Unlock the Power of Your Inner Child


There are two primary branches in working with the inner child. The first is more widely worked with integration model focused on healing we dive into this work in Egypt. And we dive into this work in the first two weeks of our course integrating star magic and the magic of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians held that there were eight parts of the Soul. We began our work with the bar the mobile part of the soul in our work on dream temples and star Magic. In unlocked the power of your inner child, we work with the bar again. This time we sold travel from the dream temples in into the deeper Realms of your unconscious mind. We use Transportation or meditation to journey to discover. What we call your inner children. Hi and welcome to Magic self and spirit podcasts. I'm Steve Clairvoyant author spiritual teacher in chaos magic today. We'll discuss with the power of your inner child and how to unlock that power of your inner child. Today I am working on my own. It's April's birthday. So obviously I said go and enjoy yourself. So I'll move backwards and forwards onto the page to answer your questions as we come round, but please bear with me as obviously April isn't here and this seems to be the best way of working it off late. Good evening. Reisha good evening where you are. It's lunch time here. Hello, Cynthia. Welcome aboard everybody with discussing the power of unlocking your inner child and Lee has already been on this course, but we'll know it well. the parts of integration the healing of your illness children now in a children is a term that we came up for the splintered parts of the Soul. If you like he gave us a way of working in this is the essence of chaos magic box that you can actually create masks of reality that will allow you to work in certain ways that will allow you to empower certain certain parts of cell for certain parts of your magic wage. Now. What's interesting is with this is the inner children if you like it's the idea of what a child may consider as crisis or drama that it will she got down because he can't deal with and Barry and what happens is it's like a little piece of the psyche or the soul is broken off and remain at that age in that in that place if you like of Constantly recycling the trauma unconsciously it remains as part of your unconscious mind but broken off from the main part if you like now, of course this is a model is not literally broken off, but it's the best way to describe it. So what we've got here is these small parts which we call in a children. Constantly generate energy in the search of in search of resolving that particular trauma. So the generation the energy manifests a chrome or in other forms in different parts of your life until it is complete and it's whole so the need to work within a children. To clear some of that energy in order for you to be able to manifest the parts of your life that you choose in order for you to go further on your spiritual journey. It's really really powerful in its approach. And this is good part of where we're working. Hi Wendy. Hello Tracy, welcome aboard everybody. This is a good part of where we're working with this working actual fact, it covers the first half of the book and the course of actually how you do that wage. Now one of the powerful ways that we do that is through masks work, which are go into right now. So the two primary branches if you like are the inner children? In the way that I've just disguised and I discussed and the inner child as in. The spirit of your unconscious mind and will work a little bit without a bit further on. the way we work on this particular course with this particular book. Is Vai estar magic and the magic of ancient Egypt? we work with the different parts of the soul from ancient Egypt and the ancient Egyptians identified eight parts of the Soul or 9 depending which way you counted of which one of these parts of the Soul was called the bar b a and the bar was the mobile part of the Soul. It left the body and went on a journey a death in order to gather information in order to gather growth in order to gather blessing cetera and would return to the body. But it also happens during trance State and in dream state, which is actually gives you a very very powerful opportunity. To travel within that model to travel within that mask of the Magician of ancient Egypt to gain the experiences the healings in the magic that that particular model Works wage. The other children as I said are splintered parts of the Soul. In childhood, we all experience traumas that make us feel separate. alone in our pain from these experiences we draw conclusions about the world and the shape of our Behavior. And the way the world shapes our Behavior. For the rest of our lives. however by working with the inner children By working with masks work, which is one of the the systems that we work with. You can change the behavior. You can change the shape of the rest of your life and you can use it in a way that empowers. So when we journey back to discover these parts of our Styles their stories can be heard. As we listen to our inner children, they're paying healed and the disruptive energy that their stories were causing can be released. We love using this method to unlock the power of the inner children. It lets you literally transmute that energy that you once held us trauma into energy for magic manifesting