Errol Spence Arum Failed CrawfordPromotesLomachenko BETTER


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Go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. Dot com. Adam by that. I knew. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to another edition of the box, invoice radio. I'm your host Nesta Gibbs. And we are back with another one this time, we will be discussing Terence Crawford, Earl Spence sounds like deja vu is because it is. We just talked about this kind of yesterday when Earl and Sean and the WBZ made that unification official Terence Crawford was forced to come into the subject. But this time Earl Spencer taken to the media and taking shots at Crawford saying that he's being ille- promoted or wrongfully promoted or under promoted saying that Vescio Loma chanko is getting a bigger push been Terence Crawford, even on Terence. Crawford's very own fight nights. So this is something that we are discussing here today. And if you want to partake on this topic, you know number. A call in is one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press. One one time to voice, you Pinon right here on the voice of the people hotline. Now, you can also add Nestor Gibbs on sky to be part of the conversation and go ahead and enjoin in on the fun. If you don't have the Skype that downloaded free on the Android market or the iphone app market. And while you're there download the patriot only app so you can get hip to our betting show. We just dropped a new episode on Friday as well as a betting tip on Wednesday. Don't miss out as we have parlays hot and ready for this weekend's fights. But let me get on out some coz and see how he feels as he's the resident Crawford fan to hear Earl take so many shots lengthy quotes, which we will give you. Production. Spots dot com. State. Stand up stand up. Comeback. Dot com. Yoyo with with everybody out there into the universe combat combat year manage thirty, but we still worked hard, and I you know, I think is great mobile ads. Now, I was thinking why not me go out and grab these Infinity stones and snap my fingers and make everybody who dim by the terrorist. Bug Crawford, pay per view disappear. But I thought about it should I be one of those people. So I can do it. But anyway, yeah, we'll we'll break down. We'll get into Earls miss comes out says the towns Crawford is under promoted. He's not getting the same push that Bacelius in Bob Arum has pretty much field. But we'll we'll we'll break that down and we'll dive into a little bit more. But yeah was going on everybody. Yeah. I mean Crawford's exact words, or should I say, Spence exacts words were Eram is doing Crawford dirty promotes low Michenko more. I mean, you're a top rank fan. Crawford fan. Do you feel these being under promoted any less than Loma chanko? Honestly. No because everytime. They bring one one of those guys name they bring up the other. We there is always like one and two per pound or both or not channels during the Allama week. They they told you that number with. But but but that's told you that cans comparable being the rain next week. They had promos showing do about the Machiko fight and the same way with with parents car for doing this fight. They flashback to what Obama did to crawl. So I think both guys again the same promotional push. I just think that might begin a little bit more because well. Well, you can't say a little bit more our bed 'cause seem like he's getting a little bit more gods of the short time that he's been able fashionable and been all about all the title fight. He's he's had to now. Okay. Okay. Well, Earl Spencer posted a tweet, which you can find on the YouTube channel, you're watching us on YouTube. Enjoy the livestream as we've stepped it up tremendously while you're there hit that dumbs up bun help the visibility of the show by hitting the thumbs up and making other boxing fans aware, but he says Mr. lineup, and he's got a bowling ball with the pins. And he said told ya tables turn has tagged. Unification time has tag main down has tag. I can't be avoided hashtag strap season. Listen, mike. I want to ask you, why do you think he say has guy can't be avoided as if like he's the one being avoided? I mean in your eyes and other offer fans is he's the one of Crawford. Honestly, when when when I didn't take data out didn't take that that tweet towards Crawford. I tweet more towards shop order because Earl spirits, always said that sham ported. They wanna fight him. Shumpert could add the fight before a Mike Garcia, but he chose not to take it. So I took that more towards Shawn porter than than than a parents corporate. Meaning that he can be avoided because make no make no a thinks about it. I don't think Bob Arum was trying to avoid him this week when he put that fall that calling the allergists seemed like L other plans for fighters right now. Yeah. Those plans are to make them true ace sides and million dollar fighters. You know, I want to get through that first little paragraph. Go ahead and break it down or you want me to read his promoter needs to do a better job promoting him. I guess spend set referring to Crawford. I feel like he was a failure on the promotional side. So I think Bob needs to get back to the drawing board if he thinks me and Crawford's gonna be fifty fifty down the middle deal if I'm bringing in probably over four hundred pay-per-view BAAs, and he's doing a hundred and something why should we split it? If we fight each other. And the Dan see what's your thoughts. Martha's are if you're so much of a pay per view star pay per view attraction. Why is your your next by nab being talked about the view or could it be the certain dance partner? You have that makes these fights view when market Garcia we've seen that. Yeah. You are a pay per view success along with the help of Mikey. But it seemed like you guys are going backwards not forwards, and I understand the PBC so trying to consider. You can say going backwards. Let me put him up statement. It seemed like the PBC are not trying to bum bar the fans with review, and I understand that. But it seemed like keep their minute mini pet. Your added a little bit more cachet on getting their pay per view, then been Spence and porter. So I feel like when these guys Earl and copper come together that he is that does more numbers than anybody review that any other. What's the can do what each other? So you feel the same way about the anti. I'm just saying like, you know, doing my whole stands. Now, I've been here saying that if you got the last key the puzzle, and you know, your worth ain't no your value. But one thing about the state that he is doing that Cropper's net. He's ingratiating himself with the media and the NBA a boxing fans bikes Republic, which is great. If a great pain, but sometimes it's just not in a person emo-, I e Crawford. He's not the kind of guy that can be boisterous and overly a state his opinion. If not as now, if you rub him the wrong way, then you'll get that Cooper that we all wanna see more. I hear you, man. I don't know man tables term in is only one do not. Does rebuilt. What what did you say? Do you agree with what I'm saying? Or do you feel like airless means the clerk clerk ace had or or do you think the dance part is like we always say, man. My man's click Asia. I'm just saying keep it real, Mike. Listen to this little analogy name DO composts on are we I say that against this. If os was out named the okay compost on Crawford's resume hometown fight. Let them go home where he did fourteen fifteen thousand tickets versus in compo light fight or not a GameBoy. You're not a no fighter. Like who? The fuck is compos. I was your Earl thinks I hate him because I was sitting on compos and a couple of his opponents are where you should don't go like mandatory because man pay down. They can step aside. Many bro note. I do that's what I'm saying about. Danny Danny got old money. He's still spending money from eighty eight. You know what I'm saying? Because he like, oh, I find postal fuck that bomb. Who did was that? It was a Maha. Yeah. I'm gonna fat cash. Shea phillix. Hold off. You know? Philly's got good cachet. He was on PDF. See you on FOX or PBC on ESPN. The level of accomplish eight nine hundred nine medalists. He Peterson or FOX will ESPN terrestrial TV where accomplishing do that Ocampo's. Ain't bring a ticket. That's what I'm trying to say. Like, he ain't bring a ticket his mom. His uncle his brother and the far corner members. Those was the tickets he sold to that fight with Earl so, yeah, I think Earls cle- cut. What about doing? Junior. Again, mad cachet you see you been watching by some not and I'm not trying to take those shots. I know people like oh takes so member. John full Hank Lundy, aka Mr. TV, aka come into a TV need you like ten years ago on ESPN John Molina been around. He also fought Mickey bay a Floyd Mayweather fight it. Right. So Micky bay goes like this. Hey floyd. I'm kicking his ass salute to you while for is in the audience, and John Molina both amount after Mickey babe and beating them eleven straight rounds on ESPN, he got cocky tried to salute. Floyd Molina, sleep some same thing. He did to Lundy Molina got cachet, plus Molina, four Brunen. No Molina got cachet. I mean, plus he fought Lukas. Mathies Molina got cachet, stop it. You got me. I mean, I don't know. I'm not saying Arnold resume. But I don't know where the fights necessarily worth. So I can't really bring up nine postal in Omaha post to maybe was I don't know. But I would stay away from talking about that fight. You know, how that is? You know, what I mean that fight is the one where it's like he only fifty thousand pay-per-view Bob wouldn't even talk about that. I mean, everybody. Everybody. Everybody. Tom Watson Boston. The I think is only two people that ever differently thousand paper views, and it's good because he's at least going down with a legend. But like you going dancers, you're going down with a legend, though, going up with a legend like you're going down with a legend. You know what I'm saying? Like, oh, you did the same numbers as behalf and ROY. And that's just goes to show. We didn't wanna see hop. Roy. It was it was so past date long overdue. So it's like now we don't want that just like wearing one concord for. But that's neither here nor there. What we do is. We're going to go back to this article boxing dot com. Where says neither FOX which distributes the spend scar SIA fi on one sixteenth at the stadium in Arlington. Texas, nor ESPN was distributed. The con- Crawford fight or Crawford conscious say have released numbers, Mike. So all these numbers are speculation. And or insiders, but. They do go on to say that. The every to man what's guy's name on Twitter that does all those ratings like shit, man. On that the. Spence Angoor SIA reportedly drew between three hundred and fifty and four hundred thousand pay per view dies. Multiple sources have indicated to boxing seem dot com that Crawford and incon- produce less than half the buys of Spence Garcia generated. So again, no official numbers from the two distributors. But we've been following boxing. See for a long time. We take their words on it. Somebody else with within following further on time whose word is very very valuable way copier now. No, no, let's. Okay. Aaron would neither confirm nor deny info from industry source. I have that the that I have that the traditional pay per view buys for tears coughing in America was one hundred fifty K, but he responded, we're in a new era and that bout extra digital buys where so explosive. No one has seen anything like it the Bob Allen, thanks that that the people who did order it. Well, one hundred thousand people that order on the regular cable box dead traditional order. He feels like a guest that that they think that big boom people ordinate on ESPN, plus the digital platform where you were were you able to order that too. So what those numbers are not. We don't get those is what he's trying to say. I Don, I'm we apparently we we didn't get solid numbers from BBC either. So is all I could get some game. Now. No, no, no, no, no. That's slightly different. When you're 'cause PBC's not saying, yeah, we did hell a good digitally. But guess what we ain't giving you that? That's not what they saying. PBC ain't San nothing actually, Mike. It's industry insiders reporting on a pay per view and saying, hey, this is what they've done. Multiple sources are telling us. This is what they've done now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investment. Our new investment product offers competitive returns, no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. Make the reliable investment in reliable energy, the dominion energy reliability investment to find out more. Go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investment. Our new investment product offers competitive returns, no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. Make the reliable investment in reliable energy, the dominion energy reliability investment to find out more. Go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. It's completely different from the promoter of the fighter. That's in question. Remember this fighters in question by his opponent, saying yo you not being properly promoted. So now this promoter he's tat dancing. He's gotta show by. Oh, no, no. No, no. One fifty. They only did one fifty but we did a