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Tennis Great John McEnroe


This is kick ASS news. I'm Ben Mathis support for today's show comes from the weather. Channel television's most trusted source for severe weather coverage go beyond maps and apps and dive into the science and stories behind the storm because understanding. Our atmosphere is the best way to prepare for severe weather every season every storm. Every time you watch trust the weather channel and now enjoy the show comes. Mcenroe nets beforehand out. Goes over toward the photographers. And he's GonNa meet them all eyeball shot at something and do the earphones of ice courtside reporter. That moment in the third set of the men's final at the one thousand nine hundred ninety four. French Open still haunts tennis. Great John McEnroe to this very day. Every time he's in Paris he's plagued by recurring nightmare about that incident three decades ago when he lost his cool at a TV cameraman and the crowd in the stands turned on him shaking his mental game and eventually costing him the match though he would go on to win Wimbledon and the US Open in what was his best year on the tour. The French Open was his bitterest defeat. And the one that robbed him of winning all three Grand Slam tournaments. He talks about it in his new book titled. But seriously and on this opening day of Wimbledon McEnroe comes on the show to discuss that infamous match his legendary temper his celebrated career on the court and his long view of life and of the game. He's played since he was nine years old. Another nine years later an eighteen year old John McEnroe burst onto the tennis scene. And he surprised everyone by becoming the youngest man to reach Wimbledon's men's semi-finals. He went on to win seven. Grand Slam championships including four. Us Open's three Wimbledon championships. Earning fame for his impressive tennis skills. His volatile persona on court and his LEGENDARY RIVALRY WITH BJORN BORG. Mcenroe contributed to five Davis Cup. Titles for the. Us later served as team captain. He became the top ranked singles player in the world in nineteen eighty and continued to finish it number one for four straight years in a from nineteen eighty one to nineteen eighty-four in addition to his seven. Grand Slam singles titles. He won nine Grand Slam. Men's doubles titles and one Grand Slam mixed doubles title. These days John McEnroe continues to play tennis regularly on the ATP champion's tour. He has a highly successful career as a sports commentator for both ESPN and the BBC at Wimbledon as well as ESPN at the US Open an NBC and Eurosport. The French Open. He also founded the John McEnroe tennis academy on Randall's island where he continues to play an active role in getting underprivileged kids interested in the sport beyond his tennis career he's appeared in films like Mr Deeds and anger management alongside. Adam Sandler and television shows like Saturday night. Live thirty rock and curb your enthusiasm. He's a musician an art collector with his own art gallery and the author of the BESTSELLING MEMOIR. You can't be serious. And his new sequel to it titled But seriously today. He'll talk about some of his famous arguments with tennis umpires and linesmen and how his temper actually helped his game in his younger years but he says held him back later in his career. He'll talk about winning his first Grand Slam his life after sports and that recurring nightmare about his nineteen eighty-four match with the von Lendl he'll handicap this year's Wimbledon finals give his characteristically. Frank take on the state of the game and a few things he'd like to do away with in tennis. Plus you'll even give me a few tips on how to improve my serve coming up with tennis. Great John McEnroe in just a moment today. I'm talking with tennis. Great John McEnroe. He's written a new book called but seriously Mac. Thanks for joining me. Good to be here. I got to tell you what a great honor this is for me. Tender was a big part of our family. When I was growing up my brother played competitively. I was never that good but my dad was a big tennis nut. In fact I think the last year that you played in the main tour in ninety two I was at Wimbledon and watched you play Agassi in the semifinals. I wish he'd seen where the earlier batches I do too. And not that one. I remember my brother was rooting for Agassi. And I was there and I was just thinking. God I just WanNa see Mac get into it with the Empire that was. That was the highlight with me now. The only difference is they pay me extra four on the champions tour so that's the good news. The bad news is that it became counterproductive in my later years and I didn't play better. Which is really what matters. I mean if you sort of go crazy a little bit and you're able to maintain your focus for the most part. I was able to the early years but as I got older had kids slightly different perspective. It seems sort of weak Are and it was hurting me. Even though I couldn't help myself from doing it anyway I think you say that when you were younger it actually helped you. How does that work? I would think that that would be kind of counter intuitive. Well I guess a lot of the