The Paul Finebaum Show: Hour 1: SEC Opt Outs


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Feels like college football season is about to start because there are some games tonight and we'll talk to one of the coaches in one of those games here in just a moment, we have a number of gases I mentioned. We always enjoy your phone calls kissing some headlines here, and let you know what the college football world. Is talking about. and. It was the big story of yesterday of course, Jamie. Jamie Newman opting out has it helped a path of other schools like. Georgia. Well We. Like Florida and Alabama Jamie is gone. Couple of contenders sake. Take over that spot putting jt Daniels who once played at southern cal. So. What happens in relation to? The FBI Not The FBI the. Georgia is still the favourite and. Listen not much really changed Clemson Alabama Georgia still the top three picks Clemson and Alabama prohibited Georgia's next and by the way. After that it's it's anybody's Guess Auburn at number six, lsu eight Florida nine am. Way Down at ten with only six percent. Nick, Sabin having some comments last night on the historic the historic. March. We've heard a lot of conversation about that here today. He said he's not concerned what other people's opinion is. Adding we're not letting this guy very committed. To what his young man and many many many many programs have been doing all week and. In the aftermath. Rather rocky summer here in America. Meanwhile. It is Thursday so there has to be news about the big ten doesn't their Lawsuit. Nebraska Court rules big ten must disclose additional documents about the cancellations just one of the many stories emanating from the big ten today, and then we'll talk about some of the other ones as well. That certainly have tongues wagging. And later in the program, we'll talk to Paul Levine a as questions have been raised this surprise. Since, power five schools will not disclose or very few will disclose. Real numbers. We'll talk a little bit later in the program. And yes. We mentioned this is the first Thursday night of the football season Central Arkansas and UAB we've covered that pretty extensively. And we have hit the other side the game as well. We had the South Alabama coach on the other night. Southern Miss, coach joins US momentarily. As two big games. One Arkansas team to Alabama teams. In one from Mississippi. It is a little bit different. I might add than your normal first Thursday night of this season we've had. In Array of SEC Games in the past and usually pretty meaty game tools, it a couple of years ago. He had a big game with Ohio state I believe that at Indiana that was two or three years ago. Tonight, those are your choices and the weekend is a little bit thin gets gets better on Monday Labor Day would be why you and navy. So what what would be doing here? Today we'll be talking to a number of guests including the head coach at southern Miss, I mentioned a Paula Levine. CONROE GARRA joins US always interesting to get connor's take. And we'll find out about the gators. As well. But I your phone calls at eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, zero, eight, five, and Patrick, starts us off where one of those games will be played in. Hattiesburg Patrick. Paul. Go to the game tonight to deal reporting for off your radio station. Really. How how long have you been doing that? Well, I've been doing radio since I've been in college this first hear working for the US and radio stations. That'd be awesome. Building regulations. That's a that'll be pretty exciting. Oh Man I'm Giddy as a schoolgirl Paul. But I was calling you. We can talk the southern Miss Game, but I WANNA I WANNA get your your your perspective on how Alabama Nick Sabin. He's kept such tight hold on his guys to not off down to the season where Lsu Vanderbilt, and now even Georgia with nate. Jamie Newman had kind of a problem with guys opting out. You think it's a Nick Sabin a coaching thing just to players thing. Yeah I mean I i. think there had been some talk that he would lose a player too but somehow I think some of it depends on circumstances. I. Don't understand why Newman opted out. I really I mean I think everyone has their theory. Maybe he wasn't going to be the starter lsu's had some more interesting cases I believe but ultimately I think I think it's a personal choice. I don't think the head coach here in any circumstances going to be the overriding factor I think it's whether you have you know maybe children maybe family considerations underlying conditions I've I've heard countless stories I haven't heard anyone say I'm just not really happy in this program. Well, thank you all I'll I'll try to get some. Good story put together for the for the night and you take sometime I would love to good luck I'm really I'll be thinking you all night and congratulations Patrick on on a big game. Did I really appreciate it. Let's go to pat up next in Georgia. Hey, pat. Hey Paul thanks lesson Jamie Newman, my sources and they are relied. Indicate he got off on the wrong foot with Bonk can. And he's having trouble with the offense right now. So that's