Ep.130 | Michael Knowles and Elisha Krauss Sound Off on the Term "Latinx"


In the blaze radio network. On demand. This is the news and why? Why? Why? Why it matters. Hey, I'm Sarah Gonzales. Welcome to the news and why it matters still in lovely, California at the daily wire h. q. and we loved Michael and Lisa so much. We wanted to have you guys back off one more. One more far did week in California. You just like having Michael back because he's like a mini. You. Likes. Finally, having more estrogen, s? I? It's amazing. It just brings a totally different vibe. Actually what it is, you know you're tasked a year at author, your bestselling author. So we authors Jake's right? That's right. That's true. Did it take you to write that? Well, it took me my whole life to research it. It took me my whole life, the writing sort of flowed out of me right well as to think clearly. That's why it's so hard people don't know what your book is. Number one international bestseller reasons to vote for Democrats a comprehensive guide. The it's substantial. It's about two hundred sixty five two hundred seventy pages full bibliography dedicated as through cities to become a work of all time and. And those guy. There were no words on the pages on the well. No, there was a cover you. So the pages there were no the bibliography and then that's right. Yeah. Which chapter did you have a question about. I think I got all I think was brilliant. All right, Glenn, what's your top story? Top story for me is the lies that we tell ourselves on the violence of America. All right, Michael, my top story is that white liberals in America have are now castrating the Spanish language. They've added a new word to marry him Webster lettings, no Latino Latina. The new word we have to have lettings I can. We stop. With the newer more derogatory, it's let take tunnel sees a nice little thing. I like to keep things fun on a Friday. I'm gonna talk about it. I wanna talk about cheeks and fun. I don't disturbing stop saying it. Battery, say. Over. Back spend memory LeBron James is coming to Hollywood. All right, not just the Lakers apparently he's going to be taking over Hollywood and I wish Stu was here for that one because as we all know, he loves LeBron James. Yeah, he does not before we get into that one. Thank our sponsor. I target pro. We were just talking about this yesterday explaining to them how it works, but Glenn has it. I'm still waiting. I target pro. I really need to use this because order right here at the bottom of the screen. You are pro right there, and right now you're gonna save ten percent, but you have to use the model code news. I target pro dot com. Okay. But seriously, I never have time to go out to the range. It gets expensive. I think I am. You know what? I have a funny story and then I'll funny starts hold on someone when I was I was going to get my concealed carry and I was getting tips. And someone said, you gotta do the test where you see if you're left or right eye dominant and somehow I did that test wrong. And for the longest time I was terrible. Like I was not even close to like, why am I so bad? And my dad was like, Sarah, I don't really know what else to tell you. I said, hold on a second. Let me just try something and I switched to the other. I and I was immediately great. I had that experience with my son-in-law. Yeah, and Nope. It doesn't matter which I. Anyway, I target pro. It's a, it's a little laser, a laser bullet, and you can't see the laser. So you have to use the sites, but you can use it in your own home, living room, dry firing is the most important thing because it is he'll change the way you shoot if you long pole. Yeah. Shelter practice Kennedy's way longer than you think it's going to. Practiced on different types of weapons that you own? Yes, yeah. Your specific? Yeah. Your specific weapons solo slick. You're from California. This numerous right? So both save ten percent with promo code news at I target pro dot com. Glenn top your top story. Oh yes. So my top story is Malaya's Ryan. The lies that we tell ourselves about crime and being safe here in America. Everybody, you know, I said to my wife the other day because I had read the coddling of the American mind, Jonathan height. It's fantastic and his his recommendations at the end or the best, but your kid on a bike and tell them to fried their bike to school as early as possible. And and I love that and it's it's just the common sense things. So I talked to my wife and I said, you know, these, some of the suggestions, you know. And I remember when it'd be in seven years old, I was like nineteen thirty four th eighteen. And and my mom just giving me, you know, money for gallon of milk and saying, go up the store and get a gallon of milk. And that was like two blocks away. I think I may have been six. I couldn't have been older than seven and and nobody thought twice of it now it's crazy. And so I'm talking to my wife and she said, I just, I don't, you know, like his twenty-five Honey. They can go get the milk. And she said, you know, kidnapping and all this stuff. And I said, it's not true and even showing all the statistics, you don't believe the statistics. Well, here the new statistics crime is now down again in the year of the gun crime is down eight percent, eight percent at the same time. Great Britain. Crime