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Yeah. Radio part started. All right Sodano show tall chairman. Still in the Steve Mason tall chair. Brian Kaminsky filling in for Sodano Ramona Shelburne, Matt Barnes, also in today, we gotta live a lot. Yeah. There's like, you know, the Lakers doing Lakers stuff and attention attention here. In town, the clippers are doing Celtics tomorrow night tomorrow and Ronda Rousey, says wrestling's made up and people are smoking read on Instagram ios. There's just a lot to cover here. The news that you get a haircut run arousing chopper hair off is that sells a lot to save that his Ramona's speaks Rhonda. Enter anime career. But that's different thing. The news today out of Elsa gun Gundel. If you're waiting around for Lonzo ball wasn't very good. Well, you can hold your breath. But you don't don't do it for very long because he is not on the floor. I oh, that's not true. He was dribbling today. He was seen dribbling a stationary position. So I talked Lonzo the other night, and he says I can run, but I can't really jump right now or turn turn. There's no reason for going to come back unless you just want to end the year. He played the game how corner jumping and turn most important. There's no point in playing this season for him. You know, he's been injury-prone. Unfortunately, very talented in what he's not injured. The Lakers really miss him on the defensive end. But there's no point of him coming back this season. I hope LA knows that. I hope he knows that hope is dead knows that whoever's really making those choices he needs to just relax way for next year. How much does it matter for other teens who might want to look at him the summer if just come back and show that he actually could play? This you understand why the Lakers would shut them down. They seen enough. I mean, if you don't know how he plays by now, you need to get a new job that part's true. The part about is able to actually play. Can you give me sixty five seventy games year? Yeah. Yeah. I hear your point. But playing half healthy is not gonna help that. Yeah. And you know, it's actually kind of interesting with Lonzo is that he has actually taken quite a few strides. I don't think we talk enough about how much they miss him when he was out defensively and for him to pick up the game and have some kind of production when both of his off seasons. As a pro have been injured like Wally lift weights and not really play. And you're having to learn by watching tape and learn on the fly like he's you know, I know he seen as disappointment after two years. But I don't know. I I don't think you should give up on him. Just for Lonzo. This year has been what happened when he wasn't here. Exactly. My shows you perfect. How important he came out a winner in this situation to be honest with the although he much rather be playing you really notice his presence when he wasn't in the game. His he drove that defense full court press, pending passing lane. He's one of the better on ball defenders on the team in obviously in the league. But at this point, there's just there's no point. There's no you want to get to a point where he can show you can play seventy to eighty gains. But you know, I said not being fully healthy. It's a mess over there. Right now, you don't wanna go back into that own. And that just continue continue to rehab continue healthy have a strong summer and be ready for next year. So there's there's no louds Lonzo obviously on Saturday against Celtics Coosa, they said it's gonna be weak. He's listed as questionable. He's not gonna play Ingram couldn't lift his arm the other day, but he's probably not gonna play. What what are we doing with the rest of this Lakers season? Don't tell me yet. Oh, see what you did. You got the new clocks on the wall. And all that. All right Brian Kaminsky, Ramona, Shelburne, Matt Barnes, filling in Sedona show, ESPN LA. All right. So Sadan is hosting is NBA watch party Saturday this Saturday night at the hotel Figueroa downtown LA Lakers Celtics that night, you got a chance to a brand new four K HD Samsung, sixty five inch smart LED, TV courtesy of our main Isaac for mere audio-video in Westwood no one better than me or check them out at MIR audio-video dot com. So that's Saddam's thing. Watch Lakers Celtics this weekend. When yourself one of them big giant, Fourcade Isaac TV's. Is that the one that I I was thinking about going to I'm like deciding how much time and energy. I should put into like going to the watch party. I think that's sorta like if I'm really friends with George George ask you, hey, Ramona with to come to and I told him I might come on. You might still a possibility. I mean kids he always to keep. This is the excuse for everything. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's got a little one too. We all do. That's. The oldest one I- Daniels. Five months. That's son is three four. A place should. Yeah. Life. Experienced can teach our kids. All right. So we've learned in the last couple of days Alonzo is probably not gonna when when when Luke Walton gets out today with sixteen games up. Whatever it is and says, we don't know what it's that's in early signal for your folks he may not play the rest of the season. They've already said LeBron's minutes are going to be monitored probably won't really back to backs. They'd probably shut him down more if LeBron in league with let them, but neither one will. What are we doing with these last his James fashionable year just playing out the stretch, you're trying to use whatever time you have left to work on things improved things