Local Hour: What's Good?!


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It's this my go-to, and I'm going to get move in. You can't take small methods. Like, I'm smiling. He's got a Santa on him, though, doesn't it like it's always. Yeah. Some form of Sandton. February is the most jolly person here. I enjoyed trade deadline Santa needs to be a recurring. Is there a trade deadline today? No. But the next deadline trade deadline Santa and we got like fill out the visuals to trade that lines the next. So those of those of you who don't know what what's good is a segment that we came up with really something that house in came up with but refuses to participate in and she's completely abandoned me in the studio. And I'm sitting here by myself, and she's just walking around defiantly not participating pretending. She has things that she needs to do. But she's not really doing anything. And what you do is. You just stayed something. That's good. So the point of this segment is to kind of get you out of fun. So Friday's a good day because you probably had a really long work week. So here's a good example. You know, what's good guys? We have a long weekend coming up. That's good. That is good. Yeah. You know, what's not good though? Why people are going to be complaining to us when we're not on the air on Monday. Yeah. But we need to not. No, no, no, no, right. No. We need to not focus on the. And just focus on the positive. Okay. I'm sorry. So it's Friday. We're all healthy as far as I know. But if you're not just please tell me because I don't wanna feel bad assuming we're all healthy. That's good. Right. We're all maybe healthy. It's friday. Okay. Seven eight six four five six eight thousand seven if you wanna play what's good? So the point of this is just to say only good things that are happening in your life or just happening all around. I mean, whatever there's no real rules for what's good, just let's be positive and negative. All right. No matter how bad you think your situation is someone has a worse situation. I have a positive thing. Okay. Have a what's good submission right now number one and number two on apple podcast and sports and recreation, Stu potty and the meantime show, featuring Lenny that means our fans are actually supporting what we're doing going out there subscribing listening rating and reviewing a lot of hard work has gone into it. And. We're getting immediate rewards. And that makes me feel good ROY. What's good? The Panthers won last night. Beat the best team in the Pacific Division pets. Good. They score four goals. They want stored three two goals one out. Right. Can you expand those NHL sanding? So the wild card so I can see how many points back. We are. All right. I got some. That's good. Okay. I'm going to a carnival this weekend. I love a carnival. Yeah. They got bingo. Going to play a little bingo. I'm gonna take my daughter. Let her run around. It's gonna be fun. You know, what's good? I might go months at trucks this weekend. Oh, I loved monster trucks. It's a little loud. Know Marlins park. This is a big stadium show. Rena showed that'll blow your drums out. Here's something that's bad. We were supposed to your monster truck driver. And we dropped the ball on that. So if you're a monster truck driver, by the way, seven eight six four five six eight three seven we'll interview we just kind of dropped the ball at interview, Dan. What's good? Hey, so I'm going to guys I've ever heard of this thing called marijuana's. But I've been hearing about it most of my life and told it was not good. Then I got this card from my doctor that me go to these stores that sell marijuana's, and yeah, what's good, man? Okay. See I mean, that's good for Dan. Right. Have you expanded into the wild card standings at eleven points out of the last wildcard spot to gotta came at hand on Pittsburgh. So that's an automatic two points with that game in hand. So essentially just nine points back a nice little to game heater and Florida Panthers. Right back in the sweet spot. The only distort. Jim. What's good? Well, my wife just had a baby. She corrected me. Oh, wow. Congratulations. Jim. What's the baby's name? Amelia, james. Oh, that's awesome. I'm so happy for you. And your wife. What's your wife's name Kelsey? Oh, so congratulations. Jim and Kelsey on Amelia James are you with her now because you seem to be speaking softly? Yeah. Wearing like it was like five hours ago graduates. Why are you calling us? I heard it's good music. And it was just perfect awesome. Jim congratulations on behalf of go. Yeah. We're gonna already happy for you. I feel like maybe should've called some family before you called us. But thank you for calling. They're all informed of. Three thirty. Oh, wow. Jim try to get some rest if you can. I at least got to Irish she didn't get any. Okay. All right. Well, you have a baby though. I mean, you may be tired. But you have a baby. Yeah. So I'm going to be a little bit more. Okay. But that's bad. Let's not focus on the tire. Let's focus on the blessing of a a beautiful baby. Amelia, Jane, it's more excuse to drink coffee. All right. Well, there you go. Congratulations. Jim