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Oh, look at Boston. We'll Tom and look at this stuff that they that they probably some of it's like absolutely stupid. But some of his section quite amusing and stuff like that is what we need to get people to check the to the game of goal is to be your boys. Congratulations on your doing. Mediocre as it is at the Laci issue very much thinking about it. And so I had a fusion surgery if that people together, thank you, John. Nutricia breath. Don't butter knife my wedding like. Younger hip or. Barstools four Tigers had the three back surgeries. He's had one fusion. We welcome in from barstool sports rigs and Trent guys welcome to the show while we're players barstool sports monumental week for the boys. Kevin Kisner has one on the PGA tour after the greatest streak in professional sports ended. I guess there's really no better way to end it. Then then we're going to get into that. A lot of people are probably hoping for Kevin Kisner on this show Kissel beyond this week. Don't you worry? We actually have Jayco went on the show. Now, if you out there in any way, thinking that somehow going to be a disappointment from his these stories that are in this interview Jayco, and who was played golf with pretty much everybody on the planet or been everybody matters certainly or been drunk at a wedding and chirp a huge golfer, or whatever you have to listen to this interview. This is arguably the best interviewed ever done. Now, we just came out of the studio, maybe we're kind of reeling. This is gonna this is gonna rival. In an interview we've ever done Jayco and country music star huge golfer plano, web dot com tour event plays in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am every year with Jordan Spieth has played a Gusta has he's he's the man he's a very cool, dude. He told story after story you're gonna love this big shout out to. Being like high school the story about this famous person can't tell disturb of this famous or somewhere like you can tell every single story drop, and then say that the biggest names in the world. And then tell a fucking hilarious story about all. He was off. You're gonna love the interview. So stay tuned for that. It's coming up after we chitchat about the latest current events. Spring golf, presenting sponsor for the interior. It's now golf season best teatime out on the planet. Go get their app. Go to your app store goes pretty dot com. They work with everybody else. Okay. So all the other teatime aggregated apps for everyone to call that you've heard of they're all under the supreme golf umbrella. Plus, they have just thousands and thousands more time. So it's literally better than any other thing, you can imagine because it has been plus a lot of other options. They got alerts. You can set alerts supreme golf. They're the best clean new out. All that. They're the best. Kevin Kisner kids has won. He won a little over one point seven million dollars of bad payday. If you ask me unbelievable, payday kiss. I don't know what it is about this play thing. He lost a Bubba. On the final last year. He won this year beat Matt Kuchar. I've never really I don't know that I've ever rooted harder for somebody while watching golf really outside of maybe some tiger incidents over the years than that. Because Kuch and how much he's been in the news lately. Kind of falling off his pedestal of being this perfect, dude. In a lotta ways. It was weird. It was the first time cooter. Matt Kuchar was the villain is really unbelievable. I was thinking about that as like, Matt Kuchar the villain. He at this point at this point in time. Everyone hates him for the way he dreamed that caddy and everyone loves Kisner because he's our boy we have been we've talked about him nonstop. It was really great, and I could not have rooted harder for kids. He was villain. Number one. Hit that ball the water. I went fucking crazy. Fuck you Kuch. Let's go kids. It was awesome. Made a big pot on the sixteenth to win whatever it was three and two I guess played really consistently all week. He also, you know, he went let's see six and one in his matches. I believe because he he lost his first one to Ian Poulter. And then won the next couple had to play in playoff thing with Poulter beat him in that one. So we eliminated Poulter again. Yup. Memory beat Poulter like by one hundred rushed which was great. So he's able to he was able to eliminate Poulter again, which was great very cool. And then he just went on a tear beat than already Frank, which is amazing. Maybe some of the best golf in the world these past few. Oh my God. That guy's been such a stud, but kids, I mean, he had more some more great quotes just throughout the whole thing. All of his interviews were great. He you know, I've been I texted him and said I said the people demand you show up on four play pod this week. And he just said I bet they do. So he's kind of like dangling in front of us now. So. Point seven million dollars. You guys have been Megan fun of me these last six straight weeks. So maybe I'll come in the podcast. But I'm guessing he will. Yeah. He'll be on Kissel be on here soon. Don't you worry? I had a bunch of people. So the the great streak in sports is over. I had a bunch of people tweeted me. Oh, there's no way he could tied twenty this week. Anyway. So the street keeps going here's the way that I do it. I go to Kevin Kisner PJ to where profile. I look at results, and I go down and now after twenty t- twenty four th of all Spar balance bar, he there's a one. And so the streak is over. There's no way we can cut it where it's like, oh, no the streak is still going. It's not a strokeplay streak. It's just over that one changes. Everything changes everything Trent daddy does have a bold up t- twenty six twenty eight t twenty seven twenty three twenty two twenty four one. He was like, oh, I can't tie for twenty something here. So I'm just going to win the whole thing. That's what I'm going to do. He, you know. This course it suits kit's clearly phenomenally because it's pretty firm ball runs out there shipped on Austin country club and kiss hits kind of a lower draw. So as ball runs, you don't have to be a bomber out here as clearly showcased, by the fact that it was couture against Kisner in the finale, you don't have to be some gigantic bomber the golf ball. Although I did notice yesterday Kuch was moving a couple of out there. Pretty good stuff. Which shocking. He out-drove kids Malik forty five yards at one holes. And guess what? Kids don't be the whole thing. So so yeah, it's it clearly suits his game. He he was very candidate his presser afterwards. I watched it. There is some about as they go kiss at this point. You career is money still a motivating factor. And he's looked he goes. Oh, yeah. That's what makes him greatly. That's what makes him. Great because everybody else will be like, well, you know, I just love the thrill of winning. I like the competition. You know, matchplay, it's Mano Mano. He's like no I want to make money. I don't know what he said. I think he said I don't know what it's going to run out. Yeah. He said he had a great. He had a great quote about it. He goes he goes. Yeah. Well, I'm pretty cheap when my money I heard all that money because I don't know where it's going to run out because I don't know what I'm going to not be able to make ten footers anymore, which is perfect. So. So just going up there. Craig that he's made eighteen point seven million dollars in his career numbers. No fence to kids that seem to higher than I thought it would. But good for him seemed way higher than like twenty almost twenty million dollars coaches me kiss me playing golf. That's just career earnings from like from where you place events. Yeah. Yeah. He also to a reporter reporter. Yeah. I'm guy kept growing kids on on his money. And he's got how much you think you made in your in your career kids kids around nineteen million guy goes, I think it's that's actually your clothes. It's actually about eighteen because goes, you sure about that. And the guys does listening because back as just under nineteen million. Yeah. No, I know. Gonna know with Kevin really solid professional career. You're talking. That's like a really good like hockey player any other like athlete they make they sound like a four year five year five million dollar a year contract. It's like you're like one of the best players in the fuck legal. How old is he kisses what thirty-five which thirty five? He's already made twenty mil. Most like it's a solid career in any sport and golf usually is like not gossip Buchan harsh work to make money. Yeah. You gotta think warm kiss as another good seven or eight years where he's kind of like thirty mil right? He's gonna get thirty to forty million dollars plus plus endorsements. He just turned thirty five in February plus endorsements when he makes a frigging Ryder Cup. He does he looks like a European hockey player. He's got all these got endorsements over. We gotta talk about his look what what what what was going on this weekend with all the promotional pictures of kiss. Oh, my God never seen anything. Like someone said. Ooh. And then they took the picture will hear daring us right through that screen. I was I had to put the phone down is the he's the emoji of like the wide item Ojeda guy. What were that linking even though the four picture one where it was like, all right? It's the final day, and it was like the last four remaining golfers and it had every single golfer with their hat off like saluting the crowd, and they're just had Kizer. There's like here like weird hair in the one like Zuni. He looks like a cereal. Like look on his face was crazy. Everyone else looked totally. It was outrage looks like he was like peeking in on someone. It was outrageous picture of ever seen is crazy. Did you see the Lee Westwood tweet? Awesome. Tweet and read it Trenton, we Westwood tweeted on I believe Saturday, Kevin Kisner appears to be a very good match player matchplay player. I'll tell you. Of course, it would have really suited him golf Nationale chirp a lot of shade. Being thrown look Kevin Kisner with his record at the Presidents Cup the couple of years ago when we were out there. He was undefeated of that. I think he was too. I think he was two