if you're somebody who's got an injury like, Josh heart. Maybe you're like trying to herd. Well, that's part of. So you're the Lakers in Britain Branka Mickey map Barnes Ramona, Shelburne, what what do you do you don't necessarily want at this point? You don't need to start winning games that doesn't help you the value of your pick. And we all hate tanking. We thought we were done with Tanka Thon dot com. And checking all that out. But it makes a big difference this off season if the Lakers have the thirteenth pick in the draft versus the seven th pick in the draft right ones. A lot more attractive than the other. You don't want. Josh getting hurt. If you think you might need to trade him. You don't want Ingram and Kouzmin those guys getting. Are they back into let's kind of try to lose without telling anybody if you're hurt you sit at this point, especially their young talented guys. But for the other guys out there, this is, you know, you're auditioning for other teams right now, you know, they have a lot of one your guys on one year contracts, guys futures that are really unknown. So these next fifteen games, if they do shut down the core of the team, this is when you go out, and you bust, your, you know, you, but you, but you bust your behind you play hard UK, and you show other teams that, you know, hey, even though I haven't been playing that much on the Lakers. I can still talking about like the Jonathan Williams type skies. Everybody. No one is really secure outside their core. Guys. You know, they they tried to trade all the core guys. You know what I mean? So everyone is really out there. I used to you know, when I first got in legal on your one year deals all the time. So there was a never time when everything about let my foot off the gas. I three years. Yeah. So I'd never. Yeah. I never took my foot off the gas at all you know, what I mean. So I think some guys have to realize that, you know, to take them sunglasses off everything isn't sweet out here, you got work to do especially like, I said, if the main aren't playing I think Ramona, the idea that it was certainly possible even beginning of the people I thought to be in the playoffs and guys stay healthy. You got LeBron James you're in the top eight somewhere. But it's like, it's the Western Conference. It's hard things happen. It wasn't a given the idea that they would be here with twenty percent of the season. Still the play. I don't think anybody saw this as a possible. It's a long time for everybody's kind of sitting around and trying to figure out what happened. So what's their media? Get way too into. The playoff implications. And what it means like like as an athlete when you're out there. Whatever games you have in front of you matter like matters to you. It has some energy. And if it doesn't then you're in trouble. What are they what is what does the organization doing with this extra time? Like, how are they going to take the six? Looking at themselves. Figuring out how they the Spartan. I mean. Management needs to to work out too early. Been these again officer in the gym as they say for the players because management, you know, keep a real didn't have a very good season. Either you know, so it's just it's something that you just finished the season playing hard. You know, you guys are gonna play are gonna play hard. And you see what happens are they doing the accountability thing? Do you think they started that process? You think Ramona I think so I think that whole those discussions have to happen. But and I think they've started to just started to because I think this last week was really the last week where it seemed like they had a chance it was the loss of the IRS. And then that was that was kinda they end up, really. But I really. I don't think we can overlook the fact that LeBron injuring LeBron injury was was obviously that the pivotal moment in the season. Like, they said whether they were stated for slid down seven eighth whatever they would have definitely been in the playoffs. Lebron does a MRIs eighteen games. And then like, I said you add Lonzo on top of that. And then you to me they lost the whole entire season at the trade deadline with nothing happening. That completely destroyed the chemistry in the locker room. A lot of young guys run certain looking over looking over the show who do you trust? You know, LeBron you're exactly you know, what I mean. So I think it was all lost. I think it was a learning season overall for the Lakers. Like, I said management the way they went about stuff wasn't right? And they didn't really, you know, do what everyone thought they were going to do the way, you know, LeBron approached it assuming that the one thing I said the other day on the show was LeBron and magic or to the greatest players all times, and they don't know what if feels like to be in trade talk. And specially they're talking about trading your whole team. They don't even though the O be fashion. This is a bit. Like, you don't know what that? That feels like so you really say that because you've never been you've always been the one as players in in in what does the president's pushing the buttons. So you've never had worry about down off. I want to check my phone or that phone call 'cause I got traded one time I phone call in the morning, eight AM when I got traded from the clippers to Charlotte ADM looked into my phone just mess. My whole day up. If somebody calls you at eight o'clock in the morning who never calls locking. So it's just a you know what I mean? So they don't know what it feels like Saugus. And that's why feel they they lost the