The Morning Briefing: Wednesday, July 1


Allies Wind Danny? Boyle, with the briefing from the Telegraph. It's Wednesday July. The first and there were fears raised protests led to more Corona Virus Casey's. FOULLAND's took to the streets, but did they spread more than just their message. Public Health chief fears black lives matter. Protests led to a rise in cases his city. We can reveal officials in Birmingham of called for a national inquiry. They saw an increase in cases ten days after thousands gathered in the city, the government had urged people to stay away from mass protests bill. Gardner has our full exclusive story. Meantime Public Health England's future has been thrown into doubt. After the prime minister suggested parts of the government's response to Corona, virus had been sluggish. Whitehall sources indicated. They believe Boris. Johnson was referring to the agency. is also under pressure over Leicester which is now back in lockdown. Follow the latest in our live blog. Now some good news. International Research suggests up to a third of healthy people without covid. Nineteen symptoms may have developed immunity. It means public immunity could be as much as twice what we thought from antibody tests so close. Does that mean we all to herd immunity in places like London! Health editor Laura Donnelly explains what we know. and. We've been guessing more details about what the return to school looked like. Ministers have drawn up plans to encourage children not to rely on buses, trains and trams when the new Tom begins in September instead, people's will be told to walk or cycle. How Education Editor Camilla? Turner has more on what to expect from guidance out this week. I can also recommend some other articles to including an exclusive tour of the National Gallery, as it prepares to reopen and pull Hollywood's Metropol after man united beat Bryson three-nil. I'll send you those links now. If you're listening on WHATSAPP, you'll find them in the show notes. If you're listening on spotify or wherever get your podcasts. That's it you're up to date Chris will have. You'll second briefing of the day this evening.

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