Hour 2: Aaron Rodgers Still That Dude


Comes to scoring great hires for Your Business. You may be up against a few obstacles especially right now that's why you need ziprecruiter on your team ziprecruiter's powerful matching technology hustles for you to find people with the right skills and experience for your job and invites them to apply. In fact, four out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. So win the hiring game with Ziprecruiter, try Ziprecruiter for free go to ziprecruiter dot com slash Max that's ziprecruiter dot com slash Max Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire. Max Kellerman show the PODCAST. The cowboys since. Two thousand ten. On average. When eight and a half and lose seven and a half games there were tick above average. Steven Jones real good GM considering daddy owns the team and that's why he has the job. It's an amazing job like you understand most GM's in the NFL have a lifetime of experience but not just that they've had to grind their way up and work their way up the ladder and then they get the job. Because they're better than the people around them, that's not Steven, Jones? Daddy owns the team. So he got the job eventually not that he hadn't paid dues, but that's the reason. He has the job unlikely therefore that he'd be a tick above average hard to be an average NFL GM, a hard job. And he's better than just average by a little bit. But. That's why the cowboys are not great. Because they have. been above average GM but not an elite, GM. And that's because Jerry Jones Ego can't take the story being anyone about anyone other than himself. So his son runs the team. With him? And the coach can't be a guy who's going to get more credit than Jerry. So it can be Mike McCarthy, but it can't be Jimmy. Johnson Bill parcells. And that's why so-called America's team is a tick above average. That's it. And that's why they lost the seahawks. Let me look the specific answers. In this case are Russell Wilson's a little better than what he was better than Dak. Prescott Prescott was very good against a bad Seattle Seattle. Pass Defense and Russell Wilson was even better. Yes. The Bad Dallas past defense. Here's Pete Carroll on after the game on. Russell, Wilson's ability to bounce back in the final drive. We're so accustomed to absolutely are just anticipating that we're going to go score and and. Look there was a moment in there. We said you know feel wins it, and then we looked each other. Touchdown. and. It was really cool. See Compete again like he does. Russell Wilson's one of the greatest quarterback of all time, and he's in his absolute prime, and he's certainly one of the five best quarterbacks in the world and some would say he's the best quarterback in the world and the best football player in the world right now and they have a hell of a case. I would put him third behind Patrick Mahomes one. Aaron Rodgers to. And Russell will. But I think maybe the most provable case over the last, let's say three years or five years who's been the best quarterback over that time Russell Wilson. Some some players are like that in no one year. Would you say he definitely is the best this year but if you took a three or five year and they're the best over three or five years, which is very impressive and that's Russell Wilson and maybe this series also just the best. I'd taken third. The cowboys to me or the story though I thought once they treated for Jamal Anderson. Sorry Jamal. Adams. Who I thought even that. As it turns out. He wasn't the best player in the draft I, thought if you WANNA, make sure you take player in this draft with the highest floor, Jamal? Adams would be an excellent NFL player is. Why don't usually a safety doesn't tip the balance but look what Minkah Fitzpatrick did for the steelers last year Jamal Adams once they made that move on the seahawks I thought okay and decay mccafe's a year older. Seahawks are the best team in the conference. The Dallas Cowboys. Lost to the best team in the conference. Maybe. Certainly one of them. No big deal. Right? They made it again. They're wanting to now it's bottom line and they were lucky to get the one. Win Lucky to beat the Falcons. They can't rely on entire special teams unit. Not Jumping on an onside kick with the game on the line. Right. That's not something you can rely on consistently otherwise there are only three but I don't think there knowing three type team. I. Think they're an eight team like every year nine, hundred, seventy, eight that's the cowboys for every time they go ten, we're eleven or twelve win season they have ten or eleven or twelve win loss season you know like that since two, thousand, ten, I'm not making it up. Last year they were eighth year before nine and seven. Ten and six that averaged out to nine and seven but they're one and two this year bringing it below nine and seven and then. Going back all the way to two thousand, ten those years. Eight and a half and seven, and a half the average on the on average eight and a half games they lose seven and a half. That's them take above average. Well the year they're loaded with talent I. guess Although how much of that is they have a lot of talent but how much of