your life. This is the first half of the training that we do around healing the inner children in the inner child. It's primarily Shadow work for those of worked with magic or within witchcraft all that kind of path. It allows you to heal the journey and yourself wage in the journey. You can read more about masks work from our work on chaos Magic. And what it means to us and how to do it. It's very very powerful work that April's down and very very powerful word that we've done together in in that particular particular way of working. the second part of the work He's around Huna. Who know we use as a way of working? Hello Tracy from NC, Raeford, NC. and Huna was the was the magic of the Calhoun as if you like, it's the modern version of it from the island of Hawaii much of that magic and those people originally came from the Polynesians and you can trace it back all the way into Africa and ancient Egypt. So some of that magic came out of ancient Egypt and ovince the overtime change and they have a very very interesting model. They see human a human being not made of one soul. But if 3 a higher so like the highest self if you like. A conscious Soul bit like the conscious mind and an unconscious Soul the unconscious mind which is usually one or two steps money involved in Consciousness than say an animal spirit. I'm when we work with the inner child, we work with it as the idea of the spirit of the unconscious mind and working with the edge of the unconscious mind. It gives us a very very interesting place because within the Huna Huna approach to understanding the work the job of the higher self of the higher mind of the highest Spirit, which ever way word you want to use in there is to evolve itself on to even greater and higher planes of potential to become more and more god-like in itself. Because there's always an Infiniti more ability to evolve. and if you think about it in that sense how that's done via Calhoun around Huna. Is in service to the mind of the conscious mind, if you like the spirit of the conscious mind, which they called the Harley. So the job of the higher mind the AU mikawa. Is its name in in hoonah Magic? It's to help the Ohana the conscious mind evolved to a more god-like status and in order for the Ohana. the conscious mind to evolve it works by causing and helping the only hippie which is the unconscious mind the spirit of the unconscious mind. To wake up and evolve itself. So in its next life if you like by doing the work, you've been can become a honey it can become become a conscious mind or who knows it can come off it can become an even powerful more powerful way of doing this now how we worked with it is April and I when we travel together a couple of years ago in in Latin America, we worked with this particular model to empower. My unconscious mind and also to empower her in a children, so we worked with both. An April word talk to my unconscious mind the spirit of my unconscious mind whose name is sweet. And I am going to get him to log in to translate the story for you from submitting a little while and what he did. And what she did was by conversing with him by building up ways of working by building up communication with him. He became more and more conscious thoughts and what we did and how we worked that was that we worked with the idea of archetypes. So very early on from when we were traveling together. April suggested to smeet that he became a page like in the old stories of knights and ladies and swords and all of those kind of things off and the page was usually a young boy who would serve the night who would work with the night. He would clean the armor. He would look after the horse. It's that kind of thing, but it gave him a role. So what happened was He took the role as a page as he became more and more conscious and he was able to communicate directly with me cuz he had done for a number of years and he was able to communicate with April. And towards the end of the time that we were traveling together. I put a nice set up a ritual where April knighted. Meet my inner child to become a knight to be responsible for other inner children. To be responsible for his own growth for his Spiritual Development and what we began to notice over that period of time but by working with him initially, his presentation was like, I don't know a six-year-old a four year old that kind of thing, you know, but also one that was quite traumatised because the experience quite often of your inner child. If you call the inner child, the spirit of the unconscious mind is one of abandonment. So we noticed as we were working that he appeared to be getting older and communicating more effectively verbally literally through my mouth swab used to describe that there were two different personalities and voices coming out as we were working this. So what we did was we built that up so that the tire April left and we were only traveling together for six weeks. It was as if he was like Twenty-One twenty-two that kind of age. I'm very very very responsible very into duty and growth and Thursday and a lot of a lot of a part of my work is spiritual warfare. It is space clearing. It is exorcism. It's removing negative thoughts and at times it is Warfare at times it is literally Warfare between different magickal practitioners some magickal practitioners working that way of attacking others particularly. Some of the the native blue holes in South America and Latin