do start meditate, they're going to hear their inner voice interview is going to be a little scary, and it's conflict conflict ding to the current life that they're living and answers that they get are scary. Because once you get those answers, it's then on you to do the decisions do the hard work. You know, maybe break break up with that boyfriend or. Girlfriend or partner, whatever it is or quit that job. And you know, so it's I think that that's a lot of the block with people with meditation is that you're finally going to hear yourself, and it's scary. But it's and it's and it's also inevitable like the change is going to have to happen. Yeah. To make it worse. Binding Norring it. And and what meditation does is scary? But it helps you kind of get in front of it. And you know, I was telling you guys earlier when I walked in that I'm doing the whole Noman thing. I'd given up all my possessions that don't fit in a carry on bag, and now I'm just kind of traveling around and whatever, but there's a difference in consciously choosing to give everything up versus, oh, I got evicted or Sutton such kick me out of the house and a hat start over or some hurricane came through in wiped out. All my stuff right starting over from enforced. Change is always harder than than making a conscious choice to make a change. And when you make the conscious choice. Yeah. It's a lot more uncomfortable. But it's a lot more fun and adventurous two. And and I think that's what's happening. I think I think a lot of times when we find ourselves exp. Experiencing a lot of suffering and misery is because there were queues there that we didn't listen to and then we got kind of frogmarched into the change against our will kicking and screaming, and it just makes it a thousand times worse than if we were able to kind of listen to the queues take action on them, which is going to be scary in uncomfortable and all of that. But we make the choice, and which means that we can kind of we can kind of navigate ourselves in whatever direction we want to be in and maintain a greater sense of a present moment awareness around with the next opportunity is going to be and it's harder to do that. If you're still looking back behind you thinking, what happened in it wasn't supposed to be like this, and you know, being kind of stuck or as my friend says having keeping the past on life support it robs us. The ability to be really present to whatever because we can we know that they're opportune. Unity's always happening around us. The only question is what extent can we see them? And I think humans just have this like competitive nature to hang on. And like to like, see if they can fight through or I mean, maybe I just saw that a lot like when I was living in New York where I'm just gonna try and stick with it as long as I can. And it's like and they almost like secretly wait for a change to happen. Instead of what you're saying and act to yourself, which is more empowering and more peaceful. Will they think the sign is supposed to literally smack them across the hack. When slowdown signs all over the place. And we see this with health. You know? Yeah, you start coughing and runny nose know that it's the sign that you need to take you need to rest. You know, there was some imbalance happening before maybe you were traveling law or you weren't sleeping properly or whatever in your body's now telling you, you need to do something different doesn't mean that you can't continue on. On following through whatever your your vision was but you also need to rest and just kind of do it a little bit differently. So that's how I kind of liked to interpret it because I think a lot of people, especially you know, when you don't have enough life experience you start to mistake the road blocks as oh, this is not meant to be. But really what's happening is just that that particular path may not be meant to be at that particular time. But the overarching vision may still be very relevant for you. You just have to do it a little bit differently. You know, how to our listeners distinguish between like tests tests, I'm using that loosely, but I find some. Yeah. Between tests and roadblocks are something that has not for them. Sometimes if I like say, yes to something that's been calling me, there'd be a few things that happened that really kind of test my commitment to it. How do you distinguish? Well, I think again, that's what that's why the kind of inner. Inner work is so necessary because all the answers are going to be coming from within. Like, no, one can really tell you what's relevant for you in this moment, only you can can tap into that. And and it's gotta be it's gotta be a moment to moment thing because you can download a sign right now doesn't mean that it's going to be relevant twenty minutes from now. So if you wait twenty minutes to do the thing that you should have done twenty minutes ago. It may no longer be relevant at that moment in which case you make a mistake. Right. Because there was some new information that was being presented. So the richest information about whatever's going to happen in the future where we should be positioned to take full advantage of the future opportunity is only ever found in the present moment. So present moment awareness is the most important awareness to be tapped into and that's what meditate. Does it gives you access to whatever's happening in the present moment? Now, if you haven't been meditating consistently for twenty thirty forty years, it's not going to happen next week. It's not going to happen tomorrow. But you can start laying the foundation now. And maybe you know, you you you can capture the the e Piff knee or the insider, whatever it is ten percent more now that you've been meditating everyday. And