Kelsey too. I think may wanna wandering up Dan too. Ryan. What's good? A warm coffee on a cold morning. Yeah. Where do you live, right? Action just live like north of Orlando. It's like sixty degrees. But you know, what it's still a little chilly. Yeah. You know what? If it's good for you. It's good for me. Thanks for calling. Right. Abraham. What's good? How the Lobos? One. I wanted to say, hey, that's awesome. That's good. Is that what you called about good? You know, you know, what else is good? What's that? When you to you guys. And you hear the wakened take. You know, what really gets me? Here's the thing, but ham, Stu gods hung up. I guess you don't want to go the rest of that. So should I finish the thought or not I'll finish it seems have just taken wakened take for staccato? So I don't know that we're going to be doing that anymore. But hey, that's good. You have another way that you can listen to and take now. Right. That good ROY. Is that good? Sure. Gabriel. What's good? Good is my wife, and I has got a new parliament, congratulations. Where do you live? We live in KENDALL. But we're moving to plantation. Oh, wow. My hood where do you work by? Boy, that's the thing. I work usually in Broward. I'm my fourth raw. Oh, so now you have shorter commute her community a little longer. Are you happy with the new apartment? Hooper happy two of my brothers live in the community. Oh, this is incredible Gabriel as an aside have you ever referred to KENDALL k town. Never in my life. But I heard you last time trying to get that on. Thank you. Thanks gabriel. Congratulations on the new apartment. Lance. What's good? You know, what's good is when you're stuck in traffic, and you need to make a right hand turn and that car front of you just enough for you to get by. You know, what that is good? Sometimes I get really bothered when that car kind of stays back, but for that person to realize that you're trying to get by and to have that small act of kindness just move up a little bit. So you can get by is good. You are you in traffic now? No, I'm I'm in. I'm in pretty good traffic at the moment. Oh, wow. You live by where are you worked by where guys wife works? I live in k town. Oh. Actually, the son of the infamous testicular or something. That guy that guy. That guy's a trip. I never let him with that down, by the way. But I may tell the story people haven't heard it what your dad did to my testicle. Don't do that to you. Gotta put me on the spot now. And he saved your life that Dr there wasn't even anything wrong with my foot. There could have been something wrong with your testicles. And he made sure there wasn't his father were healthy. Exactly. That's a good. Dan. Your testicles are healthy. That's good. I wanted to ask this, dude. How much shame. He buries his father in for asking me, specifically if I knew what a big fan of the show, he was while I was with my feet up in the air holding my own testicles as he wanted quite of Israel. Yes, I super embarrassed to this day. But we yes, I do not let him live that down by any good. I always remind them every chance I get. I imagine he took a picture that day. And he has it hanging up in his office like that. He has your up in his office. Trey some sort of a hip doctor pace hippo. Jumping jumping off Lance's. Call though, what's I got some what's good in tracking you for calling land when you're inland. Thank your dad for saving dancing, like when you're in slow bumper to bumper traffic when year in the fastest lane of that slow traffic when you see a car ahead of you. And everyone's moving slow, but like five minutes later, you're lane, and you're passing that guy. That's good. That's good feeling and traffic got something. That's good. Okay. Ariana Grandes highly anticipated albums come out today. Oh, that's a fine. No, no, no. This is supposed to be a transcendent pop album that the music world has been waiting for. She's obviously been taken to the next level. She's headlining Coachella, thanks to Khania wanting a last second dome. And by the way, Connie got a bone to pick with you. Okay. But that's not for this segment. I know that's where the next segment got a bone to pick with you think. There's a Pete Davidson song on them. I hope so. Brandon. What's good? Studying to get my masters, and I just got accepted. Oh, brandon. That's great. What are you getting a master's in? I'm getting an MBA with a specialization in business analytics where are you doing that off Florida state? Oh, wow. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you up in containership now. Where'd you do your undergrad at Florida state as well where this is good? Do you wear khaki shorts and boat shoes? Are you stupid? Not me more. I've since exited that face, what do you what's your current phase aquatic shorts? Oh, all right. Well, congratulations on getting into the masters program. Christopher. What's good? Hey, guys. Happy Friday happy Friday Cruz Cruz. Yeah. Yeah. Of course. Okay. You get to say happy Friday to everyone you meet and I woke up at four o'clock this morning and found out I didn't have to go to work. Wow. Where do you work amazing? I'm an iron worker in the city. New York City. Wow. I don't really know what an ironworker does aside from work with iron. Can you explain that to me? My job specifically is the put the glass onto skyscraper. I'll see you're more of a glass worker than an ironworker. That's scary. But I go. I really so how high up how high over you putting this glass on buildings. Today. I would have been like seven hundred feet. Oh my God. How do you do that you on the inside or the outside of the building you're on the outside of the outright the outside working in? So are you like on a scaffolding or something? What do you on? Yeah. Yeah. Exactly most days. So we're always tied off and stuff. It's safe without revealing. What your salary is. I've read that. That's actually a pretty good living in a pretty good job to have just because you're risking your life. Essentially every day you're on the job. As m I. Yeah. Yeah. They they make it worth it. But you're also working outside for forty years. So, oh, how old are you? You've been doing this job platelet. I think he just says I have to work for forty years until I can retire. Okay. How long have you been doing this? For four don't most people have to work for forty years before they retire. Yeah. But he's risking his life. Every day. You're doing this in New York City. Yes. Yeah. That's what I was going to say in your high up there. It's got to be it must be super several Wayne Kluwer Gallo. The wind is crazy up there. Thirty forty miles an hour. How are you? Wait. What are you attached to a building seven hundred feet in the air and forty mile an hour winds? They have other people that went to college that figure out all the safety for that. He's like he's like a tethered ball on one of those volleyball courts tied to a pole is that what you're likely. Yeah. You just swing around the building whenever we stopped start to work. Have you have you had any scary moments where you thought you were going to fall? Yeah. Sometimes you're not tied off for whatever reason. And we'll have happens you like a little flip or anything you that close your heart off for like five minutes has your art ever been shut off. It doesn't actually because. I'll bet you know, what? I mean. Yeah. Yeah. I do so relations for years of that. So the glass the glass from the ground or glass, come from the roof. Like, how do you get the glass? It comes down to the ground. The crane picks it up, and they bring it up to us. And it usually spin in by them is there is there like a is there like a chain or they you could move up. So like, you go from not being tied to the side of the building to maybe like crane-operator something the for me, the only way I can move up as if I'm in charge of everyone. And then if anyone gets hurt it's on me. I don't want that. Yeah. You don't want that not at all. All right. Well, congrats on the day off. Wow. Are you off Monday to? Yeah. Four day weekend. Friday have a great weekend. Thank you for answering. My call have Friday, Christopher I have one last thing. That's good. Okay. On twitter. We got express written consent from the owner of Komodo to air a Valentine's Day call from sue God's to Komodo now. A day after Valentine God's told him CO big close a business that guy's a nightclub on. He he did come through before the close of his business started his, but I was sorta stocking Grubman on Instagram, and he was taking his time. He had a nice Brian. She was in bed for very long time. What does his club history down here? Like what the Grubman? Yes, he runs the town. He's a baller. Yeah. Yeah. He live was the big one. But he obviously started well before live, it'd be an interesting person to talk to than story. And now he's actually doing really well with restaurants, plant and Komodo. He's got another concept by Lincoln road that old tire place. The iconic one the Firestone place keeping that facade. He's selling tires. No. But they're keeping that facade for the restaurant is live still a top five nightclub in America in terms of money. I think so I think so they just poured a lot of money into it. Bill you asking Bill, you probably have live. I've never been deliverance me. Neither. Oh, by the way, Jose consider got back to us. Saco? Yeah. We could talk about this later on we reached out to about the aliens Bigfoot, and we heard back good. So God's ears. Nice to have a helping hand especially when it's act season. And that hand is attached to a licensed tax professional, but turbo tax live. You can talk to real CPA's in as on-demand who can reveal your return with you before you file and make sure you're getting your maximum refund. That's very very important. They can even check your work line by line. So you can be confident. It's done, right. Who knew confidence and peace of mind could be synonymous with taxes. Turbo. Tax live would CPA's in e as on demand. See details at turbo tax dot com. Down lever card if I want to take HGH I could take hgh correct with no ramification legally. I can take HD at right with no ramifications. And there there are there are health ramifications. Dan what else so ramification? Okay. But listen, that's a meat choice. Stugatz. You won't feel. My wife