whole bunch digit digitally. Yeah. Right. Have you have you came across numbers on the ESPN plus up every tell you what I. Tell you what I miss. Samples with digital is all new and and being that ESPN controls that now it up to them to release those numbers. I I I haven't seen number from the the the ESPN plus for you have see or boxing, and they'd be embarking the first pay per view. No numbers are being released, man. So we gotta we gotta really try to get somebody. That knows about the the the the these streaming service. The way we do things because his Crawford. Like, we always take the industry inside his numbers. Everyone runs with it. Because they know that's true. Last puck Mara. What ways? Is telling you last is telling you muscle sustained saying, this paper view, only sold one fifty and Imbaba's rebuttal is. Yeah, lands. But that's the thing of the past. We sold a bunch of Digital's again, you wanna take the word of the promoter coup. That's just like you. Listen to Eddie, just like, you're listening to Oscar just like, you listen to whatever Lou dibella, you know, it's it's cool. That's what you wanna do. Do it just to me. The the the the the digital thing is so new that I don't know. How they are going to get those numbers out because the the corporation owns it. And it's not like fucking. Comcast on noticing where they'll numbers are account of me me because they'll put it out. It is the end don't want it out that they won't put it out. And I'm seeing in the chat someone saying buds pay per view was not on ESPN play don't years plan Cup. Plus, you you could order the paper view only ESPN. Plus, just like you can't you have see Ron. So so try again. I don't know. Let's go back to some more. Earl Spencer's quotes we have. He says it's not just the Ponant cease fighting, but it's the whole promotional thing behind him like when Showtime promotes and FOX promotes day, really put everything into it with the Crawford fight. You really didn't hear nothing until the week of the fight. I kind of forgot about it. I didn't hear nothing about it until fight week. They started promoting it probably Thursday or Friday. That's what it really got out there like that. So I feel like they could have done a better job promoting it n CU. I was pissed off two three weeks gone. A leading up to the fight. You. Are you familiar like why are they not promoting? Why am I why am I seeing these fifteen seconds a pay per view while I'm not saying highlights of these guys one minute. One minute have shown me these guys and made me believe that this guy has a chance because he's goes on ESPN. I take in Stephen F got to face how long they chango hold up. So they're they're put a a bad a bad light on the fucking fight to begin with men because people that are casual fan, they listen to a watch. I daily target cropper wasn't going to be in. There were nobody and we all wait. And we always hear anytime Crawford that studio they always bring up one guy's name in one guy's name. Earl spins. Join you. I mean, that's that's true. And they're always going to do that. They're always going to link to to bests or the to perceive best that doesn't mean that they are on the same level in terms of ace IB side, fifty fifty which is what's in question when it comes to Earl. Earl feels like he's not deserving. A fifty fifty. And I quote with Crawford. It's lack of promotion spend said oh, man. I got question, bro. Why can't we why can't we we behind? Our got the aren't they wanted to say, hey, man, he wants to deserve. He's he's been doing it. He's he's he's got in the ring. If these guys have a rebuttal. Are you? No. He's fought Ortiz. He's very he's done raises profile over the past couple of years. He deserves. Now, he understands his worth he knows that in order for AJ to do a big time review over in the in in the states. It has to have happen to him and bury yourself that lasts. No, I'm not, Spence. Without your man. But if not the biggest one he could do bra AJ. You say is. AJ is doing pay per view. Without router is going to be the biggest one that he ever did. Do we think the age ain't doing what Crawford? I mean. What spends did? That's not what age as doing. You. Gotta talk America man with the paper, y'all. Been doing more Spence got seventy five dollars for his more. So that's that's one point two million over in the UK. Yeah. AJ did what point five or fucking vitamin crisco? More champ you wrong again. All right. Is it might turn a rebuttal without you being? So so emotional won't you looked up AJ's, I pay per view because that was coffers, I pay per view. The AJ to one point two or whatever your math was. No, no, not fucking didn't. Okay. Stop trying to take. This man's Eisai's. Status man is unfilled view. And again, you keep using wild desert comparison as if wilder doesn't have seven to non title defenses in the same division you trying to give coffered credit for another division. Don't work like that. These dudes is big up here, and they call him, Bud Light. So he got a proven in this division and find the guys eat fighting the gods. He is not while the wilder stepped up to the plane in four two out of the top three. That's not what Crawford this son not at this way. Not at this rate glass. Bob arum. Not just trying to fight the one that did the best boogeyman individuals from different. Aerosmith's each trying to press. Saying Mike let me just try to. No, no, no. You're not listening. You can't. It's like it's like it's like a female y'all want that sale. One by embassies like who who stayed up in MO what what is done. He's not Friday top five five, and that's the same thing. But you can't you can't be calling out the king who the fuck is you show, you ain't no pets show you way. No peasant yet king. I mean until Thurmond's back he fought a negative come from from from what listen listen to me finished nigger nigger at one thirty five brought up to one forty seven nine king. He's a nigga bay behalf. The cachet now to me to me personally. Nikki better thing, Mikey. He better thing. Carthy babe. Oh, you mean thing out for having the bucks and brain to know how to develop stalls in sport. Let's let's answer. Another question for Mike every well to weigh in the welterweight division has had a hometown fight. Who's drew better numbers are wait now? Now wake Mike Garcia da-. What y'all? So you see Mike's bias because he doesn't give the same energy. And I'm gonna tell you why. Right. He gets mad at Showtime infighter slip through their fingers in fucking while this career, but he ain't getting mad at bud. Right. 'cause guess who was on bus out of the track. Mike Mike was on that side of the track. So he met he met every excuse. He makes up his my. Oh, my nigga was Mikey. So my excuses Oman mega Bob let Mikey slit Bob bobbing. Let Bobby get that fight for with that fight. That's already there from the images that fight that was already there from being on the same side of the block. And you know, what else he lets slip back yard? But you know, who got both of them. And now they projected to be both Earls resume. Man. Thank you out Heyman. We out man shows over my dead decapitate a- season strap season, we you know, you did a Eisai won't even need to take callers this man's dead. He's dead. Okay. I value at running. I'm just I'm just being overdramatic because that was a massacre son. No. He's still breathing. All beg your words. Man. I think that Bob pitcher Mikey being a a opponent for anybody. I want forty semi part thought he was too small out time. What I'm saying when when beyond say wild the tells you in his gym on camera Mike bra I'm good with my team. Think about the stars in boxing. Who's made the biggest fights? I'm good. He sits back, and he puts his hands on the ropes like that Chilin like he on the fucking through her own why? Because he got one of the biggest smartest box and brains or his team that same Maine has made Earl Spencer ace side that same man got Bob Arum calling him or Monday of last week or this week trying to get shit together for Bob. Big, bro. I'm not here to big about Baram's resume. I'm here. I'm here. The harder going question. Let me know listen, and that's your job to bring up the stars that he's done made because Earl Spencer's questioning whether or not Bob is truly promoting Crawford the way he's promoting Luma chang-chol. And that's all I know. I agree. Because before Earl said, it we said we say, you're why are they still talking? My Loma chanko when Crawford fire. Why do they keep saying Loma chanko might be number one in Crawford? Gotta look good to be number one day, not promoting Crawford. They promoting moment. Chanko? Why is magenta getting all these easy big fights? How many names on Loma does resume in a short matter of time who's been sound longer the top break. I see Loma chang-chol getting all the push all the push ups to my maximum bikes and has called for the number one pepper pound fighter in the world. That comes on ESPN also big up to my guy. Andre ward whilst will have parents call as the number one Pappa pound fighter came out believe Thursday in he. Is being analysts. So it's not like the whole of ESPN is pushing it Sanders gala matching number one is gonna want. Anytime. They bring up his name. They have to bring up parents for name just like vice versa. These guys named give mentioned together. So for you guys to bear and say that Lomas getting a bigger push or or lamas get more exposure as a fucking lie. It's a lie who do who does better numbers when they fight so much Inc. O Ortega's Crawford. I don't know. I I don't know you you tell me. And so the listeners J D at three point six million on regularly is being when he fell David being a guy who who. Fight. We we we had our a assumptions that he was going to beat them. He was going Adam rather easer turn out to be a little bit tougher than I anticipated. And maybe that's why those numbers went up. We seen the Jeff Hornacek. I think there were like two something. And now the pay per view before the the the the when the when when if I would Americam with announce I was on this show. I was on this show. And I literally said that this by should not be a fight. But I I understand why you gotta do because you gotta pay American for for his name on saying. So it is what it is. All the like damage control. Now that the fight is over. All man, we knew this wasn't a fight, man. But if you know, you know, you know. Nudist was a trash fight. As trash from the from the beginning. They would have gauged that they listened in man. They watching these comments everywhere all over they in tune with the streets. Now, it's not like before. But I got a super chat from Brazil, Loma chanko who says buds pay per view fight wasn't on ESPN. Plus, I tried to buy it. But couldn't Mike don't know. What the hell? He's talking about sixty percent of the time. Br. Us where did you buy it on ESPN? Right there. Did you buy ESPN? He say it wasn't owner. But I'm here to say that it was when I was growing down and watching a ring size with Andre war that that that Friday or Saturday, it had preorder tears Crawford. Amir Khan financing hours at nine on ninety nine on the ESPN app. So for you to call me, Larry and waste your money on a fucking super chat. You're a fucking idiot next Netflix project Kelly Thompson says shot out the TB V for another great show has tag man down hashtag strap season. One two three. You know, that means right? One-two-three bells. We collect over here. Real quick. I can't wait. I can't wait to Al sounds the Lani means so you could start crying because then that's when is really going to set and you damn. Deign listen. And now even that is off the table. I swear out should do it. I swear snatch them that. You finale men's champ in the welterweight division undefeated undefeated gotta fight July. Twentieth. In germany. And he's getting a lot of TV time on box nation in the UK, man. I don't know why we ain't hip to him over here yet. It's crazy. I never seen on a box nation. Yeah, man. Yeah. Man. Google is name you could watch his last couple of five day in the UK. They definitely in the UK. I mean, he fought the job. He got a couple of little scouts on his resume. I mean, he's early too young to be unifying. Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investment. 