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Is podcast is a production of the salem podcast network for more podcast like this from courageous voices of conservative reason visit salem. Podcast network dot com. Call jacks carl jackson. All jack jackson. Carl jackson was born and raised in los angeles california call jackson. His journey began at the age of eleven. He was introduced the hard work faith and family values however the struggling teen he wandered down the path of least resistance fighting himself jailed. Twice with a child he had to fight to raise by the grace of god. He attended an evangelical church and found that there was a better way. Jackson is my hero. He discovered that. Despite america's flaws guy used our founding fathers to create our constitution. It's divine an exceptional. Nature is undeniable. No fake stuff. That carl jackson while the safe from south central as saving california. Let's carl free. Thinker from florida is in kazakhstan. Is the reason that i was born. Stole larryelder joe with special guest. Carl jackson who cloud all right. Welcome back to the larry elder show. We're coming to you. Live from the relief factor dot com studio. The number call triple eight nine seven one seven two four three. Here's some poetic justice. You so basically ben and jerry's ice cream were just fail and it and they capitulated to the left. They failed to the the bcs movement boycott divest sanction israel movement. And now they're paying the price hat tip forgotten man so ben and jerry's blasted over their latest announcement about its products and occupied palestinian territory. Of but now it looks like new. York supermarkets are pulling ben and jerry's over israel boycott. I'm sorry this is poetic justice. Two people can play this game. Everything is so. it's absolutely it's just nuts. What's going on all of these companies. Just acquiescing to these left wing. Radicals that sit in their basements and all they can do is think about how to destroy other people how to hate on other people and we go ahead and You know these companies like ben and jerry fall for this nonsense if they capitulate if they don't say strong that's up to you but we don't have to buy your products good. I'm glad i'm sorry. I'm just this is we're just going cuckoo for cocoa puffs right now in america again just real quickly. I just wanna touch before. I go back to the lines. I just wanna touch again. I just want to reiterate this. Julie kelley story. I don't know if it bothers you as as much as it bothers me. Maybe maybe it is. Because i've gone to jail but i take this seriously americans this guy. I don't pretend like he's a democrat. This guy paul hodgkin's thirty eight years old. All he did was go to washington dc. He got caught up in the hype he didn't do anything bad except walk into the capitol building. We got video. Plenty of people were ushered in by a police on the scene as well. He didn't get involved in a crime he didn't get involved in any type of chaos. He didn't damage any property. He walked through the senate chamber and took a selfie with trump flag. And now he's a felon. He can't vote he can't own a gun he's gonna lose his job. He's going to lose his house for going to washington. Dc wasn't trying to stop election and then one of the things that these people are forced to say basically is he had to say joseph r biden is rightfully and now. He didn't have to say this. But if you're trying to you want leniency leniency. Before all of these left wing radicals that are on the bench in washington. Dc so judge mosque. This obama appointee so joseph. R biden is rightfully respectfully the president of the united states We're gonna talk about some election. Integrity matters but you see what they've done you see what the left will do with your rights. He see what they've done. We're your bill of rights violated during the lockdown. I'm not even sure people read the bill of rights anymore. I do i do. Here's here's the funny thing and i. Sometimes i get on blacks about this. I don't understand. The bill of rights is so amazing. I ten amendments in the constitution. So amazing those are outlined. Obviously you read the bible. You read scripture. And i believe that god reveals a lot of things to you in scripture but the bill of rights outlined in our constitution rights that are deigned by god. I look at those rights at look at the freedom of speech. Even the the the free don't practice religion as as we please the freedom to assemble and the it all of the rights that were given all of the rights that were given rights that are attained by god and people. Just vote 'em away. Should the government have power. Should the government have the power to determine which jobs are essential. And which jobs aren't if. Mary has a job as a waitress. When these lockdowns occurred if so her job is essential but the person are is non essential but the person she's voting for the person she's putting empower the person she's lending her power to that person. His that person's job is essential. So this young lady may have a baby to take care of them who knows but her job. This is what we let these people get away with the caller on the a previous hour. I'm not anti mass. I actually participated in a lawsuit. That suit the the mayor of orlando against this. Because it's listen. If you wanna wear a mask wear a mask. But when i can go to the cdc when i can go to even the world health organization and they say that massacre ineffective who am i to believe when i cut contracting covert by someone who was wearing a mask who was socially distancing when