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Live from NPR, news I'm Barbara Klein the union representing police officers involved in last Sunday's shooting of a black man and Kenosha Wisconsin says Jacob Blake was armed with knife and strongly resisted arrest before he was shot seven times in the back. Meanwhile protesters they're continue to demand justice. They're also hailing Anthony Huber one of the protesters shot and killed by a gunman this week, his girlfriend Hannah getting says, he ran after the gunman to disarm them and pushed her out of harm's way. Anthony didn't just run after a gunman not. Knowing what the possible consequences of that action would be like you push me into an alleyway. They ran off. So take buddy down. That's a hero and Illinois judge has postponed a decision on whether the alleged gunman Kyle Rittenhouse should be extradited to Wisconsin to face charges. Cleanup is underway in Louisiana after hurricane. Laura struck Thursday morning with up to one hundred, fifty mile an hour winds at least ten people died and Paul Brown of member station W. R. K. F. reports recovery is a massive undertaking more than six, hundred, thousand homes and businesses are without. Electricity and at least eighty water systems were compromised by the storm affecting an estimated two, hundred, twenty thousand people that's causing us to have a rolling series of evacuation. So we're having to do nursing homes and from hospitals. So restoring power getting water backdrop is incredibly important city officials in Lake Charles. Louisiana say water treatment sites took a beating from the storm and it may be weeks before the water will start flowing again. President Donald Trump is expected to visit Charles on Saturday to observe the damage with state and local officials. For NPR news I'm Paul Braun Inbound Rouge. The Food and Drug Administration has altered its rules regarding the experimental covid nineteen drug Rendez severe NPR Sydney Lufkin reports. It can now be dispensed to all hospitalized corona virus patients desa there is the experimental covid nineteen drug made by Gilead Sciences it's not yet fully approved by the FDA, but in May the agency authorized for emergency use in hospitalized patients with severe disease these are patients who need supplemental oxygen now, the agency. Says, Rim desktop can be given to all hospitalized covert nineteen patients and it's formerly expanded its emergency use authorization. The FDA says it made this decision based on the totality of scientific evidence study published earlier. This week indeed showed that REMM DESA VIR did make a difference for patients with moderate covid nineteen after our five day course of the drug. But there's a catch. The authors concluded that this difference was quote of uncertain clinical importance. Sydney Lumpkin NPR news this is NPR Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Berlin March for several hours today to protest corona virus restrictions in the German capital police later dispersed the crowds after marchers failed to respect orders to wear masks socially distance some waved American and Russian flags. Tour de France kicked off today in the French Riviera city of niece, the three week race had been postponed for two months because of the corona virus pandemic. But as NPR's eleanor beardsley reports, that's not the only change this year, you won't see large crowds lining the roads to cheer the riders. Crowds will be restricted at the arrivals and departures won't be allowed to lie on the roads on mountain climbs. The one hundred and seventy six riders will be enclosed in bubbles of up to thirty teammates, including doctors and drivers during the entire three week race longtime tour fans Hosoi Yard says there's bound to be less enthusiasm this year. Named McCall's door's always been synonymous with summer vacation. He says now with people back at work and not out on the roads cheering, it won't have the same spirit. This year's twenty two hundred mile race will be grueling with an exceptional ten mountain stages eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris. Actor Chadwick, Bozeman has died best known for his starring role in Black Panther. bozeman played several iconic real life figures including Thurgood Marshall and Jackie. Robinson he'd battled colon cancer for four years. Bozeman was forty three. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.

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