Cold as Ice


Lisa I want you all to know Hamad love you at this moment there is some really hey guys this is Lisa and this is Kara and this is pop fashion also this was a store that I think we both agree just needed more security guards just a stronger presence of security at all times but aspects Y'all the first the first rule of fleeing the scene is split up didn't we learn that from all the oceans movies previous crimes because there are several so there was a theft one week beforehand but this store also got hit a year prior yes I do recall l. when the other thing you love is poorly scheduled it's not scheduled with you in mind like the world is conspiring against your own personal schedule purpose forever podcasting is whether you like it or not no I'm kidding I'm happy to be here but Y'all sling system it's as if it doesn't all revolve around me Balderdash it should Lisa you know at this age I'm still having a hard time understanding do you recall a theft from Lululemon in California after we talked about a couple of weeks ago I do recall Ashen related song perhaps fashion sometimes comes with updates and I have one for you I'd like full on Lizardo Song I need a flu any backup dancers you gotTa make it happen I mean who could compete with that Lisa right police said involved sixty seven hundred dollars in merchandise from that one store police said the same vehicle had been involved in a four thousand dollar theft all five people have been arrested in connection to a September thirteenth grabbing run aft at the Lululemon store in Walnut Creek other no either either you come to reality or you make it work okay if you're GONNA lean into the solar system thing you gotta lean it real hard on her next album was a we'll have a song about how you girl are the center of your own solar system no man can take that away no baseball team conflicts with that so it sounded like they had made one hit and they're coming back for more the police located vehicle at a gas station with all five Matt but stay true to oneself if you are the center of your own solar system you you do that or figure out your life what cornea a vigilant citizen witness police said had given police a description of a vehicle that fled the scene after the theft which they all go two different directions split up you can talk about it later why did you need to get gas together drop somebody off anyway they wanNA icees from the same store one week earlier oh that's right that's right I forgot about that so now keep in mind do not confuse your see you and appreciate you and thank you for being here and choosing us over the sports ball there will always be more sports ball but friends you actually writing a song right now because that's what I'm hearing for the last time you tried to give me a sing song on the show it didn't go so well so I'm going to go thank you could you sing us another the youths they're impressionable oh anyway there is no indication at this time that the suspects are involved in that that that happened WanNa slurpy to celebrate one of the suspects was a juvenile so I've decided I'm GonNa tell you any other names they don't matter because they got a juvenile involved in this I'm like please do not involved a year previously so this store is just unlucky or like you said something happened in from the inside that was a theory there is somebody on the inside it's similar in these citizen Detective Angle there you got in the type of crime at all it was I didn't have a parallel ready the as ice or money as cold hard cash because we perceive cold objects as fancy especially seve luxury goods this is a very odd study people associate the word luxury with things that are cold this is from I am telling you look this is like when people were solving the Golden State killer I`Ma call up Walnut Creek police a report by Mark Wilson on Fast Company New Research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology says that there's a reason re referred to jewelry action and puppies puppies when it comes to cold we think of what is desirable and status and we don't even know we're doing it the you all look inside the store I don't think it's anything like that particular case but let's just roll with it on this instance Lisa people perceived it as being a luxury if it had that cold background also it turns out that some a luxury social behaviors meaning that it's perceived as something that's cold and unattainable therefore it's wanted I see that valiant it was an attempt on Karn tells another one let's talk about more blaming in a different way though it's about how we a second version that was created that had a background it was snowy I guess which ad did better dumb flakes the flakes did so the study found an object like perfume and luggage if it was put on a background from this spring people liked it okay but cold or that appear in a cold setting are more attractive right then why am I not more excited to go to work in an office building where it's I didn't have a bling ring reference to go it's like you're just GonNa have to accept my really bad analogies we'll do it wasn't good attempt it all works together Lisa I feel like I relate to this because very many of my exes have referred to me as cold rebe brands use this to their advantage and drop the temperature of their stores so they sell more some people have like different theories on why this is right but it has a new program with threat up it is called the made while archive and it is a collection of pre-owned jeans working out this way some things that we view cold as luxury because innately it's linked to our survival some people think it's linked to it made well has offered a denim recycling program for a while now which makes sense because made while is more or less a denim store moving on wow I don't have a transition sense for you here I'm just going to say we're going to talk about a new topic now thank you so language what do you think of this there's a part of this that doesn't match up for me personally so if things it's like think about every diamond ring commercial you've ever seen it's always like in the snow or like those commercials for the car with the bow on them at Christmas eh I started noticing all over the place like you'll start seeing it and add especially print ads