then next year you can capture it, you know, twenty five percent more than you would have otherwise without meditating at all. And then as you continue on year after year, it starts become more of a regular thing. And then it's the norm. It's the norm. Right. But it it will stabilize slowly over time. But we have to be consistent and our in our practice. Right. And so that's you know, there's no shortcuts. To this. Unfortunately, because the thing that's keeping us from being able to hear it or feel it or see it is our own stress accumulation, you know, sleep deprivation, most of us are massively sleep deprived in our society. How much do you sleep? Well, I'll answer that in a second. But just to put a number to it be averaged millennial hose their body two to three years of missed sleep, which means that if you fell asleep tonight in two thousand eighteen you have to sleep straight through two thousand twenty one without waking up payoff sleep debt that yo your body, right? And so everyone focuses on quantity. Okay. We'll tell me how many numbers. Okay. So I'll block out from, you know, eight o'clock at night until native clock in the morning do twelve hours, and then I'll it doesn't work like that. It's not really about quantity. If you're getting mediocre sleep. It's really about quality and one of the main benefits from consistent meditation is it increases the quality of your sleep. So to get back to Chris question. How much sleep do? I get I get about an average of five hours of sleep a night, maybe six, okay. But if you're getting a high quality of rest, and that's the same as someone else who sleeping for ten hours getting mediocre quality of rest. Right. So that's what we want to put our focus on. And you can't you can't. Have the sleep without getting rid of the thing. That's inhibiting you from being able to get into a higher quality asleep, which is the stress the stress is mitigated by chemicals cortisol adrenaline. And all of that. Those are the most stimulating chemicals the body produces right? It's meant to keep you on edge worried and strong enough to run away from a bear attack. Right. But you don't need to feel those ways when you're lying in your tempur-pedic mattress at night with lavender on your. In your quiet room, you know, supposedly sleeping and not being able to sleep because you know, your mind won't turn off. While the mind is not going to turn off if the body's telling the mine be on alert be on alert be on alert this danger danger danger danger danger, so rest is like kryptonite to stress, right? And so what meditation has been shown to do very effectively. It's called the relaxation response. And I talk about it in my book bliss, more it can take the body beyond that threshold. In other words that barrier of mediocre rest and get it into a deep and profound state of rest two to five times deeper minute for minute than sleeping, the mediocre sleep. And as a result, the rest, chemicals, go in and they're like they like they're like drain. They start dissolving the stress chemicals in the nervous system. And as a result. Whether you want to or not you start sleeping like a baby. And now that you've gotten sleep back online, your reproduction system can come back online and your digestive system because all of these long term survival systems, they get compromised when the body is going in and out of the stress reaction so many times because it takes up too much energy for the body to digest food, and protect you against the bear and reproduce and protect you against the lion and balance your hormones and protect you against the dangerous, you know tiger. So once the body is is satisfied that the tiger and the bear and the lion or finally gone away. They're out of the bedroom. Then it can finally slip off into the deep and profound state of sleep that it's already designed to experience. And now, you have an outlet for the stress that comes in during tomorrow, it can come in whatever your day is like doesn't really matter because it goes right back out in your sleep. And then ultimately, the body can go into yesterday's archives of stress that was stored up and not released and get rid of that. And then last weeks and then last month's than last year. And then ultimately, it can get into whatever happened during childhood and pull that out. And and how do, you know this because you find that you're able to be more present in the moment less than less things since Asians healings, yank you out of the present moment. So present moment awareness is not something we need to read about and study and remind ourselves be present present present because that that's not gonna put us in the present. Moment. It's a spontaneous occurrence of of having a nervous system that is more balanced than not. And then as a result. We're just naturally present. In the way, you know, it is you're not even thinking about being present. You're just in the moment. You're just enjoying whatever's happening around you wherever you are. You can be in traffic, you can be in the post office. You can be any of those situations that people find boring and monotonous, and you fascinated by everything and the light in the sounds and the people look at what the people are wearing an all this. It's like a kid, you know, you can put a kid in a post officer not bored just looking around and they're playing with things and you put something in their hands. They look at it. So you have this kind of like an a sense in the sense of wander everywhere. And and that's what present moment awareness, really really feels like. Pitiful. Yeah. That's really good. We, cultivate that on our walks. We look at all the trees and all the plant. Yeah. Easy to do it in nature, but the real. Yeah. Real mastery level is can you do it in my offense. In traffic. In those other places that we've already predetermined to be obstacles. By new favorite treat. And I eat the whole bar is the Lokondo monk fruit chocolate. 