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This week I'm not saying wrestling so much to talk about with Roman reigns getting doused in Dog Food Walter Losing the annex t UK championship so to speak speak and Kane is with us in studio on this here show. This is not sam wrestling. It is introducing your host from New York here is burgers. Everybody hope you're staying warm wherever you are happy Mondays. What a way to start the week? I'm actually enjoying this schedule. I liked that that Monday morning. First thing not sam wrestling is there for you every single. Oh time no matter what. We're back on Thursday afternoons as well. That sounds like a random time. You really wanted to be dependable. It's basically it'd be Friday morning because it'll be sometime between three. PM and seven PM you're guaranteed to get a new podcast every Thursday. There's Day but who knows exactly what time it's going to be either way we get the shows up and we enjoy doing them right. 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Every Thursday we generally go through a lot of those emails. So if you WANNA email not Sam Russell g mail dot com with any thoughts that you you have throughout the week. Go ahead and do that. And we'll get to it on Thursday on the PODCAST Speaking of this podcast. This is a big one this week. We've got CAIN now. Cain stepped in and he did the Jim Norton and Sam Robert Show on Sirius. Xm And you know when I big interviews like that that I think you all are going to enjoy. I WanNa make sure for that. They're on the PODCAST to if you've already heard it no problem. You're still download this podcast. Now you've got the interview forever posterity. There's going to be video of it going up at youtube slash not sam wrestling And of course we'll have a full length state of wrestling immediately following the interview. And we've got a lot to talk about their so we've got a lot of content content to hit you with today on the podcast Cain was in studio because he's got a new book out kind of chronicling his life in wrestling a and politics And it's really it's it's an interesting read speakers Kane has done so much you know we we forget. Sometimes that came started as he's one of these guys in in the late eighties early nineties. I guess is really when Kane I started right around smokey mountain like you know ninety one ninety two is when people started to become aware ninety three maybe and he did a couple of things in Smoky Mountain I think he was Yuna bomb. At one point he was is definitely the Christmas creature at one point but his first foray into wwe was of course the legendary doctor is a Yank Him DDS S.. Still one of my favorite things Mattel has done since procuring the WWe toy license is figure out a way to get an Isaac Yank 'em action figure gear in the line. One is a gang action figure exists and it's not a Hasbro. Isaac Yank him even though he was wrestling in the Hasbro era. And it's not Jack's Isaac Yank Him even they had the rights to Glenn Jacobs and had an entire line of classic superstars. Jackson made a giant Gonzales. Jackson made a Basham. Boettger Jackson made it harvey whipple made named everybody. They made Andy Kaufman. They may everyone you can think of. Never made an is again cam. So Jack's turned around. I mean mattel turn around and figure out figured out how they you can get an is again come in the line and they did and it really is a beautiful figure. He comes to the dental mask and everything. It's amazing. I mean dental goggles. What he comes with I think so I have it over there? He's got a removable white dental shirt the blue pants but obviously is a gang. Komo short-lived didn't really work out. But W W didn't lose faith in Glenn Jacobs as a performer. Former and I'm sure his size had a lot to do with it When he was asked to come back and be diesel number two when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and went over to WCW wwe wanted to prove that they own the rights to raise her on diesel and Scott Hall and Kevin? Nash could do whatever they want. But God damn those were their characters. I so here comes fake razor and fake diesel fake diesel of course played by the one and only Glenn Jacobs that was also short lived but wwe still still did not lose faith in Glenn Jacobs and they started telling this amazing story about the undertaker. And here's an attitude era pallbearer undertaker bastard son half-brother the seed of I. I think they ended up both being pallbearers kid. I don't remember but the undertaker thought that his brother had died in a fire that it was actually started by Paul Bear. I mean it was actually started by. The undertaker pallbearer had raised the undertaker. Because on accident he killed his parents and his brother in a fire but with the entertainer didn't realize is Cain was alive the whole time and bad blood ninety seven. That's gotta be Kane Kane shows up any rips that door off of the Helena Sal and he tombstones the undertaker undertaker and Sean gets that pin. That's October of ninety seven. The two don't actually meet in the squared circle came. Go onto beat vader at the next pay per view mankind mankind at the pay per view after that by the way beating. All those guys with red lights left on in the arena the entire time the more things change the more they stay the same. CAIN was a monster. He didn't sell for everybody. Anyone he beat up everybody and there were red lights on the entire time he wrestled. Do we know anybody like that. So cain ends up wrestling the entertainer wrestlemainia four teen. That's the recipe that was headlined by Shawn Michaels and Stone. Cold Steve Austin not the greatest match in the world but the story leading leading up to it was one of the best told rivalry stories in wrestling ever came would go on to be the big red monster he turn into a good guy and become a human after his friendship with ex pock He would eventually be unmasked after losing a match. Coaching Madison Square Garden exposing that half of his hair had been burned off. He immediately went to the locker room and shaved off the other part of his hair because he realized how stupid he looked but then he became bald scary looking Kane starred in the film see no evil went to resume at twenty six years. There's after wrestlemainia fourteen. The undertaker returned after being in the American bad ass to have another match with Kane their wrestlemainia twenty He became corporate came. You went back to wearing the mask you I mean the story of Cain is a tremendous tremendous one if anybody should have a book. I think it's that guy I I was so excited to have Canaan and of course this is from the Sirius. XM Show which means we're not going to go strictly wrestling. Jim Norton my co host in studio with me as is comedian. Sam Morale Morale now. Sam Morell grew up cane fan so he was super excited. He grew up in the attitude era. So he's as excited as any of us would be when Cain walked in that studio so so today here on not Sam wrestling you get to listen for yourself. What happened when the big red machine stepped into the Jim? Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Studio the not Sam Wrestling Interview Ladies and Gentlemen. Oh my God I would. I would say it's a safe bet. Probably what's going on the tallest mayor in America for sure you would fuck up Buddha judge. The Glenn Jacobs Cain however you know him. He's here any more studio with us are Y'all have you done research to make sure that you are the physically biggest mayor in America so there is a mayor from another county in rural Tennessee. MRI that he's a pretty big cat. I think he's really a big dude. Yeah we could we could. We could add something to the Tennessee. Volunteers offensive line. You play football ever or no I did it play the Truman State University which play offensive tackle. Of course there's only one position plan. Yeah so when you're at what point in your life. Did you start to get a politically motivated. And I didn't even mean like thinking that this should be a career. I mean. Get Interested in it because you've been talking about economics and politics for a long time. Yeah Really I've always been that way. Ever since I was a kid. I've been interested in history. Social Studies is probably my favorite class when I was in school so I've always always been interested to some extent going through college. Get exposed get exposed to some some different ideas and then you get out in the real world and you find out gosh. Government takes a lot of money from from. What does it do with it? And sometimes it doesn't do very good stuff with it so you you know just just throughout my life. I've always been somewhat interested. I never earlier I never would have considered running for elected office and right in fact that point I said that I never would ever. Why would anyone ever want to do that? Then I changed my mind. What's the biggest surprise you've had like since you get elected government? I'm GonNa make a difference what's been the biggest thing like. Oh Aw God that's awful. Well you know I don't know if there's been any surprises in that respect because I went in you know rather rather don't WanNa say cynical but I think a realist about how Roberts And it does. It does go slow. And they're actually as a reason for that. We want accountability. They want transparency and that sort of thing seriously. My biggest