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Expectations are sky high for the as this year especially with the Houston Cheating. Scandal potentially opening path for the as to win the division. I am Susan's lesser. You can follow along with all the as developments throughout the season on as plus hello and welcome to the giant splash on Henry showman beat reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. It's fair to say that no sports media personality in the bay area is more popular than Marty Lurie. He hosts the talking baseball. Show each Saturday and Sunday on the club's flagship radio station K. N. B. R. This is the first of a two part podcast with Marty. Who at seventy four is going to be cutting back his workload this spring? We'll talk about why and his thoughts on gave Kappler and the twenty twenty giants before we get tomorrow. We would like to give you an opportunity to have a say in what we cover. We want to know what you WanNa hear and how you feel we can make our podcast better. Please take a brief survey at SAF CHRONICLE DOT COM slash podcast survey. If you complete it you'll be entered in a drawing for one of five one hundred dollar gift cards it short and we'd really like to get your feedback. That's SF CHRONICLE DOT com slash. Podcast survey on mark. Laurie Marty how you doing Henry. I'm doing great. That's spring training. The Sun is out. We got baseball. What what could be better how? `Bout Conversation between Henry Shulman and Marty. Laurie I you know in the introduction. I said you're probably the most popular media personality in the Bay area and we have a lot of media personalities You feel that way well. It's very heartwarming. Honestly and I feel we have a community of fans and my shows have brought that community together and baseball's a talking sport on the weekend. I've got a Lotta time and people like to talk about the game so I feel very good about what I've accomplished. Okay there's going to be a big change this year and some fans are not gonna like it but You Know Martin sort of a marathon man on the weekends before the Games after the Games sometimes six eight hours. You're cutting back a little bit this year aren't you yeah absolutely and I thought about it last August September at the end of the year. And I don't WanNa say WANNA spend more time with my family. That's what everybody says. But I'd actually like to spend more time watching the game and walking around the park and sitting in the bleachers and sitting up in the sweets and talking to people and I decided I said you know I don't think I WANNA do the Post Games Next year so I talked to Jerry. Micro kmby artist said I'd like to really cut back and do all the pre games which I love doing. I'm still on for four hours sat in four hours on Sunday but on the post games I want to sort of enjoy myself a little more and the other part of it is Henry. These Saturdays and Sundays turned out to be like sixteen hour days for me. I mean I'd be up at six. Am preparing for. The show's be at the Ballpark by eight o'clock. The game a montel. Twelve forty five. The game is at one eight lunch in fifteen minutes and have to watch every single pitch. Then listen to the post game and then do my post game for three hours. I'm home at eight o'clock at night and then back the next morning and also so many Saturday night games. I was there at eleven thirty at night and back at eight. Am The next morning. And I said you know it's a lot to do and I'd rather enjoy myself watching the game. So that's what I'm GonNa do pre-games Mardi do you mind. If I ask you how old you are now please do seventy four and as I always tell our span there. I'm the most veteran guy around. I like it when arts there because then I'm not the oldest but I'm proud of it because I think about it and even coming down here to spring training thought about it the other day and I looked at everybody who covers baseball and everyone in the park and all that connected with the team. I think I've seen more baseball games and heard more baseball games than anybody in the ballpark. And I don't mean to brag about it but that's just the longevity of loving baseball since I was five years old and you know you alluded to something. I'm not as old as you are but it does wear you down to do this day in and day out and also I'll go to maybe one or two giants games a year where I buy a ticket just like everybody else contrary to what people believe. We don't get free tickets to the giants and I'll just go when people ask me. Don't use in the the last place you want to go when you phone chirping. We didn't do the we didn't do the old. Let's turn off the phone here. Bang so you know people ask me. I don't you WanNa stay away from the ballpark and watching the game. When you don't have to think about doing something journalistically or think about a radio show is one hundred eighty degrees different isn't it? There's no question I like sitting in the stands. I like talking to the fans I like talking to the ushers like walking around. I like watching a game in left field. I like going up to the sweets. I like doing that. I like interacting. I like people and I think part of the show that I do is I like callers. Lot of hosts on the radio. Callers annoying him. I don't they I like them. I'm honored that someone would take the time to talk to me. And that's the way I feel when I walk around the Ballpark so this gives me the chance to do it. And I'm happy to be able