Episode 259 The Jakarta Method


We need to talk about ideas, good ones and bad ones. We need to learn stuff about the world. We need an honest, intelligent thought, provoking and entertaining view of what the hell happened on this planet in the last seven days we need to sit back and listen to the Iron Fist and the Belleville Glove. Dealers now. Heightening to saved. And are really high connaught. And I get really angry if somebody. Misleads or deceives me. When I should have now in Betta. I shouldn't be not a wicked eyup. Facility ease we've been told a story of ant, the United States and its activities around the world. The story was that they won the war. The help the countries I defeated. Along the way after the would. I defeated the. The Evil Communists and I. Encourage the will to pursue freedom and democracy. That they are initiative and drive created new industries and I deserve this success. The most of the seventy years we were subjected to anti Soviet propaganda. Is If that would devils who seated evil communism around the world. The demise of the Soviet Union. The focus has shifted to China. John is not perfect, is indeed deeply flawed and I certainly do not want to leave under a Chinese rule. But it is a mistake decided that the Chinese other bad guys. The Americans of the good guys and we should therefore support in the Americans. The truth is the. Bad guys. And we should follow my line path. Many people look at the US. I see his suing the principles of. Truth Justice, freedom and equality. But the opposite is true in the proof of this is in America's foreign policy I've lost seventy years. Today many people speculate that if unchecked China could flex its power and control and subjugates Mola, countries. That it could force, its will communist agenda onless powerful countries. That if necessary would kill gile and terrorize vast populations to achieve times. The listener the terrible truth is the for seventy years the US I. Has Been Conducting. The same sort of terrorism campaign that we fear, the Chinese will start. Mice people are on a way of just. HOW BADLY AMERICA'S HIVED! I've recently just completed reading a book cold the. Jakarta method. By Vincent Bevan's and In recent I lost fees offered some interesting books I think. Some of the most influential one of them would have been the shock doctrine by Niamey Klein. In the divide by Jason Hickel. And all right I write this book. The Jakarta method, but Vincent Bevan's wrought up. The with is on top handfuls of books. That's. That's. Extremely important at such an important story to tell in a highly recommend the go out and bought. One I'm going to do in this podcast is. He's basically. Look what he said in the book and rely a lot of that to you. And try and pint of picture of of exactly what the US has been up to. I've lost seventy years. Said hopefully, none of you listening to this podcast will ever again suggest the Erica stains for the principles of truth Justice Freedom, equality. It will necessarily be an account of of the bad things that the US has done. and. In the context of comparing the US in China for example. In this podcast on a list of all the bad things challenge done. This is a bit of a history lesson. I've a what the US is being up to. as part of its foreign policy for the last seventy years. and. We'll go into some detail of some of the stuff that we've really brushed ever in this podcast in the LAS obvious so pleased with this book that I'm going to be. Taking, what from the bottom? The Jakarta MIFID Vincent Bevan's? Please read it. Read it twice. Many join this podcast because you reject the nonsense of religious dogma, and you pride yourself on being rational enough to spot snake, oil, salesmen and clerical close. I'm asking you to. I've AECOM seventy years of pro US indoctrination. Just as you kind two thousand years of religious doctrine nation so. Again to emphasize I'm not saying you should be pry China. Um, sign that powerful manipulators piney picture of China and you need to constantly assists. What is likely to be tree in what is likely to be false and Aden things likely to be true. You need to say what is fair. Criticism in what is a beat up I. Have Nothing. And when you find real and terrible challenge behavior darkness that the Mirror of the American response. Is The answer now. The treaties that the Americans have probably already done something just as bad. The answer doesn't have to be America. So. Let's start. In this book. Vincent. Starts Bicycling Post will to. And the world's to. Go to new global. Europe Spain wakened badly by the war, and the planet is broken into places. We've got a lot of. Former, colonial POWs that have been broken badly so. They have got territories which they used to control. That were either taken by the Japanese and they want to regain control law. The case of the Japanese they controlled territory, and that's Nasdaq, and often. There's a lot of territory in the will that was previously controlled by colonial pals