thousand two and that when he was doing all kinds of dances with Phil Mickelson then his record of the match-play where he lost in the final Asher. Which is. I mean, it's almost impossible to finally twice a year with this format. And then he wanted this year if this guy Kevin Kisner in just the way plays a game drives the ball consistently putz lights out like that comment that he may were I don't know what I'm going to stop able to make ten footers that was a very true and genuine comment of like, no Kevin Kisner is a top twenty or thirty player on planet earth because he putts lights out, right? What do you want in matchplay situations? And when you play in best ball, and you're playing alternate-shot in Ryder cups putters, and you gotta put it. Well, that's just what you have to do. And can you think of a better chemistry guy than Kevin Kisner? Imagine having him around cool, calm and collected. But always like Chirpin people. He's the would've been perfect. I'm going to say out. Kevin Kizer is not on the twenty twenty Ryder Cup team barring something as do like an injury. If he is not on the twenty twenty Ryder Cup team, you I will root for Europe. Wow. How many how many how how many how many Americans make twelve twelve he has to? It's gotta be on top twelve American golfer. They're usually do what eight and four captain's picks. Yeah. So if he doesn't qualify points which right now he clearly would buy a mile and with a win because they do about every two years with a win. They're going to be pretty far removed. But like Kevin Kisner. He should make an appointment if he doesn't he should be one of the top guys. And they'll take them no matter what. So if they don't take them barring injury. I will root for Europe. I thought you were going say you were going to chain yourself to some sort of statue. Because that's become a thing. Here. Barstool sports. You took it even further you said you would root for the Europeans. I will actively root for the European while we're we're talking you gotta you gotta dick yourself out. Just like you. Did Leyla you're wearing your American ones. A no, no, no. You gotta put on a European one lays all over the office. Oh my God. That's how much demand he's on our team. I agree with you on American soil. Forget automatic choice. I'll have no choice Frank. You won't be my choice. Holy fuck. What do you mean to the corner, Kevin Kisner corner? So kit's monumental week. He's the man we'll have him on the show very soon to talk all about it. Don't you worry when you outside doing your favorite activity? The last thing you want is a sticky. Plastic shirt weighing you down wouldn't you rather wear something that's extremely comfortable performs great and won't hold you back. That's why two siblings Montana fishing guide. 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Advances out of his group then beats Rory in. What was appointment? Some of the most appointment television golf we've seen in a long time. Real good. Governor least I've been up on a Saturday. Really good golf great match with ROY McElroy tiger Rory is probably the best player on the planet. Right. We all read that mean, you can't putt but outside of that. Yeah. Player the plant when he when he won the Players Championship. It was like he he literally didn't even feel like he played that great. And he won the biggest of the year. He's had when you go through his list. It's like he hasn't finished outside the top six in like a year. That's what it feels like that kidding. He rolls right through his whole group comes up against tiger. Tiger takes some downtown to huge pot on on seventeen to beat him. Curled one in there for par soda Rory decline media after. Oh that when I saw that that might have been the happiest moment, I've had golf related outside of kids winning all year was when I saw ROY declined to do after Tiger Woods. Because you know, they have that competition even off the course to write like, you know, tiger sends a text like Gotcha bitch like something crazy because this because Tigers real like one of the POWs Rory duty use to I don't know if he's still he's the techs, ROY three. Yeah. So you know, that that like that one hurt ROY? Yeah. I'll probably take a couple of week or two but tiger will start. He'll he'll need a little on those like when he sees him at Augusta kind of struck by about when's the last time we played. Oh, yeah. Knock you. I you packing. Roy probably can't sleep after that sixteenth hole. That was what the hell was that? And it looked like because Tigers drive ends up in the bunker fucking tucked up there, and you're like damn it's going to be all square going seventeen eight tied. And then he just ROY couldn't hit the ball correctly. You've forgotten how to play golf for just a quick hot minute. Was he a for a quick minute? He just forgot what he was doing. He just like he looked down at the ball. And he's like, I don't know how to play the sport anymore. He hit over the who's crazy. The ball is tucked up against that path. He deliberately he talked about it forever. And there was like I'm gonna go back to what's going on. It was crazy. He first of all to hit it into that bunker, the first time was a terrible shot horrible. Then from there you fucking hits it over by the path thing. No flubbed flow in the bunker. And then by the path. Thanks. And then went back to that spot was crazy. I was like what is going on? I'm not going to have to put. It was nice to watch a guy to that though. It's always nice to watch a top player. One of the best players in the world. Maybe the best player in the world. Where Tigers thing you think he was thinking like oh, hell, yeah. Or either. He was like, yeah. I think he was in like Terminator mode at that point. So he's just like staring at them. Like, that's right. Maybe even more comfortable. Yeah. You'll be right back in a second. I felt still be right here. Yeah. Waiting to just close you out bitch. And then tiger in the afternoon. Just a total reversal loses to this Lucas beer guard guy on the eighteenth hole. After being fifty yards out hate that guy's name beer garnered starts at EJ. Dave starts to the BJ. Get the fuck outta my tough Biard guard guy should be being tiger hitting me beer. No. That's. Beer guard. You have to sound like a cars passing you by. It does sound like a NASCAR is going here. Right. You're watching NASCAR race just thinking about beer. So anyways, the NASCAR golfer beats tiger on eighteen yard. That's so good. I'll never not here that ever for the rest of my guys. I'm actually rooting for me to report I hope at the next term that he plays in walks by going to the next t-. He's like picks up, and he starts room room. I guess he's like he hits a any like started doing like the room for. Oh christ. Gosh. So they go to the well, actually, they had had a battle down the stretch this mirror guard makes bomb for eagle on sixteen credible. Kind of another mini bomb on seventeen then tiger has to make one inside of him to have. And then they will come down eighty two both like fifty yards out tiger flubs, one of the bunker. Our guy. I can't keep saying like that. It's just too much. It's gonna come off. Now. It's too much. He hits what fifteen feet tiger hits one to like five feet or so, and then missus a pot that you just never you never think Tigers ever gonna miss that ever under any circumstances. I'm very perplexed at why they play the whole that the way that they played it like they they both played it that way a lot of guys played in that way where they hit their drives down there. Like this fifty yards out thing in the Ralph. And it's like even the announcers like well when we didn't get this. They can't get this closer than like ten or fifteen feet from here because it's a weird fifty yard wedge shot and it's elevated and you're in the rough I can't get the spin. And they all hit it down there on purpose and played it like that. I don't understand why tiger wouldn't rather be one hundred fifteen yards out. It's a wedge to five feet from there. All the time. Yeah. So I was really confused by played the hole that way you can tell afterwards he was pretty pissed some people had the theory that it's better for tiger. That he lost run them out. Don't run them out. It was like ten degrees. The next day writing guys got a spy it was. It was a stunning miss of a putt. I watched that the fricking club in Vegas. I had that up in a beer in a Cabana, and I fell to the ground. I just couldn't believe he missed that put it was unmissable. You don't miss that. It was stunning. I was already. It was for them to lose give it was a gimme it was it ruined my night, even come close either that was about but totally totally lip out. Yeah. No interesting miss, though, just missile. I was like going to tweet like I wanna murder that whole. I'm gonna take that that like whole out of the ground. I want to bring it in spank it and put in jail, but then didn't really when you re watch it never had a chance never wasn't holes fall. It's Tigers fault would have been cooler. If you gonna given that thing chance just give it a chance guy was so sad it legitimate like ruined my night. It took my heart out of my body place it on the ground stepped on it. And it was like you have to do the rest of the night without a heart. Which suck. Shitty night. Made my elbow hurt. We doing what's up doc today? What's up docs on here? All right. You want to do? What's up? We gotta get to it. Because I'm like throbbing. Yeah. You're like a broken person right now, your your arms, don't we are? We are we done with the with the mashed come back to go ahead. I actually think that the pain went from my right elbow to my left elbow overnight. I don't know what happened my right up, my right arm all week in Vegas was giving me shit. I could feel I was getting a lot of the emails that thank you to everyone all the doctors. We have a ton of doctors tons messaging a lot of people have had this problem from playing baseball, and golf and tennis elbow and its owner. I know I was saying old NAR its owner owner nerve they loved to correct. It's the science. It's actually all Noor even though its own are fuck what it's called hurts. So my right arm was killing me in Vegas. My like my pinky. And my my index finger were killing me it was felt like I was being