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The episode one fifty seven of the feed. The official lives in podcast. The podcast that takes it beyond how to podcast into keeping you podcasting with podcasting tips and information for the every day. Podcast her and taking you inside. Lipson the largest podcast host and distribution network since two thousand and four. Hello I'm Elsie Escobar Co host and producer of this podcast and community manager at Lipson. If you want to connect with me personally you can follow me on twitter and Instagram at the Elsie Escobar. Please do not friend me on facebook or tag me over there. I'm doing my very best to not be on. That platform personally leased if you want to follow. Lipson find us on twitter. Instagram linked in and facebook at Lipson. Okay in this episode. We send congrats and discuss apple's top podcasts of twenty nineteen why podcasts are headed for disaster prefixes on Lipson the coalition to expand our s s mean and median stats. Oh and so much. 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It is first come first serve so the sooner you get information to me. The sooner I'll get you in the queue and now lead jump into our main conversation with Rob Walsh VP podcastone relations at Lipson. Who also happens to be co host right after our first. Promo of this episode nightwork pod. Welcome to the hidden world of researching the night and this brand new series. I will be taking you on a different route while. I'm both the research and the researcher. I'm Julius Caesar mcquarry TUNNEL UNDER BIOLOGIST. Night Work Pod or NWPP is a podcast about the invisible lives of nightshift workers under the city. That never sleeps. Hello Rob Good. Generic time in the DC. My Gosh. We're in December. Can you believe we're almost two twenty? Twenty that's crazy. My Gosh Twenty twenty and wearing the time line of blade runner. Wow that's insane. Yeah so now. You've got me thinking about that. But Alas we're going to start the show today by talking about something that that didn't happen anymore. Radio public pay paid listens. Didn't work very well. I can't remember when they released this. You want to read it. Yeah this is from the. I think they're blog their blog at radio public. It says quote last year we introduced paid listens to help jump start a new marketplace for in-app promotion. The idea was to make it super easy for an any podcast to get paid for listens on radio and help grow listenership in the APP. The eventual plan was to sustain paid listens by selling in APP pre roll spots to podcasters and advertisers and also give listeners the ability to pay podcasters directly to skip them as with many things in the rapidly evolving podcast world. Paid listens has been an experiment. We wanted to test incentivizing and rewarding loyalty giving podcasters more reasons to promote radio public in listeners. More ways to support the PODCASTS. They love in quote. I have one word shocker. Okay course I lied. I have more than one word. When does any podcast or have one word? Let's say have lots of one words. Shocker really G OKAY. Not a word did not see that coming. There's bunch of words together and finally nailed as in as in. This is what we predicted on this. Show back when it was first announced. It's hard it's one of those things. It was spaghetti thrown against the wall. And it didn't stick right and also one thing that I have to say about radio. Public is that they do test out. A lot of things put stuff out a lot. They iterative on their stuff. And I'm glad for them to lay going like this isn't possibly working. The idea of it was interesting and I think most podcasters would find it interesting. It might have worked if it was a like. If if it was one of those things that everybody had a podcast could do this everywhere? You know like it was just what people did. Using whatever APP you wanted in any way you wanted like it was just a thing versus having it have to go into a specific APP. Because I think that that's when people start to fail it's like if you create a way to make money that's based on an owned platform like that one specific place. The only people that had really make something like that happen. I think would be apple. Won't spotify aspect. Yeah those are the only two that have the mass. And and it's really you're right. It's really apple Spotify has it for certain shows but not for all shows you know. Some shows just do horrendous on spotify but some shoes do better on spotify but the point is is really only a couple players that can even remotely try to pull this off and their names are apple on spotify. Maybe in the future Google play music or Google podcast. Sorry not Google play. Music can't believe I said those words. Oh my God I think what happens? Is that when it becomes a very specific call to action for that one specific thing it is a much more challenging consistency wise. Because that's what tends to happen with podcasters. We cannot say there. Is You have to as a podcast understand that you need to have zero expectations of your audience taking action with you if you say something one time in one show once in a while and off the cuff like you have to be very very deliberate about whatever your call to action is subscribe. Maybe it is subscribing spotify. If that's your thing you have continually tell people to do that to go to spotify and do it or sign up for my email like you have to keep doing it all the time and this is one of those things. That isn't necessarily top of mind where I wouldn't go and then go to radio public and you know it's just it just feels like it's kind of off a little harder for me to be asking my audience do that. So many things you want your audience to do and that's typically where to go and consumer is not one of them. Okay so we have some audio feedback on our last show and this audio feedback come some Kevin. Hey Robin L. C. And all my fellow podcasters. This is Kevin batchelder. I wanted to share some thoughts on night in the came out in your latest podcast. I believe episode number one fifty six. You voice message from Neil with a few questions about promoting his podcast including creating teasers for episodes and the alike many of us is you know just the one person doing everything so oftentimes when it comes to our podcast we really have to look at. What do we get the biggest return on from time point of view in terms of the things that will help the show and this is something that I know I talked about on on a previous episode of the feed and just wanted to remind Neil if you didn't hear that or give some thoughts on perspective is that I've had great success using the You know export a clip from overcast As a great way to promote some contents specifically on our wine owner podcast the tales of the Black Badge podcast with lots of interviews with cast members. They're sharing that. On social media. Sharing a clip at latrobe overcast which