the concept of ice and things that are snow it just repeats you don't see them at other times a year it's in the snow at Christmas like it's luxury that's that's what luxury happens is in winter yeah once I read this study telling US items from threat up in their stores and other brands have used threat up as a facilitator for it's own recycling programs made walls commitment to sustainability so it's interesting timing this program is being launched what with made wells difficulty in finding backers that made well sourced from threat up each pair is hand selected washed and refurbished before being placed into select stores for sale the president who did the study said it doesn't really matter why we think it is but quotes we have built this association in our head so a permeates the reality of our weird behavior does this also apply to like expressions casino like so many runway models are told to have nations. I like the idea that it's being offered in stores because I think you're more likely to gravitate towards a pair of jeans that is different from all the as its own publicly traded company as part of that process the brand released a prospectus that really emphasizes on then I'd be cool with it because I would just like Obama sell some luxury ass sweater I see that's why I totally see little pay fifty dollars for a pair of jeans and I'm not saying that fifty dollars is an unreasonable price but unless your price for newly run full is consistency which is not your fault it is the brand's fault just want to reiterate that but the trouble is getting for fifty dollars a pair new made while genes typically cost around one hundred thirty dollars so it's a significant savings macy's and JC Penney but made well is the first brand to resell its own items through threat up basically threat up is buying the old pants and then it selling them back to made well carmody think about this program I think it's so smart it's a smart it's a great setup I wouldn't be surprised if they seems like the best scam ever kind of but you may recall that J. crew plans to drop meanwhile off the mall and spin it off as true value of both of them agreed yeah next story what's going on with Virgil at blow is he doing okay a number of weeks ago version if it's an advertising with a frozen winter backdrop this is so weird so when people think warmth they think of interpersonal relationships and schedule to let his mind and body recover because his schedule has been so intense he cancelled all of his appointments and quickly involved more stores in it because then it solves a number of problems it re emphasizes your idea of what the brand is and what it is the price jeans if that doesn't stay at a consistent one thirty or whereabouts all of a sudden people are going to be wondering if the price for the second hand Lisa's nothing but luxury also your xs a full I what did they now also true I if you can actually physically try it on the store I think it's tougher online because of the way that fits can change over time and even within the same brands you might not have right well I'm just GONNA get the brand new ones yeah because these old ones are almost the same price as the new ones so there has to be it has to be a level of like the value has to be consistent for both the new genes and the genes that's the one concern that I have yeah the answer for a gives another price point within the store which will drive people into stores it also because jeans do kind of go inside whole the selection that you want or the style that you want just gives another opportunity for shopping what do you think I like it but I asked him as is in the emergency room so here we go long story short I was in the emergency room over the weekend by the time you're listening to this it will have been weeks and solid Mr. I'm fine but I was in the emergency room I was making jokes about how I was finally a celebrity in the hospital for exhaustion the pair was fifty then you plan accordingly so it it just needs to be consistent you just don't want the fluctuation back and forth so that you want the user to know that James is reasonable that is to say like if you regularly have sales where your genes that are usually one thirty are eighty or ninety it'd be very easy for someone to say all of his appearances for the next three months he's still working but working from home virtual blow is the artistic director of Louis Vitton as therefore I am simply luxury by the transit of value by the transit of property Abbas Paris fashion week show for off-white took place but he wasn't in attendance his doctor told him that he needs to take a step back from his so much every time I turned around this summer he was involved in with another project. Lisa what's your take on this this has a big flaw and is that to tell you to stop or as Carin says she will threaten to hire task grab it to come sit on you so that you can't do anything I again I think this is a brilliant and as some of us know we need to take some time off just to like take care of ourselves some of us meaning rules on what the cuts are with colors are it gives people another option so say that they're not find the style that they like in that season going into an archive to be able to L. as off white I think this was a great idea I'm sorry had to get to this point in order for it to happen but he has been he's been doing so so I already am winning over Mr Bloe well hopefully he really is taking some time off like we've topped month's two years because there's such a high demand for products and for such high level output people just get exhausted and mcgown flipping channels watching chip and Joanna but I have my Topac with my laptop just in case I did not do a lick of work while I was in the hospital aw or a heart condition who knows and I I took my laptop with me in case I needed to do well I was there. He sat paper cosmetic tubes next year the development is in conjunction with a global packaging firm called Albania the tubes us aced is like anything that is made with not plastic like think of the utensils that are made of corn crucial baseball going on right now but I'm sitting here recording with you all while my friend texts me the score Lisa we thing that any over achieving person wants to hear is that they need to slow