has gone up was a twenty two percent and knife crime up. Eleven percent now twenty to increase in knife crime and eleven percent rise in gun crime. They don't have guns. Apparently they saw the stupid stupid BBC show. I've tried to remember what it is. It's this police show, and I don't know. I kind of like I like watching police shows from different countries because then I could go that countries riddled with cry to do. Is to do with us in Britain, please don't commit that crime, please. So so they have this. They're trying to catch the serial killer. Okay. And he's like torturing young girls and killing them and they've got him in, they know they can see him walking back and forth, and they can hear the whimpering of girl. Okay in there and they come down the stairs, and he's behind this door. And one of them says, you know, Peter. And he's like, all right folks. And he goes in right before he kicks down the door, the other officer and him they both. Pull out their flashlight. Swear to God, they pulled out a flashlight and a blind. Then they're heavy. That's what they did, what they did, he came in. Yeah, he came with a machete, you know, and knife crime, the knife crime. Right? So he comes out with a machete and they both have their flex. Let's nude hippy hippy in America. The show ends quickly. Dead. They don't even have to open the door. You really don't need the court case. You don't eat anything. He's got a machete. There's a girl boob, no questions that things are going to change culturally even though the statistics are very plainly obvious. I'm definitely a person that I just like, show me the facts. Maybe that's why I'm your daily wear. I don't know why, but there's an element of I've been mommy shamed before for doing basic things like nursing. My youngest on a park bench and watching my five and nine year old play at the at the slide ten feet away like an or, you know, Hebei watched the kid. I'm running to the ladies room and then the husband. Let's go watch the airplanes at DFW airport, and old lady comes over and says, he's that your child, she's being, you know, she's unaccounted for and it's so I think that I can try to get your wife on board with the, you know, not being a helicopter parent because statistically also, I think it does so much, especially for young girls to be people to experience the independence. Of being able to do their own thing and the self confidence and the smarts to figure out their way with other people in certain situations, while you're observing while you're treating them and teaching them what they need to know. But it's culturally, especially dear Lord. Here in LA you have like a citizen. Behind every corner, like calling child control on you, though. Though they're only doing that it in in places until it gets insane. And then they stop. One of the reasons why I moved from Manhattan is we lived in Manhattan and I thought it was crazy. 'cause I'm right in the center of everything in the universe, and I've got, you know, I go in here and there in the houses right round the corner. And so you could do so much my life hated it. If she's like there's no place to play that was like, see that right. In the center of the central part. And she said, you take them to central park, and hence those aturday was coming and I'm like, I will this. We moved shortly after. Here's why we I went to central park. I had the kids. There were very young at the time, you know, five and seven, maybe and. I take him to central park and all these kids are playing and as I'm standing there, all the parents are standing around and I see under the monkey bars, these three girls, and they're probably six or seven, and I'm watching them and I'm watching my kids is they're playing real close. And these girls start calling the other other friends over and then they dropped their pants and they crap on p. crap under the monkey bars, and they're encouraging the other kids to crap under the monkey bars. And I, I'm standing there and I'm seeing this. And then I look like the parent, the parent as most Dinkins aero. You know, we're, which, which one are you and the parent next to me who was talking to the other parent of one of the kids, they just looked and they said, she's Susan old. You don't do that all the time. I said, kids come on, we're going back to the apartment and we're calling you hope going to Texas that that I'm not surprised having lived in New York. A lot of my life, it's get married to Blasi was returning everyone to doing that now. But when you look there, there's another interesting statistic here. The crime, violent crime is down since ninety three tremendously, and yet public opinion polls. Find people constantly think crime has increased year over year increase. Yeah, yeah. I thought I seven news cycle anyone is it is it also to do with all of the politicians that want to convince us we need them? That's right. But there there's a real irony I find when you look at those crimes, decreasing that we're constantly being told, we need to let criminals out of prison. We're constantly be it was like the FOX Butterfield. I haven't. Yeah. Do you remember the crime rate continues to decrease despite prisons filling. Maybe maybe those have something to do with one another. Maybe that isn't a contradiction. It's interesting for me Alicia you are probably a