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If you're not on the train yet we highly recommend our listeners will get fifty percent off their first month of a routine, plus free shipping. If you go to parody dot com and enter the code almost thirty. So again, that's bio clarity dot com. Enter the code almost thirty at checkout and you'll get your first month for fifty percent off a routine, plus free shipping. Did you ever have to get rid of stressors in your life? Toxic relationships may be toxic things. Putting in your body that kind of changed her kind of freed your body up of even more of that or. Yeah. You don't. So when I was modeling. I was yeah. I was I grew up in Alabama. So that's kind of middle America fast food central. So I literally would eat fast food like people drink water news, nothing. All right. Every day. I would be arby's or beat Wendy's or order pizza at night. And I remember one time in high school we had this exchange student from France. And we were talking one day and has Dr said, you know, so how often do you eat hamburgers in France? What do they do the French hamburger quote, and she's thought about and she goes, oh, probably once a year and my jaw just dropped. Like, I couldn't even imagine. How anybody could get through a week without eating at least half a dozen hamburgers. So you were doing and she said, yeah. Every day every day all day. So that's the extent to which I was like basically living on a fast food diet. This does the standard American diet. Yeah. So fast forward I'm in. I'm in Miami now and trying to get into the fashion industry. And and I was had been tracking this one guy. His name is Michael Anderson, and he's really handsome guy kind of a mixed race. Lou is like just you know, he was getting so much work. Like every magazine, I spent hours and Barnes and noble, just looking through magazines. And I always see this guy guy. That's getting so much work. I want to get as much work as he gets. And so anyways, I'm walking down Washington boulevard or avenue, whatever's call him, I in south beach, and I see Michael Anderson standing on the freaking corner. And it was like, wow, I'd spotted Jesus Christ. Some like all nervous, and he's a standing there. I don't think he didn't have a shirt on. He was on an escape us chain smoking a cigarette and. And so I kind of nervously walked over to him. And I'm all dressed up like, you know, like how I thought model should should cells. Meanwhile, exactly the opposite a homeless person if you really want to do industry. True. And so I walk up to Michael, and excuse me, I big fan of your work and this and that and he's standing there looking at me and he's like picking drags of the cigarette. And and I tell him new to modeling, and you know, this and that and he finally says, you know, what you should give up me. And I said what he says she give me I said, okay, why he set your job lines would be more pronounced if you gave up meat your your skin is holding its retaining a lot of water because of the salt in me. And so it was like God telling me the top eating me. So knew I was going to stop eating meat. The only question was house. I going to do it. So even though it was purely for vanity purposes because I just wanted to be able to compete for those same jobs like nothing, I had no no idea about the health consequences or anything like that. I started. Cutting out meat, and then I noticed that I stopped getting headaches. I used to get headaches all the time so much so that I would take extra strength excedrin every day in anticipation of headache that I knew was coming, and I've been doing that since high school, my mom, you know, my mom would literally give me bottles and bottles of extra strength excedrin. And I remember getting an ulcer one time, and then researching and realizing it was from taking all that while that ibuprofen. So anyways, I started cutting out me I start feeling better. And I realized oh, wow. There's a connection here. A stop eating the fast food. I'm feeling better. You know? And then I started getting really curious, and I started seeing okay? What else am I doing? That's that's not good for me. Right. Because this does no wellness seen back, then and. So I didn't really have any mentors that read the. Michael, no. Yeah. How to smoke cigarettes? I read diet for new America. And that really changed my life. I read the Gabriel cousins book, I can't remember the name of it. But it was one of the pivotal books on the hell scene at the time. And I started just transforming my whole diet and became a vegetarian, and then I started to become vegan. And then this is over years and years, I started fasting once a week start cutting out. That's are cutting out sugar are cutting out cook foods at one point. I was raw food is for awhile this actually conflicted with my modeling career because I started losing all this weight because I wasn't really eating enough food. I got down to cutting everything out like literally everything read anyth- anything that was good alcohol. Stop drinking alcohol mid twenties now, and then I got down to lip balm and believe it or not lip balm. Was the hardest thing this top island lip balm. This putting lipoma lips? I realized that I was I was walking. Around. I was walking around with or and five little tubes of lip balm on me at all times. Because by didn't have it on my lips after five minutes. I could I would be on edge because my lips are get really really dry, and I read about how you know lip balm actually, dries out your lips and your lips can naturally