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Dixville Notch Rides Again


Let me tell you about. Blankets blinked takes the need to know information from nonfiction books and condenses them down into just fifteen minutes that you can read or listen to from self help and business into health and history bestsellers and classic nonfiction books like upheaval by jared diamond. The economy the four hour workweek and thousands more you get unlimited limited access to read or listen to a massive library all the books you want for one low price. Try It free for seven days. GO TO BLINK DOT COM slash C. N. N.. Welcome to the point for February eleventh. I'm Lauren Danske Co author of the point. I'm here to cut through the political spin to bring you the news you need to know. It is Election Day in New Hampshire New Hampshire votes differently than Iowa Iowa in a few key ways. New Hampshire uses a primary system in determines the state's winner by popular vote whereas Iowa uses the caucus system and calls. It's winner through a complicated delegate process. New Hampshire also has some local quirks pulls open at different times across the granite state and there's three tiny townships townships were the polls. Actually open at the stroke of midnight on Election Day. That's Dixville Notch nearby Millfield and Hart's Location. These three places are also the first ones to declare primary results because voters cast ballots so early the most storied bowling place of those three three is Dixville Notch an unincorporated township a couple miles south of the US Canada border. As of the twenty tenses there were only twelve residents. It's of this tiny place. Dixville Notch also holds a special place in many observers hearts in part because of its tradition which dates back to nineteen sixty. That same tradition of voting at midnight. Almost didn't happen this year. Because the town's selectmen had moved away meaning there was no one available to help administer administer the election fortunately the position was filled and the tradition continued for another cycle. That means we already have the results from Dixville Notch and they're a little bit of a curve ball five. Voters showed up to make their selection at midnight to Democrats voted for Mike Bloomberg. One for Pete Luda judge and one for Bernie Bernie Sanders. The sole Republican voter also wrote in Mike Bloomberg that brings us to the point. Dixville Notch isn't known for its predictive voting trends in the primaries but it is a fun regional court that adds to the New Hampshire primaries excitement. And that is the point for February eleventh eleventh twenty twenty for more updates throughout the week including our Sunday night campaign edition subscribe to the point newsletter at CNN dot com slash. The point if you like this audio briefing you can get every single weekday on Google or Amazon Echo or subscribe on Stitcher or apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast apple. So you never miss an episode

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