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Hello Word nerds welcome to the dictionary. This is the podcast where I am reading the dictionary and commenting on it. The first word is bridge head all one word Noun from eighteen twelve, one, eight, a fortification protecting the end of a bridge nearest an enemy. One be an area around the end of a bridge. Could also I guess you could say Bridge Tale, right? Why Not Bridge had bridge tail but which one is the beginning will never know to an advanced position seized in hostile territory. I don't know the etymology of that one Next is bridge loan two words Noun from nineteen seventy, five, a short term loan used to finance and enterprise in West or government spending the receipt of other funds. I'm guessing the word bridge. Is used just like at the end of the last episode you know it's it's something to connect to other things. You know you're bridging your ability your from not having alone to having money to be able to pay off I don't know I'm making this up at the top of my head. Next is bridge work one word Noun from eighteen, eighty three and it just says dental bridges. the the definition for that one Let's see. Where was it the partial denture anchored to adjacent teeth I'm still I don't have dentures I don't have a bridge. So I'm not entirely sure what this is. I don't think I wanna a picture of this one because some of you might be grossed out you know I think it's just a thing to. Keep the teeth in place connected the two. But yeah. Sometimes people say I got some bridge. Work, next bridal B. R. I. D. L. E. IT is the I form Noun from before the twelfth century one, the headgear with which a horse is governed, and which carries a bit and rains I think we talked about Oh yes. For Bit I think we talked about that. Number to a length of line or cable attached to two parts of something to spread the force of a poll especially rigging on a kite for attaching line. They call that the bridal. Three is the synonyms are curb and restraint as in set a bridal on his power. Still don't know what that means This is from middle English bride, Del from Old English bridal akin to the old English brag done to which means to move quickly. And there's more at the word, braid? still doesn't really make sense I mean. Why what how does to move quickly connect to the thing that you put on a horse not entirely sure about that one if any horse experts out there, let me now. Now, we have the second form of bridal. It is a verb from Before the twelfth century I is transitive one to put a bridle. To to restrain check or control with with a bridle as in bridal, your tongue. Keep it controlled In transitive definition says to show hostility or Oh, you know what? I. Just made a connection in my head the thing about the horse It's not about moving quickly I mean maybe there's somewhere but it's more about the the word restraint which was in the number three and I say that because it's GonNa come up again so. The transitive definition for the verb of bridal says to show hostility or resentment as to an affront to one's pride or dignity especially by drawing back the head and Chin. And then here we have a synonym for the whole thing is the word restrain so yes, control it restraint and we sell restrained before that's bridling. Next, is bridle path to words Noun from eighteen eleven a trail suitable for horseback riding. A seems odd that would you call it a horse path? Why is it a bridle path? Why do you have to use the word bridal? To denote that. Next is bree capital B. R. E. Noun from eighteen, thirty, five, a soft surface Oh, a soft surface ripened cheese with a whitish rind and Pale yellow interior. Which I think that interior is often soft some people bakery. This is from a district in France named bree. So some smart person made it. They're probably. Lord of the Rings, there is a town called breed but I think they spell it. B.. R. E. E. T. I wonder why he chose that name maybe he liked the district in France named bree, and so he said I'm going to use that but I'm going to change it a little bit. Next is brief. I form adjective. From the Fourteenth Century one short in duration extent or length as in this podcast is not brief, but sometimes, the episodes are. To. A synonym is concise to be. Synonyms are Kurt C. U. R. T. and abrupt brief nece is a noun. And this is from middle English breath or breathe from anglo-french breath or brief from Latin breath, which is akin into the old high. German Merg M. U. R. G., which means Short and from Greek Breckis not sure how Merg got in there but it does mean something similar. So I guess that makes sense. Next is the second form of brief. It is a noun from the fourteenth century one, a an official letter or mandate especially a papal letter less formal than a bull. A bull is a bowl letter a thing I guess we'll learn that soon. Maybe. One be a specific instruction or responsibility as in his brief was to strengthen the army. He got an official enter or mandate told him to strengthen the army. number two, a a concise article to be synonym synonyms are. Synopsis and Summary. To see a concise statement of a client's case made out for the Wait what happened here made out for the instruction of counsel in a trial at law number three, an outline of an argument especially, a formal outline especially in law that sets forth the main contentions with supporting statements or evidence. yeah. Number four is plural. Short, snug pants or aunts, briefs I just love that that comes right. After this very I'll just read the definition and the the short snug pants comes right after an outline of it argument especially, a former outline especially in law that sets forth the main contentions with supporting statements or evidence they just couldn't be more different rate. in brief is a phrase which means in a few words. Briefly is also a synonym for that one. And I think that's good for that, and now we have the last word, which is again brief. It is the third form B. R. E. F. This is a verb. just transitive from the fifteenth century one to make an abstract or abridgement of. So you're making something shorter. To A to give final precise instructions to to be to coach thoroughly in advance. I have to tell you the the things I'm briefing you. Yeah. I. Guess That's similar to making something shorter. You're just giving them the important information. To see to give essential information to like I just said number three. to discuss as a military operation in a briefing. As in briefed the mission. Again just gave you the short. Shorter. Thing we don't have to go through all the details I walked here I walked there. No just giving you the highlights. A briefer is a noun. I feel like when I see and shows military shows, police shows whatever it is. They say I got a brief you I but I feel like depending on the situation it sounds like it's either before the thing or it's after a thing. So you can brief somebody on what they're about to do or you can brief somebody on what just happened. Does that make sense connected a little confusing? I guess you just have to figure that out from context. So we had bridge head Bridge Loan Bridge Work Bridal Bridle Path Brie and brief. Well I think I'M GONNA pick. Burri as the word of the episode I don't eat a normal cheese I eat vegan cheese But when I did Jeez did sort of enjoy bree It wasn't one of the the stinky cheeses which I did not care for but I like this one we would often have this. Mention my family getting together playing bridge, and often there would be cheese and crackers and bree was usually one of so maybe somebody could be playing bridge and eating bree all at the same time. I know we would just have that as a snack. Alright. That is the end of the episode. Thank you very much for listening and until next time this is spencer dispensing information goodbye.

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