much more hands off mom than I am and I try really. It's a conscious decision that I have to make because I know these statistics. I mean, I work in this industry. We talk about it on the show and yet the thought of sending my son outside to play by himself, still terrifies me. But I think that it's more of a, what if I am that statistic only because we hear about the bat and we don't hear about the good. So while I know that it's still statistically speaking, it's it's much less likely to happen to me. I, that's all that I see in the news and that's all that I see when I look anywhere. And so I worry that I don't want to be. That's still does that make sense? Joy. You know, and I don't wanna get into here again, but on my broadcast on September tenth this year I talked about my son who was. In my home. Approached if you will, by a pedophile. Online and only by the grace of God did we catch it and and only because you know the security, we have the wear and my wife being very attentive and found out about it at two o'clock in the morning, and I will tell you, you know, I have literally a million dollars of security men in my house lip. The police call my house, the compound. I have servers upstairs with all kinds of stuff on him, and that can happen to me. Right, biggest dangerous, not in the street. The biggest dangerous online. That's right. All right. So Glenn, I know that you have to run to a meeting, so you're not joining us, but before you go, yes, you go. We wanted to highlight just going to give me a cake. Now I don't have a cake for you know, but we k- we kale salad for the event. We are in. To highlight some of your finer moments in California watch, they remain puppy, sits. Puck pits, and they do not have sexual orientation. I actually found a video of someone else of notoriety who was making the racist sign, let's watch. Oh, it's so bad here. Nobody can afford anything because of capitalism. You're going wear. There's one point I'm talking about, you know, leader hosing in singing, ADL vice, and I said, so you know, I dress up, you know, an leader hose in, and I think a. Which makes it kind of humorous, the producers, New York. Can you do that again and not seeing no medicine. California's medical. I'm going to get this back on the plane. I believe the person who was threatening you with that was Anthony Weiner. Right? And I was like, oh, yeah. Leash meet on the Weiner. There's a woman who's come out on Santa don't know. Yeah. When Santa was in high school, I don't know. Yeah. What did he raped her full. Right, right. Well, he was young. He was athletic, you know, he was, you know, oh, this is before he started to drink and get fat. I swear to you. I swear to you. Dolly was raped by that fat man. And I know because I'm Charlie in the Bogra. We are too stupid to run a country. We really, we should. We should just give up. We really should. We really should you know what America put tools down. I think we're done as a country just just walk away. I don't know if you're working, the band saw you probably shouldn't be working that just put the tools down. Turn off the machine. Let's go home. Linpac is coming line to talk about the right path forward and to make fun of the people standing in the way he might not be able to save the country, but at least we can all go down laughing, Glenn Beck live the addicted to outreach toured on tour this fall. Got a lot more to get into. But before we do that, want to thank our sponsor mercury real estate, Glenn actually founded mercury real estate with real estate agents. I trust dot com because he found that they were working with their realtor and they weren't really getting what they wanted. 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That's why they have the agent on their name, but so yeah, so they're fully vetted and their listeners at the show. So they share your values. You can go to real estate agents. I trust dot com. Find you hear realtor today. All right. Do we have to get into the we have to get into this. This is very important. We'll really serious culture now, and that's why we have. Added a word to the dictionary, merriam Webster added a word it used to be for Hispanic people you'd say you're a Latina. I, if I swore the enough, I could be Latino, no, no, more no more because that's sexist. Do the new word is lat tinker with an x? And this is funny for a few reasons. One, the Spanish language is gendered. It is a gender thing. I on it their whole thing, but the other one is it's all of these social Justice warriors pushing Latin lettings. And yet by inserting this Americanized anglicized word, this is cultural imperialism. We are reconquering these people yet. Again, it is a total. Talk say on, so you're not allowed to. That's right. No, you're sorry, you're primitive little language. No, no, no, sir. It's letting it also sounds so hideous someone called me Al tanks. He's getting. He's cruising for a bruising, your sister, letting, oh, don't train. That's like, if somebody said that, no, I'd be like, excuse you, but it is. It is this quest. I mean, it's it's such a stupid word, but it is this question this culture to completely obliterate gender differences. We've now been told sexual differences, nothing to do with marriage sexual differences. Nothing to do with jobs that you can do even combat even being a