Road Rash - EP 312


We've raised for the cameras. Stop Bouncing looks like there's an earthquake up does it doesn't make you say we piper no earthquakes and we pray for a safe return of our. Sweet Rawson. Cj along the safe travels health on the road making sure they're eating good food and taking care of themselves and getting good rest. I hope that they're getting a massage here and there meets a nice. I like that. Let's send them good travel vibes because they are working. They are out there right. Sweep babies church where people clap and love it better. What are you praying for? I am praying for our plane tickets to come in. Where are they everybody? Welcome to St Thomas. Ross Matthew Ross Matthews is not here. He's on the road during his name. Dropped tour kicking ass taking names Sharon his life on the stage with all of you. I think a lot of you have gone. How has it been real quick way? We did remember the book the Book a love for those of you. That can't see we have Ross's book in the background at the kiss. Kiss Club looking at this back there. Over judging are horrible Janke podcast Jenkins Chinguetti. Janke pockets. Okay so the the response that I'm seeing on the Social Media. The facebook group are everyone loves the show. Everyone is having the last time I love it. They're posting about casting that they I asked people I say. What's your favorite part? And they say everything they love the stand up in the beginning you can feel a real feeling for wrong fucking funny. He is and then the excerpts from the book so fun and then he also does a game show where he goes out and does what he does. Best which is engaged with people and and there's a meet and greet afterwards like it's you get like different levels of love for your buck you. What a bang for your buck. That there's a quiz in the book. Yeah there's a quiz. If you're a name dropper not a name dropper how are you an you take the quiz? Let's do it. We'll have to take on the break. We could find it and then we'll come back. We'll take the name droppers okay. So that's our prayer. We here's a little bit of deep. Tease we vary very special guest coming on the show. We've missed him. We love him. You may not have idea as to who he is because he's been gone for so long but I can promise you it's GonNa feel good it's GonNa feel so good straight talk straight talk talk straight. Don't talk to me my budget be all I love when you at the podcast go. We're going to be all right and we're going to be all right. I almost I loved when we name drop knee drops you know remember. They do with us so stain. Engaged with the show while Daddy's Outta town right you have it. Where in a while is huge earned? Ross Hello Ross Dot Com. Is there something that interferes with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals? If so better help online counseling. Is there for you? 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Simply fill out a questionnaire to help them. Assess your needs and get matched with a counselor that you'll love that's better help dot com slash Ross. Promo Code Ross. It's time to put a cherry on the Sunday to leave you in good way. And it's just so gay like Barbra streisand's Burr Ray. It's time to put a cherry on the Sun Day it's mark and I'm here with Dori who has a special message for you. Hi It's story and once again selling girl scout cookies go to DORIA COOKIES DOT com use in order of black Friday sale. Your friend your family or you can done. It went to the tube overseas so pleased to DORIA COOKIE DOT COM IN. Order Your Scout Cookie. And thank you for your support. Doria COOKIES DOT COM D. O. R. A. C. O. O. K. I. E. S. DOT COM. Thanks everybody in Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss. Kiss Mother's milk from her teen on my knees hurt on my knees. Mother's milk from her t you know being on the road is a whole lot of fun but you know what I miss. 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And you're GonNa Love Your Purple Mattress to and right now our listeners. We'll get free purple pillow with the purpose of mattress. That's in addition to the great free gifts. They're offering site-wide. Here's how you get it. Just text straight talk all one word no space straight talk. Text it to eight. Four eight eight eight. The only way to get this free pillow is to text straight. Talk to eight four eight eight eight that straight talk all in word two eight four eight message and data rates may apply. You Want Mambo Jambo. Gye Bodo bojars. There's only one Kogo though. This is straight talk with Ross. Mathews actually the cord to the day that we all back in the studio straight tarting Stena Darlene. Thermo that one that one took me forever lament Jenkins to find that one okay? So we're not I should have made one for Miriam Darling. We should make a wait. No this is great just in case this ever happens again where we have to hold on the fort at Miriam Darlene. I think maybe a straight talker should make a seems absolutely. We'll go senate in time sending the Miriam Darling theme song because we need it because clearly vaccines broadmoor so okay. We we talked about it. We may have even dipped a chicken chicken finger in it. We do some sauce on your with your some sauce on it talking about ladies and gentlemen of the Straight Talk Family. We welcome a very special guest. What I love you so much. Listen to welcome to our Jenky studio. You have to speak up because this tiny little mike was Seventeen dollars. I put it on and it's a big black Mike. Black might go well. I think I'll just screen house this bird. We have missed you so