easily pull out. I believe it's up to about nine. Ninety second clipper less and I use that and have great success with it on twitter and facebook instagram It looks Nice. It's got your artwork right on their The clip right from the episode is a great way to be able to promote things so rather than trying to do. An additional step of teaser. Before you released an episode. Why not? Just wait until it's already out and then you can easily pull that clip out and that way when you promote if someone's interested your episodes already available for them it's not like they have to wait to go get it or or that you know they can instantly enjoy and get them in and if you do like. I often do now before I release an episode. You know that final. Listen before you completely close it off to release it. I just listened to that idea of trying to notice a section that I think is a good one to us as a promotional bit. And then that way there's no extra real works. Girardi doing your final pass before release and then using overcast. Pull it out takes. Maybe now for me. Three minutes maybe five. To just go to that point polit- create the actual file and then be able to share it via social media or even email. It whatever you WANNA do Works really well. Not a lot of extra work. Nor'easter cost and a great way certainly case to to re promote stuff that we've had out there are even brand new stuff when you. WanNa give folks that actual flavor or taste of something Especially from T- point of view. You know I try to make sure that the clip by uses both something they find entertaining also is only part of the point. They're getting across folks. Want to go listen to the rest kind of idea so just wanted to share. That works for me. Might in your case Neil of her others as always Rob Nelson. Greatly appreciate the PODCAST. Appreciate the time that goes into it and all so I help take care. Thanks Kevin and great tip about making note of where in the episode to pull a clip from while you lie producing that episodes I'm you have physical show. Notes physical show notes For your show you can write them down roughly of where to get that clip. While you're doing the editing then once live you can just quickly and easily create that clip and overcast or any other clip tool out there for that matter but Yeah I mean if you do a little bit of prep work while you're editing. It'll save you a lot of time later on just right down on the show that was. That was a good part. I like that part of the episode. Just right time code down and then you come back to it and that clip. You don't have to try to remember exactly where it was later on. Especially if you haven't you haven't episode Gusenbauer an hour and a half target. Remember exactly where things were like in do that for sure when I do she podcast. It's a great idea for that because I get the finished. I get the finish file in so I can do that. Unfortunately for the feet. It's a little harder for me. Because I do the editing for our conversation I and so when? I'm doing that conversation. That time code is different because then I have to put it into the rest of the episode at all of the bits and the layers of the promos. At the beginning or the intro and the transitions and stuff so the time changes. So it's a little harder for me to do it that way. But Alas to- what I do is copy and paste like I'll copy the bloop. I published one of our bloopers not the infamous Blooberg. That might release Rehab. Some doozy's here and there. Yes I'm GONNA look what I tend to do and I often have often have the idea to do this more but I just run out of time so what I. Obviously I cut these things out. And so what I've been doing is I will copy or cut it out and then paste into a new file and so I have all these bloopers in my computer separately super easy for me to just grab him. But I just haven't been able to go to be careful what I say from now on. I don't have all the bloopers. I raised a lot of them. Just the funniest ones. I think that they're they're really funny but I actually. I don't know if you guys had seen it but we did get an email. Did you happen to add it to the sureness? I don't know like somebody was asking how I made the little video of the blooper that I posted of some stuff when my daughter came into the room for episode one fifty six and for that specific blooper. I used headliner. But the key for you guys to understand. There's a lot of these services that exist but in order for something like that to really work as a marketing tool and to have it be really like call attention to it is that it needs to have really beautiful or very eye catching artwork to it and so the artwork that created was from in Canada. So we here at Lipson have an account with Cambodia and a Cambe pro account which we collectively use primarily. Sarah and I where we work on visual components of the whole brand and then we create things in there and I can edit them and then so everything kind of stays the same and then when I export that out then I just import it into whatever whatever service I used I used headliner for this one There's also get wave which is another really good one as well that doesn't and they have separate ways that you can use those and if you don't want to do any of those things you can actually use all phonic and it does exactly the same thing except when you export from and this is a phonic not desktop a phonic on the website you can use a phonic exactly like I did this. You don't need another one and you export it out as I think they have it in there as a video and you. Can you do exactly the same thing? So it's really cool and you found an APP recently will put aside the picture of the girl trying to imitate Gene Simmons. It's an APP. Where it will transcribe but the funny thing was the. App says speak clearly and then it was a picture of this girl sticking her tongue out like gene simmons. And I'm like thinking. How do you speak clearly with your tongue out of your mouth like that so I didn't get that part of it but you tested the APP out and it seemed to work well but you did speak very slowly and methodically? Yes I did. What happens if you speak like you're from New York and your Brooklyn Accent? You can talk really fast and what happens if you that New York accent going up to the point. I don't know APP. Is called Clipper Matic Clip. On at this moment I believe it's only IOS. It is for ninety nine so it's not a free APP but I haven't tested it thoroughly. I just did that little recording that I shared with you guys which was like less than twenty nine. I say you guys in slack channels when I I haven't shared anything else where that I found this out and I think that this is a really great tip. Guys really great tip. This is I found it in the instagram's stories for the podcast called pantsuit politics in it is co-hosted show with two women in it. I do believe that they host with us is a very like they're doing really