The Ron Burgundy Podcast Season 2 Trailer


And we're back at the ron. Burgundy podcast season two baby carolina. Here is a pathological liar. Okay so what does turbine with like. I normally would disagree with this but i made a pact with run earlier so yeah. Let's go with me wendy shirts whenever what else does on holidays and sometimes i forget. I'm not perfect smell of your breath. Bother you mean the smell of rare steak and aged whiskey. No carolina ask that doesn't bother me. You're bleeding a little bit for the back of your shirt that means it was good waxing. They got the entire hair follicle. He say i know no so. How long has it been bleeding. It's been bleeding all night long on waxy to throw my sheets out. This is ron burgundy ready until next time. Don't use public restrooms. Listen to the ron burgundy podcast on the iheartradio app or wherever you get your.

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