that sadly the people have got a sniffer freedom. In terms of the world we've got the first world, which is the advanced Western countries we've got the second world, which is basically the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc and we've got the third world, which is. People who with very few expects exceptions had leaped onto the control of European colonialism cy. In nineteen fifty, that was about two thirds of the world's population. So I. Will to. President Truman. Highlighted Communism. And he had a problem in grace. There was a civil war. As great communists who had fought against the Nazis were going well. In Trim and wanted to interfere. So. He came up with what became known as the Truman Doctrine. In, the Truman doctrine walls as he was quite telling Congress quite. It must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities will by outside pressures. That's basically. The US is in toddler Guinea involved in other countries. So. That was his doctrine, which was used as a reason for. Taking action against the Communists in the Greek civil war. and. Allied to that at the same time as sort of anticommunist President Truman, we had Will, he had to get domestic support You've got a country that's already banged awards. Probably war want solids, boys I'm doesn't want to necessarily get involved in anymore and. Is the advisor trimming was that in order to get the American people inside? You need to scare the hell out of the American people about communism. Scare them enough then they'll come on board with whatever you want to do to bring it down. So this helped. Kick off McCarthyism. which was driven by the president in the FBI and nine after Senator Joseph McCarthy Who with the House UNAMERICAN activities commission. Led a wall search for communists in the US government. So. The Truman doctrine were allowed to interfere in other countries. McCarthyism let's look full communists wherever we can fall in them. And all night I mix. It became accepted fact that the cyber threats with pushing for revolution worldwide. That wherever communist with prison that will plotting to overthrow the government? And that we're doing so on the older of the cyber threats as part of a vast global conspiracy to destroy the waist. Now, when you actually look at the history, a lot of these countries. More often than not the Soviet latest, she was telling Communist groups in various countries to take it easy dined. Create, a revelation, trying lick with the government's trying to get a foothold as part of the the government intends of coalitions in not to actually. Create revolutions in in fact, they even told now that top to back off and dunked to just work with. The government of the die in any end. To different approach, but Vista, the notion that the was signed a little communist friends around the world yet, boys. Having in a revolution when the chains that is just not the case, but that was the theory. Now this book is entitled. The dichotomy and such can spend a little time looking at Indonesia and Australia and dealers and I'll have to face that until recent times on you nothing about invasion, history and unfunny at Fascinating Hynde. Darris at how little previously new the AD a country! That's an northern Aiba and obviously sound important side. WE'RE GONNA LEARN TO BE. Easier in this one. So. Early Indonesia Indonesia had been controlled by the Dutch the centuries in in mobile to Japan took control. After the war. The touch thought I could just move back in. So there a war of independence as you would expect with the locals said. And Gone Cold Sakano. He took power in doing so he. He sort of clashed with the Communists. and eventually expelled the Dutch in nineteen forty nine, so he was a fairly independent monitored guide side laced in. He didn't want formal alliances with Russia or America, but he had enough credit points from fighting the communists in order to gain power that Americans were with him. So, that's early Indonesia. We're going to move in a timeline here. D Listener. We're going to scoot around the world. Working out wide through the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, and end an inducting back and forth amongst these countries signed. That sets up early early Indonesia for. Let's move ahead now to nine fifty, three and Iran. and. We've got I new president at that point is and. WHO! Had appointed the Dallas brothers into significant positions Appointed John Foster Dallas said as secretary of state in tapped younger brother Allen, Dallas delayed. The Cei- and these guys are obsessed with. Finding and fighting communism wherever. They, sword, and. Basically. In Iran. I mean look at Iran to die in in what we've got with this Islamic theocracy that's in control. It all comes back to what happened. Naughty fifty three with US intervention. Bicycling. A duly elected Prime Minister Muhammad Muscle Dick. Had Control of the country. and. At that time the British oil companies head at righteous deals with. keeping