LIVE From The Dean's Den - The Strange Case Of Matt Riddle


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Hello again, wrestling fans and welcome to the latest edition of live from the deans. Then I'm Steve Payne. Wrestler referees. Yes. I finally got my cold one popped open. So all of you who are watching me on facebook tonight. That wants for you. All, right. Let's get started This week's first off I. Do want to apologize for there being no show last week for those of you who? Listen to this show via replay anchor. I tune spotify CETERA. Normally in order to do the show on blog talk I run through via skype. Well. blog talk and skype we're having. A friendship time out. Thank you brick Baker for Tat Line I. Love It. I've used numerous times since you came up with it But So because of that I was like I don't WanNa. Sound. Not, as good and although my. Bluetooth is a a good headset and gets and It sounds good on the phone. I don't think it sounds as good when I'm broadcasting. in fact, for it's watching on facebook I was originally planning on going through with my Bluetooth but unfortunately, the battery kicked out before had. Hey. It's live broadcast and what are you GONNA do? So anyway, I, figured I'd just go ahead, take the week off see if Blog talk good play nice with each other and so finally. as of This morning they were back on friendship terms so Here I am. All right now to get to the main crux of this week's broadcast. As I. Call It. The strange case of Matt Riddle. Now. I know there's going to be a few people that are going to be upset. High. Expect that I. Would not. Be. Doing my job honestly if I didn't probably upset a few people this week but. I'm going to say what needs to be said here. And this is not just the case with with riddle. This is the case with. A lot of other people this has happened to John Cena. This is happened to Roman reigns. This has happened. To Seth rollins. Numerous other other people within within the industry. they. Were had had all of the Internet fans yelling. Push push him he deserves to get pushed. He deserves to get pushed. Put him over put him over. And then. When Vince would start to put him over all of a sudden it's. We don't want him boom you do. Get outta here we don't like him. and. You know. Even though Vince was still. Running with the original impression. You guys were turning. And this has happened this week. One Matthew Riddle. Now. Here's here's the whole story. Okay. a lot of people I know Matt was a UFC fighter. Until He. Tested. Positive. For Marijuana. So he was out, he went to different company. was successful there. eventually left MMA. Wound up getting trained for professional wrestling. went to numerous promotions including PWG. where he cut his teeth then Eventually, wound up with WWe. And he made it ten X T. And he was on there for a couple of years was. Very popular among all the fans and that. Only had one title ever and that was the Tag Team title that He he took. With done. and. Then after they after they lost those ads, rumors were going around he wound up getting called up to the main roster and being. Called on the smackdown. Now. Right of course, the night that he is getting, he's going to be making his debut although of course, everything is taped beforehand. He was named. In. The speaking out movement. And So. There was some question whether he was even going to be on whether they were gonNA edit him out. And that but he was not only not at doubt he won his first match. Against A J styles. And then came. Last week. Last week. Matt. Co. Promo. In, that Promo, he told this story of supposedly. Why. He wrestles barefoot. which the story for those who did not watch? It was that Matt was the type. That He. goes out and sliders everywhere. He everywhere he goes no matter the weather and supposedly he went out running and. His fighters in subzero temperatures wound up getting. Frost by almost lost his feet. But now as a result, he doesn't have any feeling in his feet and so that's why he Whereas the flipflops does the barefoot thing. Well. Somebody very much. Like that Promo. And the person who liked that, PROMO was. Vince McMahon. And as soon as it came out that this big man like that Promo all all of a sudden, the I. W. C. turned down him. He's a sell out. He's a sell out. We hate him. I mean he already enough on his plate? With. The Speaking out allegations now. All of a sudden Vince likes what he's what he's doing on the Mike. So. That's it. Aaron Wrestling Community says. No, we don't like you anymore. He's are suck. He's kissed Butt and all that type of stuff. And so. Now, the only thing that is probably Matt Riddle Saving Grace. Is the fact. that. Due to Cova nineteen. There are no live events there are. No. Actual wrestling show's done in front of. The paying public. If They were in front of the pain public at a house show or on smackdown the next week. You can guarantee that Matt. Riddle. Would get booed. and. This is sad. This is sad. This is why I. Know Fans. You wonder why? WWe especially. Doesn't listen to you. This is why? Because of the fact that. You. Come out you get on social media. You say, Hey, we what we want Matt Riddle. We what Roman reigns we would. Seth Rollins we want. The Rock. Whatever? And then when you do get him. Like. No we all want him anymore. We all one of anymore get get him Outta here. Get Him. Outta here put them in the opening match where you