pulled can hold onto those damned graves. I got so drunk and hung over and biggest through. I you weren't even close to hanging on to this podcast. Go to add stool, president a on Twitter and watch the video of a very very severely hung over Frankie Borelli, try to eat grapes. There was my skin was a color that I don't think humans effort, and you needed to be in the hospital the way your skin look was that's the skin on a I was transparent. I just recovered from throwing up in the bathroom. I was I was violently puking all morning and night. I think I I don't know what happened to me. I think honestly got drugged or something if they would've put you when you're in that in that little phase there you were in if they would have put you in cash for the friendly goes movie like that's unrealistic. That's it was crazy. There was no blood in my body. I was I was dead. I was dead for a couple of seconds capillaries. There was like no blow. It was. I was I was walking around like a dead person was who couldn't hold onto grapes told onto these grapes? Davis. Dylan was dropping great. And right. It's because of this God damn own their near man. I can't grip anything. So I swear to God last night. I'm in bed, and I'm like, all right. I'm feeling. All right. Like, whatever. My right arms like annoy me, but it's actually starting to feel a little bit a little bit better starting to do some things that guys are sending me stretch out. The bicep muscle. People say basically, you got to get the nerve to get away from like the pointy part of the bone. It's like really affecting it. I swear to fuck. I swear to God I wake up this morning and my left elbow now. It was my right. When that hurt my left elbow is in such your pain that I don't think I can go on anymore. I think I have to cut the arm off. I can't extend my left arm without it piercingly pain in the owner nerve I have two broken owners. I've to pulled owner nerves. Nothing imposs- now, I can't help. But think that some sort of karma after you laugh, I'm getting hurt. Miceli? Yes, I am. I'm waking up in my fucking arm or falling off seventy five percent of this room. That's me. That's Jake, our producer, and Frankie Braley just get beat up on our site. Swear to God. I think it's because I sleep with my arm underneath my pillow. And I'm always on my phone, and I'm playing fortnight, and I'm drumming Tuzla doing things or my arms are bent on filming fucking rough morality with a ten thousand pound Cameron. My elbows are going to explode. And I have I have a referendum coming up. I don't know if I can do it. Oh, you are going to be able to have no idea what I'm gonna do. You're gonna have to put like shoot with morphine and just hoping I can't accept what and Kelly with my left and right now can't happen. That's how bad is that bad. It's that bad even Depp. No, I. Pageantry does with. Noticed that I noticed that Kelly dabs kind of made it less cool. But whatever. Yeah, I think so if that's just something he does, you know to get away from all the shit at home. Then you know, what? Right. More to him. I don't feel bad about feeling bad. Like, I won't feel bad for things that Patrick does. If I do them as well because we all know what's going on. It's not him. He just he's Kelly deaths. Get away for a second. If that's the one second that he has his reality. Then you know, what we should all Kelly that once in a while. I just want to let you guys know. We'll see how you felt about it. I told you I kinda dig the Kelly davick. I'd have sick sick. I got a lot of messages about the Kelly dab after the four play episode. They're like, actually, it's southern Cali northern Kelly. We looked down upon that up. Fuck you got the Kelly. Plus, if you're going to be Kelly, you have to be more southern what's up doc to you about the fucking Cali. And can you imagine one northern Kelly as opposed to Southern Cal Sacramento? Do you want to be like San Diego? What are you nuts? Yeah. Northern California's that's a tough draw although Monterey the only difference. All right. All right up there. Oh, Southern Cal doesn't that isn't too bad. Got off his no done. They got unbelievable. So you're what's up? Doc. Just got worse. That's so my what's up doc out worse. I just I just don't want surgery. I know people say that's like one of the things that just like fixes the all nerve being damning, I looked at a couple of these people are basically saying like lay over Frankie's, they're going to like spread open his fucking arm. Yeah. And now it's both of them magin into spreading one guy in did say cut open come in here with two slings got problem. I don't think anyone's forgotten surgery and bolt their arms before at the same time. Double slings. Well, e j Santa gets engineer up some contraption to hold the microphone of on your face at the film pizza views with like someone else holding the camera in front of my eyes. And I'm just like standing there with two two cats. That's right. Move attack. We'll talk about. Jeremy renner's arms. Movie. That's insane. That doesn't make any sense. There's there's parts of the movie where he jumps through like through parts of the like the kitchen like like the island of the kitchen he jumps over those are fake arms. How did they move his body? It's unbelievable sense these needles, and you're telling me, you can't tell it all of these arms. You gotta watch them watch the movies, the best CGI and any movie, right? It's amazing though. Like everything's just talking game of thrones Harry Potter Lord of the rings. This is the best CGI ever done in any movie. Jeremy renner's arms in tag. That's one of the most stunning things. I've ever heard both his arms were casts on real. Yeah. That's what's up. Doc. You know what? I mean. I'm hoping I could be all right. I want to be able to golf, man. I can't knock off. What are you? What are you going to extend my it's crazy? I gotta go to a chiropractor. And I gotta go to orthopedic. I need to be cracked. I need my arms to be like put in the right spot. I'm doing trying to do it myself. I think I'm hurting myself. Yeah, we're any of these answers like it will just kind of get better people were like people like you have to have braces when you sleep. I put my arms and braces, I sleep because I'm clearly bending my arms like when I sleep, and I need to like relieve the pressure if I constantly keep like bending it and doing all these things it's just gonna make a worse off to China later like fucking robot on that. It's crazy. I got the playoffs. I can't be not been in my arms. I got. I got a lot of. A lot of clapping to do a lot of club into do. Magic has an orange casts on their K clap or boo calcium their point the bears. I got to be able to boo boo. He's no, no, no. You gotta put the fucking hand up. There. You got to let it go. I see I was going to say to you like why can't you just have to end the Cup? You have to cut the hand PO nothing better than good, boo. Boo. Boos psychotic. Are you going to not be buoyant of ours? I wanna be arson it. All right. I'll be paying, but I'll be doing it. All right. Good luck Franken, docs, Sergio Garcia, and Matt Kuchar. So you know, these two they've probably been the most controversial guys in golf really that's far this year. I think there's one other big story that I'm not picking up right now that was, you know, quite a bit controversial that didn't involve these guys, but anyways, Sergio from the whole meltdown that he had over in Saudi Arabia, the messing up the greens where you just drag his feet and ripped up a bunch of the greens like five every time, you say Saudi Arabia can't believe he chose to do it in Saudi Arabia crazy town, and then the video of him going fucking ape shit and the bunkers splashing. I think three different forward backward and forward slash in the or no it was a backward. Afford to a temper tantrum and Saudi Arabia. Absolute temperatures. I don't even think like a lot got kicked out. No, no, no can't temper tantrums and Saudi Arabia now Saudi Arabia. I mean, if you like bump into somebody on the street and accident. Yeah. Is that one of the places to like if you have you steal like a a bag of popcorn cut your arm off your hand. Right. That's one of those places. Pretty sure I it's an eye for an eye type deal. Right. So he did that there, which is just crazy. He's been on kind of. He does this good PR stuff you ever go look into social media accounts. He's always like posted pictures with the troops that are helping out of the event. You know, he's doing all that trying to nonstop this. It's like it's like political bullshit where they like you like when they're making their speeches. They need this like they need every single form of race behind them for someone wheelchair someone from every single form the national college pamphlet. It's exactly yes. Yes. Yes. That's exactly what it is. Those college pamphlets are so diverse. It's we'll say things in the world incredibly diverse. Don't believe just perfectly perfectly diverse every form and walk of life. Is right there on that pamphlet. Yep. No surgery does Sergio looks at his Twitter. He's like oh shit. We've had a bad week. Let's let's go meet the troops. And let's go take a picture in front of them. And we're let's go raise the money for the kids that need help. You know? It's just every time with this guy. You know, good friends say bad. It's a it's a good way to like get if you're helping the world, that's good, whatever, we reason it. It'd be great. Great. What your intentions are? However now, he's back him and Matt Kuchar on. I think it was like the seventh hole Kuch is making a mess of the whole ends up making like fifteen footer for boat. He Sergio's got like ten feet or so maybe eight feet for par misses it steps up really quick hits over the back of his putter misses that one Kuchar is like all obviously would have given them puppet. I didn't have time he stepped up so quickly hit the putt, then Sergio they talked to rules guy Sergio's like, well, I understand that. But you should then concede. The next hole to me since you clearly wouldn't have won this whole and Cusack. It's not really my fault that so Kuch refuses to concede pair with air kind of bicker bickering for a while after the Matt Sergio what I'm saying like, yes, I was obviously my my mistake while