all of the money that the Mike in from oil, our extracting from Iran and these deals that were done with with corrupt dictators from previous eras so. This happens a lot in developing the will. D Not where? You'll find that. You've got oil-rich countries while countries that are rich in natural resources that lodge multinational corporations. Cut Deals with corrupt dictators. Then duly elected, progressive reformers mean IVA Thri the dictators. And then talk to these multinationals and say that deal is not fair. We can't continue on that basis. We can come to a more reasonable deal. But you can't have that deal because it is just ridiculous. Andy Listener in. In Law if you make deals With people who are incapable because I don have authority. those deals get get. quashed. It's a similar situation here. These companies have got nice sympathy for them. They ny deals that were grossly unfair to the countries that I would dealing with. Dealing, they got them because of corrupt practices by. dictators at the time Cy. have sympathy for these companies at all. They did all this work develop stuff. And now it's taken off them. Anybody who enters into. Deals like this has to do so on the understanding eventually when the people gun control of the country, the going to cannon and want something different side. That's part of what happens when you as a as A. As a corrupt international company deal with a corrupt dictator and Mike a corrupt deal. You have to expect that some point. It's going to get either throng. Anyway back to Iran so most Dick. He! He basically wanted to cut a deal with with the British oil. Company and I just wouldn't come into by win prepared to budget all and initially the US was not interested in helping the British and basically like come on, guys. You know this is not. This is not a fair deal. You can't really expect to hang onto that but. They were convinced that. In fact. It was something that I wanted to get involved with. And now this is not conjecture. This is not. Fanciful stuff in some sort of smokey conspiracy that ninety really can be sure about like. This is established fact that the US. Through! Its CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt. Took enormous steps to create havoc in Iran, and he had a million dollars to spend Hey, and the CIA broad every politician that I could. Buy looked for a general willing to take Iva. Ending stole the Shah Tida. The CIA Pied Street thugs strongmen in circuits performance to wrought in the Straits they created pamphlets and Pastas, proclaiming that Mosig was a communist an enemy of Islam so. And, I hide gangsters to pretend to be. Members of muscle aches, party and attack a mosque so. They basically went around with a massive propaganda campaign against Moscow Dick and and in the end successfully overthrowing. What we end up with the shower of your? The Shah who they installed who obviously became unpalatable to the people we ended up with the I taller coming in, and we ended up with the Iran of today like it's all a direct result of the US interference. In that country and this isn't fanciful stuff. We know the case. So that guy, you've the US some sense of success because. I could say that they could change. The government of country. With with a few street thugs in a propaganda campaign and enough money. And tap the people on the Shalva. You could change government. So that was Iran nodding fifty three. Let's cross the will to Guatemala Prior to World War Two. There was a pro Nazi dictator. He corruptly five, the landed aristocracy and foreign corporations. In knowing forty four, there was a revolution. And more progressive government managed to get a tie hauled. Managed to get power, so that was not forty four suspected the time that the US government was too busy looking at the Dealing with signaled water sort of pie much attention to what was happening in Guatemala so any line rather progressive group gets into pairing nine forty four. In owning fifty to. The government, the democratically elected one. wanted to into a process of land reform. And what they wanted to do was. BACK UNUSED LANE IN PIE official value. So. They, basically signed two groups like the United Fruit Company. You've got land at it. Know you're not using in the books you've got it listed this baillieu. Way GonNa pay you for that lane because we want APP, peasants and people to be able to use it. Now the United Fruit company wasn't happy because it's been it in its books undervalued. It's lane in order to avoid tax. In. The government at the time Guatemala the Communists were part of the government coalition. But the government was clearly drawn to take. Guatemala to Fullwood as a modern capitalist state today it had. Ended Communist as part of its coalition, but. It was definitely on the track of being a modern communist. A modern capitalist state. Side but you not afraid company complained of a Communist threat. which was completely unwarranted? In this case with the United Fruit Company. That