America, generally and certainly when I went to Mexico and I lived in Mexico for a 15 months. Maybe there were times at the beginning that they'll be magical and psychic and spiritual attacks from them and they needed to be ways of working with a spirit me to to repel them and meet took on the role as general of the army and became extraordinarily skilled and Powerful at working those days to the point that after a number of months the brujos just left me alone. I would guess they saw it as just too much trouble and I was in different they can they can do with their life. I've got their own practice. I've got my own practice and walk continue on our merry sweet ways. I mean sure I didn't trust them a great deal after that. But then hey, you know, that's fine girl. We took that role and wired happened was not only had he developed So within that model of hoonah, we've been doing the work of empowering and causing the inner child to grow and become more conscious and become more able but also our own magical practice in our own manifestation practice became much more powerful in and of itself. because There was less of the childhood trauma stuff around either from Smith in the census of off until about the ages of six seven 8 depending on the person primarily. The child is all unconscious mind is like a sponge just watched children that age and it's sponges. There's not a great deal of conscious thought going on at that point in time and it's sort that the conscious mind develops after that sort of about at the age of eight and it begins to develop critical skills and analytical skills. It begins to see the world in in linear ways in time and that kind of thing and the left brain develops if you like but the right brain in a child birth of the unconscious mind doesn't go away it remains part of the unconsciousness and we've got a very very powerful place that the unconscious mind plays it runs. Somebody a great reality. It's an important role. But within that quite often is traumatized by patterns and memories of Abandonment when it's beginning to awaken. So there was an a number of over a number of years that did some work over there in order to awaken the inner child anyway of which I'll get sweet story to explain in a moment and that very way of working empowered my own magic my own Spiritual Development so I can do things like this. I can do the ask Spirit on Sundays. I can do my own magical work on a on a very regular basis and that was really neat how it was happening. That was really how the the journey happened with meat between the early work that I did in the work that April did with me to be very very powerful Journey. Anyway back to the story if there's any questions, by the way, please feel free and I'm going to be popping backwards and forwards between my notes in here. So I will I will answer anything that comes in. So exploring that path we explore it as a development or an Ascension outlined by the Huna tradition. As I said Huna holds it the soul is comprised of three independent spirits. In this tradition, the spirit of the unconscious mind is seen as a separate spirit. So we would like or I would like to personally introduce you to my inner child or the spirit of my unconscious mind. sweet in order to do some of this work in order to present some of this work. I interviewed to meet about the experience of this path of development and we're pleased to share some of this. I'm not going to do it in Suites voice because meet asked me not to but I'll interpret some of it for you. So in order to discuss who who knew the concept of the three cells He's going to explain how it works. Okay for Smith's point of view. He's saying by the way, it's an honor to be here. He's saying that by working with me as the conscious mind. He's learned how to do magic with masks. It's a way that he can use his imagination to make sense of experiences. You said there are many things that have happened over the last fifteen twenty years that helped him evolved to become more conscious and he's moving into being a conscious spirit in his own, right? He said of course, the masks aren't real in a physical way. But in his mind he wasn't able to tell the difference between what was physically real and the creations of the imagination. How to understand the notion of imagination is only relevant to the conscious mind. There is no difference. It's thought. in the unconscious mind between what you imagine and visualize and what actually happened that distinction is only in the conscious mind and there's deeper layers of that. Wish we could get into it another time, but right at the moment, let's see it in that kind of way. If there is such a thing as an external reality. The unconscious mind is not able to distinguish between the two it's not able to say that was in the imagination and that is real. It's only in your conscious mind. You can do that. Now being that it's thought that the unconscious mind is the energy that creates the whole process of manifestation. That's actually really quite useful your visualization approaches Etc. A very very powerful to the unconscious mind when creating your reality. I'm going to digress for a bit think of it like this. I am at the moment sitting in front of my computer speaking to you guys online. Okay, my computer is sitting on a desk. So here are my hands. Yeah, and if I put my hands off the desk, there is an illusion created a very powerful illusion