Episodio 5 de LA BREGA: Guerreros del basket


Hey everybody it's hariri. Galore ella latino rebels radio. I'm talking in a different type of show voice because it's the bonus podcast show voice. That's right we're gonna give you a treat over the next several weeks. We will be featuring the spanish versions of lab ega podcasts. Which is stories of the puerto rican experience a co-production from wnyc studios and fudo studios of which. I'm a part of part of food. Media is a seven part podcast series that uses narrative storytelling investigative journalism to reflect and reveal. How gac has defined so many aspects of life in puerto rico like i said. The episodes are available in english and spanish. Gray aloe brunette capability. Stuff spurlock doris booty. Guus in life slightly in la. Yes buddha but i sent that alana casanova burgess of on the media so she is the host to collective of puerto rican journalists producers musicians and artists from the island diaspora. We're gonna drop spanish version of nevada. Okay episode five might know someone here. Yeah it's me reporting in spanish episode. Get raiders basket listener supported w in wisey studios gilbert another way like a beta laboratory co sung say the paramedic but less money up at duda commission that momentum lucy guy i left hilo hollywood lemus young. They said laissez eleven reportnew mass important. They love me fair. You say a bullet only ecuador banyan where a thou- daily tolosa leyte us get. Listen up rico. Bitterly those say us via unglue point particular caveat up rather latin soon. Them watchos input. Rico go deep nestle messina level unsafe though it annalisa keep us mass dominant this accidental donahue el audrey depot catholic. I'll send those in session. Ada elorza styles looks their medica. Didn't s bobby knight wounded. He hinterland balance time we gonna see though it l. director jonathan. Only then say you say. I'd show far more so than the pursue viktoria commerce with loyalists civil fuera eden throwback oncho meter it other than better mental night. Lawyer weinstein got throw where to the point. Puerto rico your column policy. Pottery daniel cigarillo. Vcsel night limping illegally in ceuta classy status including no n word led hint. If we style he celebrates in dhahran cargoes. Immune tornado service on that monday fun. Though in canada last alexander puerto rico saint through losses spouse news in laughing keying buy but a thin upper swimming at the foot though so news. But who in mundelein holding isaiah. Thomas gano contingent on either of confidentiality but in louisville quayle bobby knight the her own gazillion of puerto rico. Air bread bananas one dollars less. Yeong thousand needles simone towing allow you but i really satisfied. Place nights simple. Ciano in another lebane- essay were whole pantalone away. So mooney allah in order to follow us to perry that consist your bigger nelga. Entre la indonesia seventy nine l. cower on a dominique garnell might throw is who you're regardless of their media. Espn valerie immediate. That they night in a fundamental accident been way. But i'm which cody lagnota bobby knight in a lab young wickham of level leg knife. Be not in a good us on auto inca again woman. Donostia wanna. I'm beyond gal. Goon leah puerto rico pouliot asset gotta say say alana casanova burgess yesterday number. Gopro looks younger. Wnyc studios food studios in if episodes ago dvd wig basket in attendance. Seem iona connex profumo. That interested either vita simple metro heke nationalist. Yes audio gap. Assume the port. The illo satellite at saving gathered akina bedouin. Rico look at time. Whoever ma gorka puerto rico case official mental territorial colonial capitana sol. So nino's compete house appropriate data in the board. A don't they don't they show mojo by are on the show more by the team's dot level stadium martinez bora deportes. He garlic contri-. You're you're to get him on. Try implicit data. Compared to you on novel. I love being. I'm horicke the who earlier being coin collector. Doria they own wig. Puerto rico who go more being. It was also yellow. That minoa santos nine way can put rico thousand dollars in mass important kamla so huffman moondog meet under thirty full doodo media. Julio ricardo la continue thicky look lorraine thematic way steals rely on. Ba controlled removal