threes and he's opting out now. In my opinion, the impact that's going to have on Georgia is we're probably GONNA were likely. To end up seven and three. And because the quarterback situation and everything else this year. WE'RE GONNA lose Alabama with his offered and we'll. Tell You well, I love your confidence or Pat you're all in on on the dogs I can tell. Well I'm a little. Bit. At what Jamie Newman has done. is he allowed to come back next year Georgia or has he opted out altogether and left team you know I really first of all, I don't know why he would come back. But I don't know the a particular is on that. I'm assuming once you opt out. You're done I mean I've heard we've heard some cases where players I'm opting out and coming back next year but but in his particular situation being a senior I, I, can't imagine why he would come back. Well good riddance to him as far as I'm concerned of the other problem is. Why Georgia having so much trouble with their quarterback situation over a long period of time, we get him and we can't keep them. Well. I, mean come on come on I. Mean you go back and look at every situation You start with Easson he gets hurt and from crumbs in, and then fields comes in and and quite frankly cannot supplant from I. Mean You know that store your Georgia Fan so It's a maybe a generalization to say that Georgia's can't keep quarterbacks I mean you can't keep quarterbacks when you have talented quarterbacks and somebody else's in that position young people want to play they don't want to sit around. No you're you're absolutely right and I'm just I'm just benching a little bit and and I thank you very much for that. but I do think that instead of going nine one. This year because of the deaths in the quarterback situation, we are more likely than not to go seven free listen you got Knicks at Auburn and then you've got Florida's quarterback. Head I agree. But I talked to one thing Georgia had who was and and. It's going to be a broken record. We haven't even started the season yet depth really matters and it matters mostly at that position because if you if Georgia ends up losing daniels now for whatever reason yeah. The the talent, there's talent behind him. But. It's towel without any experience at the college level. Absolutely Paul Anyway. Thanks for. Okay. Thank you. Yeah I. Tell you what I love Georgia fans right there. read doggies. Hey. Why don't you put on an Alabama hat? Not some teeth out hook to back in your mouth and root for them. That is the worse call. Your sources suck. The reason he's opting now he's he wasn't get enough snaps in prices because he's not better than JT, dangerous? That's the reason he's opting out. You know if you're not, if you're not the best player on the field, you're not apply. So for you to call them in here in have that crappy call you know we've never kicked quarterbacks were running back university pat look how many running back we put the. Phone. That's just a terrible call to our south of Athens. Stay down there. There's no way in Georgia they're gonNA lose three games. We're going to feed our families and we're probably eleven so pass. State got up that call totally pissed me off. Coach Dog. But I tell you what I feel better that we did that to you. He was indeed Gab North Carolina a few good afternoon. Hello Paul, how are you today? We are doing great. I'm feeling great. You know I've playing as you know about our golf group about seventy eighty of us and it's forty playing yesterday. Pretty Strong smattering of them were big ten graduates. And they're kind of under their breath in the eastern conference falls on its face like the big ten has. But I have a totally different opinion I think it's GonNa work out. I'm prayerful hopeful of that. And for the record I. Really believe that the East side of the southeastern conference. Is really in a position to make a statement I I don't see a huge difference in any of the four top. Teams in the East. Unlike the way. S. That has Alabama. At one point she had to thank Texas A&M before they got their new schedule, but it's Alabama and the rest of the way. But in the east, you can build a pretty good case for four teams under certain circumstances making a strong statement to win the East it may be a sea change going on Paul because things don't stay the same forever. What you say well, I think this this could be a one-off, but but I think I think. You look at the rankings and you have about. Three or four West teams that are contenders in the top ten or fifteen and two we'll know no lot. I think there's there's another point I really like to make this. I really liked the idea of playing Tan Conference Games for your season. And that would leave you enough room to have an expanded playoff with the better teams from the other conferences. Don't let a hangover slow you down fight it with goodies hangover pain relief at the speed of powder. Good hangovers. The first hangover offering from an analgesics brand temporarily relieves minor pains due to hangover headache and even handles muscle aches. Hangover comes and tasty berry citrus boost flavor and includes