players that I played against seem to not like it a whole lot of from that standpoint alone. That would help if it throws them but for me personally. I felt like it gave me that sort of boost of adrenaline and some energy and some well that maybe hadn't found yet. Yeah just sort of get so into it that you get semi Christ now. Does it bother you that? That's what People WanNa see now and that's what you're known for as much as your skills as a tennis player. Maybe even more well. Probably I wouldn't be speaking with you because the first book I put out was you cannot be serious. Which obviously is my most famous phrase and this is but seriously which obviously is take off from that. Yeah and so. I have to part of the reason I wrote. This book was really just sort of give people the idea that hopefully I have a better perspective and able to sort of Learn from things that had happened in the past and look at the glass half full as opposed to half empty. I mean that's sort of the big lesson for me. I'm not trying to necessarily impart lessons on individuals to choose to read this but at the same time. I think it's important to make the effort. I mean one of the things that I believe is that you have to train. Go out and work out to keep yourself physically fit. It made me feel better as a human being when I get a good workout in I. I haven't worked out yet today so I feel a little bit like I'm not quite right but I also think it's important that you work at trying to sort of look at things more positively. It's you need that type of effort. You can't just assume that your mind's going to sort of as you get older suddenly say you know something I've been pretty damn lucky which is true but you. Unfortunately the human mind seems to sort of go to things that you haven't done that you didn't accomplish that are bugging you now. The and why didn't I do this better? And it and it had happened still to me every day so and I've been pretty lucky so I can imagine that it's even worse for other along those lines. You Open the book by talking about this recurring nightmare that you've had every time that you're in Paris. What is that? Why is that well? The the the one event I think would've elevated me to even greater heights in terms of how people viewed in the history books was the French Open which unlike other sports we do. We play on different surfaces under different conditions. So that if you're able to win on all of them there's just that much more of a satisfaction that you can look at yourself with even more pride and I felt like I haven't really addressed trying to be the best on that surface until the mid eighties and I felt like okay. I got that in order to show that I was the best the best of the best that I needed to win on that surface and I came within five points and for a variety of reasons. Even that match and before and after I'd never won that tournament and so fortunately I was able to sort of get if you WANNA call it a second career and commentating being involved in the sport to still so I go back every because to me. The most fun is covering the big major events so every time I go back there even though Paris is arguably the most beautiful city in the world. I can't help. I wish I could but it seems to crop up. I mean friends seemed annoyingly. Bring it up too often you see it on tv or hear about her. It's talked about. It's hard to sort of avoid it. And then having to accept it and it's it really is a microcosm of in a way of life. You know the things that perhaps he should have done differently. Then but you gotta learn how to at least deal with them and accept it and move on and so that's since it did happen does happen there when I go there every years usually at least once. I felt like it was sort of an interesting way of start the book. Because it's Sorta we're faced with all the time in life anyway. Yeah in the dream from the nineteen eighty-four match that you had with the von Lindell I wonder when you have the dream every year having different different ending or does it ever vary it varies but it always? Unfortunately I was wake up at some point and then I realized I've lost and it's the same damn do you think that there's some deeper meaning or less into that or is it just that this traumatizing experience has been seared in your brain? That's a good question. I'm not really sure the answer is nothing you can change. So that part is over. You can learn from sort of Some life lessons perhaps and learn so that the next time something remotely similar happens that maybe you handle it differently and it doesn't mean. I haven't made a mistake since then I have and hopefully I've sort of opened my mind to more easily. Try to learn from them. That's the key I wasn't very impart of what made me good as I was. I believed in myself and I believed in what win. Lose or draw even if I was acting like an ass sometimes that I thought that that was the way to go and while I listened to people I wasn't sort of taking it in a whole lot and so Sometimes you can get some great advice that you blow off and you sort of wish you hadn't other times you get too much advice so this is all part of life and and trying to figure it out each individual