blah, blah, you hear a great surge story from Jayco and by the way this upcoming interview. But but that was the dispute Sergio ends up going on to lose to cooter. Cougar said. I apologize. I said I don't like the way this played out. You can concede a whole is what Sergio then said to me. I thought about it and said, I don't like that idea either. What did I like about it? It's hard to say that I just kind of stuck to what the rules officials said the rule was and that was it. Yeah. Kind of crazy to see this happened in professional golf tournament. This is something that happens to tune buddies pretty crazy. Yeah. And it would've here's it's definitely Sergio's fault. There's no doubt about Sergio. Absolutely should on that. He knows Matt play incredibly well from all of his Ryder cups from playing in this. I mean, just from being a Gulf everybody knows that you can't just do that especially in official match play of it. So he's one hundred percent in the wrong there. However, there's also a little part of like cooter that you could have he could have easily stand on the side of the green been like, no, I said that was good good. You know, like they have they have. Yeah. Like, nobody would have. Nobody was going to nobody was grilling. Right. They could've eat like, even if Sergio would then looked up towards him Kuch now that was definitely good. And nobody would have ever sent a word about it. So after he admits it you're saying, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I was thinking that too. Like, why not just no? That was fine. Totally like that's bullshit. Like, we're going to the next one totally. And now people are coming up being like, well, technically, he didn't officially say. It's put like dude, it's matchplay. Right. It was a four inch. Putt Kuch very easily could have if there was any speed been like, no, I said, I'm with it. But I said that was good. That was obviously good and nobody would have said a fucking word. All right. He didn't do that. He kind of went to the rules official and was like while the letter of the law. What does it say? Because technically, I didn't have time to give him the putt. And it sort of a it sorta gave me a little bit of coot. You know what you're doing? Yeah. Like, you know, Sergio messed up and that there's pressure advantages you and you chose this route. Which is by the book, technically, correct? But it's also kind of I don't know. Larry. Here's the way to. If I think for the way, I saw it was had couture and playing with someone that he really liked that. This is never even a scenario like he clearly had less respect for surgery than he does anyone else that like I just think in any other situation of Kuchis with someone that he like like, we know that he likes him, and he's played with them a bunch of times they've been out and played together in practice rounds and stuff like he does exactly we're exit saying like nobody like let's go on the next one. But maybe him in surgery just like don't have a good relationship at all. And he was like all right. I'm gonna try and needle this down to the every word in the in the thing. That was Phil. Oh, there's no problem. No problems hero. I think they walk right to the next to you. Like nothing happened. Like, I said pick it up and good. Nobody says a word. So that was kind of my take away from it. Yes. It surges fall. I still fake like Kuch. Like, you knew what you're doing. There's no doubt. And it was doing if he just had tip that caddy few. I don't think you have. Maybe you don't have that opinion. Because we don't think Kuchar has that side. It's totally correct. Yeah. That's there's no doubt of times they are change. And they are the stacking up against coochie that he's kind of an asshole. Yeah. Kind of crazy. It is wild to think how much that shifted in a month, two months. Total shifts still has got the sketchers you still that there's like white vanilla pudding. And I saw some story come out. Maybe last week that couture in L to get not only did he pay him the money. But they've also they maybe they met up and hugged, and nobody gives a they hugged at not know, if it was hugged, but there was some sort of bearing of the whatever hatchet, and he say, he met again and hugged him. Nobody. Nobody cares. Those jomie flew down there. What did he just left? What a. Visual of them like meeting in the parking lot. It's like hugs L to Ken, what am I what am name? Through point. I'm getting at all time. No matter what happens. It's it's that story's never changing the way that people feel about his name is L to Ken name. His real name is David Ortiz. Unbelievable. Gotta crazy. That's so good kind of crazy. If you're rooting for Matt Kuchar this point, what are you doing? He's so boring. But he's also now he's an asshole which is less boring, but doesn't make people like true that an. Yeah. And that an asshole unlike a cool villain way, not at all. And as like your cheap to L toucan. Yeah. I'll realize like that's been a real asshole. Yeah. That's yeah. You're not doing it for the Trix. You're just that's just who you are. Yeah. Like you pull there's almost like a better asshole in him because outside. Yeah. It's like anything someone's day or life and stuff like he's just being a dick couture is an asshole. And he hopes nobody notices now the people notice he's like Ahdab Boulter is great Astle boulders and Astle. And he knows it because he's like, yeah. They hate me because I fucking beat them. All. Well, we don't like this. He didn't tip to cabinet. Yeah. That's not sweet David Ortiz. Last thing I had on our sheet was one week until the masters masters week starts next Monday. This time next week. They'll be we'll be watching Brando and all the boys live from Gusta. We've got the women's amateur. This outer day. We've got the drive chip and putt on Sunday. And then Monday, boom, they'll be doing live from coverage. Unbelievable at the master. I accidentally hit the masters app the other day, and it was like ten days till masters Monday of like a countdown going on in the front, buddy. Let me tell you this. I heard I saw somebody tweet about this. So I did a little research the master's tournament Twitter account from masters Sunday last year until like three weeks ago had tweeted eight times and then three weeks ago. They just start ramping it up as all these videos posted a couple of days till the masters, so good engagement, totally dormant didn't say a fucking word. Now, I've been on the masters website. I was on the massive website earlier today only great websites in all sports, the color schemes everything. So crystal clear, all the pictures, and the way they or mortars. Great video on there. Like watch Bobby Jones talk about Augusta. And I'm is he back. Going through this. And they just they put across all these epic clips of Augusta and like aiming corner. These just these captions of just quotes on Malia Jones about the place about when he first got the point. I was in fucking tears sitting up stairs in the office. It's like, oh my God Gusta. So this time next week. We will be you know, we'll be in Mashreq very exciting time to be alive. Think that's all we got. We'll be back, of course on Thursday as we are every week. Congratulations that Kevin Kisner big week for tiger. Tiger looks great going into the masters. Jay, go is up next a ton of really good stories in here. This is one of our best interviews stick around you gonna like this one. Are you tired of waking up tired or being in pain throughout the day? Frankie had a little bit of this over the weekend. I bet you are. I'm so tired of pain. It's time. You drive my natural CDC at this, man. Some CBD legal in all fifty states. 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Check out their product selection again, use code four, you're going to get fifteen percent discount to free two day shipping to your door on orders over seventy five bucks. That's my natural CD dot com. Use code four check out their product, selection and get started feeling better fast. Ladies and gentlemen, we have now in-studio very special guests country music star Jake. Oh, and you got the new album out. Greetings from Jake. I will big fan. You've got some great golf course jams. You've put out over the years saw big fan at your big golf guy. Welcome first of all I impressive. It's going to be an embargo sports. I walked in with my twin, brother. He goes is this a fucking job for these people? And I said I was like, yeah. Barstool sports. You know, like the Jerry my twin brothers now working with me like he's lived in my hometown. Okay. Florida for like the last like thirty five years never hasn't left. And I was like you need to come see the world man you to get out of that little fish bowl down there come out. And so this is like his first experience in New York City going around with me. And so also when he walked in Houston like Jesus there's a bar to like. What about been doing with my life? So that was my first impression of walking in here. Yeah. It's it's a good time to be too. We got baseball going on. We've had March madness going on. So it is like of all the times we try to claim we always try to claim to people. And you know, we do a lot of work and then come in their IT like what the hell are you guys doing joke? So it's a good time. We're glad you came in your big golf guy. What's you know, kind of what's the status your golf game hit us with where you're at right now man, I'm working on a grip change right now. And so so yeah. True, my golf club closes for the winter. And it opens just open backups out to the I went out to the range of the day and way long story short backstory like four or five years ago. I was I was driving go karts with Kevin Harvick. And this by the way, I'm not trying to drop names Pulmicort, Paul McCartney told me, not to drop names. So here it goes a little bit right now. Coming in. How the? As you drive on this show is better for us. But I was I was riding go carts with Kevin. And I flip to go kart and cut the tip of my finger off. So this hand right there. Oh, yeah. All messed though, fucked up. Shits gone flip go-cart good question. They told me they'd never seen it happen before. But dude when I when I drive anything I'm gonna take dominate. I'm gonna send it. Kiss up looking at your finger. You can't out. A