won't feel a Mike won't feel your feeling wife will feel the love. I really there's a stir MO or get sick. She might be emotional. But I'm telling you she'd be acted the hottest take of them. All. I mean, my wife doesn't care if I die Stu gods is pushing the boundaries of take a tude like he is. He is going. He is going where other takes have not gone. They seized lebatardshow with stugatz on the ticket. All right. Can we celebrate the Marlins a little bit? And before I start before Billy jumps down my throat. I'm not saying they're going to make the playoffs. Not saying they're going to be really good. I'm just saying there is something to be celebrated with this offseason. All right. I'd love to hear what it is. The fact that the Marlins according to baseball America have gone from the twenty four th ranked farm system to the thirteenth ranked farm system. That's good. I should done this last segment that good. Billy your thoughts. So it took to MVP's Marcello Zona at JT, Rome. Utah to move up six butts seven spots eleven eleven. All right. Look man in the top out. I'm I'm not saying like, you know, this is going to be we're gonna make the World Series. But can we not like I have crushing them last year to to to Billy's point, though, if I told you before all this happened where does the farm system need to climb for you to be okay with yelich ozone a- Stanton. Real mutoko. Everyone being traded would you've been okay. Because obviously it has to get better. How could it not bleep in get better? Right. I would've said top ten I would've said I want that to be a top ten farm system. But we're on our way, we're we're trending in the right direction. And I know that's one website Bill is going to come. They're still. I think a website you said that they're still rank. No, no, no. That's my question is because this change is obviously all the time. So early this off season they were ranked last or second to last, but like one place, and I'm wondering if this up. Swing in the rankings is the result of just JT trade with one prospect is how their ranking the pharmacists. Maybe all I know is that you look at the Marlins top ten prospects. The top nine are all guys acquired by the jeeter group. Yes, I don't know if the Marlins make their own rankings, I would still love or in the top one hundred right to in the top one hundred. But as far as the guys the Marlins have their top ten guys are all guys acquired in the last couple of years that would it. I don't know if they make their own rankings because they would self serve them to put all the guys they've acquired at the top. So I don't really know who makes those rankings. But it's still I'm just looking for something positive. It's Friday like come on like, I'm with you. Thank yes. Yes. They are making shrine. Jerry Hairston junior says that they're going to get Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. So that's I mean incredible. Wait what? Well, he just kind of said, wouldn't it be funny? If now that they've gotten rid of everybody, they have money to spend, and they have a farm system. That's they can be proud of. Maybe if they sign these two guys. Do they have money to spend? They have six hundred million dollars laying around they got rid of their catcher. But they have six hundred billion both of them. We don't need Harper. Let's get Machado to like a nice three year twenty five year million. Would that accomplish? Honestly, I don't I don't mean to be critical, but what would signing him for three years accomplish. Because the compete for three years. So why would you sit here and comp- like you're crushing them for trading everybody. And now if they signed Machado say what the hell I'm saying. We can we stopped saying they're gonna. Yeah, they're not going. They're not this point. Look, I was not for the fire sale, right? At the beginning of a new ownership group. I think that they had a decent core. And if they would've tried to invest at the beginning and giving it a year or two and said, we're going to lose money, but we're going to be different that they could have built something with the fan base. So I wasn't for the fire sale at the beginning. But now that they've started there's no point in not trading like JT's not going to resign with the team. He's told him he's not going to signed with the team. So if you get rid of him now, you're gonna get more back for. Which is why they did it. So at this point, I wouldn't make any sense to just start throwing money at one random Irish, I get what you're saying. But the part that's infuriating and should be infuriating to both of you is people who care about the Marlins both of you should be infuriating when David Samson comes on here. And tells you that jeeter overspent on the franchise for four hundred million guess who's paying for that? It's not going to be in players anytime soon because they mismanage their business so much and the solution is always well, we'll fix the farm system. And we'll do it on the cheap. They overbid on the franchise by four hundred million dollars. They're not spending any more like they're for all jeeter's talking about. I'm not here to be patient everything