so much straight raw been. I think I've been very good. I've my life is completely different since I've left the show which I'm happy about. It's good but I do miss everybody. I missed show. You touch her. Know She's always asking we Jhirad so you're happy like in your new job everybody's played. Let's go. Oh that's Ralphie the why not do it? Okay here we go. Jay got good. Give it to give it to me balls Steve With James Yup. Okay Stretch. Oh yeah forgot about this got Iran. I think you're the first person that ever stretched actually stretched his leg. Almost that was really good. You wrote I didn't know you were Labor Flex Oh my God. I didn't know you were that long. The sound thanks so just to move okay Sharaad. Just where are you these days so I'm working at uninterrupted which is a sports media company ran by Lebron James which is basically eight for me because I love basketball runs the best bass player in the world so a producing a few pockets right now in producing a podcast called certified buckets with the former NBA player occurring wnba player and Sheri- Jackson of insecure? Which is called loads of buckets? Certified buckets just totally. I totally went there. Nikki yes well you have a full-time how does it feel like sort of leaving our family and kind of creating a new family at a new place? It's nice it's fine. I do miss you a lot. Just me right. Directly goes straight talk a lot different by a lot more loose God to my boss. No it seems like you. You seem settled. You seem happy. Yes where are you living now? I live downtown. I live about a mile from the stable centre. You like that. It's amazing because like I said I'm a huge basketball fan. And Clipper tickets are over work and I have nothing to do I just by myself ticket and go to Clifford G wrote. That's wonderful and you're playing basketball too right. Yes I know he plays basketball part with the dudes that how I go arm. So since we've seen you last Millat's shifted for you. Yeah most important have tried any new sauces. I have not I've J. Reid and up on that journey I know. So what are you just nothing nothing? Same Diet trying to eat healthier drinking more water which is good. Ooh That's good now. What are you saying eating healthier? What does that mean? What are you adding to your diet? Instead of having Fried Chicken I'll have I was loud. Sorry I know what you're putting effort in which I think is really sweet. I'm talking about is so chamber. Okay you're trying to trying to basically add some health. Are we any vegetables not at all no zero? It's just chicken fingers and pizza fruit. Oh fruit diet for like two days and I couldn't do it two days diarrhea. None of diarrhea. I just felt like just fuel right. I felt sick. Yeah we'll you were probably detoxing. Look at Steve. If if you're at the kids club you can see Stevens video habit if team so he was dying to get up here in this okay New Job Okay. Can we have a? We need to take the quiz namedrop. Okay can you please give us a foot update yes remember how open and vulnerable you back in the day of a little better. What do you think what are you doing? What are you doing white? I took a whole like thing of lamb is still use that for about two months it with lamb chops basically at cures for like blisters on my feet and my feet up a lot. I've used what's called but there's like this thing I put on my nails again to get rid of fungus which has worked okay. I mean it's one hundred percent riveting I've been taking this got interested. I'm kidding no kidding you being a Sassafras limiting okay. If there was one thing that you've felt like you've learned between your time with straight talk and where you are now listed lesson. Learned Coleman have no idea James. Okay I love you so much. We have any lessons any good things have come to mind. I've learned from straighttalk. Well now that you've learned just in the time that you've been away from us like you know when someone goes off to war and moves to another state and then returns. I feel like what have you learned on your journey away from us that both I think straighttalk most shop ever really very continue using cast. But it's a very micromanaged. It's very controlled straight talk. I mean it's very loose and it's very on the fly messy. I love it like I missed that. As a lot of great you miss the messing and like real moments where now I have to be more like. I have to stop down and show. I'll be like let's take it in this direction right hostess and things where straight talk. We'd never do that ever. I miss the miss you. Yeah I'm looking at you. I'm having a conversation with you through the phone. Yeah 'cause you are but I'm so happy to see you and just so happy you're here with us. I'm happy to hear the the quizzes too long. It's so bad I would. Maybe the next show I'll try to condense it. I don't know okay. It's long so I figured the most appropriate thing to talk about while j Rod was here was the update on chatter chatter B. S. Oh my gosh last week Jay Rod. You weren't here but apparently facts. He told me that you know what chatter made is because he is shown so we were talking about the but plugs. And how if you put it to. Iran doesn't know about okay so last week we discussed that the guys or girls sometimes on chatter being these little girls too but plugs in sometimes they have a little thing hanging out there and call it a Tampon CA. Kite string string on a horse. Your height string in these guys and girls where these plugs in either he found out the fun fact the Freaky Fancy Fund. Yes was that when you give them a token or money via