particular company had deep ties with Washington side. This is from wikipedia. The relationship between the Eisenhower Administration in the United Company demonstrated the influence of corporate interest in US foreign policy. So John Foster Dulles mentioned before. He was a member of a law firm which had represented United Fruit his brother Alan Director of the C.. I was a board member of United Fruit. United Fruit. Company's the only company now to have a CI Krypton. The brother of the assistant secretary of staife into near say is. At, once, being president of the United Fruit. And Its principal lobbyist was married to is in house personal secretary, so many people who directly influenced US policy towards Guatemala. Had direct ties to the United Fruit company so. The company said. They Communist and The had all these. People, in Washington who are deeply connected with them. and. That was enough. So, what did America do well? The basically my three coup attempts, and it was the one that worked so. What I really wanted to create a pretext for intervention cy. The! Really wanted some sort of excused coming and interfere in the country. So, The the president at the time uncovered the planes full the third coup attempt in even publish them in the Guatemalan price, but the see I was side, confident That they organized Tony. Rebel force around General Carlos Castillo Amas in basically. The US dropped bombs on the capital of Guatemala now these. bums nicknamed so foss will sulfite laxatives, because they job is not to do damage, but to make the president and everyone around himself ride. That would fill it paints so. This the US got to actually dropping bombs on the Guatemalan capital, and the president realized that the US was determined to to asked him said he contemplated giving in. and. At the time line, it was a twenty five year old Argentinian doctor living in Guatemala. City at the time nine to Shaggy Vera. Volunteered to go to the front and he'll. fought the rebels. But instead the president resigned in handed I of a payout to a colonel as who was head of the armed forces. And D has had said to the president that he had an understanding from the North Koreans that if he took Pale then it will be I think. So, he took pal. And What happened was. A few days after this general took POW say. Is Tyson chief John Dougherty? Set Him Dan, said let me explain something to you. You might a big mistake when you guy but the government. You're not convenient for the requirements of American foreign policy and this Jan was shot in the ASTA. The ambassador himself in the best, said not. You're not the main and. In fact, show Ds, a long list of Guatemalans who would need to be shot immediately? Indiana's the general said why. And the ambassador. said. because they call me this. This is the sign investor who had been transferred from Greece. So. Castillo Armas. The US five or took Iva. And Ran Up in executed between three thousand and five thousand supporters of the President of the likes of the president. We've got the US bombing the country in schooling. It's fine dictator. And giving a list of nine to kill. Can you imagine if? This is the sort of thing. People think China would do today. That's Guatemala. It gets worse for Guatemala, but we'll go on. Shaggy, Vera Lynn and listen from that he learned. He need to fight to. Our. He hit it off to Mexico. Let's trouble back to Indonesia. Kana was president. We had an on wheel parliamentary system with several coalition partners including the Communist. And in the nineteen fifties the Communist Party the P. Kyw. was improving all the time largely because they were the least corrupt in the nice helpful to the people. So. At that town. Sakano said was quite independent minded, and he didn't mind getting a bit of lip to the US and the US decided he'd made to be to for them say they decided to hold. He's the C.. I decided to hold cicadas to the fallout so. In nineteen, fifty seven. The US started arming reveals to create problems in Indonesia. Just tend to the wrong part of the book. Basically Bombs started being dropped pipelines on Indonesian military and commercial shipping village on vessels. On the fifteenth of mine explosions hit a market killing by morning shoppers. In Christians attending church. Actual bombs being dropped by real lines. And the US was denying that it had anything to do with it. Our rebels who doing it's not us. In fact. The New York Times at the because the the the Indonesians signing. US You can stop doing this. What are you doing in the US of science? Not Us then he'll times. Lambasted CICADA and his government in a mine on editorial fidel cutting. The issue is that the US would intervene in the conflict. Well. Nineties lighter. The Indonesians managed to shoot down one of the planes. Captured the pilot. Is Nine was Alan Lawrence pipe a CIA agent. The pilots taking off from Singapore and Obviously CI. Agents dropping bombs and helping the rebels against. So. At that point. The The US decided. Well