else. They're down four hundred mil before they've started. And so you've got to eat that again, and again, and again as a fan base, and this fan base is tired of eating that. Yeah. But what they've said all along is that we're going to rebuild the farm system. And then when we can be competitive we'll start spending. So I'm just saying in their mind, if they think their farm systems rebuilt, if they were to spend some money on Machado like I get it that doesn't make them that much closer. But like we're gonna crush that move to it's what they say, and it would be really counterculture to Derrick jeeter to not try to go and actually win. Once he starts getting some traction and getting closer that being said, we've seen this movie before they'll sort being, okay? And then they'll start blaming us for not going to direct Ville cry war, and they'll sell the players the different movie a whole different. This is a new director. So you only movie, I know do sir new writer. I know that's what you know. That's what I feel like what we're taking that movie and bringing into this one what they're banking on though is the same thing the Astros banked on. But the Astros are an outlier the Braves banked on it some to what they're banking on comes. We're four hundred million in the hole. Maybe we'll get lucky and be able to do this on the cheap because some of these prospects pen up, but if they don't that's okay too because we're four hundred million dollars. In the whole when we're starting Geeta and his ownership group. They're not net flicks. Like they're coming in here. Jeeter didn't have money to do this. If the he's got bonuses in for how much money he makes every year not for how many wins. He get for how much money he makes every year. They start four hundred million the whole the part. That's calling is the way that baseball uses this place like a whorehouse and starts with the bad business of well jeeter, get the market price up on the franchise to one point two billion. Sorry, it costs you four hundred million dollars. Let the fan base eat that one for a decade. The the problem with not building a farm system because David Samson was on last week. And he said flat out who cares about the farm system. And then when we talked about in the national show, STAN Van Gundy said that that's not something that's unique to the Marlins. There's lots of teams like the gangs that think that way too. And I wish we could've talked to Stanton about that a little more because I know stands a baseball fan. There's a big difference between the Yankees and the Marlins the Yankees do not need to care about the form system because they are. Worth four billion dollars. They're an international brand they have their own television network, and they have all these different sources of revenue so they can just throw money at problems where the Marlins cannot. And additionally they can afford to eat bad contracts and bad signings where the Marlins cannot do that. So if the Marlins make a bad signing, they have to rebuild your, that's that's exactly the point. That's why that's what Jeter in his people got in there. They're like, look, we're not the Yankees. We can't just spend all this money. We need to start over get the farm system and start from there. Like, you just kind of said the point you're crushing jeeter for the last two years. No, I just kind of made the point of why he no visiting it's important for them to build a farm system. But what I was upset about is. I feel like they had a decent core. And if they would have committed to eating it and losing a little more money on the front end. They could have repaired some what they was damaged in the past with the fan base. But they did what everyone else had done. And now they have the plan to move forward. And again like Dan is saying and we've said in the past you're kinda just hoping this works. Out because if it doesn't work out in four years from now, you're just starting again. But we don't know how this group is going to handle once they have a farm system. I get it were scarred from all the bad stuff. But we don't know like Geeta what whatever his name is the other owner Sherman like he might come as I think, you're right. I think if they're actually eighty wins something with their prospects. I actually do think there they'll spend. But what I'm saying is that they've got leeway their game plan is can we get lucky? Can we get lucky on the prospect? If we do we'll spend some, and I know that you're saying, it's different screenwriters, not exactly Michael hill. So here, and I'm not a fan of his movies. But you say it's all luck that demo guy created a good farm system for the Yankees. And now he's come here and we're improving look I'm not saying anything like the Marlins are going to make the playoffs. I'm just saying. Let's let's give them a we crush them. When they when they got rid of everybody. Let's give them a little credit. They've built this. They've improved the farm system. Billy made the point that they had a. Core. And that's an understatement. I mean Stanton yelich JT Pettah, arguably JT's probably on the trajectory potentially to be a hall of fame