well as a podcast or they have patriot. Going on like you guys in terms of like figuring out how to monetize what you're doing there. They'll these ladies have amazing strategies so I've been trying to my instagram story game that I've been doing much of it. I'm doing a lot of research. And then I found what they do and it's really interesting. So one of the women gets in the in the morning. She'll get on instagram stories. And she will deliver the sort of headlines. The new hadn't polit political headlines of the day and then so she'll deliver them and the cameras on her face and she will just talk them and then you see them instantly transcribed right at the bottom and I was like. Oh my God. That's amazing so you don't have to listen to her. You can just read the stories if you don't want to turn the sound on and it looked really clean the way that they have set it up. It doesn't seem weird. It seems like she's speaking possibly slightly slower than usual. But not to the point where you feel like it's something weird. It just feels like she's speaking. I thought I thought she was just speaking slower. Because she wanted to make sure people understood the headlines. Because it's hard to speak about some concepts that are happening anywhere you know especially when it comes to news and not do it in a way. That seems like you're talking really fast so I thought it was a great tool. It's fantastic for getting instant transcriptions of what you're saying as you're saying it so this is not. This is not transcribe your words after you create the video. It actually does it while you're creating the video so it's Kinda neat. It looked pretty cool. Yeah and again that was cripple matic and it's four ninety nine in the Iowa's APP store right and so now we have. Some congrats can send congratulations. Say this goes to Dave Ramsey and Joe Rogan And and you found this article so you want to talk about what. They're getting congratulated for. Yeah it seems like Apple revealed twenty nine thousand nine hundred most popular podcasts. And the editor's choice. This isn't editor's choice as isn't it? Hey we think this is the best podcast. This is people downloaded it and they voted with the downloads and the top. Five winners are and here. Are the five most popular shows? Mike. How I don't know where they are so should we named them all well. We just need to keep one's Dave Ramsey Joe Rogan Not Surprising that they were in there. And you pointed out that we got forty percent of the top five shows were here on. Lipson so yeah but I also saw that you also comment that one hundred percent of them had two things in common legal. If you WANNA go for what those things they all had in common were yeah. They're just five five white dudes that they're about the same so I was like okay so hopefully next year that that will be a little more diverse but it is about downloads so not about. It's not like apple said. Oh well. Here's a five shows that we think are the best apple said here's a five that had the most downloads in consumption. And they've got the data and on their service. It was those five folks and and the Nice thing about that list versus a lot of the other lachey coming out a Lotta the other lists are so the five best pol political podcasts. And Okay if it's done from the folks in New York City it's going to be all very left leaning if it's done from the national review or the you know someone on the right to know. Be Right leaning. It's all very subjective. Right and least at least it's not subjective. That's one thing that I was like okay and that actually reflects what you would imagine At least from what I've seen out there at conversations in the podcasting space and things that are going on it is reflective of our society. I think in some way and yes. Obviously yes these are all white men but the other thing that I was looking at where the categories so I thought okay so there is deep communication if you will you know Joe Rogan with like sprinkled with some comedy stuff and then we had you know politics. That was something that was part of this. The other thing was news just news information. The other thing was finances making money and I forgot what was but I was just looking at. It was about learning learning. How stuff works so learning stuff so everything was like. I was just looking at those categories. Going okay so this is a sort of like either broad categories were were the majority of people are going to continue to learn like I would venture to say maybe. Let's let's pretend that our political system becomes very uneventful and then things are just. Let's pretend everything's just not catching fire all the time. Then maybe some of these things would change. But I venture to say like how stuff works Dave Ramsey and Joe Rogan. I would assume that those would kind of stay as a steady thing in maybe maybe the other to my fall down the waysides thinking that maybe people aren't as interested in getting their Daily News. Maybe they are not as interested in politics. Who knows so on? Twenty twenty twenty is going to be very interesting year on the politics for sure. Oh yeah it seems like if you're political podcast her and you're not planning in some way to monetize your now this. I don't know this this seems to me like this is real thing for those of you who are political podcasters so anyway all right so moving on to some of the. So what's going on here with Mac and Catalina and I mentioned previously that my my battery Mac book as well as in swelling. Not Not not well so it's swell twelve and and I had I had I do. Yeah so which is a bad thing So before it catches fire blows up on me. I had to buy a new MAC book because sending it back is going to be without it for a couple of weeks and I can't do that so it'll be passed onto my son and I have the new MAC book But the problem with new MAC book is going to be Catalina. So this weekend I will be switching transferring everything from old macbook to my new Mac book and that means going to catalina which means no more level leader so I would you know I've been looking around what's the best level later. Replacement and phonics seems to hit the top of the list off on a desktop. But I've seen people mentioned waves. Vocal rider seen people recommend setting up an old MAC or PC and use that machine later. I've seen mentions of Hornet plug ins for garage man and then I'll open it up here. Anyone else have any other suggestions that is upgraded to Catalina on what you're doing replacement for level let us know humane email. Robert LIPSON DOT COM R. O. B. At LIPSON DOT com. I just curious to hear what you what you're using what you're doing because I've got A week to get out. Because I'M GONNA do my next episode and I got another one. I gotTa do a week later in in that period of time. I've got a really come up so I'll probably go with phonic to start with an NC works in it. And I don't. I'm not saying anything