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Except I believe he's way more season dimensional Quinlan. He's long. He's range e. You know, and he seems to have decent Powell. But we got another super chat from Texas. See who says don't worry. Mike Ness, Oni Ness, the only one who thinks he wins arguments on this show. Yeah. Sure. Today. I got this. I still believe that when this happens in the probably a year in a half. Now that it will be a fight between the winner between MIT is going to be. I hate saying because I won't many pack you out to win so bad, but Thurman import Thurman in a expense the winner between those guys will be put to fifty. Let's get back to wild analogy that this. This this clown keeps trying to use man the difference again in wilder is he took on two top three heavyweight opposition to turn the tables before he fought Louis, so teason AJ. I mean fury the world was saying he fought November bombs. He turned the table Crawford. Don't got no top two and three to fight stop. This fifty fifty notion. You got no legs to stand on your arguments on not making sense. Who was Crawford gonna fight to all of a sudden elevate him in the division. Please tell me then Iger issue in the fight that we stink revisit revisit. But that parenting. Then he said he would be revisited at this. Listen as cool, but it's not guaranteed. If not guaranteed, but a top five name coming off the wind that he just did give Granato Taty. Not a top three again Deontay wilder the scale. Let me just repeat it because you don't get it Deontay wilder tip the scales and his pay grade has elevated because he for the number three and two. Crawford a got Dame. He's not to and three. Danny might not be four question. At the time wh- what people saying that vary with a top three highway at that time. He was coming back. Fury was always perceived one of the best heavyweight at that time coming back up to year's layoff to to Sephora Mike, I'll play a game. No, I'll play your game. Now, you tell me are you telling me that if Danny and Crawford fight, and they do a big enough promotion the world with all of a sudden perceive Danny to be a two or three number one numbered heavyweight in the I mean, excuse me, a to a number two or number three welterweight in the division. Nobody will be. Wasn't that? No, no, no. When when the promotion kicked off my listen to my question when the promotion kicked off did furious perception in the division, not change to one two three status. You're gonna tell me it was no you're going to tell me. The Farber there will people saying that despite was shit. No, no, no, listen to you now listening. You're not listening. With the promotion of the wild defeat. Refight? Did he not change the perception and become perceived one one-two-three three heavyweight when he when he and Ben Davidson was on BT sports in the promotion on the buildup everything that he was doing. And they do empowered. You telling me people wasn't saying he could beat Luis Ortiz in Dili and white. I don't know, bro. The debt that will come out joining. Okay. So now after you've seen the fight you still saying he can't beat Luis Ortiz in Delia white. Nothing that accent. You. Can be Luis Ortiz and dilly. And why Europe those will be be bigger fights. Yeah. All right. So he's perceived as a one two three heavyweight, bro. But as what I'm saying at the time, he was not before the fight. You was not. But after the fight he was. Again, actually, so we don't gotta go in circles. But we will if you force me to when Danny and Crawford fight or you saying that the performance is going to somehow catapult again Davies losing performance because in Mike's is Crawford. We'll beat Danny. So in Danny's losing performance. It's going to be so good that we're going to think. Wow. Crawford just beat a top two or three welterweight. He comes back, and I wanna know. Know performances, even though I think, wow, the one like life. He's real real close. People are starting to go are going to thank damn Dan is is art won the top three or four guy in in which he had a close by with a. Importer defy will keep their may my opinion would not as close at people wanna make make it out to be. I I thought demean one that comfortably and really coasted the last couple of rounds, but people are going to start chatting. And who knows who knows what wh- Denic get 'em. That is not that is not going to be an easy opponent anybody where we seen him. And then we keep we see them and ever sure ain't gonna just to be a walkover for for for conference that that's one of those that I am the Jimmy like damn the he's going to be in for a fight by now. You you are so pathetic man, right? Everybody knows Crawford is a skilled boxer, and he's the clear favourite in The Danny fight. Danny's flat footed, it's a nightmare matchup. All all Danny all Danny. And Danny fans get hope on is that he Tom's Crawford. Because Crawford's been hit by less cement disrespect, any say, nobody just respecting Danny Danny just ain't no fucking box on his toes. We're not. Fought resorts. Crawford's on his toes like Thurman, man. Stop Birla don't act like you don't know style matches by now Thurman and Crawford is a title fight. Just just like endangered is a title fight. Why? Because they both did to be hit. And the other two are both moving. I don't pay then we would do that too. At the. If he was the the be the one to come through that fight. Super chat. Matthew Valentini says Ness, brick city west side. Bre be Spence. The Eisai, bud. Spencer aside to bud. Hashtag man down hashtag bomb squad stack to this day to this date to this diet. To this day. So let me let me see if we could play this. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I want to play some audio, and you know, hope for the best. Wherever whenever. Shop. The base. Get you. Yeah. Might that moment. Right. And then he he he might new you say he would use a man you'll be an auto plant. Come over. Now, go go talk negative is is it like a helicopter. Right. Right. Like you said. He might he wasn't like overly confident. But he was competent enough to to to tell them. I don't I don't I think the main Baixas opposed by two and best. Why he was like, I think air might get you me. Yeah. They get might get you. Yes. Show Earl so cool man seen that may appreciate that. Unlike bud nervous, oh shit in my face rotel. No. Said that nervous energy was like you knew seen his face. Like, oh, it did take him back. Just a step. Yes. Or no. It would it would have took anybody on tell me that shit. Trilogy. I love that. Right. Did. Trilogy says Charlemagne said really like really. I might be on. My just beat them twice for the money. Put a doubt dough, yo. We just got a Bill video. We just gotta build it. We just gotta build it man when you're down, and they can take the video down. Outta he'll be doubt. We think. They just got to build it man in these more time more marination, man. Little bit more marination. I think. I want to hear. Amps what what this has abandoned his Thurman band wagon train negatively, he's officially Earls pants. Join your number one fan. Yeah. Negga y'all been seeing how much nuts grabbing? Earls pets if you're trying to get DVD's as we live. It is it Amy. Uh-huh. Oh me come on. You may like turntables. That's so a. On people breath are Earl turntables on you. And now you mad at me. I don't get it. Like, what's wrong? You know, what I'm saying you use talking at oh three point six. Do. Oh, ESPN like people counted PBC out man, they kind of be old desire. Oh, they counted him out. But FOX putting up numbers doing good doing numb calls eight should be doing, but except for the F S one. But okay, the plan did did do a good number versus a. Exactly. And that's unknown dues this year real. Let's be real to unknown. Dudes may and donate bay. Didn't keep like two point nine three million FOX, listen man tables tire main. So that's all you need to know man table. For sure I don't think on the table. I think you're going to be like with all these fiber. We got big entities behind you and shit. It's going to be different. The big enough. This just know analogy to make it fifty fifty like again, this is a better situation than while the Joshua because both are American or at least fighting on American soil, right? So this is closer to the Mayweather Pacquiao situation. Where one man got way more cash aiding other one that's just natural got paid. But he still got listen. He's still got one eighty and other homeboy got to fifty that bra. I don't know what the hell that is. But I know what it is is almost like eight thousand more was sixty thousand more seventy thousand more than other more. Now, one eighty and one and two fifty or seventy million more. But whatever. It was the first one that teaches how to get concession money over there. No, don't don't overlook that. The overlook that. Because you might you know, you know, Earl might have got money off them hot dogs. You bought in Dallas just because Floyd learnt that from our this is what I'm trying to tell you. It's main. Different ballgame on this side of the street whole different ballgame you manning getting all that. That's what they say, man. Al Hayman checks hold on. My this. And they had that on loop in Texas. They trying to let you know, you could put on the show you you put on a show. You are the show. Will need a lot. We just want young black entrepreneurs our head don't be mad. Looking at face. Let's say hypothetically this fight get up to like two hundred million dollars. Let's let's say two fifty to cutting right down the middle. You you tell them me Earls spares would when was followed some products won twenty five and be like the biggest payday I ever get. I mean, not not ever gay, but does MR career if I win on the brain bug me. I just don't see what Crawford does to make the public believe this is a hundred and twenty million dollar fight. Like, you're insane y'all Keith Thurman got more of a possibility. Hold on hold on kief Dermot got more of a possibility of getting this quote on quote Superfly. Then Earl I mean, then then then in coffers, and that's because Keith can knock out. Pay per view in that's going to be forced to be on ESPN, FOX. But you you you only do boxing my nigga. And there's no slight to you. You not are here watching basketball games or basketball a pregame that mesh zone. You're not watching. I take that makes. No, you're not watching the fucking NBA on MTV. I mean, oh, you're not watching these these rappers are here talking about the despite everybody is talking about Earl spans, I ten years Crawford because that's what been drummed up. That is because has been dormant gave his domain. The way up the sleeping giant hopping embeds about to be woken with the pack out fight the world will know, don't nobody in the welterweight division talk better than kief one time term, and that is the bottom line, and he is a damn good bucks. It don't matter what you're seeing in one ram because you see something in one round in the foyer versus Moseley fight, and you could see one round in a bunch our team with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing and comes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size in portability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural site from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. Five our T with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's still. Delicious energizing. Incomes comes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural side from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com fights it don't matter. What matters is that. He can sell the fight. He is Tyson fury up the fucking welterweight division. He's a. He's not AJ. He's not wowed or nigger. Thank you. You made my point for me. And not only that not only you fucking for gum. I got them point. Then and I'm glad you did. Because it makes me jump on. Yes. You can say, oh, he's not AJ. He's not wild to. But again in this equalization, you cannot ignore the fact that URL and Thurman or from America that is the losing from on hold on. That is the losing argument for Tyson fear because Tyson can't be as big as AJ and wilder because Tyson doesn't bring that US cachet. So that's why Bob invested in them. Bassett? Forget the while the fight we're going to build you here. So the Eva fight is a super fight and not a hometown domestic big fight. That's what they're doing brother. But on the other hand with the welterweight everybody is from here on the that bra ain't going by the a guy who's calling up Floyd Mayweather a guy who. In in two time champion, a guy who was WBZ champion, WBZ champions. Same time Earl spins being champion for like two years year and a half coffered beer at what the wait three fights. What name are they talking about more than this is simple wanna smile? Call in aerospace. Listen, the problem is you don't know when Keith was hot and Earl was Crawford. Right. Meaning Earl just had a couple of significant fights in the division because he started his career forty seven people were talking about Earl and in there's dozens and dozens and dozens of videos of Earl interment, and Thurman, and Earl and Thurman talking about the doghouse in Floyd saying, you'll you floor laid telling term and he's duck. Neuro you crazy. Eight Floyd Crawford. Roy. Congress to talk about and name in a super fight at welterweight. And and I told you why I told you why? But they are now the. Who who is pack out Thurman is a super fight. Supervise super fight. It will be the biggest fire. It will be the biggest fight or any active. Well, two ways career talk to me bad. All greasy say, something say, something, a forty year old pack. Yup. Yes. We'll be the big guy. Keep them in career. No, no. A forty year old listening. Beat me repeat me verbatim. A forty year old pack out will be the biggest name on any active well to wage career, and let me preference it with this just like a forty year old flat. Admit Klitschko is the biggest name on any heavy weights. Fucking career you won't go to the callers now 'cause you're dead again. Rain today. I'm. Is slaughtering when it when it fucking sushi. That's gonna be big bag. A motive was the case. Fucking keep their men in many pet yells at super fight. What the way? You don't say to show who's the fucking ace side. That's what you're talking about Earl fair you win. Listen to more than one question. Okay. They answer eight, but Earl say, you ain't no Eisai, and we ain't doing no fifty fifty. Let's go that's the energy Ed