beta up. Don't love your. Monday's edgar for gay. Ellis dowa in syria one number if this Told him by among mikasa mowing puerto. Rico floor me in the eight hundred dollars. Boy saying i knew but i say volga daft. Lord ada mistake balanced saito dollar moon. Lamar fluid lamb documentaries over las vegas anywhere betsy indo flow mellon is to the movie and also mine or compact. Yong nathan though. Now ito towel. Control this with paseo. Blood is deedee. Hint this month. Gal donald silicone soon al east with theresa by legality when i started to contemporary newport gain. You flood randy also manel than say sacree owing caserio political yup los angeles in flawed. Embezzle who went on a ymca local that the dow whoever nearly three kenya as their standard and brennan flor quinta get any italian toper. Ill me more that can use local more for your number lena. A commencement and komo going see the momentum. Mahyco and basket budi. He's alita throw entering. Laura comments iran contra public the nora your book the whole new eureka's who adam balancing took ideal focused on comments. You're on the callahan. To new york if wearing puerto rico a who will sit the professional they say thrown in your face i book almost our landau and intel lane that afro requests kaplan the basket in lamesa liberty in doses. Jr asia on toy saquon athenian. Third team. i gotta ask. Why didn't you say ramona. Robbie though no taryn ahead denardo will round took me. Thought they were off indian mass gun. Our people not suing that balance. Puerto rico tomorrow on that. I can in combat visiting by matt. Kuchar a hoon rap. Get out in not as roma with participants young. Paseo me basket. They're saying you. Jared knowing that lamantia rican soviet data will in speed all chunky top kicker. Is you don't be in the low. Who yes we were there by the who is the can eat ler kiana and of this year bam bam bam bam economy and it's investments photos on the panamericana then knowing what an syndrome indiana then. Knowing three in those wiggles they went on that lewinsky quadruple yield coloma hall to the wata new human galvin on safe to the knowing be bonus by isa komo argentina pama fake. I don't have flawed. But i can threaten harass epilepsy. Bullying coaches seeing embargo. But larry really they said. Dd hinton puerto rico. In i'll go unique or different nosecone. Talk l. h. e. c. la la don't fit to almond automo- has it has to authorized. I hear i don. Donald trump said former settle and only format again massey e flood tamai so tongue in sadio game ben dong retail presentation during three our own. The original perenco so a judge aloha mafia. Now i'm e f forty s okay. God keeps infant. Dowa is also needles and competency testing. They're not shown early. Gotta wiggle jeff. Y'all iran momento incas. Who sold owls iran alligator. They're gonna pull the atlanta recall handed. I mean they know lahey is simply. Don't soup mundi unsafe to mentally minassian annoying day though ill-equipped only because the legal software will young internacional. Del on set to come you. Latter-day glass the employer who hadn't or nails internazionali represent thunders. Who buy yes. Forum cambio de untangle this summer the us olympic basketball team between two separate swain. You'll oklahoma state. He's in puerto rico. Dream team in la hyndai's the anthony piece. I look and get ahead on bird. Doing robinson drexler muller berkeley magic internet keeper. Ask don't phenomenal singh. President you've got yourself. The gold medal meal with one. Metal bed are sort of mumble navigate. Now sell it has said gaur shington. I'm anthony davis momento lahood. I will rea- i see. They win. Win lengthy let me dream. Team infancy diego barricade. I'd say llahu our reckon beyond but idea irrelevance mma will tell some being as thousand atlanta one goal seeding. The doria smiles now from dream team for. Yes i'm dominic quadra ilana not seen us aleki. Only they and say at least okpara cigarette caribbean. The sweet. doria don't mean us total in the thick green team. Guada- dow alan iverson. Ai lane weighed. You know that means who followed ethos of thin dunkin ecosystem. Maria essay domincan telephone komo. Say how come on. Lebron james but montana meenan put the who. Nba pesaro comey said. That looks stylish pedal noon solo will olympic new solo team. Usa in the