poster put on the wall. But so anyway, flipped it and ever since that day for my golf game. It just I played. Okay. But I just it's hard to grip the club in the way, I used to so I kind of reverted to this weaker grip and and actually go in from a kid, you know, when you like we learned like all kids coming start off with a stronger grit. But I don't hit it left like because of my grips will weaker now. And I just hit like this little straight little faded. So I decided this is the season where all those times that I played with that what that wacked grip on like, this is the I need to suck it up. And you don't do it. But you guys know if you'd make grip change you have to commit to play like shit for like a while feels like you've never done anything. I've let it in your entire life. When you go to a grip change for the first time, right Dan over the ball. There's not going to can't do this. Yeah. Wow. So yeah, that's what I'm working on that right now. And I don't know just having having a good time, man. Yeah. So you've been Jordan Speiss partner. Her in the pebble pro-am. Yeah. How did that come about? Okay. Well about six years ago. I guess it was I it was my first time playing the pillow beach pro-am, and I was paired with Kelly craft. It was also a Texas guy. He won the US Senator and Jordan was paired with Tony Romo, and we played the first three or four days together and the following year. I guess it was Kelly didn't get his tour card back and Tony Romo hurt his shoulder broke, his collarbone or whatever it was. And so they neither one of them came back in Jordan called news. I came in. I mean, I'd get time plan would you want? Would you wanna play said? Yeah. So that was before you know, he hit his big lick. And it's funny because now everybody's like Cudi play without their at the public trauma. And I'm always like Jordan speed. If you're like great gives you put it's cool because the last five years we play the same group every year. So it's Jordan, and I and Wayne Gretzky and Dustin Johnson. So she pretty solid he named drafts. Demont namedrop. Bro. Five minutes into the bucket. Wayne gretzky? I almost felt like I saw your islanders your when you think about that. I mean, I mean other than the fact that it's Florida gator colours, and I'm kinda like anytime, I see the orange and blue like that being a Florida state Seminole, it's kind of I don't know other than other. It'd bring you hockey fan brings your eye colour out little bit. Yeah. That's very watch out. He's a lunatic. I'm pointing to Frankie. When we talk show what the Cutler Pasco he'll go full out. Back down. We'll keep it. Again. We got a big game. I can't be getting easy. I can't look at that. Tomorrow's back in town. So Frankie's wires are all messy. So I have I I have a podcast, and I need more people like you guys on it. Like, oh, you know, what I mean coming in here and having like your buds with you. While you're doing it seems like a good idea. I was kind of do it myself. And I'm now starting to learn something from you guys. Yeah. We kinda just hang wing it people people like that people. You know, I'm winging it the heck we tell people feel like they think that they're just sitting in the room. That's where you're going for. Yeah. You gotta do that. So what's the you ever when you're out in that group play with like, no big deal? But you know, Wayne Gretzky Dustin Johnson Jordan speedy ever like mess up like just getting like, not even golf lies. I mean like logistically or one one of the funny. I may I should say that. Yeah. Do you? Nobody was I should. I should. I was in. This isn't like a sexist comment sticking up from my buddy, Jordan. But one of the funnier things you talk about being like something funny during those rounds. Yeah. You know, I like getting like advice from Jordan or or or Dustin? I mean, this guys are the best in the world. Right. So why would you not asked off? Sometimes we like, hey, what do you think this is going to dear whatever? But at the same time they're there to play the actual tournament and win. They're not really they're like, I mean there we have fun. Don't get me wrong. But they're not they're like give me pointers. He's over. You. Gotta look at it. So he was told he gave me the line. Like, he's a man you wanna put it out like, you know, maybe like two three inches outside the right side of that Cup. And I was like cool man was like, and I'm like, hey, mine like make sure I'm all right? Like he's behind meals like am I lined up? Right. And he's like to this isn't the LPGA late. LPGA hat. He's like to stay. Heineman they'll go. Okay, you're good walk off. So when I said that to me is like this. That's great. So you kinda roasted me pretty good. Nurse playing in that group. I t you getting the jitters like like your average golfer now because I drink before. Okay, smart. Yeah. I mean, I don't get like hammer or anything but have couple of drinks, Wayne Gretzky, though, he doesn't even go hit golf balls. He just straight to the to the two straight to the bar. Oh, straight to the T. Unreal cigar. Unbelievable. And I will say this out of all celebrities professional golfers. Everyone that plays in that tournament. I've never seen. Anyone like is biggest celebrity as Wayne Gretzky, while the way that people just I mean, they will chase him down with jerseys and like people getting in fights thrown jerseys over the over the ropes Adam living legend, right like, how often do you see someone like that? Can I give you a good Wayne Gretzky us speaking, the great one this is you'll appreciate this? Imagine your name as well. Right. This is a true story. True story here, we're finishing around a golf. It's the last day the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, my brothers caddying. Actually, it's my Buddy Ryan Parsons was caddying for me that year, and he looked at Wayne he goes, hey, Wayne, I'm not assets. But could you a couple of golf balls for my Monte, boys? And he's like, oh, yes, sure. He pulls out his balls, which are the ninety nine his home as Taylor may balls at her ninety nine ninety nine any signed. Both of them. And he goes here. He's gonna do you want better to let me see that caddy bib. You got any signed it. He goes now. Go ask Jake design it in in Jordan in Dustin. He gives but when you get off the course, they're going to ask you to give this back piggies, you told me get fucked because the great one signed it. I love I love it. This is like I was like did. He just did you just call yourself the great one. He's allowed to. Yeah. Believable. While he's on the t two people would be like, great one the great one. And it's it's it's almost like it's like almost seems like biblical or something king as a king. Yeah. I have a weird history with the Wayne Gretzky just because I I got in that whole little internet fight saying, I didn't think he could play in two thousand eighteen but let's not you said he couldn't make an NFL roster and Twenty-eight really, well, you know, long story short. I said that the game has changed so much. You know, we actually on the last how like golfers from twenty eight teen if you put them in the nineteen fifties. I actually think that they would do worse. Just because they're so used to the new technology and all of this stuff. Yeah. You put like hickory Georgian there, don't you think there should be one term in a year words like the the hickory stick classic. Yeah. That would. Everybody. Everybody has to play the Niblett. That's such a good idea. Like hickory stick classic is a done deal. Even the barstool. Sports hickory stick classic. I'll call Jordan. We'll get them. All let's go. Let's be like dude, Email business. We're going to cut this. Brought to you guys Bastille the hickory classic. Even if you don't do it with hickory sticks. By replacing Eric we're not big dessert classics. The hickory stick club. I always compare that. Like, I I just think hockey has evolved so much more like t- to his style of game just wouldn't translate to this because it's just like he was able to just maneuvers way around. And I mean, no one's gonna be able to touch his statistics because that game just doesn't isn't isn't around anymore. Right. You've like Alex Ovechkin who's by far the best of all time. He can't he can't get two hundred and thirty points in a season. So as ain't tell Frankie died on the hill that Wang Don mill to make. I'm still I'm so huge Wayne Gretzky fan. He's a great one. He's the great one literally teach off the guy floats while he's playing the pro-am people calling the great one. 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Download your free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits. Nah. Sweet dot com slash four pack to golf handicaps were yet. I'm currently I think a six Osgood. Mine's a million. I'm a terrible terrible golfer. But no, I think that's the beauty of golf fan. I look when I asked what people are handicaps is not to be like how good are you? I dislike to know. And I think the thing about golf that. I love is is just anybody can play it in in. It's funny. No matter what age you pick it up because I've had a lot of buddies now never really never played golf. And then you get him out there. And it's a dictator 'cause it's so hard, you know. So we you in your handicap, I go between the contaminant twelve better years. I'm I'm closer to ten obviously. But I have the sin called the butter knives. The skull FOX, so I can't hit a ball. But forty ours in it. I just can't do it. Yeah. You skulls it because I don't know. It's a mental thing. You know, why why can't give you a little tip love it? Okay. And I mean this like it helped me my golf game a lot. And so Matt killin who coaches Justin Thomas here again? Right. Dropped dropping. No. You don't do that. At all. It's part of the story. Right. Fuck off a walk out of here right now. Every. Out this four I hate to bring this up. But it's like when you have to say that you're from Harvard. You can't just say like you did go Harvard. So it's like you have to save Harvard, bro. Yeah. You did. Yeah. What what initial reaction? We always say like, oh what school? Do you go to? He has to say like, oh, it's Harvard and everyone was oh. But you did go to Harvard like your name dropping, but you did do stuff with these people. You do to