that is there so heavily publicized that we are familiar with the players on the team. Meantime. Rams fans and listen I like the RAMS I was out in La when they got him when they got him back there actually the heritage team readers are still the most popular professional football team in La but the rams are the heritage team. And with the best history by the way in La and. I wish them well, I hope they do well. You didn't get robbed. Rams, fans, he didn't like. They were coming back on the bills and you don't want to see a game decided in a high leverage moment by a bad call. It wasn't the worst call ever saw but I think the rest probably blew that call right? But really what we're upset about is a an epic comeback was stalled out by a referee blowing the whistle. Right by by. Extracurricular curricular stuff and they got it wrong probably like you could maybe call that allow. But listen if Josh Allen doesn't get the pass off you don't get the pass interference call luck is the residue of design Josh Allen. scored. Five Four touchdowns and a touchdown run. Through for four rushed for one five, TD's. That's not getting robbed on a call. That's a great young quarterback, which is what he looks like so far this year. Having a great game and digging a hole that you had to that you couldn't quite get out of. Tom Brady had a big game against the broncos team. That is terrible. Big. Deal. Aaron Rodgers drew brees a pretty good Aaron Rodgers Oh my God. Maybe. They were smart and Green Bay. Good and clinched right the GM instead of drafting a receiver because this was the even without Davante Adams yesterday instead of driving receiver draft Aaron Rodgers replacement before you even know him. Light. A fire under Rogers who just went thirteen and three, and now is in year two of a system he understands better. Coach takes the handcuffs off a little bit. Let them do as Aaron Rodgers thing by the way they was thirteen and three with a playoff win against Seattle last year and they're better this year. Past. Protections. Better. Arron Rogers looks. There's no one. I'd rather have other than patrick mahomes than Aaron Rogers. Rogers looks in credible so far. He's looks back to his prime self. Eighty eight say ESPN by the way not only was whence terrible. Job Borough. Lord Studios this lookie. Was the best quarterback on the field. And How many guys would you want over jober over the next three or five years? He's going to be really really good. John New Jersey you're on the Max Kellerman show ESPN radio. Max Winston play well, yesterday I thought he played well. I'd only did play better than he did the. Weeks one and two. I wouldn't consider trading and what would do was you consider trading Zach Ertz for some offense align how even though Eagles Have Dallas Scott also who's a proven commodity? Would you consider trading? Zakar, it's for maybe Zach Morton for small fence line out the eagles have the niners, the steelers and the Ravens next week. So it's Badly. Rating wentz right now. I think once has regressed shockingly. I think he's a mess right now I think he was much more reliant upon. Than I realized. I he's one of the worst quarterbacks in football. This year is capable of doing things that are eye-popping, but he doesn't do them consistently what he does consistently make bag bad decisions. Resist the coaches offense doesn't like to run RPO's. Forces the ball tries to play hero ball poorly executes on several passes. If he happens to come up with one miracle type pass, he's really bad right now is one of the worst starters in football right now I don't think it's like, Hey, if they get if they first of all integrating an offensive line piece is no small thing sometimes takes like a year or more even if you bring in a veteran so like. To. Try to salvage the eagles season 'cause they play in a bad division right now by making a move by trading your best offensive player, I don't. It's not something I would do if are the eagles. News from Max Kellerman nation. Look at this whole nation. John. Just hit us up on the DR pepper a call in line. Right, where's John John is oh? Yes. John New. Jersey that was him right I see how this works now Them come quick on the uptake there Raj. Brian Nutley you're on the Max Kellerman, show ESPN radio. Brian. Thanks for having me. I'm a wanted to call and talk about Sam Darnold man I mean listen. The dumpster fire. There's a lot of pundits out there. I really can't call you to task too much with it. I. Don't know if that's you but everyone talks about how nice guy is and he's a kid. I thought that SAM. darnold. I thought Sam Darnold was going to be a very. Good quarterback for a long time a B. Plus right for a while. I don't think he was going to be great but I thought I was going to be good for a while and it just goes to show you. It's not just drafting identifying talent because there aren't that many can't miss talents quarterback especially, right? Very dependent upon coaching the coaching environment. and. So I didn't think darnold was immune to like a bad situation, right? A, lot of its development, it's drafting and development. darnold is with a sorry franchise and it stalled his development but I think he