created in my mind that my hands. Can feel and sense the table that the laptop is on. But the truth is we know biologically that that is actually is incorrect. What happens is there are sensors in my skin. They send electrical information to my brain and to my mind off informing them via that communication of that experience. My hands themselves. Don't feel the table. My brain and my mind does. Now at the moment, I'm looking at myself in the computer because I'm the one on video at the moment as I look in now at the moment. There is a very very powerful illusion that is happening that says my eyes can see me in the mirror. But actually they can't what happens is we know biologically their my eyes are a conduit for electrical information. It picks up information and they send them along nerves in my eyeballs to my brain in my mind and in my brain in my mind, there is an interpretation of that information that creates that information. I can hear my specs El speaking into this microphone here. And I obviously as anybody I can hear myself in my own mind probably a little bit different to how you hear me, but I can hear myself in my home and I can hear my own voice. But the Herring the ears themselves don't hear they're a conduit for electrical information that sends information to my mind my mind creates that my mind Palm into a structure based on expectations based on belief based on how chaos is structured, etc. Etc. And when I say how chaos is structured how my opinion surveys what I've been told is there what is our consensual reality are consensual reality is I'm speaking at the moment. You're listening. You're watching the video, etc. Etc. Then that is real. It's a consensual reality and on one level it is real but it's only on one level. It's actually going on in your mind off so that whole process if you like without going even deeper into that. It's really really interesting in the senses that the unconscious mind to a certain extent is cracked. There is no difference between your education because your imagination based on belief based on conditioning based on experience based on stereotype. It's creating the reality you're experiencing and we're experiencing. So is there a difference between what you imagine and what is probably not that level each now? It is a question here Susan Byrd. using Hans Can you help someone from a distance? I'm thinking of my older child in terms of gaining and growing years Huns. I'm not sure what Hans are Susan but I can you help somebody from a distance most certainly. You can do it by ear out in the child work. But certainly I I may well work with meat in that particular way. You can do it through your manifestation. You can do it through your magic. You can do it through your invocation using Huna suck. Yes. It is my well that as I developed this energy as I work with Huna. I serve others I hear all of this. Yeah, absolutely. You can do that. No problem. So going back to where we were. I could talk on this subject forever if you like. Going back to Smith. He's saying that the masks if you like the mask it's a belief in something like Huna. the note real in any physical way they are set of constructs beliefs experiences as you can adopt and work with because it's congruence because it's A system that works because it's a system that's out there and because he wasn't really able to tell the difference between physical real and the creations of his imagination was able to work with it even more powerfully and that was how everything was able to happen. It's how he unlocked the doors of his mind to the universe and the magic helped him grow. And he said that I say he calls me Steve Wilksburg like to the minds of the Gods. So you're unlock the door to the minds of the guards to Magic and he wanted to talk about Huna masks. So he's saying in the beginning it was only him or that's the way it seemed. He was a new human Spirit as far as he now understands, but what he was saying is before he was seven or eight there was a sense of Steve Wilks me as the conscious mind in the background. But he found it very hard to tell you from memory where that comes from because he thinks he's probably in his last life. He was a wolf. The spirit that is now Steve Wilks me as a conscious human being has had many human lives, but sweet was the new kid on the Block. One day when Smith was about eight years old. Steve Wilks the conscious mind woke up to meet saying he thinks it was a gradual thing, but it's difficult to know because he was still unconscious. And as he developed he was able to think. He's talking about me such great thoughts and you know, sweet kind of got left behind. You said Steve Walsh grew up to me a man, but Smith didn't know how to do that. He wanted to stay close to Steve works, but he didn't know who he was Smith days off Steve Wilks struggled to create a life that he was choosing because he didn't know that in the background was sweet. Sweet struggle was causing the disturbances. The Steve Works was experiencing and he says but please don't judge him too too much. He said because he wasn't doing it consciously. It was just house meat was programmed. Now let's talk to you about Chung poo. a number of years ago I trained as a pagan priest. In Avalon Glastonbury, England Avalon is considered to be the heart chakra of the planet. Historically is the home of the ancient Celtic goddess. Or one of them at least and Avalon was the