decision you make. I mean it's just say I wish it was easier because I don't think ultimately this is sort of in crazy world we live in and yet it's a beautiful world and so it seems like to me at my this point in my life and having gone what. I've gone through an experience what I have that I sorta Oh it to people to sort of make the effort really concerted effort to say hey. I've been pretty lucky Now I have to ask. Did you ever win an argument with an umpire in your whole career? I don't believe I've ever won. A dozen one hundred and forty five so doesn't it seem like an exercise in futility looking back or how do you look at it there was definitely? I took a course in Stamford an economics course. One of the things we study was law of diminishing returns and this was definitely became less and less productive as time went on because I actually believed the first fifty or one hundred that I was actually going to win an argument and then suddenly thought to myself run as fast as you can run headfirst into a brick wall and see how that feels and after a while you realize you know some. That doesn't feel so good. The irony was that I probably got fifty times. I was find different occasions somewhere and crazy amount of times and in in my day you could almost time it to where if you hit over certain number you would automatically suspension and I was. You're playing virtually every week so in a way you make your own. You did make your own schedule but sometimes if you really felt like burnt out you'd really make your own schedule. You know what I'm saying. Yeah and so I had said something to an empire that had set me over the seventy five hundred dollar threshold. That was going to give me like a three week break which I felt like I desperately need and the night before the final. I was in Australia Australia. And my father my calls me and he says he was managing me at the time. He said you won't believe this. But you could appeal to find back in August in Cincinnati and you won the appeal really the only one I ever one of my guy win at this time so I make sure I went out in the next round and got you know finding again. I know that you must get this question all the time. But how do you think the game might have been for you? If the challenge system had existed around the time. When you are on our I would have been twenty percent better player and forty percent. More more boring to see well no. I didn't know that at the time that was the irony it was. I couldn't believe that people took such an interest in it but you said you were looking back so I've had a little perspective chance to think about this and as you can imagine sometimes people ask me that type a question or what have you been like with the challenge system. Nesta's we'll figure something out. Well you know we'll go turn it some some other place. Sounds like gap so There's ways I I've got the solution that would take it back to that. Which would be the because now they have the challenge system. The players would a call their own lines. You'll get like the trash talking and the distrust and hatred and then you know thinking you're getting cheated by the opponent but you have the challenges and then it would bring the crowd much more involved as well because to me. Tennis needs a jolt. Even we have tremendous players the greatest of all time in Federlal for example and jokey which is not that far behind. It doesn't seem like it's certainly in the states not talked about Nearly as much in the same Way that it was back I mean I admit I'm bias. But it was sort of the heyday of tennis and when I came in all these characters and personalities and I thought man this is incredible because at first I thought tennis was SORTA. I really want to be in that game when I grew up in the country club sport and they want us. Act A certain way. And you gotTa Wear Your Long Pants like bill. Tilden or whatever and you're like that's not what I WANNA do. My goal was to be treated the same way as other athletes. I could imagine that if you're on the hockey rink our you're in the middle of soldier field in Chicago where some of my buddies that I went to college I got to know played. They're not saying hello are you? How are you when they come out of the huddle nearby and yet in tennis if oh my God if we said a bad word the harvest this is completely outrageous? I remember Early eighties there. Was I believe it was a my Miami Herald and they were? They did a survey of like who the most hated villains. Were in the history of the world and it was like Hitler One Attila the Hun to John McEnroe. Three son is. Sam was like what the Hell is. I think perspective is getting a little. What Mussa Cellini five? I'm three and these my God so that was sort of got me thinking and they really don't get it. Are you jealous of what players can get away with now? I don't think they get away with that. You know I think you've gotta wait. We got way more. Oh really you think so. Yeah I think I'd like to throw them under the bus but the truth is I mean you hear a lot of curse words when Murray plays for example and they used to go back and listen to the tapes. I'm like at a second. I mean this guy support the British are all