i catch cove it from them. What am i to believe. This is crazy. This is crazy under the auspice of safety. We've just given away our civil liberties and we look at people like this guy. That's being sent up the river. Eight months his life totally destroy because he traveled to washington. dc. He didn't do any damage he didn't commit any crime except he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he happens electron. So this judge this disgusting. Despicable punk of a judge has decided to ruin his life. That's the america that we're in so if you want to wear a mask where mass by all means if you believe they work. I'm totally fine with that. What i'm not fine with is in a free country. You telling me what. I have to put on to my body. That's what i'm not okay with. Stay away from me. Clear the six feet. Wash your hands. Keep your hands off of your face your face do whatever you want. But don't tell me what to do with my body. This is america. They're using mask. They're not using mass. I don't believe for a second. The left wants a you use mass. Because they believe they work you know why the texas democrats that have covert that were vaccinated and they got it again despite being fully vaccinated when they went on that private jet in that ten can in the air. None of them were wearing masks these people. They're priests to us day and night about wearing masks and how evil and mean and dumb and they weren't wearing masks. Why not why knock. Because they don't believe it it is about control. This isn't hard this is about control. Can you imagine the emotional damage as well. That's being done to kids and people when you can't connect with others you can't see people's face you can't see their expression we become robots. That's what they want us to be. Robots just follow them like. I said this guy had to had to bite is the president. He's a duly elected president. Whatever he had to say in to get some leniency. At least he hoped in the courtroom they're making at they're using those mask to make us robots. So if you wear the masks because you're concerned about health great. I'm all for it but when i understand why they're really imposing these mask mandates now i understand the rank and file the everyday democrat. They really believe this stuff. They really but i get it. That's fine. i'm okay with that. Our respect them if they want to wear masks. But this is america doggone it and don't tell me that i can't be free my country. That's what i am sick and tired of. I can't take this. i'm sorry. I'm not trying to be the angry black man but you guys give me there. We'll be back with your calls in a few. This is carl jackson. Infra larry elder free speech. Live here on. The larry elder show. And of course i want you to know about relief. Factor the one hundred percent. Drug-free supplement that tens of thousands are now taking every day. Obviously i'm taking it every day. 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Larry okay welcome back to the larry elder show. I am your special guest host filling in for larry elder. I'm going to go to the cause. But before i do to william i just want you to know who this judge is and who the left is all he is. He's representative a who the left is today. We're not dealing with your grandpappy. Democrats as i said on march first. Twenty twenty hat tip. William moss ruled that president. Donald trump unlawfully installed cancun cinelli as acting director of the united states citizen citizenship and immigration services and that therefore certain directives related to removal of document of illegal immigrants seeking asylum. He implemented must be set aside. This is the judge who wants to fundamentally change. This is a judge. He's not worried about justice. This is a judge that wants revenge. This is a judge that hates the left. this is a judge that disdains trump. This is a judge that disdains anyone that has voted for trump. Anyone that loves america is this is who you're dealing with these defendants in washington d. c. trump supporters have absolutely no chance and sadly we have these country club republicans. That aren't even willing to stand up and fight for the people that would vote for them. You know what now you you you see what we're dealing with anyway. Let's go to the lines. We've got jan jan. You've got the might. Oh how are you. I'm doing good. How are you john. Thank you for calling you. Got the mike honey. I didn't know you were ten days ago. But i'm a big fan. Now thank you. I appreciate that jan. Okay i wanted to. I wanted to make a correction to something that really said. And she said that These people went in uninvited into the into the chamber I was there on january. Six and I was spending on the port. They The police opened the doors and invited the crowd in and they kept flagging people to come in. No one no one go ahead. no jan. you're you're you're right there. Actually several videos out there that we've seen where there were on different sides of the capital. Some people being offered in a others not being ushered in actually julie kelley has written about Written about that But i really. I really do appreciate this is this is absolutely. This is absolutely crazy. It's not the left. I honestly believe instead of a january. Six commission i really would like to have january fifth commission alike to help january seventh co commission. I like to know how the laughed maybe conspired with the department of justice maybe even capitol police juliet. Kelly writes about that as well. Because i like to know what was going on. I feel like there needs to be a january fifth