surprise is how much fun it is and it really is. It's a blast and I have a lot of fun doing this. I mean he's done a lot out of fun things for a living. Yeah very well but I also think it's all everything's with Jamaica if you concentrate I mean everybody's everybody's but he's GonNa have issues. We understand that you know and if you concentrate on that all the time that's what you're gonNA. Are you gonNa feel about things but if you if you concentrate around the positives and trying to have an impact and trying to do things anything constructive and doing those in the right way. That's what what you're kind of paradigm emerges and. That's what I try to do. So when you when you decide you're going to run. Do you start painstakingly going through your wrestling career to figure out okay. What clips are they going to play out of context to explain this town? You want your mayor doing remiss dropping your leg on sellers throat. Well he's you're a woman on fire. Well here's the thing. Yeah you worry about that stuff but I also hope that people are mature enough to understand that. That's entertained. Schwarzenegger got elected so right and also I think the stereotype is. His change is now which is a good thing but yeah you know it's always like someone's going to say this or that and he did people saying that in the end he just after you know whatever it's also gotta be nice to like since ensure Kane it's like so super character-driven right you're like I'm not the undertaker's brother. I don't wear a red mask. I'm not related to Paul bearer. In any way like this is this is clearly a soap op but yeah I always say you know. Most politicians are trying to convince people that the politician is the person I see on ATV in many cases I was trying to convince them that I'm not the person I personally couldn't separate Senator Barbara beefcake if you come out with aw with garden shears. All that stuff candidates have undertaker an rand Paul. That's it's very unique. Both saying the same thing. He hits hard libertarian. Like I vote. The first time I've ever voted. It was and he was was the libertarian. But was for. Ross Perot whose independent and I felt like I wanted somebody who wasn't a Democrat or Republican. Were you always libertarian. Or is that like kind of like Bloomberg is now gonNa run is a Democrat but he was a Republican in New York. Where you just Kinda WanNa make a difference so whichever I mean you know for me? The Republican Party has. It's getting better with people like Ryan Brand Paul but it Kinda left its roots. which was you know the pro freedom pro-opportunity Party and that's really when I talk about the libertarianism philosophy and its philosophy that people should be able to act freely so long as you're not hurting anyone else? The government should leave him alone. And I think that most people can relate to that. I was a big fan of Ross. Perot you know because if you look at what we're off Bro. was saying fiscally for the country He he called it right right and you know at the time. I think we had a little over trillion dollars in debt and he's showing these graphs and stuff and people didn't take it seriously. Well now we have twenty three trillion dollars in debt and a lot of a fiscal issues. So I was a big fan from the fact that he actually told things like they were and wasn't sugar. Coating fell apart a little bit at the end. Yeah he did he did. It'd be also he. You know for better for worse he changed and things to you know and he really Um the reason that that we have a lot of the electoral system though it is now is because of what Perot the fact that you know. The the two parties wanted to make sure that that couldn't happen again that you could have a viable third party candidate. Everybody's got stories about Andre the giant and wrestling and how he didn't like other giants right because it threatened his spot at the giant. So when you came into. WWe As Kane Right. And you're and you're there to fight the undertaker Acre and you're just as big as him and your this demonic character. was there any of that in the undertaker early on like my biggest advocate. He he loved it. Yeah Yeah because you know for a couple of reasons. I mean we've already known each other. In fact our first match had been in. Knoxville wasn't even a wwe. Come down and done bachelor smokey mountain wrestling and you know so we knew each other. And then also I think just the fact that marks a business guy and he understands that you know he. He can draw money with someone like me so he was. He was the biggest advocate for the character. In fact I remember once. Vince McMahon telling me I was worried about something and then said that taker come in and it didn't just did not relate to him but I mentioned it to take her INVINCI- The marks are. He talked to me about that. I think he worries more about you than he does himself. He was always. He was always a huge huge advocate of mine. When you're a smart guy right as smart as you are? We got a lot of information formation. And you're right but character wise and publicly. You have to do all you're talking through a fake voice box to sound like a robot. Does it get frustrating trading. When you're like I want to be able to communicate? It was and I was so glad. When when Cain was finally able to talk because also Being under the mask and never talking added lot of Mystique and mystery to the character at the same token after Pila Senate for a while it gets stale. And you don't have that entertainment value that you you have if you have that added dimension So I was extremely happy when I was able to talk and the voice box is kind of trick because I had I had to use it. You couldn't if you just use the voice box and didn't actually audibly say okay anything Audibly I guess word you can understand it at all so I had to figure out the right mix of where I can have my own voice in the modulation of the voice box to make it actually hear what I could say but still have the effect that they wanted. How long has your term as mayor for years? So when you done with that you know if you're gonNA like it for fulltime but but do you want to stay in power. It was just like Clint Eastwood did Carmel California and they did it and they went back to his other lacking life. Do you WanNa stay in politics and just get out of wrestling. I Yeah I don't know what I WANNA do seriously. You should come back Mayor Kane that would be the most sinister character you know. I seriously don't know because may appear inspirational to you like. Hey this guy's a mayor and all of a sudden these in the national and here's the thing we we put way too much way too much emphasis on the federal government and we forget how important state and local governments. Are you know and you guys. Of course you know that New York City Idi Amin who your your city government here has tremendous amount of power and influence over your lives and for me again. Going back to libertarian streak. The federal government's just way into powerful and I would rather see. I want small government Ballard much per of what I really WANNA see is much smaller government at the federal level and more power delegated back to the states in the lookout. You Know Rand Paul you like Rand Paul. You might explain this better because sometimes they report things he was the guy the one vote against against green lighting. The nine eleven healthcare bill right but at my part of me is like there's gotta be more to him and then this exactly what happened was was he was all for it. The also said in order to pay for this. We have to determine how we're gonNA cut something somewhere else and you know. He was all for the bill L. itself but he was also fiscal responsibility and of course what everyone in Washington does like. Oh we can just. We have free money to hand everybody. So wasn't that he was against it. He you said you know we're spending way too much money so let's figure out something else that we can that we can cut just like we wouldn't households so that we can pay for this but that what they criticized. I and I'm not going with the Personal Chris. I don't know enough about it. But they went after him and said well. He didn't do that to corporations that were being cut. Billions of dollars does. Is there a reasoning behind that As far as well the tax cuts you know I would argue. I can't speak for him but they had in what they weren't. You know I was offered this ascot's as well but they also would have had to have a spending cut and we didn't see the spending in the tax cuts are always good because they do help. Keep money in the hands of private industry at the same point the government has to when you do a tax cut. It's not really cut. If you're funding it through deficit spending which is what they do. So I would have argued that you need both trying to react as recently on twitter. Finally A and it's even it's both sides is the thing and often you people rail on Republican for this and they rail and Democrat for that and he actually look look at it and it's a little more complex than what comes across in two hundred forty characters in two hundred three hundred two hundred eighty two twitter. It was one four. Yes yes I think to eighty pushing for five sixty in war and peace before you got more tweets right. Have guys come up to you and talk to you about getting into life outside of wrestling. I