fireman changes, sexual differences, nothing to do with a you know whether or not you can have a child. That's right. Oh, yeah. Last I checked even if you have a member that you weren't born with the inside still count. That's right. But it's a bizarre thing in a culture where all we care about is sex. I mean everyone's just talking about sex all the time, transgender bathrooms, this, and that. So we're told on the one hand, six is the big difference that matters. You should mutilate yourself if you feel like a different sex. And then on the other hand, all the sexes or the same, we're equally pretty, aren't we? The three of us were all I'm a beautiful, beautiful young woman or not. Have seen you cross dress. It's true. Many times story really urban numerous times that my daughters have come to see us here at the daily wire headquarters because we have an open door policy to cross house children, and there have been costumes or dresses motive to on Elizabeth Warren on occasion here and make up Oklahoma's five year old bed. Oh, there's another kid here the other little girl, mommy because it will wanna costume was hanging man finds every excuse possible to dress up like a woman. I okay. But on, especially if it's a Disney Princess on a more serious note speaking of that exposing children to that and and whatnot. I think I told you this off air that at my child's elementary school that I just it tore me up inside that I was going to have to send him to public school just with my schedule, and I was like, it doesn't make sense to pay that much money to send him to private first grade. There are two children at his elementary. School who apparently are males dressing as females. This is trial to elementary school. It absolutely is child abuse, it's amazing. We got rid of custody. The singer is, you know, who'd be castrated and when they were little kids, we got rid of that one hundred years ago because it's it's wrong and immoral and abusive to kids. And now we're bringing it back. They are shooting kids with hormones to prevent puberty. They're encouraging these sorts of delusions. When I was four years old, I went around my birthday party as Batman. I had the Cape, I was fighting crime. People people indulge this for my birthday. They didn't indulge this at the elementary schools is this really does constitute child abuse really dangerous because where does it stop? And I think I think the thing that bothers me the most is you're literally shooting in potentially dangerous levels of hormones into prepubertal boys and girls. To me, it seems to go against everything that the Hippocratic oath Sammy and right because we don't know the long term repercussions of that, but we do know, unfortunately, we do know that that one into transgender high school students attempts. Yes, absolutely. That doesn't have to be long term. That's studies that we're seeing right now and that to me one into a heck one in one hundred is something that the scientific community in the medical community needs to take a pause. Yeah, step back and say, what really needs to be done here and what is the root cause of this issue? And I mean, aside from that, you know what the hormones can do to your body. Just putting them in your body at such a young age seen. We've even seen studies that have come out that are showing that there's higher suicidal rates higher. Like breast cancer risk with hormonal birth control that's typically taken by girls in the United States, depending on their situation from the ages of fifteen and up and just take it as a recreational drug. You do. So what would you say to your daughter? Let's say if she came home. Right, and your middle daughter is how old? Five. Okay. So she comes in and says, she goes to a Catholic school. So this is not a problem though. Right? Okay, school. We are not here in a better position than I. Michael to recruit her to the Catholicism. I'll all of us actually. But let's say that it happened at a playground, you know? And she starts asking questions because I find myself trying to figure out what of these as he's going to ask me what's going on. And I honestly don't know what the right answer is to tell him. I think the biggest thing is it has to like with faith, right? I'm gonna talk to her about Catholicism and how we can respect it as a religion in view. Those classes kind of world history of sorts. Yeah. Yeah, detailed questions about, well, why don't we believe in the pope? I can delve into that. And I think the big thing with a five year old is you have to talk to them at that level telling trying to five year old about somebody that's in the process of changing genders is going to be very different than speaking to a fifteen year old amount it. And I think the biggest thing that has helped me in some situations because at her previous preschool, there were a couple of little boys that would often come dressed in girl Disney, Princess attire, and their mother did have a Hillary sticker still on Humphries. And it was well, why did they dress like that? Boys aren't supposed to dress like that five year olds know innately know. That's a boy. That's a girl. This is how boys and girls dress, and I just say, well, some people don't believe in and live their life the way that mommy and daddy do absolutely good answer. All right. Back into minute. Up next enjoy bonus overtime content from the news in wide matters available exclusively for podcast. Listeners and blaze premium subscribers become a premium subscriber had the blaze dot com slash subscribe. Stupor gear, you're missing a LeBron James topic. But before we get into that one, I think our sponsor Minnesota. Minnesota has so many amazing. They've got the wild rice flour. They've got the polenta the wild rice polenta, which is awesome. And the great thing that I love about minute souljah is that I, they came in the studio awhile back and they made us all these delicious things. 