know let him be a jobber and that. Now to. Quote. One of Daniel Bryan's gray, he'll lines fickle. And a Lotta Times that is what the IWC. Fickle. You. Push. Somebody to the moon. And then. When they get a push. You don't like him anymore. You want him gone. And so that is why? Not only not listen to. But you're laughed at by a lot of other wrestling fans. And anybody who has this issue with this Contact, me through facebook live from the Dean's Dan. I'm more than happy to discuss with you. But. It's the truth. It's the truth. This. You you wanted this. Until you didn't want it. And the only reason that you didn't want it now. was because. The boss. Liked. WHAT HE DID That's it. Now. It's been speak manager. Is He a jackass? Yes. I have said that for years. Okay. I have no love lost for Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Had he not taken over the wrestling business and bought and intimidated everybody else out. I probably would be retired from the AWA by now. That's not what happened I understand it. Fine. No big deal. Okay, I still have had. Thirty plus years in this industry and so. I'm good with it. I'm good with it. I'm just not good with the fact that there are people who will sit there and. Say Yeah we want this guy we want this guy. Listen to listen to us. We are the fans listen to us. And then When they do listen. All of a sudden. You've changed your mind. and. You don't want them. And then you say. You know we never liked him. We never liked him. He's a jerk Jackass get rid of him and that. He has no talent. He had talent ninety days ago when you wanted to bring him up for men X T. What changed in ninety? Days. Oh Did, he did he suddenly get crippled. Did he suddenly START start drinking on the job or drugging on the job to where. He can't put a good wrestling match on. No No. No. What it is is just like with. Pop Music K. pop. Whatever whatever style you happen to listen to? Its that flavor of the month thing. Whatever is the flavor of the month you like it? Until Something new comes along. And then suddenly. The flavor of the month doesn't taste good anymore. Folks, it's time to become. Consistent. You can't hate. On Somebody. Just because all of a sudden the boss likes him. Okay. because. Some day. That next guy is gonNA come along. and. He could be even better. and. What is what's going to happen? He's not going to get pushed. Why? because. Back in the office they know that. The second that they push this person. All of a sudden. The fans are gonNA turn on him. And There goes everything that. then. And the. Creative and I still use their votes because I don't really consider them that. But Benson the creative team have worked months. To prepare to bring to you. And then you go ahead and basically you take a dump on it. You know. That's that's it. That's why the I. W. C. is a joke. Among More maybe I guess you could call somebody like me a purist. And that. But it's true. It is what it is. and. Just you know you have to you have to accept that you have to accept that fact so. Think a little bit. How Do. A little. Reflection. Before you decide. To throw that guy that two months ago you wanted to push the moon. Under the bus. Now Talk about somebody getting thrown onto the buffs. GotTa Talk About Ruby Riot. Okay. This woman had one of the Great. Stables. Going for the women's division at the time with the riot squad. Her. Sarah Logan and live Morgan. And then. For some money Spain reason and this is one of those, you can't blame the I.. W. C. for this is something that. Then, and the boys in the back decided. All right. We gotta bust up the riot squad. So the draft. They split. them all up. And then after they split them all up. We'll be riot has to. Go in for? Surgery. So. She's gone for a while. Finally comes. Back. She does a short lived turn on live Morgan That So about as flat as the Lana Lashley wedding. and has proceeded since then. To basically be. A fall girl. For those who aren't where? Ruby riots, record. Since. She has come back from surgery. Is Oh. And Thirteen. That's right. No wins. Thirteen losses. How this is a Gal that. Six months ago. was. Getting. Pushed the moon. Then for some reason, some unexplained reason. I mean. I. Understand. Yeah. She was injure she surgery I get that. Okay. That happens in this business all the time. I mean, we've all probably almost all of us in this business had. One or two surgeries. Mine was mine was career ending as far as Enron goes but still. You know. Most, most the time. Oh you have the surgery you recover from them. you get back into the ring shape and then you get did you get back into it and? It's almost like you're never gone. In the case of Ruby riot it's like. What did they do? What happened? Sure Oh, this woman who was part of a part of a three person squad that was so good. And probably should have had the women's tag team titles. About now. Well Riot is Oh and thirteen. Live Morgan is I think like one in five I don't even know right now and Sarah Logan is. Done. Out of the wrestling this in fact She and her husband Raymond Rowe Eric. The Viking raiders are expecting their first child. So congratulations to that. This is a this wonderful thing and So her. Former raw women's champion. Becky Lynch. And also Kudos to Angelo Dawkins of Street prophets just the other day he and. His wife had their had their first child. Angelo posted pictures up on. His instagram account. And