mean you know because you obviously for you make such a successful transition right. Yeah that's GONNA be a big deal to a lot of people that are like you know I'm GonNa wind down at some point and at that point point. What do I do when when I can't wrestle anymore I haven't really had anyone call for that per se but In my advice is always just. I just realized that you're wrestling. Kerr's lasts forever and Take Care Business and make sure that you've put some money aside And at least have some sort the plan for afterwards plans going to be different for everybody. I mean joint between Johnson. got into movies and he's been fairly bombing thing. Thing is checking account is out and John Cena getting movies but John's doing like the more the comedy stuff as opposed to join the action stuff. So what's up to. I don't know actually that guy who's going to clan around clown wrestling clown was exactly as he sounds actually doing clown. Yeah yes although I mean look joy you could. You could have asked the same thing being of what's is again. Come up to these and you'd be like he's doing pretty well. How's it before? CAIN was cane. He was the fake diesel. And then before it was the fake diesel he was Isaac Gangnam DDS. See I tapped out of that whole world after I chief Jay strongbow lost his congressional aggressions bid. Backman ran for Congress. He didn't Stephanie. Vince is she did get elected nursing. It was appointed as the head of the small business. There's a lot of people in politics. He was a mayor and then governor. Yeah forget him. How do you know right? So like Cain obviously one of the most successful wrestling characters of all time but like we said it's it's after a string of of it's a hit after a string of Mrs sure you kind of know going in. You're like okay. I gotTa make a wrestling dentist work. Okay I gotTa make my exact the accident and then you go. What's next after this? Okay I gotTa make a rip off the most one of the most beloved characters of all time. Now I gotTa make that work mark when you go in to do Kane. Are you going. Finally this is it or you going all right. Let's see how long this one last night I was finally this you absolutely I mean and I would say that the How they say they don't really have mistakes and failures if you learn from them and that's kind of what? My my first experiences really were was that it gave me the tools that I needed an experienced. I needed to make Canes successful and frankly if they did if I'd had the cane character initially it wouldn't have done what it did because I just wouldn't have been able to do that do you think. By that context there is anything you could have done to make the wrestling. Dentist work. Not Me personally he was in. Even what's what do you. Who Do you hate like other people got really cool? Like Rock Guitar Ktar rifts and I gotta dental that was not a literally sing teasing to that and I mean that was the point where. WWe was at just Kind of on their theme Arkwright we've Gone Very. PG At that point and very very over the top character drip. I WANNA I wanna see like an oncologist. He'll anyway just. That's that's something that I felt that I could pull off but again I mean I did the best I could with it and then you're also young first opportunity. So what are you gonNa say in and and And hopefully events. I knew that I get my foot in the door. It could lead to something better finally. How many years did you wrestle man? I started in nineteen ninety. Guess the winner of Nineteen ninety-one man almost thirty years with Kevin. Nash pissed when you do that. The fans it's just it's business. It's not like you went in and said Hey why don't you let me hit. Also we never made fun of it was treated as a serious character wasn't like we made fun of ridiculed. Anything what did you. Yeah that was talking about. It was a copy of another character purposes copies. So Yeah Kevin. Nash played this character named diesel in. WWE Book Dude. It's all in. I got the book literally Kevin. Nash left the company though and he kinda portrayed the same type of character. But Vince was like no. I own that character and I'm GONNA prove that to everybody and he brought in Mr Jacobs to go now. You'll play the character in which is an uphill battle to say the least was and of course Kevin is doing doing pretty good he wants to. WCW He was doing okay. I don't think there was any Any hard feelings in and also imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So right right so with this one CAIN started in October of one thousand. Nine hundred ninety seven to the wrestling fans liked by questions. They probably think think some of them might be a little obvious a little rudimentary wrestling but we talked a lot of restaurants. I asked questions that the the hard core guys get very mad at me. I mean yes good questions about rampal you ask questions like a human being. I don't think but but yeah they're wrestling hardcore wrestling fans do get upset but sometimes Jim plays into that. We had Nikki Bella in here and He asked her if Johnson was a wrestler just to upset people. What was the of all the things that you did is cain what was the kind of? I don't know if I can pull this off because you did like I mean ah some of this stuff that you wouldn't think becomes iconic like you saying suck it into a voice modulator. Become this like iconic piece of tape right like what. What would you say the thing as you did is the most I don't know there's there's there's favorites and not so favorite stuff try? What kind of forget about the favorites? Do not so favorite stuff and when you had the twenty seven year career. There's always going to be when stuff when they come to you and they say we want you to be in a match where the loser the only way to lose the match is to be set on fire. And you're GONNA have wanted to win so oh yeah so the Everybody remembers okay. I'm GonNa give you wrestling history. King One thousand nine hundred eighty eight undertaker and Mick Foley have the home the cell match it goes flying off the cell. You supposed to be there. I Want my first world championship that night. Against Cold. Steve Austin and at the end of the match. What was supposed to happen and what eventually did happen was mick? Foley comes out and interferes and undertake comes out and interferes and that allows me to win. When Mick went through the top of the cage? He he was he was no. He wasn't a very good way. Never forget this because my stipulation of the match was. If I didn't win I would set myself on fire. I I really need you to not fall through the case crumbled heap. And I'm really I mean. Mix My buddy. I mean I was really. We're all concerned. I'm like Oh man and he starts moving. It looks looks like he's okay and then Vince. Looks like you're going to have to figure out what we're going to do in case you can't come back out and I'm like first of all I'm like me. These people around you all these writers and stuff on second thought was. Oh my God if I can win going to be very short-lived albeit spectacular ending ending but I'm GonNa have to set myself on fire and I think I can do that. One right so could you set yourself on fire. Yeah now and and we had some In front of matches where we did do stunts that included Burns and that. So we'd have Hollywood stunt coordinators. Come out and help us. We really getting burned or no I mean I mean I. I never got seriously injured because we took the proper precautions but nevertheless you're you're dealing feeling in a in a dangerous environment. Yeah you still got to walk out of an arena with an arm round flamed. Exactly Yeah and you're not exactly you have spent your life training to be exact right and that's what's so unique about. WWe Is the fact that one second year in a match the next second doing a promo the next second you might be on fire able to keep all of that stuff going at the in time and it's it's really. It's the ultimate multitasking. Does that lifestyle prepare you for. I feel like even entering into politics or whatever you enter into when you spend spend that much time in. WWe You're just in this mind state where whatever gets thrown at you you just learn how to deal with it make the most of it and move onto the next thing. That's that's true. I I've actually not really thought about that before. Yeah but that's a great point is you have to be very adaptable. Began as we do so many different things but also I mean I've had tons of media training training I've dealt with media now for going on thirty years A lot of Basically team building and backstage politics ticks. And there's a lot of that so it probably did prepare me pretty well and yes the adaptability and thinking basically. I'm going to have to fake it until I make it Yeah you have to do that. Hey guys get back to what we're doing in a minute but I want to tell you. The twenty twenty is going to bring a content initiative to everything that is not Sam of course a lot of stuff on this podcast wrestling interviews every week as well as hot takes in that state of wrestling. All that video is going to be available in one beautiful magical place for free and that's YouTube dot com slash. Not Sam wrestling. Of course you want access to absolutely everything and you want it. I first. 