catcher, those are three hall of fame players that you have there. You just look at that Rosser, by the way, what a bizarre Rosser because each row and Jeffrey core also on this roster. Remember Jeff tranquil when he was a more than I liked each sisters favored for some reshift Mathis Frank core. And Robert, and Dino what a bizarre Rosser this was by the way, Chris and Dan are both right. Where Chris is saying, you know, they brought in Denver who helped rebuild the Yankees system. And Dan is saying they're hoping to get lucky. It's both because you can get the talented prospects. But it doesn't always pan out because of injury or whatever. So even if you get what would be a sure thing, there's not really a sure thing in baseball look knowledge truth brought to you by Tyco. Truth. You will certainly send any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. What's Janet's fangs? Did she lose a bet? With a weed whacker? Oh, Sint, wait. No, no, no, no, no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something. Gogo fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more donlevatar did you or did you not say that ninety percent of your laughter on this show is fake said still gots? Why would you even say that? I got caught up in the air to be honest with you. It was believe your honesty. Well, I don't know. Whether you're being honest now, or you were being honest, then I mean, I've earned that over eleven years with you mistrust. Yeah. And you're right. I was lying because I fake left ninety five percent of the time. Okay. And if you'll badly about it, I do because I could tell you hurt by all we build you badly about it that makes two of us. It's really good. This is our show with the stugatz on the ticket, boys. One last dance. It's the weekend. It's all star weekend. One last all star game. Why don't you say? Oh god. Yes. It's going to be because look this isn't going to be popular. But the big three air is a new nineteen seventy two dolphins. Wow. Like one. This is the whole we're going to talk about the big three impairment Riley, you know, and we're not gonna win anything for forty years. And you just gonna keep talking about it. Like if it was the greatest thing ever like move on people. I love that path you want to go down. But can we do it after this weekend? This is going to be I don't know. I don't know the rules because supposedly this whole year we were supposed to be happy that Dwayne Wade who is retiring. And now we have to be remanded because the heater bad bananas. We have that. It's Wayne what others game. And then we're supposed to be happy. It's his last game in Dallas. And it's this last game, and he knew house asking them Portland. And it's like, well, what are we are? We upset or we have you what's going on other than the last game of the. Season. This is like this weekend is going to be as like motion little oh thank game. Oh, thank God for Adam silver doing this. This is the moment that I think every heat fan wanted to see this year this and perhaps the last game. Thank you paternity leave for ripping away. Lebron actually play in here one last time against Wayne weight. But this is a huge moment in the season and Bill I get that taken. I think I'd like to follow you down that logic ladder, maybe next year. But it doesn't really make sense because Nick Bongani still playing right now he's so right though, about like forty years from now teams, look like our kids. We're going to be like all this heat teams. Not the big three. All you like doing is. So I mean, he's so millennials spoiled. It's been four years he's comparing that to nineteen seventy two well have a century. Listen, there was someone in nineteen seventy six I was saying this, and you guys you guys are crazy. He's shadowing. He's not wrong because our kids are definitely going to be like, oh, no Jim Caldwell on. What was the name? I said Billy what's the name of the game McCullough. Jack McAuliffe is back. The best player ever. And I'm going to be like no you didn't say LeBron play. You're going to be like you didn't see the Carlos Arroyo years. Oh, man. Remember that? We thought he was a piece. There was also Troy Murphy was who was on that first team. What was on the? Anthony Jolie, the the the warden, and then Bibi Bibi was added. Bibi. Was added. You're one well wickedly. Yeah. Yeah. But he didn't work out. Now was bitty added. You're one it was at a year to peace. And the thing is your one piece Eddy curry was a year to pieces on stop with the year, two pieces and go back. I want to know what was the original roster of the two thousand and ten heat. You're forgetting Chalmers, right? Joel Anthony Carlos Arroyo, Mike Bibby. Chris bosh? Mario chalmers. Eric damp here on his has them. Eddie house Juwan Howard. Oh, big z. If you've got a big it went through so many centers that year, all McClure. Remember how Dexter Pittman? Remember the following? It was at the fall back house. It was so huge to be able to get a center who could catch and Rony Turey off filled a huge void like we could pass the center because everything that went up of Joel Anthony. Any it resulted in a championship just merely getting a