into sort of act a certain way and they God forbid you curse it to win Berlin and and you do have to be more careful there but they I went. I mean admittedly I went off on an linesmen or something but you couldn't hear it. It was like sort of way far away from the empire and that was sort of the point in a way until they went back in this in the tape. Like Oh my God and they don't do that. It's amazing for some reason. It does a little annoying that the Mike Aren't right there. They were when they and these guy. These would call those guys that have this. Stick Boone Mike's Right right right at net and they as soon as I can see right my face as the son of a bitches. Just get it away from me now. They don't seem to be far away at all but now I mean generally I think these guys are I mean I gotta say even in my time. I think part of the reason why again. Then I'm sitting here talking to you about this book is that people relate to me as a human being a lot more than relate to these other guys because tennis is unbelievably frustrating. Yeah and it's hard to just sorta stand there and take it all. Forget the fact that how difficult it is execute on a tennis court the shots and do what you want to do but then if things start going haywire in wrong and then some guy screws you and I read Wimbledon. The some guy in the back would be asleep when the line he might keep them asleep. He might be better that way. Yeah I think when you talk about the dream you're infamous nightmare that you were being thrown off in that match by. What was it like? The the cameraman had someone speaking into his earpiece and the volume was up so loud that you could hear it. You were playing on the court right. Well that's exactly right. And now on the other side as a commentators for example when the recent French Open Women's final was extremely one sided in the beginning for the favorite. And so it's six four. Three love breakpoints the producers already. Oh God we gotta fill we gotta come up you know. What are we going to do? Because it's like a four hour show and we're an hour into the show. Will somehow that person in turning around and winning the match and this is sort of what was happening in that particular match with Landau. It was probably the producer talking to the cameraman. Look when the match ends and when macaroni wiz which to me is sorta that Jinxi type thing you saw. Obviously I reacted pitifully and gave the crowd reason to start rooting against me. And also it probably gave my opponent the infamous Yvonne. Lendl a reason to think hey. Maybe he's not quite sure of himself as he appears to be when he was one the first set which I should have been having won the first set six three in the second. Six two or something like that and then I should have just cruised victory and said I sorted so showed a chink in the armor. So that's something that's is difficult to live with the United. Wear my emotions on my sleeve. Generally and for the most part I was able to handle that but this particular case was a mistake. 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What is it that even to this day seems to rub you the wrong way about that guy pretty much everything but but I have to say I do respect what he brought in terms of work ethic and his dedication and his ability to learn from mistakes because we battled the juniors we. We knew each played them in the French. Open Juniors so it's not as if we didn't know each other and I his circuit he's like Yvonne Drago and rocky for machine. They became one. Which you gotta give 'em credit for the game from a totally different circumstance. In his life. His mother was a Czech player. Checks players have a history of success in Sports. Not just tennis but other sports because it was a way out and so. I'm sure there was a hunger obviously That I didn't have I had to find in a different way. I grew up in Douglas in Queens in a upper middle class environment and joined a country club everything that seemed lame about sort of our sport but it turned out to be a great sport and I ran into a lot of great people. And obviously if you believe which I do in a way that sorta Malcolm glad wells outliers where. It's meant to be whatever reason someone wanted me to play tennis. Yeah I can't figure out why that was an eight and a half. When my parents moved to a different location in Douglaston it was a block away from the tennis court. I'd still go down to the field where we play baseball and football and basketball but after that was done our would go to court and hit against the wall or something and then some guy was there and said. Hey this guy. Hey you should send him to this other place and then that's how that happened. And then I met guys that I didn't know who the hell they were but they turned out to be in a way legendary and influential people to me you know in sort of in our sport had had a lot of success and it was just one thing led to another until I get to the Wimbledon the first time and the juniors on sent there and forty years ago now next thing. I know I'm in the Sammy's Wimbledon. Making a long story short but I walked into their remember the hotel and they had the odds because they're big on gambling there and