moisturised themselves. So I just went cold Turkey on lip balm. And who's a heart thirty days a long thirty days, but eventually woke up one morning, my lips to start it naturally moisturizing themselves, and so I stopped stopped that and so this is back again, this is back in my mid twenties. When I had all these experiments and just really enjoy enjoyed seeing what I could live without in. How I felt as a result of it. And then since then I've kind of reintegrated a lot of those things back. They don't really drink that much. I I'm not vegan anymore. Still started eating meat again. Although I I'm beacon free. Unle? So if I'm in a vegan restaurant or vegan festival, I'm not going to be freaking out like all. Whereas my me, I'm totally fine. Doing all that. And and I haven't touched lipoma again since those days. How are you out lip balm? Addicts not avian my sister. I think is a dictator like bird species victim to lip balm lose it like I don't have it with my possession enough to be addicted. Just gives me the few like, oh you need water. Yeah. I need to be hydrated lipstick. And some his is my mouth. State will be out crusty for day. Lips touch on like the happiness peace too. Because I think a lot of people around our age or even younger, I was talking to my brother, and he said something, and he's like, I just wanna be happy. And I was like, yeah. I know. But I do think there's this myth about being happy or something around it that like people are just going to the idea of happiness and skipping some things that could bring them happiness name me. And I I think the myth is that happiness is a choice, and you hear this a lot in the wellness community in the yoga community. All you just choose happiness. You know, you just have to be a focus on what's making you happy. Or a lot of the life coaches will have you thinking that you're not abundant enough or, you know, soon as she start to align yourself with your passion, your purpose than you're going to be happy. And and I don't think those are the that's the case. Yeah. I think it's the opposite. I think it's you know happiness is a state of alert. Awareness that needs to be cultivated. And and once you have cultivated sufficiently, you'll find yourself just kind of naturally and organically, making choices that put shoe in alignment with your purpose. I don't think it's a thing where you have to consciously force yourself to be in alignment with anything. If you're not feeling if you're not genuinely feeling that state inside, it's not being directly experienced. I don't think it can be an intellectual concept, and without any direct sensual experience and still lead you to wear you really wanna be or where you're most useful. So I I wrote this book the entered Jim and came out in two thousand fourteen and the tag of mine was happiness is not a choice because happiness is not a choice from the whole thing was it's a inner workout for strengthening happiness, and I quoted happiness with doing pull ups, right? Like, for instance, everybody understands how to pull up Chris Dominy pull. Can you do unassisted on like forty years? Yeah. Can you do one on this? You want? You know, how to do one though? Right. Like everybody understands it intellectually. And I think happiness is like that like we understand the idea of happiness, but if life places at demand on us, such as, you know, do ten pushups, and you can only do one pull up you're not going to be upset with yourself that you kit do all ten because in your mind, you probably could go there. But in your body you hadn't really trained sufficiently to be able to go there. But you do know that, you know, if if it needed to happen, you could just spend some time training you do one for a week. And then maybe you get up to like that. And you train in your training train. And maybe after five or six months, you're able to do ten pull ups, right? And and so then if life places at the man on Yoon says, can you just do to pull ups? No problem bullets, right? So. When life places of the man on us, which is you know, it's time to leave that relationship or heavily that job and we haven't trained sufficiently our inner muscles. Then it's going to seem like it's just too hard because the little happiness that we think we're getting from that situation and the truth of the matters is just, you know, enough happiness to get us to do one up. It's not enough to get us, the courage and the strength to be able to really pull away in the way that will honor our deserving power. So what happens is we end up slipping back into those situations or finding another situation that resembles that situation because we just haven't cultivated the strength and the willpower to really properly pull away and the president present moment awareness to be able to spot the next opportunity that takes us to the kind of next level of growth in volition. So we just keep replaying the same thing over and over and over and. And and you know, so then that that storyline becomes that person. Doesn't make me happy or that jobless make me happy. But the truth matters. We just haven't called evaded enough happiness within because it's not that person's responsibility to make us happy. Right. A job it relationship situation can only ever be an outlet for the happiness that we have inside. So if we're miserable inside it doesn't matter what the other person has going on that relationship will become at some point a showcase for our own personal level of misery. And you know, maybe a little bit of happiness sprinkle in. And I think when people understand that and they see it as their responsibility than it gives an whole new reason and meaning behind the inter inter exercises. Right. And wanna say interacts or sizes them talking about