we've been cool in such. An obvious fashion will pull back from this obvious method that we're using here with silicon and. What they realized was that the military was the why guy in a situation like Indonesia sight. To improve they. Their relationship with the Indonesian military. Sakano was in a juggling act he was. He had a communist. The PK I. Who will popular with the people? He was having to juggle a demands. He had the Indonesian Armed Forces. Who will largely? Anti Communist. And remembering that all of them I had been in the beginning very prior nationalist, they mind. Deal, at the beginning was to get rid of the Dutch side I rolled together at that point in getting rid of the Dutch and then the differences. So the US to saw to use. The Indonesian Armed Forces to construct an eighty communist front now. What I did was I started inviting Indonesian soldiers for training in the US I mostly at Fort Leavenworth. So? Non and fifty four over twelve soldiers trying in the US USI from Indonesia. Fifty eight at the time of this sort of bombing that I mentioned when the show town there was zero. A year later, there were forty one Indonesian soldiers trying in the US, I. In boy nine threes on to that there was at least a thousand. Indonesian. Soldiers training in the US. And they obviously being trying In warfare, but they will side being indoctrinated into. Americanisms and In particular anticommunist sentiment. So. Also that taunts Sakata had to give the military extra panelist deal with is rebels in those the military. As a result of that got involved in all sorts of other things, fishing farming in construction so military than. Got Extra, pay out. They had all sorts of businesses the Dow. A conducting in that becomes important lighter on in east team, or if we get to that in the story on the show if we will. But, basically the military were very to give away east team because they were making money out of these team will. site. That's the setup in Indonesia where the Americans. Dropped some bombs CEI-. Agent cooled red-handed interfering and the US. let's get with the. the armed forces and will spend a few years. American using them. That's bubbling align the background. Meanwhile nine sixteen, the con God. The congas I elected prime minister was Patrice Lumumba. Immediately faced with the breakdown of order. There was an army revolt wall suspicious groups from the mineral rich crumbs of Tanga. By then the in Belgium paratroopers. The colonial Powell returned supposedly to restore security. Sally wins in election duly elected immediately. Kyle is the caring. Mumba fight full mystic! He turned to the side Union. Fulfil this set of panic in London Washington. Who'd feed? The Siamese would get a foothold in Africa much the done in Cuba. In the White House president is now hill. The National Security Council meeting in the summer of nineteen sixty. In, which at one point he turned to his say I. Director News The would eliminated intense of what he wanted done with Lumumba. The CIA got to work came up with a series of planes ranging from snipers to poisoned to paste to get rid of the leader. By carry out because the CIA man on the ground Larry Devlin said he was reluctant to see them through in the end. The Mumba was killed by troops loyal to Joseph Mobutu. Who was the CIA backed I'm chief. this will happen. Three days before giant kind was sworn in. By Szekely. Lumumba was killed before the CIA could get to him. An army chief. Backed by the CIA. Mobutu took over the second largest country in sub. Saharan Africa stage public. of his rivals built a dictatorship became out of America's closest allies in Africa. These are the sorts of things that people are worried. The China Middle Day. America has already done. We neither did it's on. The record swam back nine sixty. Kita nineteen sixty one. Giant kyw actually inherited the by you've pigs, invasion plans. The mercenaries would training in Guatemala. SHAG AVERA was on its Munis in Cuba, and he wasn't a bad to allow a repeat of Guatemala. Side a by of Pigs was disaster. And the US I had taken such public hit on that they couldn't do the the same thing again so nothing is public as that so. ironically. Food is after the invasion SA-. Khanna Indonesia visited Washington But he didn't bring up the parallels with what the with what had happened to him to non fifty eight with the US bombing. He's He's on encountering. Stealing nine and sixty one Iraq. Outside of Indonesia. The largest communist party was in Iraq. The Iraqi communist contemplated Iva throwing the Dick Tida al.. Qassim. But the it's advised against it. Washington backed a successful coup by the anticommunist Ba'ath party which immediately crushed the Communist. slowed. UNTOLD NUMBERS With a chief torture of being Saddam sign. That across the world, stealing nine, sixty, one, nine, sixty to resume. My South American countries Had to try the Spanish, but Brazil was Portuguese. And the Portuguese rule family had fled to Brazil united nights seven