Internet interweb Web. That vibrates what they were doing. How I started figuring out was that they were doing all of a sudden they talking and then they'll Oh oh and I'm like what are they doing. Somebody tipped him and it vibrated in their Bohol. So then after we recorded last week's episode I immediately said I should probably go home because I have a lot to do so I should probably stay here and watch chatting with. I sat there. I have to say I feel for two commercial but it really is fascinating. Mike Amateur Porn. It's very like just two people or one person sitting like we are right now with. It's exactly like this only we'd be masturbating a lot of money. Let's be honest so yummy are they. Making of a week they make make and make them to five thousand a week. Act Chatter Bait US three. No that's like family know that Jhirad they're paying rid of hatred on here. Would you pay to see us all and Chatterbox? Seven to see this imagining jerk. Each Other and just no no no. It's like family ancestor. I'm not saying it wouldn't affect US right right but I'm saying we would make a lot of money. That's all true now. I get it to pay for therapy. Food worst-off look paper. Certain things. No. You're right you're hammered. Oh he listened to remember the got the poop story with the drain and was like Plato going down. He put himself through nursing school all from chowder. Oh yeah see I just didn't know this existed all very like it's very boy ristic. There's you can communicate with them by typing messages. I don't know I feel like I'm doing. I'm doing a service for anybody. That was looking for up there like their porn. But like you know what you're like. Oh I've seen this kind. This is very I've done this. Been there done it. But this gives you a whole interactive. It's interactive but like. I said it is so funny to see them in their natural habitats like their homes like they get up and they get up and go p like our books others you see everything the books the Pat Sobat decor. One guy burned a steak that I tell you that last time. Yeah it's like it's so fun in and don't eat that you'll see them eating totally naked. Just eating all show their faces. I know they are like yeah. This is what I do all of. Yes some don't you see last week. If he would do it and then I asked him if he would do it if he didn't have to show his face. Would you vaccine? I thought about it. I WanNa Wear Elsa mast if I were to do and we're like we're like a Mexican behind mask right and I would not show anything. I would have to shave. The Batman chest hair receded Manchester Show. That's I'm see. I wish you could show it. Because it is the Batman symbol in his hair and going. You could see a little bit okay. You're not watching. He pulled his shirt down here. Hillary pod Patriot dot com slash. Actually you're sitting on my contemplated. Immune facts. He came up with a plate and everything. You didn't tell me that secret. It's not a secret show that's manager in a very platonic we talked about it and then we forgot before. I had my job. I was struggling financially. I said why don't you do chatterbox? But when he doesn't WANNA show face to face Lido half the show your face to you know but the thing is people what they do is they. They don't show their faces and then for like you can buy a ticket into their like private room to see their face. Okay they use it as a marketing anyway to recap it the other thing that makes it interesting and then we can move on to what I don't know but we can move on. It is live. It's right now right. That's what makes it interesting is that like stuffing about what is happening in the moment is live and it's right now and let us know and you're in the comments if you'd like to see us open chatterbox sponsor the podcast please reach out a Cheddar me. Just should we do next owned Riddles St Riddles. On my God. Hold on okay. Riedel printed out fish on agreeable and aftermath. Don't know miss having video and I'm so glad that there's video now I now. I know you're getting kind of like getting getting a little hockey. Her God Nikki. Oh my God okay. Sorry sorry bring down some life. Coaching box breathing. Ready on four in two three four. Hold your breath two three four. Release it three four. Hold it out two three four. That's called box breathing. It will help you. That was really hard for me now. It'll help you kind of tune in and figure shit out. Thank you all right time for red. I'm terrible at these I know. Look at what is at least six inches long. Oh goes in your mouse and it's more fun if it vibrate so my God. A lush six inches six inches long. Say what goes nose and your mouth more vibrates God siege as funny. I don't know I brush. Oh for heaven's sake. Ooh sorry. Nicky cake is what goes in hard comes out soft and you blow continuously. That'd be Ross. I was GONNA say you. How scandalous goes in hard comes out. Sof Blow continuously. Oh a blowpipe. Close having any got you there. You got him there as much like you would do on. What did the comedian say? When he took his clothes off that he said that. Oh What did the comedian say as he took his clothes as well so new off and get off. I don't know I don't know I don't know I'm so paranoid you let's try this again. Haven't you motherfucker but comedian namely haven't you ever seen a comic Strip I wasn't as good now. Okay this is the last time I I am dried then. I am wet. The longer I swim the more taste you get. What an honor guard. These are kind of sexual sponsored by I. I am dried that I am wet the longer I swam the more taste you get. They got side the box the longer I