to do it. I'm very enthusiastic about it. I've got plenty of time on the air. You know these three four pre games are plenty of time. I'm looking forward to having you on and I always said you should have your own show. You really good on the radio. So I'm looking forward to the next season. I really am am very enthusiastic. And the other thing Henry. You know this this game keeps you young. I mean I just interviewed Chris Shaw this morning and critical. How does he twenty five twenty six years old? Whatever I can be as grandfather but in that interview we were one on one. I was the same age as him. And that's what baseball does for me. You live down here in Arizona. I think a lot of the listeners know that so that gives you a unique opportunity to be able to be here in spring training I WanNa talk about the Games in just a minute. But what do you like we? We write stories every day and We do these podcasts. And we tweet and all that so we get something out of this ten days or so before the Games actually start what you get out of these ten days. Well you you're bonding back with baseball. you're getting the feel of of coming to the park early. You're listening to the sounds of baseball. You're seeing the hands the feed the batting practice. And all that. You're bonding back with baseball. The other thing that I feel that I do is. I bring the story back to people who are when I grew up in Florida people in Eastwood being snow and stuff like that well in San Francisco maybe rain and all that kind of stuff we get the phone out of here But I I really feel we bring the story to the fans up in the bay area. And that's what I like about. It and I can do that from spring training for people who are in weather and they're not connected to baseball. That's what I'd like to do okay. Well we'll have much more with Marty Lurie after. I teach him to turn off his cell phone. And we'll get to that right after this. If you've been listening to San Francisco City insider you heard from chaser bodine months before his surprise election as the city's. Da You heard from the most love librarian in the country and you heard from the man who wants to remake Muny. I'm chronicle columnist. Heather Knight get to know the people who make San Francisco tick and see if you approve of their burrito choices on San Francisco City insider all right now that I have taken your phone thrown it into thrown it into the canal. We've had radio come on this all the time. Exactly one of the things that we have a little inside joke here. We talked to Gabe Kappler at the end of every practice. And he's got his head fully into you know the drills he's really kinda micro into these drills and bligh. Vp's and all that and you're really into the Games and your questions of Gabe. It's kind of like a funny back and forth where you're asking about the games that he's going Marty. I've got a lot to think about before the Games you really liked. The game's absolutely look Cape Kappler. Walks around here like he is. Casey stangl like he's managed for thirty years and he's a hall of fame manager. You know he said two years in Philadelphia didn't go that well. I WanNa talk about baseball about his approach to baseball as approach to the game. This is a team that went thirty games without scoring a run in the first inning. Yeah I'd like to know what he thinks about that. How he's going to work on that down here. I realize he's into the swing path and exit velocity and all the analytics of baseball. But there's a game to watch. We I asked him about the closer you know. I think you have to have a closer with the new rules. I don't think you can bring in a guy who hasn't closed before and a three to game the first to get on and you'd like to get him out of there and you can't because he's got to face three batters. I want to know what he thinks about the game and how the game is played. And that's what like to ask them about and I guess I'm the only one that does it. I'd like to know who's GonNa Pitch on Saturday? Why not I wonder. Who'S GONNA pay to? He knows let us now. It's been like a state secret. Really let us know so. I have sort of fun with him. I think and and the interaction with him is interesting because when I say to him you know what are you going to do to score runs? And then he looks at me and says well what would you do and then I have to answer them in what I would do and then we go back and forth but for me at least I'm getting I'm talking about baseball and not a swing path and I think that's important. Yeah the other day we were talking about small ball kind of and you know this is an era where you you don't play for a run. And he I mean this is not far on Zaidi's not kind of guy who plays for a run gave Kappler has grown grown up as a coach or a manager in at a time. When you don't play for a run but you think the giants have to play for run now and again right. Oh absolutely look in the first inning. In it I any Hammy one run games. Anything with thirty four and eighteen. Something like that last year. And the Games that Oracle they were under five hundred at home now these games at Oracle Park nine eight twelve eleven there. Four two three three two two seems like every game. We play at Oracle the sixth inning. It's three two two one way or another and I think you have to be prepared for that absolutely. I think he's got a change managing style. This isn't citizens bank park. I WanNa see how he runs the game. That's what I want to see