Brown on Skype you goddamn sponsors. I, you know. I mean, you know, that's what we need fucking co-pilot Fulbe remember to write his five stars on itunes. These calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services, experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation. Visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com. Though, don't forget if you're watching us on YouTube right now hit that button helps with the visibility of the show help. Subscribe. And while you're there telephone itself, a furnace subscribe to the YouTube channel. So we can help us get two hundred thousand. Quick takes hop them. A fucking show me if you want give out his Daime hill he wanted to be chatting, and texting and the guy that me prepo how God damn show and talk this shit. What he saying being? No, no what you ain't gonna happen. Colleen, you ain't doing shit. Colleen, go back to being cola chair bring the pain brain the pain, his do right here. Man. He like he like, hey, I know my I see I see what he about. He a hate. Instead. I see it. But let me go to Ed Brown on Skype. Hey, what's going on? We do. Hey, what's up, man? I put like this. I see xactly where else Spence was coming from N. I don't take it as much as him trying to be critical Crawford in the fight or whatever I think he's just freely showing like you've you side top rank, and they don't have no loyalty to. Hold on. Let me see who's ruining your call hero fixed for you. All right. Come back to us. You there? Yeah. I still you go for it. Okay. Okay. I didn't look at aerospace was saying was trying to be some negative Crawford. I think is just point out obvious thing. Like a lot of decision. Crawford's made goal. Matab rain. I while there seems to be a discussion of who is pow pow number one between him and Loma check. We're talking about do with a loss on his record against the guy is thirty seven and opened fighting for a long time. You don't fight champion at one forty and it's just it's there wasn't no promotion for this fight win the Earl fight. I mean, I've seen that thing everywhere. There was YouTube videos, there was there was all kind of like promotions on FOX. I mean it was for weeks on top of weeks. And then like two weeks before the fight there, Tom. They started talking about the Crawford fight. And the other thing is from what I'm hearing. They're not promoted fights on ESPN because they're already made their money. So this isn't a fifty fifty five even if we broke it down and take mice pointed his dance partner helps them get to the four thousand. Well, if you break that in half and say the half. Of it was on Earl is still more than what proffered selling. And and so it's just I. We'll do over four hundred thousand easy, maybe maybe a meal easy. Hey, go might nobody care about that. Because because. I know my word photo Crawford over Sturman going through a male after Thurman wipe the floor with pack. Yeah. I doubt exactly is. Is that? Yeah. Relaxed. Mike relies Mike. It's all good. But you know, like, necessarily like, you know, you're talking about Garcia all these fighters are still under the PVC banner. So we don't know none. It's going. I think Crawford actually taking these lower level fights is is diminishing his reputation man, because it's like, you know, I it's just not a good, look my nigga. When we think are off over there. He we can we can we relaxed a little bit. Here's the problem. Here's the problem. Yeah. Why are you trigger son? We can't even hear you you you might mute it what happened. Fucking music, Dan. So why are you mad at home for? How are we going to get to the call you eight one in love? Yell at lodgings on YouTube w day de-subscribe on it helps with the visibility show hopes grow trying to get to that two hundred K. And we only do that today with show help you know, what I'm saying. It's got to be yo yo hail. But out show help we can do it. Let's go out to mess on Joseph Rodriguez and Texas talk to me. Phyllis was going down. Fan argument about chanko. Yes, he lost his second fight. But who fight someone of that level? Even if it's Lido in the second fire and don't forget the third the following fight. He beat garrison Judy. But anyways. Yeah, there's a clear a side. We've been saying that I've been saying that and boxing is a what have you done for me lately? Topless board meeting after the summer after these next performances who's going to have done something that the casual fans will no more keep them, keep them and knocking out back pack house the name that everybody knows everybody knows trans Crawford fight. Cobra was fighting me machine. Does not the super fights coming and it's on the PBC set. Saying that. It's coming into fruition. Now. There's no avoiding especially if Keith if Keith max out peck out of the way, we think he can Amar even a Marquette style knockout soda Wizz. There's no discussion of Crawford anymore. He gets there on ESPN. Plus he had his chance he passed it up. That's my car. Coming from my man, buddy. They come in for buddy. I now be. Let's go out to sail on the boomerang status. I would have fell is a mess. I've missed like the whole show. What happened would offer was more? Now. Real quick. Well, basically coffee. Rather bud is saying it ain't no fifty fifty five with me and Crawford. Why would I give them fifty fifty when he only did one hundred one hundred hundred and something thousand papal views. No body. Why would I did that? He's spent saying. Fifty fifty with him. Then he saying today and my. Especially now, remember, Spence got a already confirmed unification. So not only does he got a better resume. He got more bells and my art. I must tell you Mike is that we all know the better fights on PBC what I'm arguing with in what everybody else should be arguing with is that the best should be fighting best. Now granted f s Spence by porter. Expense fight quarter. You know, an an an kief got Dr Keith got Manny. She why what's wrong with Danny fighting Crawford. What why we can't get it in like that? With that. They no problem with that. You could theoretically get that. But if you're Al why do you send Daniel? But then when you got other welterweight Danny can help build right? So like Danny loses while lose to cropper when he can lose to Sean or the kief or the Pac Yao woulda, whoever he got the same reason. But this. The same reason that Bob has never sent out a fighter to laze. I get that point. But we the fans this. Well, we won't I don't give a fuck about what L thinking what? I want. That gap. Versus Earl, you know, I don't I don't mind Thurman versus Danny? Because Dan, he's always been one of my favorite fighters. When that fight got made, I was not happy. I kind of lost team Debbie because because I came out publicly said Thurman was going win. Just like I lost porter. When I said Thurman was gonna win. And that's why Thurman is the main in these streets, unique is fickle Darmon is the only one that unify German was the only one chase Floyd out that WBA division for vacate. Did they did we act like that should happen? More man boogeyman out here. My man been the boogeyman been he been telling people they resumes trash he been telling Crawford. Yo, you ain't even beat in the MIR Khan like coffered took Thurmond's advice. That's how highly he think of them come on to me. Talk to me, Danny. You can't even be notified, man. Chose keep them in for a reason. Just like he ain't choose Crawford. And you mad. And I'm still mad. I'm mad at both of those. I see I see tables turned chant has tag man down. Tables have turned. I'm saying tables have turn a like that no more. If you're listening to right now on you to go ahead and Smith at buddy, and we got four hundred watches. So I need at least two hundred up before the end of the shows. Yeah. Go ahead and do that it helps the visibility. We try and get bigger. And if you see us out of mother fucking Las Vegas next week trying to do this or just bring us a whichever one you want to do whichever one. You want to do man, it ain't nobody ducking? Nobody man. We got we got Bouma wrangles. We got mastermind and all that good shit. And they gotta go. Ladies and gentlemen. A young fellow. He comes from. Look shake this out mash out for my nigga. Michael Hodge shows growth in the builder e KiKi Michael valley. He did ki enticing Jackson your jolting with round your way. Anyway. Dad going to shoot it deacon like the going to the body bag up to the shit. Stop fucking my dog up like that. And that's breath. You're getting real Boxing Day. Terrible Satan as our team with caffeine from green tea leaves? It's delicious energizing incomes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural side from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. Five our teen with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing and comes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural side from the makers of five hour. Energy. For more information, visit five hour energy dot com, which was school Iran did demand. Right. You know, what I'm saying you tell them I nigga dating. He ran out to do your Bill you series, lots of mind. As as Bill. Serious, man. The man he beat no bad for that built. Packing. Donna. They're improve. Yeah. Shit. I wish you would've for them. But. Career is going ready, man. Not. July twenty if July twentieth champs tables will turn again. Are you going again, July? Twentieth tables will turn win a right? Yeah. Just fickle. Yeah. Forget, but it's like ROY said, y'all must've got. And that's what I'm saying. We got by Soviet you heard while the eight might we good for the next two years. We got Feis over here. Brain. We gotta go. There. Bush. We going out to mess. No. Neither will hold hold up that the Bush main why you wanna do that fucking boot wish it. Me we hear we ain't gonna shit. What you? We put the best buy and the best. So wait. So so Thurman versus early the best Thurman versus versus poor. Great. Spaces great, Danny compla- complete. So so what you're saying? Wait, wait, wait, wait. So Earl is fi importer. Keith is impact gal who's left with Danny who's left, Mikey. Was big of my mic. Mikey. We know Mike and not by right? Oh, my. Of verses Danny please tell me. Thank you. I'll heyman. What I do. As a in Dallas. And the game the superstar Danny Garcia's in out of the rain. I cough. While everybody busy. And you think he need bud Crawford. He'll need them at. Oh. Oh. I'm saying Crawford need him. He's mind Eram need him. I if you wanna make the device we seen for million when. You damn right. We see for me. Let me tell you who Danny go fight since you think Crawford could get him. 'cause 'cause Danny supposedly available a six man don't becoming pitches break. Talking about clown. Nigga? Don't gotta read knows from his pit bull. Bitch ass nigger. Tell me they know supervisor man, Danny swith Garcia in the Buckley. Santa was going to have him. I tell him tell them don't have in my how many people don't come see that fight my day. Keep it real my Gumby. that man that man. Thank you L Heyman. Now. Let me tell you this. I'm gonna help you. I'm gonna help you you ready. You ready might? You want to help? Yes. Or no do. Do. I'm gonna give you some out. Make sure you tell your top rank context, the move the mate is to beg out. Aiming to let Danny fight. You'll Dami organise the south pole who gave porta trouble who. Bob Arum already. Systematically, raise the profile on ESPN by saying that he's better than porter which prepares Danny for south ball. I doubt Granados was a south pole. I don't think Danny should go into the best south pole fight of his career. Obviously, he's not getting Pat cow. So second south Paul would be Earl and then the next one is Crawford. Right. That's the lie is Earl south pole. Is early sample. Go to call Mike out, man. We gotta stop doing coffers shows man, his energy be gone, man. It should know him. Like, no way, man. Tell might come on come back to man, no way on Skype. What up man tell Mike? We hear man like he could talk act like that. Tables turning on my. Yeah. Right cool. Hey, second time on you know, the first time I didn't say how much I appreciate the work the work you guys put in and. No, generally, have your back in might you get better you getting better. Generally, you know. Arguing the phone and yelling at the you're talking. But today, I gotta say that that Thurman, Pat is not the super fight. It is a good comeback for Thurman and pack is only at Famer all time. But yes, I was also. Baden's, but his budget promotion, you know, with that cloud. She is in scapegoating combo that the week of the of the press week isn't really have anything like an all access show. ESPN do something about that. I guess maximum boxing is supposed to fill the gap. But they really just need dedicated to the two specific fight that they play, you know, some all access. Also like lastly before I get out of here. You know, a comment on you guys threads, and you guys got some UK. Mas in there, deleting comments making it seem like, you know, like you got no love out here. It's only UK people comment. Threads where? Comments section right here for the live show. No, no, no, no afterwards. You know, you comment say which think about the show that and the other thing is sometimes conversations get going, and yeah, you guys got Mods in the like, censoring people. So scared about it not. We definitely care. We just notice anyone, you