has the potential to be even still a good quarterback for a number of years never thought he'd be great but I still think he could be good. Christie and Pittsburgh you're on the Max Kellerman show. ESPN. Radio. Max Our you. Good Christie. How are you? Good. Thank you I. Just WanNa Talk to you about Carson Wentz I. Think you are throwing him under the bus way too soon i. mean we're GONNA pandemic. Guys are getting hurt left and right. I think you're expecting a gourmet meal when there's no ingredients to make it with you know I don't know last announced black we'll look I thought wentz was terrific in sixteen seventeen. Thousand and sixteen I thought he was the MVP. Until he got hurt I thought it was okay. The next year was great. I thought last year he was really bad in the second half of the season when he was getting all this credit for lifting his team in fact, identified was poor decision making. and. Poor execution. He had some eye-popping stuff that made people feel playing hero ball that made people think that he was really good including me like Oh my God. It reminds you what he did in two thousand sixteen followed by this. Oh my God did you see that throw followed by? Bad decision bad. Throw bad throw. It was like a three to one ratio and he was in the. Division, maybe ever in the NFC east last year, and then when you look, you know he got healthy against the cowboys but especially like the giants in Washington and then when you look at what the other quarterbacks in the division were doing against those teams, a rookie and Daniel Jones backups in Washington, right when you all the other quarterbacks division were beating the. Teams Carson Wentz was getting healthy against better than he was playing against those teams better than he was. Let's not forget late in the game in the fourth quarter on third down in high leverage moments whence would kill them with turnovers. Sometimes, they got lucky and recovered the ball, but he was killing him I thought he was bad that now many people are laskey. Who is a tremendous football analyst by the way best breaking down film or at least The best exposer of football ideas while breaking down film of anyone I've seen since Jon Gruden was doing right on ESPN. On TV. And but I think he has a saw spot for Wednesday I disagreed with him about this and I was saying last year once is not good guys. Certainly not elite. If you want to say the talent makes them top fifteen or something I'm not GonNa argue with you but top five top ten crazy. You know who saw what I saw. The Eagles Front office how he row spin instead of packaging the second round pick to move up and get CD. Lamb. Drafted Jalen hurts in the second round. They just won the division drafted quarterback. In the second round they just gave contract one, hundred, twenty, million, dollar contract Carson wentz drafted a quarterback in the second round well, because he's injury prone, they're hedging get Outta here they want depth at back quarterback stop it you can get those guys. Tolls Live foals is still floating around who won you a super bowl. No they they saw what I saw the man was regressing. And he has regressed further. If this is not something new, this is a continuation of what we saw last year by the way meantime Nick Foles I want to give him credit where credit's due nick foles under chip first. Let's go back to the PAC twelve. I moved to L. A. Do. L.. A. Radio. I wasn't so deep into the pack twelve back then by like who cares really. You know s e faced all those problems and they weren't a powerhouse anymore and who really cares right? I was told how Great Matt Barkley was playing for the TROJANS. And so I start watching PAC twelve a lot and we're talking about it on the air and I noticed clearly Andrew Luck is what people are saying he's great. He's better than everyone else who's the second best I heard a lot about Matt Barkley I heard a lot about brock osweiler. They wanted Barclay to be the Guy Osweiler was tall. That's a very tall. But he was okay Nick foles was clearly the second best quarterback in the PAC twelve behind Andrew luck and I remember sc going to Arizona and Nick Foles dicing of slicing and dicing. This. Guy's good. Then he gets drafted he plays for Chip Kelly Twenty seven touchdowns. Two interceptions people still don't believe him for some reason. Goes. To Jeff Fisher. He's awful I mean like if you're with chip Kelly, you're really good with Jeff Fisher really bad. If you give him the right coach. She can really produce now with the eagles later on, he goes back to the eagles later on. As Carson. wentz. As backup wentz is having this amazing MVP, but foles is the guy who takes and leads them on that improbable run through the playoffs and win Super Bowl Mvp and he does it by lifting his team when they need him too and by getting his team to believe. He has this effect. He's one of these pixie dust players. He, makes people want to play with this guy clearly. And the next year Carson Wentz is only okay and they're gonNA miss the playoffs Nick foles takes over one gets hurt please them into the playoffs leads them to the playoffs going to winning streak. Late, make the playoffs they go to soldier field