about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee to help restore mental alertness when experiencing fatigue drowsiness associated with the hangover simply toss it back or mix with water juice. It's that easy goodies hangover real medicine for real hangovers available on Amazon in Walmart and your local convenience store. I really think that that gives you more meaningful number because you played a better cross section of the themes in your in your conference. Hugh you're smart guy. I know because we've had many conversations. You're you're you're forgetting the most important thing that you're that that would change if you went back to ten game. Yeah the playoff can easily be expanded but that can be that can be done with the current system. You're you're what you're losing. If you do what you suggest key inventory inventory of television networks who need games and more games every weekend, you can't spread you can't fill the season up with only ten games. Well. The reality is I'm not sure how much television market there is for Alabama Plan Sisters of the pool well. you appreciate the call, but you would be you'll be amazed the amount of money that some companies are willing to spend on television packages these days. Even for even for bad games. We'll take a break mortar com more of your phone calls and we are coming back after this. You're listening to Paul Finebaum show podcast. And we mentioned. Have coach. J. hops on from. Southern. Miss says they get ready to open the season tonight. Against South, we had that coach on the other day and coach ops in joins us right hops and joins US right now coach. Thank you for making time I know it has to be a pretty. Exciting I'm down in Hattiesburg, couple hours away from the opener good afternoon. This fall. So here's a season. A lot of people wondered if we'd ever get here, this is the first Thursday night we have a couple of games on the docket. Just describe your your thoughts and your team starts as I'm sure everyone is excited and somewhat bewildered about the build up to the two thousand twenty season. Yet it's better that I. It's been it's been journey last five or six months. But again, I think everybody's excited to to kick off the season and you know. GUYS, credit players coaches everybody's. Working extremely hard and everybody's battle to a lot of adverse to get to this point and. We just like to think we're done a little bit. Of get this country going again and I think everybody wants to get a little football in and. We're blessed with opportunity to open it up with first game on. TV I I know I know that. All. This most of this is water under the bridge but There have been so many changes. When when you grow up and when I grew up in your pocket schedule. It's hard to figure out who's playing who anymore but But but but I'm sure that's something the coaches have to deal with, and as you said, the most important thing is the game but what has What has the last couple of months been like. Well, it's been tough because you know when when you start all. missed. All progams missed spring training, and then you went through which kids want around June You know you start a little volunteer phase which still didn't have one hundred percent participation times it was probably Sixty percent or so and then you got into your you mandatory periods which were mid July. So you know we came through that, and then there's the testing that that time you we would have guys out and you might have at times ten to fifteen, even twenty guys out, and then you gradually get some back and then you then another wave of guys that be out. So there you have to manage to a lot of different adversities, false football program it times you know you I think at the beginning of our camp, we had both offense of line units out. And and then we've got them back right at the beginning. So when you talk and we only have the two week period before camp started. So we were we were first up with the first game. So we manage to a lot of that and we had to kind of get our team in camp and you know you have a few guys out and you might get some guys back. So just managing to all, that was was an adventure but I have to give a lot of credit drop players and coaches I. We did a fantastic job of managing. They got kids have worked extremely hard coaches also, and we're blessed to get us to this point with obscenity to kick off and play college football tonight. coachee played the game at the highest level. You've now been a head coach or a couple of places you've been all over. And I know that there's this axiom in college football that you see the most improvement from week one to week two. But I'm wondering what you're concerned about tonight because I would think some very basic fundamental things may be off a just based on what you just got through saying what other coaches have said. I think it's going to be interesting to watch tonight. It really will be I. think that's I think that's GonNa be the we won't know until after this first week. Exactly. Where everybody is but I can say you know. As far as the football coach. And as far as football coach at southern miss