bad. I'm just curious what's available since I'm going to make a change on a check everything out I. I am a huge fan of authentic desktop for sure. I like the red one. That's the one that I use not the black one so not the multi-track just the other one and I have a workflow that works with And it works perfectly But I don't do like a last level so I will level all the pieces and then put everything together afterwards and then. Everything's fine in terms of levels so I don't do like. I don't export our latest episode of the feet. And then put it all in there. I don't do that. I do all the separate pieces but I also find that. The ease of use of the desktop APP is so much better. You know what I mean like that. I tried to do the the website stuff and obviously given my bandwidth. It's it would take to. I don't want I don't want an online solution. I want a desktop solution. Is sometimes editing on plane or wherever I am so. I definitely want a desktop solution. But it's for me. It's been and it's fast too so that's one thing that I've used. I did try another. I did try something different that you sent my way. Sorry guys that I can't really mention your name at this moment but I did open an account I did test it out and I actually tested out with a file. I was running my mentorship experience and then I had. I had like a group coaching call. And so I was on zoom so I was on Mike and then the women that I was helping obviously were at home and they had varied like some people were on the phone. Some people one Mike. Some people were not on Mike and so what I did is grab that large file and I threw it at it and it did okay but not to the point where it was so much better than what I have with a phonic and so when I do coaching calls like that. I'll throw it in phonic and it does a lovely job of leveling everybody's voices so that everybody can be heard consistently without me having to do too much on the next episode. I'll let you know what what I settled on. People recommend it so we had a an email saying thanking us for hosting them since two thousand and five happy Thanksgiving yea. Thank you so much Tony. And he's from Scifi. Talk Tony thanks. Goes all to you for austen with us? So we're proud to have had your show with us all these years. Amazing Tony such a great guy easy and then we have an article from the Guardian. Why podcasts are headed for dessert disaster? Gone Ye yeah and yeah so basically. They're asking our podcast. A disaster waiting to happen and too long did not read answer. No and this article was talking about the issue where the DOLLOP in crime junkies plagiarized content. They also talked about that. Podcast that kind of stocked. An invaded Richard Simmons. Privacy called missing Richard. Simmons look sure maybe there were a few bad apples. There are bad apples in every media format but that does not mean. There's a systemic issue with any of those forms of media. Well outside of Youtube comments. I mean those things. Yeah back a barn. Put them down. Should they be but podcast and no no podcasting fine and ninety nine greater than ninety nine point nine percent of podcast? Doing things the right way to me. It was just another article from traditional media showing a little fear of the indies podcasting. You know it takes time to create some of those shows that they were talking about it. Yeah there might be some bad practices out there. Yeah some people. I mean in the same way that people are trying to love. Wasn't there another article of people trying to leverage. Knew what was it like click. Click click farms and buying traffic on my guy you know. And it's like yeah. All of these things actually do exist. Yes there are people who are establishing businesses based on these other metrics. That have no meaning there. Are you know. But there's also equally people who are investing in content and putting amazing things out there and giving access to voices that were otherwise not being heard There's all of these other opportunities out there and zeroing in on stuff like that. Yeah I think we should discuss it in the same way that we would discuss. Maybe a podcast. That was using music that they didn't have the rights to like. We need to talk about those things or in the same way that we would talk with our children to understand that you can't just copy that article from the Book and put it in your say like that's not okay so not not okay so you just. I mean but that's that's education that we need to put out there. I don't think it's like a systemic issue that all of us are doing anyway. I just when I see those articles that just urge me especially when they come from a big source guardian. Yeah because it does. It cast a light. That isn't the posted. I don't know it seems like there are better things that we can be talking about. So there's a new update to Lipson coming next week and it will be where podcasters will be able to add an a prefix for their show on their own. Like the one from blue barrier pod track but only from those services we have vetted and confirmed are not violating listeners privacy and any that sharing ip address info of listeners are blacklisted. We want podcasters and podcast listeners. To know that any podcast hosted on Lipson will not be violating the listeners. Privacy and that means we have to vet and approve those prefixes. I contacted company. Actually I contacted all the companies that have prefixes One of them while I was contacting them and ask them. Are they sharing? Ip addresses of listeners. The person that runs that company hung up the phone at that point right on me just hung up the phone. Wow Sake yes say. Hello to the blacklist Mr Pink so CPA kicks in on January first twenty twenty and GDP already in play. But that said we believe someone in Indiana should have the same privacy rights as someone in Italy and someone in Louisiana. I should have the same privacy rights as someone in Los Angeles and because of that we were making sure. The partners that want their prefix on any shows that host will lipson treat all listeners with the same level of privacy. It is just the right thing to do ethically. There was an article last summer where Tom Webster asked. What is going to kill podcasting to me? The biggest threat is privacy violation of listeners. Privacy from a boing boing article quote a Pew study found that sixty percent of Americans believe they are being continuously tracked by companies and the government sixty nine percent mistrust com. The company's doing the tracking eighty percent believe that advertisers and social media sites are collecting worrisome. Data seventy nine percent think the company's lie about breaches unquote and another key fact from the Pew study quote eighty one percent of the public. Say that the potential risks they face because of data collection by companies outweigh the benefits on quote. Think about what that just said if people start thinking that