know, blocking any comments. But we'll keep an eye out for that. I mean, there's only like one UK mod as Jack is the truth. Oh, yeah. Elms too. But I mean, these guys are close to titty. So Al, no, I don't know if they will be that petty. Let's go to Elms actually, the mastermind talk to us. P. Close. Yeah. He just. You got the but muted fucking UK Wafaa p probably knows now. Listen. I want to say this now year. I actually I've seen this before the first time I ever seen. I've seen a whole division. Be scared of a guy moving up nigga making like like, it's cool to be duck into gun shit at all no going on. But it's all right. Mikey garcia. Danny Garcia, Pacho, aerospace, Kifah all docking terrorist corker. They don't want. No smoke. It's embarrassing to be honest. This is the maritime chill here. We'll fight Cobra p-, then we'll fight whoever wants to off that hopefully you anymore. Focus step up the end of the day Affleck is fucked up that with celebrating fights happening and guys making more money and void in each other and shit. So. Leading by fighting the rest of the top division. You guys will lose. We just said all right? Let me respond aero. There will clearly indicate he don't want it when he said, I'll take the. When he said that show to me, he sees a free an everyday I'll give is right now when he says in his in his. Oh, says me a my promote versus every. Oh, yeah. He ain't talk about fight Indo. He don't wanna fight crew for about me. Everybody. He talked about politics. Oh, we we. We ain't gonna fight rental. But did we? Rankle? But with people he say, you guys think we needed a promoter. So I'm showing you me out versus everybody know promoter that the tweet is on the fucking screen, you buy learn how to interpret it. Everybody Pomona is only one do K cross the street and make the fight. I see only one other dude in the welterweight division for. Let me let me say. So it's only one do fine on two different networks though. So he ain't got no toz where his promotional. He could fight to fight. If he won't he across the street. He also forty. Give you point. He can. But he don't want it because he's scared because he now. Now's ITO need to. Back in. Listen to me, bro. You ain't going get the fight talking about you deserve fifty fifty without doing shit. That's why they freezing you. Well, that's why frozen may maybe ams. Oh. K fish? They jumping on it. They jumping on it. But they being consistent when AJ was freezing while out. It was all good. Why because he was fighting. He's fighting five footers, he's he's fighting this guy his Brazil's on defeated. Oh, his in this car. It's all good when another scenario and say, that's the whack is. That's the wack -ness of ya. Boomer. Who? Gotta wait. Got a wet. There's a lot of people in Las I now. Even though you got like. A non smoker always been a lot of put to the side in the reason. Yeah. But you didn't hear me say y'all what freezing? Wow. That's not me. I'm used I'm used don't matter. Because it's true. I agree. Let me get my point the full you'd even let me cut you just smoke in here. That was the point of aero has the choice, but he don't want to take the choice. Now, I don't care about money. And that signnow that's ninety doing me. But what I see a man clearly has the choice. Actor wants is on a police say, no Tesco light work. He showing I don't want to fight him you go. You'll make you say auto wanna fight, bud. Then get belt Geoff Hoon will to Jeff Koons belt. Silence. Over their aerospace at the same thing. I don't mind fine. Geoff hoon. Now, the belt don't wanna fight. But we know what isn't it? You can. Why don't you? Why don't you tell the listen when you saying that statement that Jeff wasn't contractually obligated to top rank? And that's no that listen to me. Listen to me. That's what that's statement means when someone says I'll take the easy route. It's the easy political route does this sale easy to make a cough for five. When you got delusional people talking about fifty fifty that's als easy to make. When you know you to clear Eisai, and you've got someone else talking about fifty fifty. Easy. We ain't got go ahead. And keep showing you a side. I let me finish. I agree. I don't feel at this point in time earth. Fifty we haven't even got to that stage with negotiating we're just say not. We don't wanna fight you. You know, where your small time stay over there over here that is clear of widows that shows me they seem as a Frankish avoid eventually times. Funny when Bob came out on my interview and said, we're not even talking about Crawford until the media think does five hundred thousand payment views. No one had that energy. Now, Earl says ain't nobody got time for them. Mike do for one for hunting shoot. Proper earl. Oh, I want some of that URL check. No. You can't get none. Because you've got to build your guy that gets them. Earl check we're gonna go to sell on the boomerangs that sell. Remember, you boomerang Elms mastermind? So his boomerang comes before you saw a man against you chant. Learn the ropes. I Ness I tripping on that that that boomerang back, but check this out man, you doing it again on Ashi mall. Right now. Listen, you got the spent you got the key verse. Manny fight code, nobody's tripping. But what we saying? Is everybody's willing to fight everybody. Right. You got air trying to make fights with PPC fighters, regardless. The one on adult. She aided whatever you saying, don't negotiate. One fifty. Offers basically what you're saying. And that's cool. If that's our with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing incomes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural site from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. Five our T with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing incomes in three amazing flavors was zero sugar and four calories. It bitch your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural site. From the makers of five hour energy. For more information, visit five hour, energy dot com. But the faith we wanna these mix it up made. That's all we say fuck the politics of g that's always saying make these biggest fight the fight. That's always saying that we get that that they can make each other all day long. Nobody's arguing edgy. What we say? Is. We want to verse space cover worse key, Danny? That's what the public Saji. We not getting into the politics. We let you doing hours. You you can do that all you want. But the fans we just want to fight spam. That say that's it nece Walla tick g the do supposed to speak. I speak was they'll speak for the promoters bigger. Most of the people, right? Make the fights happy. You got to do the best that form GECAS. These listen could. Oh, Mike was all. Fame's you said it people, and you did it you jumped on. And you let the people know how you feel. You you voiced your opinion. You know what I'm saying? That's what I'm supposed to provide you with the platform to let Bob. No, you frustrated. Let our no you frustrated Tim Smith. Listen to the show. I Swanson listen, they know you frustrated, but let me tell you something they ain't got nothing to do with plans, man business plans. He no, I'm a businessman. A lot of people mad the details. Turn. And that's why I'm smiling. How with turn though? Ever. Talk about this fight o of our aim is a cancer. Now, you wanna call Al I tried to tell my 'em happy as happened in this way and sell could be mad at me all he want. But people like Mike got to learn a lesson because energy needs to be the same. We can't let let me finish. You could get your your rebuttal bat. We can't let our sit around. I mean, Bob sit around here talking about, oh when it's five hundred thousand and that be okay. We can't let Bob keep giving us bene- Vida as a amid con and just preference. It oh, that's who's left. What you want them to do? We want him to sell a mother fucker. You can't refuse offer no out of bend over backwards. And again, I ax ya show me to Bob Arum fighter. This fall on PBC. This fall on Showtime fucked show me that, but I want Al. The cancer the do the don't exist. The do the he sued Bob Arum. Sued him for now. Doing the same thing. Bob is doing because he wanted to bring box in to terrestrial TV. He sued him. No. He's violated a Muhammad Ali. He's signing too. Many people. Yo tables fucking turn. You man. I'm not. Rebut? I really forget my my rebuttal demands. What you? Legendary boxer talk to me little fan girl. Hey. Hey, hey, Mike, Mike, stop, interrupting. Hey, mike. Death. The show and lied about the ratings that cooperative benefit. The truth. Let me let anybody speak. Anybody speak. Beetlejuice all our start show talking interrupting everybody. We have nothing smart guy said. On the line guys lying about coffered doing point six billion comfort three point six billion in his life. He did two point seven million. And this guy just made it up thin air came at two year layoff and Peter. That's when two point eight million shut up you need to go. Google the rating, I you just light, and expose you. You live said the corporate benefit has a new one million. You made that shit up. You made that shit up. Go Google it. Don't make up lady lies tables. Turn got goddamn. How's he going to say three point six million never even done three million? What the fuck is that? You're talking. Good talk here by bucket, habitual Lionia. You're lying like bottom. What else he box? What? Other fact, you got form. Should he's talking about spaniel, Mikey solos paper you Mike US living on Texas. You know, how many kids might just all seven thousand seven thousand. Basically, you say Mike ain't even to star Texas. Mike you seven thousand barely. I think it was six thousand this motherfucker talking about Mike gets a lot of spare Mexican fans to he's got white band to their white people black people Mexican people everybody was there that. The dump shed Mike Joe ego. Let them came to this day. Aren't the only one that bind cable news? I'm I'm fucking. I'm I'm a fan. I would never buy a corporate pay-per-view. Why would I view with a guy that got dropped by semi warriors? Sammy Watkins a fucking bum, and he waddled and drop Amir Khan. And you're putting him in a paper view, and you want me to buy that ship book you hell, no. What kind of should've is new. Bayview that guy's making twenty K on Showtime tonight, twenty K on Showtime. View. My call. Getting twenty. What what say three point six? My two point six two percents. One million. By one million. Aerospace's ring these to be. Me Earl new white came out with that song. I'm. So let me tell you this to staff came out about how much domination PVC and FOX doing. Let me read these to you is this account on Twitter called Brooklyn brawlers called PK L Y N brawler five oh, follow him through four twenty one. This year. Americans have consumed over two point one billion minutes of boxing events. And here's the percentage breakdown, FOX forty six percent Showtime thirty percent ESPN Twenty-one percent and. Yes, bien to two percent. So PBC doing forty six percent of the boxing on FOX and the SPN barely at twenty one percent. And let me tell you another stat nation going on. More houses or homes say, you know, who got more TV's homes is ESPN NFL. Humble ESPN's not even coming close. Almost hundred million homes. They're not even doing have. So they have no excuse just doing promotion ESPN a hundred million and listen to this this. Everybody. You are a great caller that needs boomerang. I mean, I can't be, you know, disrespecting the masterminds boomerangs Ringo's, but you bring so many facts and you make so in attaining, I tend to let you go over. But a guy like fifteen minute a guy like AVI is gonna eat me alive for that, man. Who havi who? Hemi go out to Bouma Ranga ano- talk to me. Yeah. Shit. This really interesting on the show. We home y'all leave and walk in my room. And check this out. This would I don't understand that anybody. Let me know when I'm wrong without you. Now, I'm saying see breath. I mean, what you say. If you going to be respected me Cohen me out. My name on the time Saum is how we do business man who early going with. That's like calling them out of name is soaring. It no saying Mandy not trying to meet these fights though, like terrorist girl need to sit mad and let him do a resign which get cut you see you're gonna give me the big fight. What is your door? Man. Why don't you create shit like that? And might you out behind his mad cloven Donal that when you get an interview man, you can't even. Like. Jim closed out. What else saying you inform chick? You can't get a man, Mike. Again, like. That's the worst. That's the worst part that he tried to act like, Mike. He can't eat -nificant on the characters. Little thing might make the conference quotas. The coffee won the Crawford. One. I'm begging down. One on one and David benefit as went to David who that s p. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like, I don't miss. A man camping. Y'all. I was care. Is love over the over. But you can't get the call the ship, but didn't get shit. Fucked up, and I. Very power. Could it at least my cut the James? And when I try to act like maybe Derek James aim. Remember my? I know my man is interview, man. Like now, you know, they showed that real that genuine love that that y'all. Let's grow together. Like, I know you are here working. I notice is your job. Yeah. No, my he interview me, I know that that's my man. I love that shipment. I learned that shit. You know, 'cause you're always doing uplift up the sport in our own way. Maybe maybe, you know, you don't love everything I say, but I'm not I hit talking hours and hours of boxing because I ate the sport. But I got a super chat from chango that says, I'm mess with my Mans Ness. So I'm a double my super chess since Mike says that's stupid. I tried to buy the fight on ESPN. Plus, but it says the fights unavailable on platform, Mike talks out his as he tried to buy it on years plugged, but you said it never was only being close. Well, it just say he said, what is said to him was is not available on that platform. Like, why are you mad at home? He just telling you what his television. He he went to. I went tomorrow. Not not according to Mike southside fury was considered the best heavyweight boxer period. Not not according to Mike. But if anybody is true fan, acre farm, me, Vincent fury is the worst. All everybody. Ame- you when we did that whole thing theory and water fighting with only people on this fucking show. That was I ain't. He's a box. Also, even out till you're these the area, the call that call in absolutely vast. Basically why though sparking or one to three rounds he shouldn't even been arraigned with wider nineties guys wanna come back and change the fucking opinion. Because Sistan like me, you can go back in and take motherfucking when they got announced and listen to my opinion. And what I said and tell me if I was right or if I was wrong. I can't find my evil laugh, man Kaz legendary boxer just laughed and said. I was trying to get the evil laugh sound by. But all right. We got Cana all Skype talk to me. Skype. You got. In the meantime, we'll go to Ron g the correspondent New York City up Ron with up. On my whole, my whole voice. Ron undertaker music do Mike man. I see. He's submitting over the took his his glasses off in everything. He thought he thought he's a nice little day with sunglasses ego. Mikey. He took them glasses. Where's your energy, Mike, you call for you, man? You a comfortable without me on there. Sunglasses off you asked me to come on. You don't mind. Nice day. What you wanna talk about? I'll just say say what you got you some in me. What do you wanna talk about? Chat. From the chat to the guy. What do you wanna talk about anything Thurman, Spence Crawford packet choice? Well, all right. The topic. As does Crawford deserve fifty fifty in Earls is he saying, oh, you don't deserve. Fifty one hundred assigned pay-per-view buzz. You don't deserve. Fifty fifty might. I'm sorry. It don't work that way. He don't have to sell more, man. You can't be writing leftovers and doing Ponant are you sure? Last night. I believe. Crawfish should be fifty fifty. No, no. I never had an opinion about a fifth. Right. Five our teen with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing incomes in three amazing flavors was zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural site from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. Five our teen with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing incomes in three amazing flavors was zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural site from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour. Energy dot com. Forget about yesterday. He said tell them tell them. Tell him now. Jay allergy let us know that they're demanding fifty fifty is no different than corporate demand. And. Deserves fifty fifty for spent. That's what he's saying. He's Sam because while the demand is so could Crawford. That's his argument. Demanded you'll might I can demand Crawford. Fifty fifty running our to get it. This 'cause I demand it. Do you not agree with it love yesterday? Oh, I just told you, I don't know. My I don't agree that Spence and Crawford's fifty fifty. We do run. Mike look at the numbers coffee. Don't even do to numbers. You have you have to do the numbers to compete, especially Spencer's going. He's going to go and try to be the Eisai, and how do you compete with the Eisai either so more or you try to collect the belt. He's going to go and try to pretty much. Is the John been talking about him view? Spence is going of view at pack y'all or thermic he's going to keep building up his paper view. Unfortunately as much as I think the fights going to be like a fifty fifty on paper as business expenses building his profile. So it won't be a fifty fifty even now. Keep that same energy, man. You. It'll be fifty fifty in having many years it took wilder to get to fifty fifty. The Tim Smith plans beating the same realm. Coffers next, pay per view. Mm that. So then why you mad at Earl not doing pay per view. And he did better. You think the nightmare? Pay per view for Crawford. I'm not mad magazine if this. If this. As a fighter don't run. Early says. If you are tested. Testa market out. Again, would would would know guy. Who's not missing? We're just how do you? How do you become a pay per view star? If you don't have deponent's to build you pay per view start. Tell them. Wilders resume helped him tremendously. The BBC champion we've been opaque view as. Think I told you that just like just like we didn't think con was a baby five, but that's the difference. You want us to blindly back non paper mills, but but that Crawford. Finish. I think that that that the porter is piss is more competitive in bitter fight, then then then this past in Garcia, and they'll is should deserve pay per view. Got it is titles on the line and two guys who are champions and their division who have big names who've done big number. Shawn porter is not a big name. His numbers is what what's the point? And what was what was what was his viewership with the fucking guys fight? Stop talking about kief term into star about kief German. So you say he's not an ace side, then because. You gotta you gotta give us numbers where he was just like we gave you numbers when Earl was the versus nobody know compost. That's how you gauge ado stopping man, you cheating on his argument for no champion, man or guy who's in the physical prime. Competitive fight. And he don't deserve view might might. You just said your statement. Let me rebuttal when you get a share demographic national like you get nationalism. You get you know, different demographics. Okay. You got into more than just and I only bring the whole race thing. Sometimes blackbirds black don't always. So when you get other markets look at fluids formula. That's why sometimes we didn't get the ideal fight we wanted because he went through the flu print the formula. Why do you think aero came out with Mike Garcia? You got to. The legis trying to off the Garcia fight. Markets fluids, fighting Japanese people that's a shared market, then he goes fights Mexican then he goes Feis, Ricky Hatton in the UK, then fights, you know, my Donna Argentine. There's always a switch up. He's getting markets Conor McGregor Irish fouling. He's getting other markets when you get markets involve down all the paper views non heavyweight fights, you rarely see share demographics of black. And by unless they were already. Due to because you know, Bradley was superstar. That that is now questioning coming out of retirement to Earl. Even Bradley within in demographics, where Marquez and pack yo totally two different markets. It's a fan base thing. So that's why I thought Shawn porter in aerospace wouldn't be pave you necks, and it should be Barclays, and it looks like it might happen that that's what I predicted my and I stick to it. I don't favor you it's competitive, and unify the fights the hardcore fan, you gotta think for casual people don't care like we care might might don't care. What you run any interviews. You want people to check out that you might upload it. Definitely. We got a thirty minute. From Dani Alvarez, Eddie, Eddie Hearn, breaking on everything about Louis, or tease, you know, breaking down seven farmers vaunting Davis. Devon, Haney s- thirty minutes. Man. You know, how Eddy likes to talk. We also got Dan your role Mont on their plus a whole bunch of stuff from the past from Crawford. We got Joe Makovsky from dissolve on breaking down his stuff his situation relationship. National boxing. Lou dibella triple g stuff, and we're going to have tons of stuff from canola. Our is this week. So just if you want to support his at the subscribe, but and I'll be out there nephew out there. Mike will be out there to do their podcast. So is definitely going to be a fun week in we hinder giving more stuff. All right. Let me get to some other callers. We're gonna go to Jason be talk to me Jason. On skype. Jason b. Chan was we hear you? We hear you don't. With be Mike. Shades. Nights those off at the couple punches to the face. There was blind, man. Yes. Speaking of blind. Even Ray Charles because see Crawford as. Let's get straight, Mike. You always say that you know, spending cropper was face to face. You said that you cited when spend said why would he go make that fight was easier to fight over here. He wasn't talking about in the rain grow. He's talking about the business xactly. That's all. So quit taking that out of context. Oh. The problem is Bob Aaron we all know that. I believe you may we might might the one, you know, here man move, right? A lot of people are saying they in the Chad. Like, man, they nobody's talking about the actual fight where you know, we'd have to get through the politics as always 'cause that's boxes. But as far as the fight goes basil beetle special beat them cross from Dallas. With I and that's the sad. Crop of fans that wouldn't have brass cat, man. Covered. He's tombo. We have. What's going on man where where the fans that man with a public demand in this fight, man? I saw so. And that's how you going get it. There man is different is different than other FIS is being demand. This one is like all you demand because we got some sign on the menu. And you're like, oh, man. You don't look too bad. Let me go to Tony P, all Skype. Donny. You got you got you. Talked about Everest, Pat, man, I love the fact that he's not fight on pay per view. Next pacman verse con- don't be on pay per view. And the wind is gonna fight in a big pay per view fucks, Mike, you gotta pay attention to that. That's big business. When the fight is big tempers won't get shut. It took packet Floyd like ten years to fight terrorists won't get his fight fight. I don't got no pick but understand EROs bell collecting right now when the fight is big money. He going to get a shot too. And that's that's more common. I said simply set simple. Let's go to Dallas Cowboys sky. They love him. That Dallas cowboy Skype. You got your self? Go on. Going towards all right. We're going to go out to. Hey, talk to me, a got a mutual self. Let's what's. Let's see some just jump right in your specimen. Numberless on because it's done middle Spence's right about talk. Bring. He said what everyone's thinking to make things was Aaron promotes Novacek right in front of it made a mistake. It's taught run by ended. They if that's the guy that changes is life than ever at the same time in nobody trying to hit that shit from Spence. What he needs to do is address quoted saying he wants Knicks. Don't get to said pulling for instance, pick him to be Kufa tonight, Saint stuck in chasing belts. But he's he making this battery. Now, he needs to come out state less make the fight right after beat poor. But I've a FINA he ain't gonna do that. He's gonna quote kief right off the, but with that being said, we need to stop having crooked. Like, he's here doing something. He'd be Geoff Hoon Bellavia doesn't amid con Geoff Hoon was the weakest mpn Bellavia has had wanted. They can people his press with him five rounds with a gloss may just. In two bumps and had elbow injuries. People need to stop cutting hate the shitting world weight, and he what he would have tougher against Spence some poor and go see a rate in for what he's done in the lower divisions wall for seven would need to stop Gus in a loss thing is the ASEAN someone people comment saying y'all don't know what you're talking about. Because you only been what from books in the year, I've been watching books for two years straight. And I know a look out. I don't know the most of the research and looked into my history, and I can say this if you have to rely on how long people have been watching books into make your argument than you argument is weak, it don't take long to get up to speed on books, and we don't have to wait for fetch from Congo and YouTube what from Tibet and say. Good call brother and great point because you know, research is power, and and no one can stop you from doing research. So you're absolutely right. You can easily increase your box knowledge by just joining you to we're gonna go to Brandon. nor the Ness. I don't know what Brandon come on is this probably benefit scenario Skype out of no, Brandon. Little. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Talk shows. Yeah. Now dog tuck was gone. So he made a negative Skype. Saw. At this point. I'm tied to argue about naked him up way. Put is. I mean a matter. What I stay no matter what evidence is shown nays gonna found excuse. We got fans talking as side of. Saleh gained a credit Flecha money. These fighters making I don't understand that this lane. Radia goodbye. I can give who getting who as done visa real Buckner. See the best the best you turn on ESPN. Farallones there. They x aero bell Crawford x Airbus. Nobody turn ES now. Not yet. Why wait till July chant? Who this fight you turn on pay per view about Earl? Excellent. They they discussed in the fight. You turn. Hoge on. Oliver. Thank you out of handling all of the music, just joined the coke, Brandon. You turn on ESPN a discussing earlier, they they. Unified up. Gus you these show, let's even talk about they act like the extent. They don't want to be at the up PVC don't want. It don't even mentioned, but they got a book squared your bridges brand. And let me ask you something. Why should PBC want the fight? Now. Tell me I is Earl going to get the most money now is he going to maximize get the most exposure. Now is he going to be the next Floyd Mayweather because he fought Crawford. Now think about that think about that. Get your. So he was by the gimme a re but. Five minutes. He got like too because he always bring the heat. And it's like everybody come from me. So I try to let them go a little more. That's why I even give out there more because he always come for one of us. You know what I'm saying? But we're gonna go to Iranian talk to me. I hope I'm saying that right? But whatever you actually know is not you. I gotta go to Oliva boomerang status in Ohio, by way of Bermuda. What up five our teen with caffeine from green tea leads? It's delicious energizing incomes and three amazing flavors with zero sugar and fort calories. It bitch your life with its contact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural site from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. Five our teen with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing. Comes in three amazing flavors was zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural side from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. Yo how is one? We're good. We're good. I mean, not Mike. He's taking a lot of heat today. But you know, it is when it comes to Crawford. He's always taking he but look at the end of the day. Let's let's not look at what Spence is talking about issues. Look at how long was Crawford asking for the Pac yell fight. They didn't give him that. You know what I'm saying? But at the same time, we still have to it's all on Crawford because after the fights what is he saying? Everyone's asking does he wanna fight? What is you wanna fight his responses? Always well, you know, that depends on whom I promote wants me to fight. So if coffers going to catch any slack is his responsibility. It's on him. Like he has a good train at talks a lot of shit when he's in the gym. Or when it's you know, they're getting face to face. He talks a lot ship. But whenever they ask him who does he want next? He says it's my promoter no-one can say that URL spins isn't always looking for the big fights. He always has even before he was champ. He's been consistent with that. And so I'm not saying that Crawford scared. I don't really know what's going on in his mind. I don't know what type of baggy SPN is giving them. But I mean, he's going to get into this type of trouble. He's gonna get these criticism responding the way he does after these fights. So on everyone smash the like button, ES master light button. Going patriot on. Good content talk with you guys later. All right. All of you had a little bit of trouble there with the internet. But I wanna address this comment not a super chat, Mike, but it it's it's it's for the both of us because you use the analogy for Crawford, and I use it against Crawford. Ryan Bruce says so Ness says in all caps Crawford doesn't deserve fifty fifty. Then he goes back to regular letters. And he says because he hasn't fought the opponents, etc. But he isn't consistent with the wild versus Joshua. You could use the same argument Ness what you gotta say. Now same thing I've been saying, but it's like you guys have Dookie is not just wax is mere and your is because while there has fought number two and three heavyweight number two and three heavyweight doesn't matter. That's not what coffers done. Well. Wait until he does claim a fifty fifty talk is ludicrous. Let me get some more calls. We're going to go to. I mean, unless you want to rebut that or have anything to say about that chat that. Say the jet hit it right on top of the hit on us much for me to say. That's my argument. Okay. But what about the fact that I'm saying that? Wow. Defaced fury and Louis OT's. And and and and Crawford hasn't faced those equivalents in his division. Luis Ortiz would be he was what top three top four. Maybe. So that makes him Crawford Thurman Earl like like in. That's who Crawford hasn't face, bro. So then again, if you say Tyson that brings them even higher in the ladder, you know. So now, you like pack Yao Thurman Crawford like it's hard broach. That argument is is hard is is so flawed. I don't understand why you holding onto it. Too. Good argument. All right, right up on Skype. Talk to me. I just wonder spent twenty two said. Same full audits of fire number two and free. You talking about outside outside AJ WALDO because age is number one number two. Number for listen. If you're if you're if you're if you're fighting, right if AJ's number one then fury and wilder to are arguably number two right because of the draw Luis Ortiz is three Dillion whitest four. You know what I'm saying? So that's your opinion. Where do you rank Lewis and fury yet? Right now, Owen loud was fighting when while vitam is only fair. When Lauda was fine him. He was just he was he shouldn't have been even the Ron Cephas the ferry. I'm okay. So where did you rank Tyson fury at the time of the wow defied? I didn't even have them. Right. Okay. And after the fight. Number two. All right. And where did you have David Benham Vitas rank excuse me, Jose bene- Vitas ranked at the time of the Crawford fight. I'm not sure to be on this full. All right. Maybe about two this AJ. I'm gonna give you a ton of time. Because this is my thing, but for those fights and after the fights, right? We thought less of the guy we thought poorly of the guy when Crawford Fordham or when he announced the fight. And then we don't even less of the after he fought them. It's the other way around with weld. Excuse me, lowest sort tease, his stock raised people thought he should have won the fight in the seven round fury fought wilder his stock race people thought he should have won the fight. It's very different for you to say that coffered in wilder of the same person. But whatever I'm saying that I think sixty four you never hear me say offing, sixty four Spence. Definitely I'm saying if you AJ situation him beating OT's I'm drawing, which we didn't beef. He drew it fury that doesn't mean that fifty fifty if you if you wanted to ten minutes split, you have to look at a market you have to look belts. You have to look at how much they've. Aid is about to earn thirty eight million. Okay. Okay. Let's. Eight point seven. Ryder possibly fifty fifty play like Ryder. Let's keep it in context. Right. We're only using AJ every. We will. We will. Let's keep it in context of we're only using AJ and wilder as a Nahla Giese or metaphors to this particular argument, again, if you say we have to factor in give me all those things we need to factor in again, give me a list. Okay. Then mock have value saw belt stay out how much they've earned. All right. Those things. So now keep it in context is wilder Crawford in his market value. His belts his endorsements because spends his AJ. But who's closer in the division to AJ? Is it Spencer's? No one. A close. You can't say the gap is equal. We just got equal in my opinion. This is MAC Kate called so much time. Because I like to try to explain, but how you gonna say the gap is equal when Crawford's I pay per view that fifty thousand Spence four this no gap equal like you can't ignore that pay per view. You can't erase it. There is no equal gap. It's totally different. You can't ignore that that you can't ignore that. When Crawford did his big shot, pay per view, postal Indu almost fifty thousand tickets, you can't ignore that. You could only gauge a person by their I I see someone else in and oh Ness. You can't compare crow. Spence, I pay per view to AJ's AJ was in a sixteen fight. So what because the market indicated it you think look look at Loma Jayco. He got a title shot after the second fight because he and his market indicated it come on guys. Stop man. We gotta be fair. We're gonna go to Arnie. Talk to me was going on. See Arnie or says Arnie? Fees. No, you'll mute. Once going twice time that the oboe game. Gummy gummy. We gotcha. I'm sorry about that Caesar Caesar Rene. Inaugu kind of weird owning. There's no way you're gonna get Caesar at C E S, then then Arnie. Yeah. It's it's my first and middle name together, Cesar Rene. Yeah. Hey, yes. All good. Hey, let me be quick, man. Thanks. Thanks someone coming on for Mexico. I got come out here from Mexico just know the boxing fan. Hey, this is the thing here, man. We got to see, you know. I don't think I just want to get back to bud. If he's gonna fight Spence in the future. You know what? I mean, this whole situation with Crawford. I don't think, but he's gonna fight Spence anytime soon, just as you guys have been saying it because you know, he has a boss, Bob, he renewed his contract recently with top rank. And we see the same problem. Why do we think the people who are analyzing the situation? Why do we think that Mikey Garcia left top rank Mayweather left-arm brink? Who else this heavyweight Andy Reese, did you guys see that? Yup. He left. Your boxing voice. Just did a video on that recently. I think it was in January, right? Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Actually, I referenced you box voice. I I did a YouTube video also to video it's called annals Rene boxing, but I did one. And I explain that, man. I mean, people don't see that. That's why thing here. But I'm sure he does wanna Feis Spence, but it ain't gonna happen soon. Unless unless bud leaves top rank, but he's going to have to pay a big chunk of change. If he wants to leave top rank. I think I think bud done messed up. He stuck with these cheap fights and cheap matchups. That's why we saw the. I mean, I think we all know, it's a fact that the pay per view of ant with Khan was a big dud, the promote shnell per the promo on that whole fight was horrible. They're putting more light on Lohman shankleman on bud. When blood deserves the light that woman check was getting it's just messed up, man. I mean, technically speak in low much ankles fall in the better opponents in all of his divisions. You know, but Dan, but as face the caliber of opponents, Loma Cheng-kuo is face is just yeah. I mean. The thing. I mean, that's that's probably early saying. It's like, oh, yo Pomona ain't giving you the big. But he's making sure that Loma gets the big fights. Yeah. That's another. That's another aspect folks onto that. But he ain't getting no I mean, who who are the best names that but had? On. Yeah. Exactly. Or Jeff horn. I mean, come on only Mike legs that name. So I don't think I mean, this is just my humble opinion out. We're going to see but Crawford in Spence and still twenty twenty two unless he leaves top bring men in the meantime, spent is going to be, you know, pounding out these welter weights and PBC these PBC fighters, man. Great. Are you back against Caesar period out of their confusing? Gotta me I won't remember any of the explanation lex time. He calls, but I want to try Dallas Cowboys one more time. You there have you figured out that a new binary just listening so good. I mean, it might be Earl Spencer, Derek James. It's all good. Mm there. Man. Now, you're yo-. Right. Mandel Mandell onetime ones are all right. We, sir. Douglas. I just wanna tell you you've never. Oh, actually. So Douglas, even if you were didn't know you're going now. So yeah, Mike it's over man. It's over man is over you ain't gotta take this beaten. No more. It's still. Come down. Dan, I think both guys will get a career. Who missed me? I don't know what anybody say. I'm going back who's day all Skype who I missed on Skype. Riday seven. Oh, man. Like. Yes. Yes. Skype. Name says Dallas Cowboys chair you guys got it like. Offered a show. Man. I thought it said it says they ride I'm gonna go through in change, my bad, man. Dallas cowboys. I give I the one day one bit. But yeah, makes you guys re my my super Chad. I also, but. Go with the Crawford situation is is funded to meet some of these guys don't understand that Ness job is to tell you the business of box and not to tell you shit that you wanna hear he could sit here all day and say they're gonna fight next. We know they're not gonna fight next. Appreciate Ness and Mike because they they've already let us know is a good chance that WI fi AJ nex. Instead of me getting my hopes up that they're gonna fight this year. So in the back of my head, I know that it's a chance to do the business. They might not fight. So when you look at this fight this fight on paper for the boxers is a fifty fifty fight. But when you look at the business side is more of a sixty forty five and he's just confused. Everyone is upset in screaming for Crawford. When Earl spans has five where the top six world to waste on his side of the rain on inside of the promotion, and he can fight anyone in them guys. And if you think about