hills and the sacred and the sacred Mount if you like known as the tour the used to be surrounded by a great lake until the Catholic monks drain the lake and the 1300 S 14th century. On this mound on this tour the Neanderthal people would bring their dead and leave their dead on the side of the Hill for the goddess. and the pagan I did at the time was that when you died, you went to the summerlands and it was a place you waited for for rebirth. It was a place of healing and change. It was transformation now Glastonbury years in a county called Somerset in England and the county Somerset got its name from the Summerland. So literally it was sort of the physicality of it was so violent and I trained there as a pagan priest. And while I was training is a pagan, priest one of the priestesses. I was already working Clairvoyant lie, but one of the priestesses was a full trance Channel and what that means is she would leave her body and her guide her spirit guide will come in and take over the body. I know be no sign of her at all. Her name is is Sally. They'll be no sign of Sally at all. And this huge personality. We call junk food. Would come through and talk to us and work with us. Now training with junk food was once every two weeks for anywhere between six to twelve hours in circle, very intense training very very intense working and also junk food would work with each of us individually as part of our own development and junk food is an extraordinary and he took extraordinary powerful Spirit which meters going to tell you about in a little bit, but just to give you context of what's meters about to say and junk food was very instrumental in the waking up a meet. The Steve Wilks, this is junk food saying this Steve Wilks started working with a spiritmaster called Junk Food who had been dead for over a thousand years wage job was to teach humans and Spirits to work together to create Better Lives. Tofu, a channel his spiritual energy through a lady Priestess called Sally who were Steve works is Clairvoyant teacher and therefore Steve Wilks had the opportunity to talk to a junk food directly face to face. Junk food is amazing and really funny. He would makes me laugh and Smith began to have feelings of being conscious too. Steve Wilks became more and more aware of Smith and as he woke up that is meat. He felt very sad and angry. It was like he was only eight years old and Steve walks had left him behind on his own as Steve Works became conscious. He had forgotten about his childhood unconsciousness. He had forgotten about smeet junk food knew this And showed Steve Works how to go on Journeys Soldier and his shamanic journeys, whatever word you want to use share in his mind to find Sweet. So there was meat. I'm sitting in a cave angry and sad like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, and he says Steve walks was so kind to me and let me come near him and cared for me off each day. Steve Wilks would visit and talk to me to meet and each day. I became more aware of myself. Will tell you a little bit more in a moment. Let's tell you more about the conus. Now a lot of this work was possible before we go there a lot of this work was possible. because a very intense work in the training circle with junk food. and the intense work Was really how to connect with spirit. You see people usually our approach Clairvoyance or learning to be Clairvoyant or psychic or empathetic or whatever words you use from this very very idea of I need to know how to do it so I can talk to other people. technique now technique is important don't get me wrong technique is absolutely important in terms of your Claire volume work, but actually technique doesn't get you their technique is something you you can be that much more powerful e on the end of the process what gets you there is intentional connection Spirit evocation at location cooling connecting visualizing feeling imagining empowering using incantation using a whisper using your voice. What I did. Before I met junk food before I was sitting in that Circle. Yeah. I was working Clairvoyant. I was doing some readings and I'd ever How I empowered it was for the first eighteen months of working with junk food every day for an hour. I would evoke out loud. I would use sound to vibrate through my body. I would use words. I would visualize I would call the gods. I would call My Spirit guides. I would call the elemental Spirits. I would consistently daily in the morning when I woke up and the time didn't matter just suited me to Thursday morning before I go to work when I go to still working with somebody else said, I was still a mental health nurse and can imagine I was doing that in the morning and then go to treat lunatics later on but that whole process of an hour's invocation a day for eighteen months exploded my Clairvoyance exploded the power of that whole process exploded the college students to no. That at the moment of my bidding at the power of my thought Spirit would be there and and that would work with Clairvoyant readings and that would work with my home and that would work every single time. It was the process. It was how it worked and what I would say to you is begin to develop that magic Begin to work that way now we are next course starting a week on Thursday is Advanced Clairvoyance and is teaching you how to work all of that but it's changing you also from the perspective of some magic now some magic is just phenomenal