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We'll go to the mercury one and Nazarene fund which they're really in need of donations right now. They've got a lot of missions that they're working on and they're getting low. So now is the time blaze wild rice dot com. Use promo code help ten to donate that ten percent to mercury one. All right. LeBron James, he's coming to LA my God. You're going to be a Laker and I. Like full caveat. The only reason we're talking about this is because I'm not a sports fan and because it involves entertainment. I didn't even know who the Lakers were until I moved to Los Angeles five years ago. It's funny. I'm like really like, that's it. Okay. So you do like some sports, not NBA sooner? No, no, I know now she's gonna kick me out in the studio. Let's so LeBron is coming to LA. There was this big hubbub of wears his kids go to school. What part of the city is he gonna live in? Well, now not only does he want to act more in films because he's had a couple, you know, bit parts in rom calms he's saying that he wants to like be acting and directing and producing. And yesterday we all found out and Twitter was aflutter because they're going to be remaking childhood faith of mine Space Jam. Oh, that's a childhood. A match made in heaven. Oh, it's a good time to because every other executive in Hollywood is now in prison. So now. LeBron again, good family man seems to be right. So you certainly know enough about sports to know that there's always the comparison between him and Michael Jordan, and I'm like, man, he just wants to dominate everything. He's got the fashion line. He's got the acting hasn't tried baseball. Them made that switch. But now he's legitimately trying to play Michael Jordan in a remake of the original. I'm skeptical of how it will go. They've apparently hired the director that directed Marvel's Black Panther, which I was offended the movie. So it's it's going to be interesting, especially because he's taking numerous kind of areas by storm, obviously dominated in sports. I think he's been. He'd be interested in politics in a way. I feel like he's kind of paving the way for himself and now the entertainment world will if Kobe Bryant can win an Academy Award, then I guess LeBron could do perfectly well in show bizz. Did you see Kobe won an Academy Award last year. I saw him perform his poem that he won the Academy Award for. I saw him do it live at the Hollywood bowl. A seventh grader writing. I mean, I'm not. I don't wanna be too mean to co, the poems that was like deer basketball. I really like you basketball, love Kobe, and you think like, all right. Well, I don't know LeBron is going to be an echo. Yeah, he's he's going to be Orson Welles compared to that, you know? Oh, my gosh. Well. We'll see. Okay. Did you like Space Jam. Oh yes. I love Space Jam, and you know, have you ever gone to the Space Jam website now, this Space Jam website is a hidden gem of the internet because they never updated it. So on the Warner Brothers, it's still the same website from the nineties little gifts and, oh, it's great, not change that LeBron does the remains right before we move on. I just have to say, I'm going to have that song stuck in my head literally all day. Now. Oh my God. All right. I wanted to get your take on this. An intersex person sued the Trump administration because passport's only allow male and female on the application. And this intersex person said, I don't. I'm neither male nor female, and I believe that it, you know, this is not fair for me and the judge ruled on it. Do either of you wanna guess on what the judge Moore can we have more clues like which state. if not in here, I have a guess. I have a guess are we now going to have fifty seven options on our passports is that we're seven hundred options appears. That's where we're headed. Now, you're we peers. That's where we're headed. The ninth circuit. I know it was not. I don't think, but so yes. So the judge actually ruled the in favor of this intersex person sham, you know and said that it was it was unfair because. Scientifically, you know this, this person is saying that they are not male or female, and they would actually be lying on their passport if they had to pick one. So as the person on this panel who is the man that most resembles Rachel Maddow, I feel that I have some expertise in thority to speak here. It is true, so we should be clear to there are people who are transgender. And that means they have a psychological disorder where they think that they're a different sex. And then there are people who are intersex or Mafrij attic where it's just a little unclear, it's unclear as a matter of chromosomes or genitalia or whatever. That appears to be this person. So fair enough that he isn't