by Golly. This is a this is a this is a cute. This is a cute baby. He's A. He's a he's a real. He's a real cutie He. Angela posted on. INSTAGRAM. Welcome to the to the FAM- little homey And he is I mean, absolutely absolutely. adorable congratulations to. Angelo and his wife. Now. which gets me to my next point. The street prophets. Montana's Ford. And namely Montas Ford's wife. Bianca Belair. You wonder where she's in hiding that. Well she's done. She's done some main event. But She was not happy with the direction that they were trying to push her which was. Not. The direction that she was at when she was in annex t And this seems to be seems to be the biggest problem and I've talked about this on on other shows in the past. With an next t talent. The X T creative team which now consists of Shawn Michaels. JESSE JAMES AND TRIPLE H. Do all the creation of these characters. And then At. The appropriate point supposedly. They get. Brought up to the main roster. Where they are then passed over to. A? Creative Group. Who literally that actually had time to ever Watch these, people. On. Video. Because they're too busy trying to get the next episode of raw or smackdown together after. The. Current episode is over. And they'll put it together. And then have been just still a few hours before. Showtime more taping time care the entire script up and. Completely rewrite the whole thing. But anyway Biller? Just. was. Not. Happy. With what they were doing and that. So she says, you know what? I'm. Not. GonNa. Do the I'm not going to be your. Main showed how I'm not gonNA I'm not. GonNa be on RAW. Oh Fortunately. Montanez is not being punished for it. Oh but You know right now she's relegated to the D. Show. Main event. I mean I'll Ross supposedly the as show. SMACK DOWN THE BE, show And actually the C. Show although. I think most people would sit there and say, no one reality and expertise the as show. And Ron smackdown the B and c shows. But Because they comes. Up. Is. What it is. So. For Right now at least until they come up with something a little bit better for her She's not she's not planning on going anywhere. She's she'll. Do a well, a main event. and. Just be. Happy to Sit around and collect a paycheck. While her husband does the harder work. And that. But? I can't see they blame her I mean again. Main roster creative. Doesn't know anything really about her about her character about characters, motivations and that. This is why I have said numerous times that. When? Vince shifts a person or. People up to the main roster. the annex creative and in this case. You know I mean the NFC creative is the. Number two guy in the company. Along with his best friend and his other friend from the DX days. Just. Have them have them come in on the creative meetings? Have them explain who the character is? What their vacations are? and Go ahead and take them. From, there. Oh Do It do it for about three weeks or so? And within that time frame. The main creative team should understand what exactly. These people are all about. Why they do what they do when? You can expect them to jump somebody. when you can expect them to get jumped things like that. Okay. It's It's actually a pretty simple concept. If you if you take a Serious objective look at it. And then finally. For tonight. To me. Have to take a look at What happened? On Wednesday night with fighter faust. Most notably, the renegade bleep. Where Tasr. Passes down. His F. T. W. Championship to Brian Cage. Now few weeks back. Tests. Gave Cage. The beat him if you can survive if he lets you so he's Already. Began passing the torch. By giving cages. Tag. Watch He has now given cage. The title. That Paul Heyman came up with as a concept. For. The angry band who? was being overlooked. By everybody and he he w. So, now cages the guy that's being overlooked. In. Favour of Jon Moxley with a W.. So. Tasks. Being the. Inventive mind that it is that he is hands over. His prized. F. T.? W. Belt. To cage. Now Tony concepts, they're gonNA actually recognize it and they're going to use it. So it's GonNa. Be Interesting to see what they do. Now of course this coming Wednesday night is fight for the fallen, which is going to be a benefit this time for cope nineteen patients the original for the fallen. Was for victims of gun violence. You'll be able to actually donate. To the cause and if you have it available to donate. Please do that would be really great thing. But Brian Cage The F. T. W. Champion we'll be facing. Jon Moxley the Awa champion and I think it's GonNa be a really good match I think the I think of styles between Cajun his. Power. And Moxley, and his Calendar moves with his violent streak. Is GonNa make for an excellent excellent match. I don't think you can go wrong with this and. I am definitely looking forward to seeing it. All, right. Well, that is our time for this evening. Fans Thank you all for listening And we'll be talking to you next week. So for those of you who were watching on facebook live. Thank you for those who are listening to live on blog talk. Thank you. Thank you for listening to live from the Dean's then. Live. From the deans comes to Air Free Friday night at ten PM Eastern on blog talk radio on evolution radio network. Replays can be found on anchor up them, spotify I tunes. And wherever else you get your podcast Thanks. We'll talk to you next week.

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