when Nepal when Napoleon invited. The had been a long serving left-wing. Voss prison and cold God became president in nineteen sixty one he. He promoted such righteous things such as universal vibrating. Increased Literacy and landforms. He visited President Kennedy inaudible, sixty two and shortly afterwards Kennedy met the US Ambassador to Brazil and agreed to spend millions of dollars on anti Django plans for the election. To prepare the ground for a military coup, if necessary because I saw him as a Communist. So Money Porty in. More subtly than in Guatemala and Iran. That's the Blink Y. Ninety sixty three, Vietnam. Kennedy ordered the Ambassador in South Vietnam to facilitate the removal of President Diem. The scene I passed the would down to a local general. Said, damn was kidnapped and killed whereas giant CACTUS wanted him removed not killed. A few weeks later, jive was killed. Back to Brazil. So, there was a coup led by General Humberto Castelo Branco. WHO HAD TRAINED GATEWAY? Fort Leavenworth you signed. So? The coup was non sixty four Django fled to Uruguay. Began US State Department began operation dubbed brother. Same at my tank is ammunition and aircraft carriers available to the conspirators. These not needed. I mean Jenga was a Julie elected? Leader. In the US doesn't give a shit. Brazil was different in that the US interference was obvious than previous ventures, and it was my easier because Brazil had a unique sort of anticommunist culture as a result of its history back in the thirties. As. A result of that Brazil would not hall now the Democratic Election for twenty five years. Back to Indonesia, nine, sixty three. Remember? We've got the Has had at least two thousand soldiers a Yeeha being trained by the US. So known and sixty-three, nearly a third of the country's registered voters will pk all affiliates Communist affiliates. The peak by the PK I had been peaceful. The head no arms. And had my vice because at that stage they win. Any elections economy was was running what he called a God democracy meaning a dictatorship. The military was anticommunist and allied to the Muslims and was increasingly powerful. So I. Took on the United Kingdom. Either Malaria side the Yucai at created Malaysia but had excluded Singapore. The reason I did that was. They didn't want. Timmy Chinese Communist sympathizers in Malaysia so I- segregated Singapore yeah. So the US supported the Yucai. In return for the UK supporting the US in Vietnam. San Much for freedom Sakano became. Publicly Eighteen American and American I dried up. Except why kind of money for the Indonesian Army? which the Americans? That was flowing very freely so? At that time off, Vietnam. The US destroy maddox was in Vietnamese waters It violated the International Twelve Mall limit and Ivan fire on three. Vietnamese patrol boats. Two days lighter. Fought their iron shadows creating excuse for. Thousand Minds Johnson to start a full war in Vietnam. Imagine if we say that and had used China instead of Yusei. Chinese. But we don't seem decide the USA. So three lighter Sukarno established relations with high teaming government just so annoyed with the arrogance, and it was prickly, so he's he's signed stuff you. Can, you can start, but I'm to be bites with it mean. An actually most Indonesians agreed with Cana because they cherish the the idea of independence from colonial power. They recognized Vietnam. Having got rid of the. Well originally occupied by the French. With, fighting for their freedom in in the Indonesians had done exactly the same thing. The directly after the Second World War. Say That quite sympathetic to what Vietnam was trying to do. At the time the US. I had a really good guy ambassador. Cool jeans, who just can't seem to have been a decent guy who understood Indonesia? Into undestood the communists were actually just socialists who were progressive and trying to do the right thing within the system. So they really good. Guy John's because that ready to take action. And what they really wanted. the say, I m I seeks wanted to goad the Indonesian communist into a premature coup that could provoke an army response. We get to an event. The thirtieth of September nineteen sixty five in Indonesia. and. Australia New Nabi vent. I didn't know better until very recent toned. It's embarrassing. This story and This particular incident that I'm going to describe. I mean fifty five years later and we still be sure exactly what happened. I'm going to give you the version from. Vincent! Devon's book the Jakarta method. There are Outta versions at the make up your mind. So thirtieth September nineteen sixty five Indonesia. Six generals were captured and killed by a rebel group in the army. Tried to get seven, but got six. It was. Most likely. It was an internal on movement that the the PK. I the PK High Communists did not help organize. It's it seems very plausible. That Sahata Nazi. Kanye's a new character Suharto. Was General A lower ranking general in the infant in the