been really proud of what I guy. Sacrifices they've made. I think that's an an open and honest question We'll find out in this first week as far as you know, what? What is the north take two or three weeks to get into a awful routine or is it something that we just south right in? Execution Football we'd like to see. As a football coach, there's a lot that goes into preparing a football team that a lot of people don't understand. So We'll find out tonight I. Think. The first. Game last week you know I think they traveled without a couple of long staffers that that's certainly a closer football program. Bill you know those are things. I think he can everything but I have to battle through this year. But you know the great thing is everybody's got in the same boat as I got situation. So we're going to do best and and. Make sure that southern this week. We're prepared. A players. Originally ready to play every week coach I know you can only control on the field, but but I mitch but you said it earlier about how we need football what will your stands look like tonight based on the the protocol. Fall, they were twenty five percents is what we're we're. We're hoping to get in tonight. So you know certainly will be that will be different environment to you know when you come out of the tunnel, they get the the there won't be the pageantry that That most of the kids are are used to, but I think you know the beautiful things we get to play football. I think just the fact that. These young men get to go out do they love to do? It's a true blasting and Yeah, we're. We're we're looking forward to that. And hopefully, we can give not only. People at southern is but people around the country something to get excited about and finally I do want to ask you because. Similar that theme but you know there's been so much argument about college football and I think those of us who live in the south maybe understand the importance of it more than others. I think that's self explanatory. But but I'm somebody who grew up in Mississippi played football in Mississippi now, coaches and southern. It's your apartment speaking and I need some favors when you're singing in the shower, just try going up a key. You're trying to be an alto when really era soprano Oh and if you could bundle your renters in car insurance with Geico it's easy to do online and we could save money and then you read your murder mysteries at night. Could you read out loud but? Skip the murder parts because I get scared GYCO for bundling made easy go to GEICO DOT COM today. Mississippi What's it like tonight mean to you your family and your and your program. Well, it's again it's a football coast. The one thing I think I've been doing it almost thirty years, Paul, you know. We're we're put on this planet we're blessed to have opportunity to mentor and coach young men. So to me it's really about. Being there and allow these young men to go out and and do they love to do they want. We basically. We've had team meetings and. All our guys we we basically said, what do you WanNa do and all that guys. they stood up and they said they won't play you know and so that's our job is coaches if you players WanNa play. Our jobs to get them ready and You know that's that's That's as far as I'm concerned at southern Miss I to do with my players wanted to. And that's something I. Know It's in their heart they wanted to do so. And when they gave me that word I said well, let's go and that's that's the hard and and think our young men have done that. So it's it's it's a special thing and I'm sure Everybody, not only our players and coaches but everybody around is looking for tonight and kicking off the college football season. Coach. We are too. We will be watching at eight o'clock a your time. So all the bass. And I would imagine. You've had big crowds in some big games that you played in before both in the stands and on television but tonight might be the biggest all the best we hope to talk to you again soon. Habits. Coach hops in from the University of Southern Miss. We'll take a break appreciate him coming on a couple of hours before the game and of we will also go back to your phone calls in just a moment you're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. We. Welcome you back. Great conversation coach. Let's get to the calls. Tim is up next I. Hate Him good afternoon. Paw. To show yesterday, I'm not sure if it was a caller one speakers but they said something that me think they're saying like what they're talking about like how you have a physician group can get infected had one person I was like. A thing that makes a lot of fun. So I was wondering what happened like it's a hypothetical. How would the committee look at you know a team like? Alabama Clemson, let's say like you know Cova takes out a position group like the offense align and they lose to like A. A rinky dink pin they take that into consideration or just say a law office a lot. I think Tim. They would have to take it into consideration. In the past, the committee has often talked about injuries and I do think they've shown some benevolence in that regard, but but I I, think