they're supposed to get killed by the bears defense don't forget last year. A lot of people were saying was this last year two years ago already forget the point is a lot of people's use a lot of people were saying. That the bears defense makes them super bowl contenders they may come out of the NFC. Nick. Foles beat him. He led the Eagles to a win at soldier field. Now. That's not a tough enough place to play go. Play New Orleans at New Orleans, in the dome. And they were the favorites in the NFC. By the way, he almost beat the saints at the Saints after being the bears at Chicago. That was like you're not very seldom does it go back to back super? Bowl? Wins, right. But Nick foles a super bowl MVP. that. WAS A. Title Defense Right The champion went out but he went out with a road win against. I. Playing team into the playoffs then a road win against Chicago and very merely a road win against new. Orleans. Then, he goes to Jacksonville they're no good not a good team. They looked a little better than they actually were. Not a good team and he didn't do well just like he didn't do well with Jeff Fisher. And now he gets traded to Chicago. And Mitch Trubisky an athletic quarterback it's hard to tell Mitch Trubisky Josh. Allen. Lamar. Who's going to be the best among them Lamar Jackson and just been great. Josh. Allen is sending and now looks Great Mitch. TRUBISKY's not good. It's hard to tell with prospects. Especially Athletic quarterbacks who's GonNa be able to develop the accuracy down the field and the decision making Lamar Jackson Check Josh Allen Check so far. Mitch Trubisky. No but they get nick foles, tobacco them up and what happens yesterday? Oh I don't know he comes in and throws three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to win the game. This dude, it's not a mirage with nick foles. If you give him the right coaching. Nick foles is a killer, a killer and his teammates obviously love him. They lay better when he is the quarterback everywhere he goes whenever he has the right coach. There's nothing. No, there's not a mirage. He was great in college. He was great early in his career with the right coaching. He was great with the right coaching when he got his chance with the eagles. I expect him to be great in. CHICAGO. 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The paralleled success Rogers giving me too much to read eight, hundred, Eighty, eight, say Espn Eight, eight, eight, seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six, the Max. Kellerman. Show is presented by progressive insurance. All guests join us on the Shell Pennzoil performance line. So. The heater in they beat the Celtics I thought the Celtics win that series seven, even with Gordon Hayward healthy for the first two games I now think the heat we're going to win this series because when it mattered most the heat were better than the Celtics tatum's not quite ready to lead a team to the Promised Land I, think he will be soon. Meantime Jimmy Butler has got a lot of help. Not, just tyler hero who at the age of twenty is doing some superstar things in these playoffs. But of course, Gore drug choose the UNSUNG hero for a lot of the play offs. Duncan Robinson who there's a difference between three point special that guy shoots the he's a three point special and a guy like Dunkin Robinson, he's an elite three point specialists. And of course. BAM, out of bio. Who is Look Kendrick. Perkins isn't wrong when he he said he's the third best big in the game. Maybe he's certainly an elite big in this modern NBA. Here, he is. Talking about having to face Lebron James and the Lakers. Beyond the dog man nobody thought we'd get this far but we're going to go I'll play hard. We're underdogs always say so using go out there play harding. We toss the ball of Su who went. Well you are underdogs damn. But plenty of people thought you could get this far including me like usually in the NBA they're only two or maybe three team. So you think really have a chance to win a title, but to tell you the truth going into these playoffs, I thought clippers were going to win os raw mavericks had a chance I. Thought the Nuggets and the jazz maybe on the outside, it would be impossible but not in think. So the Lakers obviously had a chance I did not think Portland would win. I thought in the east. The Bucks. Raptors Celtics. At not the Sixers Simmons got hurt. Bucks. Raptors Celtics and heat. All had a chance I. didn't pick the heat. But I certainly thought it was possible. They could win most years. You only two or three teams could possibly even win this year was different. Meantime the Lakers Lebron James. Is. No one in Kareem you say, Kareem. As an overall basketball player was inferior to Lebron at his age in the sense that. Lebron is seventeen years in better than Kareem was seventeen years into Kareem's NBA career but Kareem was the greatest college player who ever lived. And given the amount of time Kareem was in College of course, he has more wear and tear on them and has played more basketball than Lebron by the time. He's a similar age, right? So even though it's not. Just. Eliminate how just talk about NBA. Lebron better seventeen years into his NBA career