down because in your head your leg I can do this I can do this I do this sometimes you need someone else you're right he does need it has gone arrest he needs rest right right as someone who has a hard time resting I understand as someone who was lectured by car and you have to take your own advice dammit called out we talked about designer burnout companies have been switching designers like every eighteen he's a bright minds suffer yeah agreed well wishes to Mr Abla best wishes we're thinking of you best wishes warm regard support system who is going to either pick up what you have to put down or that you can delegate to or who's going to respect that need for rest so let's have one more little tidbit miss week about Louis Environment Laurie how says it is going to introduce in this very week to rest more I get it out of love I said it out of love out of love but look the last vile based and certified paper like material to replace most of the plastic I'm sure you're like what the fuck is she saying so bio like I hope that he is able to have that support from his own brand from the people leave a time to support him because you just don't want to see the a plan I am going to hire someone who sole purpose is just to sit on you yeah just to make sure you don't move you only move your hands lying you've set the thermostat at sixty eight degrees because somebody's not giving you a luxury watch at the end of the day that's why like if my income was luxury it's an repeats it's fascinating so keep an eye out oh man wants you know about it you can't unknow it exactly I opened up your ass brands girl what are you doing this is what I'm hiring task rabbit so I was in my in my hospital he is working from home if that man needs to rest he needs to be not on the damn computer yeah it is not healthy Lee now lean out so stop it with the discounts y'all or just pr do your pricing structure different that's fine too right exactly if you knew if you always knew that a new pair was ninety learn all right me too yeah yeah but I will say that to be able to truly take a break you have to have expression or to not smile it happens a lot in magazine spreads to like an icy expression laughing like she's ice cold you know as count as they its packaging by the end of twenty twenty and the two companies say that the project demonstrates that collaboration between industry experts is essential to develop break actor something the VP of packaging development at Laurie Al said that the company's overall goal was to improve the environmental or social profile of all the department stores used to sell those mid range labels and they're having problems with popularity right now to they're having problems with foot traffic factors including people are spending on entertainment instead women are using more backpacks than purses which the empty down that much but it won't necessarily impact high end luxury brands because they're still selling things like lipsticks and perfumes probably me yeah next story purses are losing popularity this is a story from courts research company and PD group said bag but now people aren't so interested in that another reason that this is a possibility that footwear is increasingly seen as trinity six of one hundred and ninety seven dollars annually so why is this happening why aren't people spend on bags anymore analysts think it's a mix it is a major shift also a separate survey said that teens spending on handbags have fallen to the lowest point and the surveys sort of like a paper Coffee Cup where it's paper on the outside but it's got that plastic lining on the inside so it doesn't necessarily mean that it's recyclable or as the item to get instead of purses that sneakers can substitute as a status symbol also finally people who have money want to signal newell but it does mean that it will break down quicker in the landfill which is an improvement steps the on cold winter backgrounds but mid market labels like Michael Kors and kate spade those are the ones that are hurting right now the right direction perhaps but this is where changed really needs to start happening is on a corporate level so we can make the choice as consumers to go Saudi Christmas honey Monday right what's going on over there also something else playing into this which is we cannot forget after the products where this is a priority within the company so there's radical change because we're out of point where we need radical change so thank you Solorio for if you look at the trajectory of their sales and what they're offering discounts you can understand wait something feels off here yesterday they had a seventy five percent off sale and I'm like and discreet ways that were starting to kind of head down that path so is this going to impact companies obviously if sales group calling the new work tote people aren't interested in them as status symbols anymore pags used to be a symbol of luxury you got the IT and so it's not just the department store as a unit suffering it's like the individual sections of those stores also taking that hit so those mid level range brand eighteen year history female T. it said that they're spending an average of ninety dollars a year on handbags that's down from its peak and two thousand the US sales of women's handbags and toasts are down twenty percent and analysts from the group said quote this is clearly not a blip vesting money in figuring out how to make this work because if one company can figure out how to make it work they all can agree and everybody wants to be the cool kid with the new packaging trust Michael Kors bags in it we're gonNA make shades it's going to be okay it's the bags are fine we just don't have that many of them but I have another with this Lisa yes and I have a theory why but at first I would like to say that the world will be just fine with a couple fewer aren't selling as much in department stores this past February ww decided it was the end of the it bag. Do you agree sorry that wasn't on your list as what might be driving the decline in handbags sales ooh I get enough retail bags you think that that's completely replacing the at bat is just as useful for putting your stuff in it why am I going to go to the department store and buy a fifty dollar handbag yeah I'm GonNa have a nice wallet or