and seventh investigation. This stuff is shady all the way around. These people have a narrative they they set this narrative so now this is the worst capital tax since the civil war. Joe biden the constant liar in the white house. Pretty amazing all right. We've got richard from santa rosa california. Richard you've got the mike how you doing call. You're doing their job. Great job the thank you coming out. Straightway in the meantime. I'm gonna say. Tell us i'm that nobody's been talking about about the virus that came out of china. I think it was set up. Not trump out there still yapping about it at any time. You didn't trouble. Always go back to a basking dizzy that up and down and he put it throughout the world to not the mock united states but they did it and they did three other times one time in the eleventh century when he did daily. Kill almost all italians and then they went to the french. The french three way was and now this so They're brutal and the the regime is the worst that we could ever mess with it and this guy by the way god probably otherwise when they get into cuba at ninety miles away or hang on l. Listen up this is. This is the wuhan try and china virus. But i encourage you guys maybe to Go go to youtube in Check out the back and forth between foul. She and rand paul because rand. Paul has been putting it on faculty if you will. Because of the gain of function research that the united states was doing in in condoning and doing in conjunction with the rue han lamb and falcon was denying it but he didn't look so well Today or he didn't sounds well. I didn't actually see it. But i heard it so. He didn't sound so well. So i encourage you guys. Go out and look for that all right. We've got alex in brooklyn new york. Alex you've got the mike. Hi carl thanks for taking my call. So here's what. I find so interesting about the argument. The democrats are making their saying that republicans are making it harder for working people to go and vote because they're cutting back voting hours on election day when it's not true. They're adding early voting days. Which many more. Hours to go out and vote on a sunday or a day off. But what i really find so weird about the argument is that conservative. Republicans are the ones that believe in the dignity of working. So if they're gonna make it harder for working people to work. I would think they're more. Republican workers out there than democrats because we believe in the dignity of going out to work. So why would republicans hurt hurt themselves this way and make it harder for republicans to vote for republican candidates. I i. I don't believe that they're making it harder to vote. I mean i. I appreciate the call i just i. I don't believe that. Here's one thing. That republicans republicans do when they like their when they like their candidates And when i believe. I honestly i believe they're going to show up in masses in twenty twenty two. They're gonna find a way to vote. They're going to find a way to. I think some republicans in georgia made a big mistake by not going out by going out to vote in in the In the senatorial election of. But we'll get into the georgia numbers as well this whole election. They hold twenty. Twenty election was shady. We all know it. you don't. i'm sorry i'm sorry. There's no listen those no mechanism to change anything. But i'm sorry. I went to bed at night. Trump had easily won florida. Ohio trump was kicking but in most of the swing states. I go to bed. I fall asleep for just a couple of hours. I wake up and wow so amazing bite in his taking over the swing states he didn't do well anywhere else. He performed worse than hillary virtually everywhere else. But in the swing states where it mattered overnight biden did a wonderful job Something smells fishy. Something is fishy business. Carl jackson and for larry elder and relieffactor dot com studio. We'll be back in a few. 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Carl jackson for the sage on the larry elder show. Are you tired of this nonsense again. Was it worth it. Destroy the economy destroy lives. Was it worth it. Is your job less important than some political bureaucrat. What makes them so special. This is the united states of america. What makes them so special. See we have always hear people say. But i'm not convinced. So many people believe it especially democrats. They work for us. They work for us. You hear it all the time. See i believe it. They work for us. And they're turning against us and we're giving them more power every time you take welfare checks or what. All you're doing is empowering the state but the state can't care about you because the state does not know you. It's pretty amazing. It's pretty amazing. How far we've slipped in just a matter of one year. it's unbelievable. What do we have to do. What should we do to get to keep foreign pandemics out of our country and prevent another shutdown. What do we need to do. I gotta solution. Why don't we still the. Why do we have open borders. You don't good all right. So here's another reason. We know the democrats are complete frauds on this issue. Besides the fact that they'll high tell it from texas to washington. Dc and attend can where some of them contract covert. The white house lies about it. Apparently vp. Kamala harris had to be tested. But they're not concerned about people that are literally invading literally invading our country. We're on pace to hit what two million whereas that article on the forgotten man. Anyway i have to find it later. We're on pace to hit two million illegal crossings this year