swim more taste. You get sperm. The nope works. Think about it. Think about what you do might be something that you drink the morning. I juice a now driving O. Teabag deserving applause. Thank you thank you for today. That was so good. Thank you know what you are so well hired much have waddled a good job. I feel like Oh wait hold on. I'll advance how to never with Ross asked Jay rob the stage all you'll how do you impress a former store? How do you impress a farmer's daughter you? I don't know something with like either. So hard like a farmer term Adele something no you plow flower fields flower close now nine closely. Okay attractor malignant. Ice Funny is that I'm pretending like that's any worse than any of these. I just said I like them to riddle. Hey guys how many riddles or anything you want to share with us. I'm Nikki be at straighttalk with Ross Dot Com. If you care you can reach out to him for freaky fancy or a good bad joke. Where if you want I can. I talked to raw calls randomly at times and I can ask them your questions. Yeah Oh another thing so in honor of Freaky fags -I and balls deep and just being sex positive and talking about sex Jay. Just what's going on with your life? Well because you know everybody wants to know what's going on Giradi Hilali love it's true it is I was in a spot where I was kind of in. Let's be honest. The kind of Love Triangle which is not this is God's will this is breaking news. Updates meant the applause. It wasn't like I was dating two girls at once but it was a situation where I don't WanNa get to even okay. No no personal done. I am single but I'm also emotionally unavailable so I'm not going to get my God look at you. Sorry guys so I mean I know I'm just trying to make myself better and before I get someone else. I have to make myself better. And that's what I'm doing right now. I Love Ya. I love that now. Have you ever had an automatic reading from facts? I have not. I want one really bad. This would be not right now. Obviously I think this is a good time in your life for a little pen reading J Rod. You told me that you don't believe in it really well but I'm open to it. Okay Fair enough. I'm absolutely actually love the skeptics. I love when people don't. They're skeptical or they don't get it or want to get it when a challenge. You love the cause I believe in it so much. I believe in one hundred. I stand behind my pen readings and what I get through spirit and energy I have no doubt but can we talk about the difference. I think some people are coming to you now thinking that you are immediate yes I kinda Wanna be your mom being that so what you do is not medium ship. Clairvoyant is it. Okay explain the different. Well it's been falling into medium show which is talking to the debt that that's just saying it's simple like getting spirit energy from people that moved on that are in spirit right so sometimes the readings all go like who is this grandmother here with a dog like one morning. I woke up and there was a dog in an old woman running around here. I didn't see them literally. I feel them incense them and see them in a third. I then I get to go to the reading from your third eye when you say. Is it an image or is it like a like a photo or a film? Strip from the question. It's more of a feeling it's a feeling but I can almost see them. I can't explain it's more of a feeling I can slightly seem. I could probably sit down and draw them if I really focus. I could probably draw but I can kind of see him. I can kind of explain them so one morning like I did see the dog in the old woman and the first reading I said who is this older woman with a dog and they said it's my grandmother. She loved her dog and she just died like so. Yes so what it's interesting. I'm not it's easy for people to understand psychic medium. So now I'm saying Mr Malone Psychic Medium. Okay because it's easy for people because people don't know what it automatic and writer so I'm saying psychic medium but really it's just an into iconic intuitive reading. Okay it's just energy and also it will give you a spiritual answer so if you ask a question like should I go on a road trip. It'll say stuff like we'll do. You WanNa go on a road trip like it'll it won't like say like yes or no doesn't predict it'll just start talking to spiritual like that like Oh. I can't make sense. Does that it's less about. I think if people are coming in expecting like to talk to people that have crossed. That's their their main goal. That maybe they could broaden their sort of idea of what the automatic pen writing. It's more of an experience not it's more of a spiritual experience. I caught on to the debt. Thank you nicky. Caught spiritual therapy battle. Because when I did I did one with him by the way Jay spiritual it was like twenty minutes and it was like spiritual therapy and I actually use it. You're reading you gave me I use in my life. Coaching and helping it was just. It was really really helpful. Well I WANNA go longer with you but yeah that's how I look at it so you know but I do love when I get the spirits and I do see lights the other night I was in bed watch TV and I saw so I thought it was a spider or mouse or something but it was just lights so I don't know I think somebody visiting me. I'm I believe in all that and I do think you have a gift. You've had some hits. I get a lot of Nice remember. Yes leave what were never? Tell them about talent. My aunt my aunt passed away and the day. I didn't know it passed away. He called me d out of the blue for no reason we had some. We were at a diner. I think and I saw like