their privacy violations in podcast outweigh the benefit of podcast. What are they likely to do? Not Listen to podcasts. At LIPSON WE WANNA make sure listeners. Know that they will not be tracked and they and their privacy will be treated ethically. Lipson will commit to podcast ethics. Let's call it Pex for all the Silicon Valley fans that get that your things and Lipson will not allow a work with any services that violate the privacy of any listeners. Anywhere in the world that means no sharing of Ip address INFO or any long-term storing of that Info. Hopefully other podcast companies will agree to this pethick. Pledge to podcasting is just too important medium to allow some unethical johnny-come-latelies working with less than one percent of shows to ruin it for the other ninety nine percent of us is that a mini mini rant. And and then maybe we can get you a T shirt that says. `I stand for Pethick six packs. Yes that's going to be the title of the show. Pathak's we're GonNa be what is that. Oh my God all right so moving on from here to some audio feedback that we got from Mark Gun. He'll see and rob. I'm listening to Shannon wanted to sixty. We're talking to you about time codes and I had an epiphany good. I just thought I'd share it because I feel Kinda help so over. Asti time at the music. Podcasts always thought I includes like the best idea because it means that people can strip your content. And you don't want people. Do you want to listen to your content but over the past year realize that that's not entirely accurate because if someone who's listening to your podcast they want to hear what you have to say. They might not want to hear everything you have to say. They want to hear what you have to say. They will continue. Listen you podcast. Time codes given greater one of the biggest challenges. We have with On casting is that it is a passive medium people. There's no activity that necessarily is going to happen. No Way to get people listening involved. His involvement of course creates a greater passion or something. Well Tom Jones is one of those things that can help people overcome that challenge. Pumpkins is overcome that John. Because all of a sudden you can take control of comments being shared. You can skip you. And you're now interacting with the podcast even if it's in a small way that was a interesting little tidbit. I thought I'd share I hope it helps someone. Thanks mark I agree. They can help listeners. But you have to have the right right formats show for it hardcore history which is six hours long really does not work well with time codes putting in the show notes. You can't and should not skip sections you miss out on the story line. But maybe a show covering Tesla where you have sections talking about the Model S. and then the model three the Model X. And then now the cyber trick you could help those listeners. I just WanNa get the segment about their car or truck comedy podcasts. Probably not the best time codes same with any cereal or apple or for mentioned history type shows time codes might not be the best for cooking podcast either. Well we'll just jump ahead about over that part about Washington preparing the raw meat. What could possibly go wrong. Yeah it just depends on the show. And how important information is and if there's really disparaging parts don't rely on previous segments and you know and you have audiences that might be a little split in. I have a little bit of a different under like a use case for time codes which I agree like. They're helpful to skip forward especially like I do. I completely understand if you want. If Y'ALL WANNA skip over some things in especially for she podcast like I get it. If you don't want to hear is talking about incontinence for ten minutes the beginning of the show that's fine especially because it's a show about podcasting. I totally get that therefore I make sure that time code so that you can start when we do begin to talk about like the news or whatever the topics of the days are I get that. That's fine but here's how I use them for a listener so as a listener like when I'm doing In a lot of the different shows that I listened to that have time codes. It's not necessarily to skip forward or skip back but it says a reference so after I finish with a show sometimes I actually want to go back and listen to something again so especially with like this show. You Know Rob when you were talking about. Was it the thing that was really complicated last time that you were talking about that. You're like if you want to you. Listen again or you could rewind or whatever and I can't remember it was so complicated remember told you to grow but like stuff like that where like let's say somebody's driving listening to the feed and then they get home and then they go back and they go. Oh what was the thing that I need to go? Listen to that rob thing again and they can just open it up in fact. I think I did time code that part because I was thinking about that use case. I was thinking of like okay. That person is now going to take out their notebook and write the stuff down that rob said and they can just open it up and then tap onto the time code and then listen to that part again so I've is a listener. I appreciate that versus. I just want to skip. So I'm not necessarily a skipper refer so I get. I get the use case for that kind of stuff and again it does depend on the type of show. I mean history shows comedy podcast. I don't see where time codes really gonNA make much where they're gonna be overly relevant But other content. Especially you know musical podcast. We have different songs being able to jump to that song that specific song in that episode. You know that makes a Lotta Sense. Absolutely all right now. We're moving into our. Where have you been his segment all right? So here's an email Elsie and rob. I know you like to report on wherein podcasts are being mentioned. You've called the section. Where have you been seen my prior email included below? Well I'm happy to share that. My podcast sleep. Whispers was recently mentioned in vice article titled Science Support. Your habit of falling asleep too stupid podcasts. Which awesome okay. So so he says in parentheses there my podcast is linked in the statement a whole host of our shows and then so he shared the link to the article. And I'll go ahead and add that in the Lincoln the show notes mind you the URL does not say the title so that you are a lot nicer which as which says podcasts are good for sleep that's what the URL says which is a much nicer thing than the stupid podcast part. So yeah and then he continues. Yup I have a stupid podcast in quote that people are falling asleep. Do and I'm tickled pink with joy at this wonderful accolade. My podcast was also mentioned in a Bosnian article about podcasts. Not sure what it said but I'm happy to have a global presence awesome. Keep up your wonderful guest all right Harrison this