it was two to one connors four or five to one. Gary Lightest Twenty five to one McEnroe to fifty to one. I'd say God I think I have that good a chance and just have my name. Those three guys was literally like a Dream Come True. I couldn't even thought it could happen that fast and then to want to be sort of get that respect was used and to eventually get it. Yeah you say that winning your first Grand Slam tournament is always a big game changer. Both in terms of the players own head and in how people treat you. What was that like for you? Well mine was a little weird because I played vitas Gerulaitis Carolinas. My friend and I looked up to in the junior's you know I met him when he was sixteen and I was twelve. They don't hate you know. Sixteen year old guys. Who got a lot of charisma and girls sort of falling on them or by eighteen? I was fourteen. They're not hanging around with fourteen year olds so I aspired to be like him in a way. I mean the guy. They rolled out the red carpet when he went to studio fifty four. This is amazing. I couldn't get in. I begged again. I'm John McEnroe. I'm number six in the world and tennis and they'd be like what. What does that mean so it gave me this sort of hunger but also respect for what he did so in a way it was. It wasn't quite what it was what it could have been had beaten say connors aboard because it was against Vitas who we had a like in a way. He had taken me under his wing. A little I tell the story that Even when I beat them that day for the first Grand Slam which obviously is a maze. I'm not saying the Senate amazing feeling but it can be more amazing sort of depending on other circumstances he said to me. What are you doing later and I thought I'm doing whatever he's doing because whatever he's doing a whole lot better than what I'm doing and I can promise you that so That's not easy to do though. If you're twenty four you've just lost the US Open final. We grew up both of us about twenty minutes from the facility so it never happened before and is. I don't think I hope it happens. This John McEnroe tennis academy and Rise Island so I like to sit here and come back on your show in ten years and say got two guys during the files of the. Us Open but the odds of it happening slim and none and yet when that happened they were sort of bullying us in. Because they wanted Borg Connors. Right it was like if Golden State and Cleveland had not played and they the two other teams had played like Whoever THEY BE BOSTON I mean Boston has a name. But let's you know what I'm saying like Boston San I don't know about that. That's not the final. They were sort of pissed that they had put up. And I'm thinking what keeps from Queens for God's sakes why don't we have more Americans at the top of the game these days? We only have thirty minutes for this show. But I'll try to say it in fifteen to thirty seconds money. Yeah the cost of its is even higher the one percent. I mean you're lucky. It's one percent the athleticism that it requires because of the speed of the game of the technology so much faster that you need to be more athletic whereas before tennis players could beat athletes. I mean you want to be both a board was a fast guy oversaw and a tennis court and there was some great athletes. Vetus was a great athlete others. But it's even more athletic now and the rains. You're bigger guys so now. Athletes beat tennis players. Because it's so quick that the tennis players can't even do their thing. There's no there's not as much strategy guys out there swinging for the fences and so that because of that and because of the fact it the cost in the cool factor. I mean let's face it. You gotTa have some of that for kids who WanNa play especially kids in inner cities that you know. They're not gonNA WANNA go as you playing that Sissy Game Forget. I'm going to go play football basketball. Our best athletes have even. I played soccer in high school which I believe helped my tennis. Because it's sprinting. Stopping Movement of basketball is helpful. But if you take the size of a tennis court these as ESPECI- especially in New York City where real estate is at a total premium. They'll stick twenty kids out there. Kick a ball. They pretend that they know what the hell they're doing. And that's easier than when you have to really teach a kid tennis which is a very difficult sport to master and learn. I mean even for the best of the best so That all those things together. The coaching in the nurturing that's required and the way they're going about it to me is a mistake to 'cause they're taking the kids at ten years old and they're saying you can't play anything but tennis now you must focus exclusively on tennis. No I don't think so. I think that's absolutely dead wrong because I think the other sports you you learn to. I mean Tennessee. Route by yourself a lot which is difficult. So it's important to have say teammates in sort of a a release and blow off some steam Build character made. You'll lose it. You'll you'll build some character losing in tennis but you also have other people to sort of put your shoulder ahead on someone's shoulders in other sports which I think is important because parents they see dollar signs