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Not Sam wrestling hit the the subscribe button. Watch all those videos. Let those minutes accumulate and let's get back to the show when you say media training do you. Do you mean like official media training like what. What did they tell you in media trainings? People go through it and it helps. What do they say? Oh you've never been media trained Jim literally just kind of natural from A. It was a gift. What are they saying? Give humble. Thanks Jim you just move people. What is the media training like? Will they They yeah avoid district they ask you this. How do they train you? Yeah I mean it is a lot of that learning to speak in soundbites learning to get the information across and that sort of thing learning how to it deal with the hostile interviewer speaking sound bite. Yes yeah everybody does I mean. That's that's what we just say about twitter right. I mean that's what you have to do nowadays because you're only GonNa be the on if you're on camera say in a segment most cases you're not going to be on with half in our interview it's going to be fifteen seconds maybe five. How long does it sound bite you? They tell you. Is it like ten in seconds they tell you you might have hostile interviewer. Also we might let you on fire sometimes. Exactly how do get deal with you know. Basically context means everything right and you know. How do you deal with someone who who wants to take something that you're going to say completely out of context and wrap it around? Make it hard for them to do that with the sound like exactly I mean you say specifically what you WanNa say say in a way that it can't be twisted right so it's just that sort of stuff and also just learning to be comfortable warming stuff like you know when you go on camera. Button your jacket. Because that's what looks good and all those sorts of things. Do you like the president you know. I think think I'm like well not like everyone. I like some things and there's other things that I don't you know I think the one thing that really the overall thing is he's genuine his own way right. I mean whether you like him or hate him so it was Ted Bundy. I mean he's not out there and I think people people are tired of the You know they're tired of the politicians and people just tell them what they want to hear So you know that in that respect I think that he could be the More diplomatic about a lot of things that he says and I think that his twitter account You know his sometimes as one of those deals like dude. You don't need to put that out on twitter. I think he should get that voice box him of course as a buffoon I think but I think the I I don't dislike them. I mean there's things he does I don't like but I think you're right like there's something about it. It's refreshing even if he's wrong about things that bothers people saying what he wants to say and he's not not giving me the answer that I know I'm going to get from one and in the end that's you know. I think that's also why he won. The race became president. Because even though people maybe didn't like a lot of stuff they also realize what lease this him and the alternative is just another guy telling me the same thing politely. It's frustrating. What do you think of Andrew Yang I I? He's another guy like some of his stuff other stuff. I mean you know dude. You just can't give people money honey. I'm sorry I said but SAM cheap hand I would like the money that he's he's he's A. He's a great entrepreneur and that sort of thing it says some of some of his financial and fiscal policies economic policies. That you know we. We don't need to be doing anat if you want to give people money you need to cut taxes and cut spending and keep more of their own money right. Do you think are shabby like In Saudi Arabia and all these other countries. Oh no absolutely not on Our men and women they should not be put in harm's way Except his last resort Afghanistan has been you know some. The people that are serving Afghanistan weren't alive in that war began needed to have Needed to have a definite goal and went to achieve. They need to come home. And we can't afford to be the world's policeman and you know we have All and always ended up about a trillion dollars on national defense. By the time you take everything into account and that's way too much money and and again my dad's a twenty one year military veteran he served in both Korean Vietnam. And I think we're just doing our our folks in the military to service when we send them places and keep them there forever and they end up not not necessarily protecting America being the world's policeman there. Hillary like says something you don't have to like Tulsi Chelsea gathered but to say she's a Russian age actually served and went to war and I have a lot of respect for Tolsey She would I think in other one. I don't agree with her economic economic policies but I do agree with with her when she comes to what she says about foreign policy and and again it's amazing that she's attacked act for that right and she's the one person who's she's served in the military. Yeah seems like a lot of these people actually served a very antiwar they understand. They seem they're not they're not bad. You seen we've seen. What did you say that stolen one dollars? They're not they're not politicians. They can actually relate to the men and women who are serving our country and they respect that and unfortunately I think a lot of politicians give that lip service. But I don't think they have that level of of actual inherent respect that our men women informed do. How did the people of your mayor of Knox County Right? How did the people of Knox County feel when they see their mayor Monday night raw? Because you're not there obviously you don't wrestling they kind of actively every week anymore but just a few weeks ago. Twenty four seven champion right the blasios choke slamming exactly. Yeah Yeah I think most people think it's cool because it highlights highlights our area. I mean I think just having a mayor of your town that can still pull off wearing spandex is that would be the vote for America so wrestling fans have seen cain start off visit to gain the demon the undertaker's brother than you went into this. This monster you the voice box unmasking with half of a shaved ahead very quickly into the full shaved head which I'm sure you're called a into Cain the kind of corporate weasley Guy Corporate McCain. Do you have a favorite era into Kane that now wrestles inuit gain. Yes do you have a favorite era of Cain to portray there are are two. It's the original. I one of the first incarnation in nineteen ninety. Seven thousand nine hundred ninety eight and also Dan O'Brien this team. Hell no and because those served as far apart as you can get one the dark mysterious character than the other one the funny comic relief on the show the end the devils favorite demon go to anger anger. Management classes out veterans attacked him right now but I think if you'd ask people in in nineteen like the year two thousand or a little earlier than that that you're telling canes going to be the comedic relief on the show right people would have been looked at you like it or not. Yeah so it was just it was fulfilling for me to be able to pull it off and then also hopefully show people that I have some versatility as a performer. We've made a lot work in wrassling you've made now a lot work work in politics and let's play his books on. The book is by the way Mayor Kane my life in wrestling and politics of course by Glenn Jacobs and yet you're doing assigning a book ends it's over in Ridgewood I'll take place man. I was checking out their facebook. And Yeah if they had some really cool people carly Simon did a book sign over there recently. Clinton did it tie. It's an independent bookstore. It's cooler though. Say they've had some really. They've had some really cool people. CAIN rocking out to Carly Simon can. Yeah so bookends in Ridgewood New Jersey tonight six. PM You can go. You can get a signed copy of Mayor Kane. You can also get signed copies of Mayor Kane on Barnes and nobles old books a million and premier collectibles websites. If you're not in Ridgewood you get your signed copies there. But if you're anywhere near Ridgewood look disguise. The mayor's now you don't have that much time nine to be doing signings all over the place right. Take advantage get out their books on. He'll take at least five to ten of these person and talk about wrestling politics politics. The whole thing it'll be great. Yeah and and I hope every desk them out tonight I love to talk with everyone. uh-huh and I just hope that people enjoy the book and that's why many things just entertained and maybe in some cases you know maybe the Komo tidbits stuff that they didn't know before gray sign. It's fun to do it. You go you get the books I need to say. Hello to the person who you like and the book chronicles. Everything like career is so great. Because you're such a multigenerational performer. That legos talking to Sam Morrell who has watched wrestling in forever. Body watch wrestling when he was a kidding. That meant that it could be I could be caned showing up in ninety seven kids really. Wild Man is that I haven't done except the occasional bit on TV but pretty much for two years. I have I haven't been on TV. Much I get recognized more now than I ever have and a lot of. It's because the attitude here and wwe. But I'll tell you the coolest thing ever is when someone comes up to me and just shakes my hand and says thank you for years of entertainment I mean. That's just the most awesome awesome thing. That's so gratified. Yeah really well congrats on everything. Mayor Glenn Yeah we'll see you next time. You're in New York Sam. Morell Cleveland this weekend. 