is from Harris host of the stupid podcast asleep. Whispers congrats Harris. What's that old phrase? You can call me anything you want. Just get the URL to my site correct right. Don't call me late today. It's one of the two right but yes Thanks for the update and congrats on your totally. Not Stupid podcast. Sleep whispers getting the nod from vice dot com and some place in Bosnia. He had a lot of other links that he shared with me so he does get a lot of coverage for his show. And congratulations for T- TO YOU. Harry's that's and so from from From that we're moving into our second from of the episode and this is World War One digger history podcast Pau. You have probably three major events in history. What if you were part of the most pivotal event of the last two hundred years? This podcast I bring to you. The real war experienced by real soldiers in their woods World War One digger history. Podcast thank you in history and then we and then we get a history podcast. Promos almost like planned so rob Greenlee and Todd Cochran. On last week's new media talked and this is probably be two weeks ago by the time you hear this talked about a coalition to expand our assess not taking away from it but adding more tags. Lipson already supports this as you can add custom tags right now at both the channel and the item level. That's a show in the episode level in non are suspect the key on this however is not Lipson or blueberry supporting new tags again. That's real easy on our side. It is about apple podcast and spotify overcast and Google podcasts. And others of the roundtable of eight that are the above one percent adoption. Also supporting the tax I could see overcast podcasts. And podcast attic being the first of the top eight to add support. That would leave apple spotify Google as the key ones to make or break this. If you want to learn more please listen to episode two sixty seven of the new media show around the twenty five minutes and twenty five second mark you can also follow up with rob G at Lipson. Dot Com Rob R. O. B. G. At LIPSON DOT com. Greenlee is taking names for those that want to get involved. That sounds scary taking names. He's taken if you want to be involved with the coalition but it's something that needs to be done but again until tell we get those big three of the you know up the roundtable of eight on board. We can support it. It just won't matter much in really need all eight on board with it then onto what's going on here rob so I had bigger name and podcast at podcasting. Ask Me if something was up with their feet. Because in their category and apple podcasts podcasts they were ranking the lowest. They've ever ranked and a quick look at their feet and showed no issues. I then went and looked at their episode numbers from August through the end of November and there was a slight uptick. Coz actually about five to ten percent uptick for new episodes in November versus August episodes for the first four days. So nothing wrong. I could see technically in shows actually grown a little bit then. I went to the website. Nowhere on their site at all. Could you find a button to subscribe on Apple? Podcast not on the main site. Not Anywhere on their podcast. Specific page nowhere. I reminded them that Apple. Podcast rankings are based on the number of new subscribers in the past week and this show was doing nothing from their website to help those numbers they did not even have the header code in their site that if you visit on an IOS device it asks you to subscribe. I'm sure all of you listening. Have that code in your site right. You're not sure what I'm talking about. On an iphone or an ipad go to porter waltch DOT COM. Portant R. W. A. L. C. H. dot com Puerto Welsh dot com. When you get there on the top of the page you'll get an option to view the podcast in Apple podcasts and subscribe. Everyone should have this on their podcast. Page If you're page is the Lipson page and you entered your apple podcasts. Itunes link under settings. You're all set if you've got that. Appalachian there you're all set. Nothing need to do if you have a third party site. You don't host. Lipson go to bit dot Li bit dot com slash header code. Just like it sounds header code bit dot Li Slash Header Code. It's been a while since we mentioned that and Thanks to Prescott from the busy creative for creating that to`real there you go. That's your homework for. Today's show is to make sure your website is asking people to view your show at Apple. Podcasts subscribed when they visit on an eye on Iowa's device or an IPAD. I guess I go saying iphone or an ipad. Now it just. It's surprising I went to a bunch of different sites like none of them had no and these were big name podcasts. I'm guessing quite a few people listening right now going. Oh I didn't know about that or oh yeah I probably should put that in who I dated my sight. And maybe it's not working so definitely check your site now if you already subscribed it might not show so check on somebody else's phone if you're not sure about your site but again if you go to Puerto Walsh Dot COM. You'll see how it looks and how it should look when you visit on an iphone IPAD. It has been a while since shared that in there and I'm interested to see what will happen and it seems very basic to how that on the website but you know just to see what's going on in terms of ranking or in you know people when people are subscribing to apple podcasts using that Lincoln going directly into their to see in terms of ranking because for APP of course it's very unique for apple. It doesn't matter if your show is growing right. Your show is just generally growing. That's not going to be specific to apple. It needs to be growing in apple. Podcast apple fog in new people cooking. Subscribe People Not Malaysian. Click farms real. People do not do not ever hire anyone that says they're going to move you up in the rankings and apple podcast Those are all scams and they will get you. Booted shows get booted from apple podcasts. All the time for violating in scamming and hiring these third party services in. And they'll tell you though it's fine. Yeah the dark dark net diaries. He had a recent episode where he talked with a bunch of them interesting article but yes something. We've warned about many times on the show not to do it. Ethically or ethically okay. But now you got some tips on creating of planning for the end of the year for twenty nine thousand nine hundred so you can take on twenty twenty with Eyes Wide Open. Take soccer show. Look at where you're distributing to if you host on Lipson make sure you have set up the following destinations in alphabetical order. Deesor iheartradio Pandora. Email me Robert. Lipson DOT COM for Info on that one radio DOT COM radio public spotify youtube where we convert the audio video and audio uploaded to Youtube Channel. Plus also make sure you've set up facebook linked in and twitter and