Senator who could catch the ball. I feel bad for his journey. So Gauss Casse. Now, he spent his whole career in Cleveland and he decided to come down with LeBron to Miami for one season didn't win a championship. And he ruin that whole Cleveland legacy. He was also the catalyst for getting LeBron back over there. But the heat allowing the biggest mistake of variety era, by the way, leading LeBron go to that retirement ceremony back in Cleveland, who's the worst player ever in terms of skill that you love the most. Because I think Joel Anthony might be that guy for me in any sport like guy who wasn't talented and not I'm not gonna say downtown. But you know, what? I mean. Like, nah, he'll I'm mother's favourite. He'd player ever is Rony, Tori off. That's a good one. That's a good one. But he could catch it. No. Well, she just liked that he celebrated on the bench all the time that he was enthusiastic on the bench. But that's exactly the kind of way that you need to celebrate this. This guy has to be someone who's often on the bench to to meet Chris's criteria with the Marlins. It was Andy FOX for me. I like Dante FOX not very talented, but a good team guy forever. I never questioned his effort slap hitting Andy, FOX. Foxy foxy boxy, man. That's a good question. Who's the worst player that I've ever absolutely loved? But it's not irrational confidence. It's there their bad player because they're doing their maximum out on is the best player that you've hated because Antoine. Walker probably goes in that discussion you could go on both ends of this. You can have some fun best player evaded. I feel like Mario Chalmers is the answer for everything. Mario Chalmers from member after LeBron left. We realized that the backward of Mario Chalmers and Norris. Cole custodes play them at the same time. Sometimes and I think Dame near had an aneurysm when Norris Cole inbounded the ball to us on Whiteside, and it sawn through it back to north goes deigning out of bounds. You guys realize we are slowly Morphing into the show that Billy was lamenting during this segment where you're there. I don't wanna I don't wanna be the one to break it to you. But you're Hank you become Colbert longing for the two thousand and ten heat. Why wait a minute. Wait a minute. Get dragged into this. I'm not the one sitting here. That's me with the hurricanes. Let sync into it. Then let's talk about the Dexter Pittman. Start in Indiana. Yes. Let's let's do that ten minutes. Have just hard fouls. Only did was just clobber everybody. We're all on the shoulders of Erik Spoelstra. Dwayne Wade flirting with Tom green a team on the edge of elimination. Miami Heat believing that perhaps Dexter Pittman was the seven foot evolution of the future in basketball. Dexter Pittman goes out there. And I think in five minutes has four fouls. I'll I think you could do better than that. I think it might be six thousand five minutes. But the Dexter Pittman. Start is wonderful, Mike because the Dexter Pittman. Start is absolutely the Miami Heat thinking. Okay. Maybe we discovered Hassan Whiteside at the university of Texas here. A few years early Pitman's a seven footer he can move around. He's got good footwork. Maybe we can shape Dexter Pittman into Isaac Austin. We did that show for about two months. Hanley Ramirez was a guy that was really talented that I didn't hate him. But he was frustrating. I was kinda with Tommy Hutton you need to run that ball out. I hate Tommy HUD, him because of his whole, whoa. His whole Hanley Ramirez thing. I'm this isn't a popular thing. I don't really miss Tommy. Hi, did when he was gone. He's he's back now. Welcome back. Tommy, I was happy when he came back. But I was kind of like, you know, he was so mean to Hanley and always telling me how great I'll freight omega was. And if I were to hear one more time about professional at bats that leaded flaccid four pitches. Oh, that was a good professional a bet. That's just as good as it. Hit. Get a hit hit are better than strikeouts. Okay. Tommy, I didn't I don't need to hear about. Professional at bats. And how this. Laughing. Upon the box or hold on a second. We'll get to the Dexter Pittman box score in a second allies. Gonzales says that guy from me in the in ODS was. Yeah. You didn't like Alex Gonzales did not he wasn't super talented. What's no? Here's a great defensive infielder. But you cannot met the life. I didn't trust him to hit either. Oh, I mean, it wasn't gonna hit. But home run was because of me, by the way that that worlds. Wait to hear this again. 