last three more than one onset though internacional equal said he. I'll free all star. And they keep all nasional Rico al death star for phoenix armenta. Puerto rico rathi much more than a rebel alliance nikki boy today. Yes they'll say those national andrey just estela poor say be cooling for these official. Okay i the our equity our towel. A casino what model come to put the huddle tina and this year legal system forgotten orlando world gay and then the home. Hokey yup more you useful. Probably joe happen. He got lots afro royal. Maude medicare qassim anatomy. Jump up enough to get up a little loyal to the anger. Right gets tyke shaking. A breaking my w julius goes liked. Who can person right top. Kennedy's powell garlos yahoo. An nba allen my own princi- but little jazz. They do the yes. Style welcome in oklahoma. Teach in la the media. Saito well rascal That would've mba say. We're not happy this. You will not any here got the garage. You say no. Anthony only us closer. Gibo the puerto rico. He those who need stella throaty the campadonia spicer extranets. I'll go moon in eggington naziunali guinness willing way or the practical. Who want this. Partic- bud incompetence. Your grand is impotent. When i went up to another say mother's got the winning. Megan wanna do not. They still sway. Was those internal team. Usa said garlicky. Protecting puerto rico be the on fouled can who added a phone a little until who own. But i don't care. I don't they domino pimpri who i'd say money. I seek nasdaq up. Just wanna keep like at the guy and dole momento isocell related. I might who had owned with their own man-to-man initially author almanac rare. I'm leon kass to those. Who had in zone now zone. Defense lepetit particularly dream team. Nasa will sorry. I'm pretty barrichello. Who order kinloss talent preparing flawed leopard. And won't be killed. Knock nakayama cayenne villain and elliot then a further combing somehow lot of the casino in arizona. Know thought of novel i am mohammed tra my loyal greg who is poor air salt practica sport or who own brow but at cornell. Now leo the gaining alone breath come up way. see emperor. he'll then how low equal pay vietnam in those. This would bank tip on does an atom gorno siemian bl that eighty semi parental ace toys. Labrada demos is does his agenda labrada. Joe soya anna. Casanova burgess a silhouette. Better noah look meals. Cinco aleppo nacional del. Unsafe philip portfolio. If that in a little more competent in impious super meryl errol dream team. Give by the way. The see the nakhila satan lobby olympic alto. The nfl mundo say thank on the in-includes ceo they loo- hole in liberia. They at the ns ricotta levada continual area where all member of selection puerto rican. Kenya sparrow. Loop road rolando routine. Fake warlock brown ammonia. Dd hint iraqi hayato in russell. Quite blessed presser nsa yup sent him okay shouted upward by say hulu catholic maintains who see you think amis upset balancing mehta lifting wargo Solidified anything in oil which you know. So i don't know some more out Bussey long pass. She moved them by going. I'm going to. I don't know independent company and Had your different gone away. Will what okay. I no or or my third day. Camelia people who need on a committee you florida. Julio financially compatible secretarial durant practical in florida the furlough on the delaware tony levin swarner side rally. Who got eon would have. I assume they said people that answer yet. Thousand say dream theme nola berea okay. Okay but i'll all of their basket sl threat the enough matthew on defense komo a triangle and to go meet with. Okay okay i l. l. comeback. Follow long well i primarily. We're happy with our coach. Anthony lynn puerto rico. We're looking at your tower. salami. Boston marietta rico. I waited meese. Expect petty diesel stereoty dolman. They would still dream team. Who are low low key. Maria who perspective well. How parallel photo group gallup photographer your lowest. I was only those. They'll throw a whether put the rico esperanto. Settle photograph fools. Hello tom oh i'd be. Cpr wearing will would go some way for it. but who. I don't anthem but michael. Bastard sitter speed impressive start for puerto rico and he s. He guy he conway. Oh okay. all estonia's gin. Momento of fetal imitated up dakario are- when how they double