'em Emma Friday Saturday hilarity caroline twelve thirteen fourteen. And that's it. Thanks for coming in both. Yeah thank you man. We'll see you guys later goodbye. It's now time for for this week's state of wrestler so let's get into it state of wrestling time again. Thanks to Kane for coming by the Jim Norton and Sam Robert Show and for allowing us the time that would allow us to then share it right here on not sam wrestling. Don't forget Thursday. We'll be back so make sure you're emailing not sam wrestling at gmail.com sending all those questions topics things that you want opined on on the Thursday not Sam Thursday edition right here on the podcast. Let's get into before we get into the news items. Because here's here's what we'll do would do news items throughout the weekend. We'll get into into what's been announced for raw but before we get there. Why don't we talk about smack down the nearest thing that has happened since we last left? Did you hear on not Sam wrestling. So there were some highlights to smackdown. This was a little highlight but I thought Mandy rose tearing off Alexa Bliss. This is fake eyelash was awesome. I don't understand I mean I actually liked it back in the day. They and maybe it was because the beauticians were not as I mean. I don't WanNa take a shot at any of the beauticians but I don't know back in the day and annex t right when he was first starting to do roadshows they were first starting to really develop as a brand that existed outside of full sail and a couple little armories in Florida when they started to create a real presence on the wwe network when Finn Valor was a star when the women's division started coming up for the first time when they first started to do those was live shows. They did the first one in Philly and they did that weekend where they ended in Albany. Maybe you would see hair extensions in the ring all the time and there's a little thing but I preferred when you would see hair extensions in the ring. I mean you know I never understood why. Like if Cain we go back to Kane. You is wearing a wig. Why wasn't as fake hair ever torn out of his ask like? Why aren't they fighting to that extent every now and then one of the things that made the Eddie Guerrero Rey ministerial match at Halloween havoc? which you know as we wind down two thousand nineteen and we start to talk talk about Lakewood the biggest things that happened this year in this decade? Were you talking about the nineteen nineties and that match gets lost. The Halloween Havoc Eddie. Guerrero WPRO Ramos. Madge gets lost because of all the stuff that happened in the nineties but that was one of if not the best matches of that decade to me and I loved did Eddie come. I mean that ray comes in with his mask attached to his outfit. It's like it. It almost looks like it's one piece. He's dressed like the phantom and his mask ends up getting torn happened previously to that. And that's happened many times since then but I like the idea that at the mass gets torn. I liked the idea that why wouldn't man or woman you're out there wrestling fake eyelashes. Why wouldn't those eyelashes come into play? Why wouldn't they get torn off and I like? I think Corey graves did a good job. I think it was corey. Graves of talking about how humiliating it was like. We didn't make it seem like oh because because Mandy rose is doing it. It's really painful to have fake eyelashes ripped off like every now of course it's not painful but what it's humiliating. You're on a television show. You got the whole world watching you and somebody's tearing fake eyelashes and I think if you come to. The ring was fake. Kailash is on there should be a bad guy ready to take them off so I hope there's more that I hope hair extensions get pulled out. You know you know I never understood. I am Irwin R.. SCHYSTER didn't get his tie ripped off more often or it's suspenders. Ripped down more often. You know what I mean anything. That could be an advantage. I guess back then. There wasn't quite as much realism involved. Because one of the bad guy wrestler was a tax attorney and his downtime. So you know maybe there's not as much realism there. However I think moving forward we've gotten into a period where there is much more realism? So if somebody were to wrestle in a tie for example today that should get ripped off so I love seeing that fake eyelash get ripped off. I thought it was different. Something I've been waiting for. I thought it was something that felt real. All the Bray Wyatt I miss stuff was terrific. You know I think and we talked about it on Thursday night. Sam Thursday that it was kind of a foregone conclusion collusion the Daniel Bryan and the fiend would have another match at Tlc especially based on what happened last week on smackdown but and and this is where storytelling gets. Good that you sometimes don't even know. The story is being told to you until we get there. I don't think there were some some rumbling about the MS and the fiend the MS and Bray Wyatt having a match at some point but at survivor series. I think it was really. I think the survivor series was the first time that the MS came to Daniel Bryan and we saw it on television and said look I know we don't get along. But the fiend changes people. I don't know if you want to do this Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. You didn't realize I mean it was like interesting but you thought it was just a little spice and maybe you didn't. Maybe you're smarter than I am. I thought it was just a little spice vice being sprinkled onto the Daniel Bryan Bray Wyatt Story. When I didn't realize it was a story that was taking a turn? Where of course Bri it's GonNa see that? Of course this is GonNa play in and and now we've got this question where we watched the way. smackdown goes off the air last week where Daniel Bryan get sucked into the pits of hell that the fiend comes from which are are directly located under the WWe ring whatever arena there at anywhere in the world so he gets sucked down into the pits of hell and a lot of his hair gets thrown about. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a ball Daniel Bryan return which I think would be a fun. Look for him you know. Change it up a little bit too wild. I think that we don't know right. Now if Daniel Bryan is going to be on the side of the MS or the fiend you know there are there's there's reference being made Bray Wyatt when he's in the firefly funhouse and he's talking about family and the Mrs Family he brings up family and you go back actus shots of the Wyatt's is what's so great about the fiend is that it's not like they took Windham Rotunda as Bray Wyatt and they took him off. TV and they brought him back as a new character. This Bray Wyatt that we're seeing is the same Brian. This is the bray white that had the Hawaiian shirt. This is the Bray Wyatt that sat in the rocking chair. This is the brave fight that was hanging out with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Who's got a mystery cage now and Braun Strowman? WHO's one of the top good guys? We are not a racing history story and that's something that happens in wrestling a lot and I love it when you kind of come to this realization that it's not happening when you come to this realization. That history is not only not being erased but being very subtly acknowledged as we move forward it's not defining with the storyline is moving forward but it is part of it. Uh like it should be in any great Form of storytelling. I think that the fact that the MS has gone on TV because people go like Oh. It's going too far that you're now not only involving marines but you're involving the MRS kids. Look I think that the minute Mike Ms Shannon goes on on raw to announce that he and Maria pregnant. I think the minute that you start a reality show where you've got your kids involved in the reality show. That's the decision you WanNa make like more power to you but you have just officially introduced your whole family into the narrative world that we as fans watch of the WWe therefore my non action figure felt on fell down. Therefore the MS and his entire family Are Free Range for storylines. I think that it's not something that should come up all that often. I think it should be used rarely because it can be very very strong. You know you. You don't mess with a man's family right so and I think that's what's going on. I think that the the family thing should be reserved for somebody like the Fienberg now. I think we move onto something even more interesting. which is you watch smackdown this week and you saw Bray Wyatt sweater sweater? Bray Wyatt somebody will say sweater vest or Cardigan like he's got sleeves on it. It's just a sweater just because he's got a shirt under his sweater. Doesn't make it a Cardigan but sweater. Bray Wyatt funhouse. Bray Wyatt got physical for the first time it was fun house. Bray Wyatt that drop them is with the sister Abigail and apparently the match at TLC will number one not a universal championship match. They haven't announced it as such such unless they changed that. And