do. You can't get around. So Matt killin? I was having the same issue, man. Like, that's the thing. Lot like Amador golfers on the short shots like that. And that's the thing that's kind of backwards again with the way sports has changed technology. All that. Like everybody's interested about bombing the ball now. But you bomb it on a par four that was made for clubs, you know, a three hundred and fifty five seventy five yard par four right? A lot of guys Alemi and even Amador's are bombing it out there three hundred dollars. Right. So you've got fifty five yards to the grain that we're talking about here here skull, FOX. Okay. So fifty five yards to the green. A lot of times people like you just don't have enough weight believe it or not on your front on your left leg. Like Matt killin was working with me before I got a the gave me eggs option to plant a web dot com event last year, which that's a whole other story. Yeah. I got some questions about the auditor was terrible. But I guess I can just justify some of it. But I will let's get back to this for second. I'll tell you that he told me Matt dead. He's like look Jake. You're just like you're too much on your back leg. So what happens is like on this little short shots, and either decelerate you like you either blade it or just chunk it. It's all over the place. It's I if I try and think about like, yeah. Let's use the balance. Let's let the club do the work. I'll just chunk down. And if I say, right. Let's go. Yeah. This is good. I'm giving a shout out to you Matt killing us. He's on amazing amazing guy when it comes. I mean, he coaches a Kenny Perry. Justin Thomas, J b Holmes. He's he's got a bunch of these guys. Anyways, his deal is he told me he's like just play that ball a little further up in your stance on the on your like, maybe off your front toe. Just like put put seventy thirty wait like seventy percent on your front leg significant. Yeah. Believe it or any kind of feels like you're all mostly. But what happens is like your angle of attack is always So Chris, but that way, and it'll be the main thing is that would keep you from blatant it, and that's what kids told you to freeze. All you gotta lean when he was doing the lean with the leg right now. So it'd be my right leg. Yeah. We have kids are on the show all ties. So he made his us. He's a loved to he made a video trying to help Frankie. He's had the same thing. And he basically. Tricks out little bit like little books. Good. I got only smoke some of those things. Oh, all right. So yeah, you have to be a country music star be able to say like to wear that. I can't walk around and islanders shirt and wearing those could. Oh, I can't I feel you have to just not give shit like well can't get up to like, obviously. I mean, I mean, you you also have to wreck. You're you're like a record. You're you're you're a star. I can't now actually I'm not we're loggers. This office wearing. Get killed in this people. I mean, you wouldn't wear them. You think you I don't think you'd get fired. Listen to me, I Mike Sandia para I'd wear them. Oh, my you'd see me walk up in your one. I would be unbelievable. Whilst any like. Who's like I once wore like, a cool guy shirt. They call the cool guy Frankie shirt, I wore a shirt with polka dots on it like paint splatter polka dots. And it was on every single video series. We have here. They're like look at Frankie trying to be cool guy Franken, so you go from this garb every day to then you came in with a cool guy. Sure. Now, you're gonna committee Waco stuff every day. I try to write your smack that I respect. Everybody. I'd love to say I hear you Buffalo Bills every Bill. Not only that think about this. A Buffalo Bills fan and the torture. He's had to go through. Wasn't about me. The music city miracle. That says it was a Ford pass. It was not a forward pass was pretty clear angle that it's not yet. They are back. Back. We can make this about the who was it who was it. The told us. Oh, yeah. Another namedrop namedrop cower. That's a Bill calorie. This the greatest this is why I love you guys. I love what you do. I I really do. I love what y'all new here personal sports for the just for every guy out there and girl that just appreciates like just good fun humor in sports, talk, and whatever. But this is a great great story. Dude. Probably like you're saying you're like manual rockstar. Whatever like bullshit, like I'm just a dude that somehow got lucky, and and there's so many amazing people that are talented in music, like I'm just like a piece of sand in what is huge beach, right and Iraq-style that was a lyric, by the way that you probably going. Piece of San BP. That's why I walk into this office. Like you hear me clanking around? I'm just saying. Get the fuck you. Frankie. Hi. So tell me this is in the coolest, and so this is like what I love the most about doing what I do is the things that I'm able to do now because of the, you know, platform, I ought to where I can share stuff like my friends, and my brother and all his so I again, this is a me drop names. I feel weird saying this like we got in. I don't even know how this happened like so good Obama were voice. So Peyton Manning. Okay. Is retiring what was that three years ago four years ago when you so he has he I get this may mazing text from Peyton saying, hey, man, you've been a part of my life outside of football. I played his charity of interview times with music, and he's always been a fan of what I do which is really cool some fan of his and he said, hey, I'd love for you to come out to my retirement party that his wife was thrown for him is in L A. I was like dang, man. I gotta be in candidate like the next day. I was like how can you pass up going to going to Peyton Manning's retirement? Party. I'm promising you when we got there. And I went with me we went at the time. Thanks to these folks who worked with its Cessna and stuff I had like a barter thing with them and they flew us out their private, and we're gonna fly us from there. The next day private to buffalo. So we can cross the border and go into Canada and play my show will were sitting at the bar at sunset marquee in L A, and I look over and Bill calories. Just sitting next to me. And I've I owners and I'd come across Bill before is when I was out on tour. Kenny Chesney, we played at the Steelers stadium, and he came out and whatever. So I was like, hey, Bill. He can't recognize and he's like, hey, Jay, what are you doing here? Are you going to pay this thing say, yeah? And he looks at Endo and he sees at Buffalo Bills. And he's like, you know, Jim Kelly is going to be there. Right. And at that moment and does kinda like seriously ever met, Joe Kelley. No. But it's like. And so we get there the way long story short. They'll cowers he by the way, I said Bill you wanna ride with us over there. Whatever it's like, oh, we're just gonna Uber. You know? Right. Bill cowardly. Bill. So Bill Keller hops in we all ride over there together. And he's like, I'm introducing you and to to Jim Kelly. So you introduces them to Jim Kelly. He they talked for a while we proceed to just get hammered drunk, and I'm thinking, you know, what I wonder if Jim excuse me owner Jim Kelly's going to buffalo tomorrow because I have a fly a private flight going to buffalo. Could that be you'd see if he'd come and until and whatever? So I was like, hey, hey, Jim, you know, are you going to buffalo tomorrow? He's like, yeah. Seven forty five. AM southwest flight L, Mike, cancel it yet. Listen, and I told him I was like something I play like I just got looking if they gave me the plan to use like you wanna fly with us. And he's like hail. Yes. Oh, my so the next morning check this out then. Yes. The next morning he meets us at the airplane and for four hours on the lane. He sits there and talks to Ando who's like been heartbroken four Super Bowls in a row, and he, but the stories Jim Kelly told me about everything he's been through from you know, his son that he lost to cancer is dealing with two. He was open right there in front of his wife about his trials and tribulations with like, an, you know, not being faithful, you know hose. Yeah. Tell all story ball of us. And then he and oh forever has always used a rubber band or like a hair tied at two as like a money clip. You know, and he pulled it out for something and Jim's like seriously, that's what you use like, you know, and and as I in in Jim goes from not an a hold on a second and look pulled out right now. And I'm talking about your money Clinton. Not your cock. Oh, real Bill bill's money clip that that that by the way, he pulled off his own wide and draw and gave it to Ando. And so my point in this long over, you know, long winded story is that it's cool to sing music. It's cool do whatever like to be able to do something like that. And have the ability that would have never happened. I don't know how in the world we got to the point where on a private jet with with Jim Kelly, and my best friend in the world who loves the bills in gets to sit there for four hours of them and talk to them about anything and everything and to me like out of all the shit. I've done in my career. I swear on my life. That moment was like the most fulfilling moment for me to see my buddy like lighter on you know, what I mean is super of the math things that had to happen for that this to to have them both sitting there is crazy Jesus. That's awesome. Yes. So tell us about how you play golf with Jesus Christ. I forgot this must be about golf me about anything. I got a good Jesus Christ Goff story. Do you want to hear? So so Jesus and Moses are playing golf together at Cyprus point. I don't know if you guys I've been been or know about Cyprus point. But number sixteen is just like two hundred and fifty yard over the ocean shot to small green. And so Jesus are Moses gets up there. And he hits, you know, he he's like what are you gonna hit? And he's like I'm going to five iron and Jesus is like a five iron. It's two hundred thirty arts. He's like it's what Arnold Palmer would do. And he's like, whatever. So he he hits shot out there and goes right in the ocean. And Jesus told you he's like, okay. A wherever will your Jesus they used apart the water, and I'll just go out there and hit my shot. He's like, no, no, no, no, no. You're