if you think Moon Magics amazing, you try some magic some magic just shines it directly Empower them bang it through and the gods of ancient Egypt ancient Greece that we're going to work within that particular way. So if you kind of want to connect with us on that come and join us, develop your own spiritual abilities, and I've just put a link in for the spiritual CrossFit gym, which is where we do that. Okay, and you can begin office open this up really really really powerfully. You can develop your own spiritual ability away from will this work? Is this true? Can I do this other people? Who do this? I can't how do you do it we blast through all of that off with this next class. This next month's class will change absolutely everything for people that are working with us in that kind of way because it does it's not about a conscious. Can I do it? Can I work this out? It's about command the information command the connection and it is there is a totally different level anyway back to huhne and the three cells that were working in that particular way. A big part of the Native religion of Hawaii is known. Or is the magic of that Kahuna's The Magicians were priests and new many many things. The way that the Kahuna described people was that each person as I said earlier was made a three Spirits the owl mikawa, which was like the highest Spirit which was both male and female in one spirit. I was Smith's and mine. He's called Super Gang kinara and he appears like an angel made of both light and dark equally. His or her job is to help Steve Wilks me evolve into a higher Spirit of powerful things. In doing work like that Sebring and canara becomes even more like a god the second spirit in this model is the journey. This is the spirit of the conscious mind in our body and our being this is Steve Works me one of the things he does so he can grow spiritually and magically is to home sweet. The unconscious mind are not so unconscious anymore. I speak says Steve was can think logically and then he says sometimes and work with him and he began kinara as a team. And then the third spirit that you horny recognized was the only hippie. The unit here. Let me is the name. Of the less evolved Spirit, maybe one or two levels more evolved than an animal spirit. It holds all the emotions and runs the body. The only hippie has a Channel of direct communication with the album the higher self. In our life's meet was or is the only Hilla P. But Steve walks and he called April lady April. I've helped him become much more. Lady April is a good friend and a business partner here on Magic self in spirit of Steve works as meet couple of years ago. We travelled together and did lots of magic and healing together. When Smith's when Steve works and I or me and Smith's depending on who's telling the story here met lady April she would speak a lot to Smita Singh touching him to do things and thinks Railey. She would talk to him about growing and becoming a prince and taking responsibility for development and Magic. Lady April wait works with archetypes and showed him how to be a page for Steve works and develop an independent personality and skills and boy has he gotten independent skills and personality. Sweet says that he found that he didn't feel like an eight-year-old anymore and he started to help April with her in her her own inner children looking after them and encouraging them she did for me. Sweet days at the end of our time together labor date lady April Steve walks did a big ritual force me to made him a knight lady April gave him a responsibility of helping in a children. And we made him as we said earlier a general in our spirit army for spiritual warfare cases. If you want to know a little bit more about the spiritual warfare cases off. I'll just click click give you this link here. As I said, I don't know if people just come on April who are normally work with that does all of that site. It's her birthday. So I told her to go partying instead. I told her way to handle this week on my own. We're also planning to do further rituals with me because we found it such a powerful part of his development and journey and obviously such a powerful part of our own magic. So what we're going to do is crown him as king of his own reality in ritual. And that way show him how to elevate himself to become a sage and an Adept magician. now the root of this and the root of our thinking it's really the following. That in effect. There are two parts of spirituality. The really in some ways a paralleled by the two parts of what we've been talking about today the healing of the healing and integration of the inner children and The Awakening of the spirit of the unconscious mind off. There's one part of the of spirituality known as the right-hand path and that will include religion. white magic wake up. any spiritual path whose goal is to I send or integrate itself into the godhead surrender self-surrender ego totally surrender personality to become one with the godhead whether that be Yahweh Jehovah Jesus Christ Allah, whatever. It's the surrender. It's the right hand path and then there's the left hand path and the left hand path is to see yourself. As a God or a goddess in your own right to ascend and evolved to your Highest Potential independent. Of any decree independent of anybody else's beliefs and philosophies independent of anybody else's thoughts. Now certainly my Pastor Steve. Is to do that meets we