season there. You know what? I mean, if they were gonna come on play hard. You saw those guys in the beginning season. We're scrambling around in high knowing that LeBron does for them offense only they had his back on defense for sure early in the season. They were scrambling around having a good time. They remind me of Golden State at the beginning season. When everyone was off the bench chair for everyone. Everybody was having a good time. And that's what they were that him getting hurt the stuff that goes down at all star break they lost trust. Everyone was on island in the season was wrapped in. So if you're hurt now, just, you know, sit out, and let's regroup for the summer, the funny thing to those Ramona like in some ways, you know, it's not this is not a disaster of a season. And you know, you wrote about it and other people have as well. There's a little bit of luckier though, because had LeBron just kind of carried him into the playoffs. And and all that a lot of things that weren't good about this process about how would not have been exposed how this team was put together the logic of it. You know, this the the way that they respond a little bit better to the trade deadline. Whatever might be some of the some of the lessons that needed to be learned may not have been. So if they can actually use it. I'm just concerned that they won't because that hasn't been the track record of the guys that are in their rights to sue this two issues that go it the season like this. And when you make valuations one is what Matt said, it was just got hurt. Everything the wheels fall off the train. You know, there's no bills on a train the wheels fall of the car sweat. It will the bus. There's tires tires you keep talking about this. But like the wheels fell off. There we go. We don't have to say what kind of car we're driving. When the Broncos her everything else. Fell off from their Lonzo got hurt Rondo goatherd. But LeBron was still out there. You know? I think they would have been in the playoffs. I think everything and the Brown also got hurt during that trade deadline stuff during the Anthony Davis stuff. So not only are your teammates species of you. And how you feel about them into Gable two cups of wine. That's what I mean. So that wasn't a visual even though I had no problem with being who you are. And being the leader. What would you say into your teammates? You're trying to get out of that. You're not playing you're coming to your pulling up the game of what you know. What I mean? I don't have a problem with him doing that. He's earned that. Yeah. Do you? But you gotta think about the message you're sending two guys that look up. You gotta think all these young players looked up to LeBron in junior high and high school another finally playing with them and we're finally playing with Bronco. That's that's a transition in huge transition yourself. People thought him come into legs are going to be instant, you know, magic diplo this off and it was going to be magic. You know, what I mean, it takes time to get that chemistry. So you're a group of young guys. You get the greatest player in the world or. Katie, you're honest, whether you want to say grand. Get LeBron and you're thinking, okay. Everything is going to be perfect. But I it's not that easy. Like, I said the trust was broken with the trade stuff and the message they were sending in in like it's going to be a learning experience for it. When I know LeBron's gonna have a great summer. I hope everyone gets healthy has a great summer the front office. You know, put their heads together and make something happen because time's running out time runs out because LeBron gets older and everybody's patience gets thinner. The longer the stages on you you under deliver. But I think there's also something to be said for saying, okay? Yeah. The the rostrum had a flaw construction. But there was a reason for it. Which is if you're only signing guys on one year contracts that limits. The pool of guys that are available and the way that they're gonna play another question that might have been the miscalculation. If you're only guys on when your contract when things start to go bad. Those guys have to look out for what am I gonna do next year? What am I getting my next contract? And it doesn't exactly play well towards developing chemistry team ball. But okay. Okay. You signed the one year deals to leave the cap space open. Are you actually going to get a free agent this summer? What are you gonna do with that cats bay that is in this? We're gonna we're going to get back to that question because we kind of treat like the free agent thing or trading one way or another they'll get a star as if it's the same thing. But it ain't so we're gonna get to that surly while Matt's here Ramona's here quickly train wheel or rail wheel type of wheel designed specifically for use on rail mono- block wheels, not do not have encircling tires while resilient rail wheels have resilient material such as rubber between the wheel entire so Ramona as strains wheels. Okay, the bottom line trains wheels. Yeah. All right. Tons of really interesting NFL stuff. The Rams made a huge signing today and a really fascinating story involving Instagram and Dallas Cowboys defensive ends. We'll get to that next. Brian Kaminsky Ramona Shelburne, Matt Barnes sonata show ESPN LA out today. Matt bahr? Ramona Shelburne Brian Kaminsky filling in. There's a lot going on football wise today. It's like you don't big offseason football day. The Rams made a big signing today. They signed Pro Bowl safety six time Pro Bowl safety, Eric well who was