in their eyes and then they say okay. I'm GONNA home school. My kids Homeschool your kids. What are you talking about. There are already out there by themselves all the time. Why the hell are you can isolate them even more so I totally disagree with that but a lot of people do that so now you get these sort of kids. That aren't really there awkward and there haven't really dealt with the real world and there's sort of just don't know how to handle themselves. You can't expect them to do that. Yeah and those are the kind of kids. That probably won't deal very well with fame eventually. If they actually do make it as a tennis player they assume it will happen. Because they're told and then eighteen th. They may have some that could be over by. Nineteen Twenty I've advocated and I think it's important now because if you see tennis especially in the men's side but even the women certain degree they peak. At a later years it used to be eighteen twenty eight. Now it's twenty to thirty to say and sometimes even a little longer so why not have them? Experience College grow as a human being. Oh my God. Do you WANNA do that. Be Able to handle themselves. Well the John McEnroe Tennis Academy seems to be addressing some of your issues with the Elitism of the sport. Because if I have this right. You're actually reaching out to give underprivileged kids more of an opportunity to learn the sport in advance and yeah. That's my number one goal five minutes from Harlem. You know it's got a history says say you say Harlem you think of well. There's a lot of things you think you. There was also legendary times there and tremendous obviously history in Harlem as the Bronx. It's mainly New York City. I'm your up in Queens and Manhattan. But that's difficult. It's one thing you know and I'd raise as much money as I and I'm going to continue to try to do. That's not easy. And there's a lot of great causes out there and people think Oh give. Bunny Guy can play tennis. I mean a lot of what we've done is they won't be pro players but even getting a scholarship in division. One school changes our lives and save skew. I think we all know that is ridiculously expensive. College and people can't most people can't afford it. Forget the people that really can't afford it and so that is certainly something that I'm trying to spend as much time as I can to make people more aware and I've gotten I mean we've we've done well and we got people to contribute but I mean if you get a ten year old well guess what that take. Ten years later That money I wish I could tell you the ten grand a year or even twenty would do the trick but it doesn't well your own kids also play tennis in the Book You Include College Essay that your daughter. Anna wrote on what? It's like to play tennis. Nba McEnroe. Now's a famous tennis. Father How do you strike the balance between being a pushy tennis dad and yet still being supportive? Well I'm not sure I did a tremendous job in a way I tried to. I tried to be the best parent I can be. It's the toughest job in the world by far and particularly with this I would have support. I mean I would support them either way. But if they showed that hunger and desire in the will that's necessary commitment to it. I would have encouraged in an allowed that an explained to them. Do you know you're going to get yourself into. Because obviously he's not gonNA just be. How good is Kevin mackinaw? It's going to be. What is the act like? It's his temper like his father. That was my fault zone my my fault that they have to deal with the. Oh Yeah. It's probably partially my temperance. Yeah but years ago when my son Sean was playing in High School Tennis? They were playing at a club. I used to practice at and Illeana Stasi was there and he was on the I corner. I think my son was all the way down to fifth court at the end and he was making a big commotion he was like. Hey shut up Mac. He called me macaroni. He goes shut macaroni and was kidding. He's that's probably macro knows kit. Well it turned out it was so yeah that hurt but nonetheless it's pinner. It's been a sort of walking a tight rope. Needless to say which is why really my kids in a way never had that you know they didn't I mean I don't blame them. I didn't really push them to do that. And I think that would have been extremely difficult because you don't see a lot of that in tennis. I mean name a lot of successful pros at have had sons or and it's a very small list. I've been able to succeed so it's even more difficult when there's going to be all this attention. Paid upon himself. Four six played high school. Tennis one played college. Kevin played for year and he said he didn't like his teammates. You know forget it might. Emily was who's twenty six now she's arguably my best out the best athlete of all my kids and she chose to sort of not doing at all even though she was a way to back because she was the one that was most naturally shows that. Go into dancing for a while. Yeah well you know I found in my family. That tennis is great for a family. You know it's like what do they say? The family that plays tennis together stays together. I was never very good but we always enjoyed. It was a great family activity to