aren't ogle here i'll go cape are me for will be made up river the khaki our also last month ronco healthy what. We also talked agreeing. That he brought he i emphasise quicko medically dour eastward puerto he said he who i am meet underway. What they're going that again paint valuable cool full. Nps won the the regan's dan maranto nokia and salad. Now that guy lito royal belong in our retired on a thumb in the avian defeat throws the moulmein told people could eat and chat on. Roy moore maple menendez valid because dow you listen put okay fire eac. Eli yes data. It's it's style the mowing. I ll water komo through trial last. Request owl liangelo thousand needles athlete ideals stunts. Yes the'll where the k- deal. Jefferson rose by young crushes. I don identify those. One riddle maybe. Ese and momentum awale if our solar for rico i'm on manasota the trash-talking talking went up about this who say this union of saying that the united states trails by twenty john duck confidence and puerto rican team right. Now is off the charts. There's a puzzle first-half disastrous first half for the united states. Pm and mike a rico pouring styles who kneels dcfs me interest. Stanton puerto rico balsa. Get here foot mahogany allegory. Last salami a uber s lower data martinez gaynor importance being. I stopped so needles. I'll bring cpr and quadra eat them and third report this periodical mobile the to where e intertribal hara three thousand who momentum is sally rapidly. Because you're not us also even if the hamblur dunlopillo we saw how look more young she imprint. Saunas handle me mo m. fear salloway ago. You're okay remained quiet town. I go ahead you. Joey to navarre eat i'm synagogue. Kuntsler poster impetus castle. Where will metallic don cossack. We her aimee. Bender way who say needle in the world radically say. Tom gone awol. Eat seeing carrillo. They asked what kasa petty go going. On a yarn papa toco tonga in tulsa new. Egon game no no question warmer. Welcome back to athens. And this all state. Olympic update halftime at hellenic olympic complex. And once again to repeat the that sounds so foreign to the ear. Where rico forty nine. United states twenty-seven eat i'm looney case toppled only britain via at the who body thousand process underlying throughout the embryo. One coming doug cardio allow me the thousand you may see immediately go Doda jinx to salve e. oem into seattle buckle bogus didata dummy with for integration and elaborate mirror oil and thousand adelson puerto. Rico monkey allowing sack out the seem. Call one eight zero to what require you to call me and say laco siu wonderful. Tom com o sport. Where three gene. Say the about lebron james james wide open downtown twelve four adb dido that rescues those only those and tower this western choosing tinto's yes or no centennial. Even memento fi lieutenant all done going in chicago. In and cia rolando italian having deal combat did say in utah say woulda seen coming up or who had what the rapporteur either momentum either your community no no mojo dana who took one though peres staus. O.'neil guard c. e. com momentum asuka jefferson five san. I i com e tosa royal. Go leaving puerto rico. Montana throw their advantage so locate a meeting with may way will be las dos at mcnichols list. Dungannon the dream team. Ds's office you are meant mentor team. Usa saka will the nfl action. Then we will hear them being our. I usually jackie. Jackie ghulam gone viktoria protecting puerto. Rico sack walk. I lost royal where carlos arroyo the game of his life. Twenty four points as he comes out. Cellular guy guy. Does russell comey said. The seal in a highlight frantic conflicts basic hockey angela. Komo katie and yellow told moonball numerous little newbie any impart their phone. I still feel wayne. Who skill obvio- moment for scientist middle pattern. Mutual respect lewis is a his nba moments. Muto my grand nick people. I emphasize no i. Don't larry my own nicholas in to sit. Jutarnji them all commercial from lady watt. Okay go moral lab who is thousand needles. Seventy three s. Dr equal knowing dials finally happened united states. Who's it olympic way with. Nba players twenty. They showed some hockey themselves too. Big on the in such a bitter can throw that on that stage. What does this that actually and then we will have uncle happy this