inner physical muscles senior, emotional, and spiritual muscles, you know? So some of the exercises that I researched that can take us can raise our baseline. Level line of happiness are very very simple stuff that we've been taught since we were little children, you know, be grateful so gratitude exercises. Sure, you guys have done a lot of that out of work slowing down and just appreciating the moment of little bit more being patient random acts of kindness, no sharing giving things away without feeling like you have to hold onto them so tightly obviously meditation is one and then there other exercises dancing and volunteering time to help other people who who may not have as much as you that Becca thing. So just very simple stuff that we should be doing all the time. Anyway, that raises the baseline level of happiness, and how do we know because we have an easier time following the heart and and and graduating ourselves from unsustainable relationships. So is there with types of meditation or for the listeners that really aren't familiar? Can you familiar familiarize them with the types of meditative? There aren't so I I I'm an advocate for all meditations first of all as one of that on the record. Okay. My personal practices Baidic meditation, which is known to be one of the householder styles of meditation. And that the stink tion is made. Because it's different from what people would describe as the classical approach to meditation where you're sitting with your back strayed your legs crossed in your fingers together. And you're probably doing it on a cushion or maybe on the floor. So that that approached meditation is also effective. It's just a lot or challenging physically. And because it's physically challenging, especially if you don't have very very flexible body, then it's going to cause you're. Mind feel busier than it already is. And the reality is at everybody's mind is technically busy meaning that no one's walking around with a blank mine. We are. We're all having a series of thoughts. And they say that at the end of the day, we've all experienced tens of thousands of of unique, discreet thoughts. Right. And most of those thoughts are recycled from yesterday. So that's why the mind feels busiest because we're basically playing out groundhog's day every day moment to moment. And and one of the reasons why we're dictate to social media is because social media presents the mine with newness with new possibilities. And so we we get addicted to that because we're all we're allows us to constantly compare. And contrast the groundhogs day experience with whatever's happening in other people's lives and makes us long for those other possibilities. So anyway, when you sit down and and. Tate in the householder approach. One of the first instructions is you sit comfortably you, relax. You can do it on your couch. Do it in your car and just by adjusting your body position? Like that you free your mind up to leave the kind of busy surface level of awareness and to go into a more settled state. So that's what I personally do. And that's why teaching people how to do using settling sounds or mantras and people are able to literally go from this kind of busy frantic. I can't meditate feeling too. Yummy, deep tranquil blissful experience and the meditation and MRs with no prior experience. This is just literally sitting there, and allowing it to occurs not something you have to force or manipulator control. In fact, if you try to control it, it'll keep the mind busy if you just allow it to occur. Then it happens rather spontaneously. In the same way. That a dream may happen if you just lie down in close rise. You don't have to force yourself dream, it just that's a feature of the experience. So we have this within us all of us. Do it doesn't matter who you are where you're from. How smart you are many degrees? You have you have the ability to meditate in the same way that everyone has the ability to swim. If you learn how to move in concert with the water, then you may glide across the water. And if you learn how to operate in concert with your mind, you can glide through your thoughts and to a more settled state, and it feels really really yummy and delicious. And usually what happens is people become addicted to it very quickly. And I mean that word in the in not in the, you know, recovery sense. Where it's an unsustainable habit. It's something that I will say dependent you your body starts to look for the chemicals that are released during the meditation to really high quality bliss chemicals, which are also very restful for the nervous system, and in has all kinds of really amazing health benefits. You have you have endorphins you have serotonin dopamine oxytocin all the classic happy chemicals. You have beta endorphins, you have a non demean you have nor epinephrine in all of these are, the if you don't have the serotonin dopamine, you you can't be happy. You can't feel happy. If you don't have oxytocin. You can't feel connected to anyone so people who are experiencing depression. It's not that they're depressed people. It's that they're experiencing life through depressed nervous systems. It's the nervous system is the body. That's the press the body that's anxious. Right. And so that is an indication that there is some imbalance that has happened in their life. Maybe as a result of trauma. Maybe just not getting the needs that they the body's needs love food, whatever the have having to overcome some sort of deeply emotional trauma. Attic experience at some point in their life, and it causes an imbalance which then he it manifests as depression. Right. So that means now the bodies in the point where it's not producing dopamine and serotonin like everybody else's body. And it doesn't