this day. I have a problem with my serve. I mean I look like a muppet swatting at flies serve. What did you have any tips for? Well they tip be pick another sport. That's probably good advice. Z. A. Serving people take for granted because they look at John Is there. I mean obviously we grow six inches would help Sampras these all time great service. It's not as easy as it looks. It go hit the ball hundred twenty five miles an hour. I wished I'd do that once in my life so serving is a tricky thing. But it's like pitching if your natural like a pitch. There's certain things similarities and a lot of times people don't use all their bodies so that would be aware of use. Your legs use your core and I got a tip from. My coach was great. It was if you ever hit your serve in the net. That means you're pulling your head down too quickly and if you hit it far that means a balls dropping too quickly so these are like the most basic things that ninety percent of people. Don't listen to so you would greatly improve your service. We're aware that all right. I'm going to give that a shot. Well before we go this episode airs July third the Opening Day of Wimbledon. Who Do you favor going in favor? I mean I think fetters GonNa be the favorite. I think there's about a half dozen guys. They could win it and it sort of depends because I haven't seen the dry yet how that plays out in the next week. Murray's going to have an ability to say have something to say because he hasn't done much in joke which is sort of semi panicking because he's fallen off the map the last year compared to what he was doing. So there's a lot of reasons and then there's hopefully some of these guys like You know the guy. I was working with me los rounded. You got to the finals last year and someone that come out of the blue a little bit. God forbid someone you go okay. It's time for Greg or Dmitrov to finally step up once and for all instead of sort of falling over when these guys SORTA SORTA breathe on him. Certainly make it more interesting. How about for women's women to me is very wide open because screen not there. It's certainly unpredictable. I don't follow it. The INS and outs like this girl asked the pink one. The French I don't recall ever seen her play I was amazed at the way she played that she got away. I mean she'd hit talking about swing for the fences. It wouldn't be the way I would coach. Someone and I was watching and she was down six four three love about to go down. Four love to like a steady person who was three in the world who had more experience. We'd been in the finals. Hal Up and I thought this this is over. It's going to be over then. She turned it around and won a couple games. And I'm like this could work. It's totally anti what I would sort of advocate Sixty four winner. Seventy one unforced our some incredible number but it it definitely gets the other person uneasy so the key to winning this is. I would say is. There's more than one way to do it. And you've got to figure out the way unsettles your opponent the most whatever way that is it comes most naturally to you and so for women end guys for that matter. It's difficult to say because there's not a lot of people these days are that comfortable playing on grass. It's different surface. They only play about a month a year on grass. So that's arguably our biggest event is played on its two or three events leading up to it and Wimbledon. So five we. They've added an extra week. Finally it's five weeks for the guys to get to the end and the girls and that's not a lot of time to sort of figure out a bit of the nuances so they ended up sort of playing the same way so if anyone can figure out a couple sort of moves that the low slice that it was a no brainer. They're gonNA do something potentially yeah. You have no shortage of opinions Real quick what's one thing you would do away with one thing in Tennessee? One thing I would do away with in tennis would be the linesmen. I think that if you had to pick that's not so it's the least likely thing that will happen the other thing. I mean I could name five things but I think that they play for so long that I don't see whether it's not a tiebreaker. In the fifth set Or the third set of a women's fifth set of a man's because you'd they people's attention span is so much less and I would eliminate let's on serve because I just think that's one less thing to worry about it. I like the little unpredictability It's as a commentator as a player the top guys. I could see where they wouldn't want that because that serve levels the playing field well again. The book is called but seriously John McEnroe. Thanks for talking with me. Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks again to John. Mcenroe for coming on the PODCAST. Quarter his book but seriously on the Amazon or download the Audio version for free with special promotion just for our listeners at audible trial dot com slash kick ASS news look for John McEnroe broadcasting live from Wimbledon on. Espn or the BBC and learn more about the John McEnroe Tennis Academy at Sport Time. Ny DOT COM be sure to subscribe to kick ASS news on Itunes and leave us a review. 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