clearly male or female, but he isn't something other than male or female. Those are the ingredients. Yeah, right. I my heritage is Sicilian and English and Irish. That doesn't mean that there is a separate race of people that is the combination of Sicilian in English and Irish. I'm just kind of in the middle and it's a little ambiguous. I don't know what I put on my passport. What should I? You know, put on American. I guess that it is true that there are a handful of people with this condition and exceptions could be made for those handful of people just pick a lane. What does it matter? Why not just put on your passport? Okay. I'm a male or female and go on living your life to say it's it would be a lie if they were to pick one is I mean to me, that's a giant stretch, but that's where we are because it's about how you feel about who you are and what is your truth? Yeah. Cavanaugh Cavanaugh. Yes. So apparently there was a, there's a clerk who says that he knows how to pick those. Oh yes. This was female clerk. Yale Law student and writing anonymously in the Huffington Post said that she went in for an interview with the with cavenaugh and she was told that he picks girls who look like a certain type, or she noticed that. And then maybe she just wasn't that smart. I could've been, but in her encounter with cavenaugh which she left. This is the big bombshell is that he was perfectly appropriate and professional incorrigible. So why king the nerd cavenaugh still very unimpeachably cordial. Yeah. It's three of the week that was how his wife has actually been hanging out and cupcakes to reporters and protesters on their fronts. Isn't that sweet. You don't know what what's in that would not be most cupcakes. I, I saw that and I was like, she's a better woman than me because treating my husband like that. Oh, oh, man, it is hysterical these speaking of this year law student who maybe I know, I don't know. I was I was there around the time that this anonymous interesting date her. Well, I hope not. Otherwise, they're coming for me. Next the the line in here is that all of these other Yale Law students have signed a petition about wreck having they said if Brett Cavanaugh is put on the court, women will die. The obvious connection there. This really said yellow is supposed to be the best law school in the country and that kind of hysteria, you know these mainstream outlets even Huffington Post Washington Post New York Times. They're supposed to be serious places of journalism running anonymous insinuation nonsense. It's pathetic, meanwhile. So we're talking about Brett cavenaugh too. Squeaky est cleanest guy probably walking around this continent. Meanwhile, the economy has record highs. Meanwhile, joblessness hits record lows. Everything is going so incredibly well that the Democrats to derail this confirmation hearing have to literally invent a problem. They have to create a total fiction and then publish it to try to derail it and speaking on, I think we have a Trump tweets, I believe if we don't. But he said he said Thursday's claims report. He's he spoke about Thursday's claims report, but it showed that the number of people receiving benefits jobless claims. It hit a forty nine year low. That's but did you? I don't think he probably wasn't papers more unless you were paying attention to Trump's Twitter, which I will say a lot of PTO do pay attention or Michael knol show. A lot of people do pay attention to Trump's Twitter. However, you know, it's interesting to me that all of this, all of these these statistics that show that the economy is doing really well. I don't see that CNN. I don't see that people receiving the number of people receiving benefits after an initial week of aid fell fifty. Five thousand two one point six, four, five million for the week ended September tenth, the lowest level since August nineteen, seventy three. While I mean come on, that's not your leading headline. You're leading headline is, will the cavenaugh accuser has this friend who said this thing, but then she said, maybe not. And she wants to testify, but only if you meet really subjective conditions and please don't talk about the economy, please don't know. The midterms are coming up. It is really pathetic, but I gotta tell you something in all of this cavenaugh stuff. Typically, Donald Trump would just be on Twitter. This isn't fair. Trap shut us handling this. So sm- God thing I, it shows it shows that he's learned something apparently, but it also shows maybe they've got something up their sleeves and Wieland has been writing about this. He's a lot of Kavanagh insiders, rich Lowry of said, you know, just wait until next week. What else are the Democrats going to do? They've got the squeaky as totally qualified guy. They had no political issue to run on meta single one, so they've got to create something out of this. But I think they've probably overplayed their hand, I guess we'll see next week. All right. Get your popcorn renting. Thank you guys so much for having a second right. Spend amazing. I'm kinda sad to leave, but also not. No, I heard back for a visit in Texas. They let you have the guns and not pay any taxes, so I'll just follow you down there. We'll see you next week. Okay, great. Sean, moving to the blaze. See you guys Monday. 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