crickets absolute crickets. But they're concerned about the wu han virus just being line to so the left is using covert to essentially fundamentally changed her system. That's my issue. That's my issue with mass. That's my issue with lockdowns. I'm not saying i'm anti. I'm not anti i'm not antibac- sir. I'm not any of that stuff. But i'm looking at who's in charge. And how they're abusing their power. And all i'm asking you to do is to think critically you gavin newsom believes this stuff when he shuts down the state destroys jobs destroys the california economy. He's not worried about it because he knows the rest of us around the united states will will pay for it but he destroys lives in california and then he says you know what californians. You're so dumb. I can destroy your lives. I can destroy your businesses. I can put your home foreclosure. Your car is going to be rebuilt so make sure you lock it in your garage. But i'll give you six hundred dollars make you feel good. Patchy on the head and you'll vote for me again. That's who the left is so they use kobe to fundamentally change america our medical supplies. What are we gonna do about that. We're the republicans talking about this. Are we to continue to trust. I communist country with our medical supplies with our very lives. People that are lying about the wu ham virus. There's no evidence. There's no evidence. There is common sense. Unbelievable where the republicans fighting for americans. Where are they see. Here's here's the difference between me and perhaps others see. I expect the left act like the left. But now i know who the left are. They're not just the left. They're freaking communist. Okay okay got it. Where are the republicans. Fighting for american jobs where the republicans saying we need to get manufacturing. We need more manufacturing. And our country to day for joe schmo for the average american for the blue-collar worker where are the republicans. Saying that over. I wanna hear it repeatedly over and over and over again. There's no way we should be relying on a communist country for our very lives are very health are very safety. How nuts are we. This is crazy. This is carl jackson for larry elder. We'll be back in a few. I'll take more your call. Portions of the larry elder show brought to you in part by job creators network. Now carl jackson for the saved on the larry elder show. Okay welcome back to the larry elder show. I'm your guest host. Carl jackson sitting in for the great l. Dursey the number to call triple eight nine seven one seven two four three again. Triple eight nine one. Seven two four three. I'm gonna get into the election integrity issue but I'm just. I'm tired of how the left has been using the lockdowns in order for in order to gain more power. And i want you guys to be able to see what they're doing. I know many of you that listen to the salem radio network a lot of you get it a lot of you get it. Maybe some of you don't but maybe there's some some in the listening audience. Maybe you're listening for the first time. And i just want you to think through this stuff. If the left really believed believed that it was eight threat an existential threat just like they talk about global warming as a next central reading and they and they they they fly these jets and everything else if they believed we wouldn't have open borders. If they believed it you wouldn't saw you wouldn't have seen the texas democrats high talent to washington dc without mask. They don't believe in. This is how they are taking power from us. Let's go to the lines. Real quick before i get to the arizona audit because there's a lot to talk about their. We'll talk about the The the the the georgia election as well We've got dan in hopkins minnesota dan. You've got the mike. Carl you could leave the you could leave the calvary of salem host and do the swing state tour from the mountain tops. The election fraud. Let let me tell you may be the only one other than gorka. That's talking about it. Nobody's talking about it the crying. Shame my friend. we'll listen. I listen. I respect and i love every single one of them. Thanks for the call by the way And i know someone Listen i i look at people. For instance like Like dennis prager that takes up the cause For for covert nineteen in the wuhan virus in the lockdowns and the masking in everything. The left is going to basically do this. Trial run for a police state. And i gotta tell you all of these other issues all of these issues all of these things that we're doing our symptomatic so i do appreciate it. I am going to talk about election fraud. But i never questioned The the other hosts. Here's what i know. I know that they love america. I know that they want republicans win. I know that they want these state legislatures to get this thing right. So dan I do appreciate the call But listen i look at. I don't know there's a anyway. let's Let's go on. I do want to talk about the. Actually let's go to. Let's go back to the lines Let's talk to you. let's talk to shannon in north carolina. Shannon you've got the mike i As far as Now it's good to hear you Ten seven with you before. I did a fine job. Thank you As far as far as The voter all about. That's they say there's nothing can be done even though they realized that the election results them that. And there's no precedent for it. Well created president you know reclaim the presidency anyway. As far as viruses concerned prone of interest. I don't believe that it's what it is. There's been a lot of deaths. And all that. And i believe is real but the flute just kind of went away. They're