matter how much money that person has a matter. Who's around them does matter if they're in the happiest place on earth Disney World or wherever they are. They can't feel that emotion of happiness. Right. And so that's why a lot of people who do this inner work. They're able to to remiss the body away from depression and back towards balance. And then once that starts happening, they find that they're able to get the chemicals that are that the body naturally produces and they're happy for no reason. And that's the real real true. Happiness is you're happy for no reason is not because you got a raise. It's not because somebody said that your tractive it's not because you know, you're you you remembered something. It's just because that's that's your nature. Our nature is happiness. You know, a lot of people in certain meditation communities will say our nature's suffering. But I think suffering is really a result of just mistaken perceptual acuity. But if you have if you have enough experience in going into your simplest form of awareness. Your least excited state you will you will find that. It's it's just. Great sense of film and bliss, and and one this which then gives you more access to that. Since of wander that we talked about earlier. I've loved a no more about the shine people can get involved, and what it is. So when I stopped drinking. I obviously, I don't know for those of you who don't drink. Naso? Changes your your social life a bit. You don't realize how much as adults how much of our social life is centered around alcohol consumption, and it's fine. You know, it's like I'm not gonna you know, it's not big deal people, drink, whatever. But it's not the way I wanna spend my time usually around this whole idea of happy hour being this thing where people come out and see who can lose the most amount of consciousness in the quickest time in order to be happy, which doesn't make any sense at all. So I wanted to create a social event that contain the elements of socializing that I felt personally inspired by such as you know, TED talks. Everybody loves a good talk learning something interesting, good food, healthy, food and community and live music and comedy. And so this shine was sort of born out of that that need. Just to have more community. More connection bring together. The people who also didn't feel the need to to be tipsy or buzzed. Just to be out in social settings for a couple of hours and started off very small with just a dozen people then it slowly grew over three or four years to two hundred three hundred people coming out about once every couple of months, and and having this variety show sort of experience in a sober setting. But, you know, again, having a lot of fun and a lot of connection and being the idea the ideas to use this format was platform to inspire people to do more to be more into get more. And so one of the promises we make that when you leave there, you're going to be a lot more inspired to just be you. And and use what you have to do the most you can with what you have right? And one of the highlights of the night is that we take four hundred dollars from the ticket sales. Which is all it's all nonprofits. No one's making any money, but we budget the venue and the food and all of that. So that we have about four hundred dollars leftover, and then we randomly select someone from the audience, and we give them the four hundred dollars in cash on stage. And we tell them take this four hundred dollars in cash and just do something to help people with and then come back and tell us what you did with that money. And so over the years you've seen all kinds of really amazing stories of what people did with four hundred dollars. I'm just a couple of share those one woman who used the money to pay for lift rides and for underwear for sexual assault Akkas. So I didn't know this a lot of other people didn't know it. But when you are when you report on instance of sexual assault, you have to go to the police station, and they confiscate your underwear, and they have some box of like this really terrible used underwear for you to put on instead, and obviously you're bit traumatized if not a lot traumatized, and so they won't let you drive yourself home. And the normally put you in a cab in. No caps can be a little bit creepy or a little bit sketchy. If you're kind of triggered around all that experience that trauma. So they have lift this woman. She she had a situation where she was sexually assaulted, and she went through that whole process and just didn't feel better about it afterwards. And so she took the money, and she helped other people in one of the things that she found that she discovered was that a lot of victims of sexual assault are men which a lot of people didn't realize either. So there's another woman who. Another guy actually who is in New York. He went to the us bookstore. New York ape bought a bunch of classic used books, and he created these bookmarks call the gorilla book club where you write down. How how this book was meaningful to you? And he's leaves them out in public places, and the the call to action is, you know, read this book and write down what it meant to you. And then leave it somewhere. Yeah. So that's been happening for a couple years, it's grown into its own thing website and all that. So we see a lot of different things like that. And what? And the reason why we keep it at four hundred dollars because we want people to see that. You don't have to be, you know, rich. You don't have to be Rockefeller in order to make a difference. You can make a difference with whatever you have. Now, we tell people at the show, you know, you don't have to win this foreign dollars. You may have. Couple of hundred dollars in your account. Go