way better than anyone. who ever lived seventeen years in? No one's close. For career value in the NBA Lebron is all ready to go. But I don't think that's what we mean. When we say go I think what we mean is not just overall career value. I think what we mean is. What was the sustainable peak of the performance? For example, Nolan Ryan was a great pitcher for like twenty five years agreed pitcher. He was never as good as Sandy Colfax Colfax had a prime. That was four five years long. But colfax is greater pitcher at least when I talk about who's greatest I'm talking about long as you had a decent can't just be like a season or two. It can't be bill. Walton's won MVP year. But if you had a half a decade even at your peak and your peak was the highest ever. That's I think what we mean when we say greatest. So Jordan's peak was the highest ever. But Lebron. Let me tell you what Lebron? Has Done. Regular season. K. D. in two thousand fourteen wins the MVP and deserved. It became a much better defensive player and legitimately deserve the award. This is not like when Charles Barkley or Karl. Malone. We'll get the sympathy MVP when Jordan was in the League because you don't WanNa give it to the same guy ten times in a row. Jordan got five. He deserved ten easily like there was no close him. But you don't WanNa. Do that. Actually was the MVP of the regular season that year I was like really Lebron in your prime. But then at the end of the playoffs, Lebron's the best sorry Lebron for someone to you. Then came steph shooting from half court basically. Ball not sticking with them with with his handles like a mobile artillery unit. Shooting the lights out leading a team to seventy three wins. Sorry. Lebron steffes league, he should be the starve space jam to his league. Than the playoffs came and by the time it was over sorry Lebron's here league. Then, came for me honest. Oh, my God that regular season given the bronze age look at Yawn. Playoffs ended now Lebron the honest good as you and now Kawai. What a postseason from Kawai. Now we're heading into the finals loop. Sorry Lebron you're still the best. That's four really good contenders to the title that Lebron is now bumped off. K. D. don't tell me Okay do you want to rings against shut up? Katie joined seventy three win team and the re, and at that point no one could beat them and the reason he did that was because he couldn't beat Lebron neither could the warriors alone they had to join forces even the warriors first title against Lebron took place without Kevin love or Kyrie irving the bronze second best player was Matthew Della. Vedova give me a break. He won that series with any help at all against the warriors, and then he did beat them the next year when the warriors got even better. Linked up with candy because it was an admission of by the warriors and Katie, we can't beat this guy. Under normal circumstances. Now, then all contenders smoke has settled when when the dust has settled, Lebron remains standing and at the end of this heat series. He will remain standing the Lakers are GonNa, win the championship this year, and it's because of the best player on earth. Who for the really for the second time I didn't think Katie was better than him and I didn't believe you honest really was until the end of that postseason, I needed to see it. But. I thought Steph was better and I thought Kawai was better and I was wrong both times. Lebron James remains on the throne as he has since he took over from Kobe for what ten years now it's Remarkable he is the second greatest player who ever lived behind. Michael Jordan. The winner of tonight's Monday night football game. Who's going to be the best in the AFC? Last take next Max Kellerman show Max the podcast. The Max Kellerman show on ESPN radio ESPN news the ESPN APP and Sirius Xm Channel Eighty and on your smart speaker reach me at eight eight, eight, say Espn Eight, eight, eight, seven, nine, three, seven, seven, six. The Monday night football preview is brought to you by progressive insurance. Okay. So, here we go. Also my last week. Patrick Mahomes, versus Lamar Jackson. Has. been the question has been asked for the last couple of years is this going to be the new Tom Brady peyton manning is this going to be the best rivalry in sports I never thought so I never thought Lamar Jackson would be on Patrick Mahomes is level however Ryan Clark on I take today. Brought up a statistic that others have cited. Lamar Jackson because the question on I take was. Who has to be better to in order to win this game? WHO has a bigger and I said really question was who has to have a big green said actually, mahomes has to be have a big game and that may be counterintuitive because most people feel like the ravens offense is so built around Lamar Jackson where's Patrick? Mahomes has all these weapons. You can put another quarterback in and Kansas City is still score points but how would you run that offense without Lamar Jackson but in fact, I look at Kansas City and think this is a team which two years ago their defense stop them from winning super. Bowl and in fact, they should have won the super bowl they Tom Brady had just thrown a pick to end the game and the