a Nice little going what they're finding in this study is that people are looking to instagram for that fashion inspiration and so they're wanting to see something different new so smaller o'clock and then I'm just going to throw my stuff in a bag it's an abyss anyway and it may play into something larger that's happening as a trend to is that I know I think it's replacing bags like if the hipster tote bag with like the cute saying on it or like the free thing you got it the fund raiser brands are within the Handbag Ram are actually succeeding right now because people are seeking them out they're seeking out the unusual the brand that people don't know and instead of like the one with a name so having like a quirky tote bag fits into that hey this is something I got out event but I went to hear the stories label that anybody else can buy if you have the money the other thing too is there's gotta be something about the casualization of the American Workplace Yeah like the nonprofit that I support it does fit into that as being more about individual style and lifestyle versus like this cuter my lunch another pair of shoes my wallet like there's a bunch of stuff that needs to go and that's my attitude has become much more utilitarian and that way living in a backpack and go to work than it is to howling perfect bag my attitude about this has radically changed because in the mid thousands I was by what they might really be after our data maybe this is a bit conspiratorial but it's fun to think about anyways this concludes my Ted talk and look I used to commute four and a half minutes to work in the morning and I would still take a backpack it's a little more Ergonomic y'all doesn't kill you back where you don't need to look put together from head to Tony more on a day to day basis a lot of people working from home or in casual environments and like the study said it's a lot easier to throw it ages genders ethnicities I wonder if the cost of maintaining a storefront and I imagine lower sales is targeting anyone's attention in an apple store is offset from Chrissy who says I just want to start off by saying how much I love and appreciate the podcast as a graphic designer fashion is generally the first place have to have like the bag for a business environment that you have it's a sign of being a professional but it's changed since then mostly because like I carry eastern the concept is that of a small town but their business model is brilliant the owners offered limited spots up and coming local shops and short term leases honestly it's probably a blend I never really thought about the data collection before outside of what they sell but it's having a pool of users of you know it makes sense usual numbers I can't say how successful they've been but from personal experience there is difficulty finding parking even on a week day long story long it seems to me that there are luxury brand stores like Louis Vuitton burberry but situated at the opposite end of the complex are more affordable brands like gap and Francesca's having not seen the look for upcoming visual trends and Y'all are on top of it as floor retail space I live in Columbus Ohio where we have an outdoor shopping complex store and subscribed every device to our show. Okay you didn't need a front me out like that that happened years ago okay I can talk about it it was you and that it was our show which are likely suspects I will neither-confirm-nor-deny what happened in the past a lot of sense Chris has been listening to some podcast she'd been watching some TV shows she hasn't been spiracy theories I will stay here for all of them museum after I booked a trip to Salem for the Halloween seasonal festivities oh my gosh so much fun thanks to you I made it a point statute of limitations on embarrassing stories lifted snitch get stitches is all guys thanks I didn't say what store it was what your took place in I only said be doing more in depth data collection and marketing and selling like it's about a brand experience do you think they found the data valuable from that time you went into the apple the show although it was small it was worth visiting and part of an interesting fashion show about expression so she attached some photos of dry retail is to survive this is one of the ways to do it as for Apple I have a theory one of apple stores are not so much for sales of their products my assumption is that they do this in order to be able to maintain flexibility and to cater to the consumer in real time so there's always something new and exciting APP felt talking about her family and business history I hope one day the met Costume Institute has a large retrospective I am inspired by her sculpture roll accessories but did not realize her contribution to historical fabrics and preserving the craft throughout the entire fashion section my thoughts wandered to how most hey all I'm saying is that there's a store that's very intelligent about their podcast subscriptions that's all I gotta say let's move on do one more letter each time I dress outside of what is expected or normal and the work environment I get some compliments but it feels uncomfortable last week's podcast interested me in your discussion of ars like current fashions opinions I think your life is a celebration you should dress up that's how I feel there's always room for wants from Christine who says hi my favorite podcast hosts a few months ago you mentioned the Iris Apfel Show at the peabody Essex some people of all age groups picking up tablet being able to gather the information of APPS that are preferred time spent as well as promotion of setups by people of all he's love you too and keep up the good work Chrissy Chrissy let's go with that I like that I think you're right that makes a heck of it can't show them to you because this is not a visual platform but I'm GonNa see if we can put them on instagram she has my favorite was a pink sweater black widely it or backpack let us know Saturday for fashion news this week but let's move on listener letters this letter pants and turquoise accessories although I had watched a documentary on her on net flicks I learned more details at the show as they had made a video of irises hat pop fashion podcast or join

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