released by the ravens earlier this week. And that probably means lamarcus Joyner is gone. So two years twelve and a half million dollars for Eric Weddell five and a quarter of that guaranteed. So lamarcus Joyner probably gone, Eric Weddell in that's pretty good bridge signing I think for for the ring jumped on him real fast. I mean, if you're a defensive player right now with the way the climate is I mean LA is a perfect opportunity. Come play dumb consumed did last year. I think what he's on one year two year deal. I'm trying to bring back right? You know what I mean? So you come in here. The team is you know, vastly improvement to Super Bowl. You know, what I mean, obviously? So adding strong defensive part only gonna help them Wade Phillips. I mean, this is the what the Rams and Wendell's Bailey Kinkel glad signed the free agent guys because the contracts aren't the Weddell because. He was released was available in the Rams just boom went out and got him who I saw the other night at the game. No, Sean McVay just sitting right behind the visitors bench just sitting there sitting there. I don't think he was with anybody. It's just like at the Laker game, just chilling. What he does this. Do you think Sean and the Rams have got the enough profile where like he's gonna get mobbed or like everyone's gonna come over to him everywhere. I mean, they win the Super Bowl. Yes. But no. But he was like facing the crowd like nobody came because little ends in over your head. He was behind the visitors Spenser tall. And you couldn't see him unless you came out. Okay shoulder. You walk Sean McVay in a crowded area. And you'd be like, wait what was that? No. That would probably I mean. That guy looks awful lot. Like, Sean McVay. There's not there's nobody else could replicate that here. Go try. There are a lot of pretty people. There are a lot of people who could play Sean McVay in the movie. That's right. Yeah. I think you can do it. But it's the the players. I think, you know, Todd Gurley walks by Todd goes to like Aaron Donald like like, I know Aaron Donald not tall. But we know when you walked by earned. That's even the way matches to the thing with your shoulder. Wings. Big fella. He's he's huge. Right. I mean, he's just gigantic recognize. I mean, I think you know, maybe not the the celebrity celebrities around, but the kids in the fans recognize who these people you guys walking rally the NBA guys. Yes. You can't hide so people. I'm sure I'm sure all right, right. So just assume you play in the NBA, right? Getting interesting with social media lately. Good segram. Oh, I got you talk about the Irving, you could just say, let's talk another interesting like David airings. Oh against David Irving is a defensive end for was the defensive end. And his been suspended multiple times for violating the league's drug policy for wheat. And that's what it's not the anything else. It's it's all based around marijuana. He went on Instagram. We have the summit definitely do Graham and posted this basically goes, I quit. Talk about a suspension and all this other nonsense amount of their I'm not doing more. A lot of reasons. Everyone questions. My my commitment to football get a straight. And now, I love football football was. I mean shit statement. Wouldn't be here without no get me wrong. I love football, however, dome of NFL. Enough along and understand that off the game. What? He's still talking about addiction sensitive subject as funny, you know, some people that all your deacon to we did this. And that I mean, if I'm going to be addicted to something I'd rather be marijuana which is mad at real hundred medicine. I do not consider the drug rather than zanex bars or the the hydros or the the Serra quail, and all that crazy that they feed you. So like I said it ain't about smoking weed. How many NBA pleasure seeking trouble about this? From the coaches you see get in trouble about this. How many baseball players giving shovel UFC players getting in trouble. I'm gonna actors. David Irving, former defensive end for the Cowboys on his Instagram and you're talking about he's a twenty five year old guy. He's got twelve and a half career sacks at seven of them in two thousand seventeen playing eight games. So seven sacks Saxon. Eight games. He's been suspended a bunch of times cost himself wants to the number of something like eight seven hundred thousand dollars in this games. A lot of money varies a lot going on in that like one minute Instagram video he hits lot of a lot of topics, and it's interesting to listen to because you almost have to separate some of these things out like there's the thing about is the NFL hypocritical about Weeden ways other leagues art like should they be suspending guys for marijuana use win as he refers to guys get pumped full of opioids and other stuff and painkiller. So they can go out and play the game. And yet you're going to criticize a guy for smoking. You know, whether recreationally or mid. On the side. So there's that question. There's the question of a guy who is essentially says he's retiring because he just doesn't wanna play in the league. Even though we wonder why would anybody want to do that? If you can he's setting the money aside, like they're a hundred different places. You could start with us. Matt what what's interesting to you? The the the overall smoking part, you know, being an athlete that used through high school college in NBA. People don't understand unless you've been been in our shoes or. Smoke like what we go through. What's the alternative? Like, you said they're pumping us anything toward all Oxycontin, zanex