as of right now you look at the match graphics. You look at the verbiage that's been used. It's the MS versus Bray Wyatt. It's not the MS versus the theme. So and it'll be the first time since the return since the fiend Bray Wyatt debuted that we've ever scene funhouse Bray Wyatt inner ring. What pants is going to be wearing my question? We saw funhouse Bray Wyatt wearing jeans on smackdown down. Is it going to wrestle in jeans. I don't think so. Usually we see funhouse Bray Wyatt in the Fun House with like a desk. We see him from the waist up. Blue Jeans are not the type of pants like Mr Rogers would never wear blue jeans. The lady whatever her name was from lamb chops play along she would. I don't think she would ever wear blue jeans. I think that Bratislava pair Chino's on in that match you know. Call me crazy but I think for the integrity of the bryk character. I think Chino's are a must. Maybe you get some nice tight one so break in show because braise clearly been lifting up houses I mean the entire time that Bray Wyatt was off. WWE TV he was just lifting extremely heavyweights because the physical transformation that man has gone through cannot be understated. It is no surprise to me that he wants to do the muscleman dance as often as humanly possible because his shoulders are about seven feet feet across and his waist is three. It's incredible you talk about pyramid-shaped man never seen anything like it. Like Bray so he probably wants to wear some tight Chino's number one to show off those quads because I'm sure he hasn't been skipping leg days but number two because if you notice. He wears those tight striped vertically striped pants. When he's the fiend and it's slim's down the lower half? His body makes the upper half of his body look huge. I don't know if genes are going to do that. He's got to lose the genes. You think this would be the angle that I was going in talking about Bray Wyatt funhouse. Brad's pants. I also think that it saves us from a couple of things number one. The MS my head just went out. I thought it was the Mike for a second number one. The MS specifically saying you shouldn't wrestle the fiend fiend changes people like if the MS is telling pulling Daniel Bryan not to wrestle the fiend. It makes it tough for them is to then turn around and Golic. But I'll do it insulted my family. You know the fact that we can now now save it as well bray. Why did it means the MS doesn't have to go back on all the stuff? He was warning Daniel Bryan not to do and he can then go forward with the storyline without that complication. Being a part of it which I like. I think that that's smart. Also I personally and forgive me. Any for insulting them is which I'm prone to do from time to time. I don't think the MS as earned match with the fiend. I think the fiend is one of if not the top stars in the wwe. And the MS has had a twenty nineteen. I mean Dean from Hell. Nobody really talks about the Mrs Twenty nineteen the MS had this incredible twenty seventeen twenty seventeen was the year of the Ms. In my opinion it was the best year of his career by far. It was incredible for the twenty. Seventeen was so good for them is that he was able able to power through two thousand. Eighteen on the power of twenty seventeen and two thousand eighteen was still fine. Two thousand eighteen was still good. Twenty nine hundred awful awful. He lost the tag titles. The one with Shane McMahon he and Shane lost those tag titles at the Royal Rumble. He has not won a significant match coach since the Royal Rumble 2019. Nothing on pay per view. I mean he lost. Both Shane McMahon matches. He gave up his summer sleigh matched Goldberg just because he's nowhere near any storyline. He's EDSA MS. TV's with some really good guests. That's it it so you know I don't. I don't think the MS has earned a match with the fiend and I don't think he's going to be able to be Bray Wyatt so there you have it now. I do think that this would be a wonderful opportunity for a couple of things number one to have a new Daniel. O'Brien debut and I do think that we're going to go back to Daniel Bryan being in tandem with the fiend. You know I do think that we're GONNA see Daniel O'Brian with a shaved head. Probably keep the beard have a shaved head and I think he's GonNa be there to help the fiend. I think we're going to go back to WHO Daniel Bryan joins the Wyatt family story but kind of spice it up and modernize it going into twenty twenty. I also think and I don't know if you can do both I think it's one or the other. I think that maybe this when you remember smackdown like it might have been the first or the second smackdown act out on Fox. They did a thing where the fiend sucked. Seth rollins under the ring. I know everybody wants to forget about the Seth rollins fiend viewed but they did a thing where the fiend suck seth rollins under the ring and then he was instantly on the stage of smackdown and it felt like it was too quick. That a person couldn't move that quick. I I kind of like the idea of having the fiend show up somewhere visibly in the arena while Bray Wyatt is in the ring thing and have the ms go like what what the hell is going on like. I guess you could do both. I guess what I would do is I would have the fiend I do. The MS give is His finisher to bray and Bray Wyatt's knocked out then then. Boom boom boom the fiend shows up in the entranceway. Demise is looking at the fiend Bray Wyatt like what the Hell I have the real bright white in the ring. WHO's this fiend? And then all of a sudden from behind Daniel Bryan attacks. The MS something like that I think would be cool. You could do a thing thing where I mean you could have the fiend come out and attack them is and then take his mask off to reveal. It's Daniel Bryan but Daniel Bryan is not the same MHM sizes the fiend at all. You would know soon as he came out. That's clearly not the fiend. His jacket is too big so I think the best thing you can do is get a fake fien to show up in the entrance way. Distract them is then shaven head. Daniel Bryan comes out to help Bob. Bray Wyatt beat MS and get in. The referee comes to because he's unconscious for whatever reason I don't know but we have about a week less than a week now six days as the day. This podcast comes out before foretell see your matches bray white in the MS. It's not so you do you have a pay per view with no universal title match and no wwe title match. That's risky You do have Ms Verses Bray Wyatt of course which is a big one you've got new day versus The revival which I don't know if we really had to have a four team elimination match to figure out the revival or the ones get title shots. I kind of knew from the beginning. We of course should be the revival and then then you of Roman reigns versus Barron Corbin. It was long rumored that this would be a dog collar match which I don't really have a problem with but it will not be a dog collar match. It will be a traditional. TLC match tables ladders and chairs. I don't know what they're going to hang. Maybe he can't dog food from the roof of the building. Or maybe maybe they'll just do pin falls and have tables ladders and chairs strewn about the ring. I think that this will not be an aerial assault type TLC match. I think it'll more be the type of TLC match where you got two big dogs slamming each other with furniture. And I'm interested in seeing the match. Roman reigns I. I think as I've said on smackdown I enjoy smackdown. Roman has been better on smackdown than he has been in a long time and I think that it should be brought up. That Roman is not getting the booze he wants got when you watch. smackdown roaming gets cheered when he comes out because has he is the man and baron. Corbett Dolf Ziglar boot. If you watch smackdown those audiences far more often than not are cheering the good guy. In being the bad guy which I think leans to effective storytelling. I believe that after. TLC We should just make a declaration that we can never make reference to the big dog again. No more dog jokes puns. Visual jokes audio audio cues nothing no more dog references to Roman reigns after. TLC We get it we get it. No Dog Mascots Scott's not Wa wa seeping no dog references to Roman reigns. He can still call himself the big dog. But we're all going to understand the minute. TLC HE L. C. is over that he is not literally calling himself a dog. We don't need to make any more literal dog references it's nf the did did this way. smackdown ended with the dog. Food thing I was like okay. Another dog reference the only shining light on that was the fact that if you watch Dolph Ziglar and Baron Corbin and whoever that mystery man was under the ring grabbing Roman reigns feet. I don't know who the security guard was that decided to dive under the ring and grabbed his ankles. But good on your you talk about people that will go above and beyond that. Is that guy. I think the only eh shining moment of that dog food segment was that The commitment that you could see on the face piece of Dolph Ziegler and bearing Corbin man they take an idea that was not the greatest idea in the world and turn it into as much watches. They could've I watch smackdown and I believed that bearing Corbin and dolph ziglar badly wanted Roman reigns covered smeared eating dog food there and Corbin was mashing it. All in Roman reigns beautifully conditioned Hair Dolls Ziegler shoving it