it was a one off. Let's say. Georgia goes in and Beats Alabama. And is undefeated and then trips up against. You name it South Carolina Kentucky. someone else that you wouldn't have expected them to lose to then because of that circumstance and I I think you'd have to take that in consideration. Okay. Thanks speech thanking a good question and it's one of those quite frankly we have no idea. Shannon in Georgia always good to have you back on the show good afternoon Shannon. Public Steve. McCall. You Bet. I wanted talk about the Jamie Newman situation. Pat From Georgia what he had to say earlier I was offended by that honestly I, think that. law I'm disappointed that newman opted out. I. Think you've gotTa look at things and I'm struggling with this fall to look at things from other people's perspective I think in our climate we have to do that now and I'm trying to do a better job of that. And for Jamie he had been so high. I know policy was talking real about all the preseason hyphen from what I was reading of assets. He was struggling a little bit offensive, little sloppy quarterback playing really at in the day I. Don't think he had anywhere to go down. If that makes sense policy comes out and he's not the starter it's going to hurt his status. If he struggles in image game is going to hurt his draft status and where he is right now he's probably top fifty top-35 pick and I'm sure some agent was in his ear telling them or someone who is in his inner telling them. You're just GonNa hurt yourself you play the season. Yeah and and if you look at it, if he has an average season, his stock could go down and right now he's out of sight out of mind he would just be one of many who opted out and. It probably won't hurt him I think on the other hand had a chance to help himself, but it sounds very calculated and you're There's an agent somewhere offstage. In the same thing I want to say is you know Kirby takes a lot of flack. For his recruiting at the quarterback position. But but I think if you step back and look at this when he brought in jt Daniels is highly recruited transfer from from southern cal. Don't you think that Kirby saw some handwriting on the wall. That there was a possibility. That maybe newman wasn't gonNA. Stay with the team. He wasn't performance to a wildly bring a five star because he's got another five star group committed. Signed the holiday claims kid out of Florida Carson Beck. Four well Shannon. He knew one thing for certain by bringing Daniels in, he was going to lose someone. I don't know if you knew you know Paul. That's. How? I was always told when I was playing and coaching pressure bursts pipes. You. Understand that. Yeah. So one kid's GonNa rise to the top one kid may fall away I don't hold it against Jaime he's protecting his career. He's doing the best thing for him and and there's nothing wrong with that and and the best thing for Jordan's programas for Kirby to have the next man up mentality I really think though Paul from what I'm understanding is d one Mathis Kid. Is. Making I. Yeah. I've read the same thing i. I frankly don't think it's a big deal. It's only a big deal if Georgia gets decimated in the quarterback. If you have a calamity of events occur injury coded, and then you needed somebody who is cammy there's no question Jamie Newman was capable but I'll never forget I, sat with mark correct at the superdome in. January and he's right there he's a he's the best quarterback in the SEC in Jamie. Newman was flying primarily on hype nobody real. I saw him play a little bit wake forest against good teams and he really wasn't very good. He's he's just an athletic quarterback in you know I think a system built around in the wake forest, but you know going back to the Dewan Mathis situation that kid. Flip, from Ohio, state when just two fields transferred up right came a brain tumor last year and he's been impressive from what I understand. So I think whatever happens Kirby's got enough town that quarterback room that it's going to be a successful year and I have no your wishes for Jamie name and I hope the best form I. think he just made a calculated business decision and that's my thing where you're right and I don't think anybody in America knows what it's like to lose. Five five-star quarterbacks more than curb smart. He's got stars all over the place. Now, we're once in his program Allen is in did you know Geico's now offering an extra fifteen percent on car and motorcycle policies? That's fifteen percent on top of what Geico could already save you. So what are you waiting for your teenager to help around the house? 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Newman up now and The Sky Fall in Georgia and I, agree with what you just said. He has taken a snap yet. He hasn't I mean he's just riding on. Pipe and media and I also think that J. T. dangles is giving them a run for his money. At, the decision I mean this kid was highly recruited even though he dropped down to the two thousand, eighteen fighters he was behind Trevor Lawrence injustice fields. Let's face it. That's good.

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