facebook. We also convert the audio video if you have not submitted your main. Rss Feed to stitcher in tune in. Make sure you do that. That's the same. Rss Feed that you submitted to Apple. You WanNa make sure Smith that to stitcher in tune in because they don't automatically get it And then of course. I'm assuming everybody's an alibi gas because if you're an apple podcast and you get up to one hundred twenty other places as well. Being everywhere is one of the biggest steps to growing. Your show is a lot better to be able to say. Listen to my show everywhere. You listen to audio then listen to my show at just. Xyz aggregate or APP DEJA OF SECOND PARTY. Homework is just make. Sure your show submitted everywhere. I'm surprised by the number of people that haven't submitted to all the different destinations that we have available at. Lipson out your account. That's it that's it just takes a few minutes just ten minutes you'd be done with submitting all those places and you don't have to do it again. How there's the bonus that's Promo so yes? I do have a promo. It is called Gotham raggedy. Hey I'm Joe Rubinstein inviting you to join me. On a brand new venture the gotham variety podcast presenting standalone audio dramas every first and fifteenth. We're in our first season now. And there's a civil war manhunt. A Kafka sampler Brazilian murder thriller and much more with original music cutting edge sound design and some of the very best actors in New York. So please check out our website. Gotham VARIETY DOT com. Follow us on twitter at Gotham variety is the handle. We'd love for you to be a part of this brand new series. Thank you thank you now when we have a third promo that that means right. That means dads that does mean stats all right. Rob Get away. So let us get into the median and mean numbers to how your show measures up and this is the median and mean numbers are based on episodes released in the month of October with downloads measured until the end of November on average about forty five days old. The median number for October was a hundred and twenty six down a little bit from September. One hundred twenty eight the adjusted mean average where? I throw the top half percent in anything with three downloads. The justed mean was fifteen hundred. Six down just a little bit from September Fifteenth Thirty six seven percent of all downloads for episodes in October. Were in the five K. Range or greater for download that is the magical number some advertisers look for downloads for campaigns. This was identical to September's number. And then here's some numbers to measure your show against and put things in perspective if your episodes are getting over one hundred twenty six downloads. After thirty days you are better than half two shows if you're getting more than eleven hundred you'd better than eighty percent more than thirty two hundred better than ninety more than seventy nine hundred ninety five percent more than twenty thousand better than ninety eight percent of shows and more than thirty seven thousand. You're better than ninety. Nine percent of the shows and those numbers for October were pretty much identical to September or just a tad bit lower and a couple of places but overall pretty close. Nothing really shocking. There we'll have a little bit of numbers may be skewed a little bit for November with the transition with spotify and then again with next episode. I won't be doing user. Agent numbers because November's numbers are just completely wonky from the transition over to spotify. But I might look back at the whole year and see how the whole year looked for the next episode on newsagent numbers. Now where have we been? And where have you a couple of things here so where I have been I? I was featured on episode three of Season Four for the podcast movement session so in the last episode. I talked about that I was in the Promo for this but now this has been released so my episode came out and it's really all about the amazing power of podcasting. That was really cool. You guys need to subscribe to that show and even if you only if you want to listen to the back seasons of that. It's a really solid show. They've done a lot of different things. It's also a really really great way of using a podcast to promote a conference and the different tactics and strategies that they've used through the year so the podcast movement team. His has done all kinds of really fun things on one feed. So it's really neat to be able to hear all the way back to when they started doing the podcasters when it started to come out but anyway this season is really awesome. And please go ahead. Endless and link in the show notes you were also mentioned in the inside podcasting newsletter this week. Do you want to go over this? And maybe even borrow my soapbox. Oh my God that's right. Oh my gosh look at me. I'm featured so I I kind of ranted a little bit about this is what it says. In inside podcasting it says quote Elsie. Escobar posted a thought provoking ranting about intrusive and irrevelant advertising in twitter. Today begins with quote. I am really enjoying catch and kill a lot. The subject the storytelling and Ronan Farrow. The sound design. It's awesome lots of hearts for me. The top five twenty nineteen and that is for sure. I do believe that. Unfortunately what socks are the ads? Taking the highest bidders of closing deals with them should also include brands and partners that enhanced. The story unquote. So yes I went off a little bit. That's how I started it and it really was just because the podcast is really well done. I mean it is especially if you like like this kind of conversation. We've been following. I mean I've been following this whole Harvey Weinstein thing for so long and I'm really intrigued. By the entire process of how he not only created wrote the book catch and kill but also how he found you know how he discovered the story in all the inner workings of newspaper companies. So like all of this stuff is so riveting and another thing that I love is that there's so much tate that Ronin got as things were happening. Because that's what reporters do like they record their stuff so that they can refer back and they have you know things so it's really neat to hear all of that first source material. It's crafted really. I mean all of it is awesome but my God. The ads are awful. They're not done by Ronin they have. I think they're executive producer or another producer. Come in and read them. She's fine like there's nothing wrong with that but it just totally takes you out of the story. It's really weird and very like oh a no. I'm annoyed yeah. I just think that especially for a podcast thought feels to me. They have such a big budget or a bigger budget. I don't think that they're only making. I have a feeling that they had existing budget before they even started making the show. So it's not like they're only making money from advertisers. If