down his mouth. Look look on paper. I'm going to sit there and say we don't need to do. Another dog segment randomly. Only having cans of dog food under the ring is weird. You start getting into the visual of of Baron. Corbin Dolph Ziegler opening cans of dog ugh food before smackdown. While everybody's around they're sitting there like crouch down next to the ring with their can openers. And their dog food and a big amp bag. They're sitting there opening their cans of dog food and hiding under the ring. They if you're an adult and you're a pro wrestler you would have to think I think that realistically speaking if you and your friends are in your late. Twenty S and. Let's be honest early to mid thirties. And you're sitting there opening up Kansas dog food and putting them under the ring at some point. Somebody's going to say guys. This is stupid. What the hell are we doing? Why don't we just injure him? Hey what have. We took all the effort that we're going to smear dog food all over him and just break his ankle before the pay per view wouldn't wouldn't that be more effective can do the dog food thing no way dude. I don't know if it's barren Corbett's guiding them down the path or if it's off ziglar or maybe it's bobby route by being nano. I know injuring the ankle will never work. You gotTA handcuff him and smear dog food all over him be much better going into the paper you that way. I don't know I don't know whose idea was. But when I visualized that team open cans of dog food at ringside before smackdown and hiding them under the ring and nobody's sitting there going. Why are we doing this? I laugh it makes me laugh. I think it's funny but like I said Ziglar and Corbin committed one hundred percent of themselves to that bit one hundred percent. I looked at the faces of Ziglar and Corbin and I said hey guys that really want Roman reigns covered in dog food food. So good for that Man Dolph Ziglar and Baron. Corbin are the type of guys that you want on your team. Here's the mission that we have I captain and they go out and complete the mission to their best of their abilities. Way to go Barron Corbin and Dolph ziglar wait ago. Let's talk about some of the news items items that popped up over the weekend we have comings and goings in. WWE A couple of days ago. They announced to the newest Performance concentre try out class was and you know. We've had Dalton Castle on this podcast a couple of times. Now he's been here in the Nazi. Am Studio. I've had him on live show. I love talking to using entertaining guy. I love seeing what he does in ring of honor. I was looking at the photos of the people going to the performance right now and they were like well. Here's these two twins that are you know independent wrestlers and I was like. Oh that's cool. That's the good twins to go looking. Is that are twins and their team narrow. I'm like yeah there could be some wait a minute. I know those faces I have got to find out how Dalton Castle feels about the fact that the boys made it to the performance center before he did so Dalton Castle really really created this when Dalton Castle to Gimmick was first created. I love the beginning of Dalton Castle because it was this like Hyper Sexual Glam Rock Doc. You know weird. Ds Go seventies drug infused party creature of a wrestler that would come out in these flamboyant bodysuits in these big wings on him and he wouldn't be sitting there you you know going after the women he wouldn't be e- e- going after the boys and he never declared that it was a sexual thing you know it was just. It was a lot of Innuendo. Oh and a lot up in the air I mean androgynous. Probably a good word for the original Dalton Castle character. But he had these boys that would travel with him everywhere. And they'd wear a Little Little Zorro masks like Like the Kubrick Movie Eyes Eyes Wide Shut. Nate Phantom with these big feather fans and they'd make themselves into stairs adulting Catholic will get in the ring they make themselves into a human chairs. adulting castle could have a seat after his match. Whatever Dalton Castle needed the boys were there to take care of it and now the boys are at the? WWE PERFORMA Thomas Center. So I would imagine you'll hear more from them. There's a small guys maybe two five live. WHO KNOWS MAYBE ANNEX T? Maybe maybe they'll beyond raw. Maybe that'll be detecting champions. Who knows but the boys have made it to the performance center? So I'm happy for them and the entire Dalton Castle family Those are the cummings comings and goings. Is that apparently right before. I sat down to record this on Sunday Sing Kara has officially been granted his release from. WWe Me you remember a sink. Kara was one of the many who announced publicly. They requested their release. I think Thai dellinger was the first one to do it and he got his release. Luke Harper requested his release. He's in purgatory Mike Canales requested his release purgatory. Sorry Saint Kara requested his release purgatory for a little bit. And now it's been given so view things to talk about here. Number one is the second time. Singapore has actually been released. The original Sin Kara Mystical he was released in one of those sort of mass mass releases. Where everybody goes at once they get rid of six or seven guys and just trim the fat I think But you know he was one of those has guys that had just I think he was. He was triple H is one of his first projects before annex. T was really a thing back when before. BEF- before semi Zane or Fin Ballard Kevin Owens or any of those guys sing Kara which one of the first guys that and that was at a time time when people would make a name for themselves but it was almost badly. You made too much of a name for yourself. This is ironic. You never hear about this today. But it wasn't that long ago is less than ten years ago that if you made a real name for yourself on the independence outside of wwe. It almost lessened your chances of getting to wwe and if you did get to wwe you would disappear for a while and come back in and completely new form Seth rollins did not debut in. WWe until everybody had forgotten about tyler. Black and I don't mean everybody forgot. Obviously we still remember Tyler back but you know what I mean like when Seth rollins debuted it was as if it was a new character. Not Not Tyler. Black is here. Same thing with Dean Ambrose Jon Moxley was for day John Moxie his last match and he disappeared for a longtime before dean. Ambrose popped up now even when they changed the names they pop up right away. It's very very similar. And sometimes the names aren't changed. Kevin Owens Avenue that that was Kevin Steen Thin Ballard. Devitt you know the whole thing then. You've got shins get more at. Aj Styles. You got all these Samoa Joe now if you can create a buzz is wwe does bring you in the back then. It didn't happen so often so sing. Carl is one of the first people that happened for and it just didn't workout for a variety of reasons You know I think that Sincari didn't end up adapting too much to WWe's style and and therefore he ended up not being able to have great matches with all that many people because he would wrestle this like Super Lucia style but there aren't that many people in WWe w. e.. That can do that. And when you get past having exhibition matches and it's time to you know enter into the world of big pay per view stuff you gotta find a dancing dancing partner. And they did they brought in a guy named who Nico and Sincari versus who Nico was a was a big thing. It was I it was in Carl was injured and then Sincari came back but it turned out. It was a fixing Caro's and Karna grow in Sankara Negro. Oh Ed to be unmasked. And that turned out to be who Nico so who Nico and who need go razzle-dazzle Unico for a while. There's a Mattel figure of him in his. You know jeans and tank top and whatever sin. Kara ends up getting released after all of this and by the way I should clarify. I'm looking at the discord right now. Date W. E. Front row. Says I think the boys gotta try out. I don't think they have been signed. Yeah I was talking about the people came into the performance center for a tryout. I you know. I don't think any of that group has been signed nine. They just made a big deal of all the people that came in for tryouts. That's all but Dalton Castle is not in the performance center. I just mean that they made it. That's why I said. They made it to the performance center. Because that's the first step right so who go ends up becoming sin car they go. Hey remember when you played Sincari or a Negro well. What have you were just seeing Kara? So this version of seeing car is actually the second sing car. And he's asking for his release and you know I don't really necessarily blame him. I don't know how much I like the asking me for your release and then making public statement about it you know and I don't no that really makes a difference could make a difference negatively to tell you the truth But I think that I get why Cigar Garwood ask for his release. He hasn't really done much lately. He came back recently. You know it's interesting because he came back recently to have a match with and draw Friday on raw and they made a big deal about him returning and they gave him a female counterpart and they did a whole thing. And I guess that's still was not enough maybe listen Kara or who Nico or or however he's going