the game start. I'll tell you another thing. He talks all about repetitive things. And you know all the drills so the muscle memory and we've got guys catch pitchers catching pop ups and almost getting killed doing it. Well if you're going to have the kind of offense at scores a run in the first inning. Let's see you do it down here. Let let's see a guy run in the first inning. Lets you get a leadoff guy? Let's see do a hit and run. Let's see you get a guy in scoring position in the first thing to get a run. I WANNA see that and if I don't see it I'm going to ask him. Why not? What one of the things that we've been talking about amongst ourselves and thinking about is that They hired a bench coach. Who really has no nothing close to bench coach experience and you know capital has set while? I got run loads here You know nobody knows that. Better Than Ronnie's former bench coach. Of course voters is going to be on the field half the time and so when the giants are hitting he's not gonNA have ron wood is by his side to give him strategic advice. I mean if you thought about that yes I look. I thought if he's kicked out of the game who's going to manage kyw he's been in the Arizona Summer League basically So yeah I thought about that but see Henry everything that that. Kaplan does his scripted. There's very much of of the planning. And they know with this pitcher on the mound. We've got these hitter's up. We know what they're swing path. Is We know what the chances of them doing something so I don't think he's going to be. He's not flying the plane without without control so to speak. I mean he knows what he's GonNa do and I don't think he's GonNa get crazy Doing things I the the fear I have with him is that everything is so scripted. That he's not gonna be able to feel the game and see the game in front of him and he's GonNa make moves based on analytics and numbers and swing paths and stuff like that. So let's see let's see plays out. As I said he's managed to years you know he's not. He's not in the hall of fame. He did not have a tremendous amount of success in Philly. But here they've given him the Kings the keys to the kingdom and Farhan to they walk around. There's no repercussions anywhere. He's got a fifteen man. Coaching staff of people who are beholden to him so this is a whole new deal for him to see how he handles this but I wanna see how he handles a major league game and look the big criticism of him was handling his bullpen in Philadelphia. And that's the key to Oracle Park in Bocce. We have three rings because of that coachie understood that how to handle the bullpen. So that's the other thing. I want to see how he handles a bullpen. Well not in terms of particular portions of the team any individual players that you're kind of curious to look at this spring. Well Bart I think is is one for sure because I think the future this team he is the the the heart of what's going happen here in a couple of years The other one is Jalen Davis He has more power than anybody. And all he's gotTa do is figure out how to put the Bat on the ball and I've watched his batting practice and he clearly has that lifts going he's got a sensor on his bat to get his paths down if he made contact but he hit it on the ground if he can make contact and lifted he's got power to take it out so I like watching him. And then there's Sean slater and then there's Rodriguez and Suarez and people who are kind of in the middle and it's not that they're bad but they're not good yet. So I'm looking to see sean slater. What kind of springs they have. Because knowing how Farhan operates there are twenty nine other teams and Sean slater may give him a chance to to do something if he asked okay One last thing on on the team itself. I mean. They didn't resign or they didn't bring back. Kevin Pillar Eighty something in twenty. Something home runs gone from a team. That was one of the bottom scoring teams in the majors anyway. Does that make you a little pessimistic about their ability to score this year or even win games? The way they did last year at the beginning of the year I think so I think and the reason pillars not here of course their return on investment and all the crazy numbers. You know that that go into the computer said don't get him but the point is Douger is here billy. Hamilton is here Ms Strbske is here. Jalen Davis is here. And a few put polar and Centerfield Shaw Slater. It's GonNa take bats away from guys who are in what I say this Middle Zone. Either they're going to stink or they're going to be good and the only way we're going to find out if they get batch. Palomar would've taken that away. Look Las Vegas says they're going to win. Sixty eight games. They're not GonNa Win Ninety Five Games ninety seven games. They know that this is a year of development and cleaning out some of the system until his nextwave gets here. Well Marty I want to thank you for joining me on this podcast. We have so much to talk about. We're going to do another podcast. It's going to be more about the astros scandal and the state of the game so I look forward to talking to you about that. Absolutely look at talking sports. This is what we do. Well some very happy to be on with you. The giants splash is a production of the San Francisco. Chronicle support the splash and all of the chronicles great journalism by signing up for a chronicle membership at SF chronicle dot com slash pod.

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