refs called it back because pre-snap penalty ridiculous didn't have any effect on anything and The, whatever they blew the whistle patriots usually get the whistle and. They. They, they brought it back and. Homes have touch the ball again brady in. Overtime. Scores, and that's it. Chief should have gone to the Super Bowl where I believe they would have beaten the rams but they didn't end. The fact of the matter is at the time I thought maybe the rams win that game because the rams I just was not impressed with the chiefs defense. I thought that she was a little bit underrated but really that's why. You looked at. I. Looked at them anyone I thought their little overrated because the defense is really not quite good enough yet. Then they revamped defense and last year it was underrated. And it was the reason they won really along with mahomes comeback. The defense tightened the screws on the niners in the Super Bowl, and anyway was a little underrated throughout the season. Pretty good. And now, this year, they look more like two years ago than they did last year. So mahomes has to be better than ever in order to win whereas the Ravens have given up so far in two games. Twenty two points. That's it. The Ravens Defense can play there the better overall team right now. And so mahomes if he's going to win is going to have to do that thing where he comes back in the game and does all these miracle things that he does all the time, right? He's going to have to have the bigger game but Ryan Clark said something interesting and I thought he actually won this debate because of it he didn't change the question, but he changed the perspective of the question by taking a step back by enlarging the question in a not just specific to this game but in a larger sense. Who needs to be bigger and here's the stat that Ryan Clark cited. Lamar Jackson against the rest of the NFL in the regular season is twenty, one and one. It's not possible. Twenty one in one. Was this Guy Twenty three right now? Twenty one in one. In your career against football, you're twenty one and one in the regular season. Against Patrick, mahomes in the regular season, he's own to. He's. As close to unbeatable in the regular season as anyone ever lived so far. And he hasn't yet beaten mahomes into matchups. In a larger sense, he's got to get that monkey off his back. In a larger sense, he has to show mahomes and himself and the world. That he can compete with Patrick mahomes with chips on the line, and that may even go away towards. Boosting their confidence in the playoffs. The Monday night football preview is brought to you by progressive insurance insurance for motorcycles, boats, and RV's group for protection on the road and on the water. See how much you can save in as little as three minutes at one eight, hundred, progressive and progressive, dot. com. Salmon Toledo you on the Max Kellerman show. Hey, MAC power you today go ahead. Earlier in your show and I would like some clarification on this. Back this up with fast-track. Gorby. You want to judge a quarterback Yup. 'cause you said last night hit Aaron Rodgers played for. The New Orleans. Saints. Raise plate with the packers. The outcome would have been different what I saw. In addition to four. DEGREES, penalties Like a horse collar. Trying to the ball with a yard ahead for I found. The staff backup drew brees even last night at way better stats in their rodgers will he at least one person? Unit drew brees was was inefficient quarterback last night but drew brees and maybe it's the point in his career. But even in his prime drew brees was always incredibly accurate but he's not capable of making the same kind of plays in high leverage moments to Aaron Rodgers can make if you like drew brees it's because you like the consistency of the accuracy. Accuracy really you can have accurate quarterbacks meaning guys who can thread the needle, but who can thread the needle all the time? Drew. brees. I've ever seen his his consistency of the accuracy is the best I've ever seen put in Rogers has abilities with his arms and legs that drew brees just hasn't. He's able to make plays including plays last night that make you say, no one else can do that. Well, until I saw Patrick Mahomes, I thought he and he can also do that consistently. And I think that was the difference in the game drew brees played inefficient really good game. It was his first game of the season he beat Tom Brady but neither team nor quarterback played well we to he did not play. Well, we three played very well, I agree with you. He had a good game very good game. But that level he has a level of efficiency. That's super effective. Aaron. Rodgers. Has Magical powers that only he can make make the ball do things that no one else can do i. do think if you switch quarterback last night the packers went excuse me the saints win. But. So yes, drew brees, stats and certain ways look better. Eyeball is Aaron Rodgers. Thanks for listening to the Max Kellerman show. Make sure you subscribe rate and review. You can hear the show lot weekdays at two. PM, eastern on ESPN radio, ESPN news or wherever you stream your audience.

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