but in the impo lately today impress aloe. Throw the burial. Seo kellogg's cereal rather yeah. He'll does los alamitos killer. Confirmed marine seeing embargo bookham sturdy viana gilead more latin gallo royal salah and those models. I know that there are let me say asean lucas over salgar frontier jersey. Don't said puerto rico in la sancha memento cassie food deal rational way of sally penalty that quinta they casino asi home-cooked arapahoe rowdiness. Stresa we're on staff auto to all of us momento kill Mural ryan like a radical leaders laminate. Kate mono spoon different. They were rico in sukhumi. Say it is who knocked down simply but i'm pro. Who knew but i am over you and this is aid. I don't like the graphic or reponsibility mantell tyler paradisea layers as guest is la fourtou. That empty man are planner. Ino lucky eliahu hilo on this graphic lake on yet. Donald safer you know eight photo check telephoto. The landau rossio seen quintas. Jeanine you cuando se where eight telephoto kassian 'priority line talamante in not yup iguanodon. They can handle that i wa wa dot filming. You've been funeral vocal those. I thought when coming look people body else me. New post limping. That's this year by the. Va teleport to get highly mind. Their holiday talk total of bottle out of there and more self out but he has no no no this moment of story cohesion and the also for a moment of gas is low as a religious being guada- auras they pool rally area. Sacco do not tell. Restaurant or nail puerto rico. Nowhere at them being loose any meaning squad to syfy. Not contrary talia puerto regain. He puerto rican. Newsweek whaling quattro no piercing anti diarrhea creek. We're luckily and i don't the scene. Where boom toss eyestone neo caplis giants were in your by dealing slapping up on. This will seattle significant get Kanye left always has said the In oregon also with on mondo in that began say of dino concept sale. These asama model silo when moran dinning boy money being so they'll on salvos in quinta niching i knew then yet hustle like nick. I know sacramento. You got gotta say the sacrament. Don't see below that bullet budi cua and own symbol. They were good you doberman the mining not about it. They'll be one. Epsn's okay symbol. He put the mock anger. But i'm domain quattro. Fit polka perea. Get any supra lamma. an rule. glad they're being. Hallo they'll rochester. Frank associate barely thus most bbdo. Komo vice larry elder on the hindi by his istanbul's also saying with political. I seek it. Okay i'll go being at best in poland meet. Look nothingness there. Harry reid doria. You oughta be caputo rico. Board thing nin guna edmund away momento under who i go second allah puerto rico donald topi. So momento let's see. Do plan a gun coma. Puerto rico gone on paso boy aeko when they got out with race. Can he said who also asking pull yorick la especially telephoto media echo and three hundred podcast in the thick. Libra is gopro extended. Wnyc studio pseudo studios s debbie epilepsy the poor marlin bishop a sagala. Biggest beano mark bygone. Where our week. Three's on the victoria almost. Espn rodriguez on the ballot. Soon when you're in jail lewis audio. His opponent in kenya sony though but i gotta go they stephanie. Lebow leah shot damon rossana coban alicia. Eat soup we'll segalla. He knows but elaborate wickham with that would balloon in wisdom. His the fa l. antibiotic copy where each mia but apple. Your clarified elaborate. Gabby nfl john. S and james foundation e. Jonathan logan family foundation. When the any that. A william. Rosario monica foulon in oil letting them being a julio assessor. Doray skinny song could handle come in tulsa. Puerto rico sama numerical basket by lebanon. Where low is record julio. Dna toco second toyota nine phillies anything they summon yana. They're granola keep worcester coming year for orlando city s su. Full rapa of your partido in new york in the usually. I don't think people let olympic champion. Perpetrator roland curricula. Thirty s. mika. Supplementing quinn laterally k. Can say milton boise allow minor. Who kosovo a promising a more joy and one nine. We wanna from visalia. They'll rageh cosimo hinder the fbi gift that enough. Eli the repertory. Kenya saluda for cobra. Lavelle gobierno seamount.

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