home and tell your kids or tell your -nificant other or your friends. Hey, I won this money. Let's see what we can do that. We have thirty days to do something really cool with to help people. And and we've had people do that. They just created their own challenge, and they came back. And so does what they did with it. So if you're curious about it, we have a website on the shine movement dot org, and then there's also a YouTube channel the shine movement where you can see videos of people with money, and I've been and it was. We sell fun. I wanted to ask what what's new or what are you doing next year? Like, what are you excited about? I've been promoting my book that came out bliss more how to succeed in meditation without really trying and and people have been really connecting with that. Because it's normally if people wanna learn what I've been practicing they have to find me on a retreat or they have to be in Los Angeles or New York or London. Take a personal course it costs a fair bit of money, and we spend a few days together, and you know, wouldn't have happening in these kind of wellness circles, which I'm very much a part of is you have to be wealthy and a fluent. And you know, there are a lot of there's not a lot of diversity. And I want it to democratize. The level of training that I do. So that you don't have to you can be anybody as long as you can get a hold of a book or an audio recording or electric, copier, whatever. So so that was the impetus behind writing my book is to put this knowledge into a format that anyone could access and and give them the same tools that the fluent, you know, people privileged people are able to it. And and and that way everybody gets to access that state because I think we're in an age now where a lot of people are feeling very anxious, and we're starting to realize it's not about making more money. You know, there was a thing. I read once sick Carl young was once asked by an interviewer. Would you rather work for wealthy clients or for poor clients and without even really hesitating? He said I want to work for the. Wealthy clients. And of course, this confused the interviewer who's wondering why why why not the poor? If if money's not an issue for them. And he said because with poor clients you spent so much time trying to convince them that having more money. It's not going to be the answer to their problems with wealthy clients. You can get right to the root of what the real problem is. You know, and and I think that a lot of people are living under the presumption that off of only I had more money, and is again, there's a there's a study that says that you need to have your basic needs met in order to feel fulfilled and happy, but beyond that point. Once you have your basic needs met having more money. In other words, being rich and wealthy is not gonna make you any happier. You know? That's why Diddy and all these guys have the song MO money MO problems because a lot of times it creates more challenge. Well, this is amazing. Yeah. Yeah. I think part of you know, what our community craves. Our what we felt is just like the permission to go there. And and to know that everyone's meditation can look and feel differently. I just think that's really powerful. So they can find your book. Bliss, more everywhere. Books are sold. I'm everywhere. So and the shine movement dot org, and we're outs. Can they find you like Watkins dot com at light Watkins on social media crane? Thank you for being here. Snuggle in like it. Love you guys. Great. Late by. So good. Thank you so much light for joining us met. You guys can find more information about light on his website on Instagram and would love to hear about your meditation practice, so make sure to join our secret Facebook group and tell us all about it. Thank you so much for rating in reviewing as well, they're still coming in every day. And we read every one of them, and we take them to heart. We don't take them lightly. So if you haven't read it in reviewed, we would love it. Here's our review of the week low these girls five stars. I've been listening to Krista and Lindsey for quite some time now, and they have been major players in helping me get my life on a better track. Their pod covers basically everything you need to know to create a more healthful life physically emotionally, mentally financially and spiritually I've found other self-improvement podcasts can be a bit too heavy or overwhelming sometimes, but almost thirty always keeps breezy Lindsey in Krista have some magical ways of making. Everything seemed fun and interesting and I valued their vulnerability and beautiful personalities greatly. I've never met these girls, although we want to but I feel like we are best days. This is one pot. I know I can count on if I want to learn grow and laugh at the same time unbeknownst to them Lindsey, and Krista and almost thirty have helped me through some of the most difficult challenges of my life to date. And I am forever grateful. Thank you so much ladies this is Caitlin from the US. Thank you so much. I'm crying bake you every review is like that. It's like so thoughtful. And sweet it's like just so nice. We will meet you we want to meet you. So we will be touring this year as you all know, both domestically and internationally. So please check our website for updates. If you're not pulling us on Instagram, we do post all of our events and such there. So at almost thirty podcasts, it's gonna be a crazy air really really excited to meet more of you. So. Cannot wait. And if you are present at a college. If you're hearsay. When you've your rebel you'd say president. Did you remember that? No as I did, I wasn't a rebel. Maybe like, hey who's here? 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