going out there on your own. He's in. He's like, you know, you could walk on water. Can't you Jesus? He's like I didn't hit it there. You're going out there. So next thing, you know, you see Simos is he's. Going out there, and he's guys pull up on the T behind him. And they see Moses like literally like walking like partying LARs like walking on water out there to get his ball. And and he says who's this guy think he is Jesus Christ. Jesus goes. Nope. Thinks he's Arnold. Palmer. Uh-huh. About a big little being what about a that? You played Augusta. I have fuck off. You kidding me? No. That's your buddy getting the money clip is better than fucking playing Augusta. Totally. Oh, and I mean, I I shouldn't say it is a great. So I mean because to me Gusta here though. Yeah. And look me in again, like just notice respect to Augusta National and all the kind people that have taken me to play there. What do you mean all of them? How many times have you played? I've played a lot. Oh my God. What are we doing with this guy? You kidding? It was I've had some amazing experiences. There at Augusta. I don't like to talk about it. Honestly a lot. And I'll tell you why. Like, one of the thing they ask you. When you go there as they say, look, we're glad to have you here and everything, but like just please kind of try to keep this like this is a special place here. So actually was doing an interview few weeks ago when someone asked me about it and to tell them about my round, and I'm like man, I just really want to talk about so expect like I want to go back there and play again. And it's just further builds the mystique of it that you played there. And you can't talk about that makes people all about that mystique. We've I've been there. I watched the guys they float out of the trees and they're wearing green jackets whenever something we were there for a practice round. And and say let you guys in there. Oh, I was in there. We bought tickets. Sunday that Sergio one I was I was bouncing around like a rabbit that was in every every good shot. That was at that day. I was right there on the ropes. Somehow, we saw these guys appear out of these trees, and then they just disappeared. Like, it was a little tree ocean on the green. And all of a sudden these guys just appeared in green jackets, and then they disappeared back into the alleyway. So we know all get Sergia story for you. Oh, here we go. Let's go played with Sergio in my best friends. Mardy fish? I grew up with mardi Marty play professional tennis for Lauda years, but Marty's a member BelAir in LA, and he's really good friends with Sergio. So he asked he's completed the so play with him in at air after the nine toll. You have to go through this some like tunnel. Getting an elevator go up through the clubhouse stopped get yourself cocktail, and they walk out on the terrorists to the tenth t box, which is a par three. And as we get up there. We're grabbing a drink in this old guy spots Sergio, so he comes over to him. And he does one of these things where he puts his hands on both of his shoulders, and he goes. Sergio. I got it till you. He's like, you're just such a wonderful, man. And I love watching you play golf, and my wife, and I we just got back from Italy. And we lovely KOMO, and I just love your country and Joseph Sergio's like, oh sink is so much still. He's like I just wanted you to know is Italy's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in the whole time. I'm sitting there thinking like the skies off off I'm like surges from buck and Spain. Spanish, you know, what I mean like, but the guy, but the best part about it was is Sergio is just like, oh, thank you so much so nice of you to say that. We turned around and walked off. And he's like I'm from fucking Spain. So those those like my highlight of surprise you just took care. Well, that's what's cool, man. He's like, you know, and he gets a lotta shit. I'll be honest. I told him that like, dude, I didn't like you. I've never liked you. I just didn't wanna like you kind of like kind of like struck me as like kind of like a is a brat. He's a little. Yeah. Self you know, but like after planning with with him that day Goff. He's a great guy. And he's in. I've learned that about a lot of people, man. I think we all like sometimes put like, you know, we preface people based off things we've heard we've done that on this podcast, many a times, and you meet the person rice and Jason Thomas couple who Bubba Watson. Bryson the guy who I he's a nerd he's a fucking nerd, and I think everything about is nerdy. I think he's not genuine, and then he came on the podcast. Bodied me. A couple of times Frankie on sharing me for not hitting wedges. He goes, at least, I don't have the you know, what he said to me one time, and this is for you, Brian. So I the guys at Cobra Puma golf like have been good to me for so many years. Like, that's that's the orange. I play the everything. And so I was in the trailer at Phoenix Open, and he came walking in and I was like abra. I never met him. Hey, how you doing? Congrats on everything you know, like what you're doing. I was like dude I grabbed your clubs earlier out of your bag, which by the way, his grips. I don't know if you know. And all about it. But it they're so weird. Yeah. Mike things are unbelievable. And he goes into like this ten minute dissertation about like, Jake. You should really. I mean, these one linked clubs leagues, really tribal. But y and fuck I'm like, dude. I would rather fuck and shoot a hundred with my shady clubs than ever have to go through that ten minute. Fucking story. You know, what I mean, just like dude just let me get back to regular golf science like a scientist designed just wanna come. You asked him about the clubs, and he said how he's changing the game of golf, and how kids in the future only going to have to get one iron and learn one wing and all is actually cool. It takes people that are crazy sometimes that crazy, but like has their own way of doing things in or look y'all did it. I mean, look barstool sports, right? Like, you did a cool thing that's different than in. And I'm sure there's lots of people these fucking idiots. Great. Yeah. No, definitely. What would you? And you tell you what stories I've never met Tiger Woods, man. Always. I I only we'll see should I now do it. Just do it. Will it happens? It's like an Augusta story. I will say though, he was there when I was there, and it was like the couple of weeks before the masters that made me feel chilly eat like, I I'm more of those. I love everyone in a goes. I think they know that how much I respect the place, but I was staying on the putting green, and I didn't know there judo's on the putting green with another buddy mine is very famous person. And when this when Tiger Woods walk by. And neither one of us knew I looked in my buddy who was totally bitching out dude who just like. I think did you just totally. But the coolest part was about it is like he didn't even acknowledge her existence. He's he just stone cold just walked right passes. But he has that aura about it. Yeah. I was gonna say it was he sparkling. No. He wasn't sparked. I figured like Tiger Woods. You can't see him at Augusta. I figured he'd just like black. He was the same way. Like, he's almost like a go-slow. Yeah. He's walking around the place, you can tell but he's kind of trying to get hotter. Like sometimes like the ghosts will come down in at as I call. There goes tiger. He's been here for a thousand years, but the minute the sun comes up tug at the ghost Tigers already playing like the tenth hole in the morning. I feel like yeah. Just walking down tiger. Yeah. Who doesn't know mayb- speaking of which the match-play championship right is going on right now had just finished up. His who won kids are boy kiss, his one milk. Crazy. So who beat tiger tiger beat Rory's? Right. You're a guard guy. You're a tiger beat ROY in the morning. And then and then kids ended up one of the whole thing. I actually got a picture from kids this morning. He has a look at his foot. He said he got a unknown injury last night. That's probably that was maybe this from all that walking during a match. Yeah. Probably sure. No, definitely kids. Want to beat Matt Kuchar was awesome. Great kids. One of our guys one point seven million. Pretty good day. I did give Phil Mickelson a lotta shit though, at Jordan speech, wedding, Jordan, got married in November. And Phil was there and it was the day after he played tiger. Oh, and I walked up to him. And I was like this funny story. I said, hey, he didn't he didn't really know me other than he and I won the Arnold Palmer award together the Arne award, which they give to like golfers who give back golf digest us. And we want it together at Pebble Beach other than I don't think he really liked new me or anything. But I just I had a few cocktails and I saw him across the room. And I was like I gotta get tell the scout. I think so walked over to fill Eulmi fucking twenty nine ninety nine. And he's like what he's he's like what he's he's in the middle of a conversation. I was like basically kind of looked at me like who is this guy. I'm like dude seriously, you'll between hundred nine as like for wasting four hours of my life with shittiest golf I've ever seen like you. You. Like, the best golf you guys hyped. This whole thing up about this big match. You guys couldn't even make three birdies between the two of you. I want my twenty nine ninety nine back and apologized to me for some shady go God. And he pulls out a wad out of his out of his thing. And he grabs a hundred a hundred dollar Bill. He's like his one ninety thousand of these yesterday. Oh, I guess take a hundred and go fuck yourself. Right. He real swear you did. And then so I was like so I got real wasted, man. Like real hammered at his wedding. And the next morning. My girlfriend was like a I don't know if you like if you have Phil Mickelson's number or not. But the best part was like he was avoiding me all night because so hammered just ripping on him. And then at the end the end of the night, we I was going back to like the trolley that gets us back to the or shuttle that gets us back to the hotel. And I'm I'm stumbling to the trolley man like that's what you do at weddings time. And I'm stumbling to this