to exist outside of. WWe just feels like there's more form outside but he was granted his release. I wonder if this means they'll be another wave. If other guys who maybe are not being used or Vassar their release or whatever it is we'll be granted their releases. I just wanted to button here because as I was finishing the editing of this podcast the tweet came out the. WWE has also come to terms arms on the release of Luke Harper. So I would imagine you know. We were theorizing What was going to happen? There would Luke Harper after seeing Kara. And I I would imagine that this means that WWE has decided that you know. They're they're ready to release some of these guys. I would think Mike Analysis Analysis GonNa be next on the list by the time you're hearing this. He probably already has been released. And I wouldn't be shocked if there are a couple of other people on that list. Okay just wanted to added that in so I didn't sound like a total idiot back to what we were saying before we add Alberto versus Tito Ortiz. Alberto Burto del Rio tapping out Tito Ortiz. One himself Alberto's replica. WWe championship but it was really weird to see burt. Oh del Rio. Defending a replica. WWe championship because he once held the title wasn't even the title that he held. It was a replica of that title but Tito Ortiz want it. So I guess if Alberto's don't want to have that on the mantle he's going to have to shell out another three hundred fifty bucks or whatever and then you've got speaking of titles for Walter. I don't know if you went to Long Horn steakhouse or what it was but apparently the WWe UK championship was stolen. It sounds like the way I read it. Walter was in Chicago in a rental car. Somebody smashed the windows broken into the rental car and they stole Walters Championship in boots. Listen if you're out there right now and you're listening to this podcast and you'll have you've a UK championship and a big old pair of boots. They don't belong to you. You need to return them right away. Now they are not your property. They belong to Walter Walter. Needs them and if you don't want to turn them to Walter please please reach out to me. I will buy them off. You can probably work something out. I would love to have walters. WWe UK championship. And I would never. Here's how you know I wouldn't you out because I would never retell anybody I had it. But that's the second option. The first option is do the right thing. Return Walter stuff. I Guess Timothy Thatcher who's an independent wrestler. Got His stuff stolen to same way in a rental car. So I don't know man. That's a real bummer. To knowing to somebody would go and take it. You know you wanna go like who would take a championship but realistically I mean if you're robbing a car and you have somebody's legit championship in the back. Seat belt. Heavyweight champion is a very rare item. These are the jewels from the belt. You know I think that I think that you'd have to grab it especially since that. UK Championships. Oh gorgeous looking. I'm sure they're gonNA have a replacement. I'm sure they already have a replacement ready. But it's just annoying. You do wonder if at some point it'll ever pop up. You know maybe the Guy who robbed the car doesn't really realize what he has but if he doesn't realize what he has I doubt he would keep it. He would probably try to sell it. Maybe it ends up in some pawn shop or something and then a collector stumbles bulls in there and finds it realize what it is grabs it who knows it could end up somewhere. Hopefully you'll end up back around the race of waste of Walter where belongs but poor Walter. It's not even like he lost it. You know he got stolen from him. It's not right and I do want to say congrats to a matthew over Bochum. Ania Matthew just completed the four hundredth episode of Bochum Mania. I have been watching Bochum Mania sense sense I mean I don't even know I would. Maybe I'll look it up right now. When did Bochum menial one come out? Because I just I love Botch Amenia for those. That don't know this kid matthew. I guess he's not a kid anymore. It's been doing this for so long. But Matthew He is H- Larry Lewis. Is this hilarious. This British wit about him where he knows exactly what's funny and wrestling and also puts in a whole bunch of video games in Simpson's references which are hilarious. But gotcha mania is exactly what it sounds like. It's the original longest running episodic botch compilation. In all of the Internet botch Amina was started I mean I see this post from twenty eleven but Okay okay so here's the history of the first three Bochum means we're not actually uploaded by Matthew. The original videos are made quite poorly featuring some recent botches but missing some classic moments after his first youtube account it was deleted. Matthew re uploaded the first botch Ameinias as a compilation. This was mainly due to Matthew's own rules of not including videos that weren't botches like the rock. Doom ric flair trademark mark walk or including clips with career ending or serious injuries. Okay that makes sense. It doesn't say what the date is but matthew came along. Ah Bochum Mania number four and just completely changed the game and has made one of the longest running running funniest things on the Internet in forever. You know and I loved it like. He's never hasn't stopped that you would think did at some point. This would stop and he never has he just keeps putting out new videos and everyone gets better. I hope he does it for the rest of his life. They are so great and you know you hear like people go. You know. I wanted to keep doing this for you but it takes a lot of time and I'm I'm not making any money doing it and and it's really tough and but come on do it for the love of the game. That's why you started it right. You started doing this stuff for the love of the game so keep doing it for the love of the game. And that's what Matthew is doing. Matthew never sold out matthew just maintained ever the last ten years has done four hundred or I guess three hundred ninety six of the funniest things on the Internet. So you're not watching Bochum Mania Gotten Watch it you can find me on a couple of them. McAfee made big number four hundred because he called Ripley Rea- Shipley absolutely lutely I was going to. DM Matthew if he didn't put McAfee on the four hundred Bochum alien say you missed McAfee. But he didn't miss him of course he didn't miss him he's matthew he doesn't miss a thing love it. I'm so happy so tonight Monday night. Raw as far as as this taping goes. We've only had two things and now it's it's going to be a j styles versus. I almost said Ray j styles. It's going to be by the way that Ray j interview this week we broke his glasses as you said they were unbreakable and then the hosts Stanton happy goes. I don't care he's great. It's great just psychotic. It's thirty minutes of madness. I love it but it's not a wrestling thing. But it's great take a J styles versus Rey. Mysteriously United States Championship is on the line just getting that rematch. Clearly this match is going to lead to is something at TLC whether that's a lumberjack match whether that's a cage match whether that's a I think I think it'd be awesome to do a TLC because you you only have one TLC match announced you could theoretically if you're gonNA go set the rollins versus Kevin's you could do. A cabinet owns seth rollins. TLC L.. Semaj I would love to see. Aj Styles Ray mysterious TLC match. It seems like Ramos Stereo since his brock lessner story is just jumped on a surfboard. And riding this this wave and I'm here for it. I WANNA see a TLC METRO AJ styles versus Ramos. Stereo would be in my humble opinion. Incredible we've also got the big divorces happening russa versus Bobby Lashley in an I mean Roosevelt. An Lana in a divorce. I guess it's rousseff versus Bobby Lashley because Russo. Lashley's picking up those sloppy seconds but again like the divorce is finally going to happen. Lana said she wants it. Roosevelt said he's fine with it. Good let's get a divorce. I don't know what they're fighting about anymore. And then once they do get a divorce then what are they fighting about. I don't know I would imagine the divorce is not going to happen. Happen because there's GonNa be a restraining order or something like that but then maybe we'll find out. Lashley skipped bail after he got arrested for not doing anything. I don't know I just hope that this matter gets settled they have a match at TLC and we go into two thousand twenty with a clean slate. That's all we WANNA do is going to twenty twenty with a clean slate later this month. We're going to be doing. I'm thinking maybe the last week of the year we do kind of a year end wrapup on on Monday and then do a decade and wrap up on Thursday. That's in a week or two every two weeks so we'll start getting your e mails in now for that stuff not Sam wrestling g mail dot com and you can be included. Also this week as wrestling's going on just shoot me emails males not sam wrestling at gmail.com and I will answer them here on the podcast. The Thursday edition Thursday. Not Sam Thursday. Today we will see you then. Thanks again everybody goodbye. Thanks for listening. Follow low at Salem on twitter Instagram facebook and you to review and subscribe. This has been the SAM wrestling.

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