anything sleeping pills. Anything to make sure you get back out on the court. You know what I mean? And that's what you get addicted to when you start taking you have a serious injury. The amount of painkillers you have to take to take the pain away is what gets you addicted. You know what I mean? So when we're over here smoking weed because it helps it helps take the edge off a health. The sleep helps us focus. It helps us do a lot of different things and being penalized for it. That's where it's very frustrating. Guys are losing their career guide me, I got find a ton of money, you know, from from from smoking and other guys in people have lost their careers over. So just when you don't educate yourself and understand how helpful it is. You know, there's plenty of studies out Israel is twenty years ahead of the United States as far as the use of breaking the whole entire plant down in the benefits for the United States is starting catch up. But just break it down. I saw Stephen. I Smith today go on his rent and it really bothered me. Because he he's perpetuating. The stereotype I don't want to see someone coming getting high of like, it's not you handle it responsibly. Like you do anything else. You know, what I mean people drink people do other things handle it responsibly. You know what I mean? But he's screaming at the top of his lungs. You know to America how bad or how it shouldn't be used? Or he doesn't know what it takes to get through a day to get through practice to get through a game to travel and play back to back and have to be up the next day to, you know, play again, or, you know, double overtime game one place and fly to the next place in your on TNT than you don't know what that takes to be able to get your body to relax if smoking is what does that for you? You shouldn't be penalized. Melissa Melissa angels. Roy if he had three whiskeys at night or four whiskeys or something just help and the. Nobody would care wouldn't wouldn't fail a test. Actually would probably be worse than much late. Elite waking up hungover off. But here's the here's the thing. He's right about everything. He's saying it's just the wrong way to deliver the message like when you're doing that an Instagram video. You're clearly heard the lighter. It's not like I mean, I like real authentic, and I mean it was raw right? That was that was a real video him. And it was his real thoughts. But there's something to be said about the way you deliver a message. And like there have been a lot of people who have been trying to deliver this in a way that doesn't scare people that doesn't freak people out about the illegal drugs, or whatever you wanna call it. 'cause it it gets people's ears up because people's, you know, nervous when they think that you you're. We're at high, and there's a way to do it that doesn't that can seem, you know, more clinical like if I know the sounds, but if you took if you took it as a pill or a salve rub it on your skin is a different than smoking in a way people see that differently. Put it in a shower more, accepted more accepted, and I think that that's probably where we're going to end up on this whole discussion because I know like in California when like when you have cancer or something and they need to stimulate your appetite. They they have a drug called marinol all there's all kinds of. CBD THC the effects and and how they affect everybody different. But at some point, I it's going to be legal being talked about, I think CD will be legal Shirley within professional sports. I saw someone NHL today. Not penalizing guys who test positive for marijuana it's test. But I don't know. Illegals happening so fell happening. Right. It should be an alternative, you know. I it's not for everybody. I think to be honest with you. I think you know, smoking may not be what about guarantee there's a piece of the plant. They can help everyone. I mean, you look into the CBD's studies in in all the different things that can do THC does when you combine the two there's a piece for everybody. But it may not be for you on that. But we eventually have to get there. You know what I mean? It's just it's like I said the alternative is what being addicted to add to the opioid epidemic. And what I think it's fascinating busy here. We're talking about David Irving. Former defensive end for the Cowboys has been suspended. I think again by the league for violating the substance abuse policy, which smoke sweet. I don't I don't know anything about this. I don't know what his issues. I don't like, I know some people like you will you will look at it as you know, for any depressive. There's all kinds of different applications. I don't know exactly what his he's doing. And when you say Ramon, it's like, it's an interesting message, a good message and not necessarily the greatest way deliver it so much of this too. I think is becomes about our projection of what we think a person is smart or not smart to do. Like, I look at it. I heard the guys talking about this morning Travis made the point like if Disney outlawed beard Amaro, I'd be like that's dumb rule. I would follow it because I'm gonna keep my job. And I'll drink beer when I'm not working for these even and so you look at somebody like Irving these probably made a couple of billion dollars playing the game. And in is in line at age twenty five to make a few million more. I don't know how much more football's tough short careers. But like for most people they look at it and say, I work for fifteen years and never make a million and a half dollars. I understand why you can't. Go do this work for