that's the case and you have a team of how many I don't know fifteen to twenty people. I think that they can invest a little bit of extra time on creating some really great ads. Right don't think I just double click on my my Air Air POD PRO and jumps ahead thirty seconds. Don't click again that you're doing that. I got that but but even between though it's like I know there are some really. I taste test a lot and I've heard some really bad ones lately. I've heard them come in the middle of sentences middle of words volume levels twenty DB greater or less than the show. But in this case you just saying that they're just not appropriate for the show and that's another thing you have to. You have to get that you have to get that right and I mean given the story like I just thought that there was so much more that could have been done with the subject matter. And how solid the re the reputations of the people that were creating this show were that. I just thought like you could use a little bit of that clout to in some way. Maybe get another sponsor like somebody that we haven't heard of like and really liked that works with it and I don't know I just found that like I have nothing. I have nothing against ads or sponsorship for whatever it is that you're doing in a few find the right partner. I think it would be. It would have made this show even better and unfortunately it's not. This is situation but probably not a good idea if you're talking about Harvey Weinstein and trying to force an eighteen year old impressionable woman into bed. Then to switch into a casper right. I actually don't know if that's the case but yeah that would probably know in all honesty and then maybe this is something. I don't know who the sponsors are like. I can't I can't tell you. I do think that I believe the IPAD I heard was audible. Which was very normal. And I think that's fine but I also feel that it was like a very bland audible. Add like it was more about just like Oh there's audible and you can listen to audio books like you could have done so much more for audible like that's that's a pretty decent sponsor and with catch and kill the demon just like the book itself. Go get it. Ronin going be given some of his top five books that he's down really amazing. I would have been like okay. I'll go get that book anyway. That was my read. Have you been anywhere on that note? No I was actually took a week of vacation with the family. We went to our basketball. See so yeah so. Our show is a little shorter today. Do really well with Thanksgiving Week. It really things were a little bit slower overall and so maybe our next couple episodes might be a little shorter with not as much news. We're coming up on an hour so it's not as short as I thought it would be. Good what we are going. You're just setting yourself up for next year. It's going to start right away in folks. Do make sure everything's looking good. Make sure your artwork looks good because getting featured and being in the rankings and doing all the things we talked about earlier getting more people to subscribe isn't worth a hell of beans if you're at work is not appropriate is doesn't look good isn't isn't clean. You mentioned pantsuit politics earlier. That is actually one. That apple has features an example of good artwork. Go go look at things at Apple Features. Make sure looks good. Clean up your art work New Year's resolution you got the holidays coming up Christmas. Just spend a little time cleaning orca making it look at it really will pay dividends long-term. So where are we going? We got the New Year coming up. We had nothing this month but I think I event will be digital Hollywood event. Nc Azi yes in Las Vegas Rob Greenlee be talking on a panel there on broadcasting then Pike Movement evolutions La February fourteenth to sixteenth and then we have national religious. Broadcasters proclaimed twenty twenty in Nashville on February twenty fifth that we and I think I still have one more pass last laughed. If you WANNA go and you want to pass a hit me up Robert Lipson. Dot Com pod Fest Orlando beating a march. That'll be our big one there for Indie podcasters. That'll be the real big. Joe For indies. I'll be one of the keynote so I look forward to seeing everyone there. A big group of us there at that show then enabled Las Vegas late April and then podcast movement Dallas Texas the first week of August so those are some of the big shows. Wassim smaller shows. We'll start mentioning as we get closer to them But those are some of the big ones to plan out Between now and August and please come out to these events And we'll be at say. Hello we really like to get around the country shake hands fist-bump Yada Yada as always if you are organizer Have an event in need someone to speak about podcasting. Please email me Lipson Robert Lipson dot com so email me Robert Lipson dot com. If you can help out on that front and we're working on the twenty twenty schedule right now. There we go. I think that's it for today. Well then y'all you guys can always send us any feedback so if you have any feedback for the show please email the feet lips dot com. That's actually how this show runs. It runs off of your questions. Your voices your interest and how you engage with the show. We really love it so please email again. The Feet Lipson Dot Com. You can also download our free APP so we have apps both for IOS and android. That are really just focusing on the show so it is really just our show. These are Lipson APPS and you guys contest amount. Maybe you want one for your show. Download it for free. Check it out and you can also interact with us within that APP itself so you can always reference back to things that we've already done or whatever inside of that APP but you can call us. Call us directly on the phone there. You can email us directly from the APP there. You can comment on. You know if you're listening to a show or something you can actually come at directly into that and that shows up on the podcast page. There's all of these lovely things that you can do inside the APP so go ahead and check that out if you do want to. Just call us directly on the phone to our voicemail line please call four one two five seven three nineteen thirty four four one two five seven three nine thousand nine hundred eighty four and you can actually find all of this so with one tap in the show notes you can just on that and immediately connect with us and get your voice to us and let us know how we're doing so we look forward to getting back on the Mike here in a couple of weeks and getting. Is it going to be our last episode? We have two more left right. Do we have two more one left. I can't remember now. I think we have one left for the for the for the year. That's it for the year. Holy Man. Wow okay well there you have it. Okay we'll talk with you guys in a couple of weeks by Gerald.

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