Didi data. And he's like why are you calling later? He's at my aunt and her name was Didi that I'm a nut. That's amazing believable. Here's the march. You have in her case. So you hear you haven't. That's not in recording they. You haven't okay so we have to be on the lookout for the missing you know he was. The engineer. Never knew that yeah. I talk about it on them. And the last last week's episode. So yeah if you WANNA follow or find out about your Automatic Henry. Go thank you. Nicky automatic pin writer DOT COM automatic pin writer DOT COM. Or you can contact me on instagram. At VACC- Malone I also have an instagram for automatic pin writer but more focused on a lot. You're live into stories the queue. All those are fun. Yeah I love when you guys both popped on everything. That's really fun. I love little community. You realize that like you're all this little family notes. Great Straight talkers th. They're unlike any other. I don't even like to say fans. They're not fan. They're just part of our family friends family and friends. I still talk to Sri Talker. So this love that you know. I love. I've always said from day one that I love the straight talkers and what I love is like when I meet them. They know so much about me and feels good like I feel like there's some just a good feeling and then I want to know more about that. Connection is a connection. She really anything. I don't know wait. What was your whole? What was your policy was getting some saucy. That's okay but let's do the show song was. Can you make one? I don't know this but what I can. Yes but that song so loud. Every time we had a plan. So right what it 'til like one ear out assuredly. I knew that that was loud. I remember you can saucy arm so let me just kind of threw a few years you know. I was struggling but I found a community of friends and a lot of that has to do with straight talk Nikki facts. You both have helped me respect ways and I never give up myself and now I have a job that I absolutely love and so if anyone is out there who's struggling and has a goal. Continue with don't stop. You can do what you can do anything you've done. Stop to get out of that. That's great one moment. Please go oh my God knows Zuri sitting next to me that no one can see your on the cap I at that can show again listening. Aren't gonNA be able to save. Why love that not grossed out by that that is endearing something my grandma would have done and I would've loved it. I just I love that. You saved it. You stuck it. They're stuck it right on the Capcom on you guys. Listen if you're missing loss then screw you. I was getting. If you're missing that we are too. We can't wait for them to come back. I think the next episode we might be back in Pristina Darlene. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure but if not we will be back here and I'm sorry so sorry this is like let us know your thoughts. Yeah if you think it's amazing. Tell us not keep it to yourself. You've comments on patriotic slash. Hello Ross pod circle jerk where can we find everybody? Gerard Circle Jerks Okay. Well I'm Joshua at Josh on your score about host mornings. Hold on I love doing it. It's so I can't explain it. Oh Yeah I'm John. There's something Kinda crunchy about it or condemn holidays. I don't know the word. I'm just wondering. Do you know what I mean. They're making fun. I'm just observing. But it is hilarious because it's accurate Adrian. Following me Josh. I love underscore Rodriguez my host voice on. That's right. That's what I love it. It's funny. Yeah only advocate boyer. Follow me. Hey keep up with dying for second increasing. It's going on. The chargers waived comment. We can talk. I've Salix you seconds. Assure let's talk about the response. The response the response has been love. And like I think they'd tap their tapping more into our friendship and our camaraderie and are back and forth and more so than I realized. And they think they're really starting to grasp. Pow AWESOME AND AMAZING. Molly is because she's got such a unique perspective on on things so. I think people are really sinking. Their teeth and I can't wait for you. Guys to hear showed three which is perpet- already out for five six. Like just stay on the ride and let me know what you think. Josh. What did you think I thought it was? I can't believe you said that you know what that does as something. Here hold please. Josh Rodriguez listened to both episodes. I told her stories are fascinating I want to know. The famous guy is who had a car O on. So I'M GONNA ask you off camera last because I listened to. The one was the guy that was the mechanic or is that his car they were making. I WanNa know who used to and let me just say the production quality than rush on getting rid of lab. Well Yeah you can use showed up so it's good. Yeah keep number five as of today right but moment on Apple Pie Cerdan. Thank you thank you. Podcast moves from Apple. Thank you so much and I like the straight talkers. Have a lot to let me get on the ground or subscribes straight. Talk forever podcast to right now. What's your what's your original those terrible. Could we call Donna Marie? Sometimes but she would love that. We should have earnings again. What's your podcast? It's just it's called. It's a gay gay. Gay Gay podcast. Oh you talk about Janki you guys. Thanks J. Rod. Thank you for being there. Feels when Ross comes back to Pristina okay. Good okay thanks this a little long just like the compliment. Everything's real listening. We love you buys and the next time.

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