trying to control believe that right. We've got about thirty seconds. Oh okay and i'm kind of blanking right now. There's so many different things you're calling you're calling about cubans being locked out of asylum. Yeah yeah yeah. That's that's racist as it comes and they say oh just we. We love everyone. You open the borders. We everyone here. But they don't want to compete the cubans because they'll probably vote republican. They know what communism is. Thank you god bless you bless you shannon. I don't. I don't believe that it's i don't believe that it's racism. I believe they're just scared. The cubans will come in and vote republican the people coming across the southern border. They're not as concerned about william. Can you repeat what you told me. that's Okay all right. So i just believe that. These people don't love the cubans love freedom. As a matter of fact where is it man. This is from so cuban protesters Worn americans hat tip forgotten. Man cuba protesters worn americans who take root rivera He was a Bleeping terrorist. Protesters gathered outside the white house on thursday evening to urge bite him to act in support of the protests ongoing in cuba. This week Tobe breitbart news the mainstreaming of cash or regime a regime mass murderer nestle rivera in american undermines the suffering of those he killed in a lot of people. Sadly don't know this. And i mean not to mention this guy said some really racist stuff about blacks and then you got fools like colin kaepernick. That aware t shirts from from this guy. It's just absolutely nuts. It's absolutely insane. But they fear cubans because they believe cubans will vote for freedom because cubans really know what. It's like to live under a dictatorship. It's as simple as that. So the number to call into the program is triple eight. Nine seven one seven two four three. That's triple eight nine seven one seven two four three again. You're listening to the larry elder show. I am your special guest host. Carl jackson filling in for the great elderski. You can follow me on twitter at carl jackson. Show you can follow me on facebook or like me on facebook. Carl jackson radio. You can check out my website. Carl jackson show dot com when we get back from the other side of the break. I'm going to go into this arizona audit and what they're finding as well as what they're finding in the state of georgia. Listen we live in a free country. I want free elections. I want secure elections. No one should have to. We'll be back in a few all right. Welcome back to the larry elder show. This is carl jackson. Sitting in for larry elder coming to you live from the relief dot com studio the number to call in triple eight nine seven one seven two four three. That is triple eight nine. Seven one seven two four three all right props american greatness arizona audit finds a massive irregularities including more than seventy four thousand mellon ballots counted then mailed out another headline props to the federalist georgia's secretary of state explains why he's just now discovering more than ten thousand illegal votes cast in twenty twenty so let's dive into these so more mellon ballots were received then mailed out in the state of arizona. More than seventy four thousand mail. In ballots were received in maricopa county. Arizona then appear to have been mailed out. You heard me right. Let me say that again. More than seventy four thousand mellon ballots were received america. County then appear to have been mailed out this coming from a forensic audit according to the auditors. Seventy four thousand two and forty. Three mail in ballots were counted with no clear record of them. Ever being sent seventy four thousand two hundred forty. Three mail in ballots were counted with no clear record of them ever being sent see. Here's the thing this is. Why defend my colleagues on on on salem. Were it not for the lockdowns. This wouldn't have been possible. It's as simple as that. These lockdowns allowed democrats in my opinion to cheat and to stretch laws and unfortunately we had a bunch of feckless. Republicans and uninformed a republicans bid didn't know their duties out of the power that they had in the state legislatures under the constitution. So this is what we get their own. Ascendant is led by senate president karen fan and she held a hearing on thursday to discuss the preliminary preliminary results of the first phase of the audit that occurred in maricopa county. The state senate her testimony from three witnesses involved in the audit the first witnesses from cyber ninjas. He's the ceo his name is doug logan the second witnesses from arizona audit liaison or he's in arizona. Audit liaison can bennett. And then ben. Cotton is the ceo and founder of site x services so during the hearing the auditors revealed that maricopa county still to this day has not provided many materials needed to complete the audit including routers. The chain of custody documentation and images of the mail in ballot. Why do you think that's occurring the ballots. Provided by maricopa county are logan's information on the balanced provided by maricopa. County should have matched up but they were way off the mark. We're gonna go into detail when it comes to the numbers. Something fishy happened. We have to make sure that it doesn't happen again. I see a caller and we'll get to the caller is our country doom. Not as long as you're they're not as long as you keep fighting. We have no choice. We have no choice but to keep fighting pro jackson for larry. Elder will be back.

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