gave a choice to meet could either like the inner children the broken bits of the personality the broken bits of the Soul if you like wage. Of the psyche could either he'll it integrating become one with me. Or I would support and help him as he grew to become independent enough to choose his own path his own Journey. As an independent Spirit within that kind of hoonah model and understandably submitted my inner child understandably Smith chose the second one. to a certain extent All of that is true, but to a certain extent it's a model. We're talking about parts of self. It's a different way of creating reality. Is it a hundred percent true will of no of course has not because nothing is a hundred percent true because of the Hermetic law of polarity in experience in physical experience. Everything has its polarity has its opposite. Say something is truth. It's also illusion from my point of view as a chaos magician. Everything is illusion. So therefore everything is permissible. But by that very nature stating everything is Illusion by its own logic. Everything is also true. It depends on which end of the polarity you're standing. Which is why I can work with any form of magic or mask of reality. Whichever way you want to do it religion politics philosophy whichever of spirituality. Depending on the goal and choosing to reach for example, I may choose the goal of experiencing unconditional love for a bit. And in fact, I have done this month. There were a number of options one of them. For example, May well be the Catholic option now every mask of reality every system. Has it reality can the Catholic mask? Allow me to interact with Mother Mary and unconditional love. Yes, you can. Does it have many negative sides? Oh boy has many negative sides. Not only to explain it. You know what the negative sides are. But using it as a mask of reality in order to experience a particular goal in that moment. Yeah. It's a powerful route say for unconditional love, but once I've experienced just take that mask off and I either remained in that deep default place of Not really believing anything at that moment or I put on another mask. I don't know luciferian magic or something depending on what I'm doing and what the goals are and that's really the logic behind all of this now here is a model. The work of the inner child and the inner children to empower. Your choices to empower the healing and the integration. And the development of spirit. Is it a hundred percent note? Sorry. Is it about a hundred percent truth now, but then nothing is a hundred percent true. It's all biased nature illusion. Is it illusion hundred percent? Will of course not because of polarity. It's 100% true is both once and the power of working with Spirit the power of them with magic and the power of unlocking the inner child empowering it and causing it to grow and healing the schisms in your psyche and your soul in your memory. Is phenomenal it's why we do it. It's the development of our magic. It's the development of our spirituality. It is really nothing to do. Without a mat truth cuz ultimate truth. It's a religious concept the less be frank. Doesn't work doesn't function it is a giving up of all of yourself to a concept of divinity. And usually that Divinity j e Gregory and he Grigori is a collective thought form that is empowered. in terms of religion by millions of people over centuries. It is not an independent process in itself isn't independent if humanity is the thoughts collectively of humanity that's creative old is 100% true. Of course it isn't nothing is But the power of the inner child. the power of clearing that level of emotion within yourself Of working it. And empowering it. second to none which is why we wrote the book on on lock unlock the power of your inner child, and it's also Why we developed course and all the training around it because it is a key power. It is a key skill. To move all of the emotion all of the trauma all of the crisis all of the obstacles. Then appear to stand in your way for your Spiritual Development because let's be honest about it. Most people talk about I'm enjoying my Spiritual Development. But it's challenging. Everything comes up. And even when they don't talk about it, you can feel it there. If you'd like to work more with this. Here is the link to book and course. feel free to come through to work with us next time around we do that but in the meantime The book exists the videos of the course exists the meditations exist Etc. It's been great working with you guys for those of you on the called. In the spiritual CrossFit gym, where we do all the training. We're having a mastermind on Thursday because we will be to be between courses about the last course. The spirit guide course Spirit guides mediumship and moon Magic. And the next course that will launch a week on Thursday. Advanced Clairvoyant, son magic that kind of thing and that's how we will be operating from in anybody who is interested in developing. We keep it a real low beta price because we're in developmental stage. And anybody that joins now, we would keep it at that price of $35 a month subscription or as a one-off if you just want Black Horse Pub $45. Anyway guys, it's been fabulous working with you. See you all all students in the gym on Thursday. See what asks. On Sunday and see you next week for magic self and spirit podcasts. Take care.

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