two or three more years pocket that money and then go smoke. You. Don't know why. He's doing correct. What it does for him? How it helps them get from? What maybe he just like you said, I don't like playing in the NFL and the extra three million dollars. Now. I don't think he no he loves he loves the game. He's just fed up with the policies policies are outdated. You know, they're wrong. Like, I said they're going up old stereotypes all you have to educate yourself. I know each league starting to take a serious look at the rules in the benefits out the benefits the pros and cons of the plant. Because like I said it it's something that can help us. I mean when you look when I played I got probably like two point seven five strikes. The third one third one five suspend you. So I was right there when I retire, but you know, being in the program there were almost two hundred guys in the program and like ninety seven percent of our in there for for marijuana. Right. You know what I mean? And this is some of your favorite player. Some of the best players in the world rookie some vets. So. Guys, like, the does kind of the. Culturally. It's like nobody was like around the NBA follows it. It's a big NBA fan or whatever is unaware that a lot of players smoke and like most people don't care. I can't think of anybody doesn't really they don't really make a big show of it the yu-su they still make it. I mean, they still give us four or excuse me them for random drug tests. Which like I said if my thing is don't promote, hey, we can smoke just don't test for it. Or do the one? You know, when I first came the NBA it was a one preseason test you pass the test. And then whatever you do during your season to get yourself ready to play was up to you. And your performance was gonna show. You know what I mean? So people think okay, you play high. You have bad. You could just have a bad game. Doesn't mean because you know, there's there's one in your system. You know what I mean? So it's just it's very outdated. It like I said, you don't have to promote the fact because you know, you have to understand the message you're sending out to to to everyone, but especially kids, but you just don't have to test. But don't make it a circus. Don't make expecting was like you said, you can pump full of whatever you know, what I mean. Armanda Armstead someone I grew up with his father. He played from Sacramento plated SE retire from the patriots. They were pumping him. If I'm not mistaken with toward all or something. That messed his heart up pumped pumped pumped pumped him just to get back on that field gets drafted has, you know, a brief career ends up winning a lawsuit from SE. Like, no one's talking about that. You know what I mean? Like, they will they will do anything to get us back out there. But then you wanna penalize for the one thing, that's helping us. It's least harmful for off our actual bodies. Yeah. This is just the NFL. You know? It's funny any statement. David Irving says I'm gonna capture Nick myself before they captured so first of all just using capita of verb now is Kevin aching. Who's like is is interesting in and of itself. Yeah. But the NFL you you picture the NBA the way the players sociation has a good enough relationship. It seems like with the league and the league is forward enough thinking. Yeah, you can see a solution coming here Canada. Just I believe just league. Allies marijuana. It's legalized across much of the US feel like the NHL might be able to the NFL just you you look at as a backwards league with the allusion of law and order through TSA, and they make well, I had a big bad experience with TSA the other day to TSA's doing its thing. They are. But like do they need to stop me and make an example like make a scene with me with my oldest television Ramona Shelburne now about what I'm saying? It's it's it's like do we need to make a big scene out of you know, making every little little kid take their shoes off as they walked through. You know, like, you know, it's the allusion of security like there's still they do a good job. But there's still lots of things that get through just feels like the NFL whatever social policy, you wanna talk about the NFL is almost is aggressively. I mean, small seeking serve not politically concerned small c- consi-. -servative in how they look at everything like ONA, no change in. That regard is not good. Because this is just this is it's the shield more of just flexing their muscles. You know what? I mean, they wanna show how power they're like, they're not. I didn't see my mouse. I looking at it. They're not for the players the MBA for the players. You know, they let us our T shirts. Let's speak out on things. They let us be us. And like I said people smoke marijuana all to professional sports. It's just they don't, you know, they don't come out here beat their chest. When they in the NBA where they find out someone, you know, they put him in the program, which I think is like I said all these overview, but like I said the NBA is for the player they understand. That's why the NBA continues to grow. You know, what I mean, we're going global, you know, with the next five-year probably the biggest sport. The NBA is a basketball's a culture that celebrates people football as a cultural. Down and you are one fifty four that's cracking the whip on you. Yeah. All right. You will likely not guess what Tom Brady is using to recruit Odell Beckham junior. It's pretty cool. Tell you about that next Brian community Ramona Shelburne map Barnes in four Sodano ESPN.

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