trolley because it's my girlfriend's had enough. She's pregnant, you know, she's totally sober. She's like, let's get you out. Here is terrible. And we get to the trolley were waiting, and as we walk halfway, and I look up and the other two people waiting for the trolley was fill in Amy. Yeah. He's looking he's like, oh my God. He's like so pissed like he's going to have to ride the next morning. My girlfriend tells me like a big dick like your total, dick. And I'm thinking sitting there thinking, like whatever, you know. It was just having fun. Good time. So fast forward to this year, the Phoenix Open. Now, it's been since November. I hadn't seen or talked. And I was worried I was worried he's gonna be pissed and I find out the first day of Phoenix Open of the Phoenix Open. Pro in the reason, I is bringing this up. You're talking about cuter. I I got paired with Phil Mickelson and the Marone. Yeah. And I walked up to the thi box thinking like, dude. I gotta apologize whatever. And as I'm walking up to the thi box filled looks. I mean, he's like JD. Oh, this is gonna be funded day. And it was silk. As like, listen, man. I'm so sorry. He's like Jake seriously in this. Now, this what I like about Phil even more now is Phil can be that guy to that you see on TV and think that he's too serious or you know, he gets a bad rap sometimes on that phonies. Phonies, not he's the funniest coolest dude in the world. And we played that. I'd never played with them in play nine holes that day, and then I switched and played with future after but he told me Jake, I love that. You did that you weren't even you weren't out of place at all. He's like it was really funny. And he said I wish more people like giving she's because everyone like give them kisses his. I thought it was hilarious. Yeah. Maybe not so much thought. It was fun. That's crazy. Roller coaster that was a while as a roller coaster in the beginning of it. I wanted to like crawl out of the studio because I was so I can't believe someone would approach someone like that. But like you said like you just told him out. It was we all wanted to go all the money that bought that thing and wash it was like really I spent four hours of my if you had the balls to say at the Phil Mickelson insane. It's it's amazing him going. I got ninety thousand of these fucking. He did. He did such a good live. We gotta hear about playing the web dot com about half to hear about it. First of all the one day on here about is. When you bury that guy on Twitter this like random, Doug, dude? Here's the thing. I I know for a fact like there's this misconstrued story that I went to college to play golf, right? Much wind brother who's here. I told you about he played full ride at Florida state, and I had some smaller scholarships to go smaller schools, but they didn't have a scholarship from me at Florida state. So I was going to go there and just do the golf team are try to walk on the team. But I went early to do summer camp ended up not working out. And quite frankly, it was misconstrued as if I played there. I didn't play there because honestly just wasn't good enough. And and so I'm okay to say that, but with that said, I still love golf and all these years later people still think that like I'm this big offering they offered me a exemption at the web dot com. That was played in Nashville, and it was Snickers charity. It was kinda running it. So they thought it'd be good to have me there as like to help with the publicity of it. And I was a little nervous. Like do. I practice hard. That's where the whole Matt killin thin. Came in and worked with me for while. And I'm else striping it. I thought there's no way I wanna go out there and shoot any worse. Like if I play battle shoot seventy eight seventy nine FOX police more. My dad was going to caddy for me. But I got out there the first day and after the front nine I made a nine on the ninth hole. I was playing pretty well up until the ninth one hit two out of bounds off the tee. And I just I was pissed and so I shot like forty four or something on the with a nine on the whole and some asshole on Twitter starts chiming in like who brew or why is why are they letting this this piece of shit play? I mean, you can't even break forty on the front nine he's making nine out there, whatever. And I was just like, bro, you you're welcome to come here and kiss my ass. Because I'm not last I checked like, I'm not I'm not a pro golfer. I'm not trying to be a pro golfer. I'm desire trying to have a good time. I mean, you're you and your nine followers. Or whatever. But I didn't play. Well, though, I shot two eighty sixes. Okay. I got eighty six. Oh, yeah. But you know, what on hill Cabrera played in front of me the guy won the master's and the US open. He shot eighty four the first day. Okay. So yeah, you're allowed to shoot Eighty-six. Like, yeah. You're saying you're not out there trying to forgive masters. I wasn't just oh I really wasn't trying to. But like that's the thing in general. I've learned in you guys knows like people are haters. There's all kinds of haters out there. Just really I feel like I'm going to do that just likes being with his friends and having a good time. And I'm like a normal guy. Right. Like, and I get people focused all the time. Like, they owe you skies, not countrywide you sing a country me like, but I finally just got to appoint a life where it's don't care. What people think man? And I don't think it's it's fair to go back at him either. And be like f you, you know, whatever. But I'm just kind of I kind of more comfortable these days in my skin of just like enjoying life in the things I get to do. And also, you can think of it the other way like we were saying like we give Bryson a lot of hate until he came onto our podcast Billick. He now, I can probably think of that. When people hate me. It's like, well, they don't know me yet. Right. Like, the they they can see things that I do that. They don't like. Tweet at me and hate me. But like the day that I meet them like at a bar or something they'll be, you know, he's not that bad. So it's the same thing we do on this podcast. And we ended up meeting the person's like oh shit. Like Bryson's actually, cool, dude. Yes. That's the same thing. So yeah. And it's cool. You said that because I mean, you guys just even have me on here on this on. I mean, I've I've played music for lots of years and that, and that's what people know me. You don't get on stage. It's like seeing seeing like be won't get to know my personality on news stories. So what you guys are doing here. Even for me is like giving me a chance to introduce myself to people out there that that that are that you guys have built a following on that they get maybe in a way they didn't. So maybe maybe turned the douche meter around on some of the city or just like shoot the shit be a really cool. Formal dude is incredibly reveal and most people would never be able to figure that out because like you said, you're either protected or doing it's this PR that PR where you're just up on stage of people don't really know who this guy is so few to shoot the shit as awesome. Last thing. We gotta get to talk about the album. Let's let's plug the out. Thanks, man. I appreciate that. I again, like I'm just out of place in life where I'm really discount. Happy like with who. I like because I think no matter what people tell you or not, you know, every one of us. I think and as a man, I I can tell you like, I'm there's things I'm insecure about you know, what I mean? I'm okay to say that out loud in front of a bunch of other dudes. And that's okay. Like, but you learn as you go through life that those sorts of things like don't matter you become more confident. And I think this record for me is like the most confident I've ever felt making music because I have felt when I say insecure, I feel like I have be from Vero Beach, Florida. I grew up on the beach. I that doesn't mean anything about country music or I love it. And I have a deep history into that. But I think this record now when people listen to this record for anybody that would have ever thought they like, I'm not like don't know anything about country music. It's my way of like showing everyone and then now seeing like man like this in a cool place, and he really liked his records, really countries. Got some great songs on it. But then it's also got this stuff on there that I that I love doing to like the more coastal Floridian sort of thing. We're on my my roots. But jets called greetings from Jake. You just came out last Friday. Day. And I'm really proud of it. I've had number one off of it with. I was Jack you're dying down to the honky tonk did really well for us. And our new song that's about come out. It's called drink all day. Can't drink. All dave. You'll start a morning you through song and great. Great. So Dave is right. Yeah. You know, how that is? I mean, you get on that golf course. Eight AM and your buddies like really want to be to it's eight AM say ginger start started morning. Well, everybody go check it out go, and you're the man, you're great, dude. Couple you have a couple I've I've a golf playlist and I'm getting ready to reveal to the World Cup comb Rigsby playlists, call rigs e jams Jay because our fans like to give me nicknames. But I got a couple of your songs on ninety bear barefoot barefoot blue Jean night is on their beaches on their nice. So big fan. We share come by a lot of good stories. Thank you very much. Yeah. Of course, man. Thank you guys so much, and this was really cool being able to come in here today and everybody it looks like they're working in years having a good time. So next time you skull fucking ball. I want you tweeted at me because I think it's it's contagious and aimed to share. And then when we were off here, my twin brother, I have a like a golf hole at my house has got I built this little pond in its green on the other side of the pond. So you hit across the pond of this. This shots only like two hundred fifty yards and my brother who was out there with a sailor day. And he can't stand it because I was videotaping him any halls. Oh, rocketed like. Yeah. It is. It's kind of like a skull fund. Yeah. That is our man, we appreciate it. Big. Thank you.

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