'cause I was like I was in the we needed to change things up. Sometimes you got change things up. I was in my seat. I went out to the concourse just change things up first pitch home run. So you're bragging about missing one of the greatest moments of franchise history. You gotta take one for the team Bill. I remember when that happened. There was the there was a gang Ke's fan. And it was it was Jeff Weaver, right? Or was it Jared? It was Jeff Jared was the good one. Yeah. Terry dream Weaver. Yeah. So Jeff Weaver came in. And there was a gang keys fan, and he was going down. I was in the upper deck in the right field corner. And he was talking about like Jeff Weaver is not going to get this done. I'm telling you, we was gonna blow this. He's going to blow it or like come on, dude. It's like extra innings in the World Series. Where are you going to get popcorn or something? And then he comes back, and everybody's laughing at him because he was like I told you that Jeff Weaver wasn't going to get it done. He was cursing. Jeff with is interesting that I can get you too long for the two thousand and three Marlins the way you make fun of Mike for longing for the ten thousand two thousand and ten heat Hank Goldberg, but you guys are living in the past. Come on. It's two thousand now. Let's talk about Braden Looper coming in with the bases loaded out of it. One though I was at that game. Both all year long people up clutch when he needed most people refer to that Asian retires Alex Gonzalez game he did more for this team. And Chris Bosh? Did that wasn't the Alex Gonzalez game? That was the game that Braden Looper escaped with the bases loaded and out it was it was a who's gonna throw up on their jersey. Exactly, Jeff Weaver. And Braden Looper stood tall. Bring me back, man. I love that man. We are all hand Goldberg. I found the Dexter Pittman saw. Okay. We gave them way too many fouls. But we also gave them way too, many minutes. So he's starts the game the Kieft or down in this series are now in this series. This is a pivotal game. Three the heat end up losing this game ninety four to seventy five. Dexter Pittman starts he only plays three minutes and twenty nine seconds. He goes over to from the field with one foul and a minus five one found one thousand. That's not the way that I remember. I remember like six flagrant. Yeah. I remembered six flagrant since seven turnovers, and he had no flagrant and no turnovers, but Spoelstra just. After three and a half minutes. He was on pace that foul out quick. If you do the math fouls, man. This was a blowout. Gents even Terrell Harrison Juwan Howard got minutes. It someone say Hank Goldberg. Yes. The hammer. I love the idea of this being how our show descend into the sports radio muck because we're not going to be allowed to keep evolving. Forever. Right. Eventually we are going to actually be hangover. And then get rejected like Hank Goldberg that's going to happen. I just can't believe the lack of self awareness and Billy that he can absolutely pine for the two thousand and three Marlins, but the two thousand and ten heat who still have a player in the all star game. This weekend is not as early an author debatable it that one. Okay. This was the Tony brothers game. Oh, remember waiting for the referee? Assignments remember me giving the audience a breakdown of what to expect because I knew every against the spread record of Ray. This was or your time. Chris before you were here all of us were in the IT guy Lazarus's office, and he was explaining to us why it is their defensive rotations were worked. It was all of us. And we were listening intently because we're like somebody. He's got to know something here. Why is this team nine and eight with LeBron Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on it? Imagine the the conflicting emotions will Braun just has the staredown game in Boston and saves the entire blueprint and has to come home the winning game seven and the official staring him in the face or Tony brothers and Joey Crawford. Oh, it was like the mon- stars of officials. That's a scare that you ever been before a game. Is it not as games game six? That's the most scared. I've ever been before a game was that's it game six game. That's the most scared you've ever been before a sports event. Yeah. I would take a bite of food. And immediately poop it out whole. I was an entire banana bread. I remember that I watched that entire game on my bed with like my covers just over my body with only my face being exposed. I was in. I was like listening to nine inch nails the entire day. Just trying to get my mind. Right. I was so psyched out for that game. I couldn't watch it. I was in Washington. And I was walking around looking at the monuments that make I couldn't watch it. I turned it on I found like a station that had ESPN radio up there. And I'd check in periodically. And I'm like bras gonna have a big game or it's over. And I can't watch it. I'd rather go see what Abraham Lincoln's up to right now. The game from radio. I fist pumped in a bar on the donnas has lem dumped. Message and data rates may apply to become okay for men to be Lazier softer fatter. We need to bring the men of this country back to greatness, and it's easier than ever with ageless male max a patent pending formula with an ingredient that helps boost your total testosterone promoting greater increases in muscle size and twice the reduction of body fat percentage that exercise alone. Plus an amazing sixty four percent increase in nitric oxide, which can be handy in gym and in the bedroom. Take your manhood to the max by trying your first thirty day bottle free just pay shipping and handling not ten days not fifteen days, but a full thirty day supply free. 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