it when you compare AJ and wilder. AJ and wilder was frustrating because it made the most business and money sense. If you look at space right now dR make more money with Smith's make more money with Dr Bessant make more money where with a pocket, he'll he probably made more money with Danny Garcia. Then Crawford right now. Three that he can make more money with in. I get what people are saying that you wanna see the best fight the best. But we also have to keep business into perspective in if Earls fans fight Thurman, and or Danny Garcia next those guys who've done more and well to in the welterweight division, then Crawford. I'm not going to be mad. It's just stupid man with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing incomes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its contact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing down five our team caffeine from green tea, leaps. Release your natural site from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. The Capital One saver card. You're in four percent cashback on dining and entertainment. That's four percent cashback on we scream for ice cream. And four percent while you're screaming at the amusement park. The Capital One saver card earned four percent on dining and four percents on entertainment. Now when you in the family, go out you cash, it Capitoline, what's in your wallet capital. One Bank USAA way. Understand that I wanna see don't fight, but he's dumb to meet away. People don't understand how does box team work in. I think it does come with time because I've been watching boxes nineteen ninety six when I was in seventh grade. So I understand how it works. I saw delahoya I saw on their Whitaker. I saw the end of Cesar Chavez senior fight fight. And I saw Roy Jones junior. I saw him in Bernard Hopkins couldn't get in the rain because of business situation. So is just is is frustrating to me to hear these people call in and just won't the fight like it's just going to happen. Like that if one last thing for you cut me off if our Heyman called Bob 'em tomorrow and say I want to make the fight necks sin Crawford over here. Because Earl spans is the ace is so we're gonna do it on FOX Bob an will hang up the fucking phone in his face. So don't tell me they really want the fight. That's my car. Mike is going to say that this fight deserves to be co promoted. When again, there's a clear ace. Side. Just like John skipper sent video food. My own my own my conversation, like damn injustice one hundred twenty million over the while. Come on. You gotta be fair. But you guys all good riding a seven who just called in public. cO promoted just like it was a clear. Fight. Emily. Mayweather McGregor is still got co promoted. You have see she was still some them forget they trunk to nigga, but you talking about big fights get co promoter. Now he's saying Crawford as McGregor. As seven just called the super Chaz says as I said before porter seven nineteen fucks, Danny Garcia, eleven nineteen pay per view, Thurman or pack for twenty pay per view Cannella twenty twenty pay per view or dissolve on crawfish should be humble and take sixty five thirty five. That's this is Earl Spence plan. He's thinks Earls gonna fight Crawford. I mean, excuse me, excuse me. Excuse me. That's what that's what Mike once he thinks Earl Spencer's gonna fight porter necks in June and July. Then he's gonna fight Danny on paper view. Thurman or pack four twenty twenty so next year in April. He's gonna fight Thurman or pack or Danny? No, no, no. No. No. No. No. No, no, no. He said Danny is in November pay per view for shore. He says terminal pack is next year twenty twenty then is pay per view with canal. Oh, the one that I want I want that in insect timber twenty twenty Mexican whatever. Right. And then then is going to be on. Oh, he says pay per view or dissolve for that can nullify. Okay. But if he goes the zone is over he never even mentioned coffee says Crawford should be on Wednesday, sixty five how much of a whatever is that. What are these? Let me let me say this one. What's fucked it up, you know, thoroughly? So he he says as I said before porter versus Spence July nineteenth this year on FOX, non pay per view. Then it's going to be Danny Garcia, November nineteenth on pay per view. Then. Will either be Thurman or pack because Thurman or Pat will be fighting each other July of this year on pay per view. So he will fight the winner of that April twentieth. Next year in twenty twenty own pay per view, then he will finish the year out with Cannella insect timber on Canellas day, either own dissolve on or pay per view. You think that's realistic? Right. My bad. We're talking I think this a lot of views in I think that. The Cannella ones probably won't be view. But the main pack our winner between him impact yell pain debt that bills for one. The Danny Garcia is the one. That's kind of tricky depends on how well how how I don't know. I I don't know how you necessarily sell that as type of you. You don't San Danny in a URL? But maybe Danny in a car could be of that could be option for like coffee coming up your, Shirley. But ways, so Danny Earl you don't think it could be able, but Danny and coffered be baby view, not not real go out there and beats a sham thing. The the most logical thing for early to do is to fight the kid Thurman in a in a in a tacky I winter and just do his mandatory at the show importer and have that. I see you want to just go. I mean. Yeah. You want to go fight all the tough is back to back to back the back. The bamboo. San is Earl fight Shawn porter. And then go fight, the winner pack. You know, get his mandatory out the way tuna who ever gonna be compost to or whatever. And then find, but that's gonna pay step aside money to that do big. A big fighting fighting. Danny. No, no dangerous. Cachet big. That's why you're trying to get Danny on the Crawford side to help build them. You wanted to bubble come on just admit it? We pay for two hours at minute is. Say a side you've gone through the facts there really is tough man whose aether boy. Of course, delusional status. Real Jason be I'm gonna give you one more shot. Jason be Jason be. You might also be like, Rodney seventy one not know you. Cows some shit. Now, if I haven't gone to you on Skype speak now, that's how simple we can do it. Jason be you already. Got me, bro. All right. That means we got everybody so efficiently we out. Let me make sure I'm getting a super missile super. And we got what we got. We went to rods, we do got one from Bama bow. Which says? We got a lot of hot sauce grows bringing the fire. Right. I'm gonna find a recipe to more thing. Did you get to the one like? The only one I don't see that. I got that. I didn't get to. Social scientists says I love you Mike, but you had to download the fight TV at to go. Get the fight couldn't get it through ESPN. They made it why old inconvenient. Do you want from Matthew Valentine this? Yep. Brick city up. Yup. Yup. Yup. And put it on the screen also put on the screen Tech's succeed, which I will say out loud. The perception was fury was a cherry pick with the emotive a cherry. That's what he says. Exactly. Even though even though Mike, and I was on every show saying this ain't cherry pick. That was argument that was the argument of the wilder haters, which we detracted everytime and debunked every time. But now Mike wants to suit is argument. So all of a sudden while while the cherry pick. Oh my God. Next wildcat canyon us when we go to the next. That was a cherry picture because I can you do you? You said it was a cherry pick. You said that. Am I using public perception to talk to both Margaret I know what I was doing was debunk in public perception when they will say he's a chip asset Bredesen's dangerous fight. I don't know why he took this fight this danger. Did they know? Now you saying the public? The public some people in the MAs that were you part of the public. I'm part of the media where so did you think it was a cherry? I've been on. I was on air about five ten minutes ago. Back to November, December whatever the she got announced. I'm on record saying as soon as nails dangerous opponent. He can buy box toes. I won't I won't put you to any much more torture. My guess all. Video for verbatim show. Sieff Rodriguez mastermind own a super chat. Now, you're begging for daddy. Now going back for Danny bigger for Danny? You beg for Danny? You don't want. You don't want to say coffee Verstand. He's a pay-per-view. But not earlier as Danny after Earl beats porter if he does and unifies somehow that's not baby Bill both from bam on a super Chaz says early to fight Andre Crawford. Hydrate calling them out even Andre calling him out because Andre see who the star is. That's how you do when you start. You get called out Danny was at forty game called out by Thurman because they see who the star was just like Mike over. They're calling out Danny for Coffey. Because he see who the star is and star shining. Bright on PBC side of things. I'm just saying. Recognize main Danny's good opponent. I don't disrespect Danny. Thanks. Earl somehow says you you said that ain't no view, but it is. But it is for Crawford covered. The reason I say they're Nikola might use Martin. Bre you have to pay Danny, right? Right to to necessarily Danny over there. You gotta pay Danny rights. Oh, you say out eight, Danny. So you can tell you that much fucking prejudice. You. If you. Fucking argument. Okay. I'm sorry. You scared me. To get Danny over there. He got a pay 'em real good in in order to pay them. Real good. He has put that fight on pay per view where it could draw some more money and get more sponsors and get more whatever the view provides. That's the only way you can you. You're going to get Danny over there. I don't think you can pay daddy six hundred million and put them on fucking regular ESPN. We saying he's turned out for million. So you gotta come back at five five and a half six somewhere around there. And then give them a view upside. Somebody's sending me messages acts you shit. Oh, no. I gotta find it. Call in action, man. He already got the speed. That's what it is man. So they all Skype like sending you mad messages. You're mad at you. They don't understand. Why you lying? I'm hey, go. He says who is this. I don't even know who said that Elms. Tony p could be Elms Tony P acts, Mike why anyone should go to rank go Goto top rank Arum. Don't even promote Crawford. What you'd think? Arum going to do with the fighter. That's not his. What do you mean? Like, meaning Washington when Earl is being promoted properly, and and Croat is Irwin be going over. There may make no mistakes about it. Whenever that happens. Wherever is enough when the dust settled on the BBC side would not be going anywhere and by versa. It would be a joint paper view. Mark. My words you heard it here. First mayor hearsay back. I was joined pay-per-view not fifty fifty Mark. My words you heard a hit. I we'll see. We'll see. We'll see. We'll see. We'll see she. She had that plays. See at plays out. How Seattle Cova gonna demand divinity yellow pack out for massive good people and couldn't get fifty fifty. Tutto? This is stupid stupid stupid stupid. AJ die shaves. I gotta Brule your show. He's like this is stupid. I know you married now. Another one, ladies and gentlemen, don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel, obviously, not only does visibility show with interviews. If you haven't checked out any of you out with Jay Jiminez, the manager of Musso tease, which everyone is using quotes from two not only the not using on a call them direct because they heard the fire that happened on the show so credit yourselves for getting it, you help us get to one hundred thousand you can help us get to two hundred thousand and continue to get big names. And because of those numbers we will be live in Las Vegas doing our show and expect big names on our live shows names like Vanda Holyfield Oscar voyeur Ryan Garcia. Luna Ray, Leonard who are all too. We'll we'll have live video, and we'll have BTS footage of us working in Las Vegas for the Cannella versus Jacobs fight doing our live show Thursday Friday and even possibly Saturday being able to go live not only for life fight. But for an immediate reaction, which is something I desperately wants to do and don't want to fuck in fail on for this by Jacobs verse. Canelo superfight dissolve on. If you don't have to sewn you can use our Lincoln, the description below make sure you get it for this fight. At least this is a real fight refreshing super Chinese soup. A Chinese Sani super child on the way out one anybody feel disrespected as they normally do. We're gonna come back. If there's more man, I'm on work more. I wanna kill it. You know, we wanna grow and only you guys can help us do that. If you haven't subscribed to our patriot do so at patriotair dot com for it's last box and voice. Check out. Our latest patriots Betty only show. My Paul lay is live is hot. Maybe you could follow it. Obviously you can't follow my Friday one because I gave you the tip on Thursday via patriot. But you took my Ulysses advice versus Clagget, my Clagget advice versus Ulysses the way you made out like a bandit like, you know, and you polish still be alive. Like, I, you know. But you know, I'm out. It's bad gross. Ozzy grows on Twitter. 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