Indonesian military. It seems plausible. It's hot. I planed infiltrated the group to engineer his rise to power. Because everything, Sahata, did you? Tiber suggests he was executing an anticommunist counterattack plan that had been developed in advance, not simply reacting crisis so. These rebels tried to capture the top seven generals. Got Six of them. The rebels would quickly captured dealt with. General killed intron down well. Even the reminding seventh general was high ranking. Sahata I just took control in the way that a man you. What was happening? in advance would take control. And, he blamed the communist straight up. It said it's the PK on, and you might fanciful stories. They awarded being done what the what the peak I communist were planning to do. Need demonized the PK AOI described. The generals are being tortured and have. Will be dealt with and described really gruesome things in and said this is what these communist going to do to the rest of us. And and. He beat up a propaganda, a bad communist involvement in that. Uprising! Siamese side to die Indonesians celebrate the anniversary as of an anti communist national ritual. If there were any communist involved. In that plot. Would have been the top handful. At most of The Communist leadership, and certainly not. A million Indonesians. Anyway, Very early on the us-backed. Sahata this incoming, general either CICADA. and. With the PK Communist pint is evil in CICADA. Basically they ran a propaganda campaign through the the media. Painting, the Communists is evil in Kana. The all guy had to support the military with its anti PKI rhetoric. Because emergence had been stood up so much that if if Sakano would sit all come on, it's not really the case. Nobody would've swallowed it and he's having to do with a military coup cohere essentially. He's trying to cling onto PR say. Bake high communist I can. Anyway. The army then proceeds to torture ripened slowdown every communistic good fine. Mass killings. Readers starting to bank up and be blocked by the number of bodies. Did in the rivers. People were arrested. disappeared. In, no one was sure what was happening. This is one of the things like people would be rounded up and taken ally in their families wouldn't know what had happened. That went short. I've dated what had happened to them. There was this there was a sense of just not knowing so. That was a big part of it. All, so the Muslim Youth Wing helped out. Now US officials might clear. That Sukarno had to be removed. And the attacks on US investments had to be halted. In Bali. Five percent of the population was executed over few months fulfill. With a political party that had been tightly legal in mind stream just weeks earlier. The Communist by the Kayak was a legitimate, just political party in Indonesia. But if you any links to that party after this event, your rounded up and disappeared. You could have been just an ordinary. Union organizer shop floor is to get better conditions here in the organizing. Sing alongs at said Dino. Function like just the most. Innocent of people would look up as a supposedly part of the plotters of killing these six generals. Anyone Sakata I was forced to resign and at that time the western press. was basically repeating the narrative piddle by the new government and just sign. It was inexplicable tribal violence that had broken out in irrationally outburst. Deal is. Between Five, hundred thousand and a million people were slaughtered. And? A million mole will put into concentration camps. All I view as trying. These military in modified the Mindy Communist, but yeah I didn't actually do it themselves to die, won't. US assistance snaps from Wikipedia Bradley Simpson Director of the Indonesia. East Documentation Project at the National Security Archives. Contains that. Declassified documents indicate that the United States provided economic, technical and military I to the army soon after the killing started and continued to do so long after it was clear, a widespread slaughter was taking place in northern Sumatra and other places. In the expectation, that US assistance would contribute to this. Thir- The evidence for this funding has been substantiated by cable was sent from Ambassador Grain after meeting. The say is who Tova. The Assistant Secretary of State Bill Bundy. One advocating full payments to be sent to Anti Communist fighter Adam Malik. Reading from the the cable. This is confirmed my. Concurrence that we provide Malik with fifty million repairs been ten thousand dollars. Fraternities of the Gap Gestapo Movement the army. But the civilian stopped group is still carrying burden of current repressive efforts. L., willingness to assist him in this matter will I think represent in Malaysia. Mind our endorsement of his present role in the army's anti PK our efforts. And promote good cooperating relations between him in the army. The, chances of detection, subsequent revelation of support in this instance are as minimal as any black flag oppression candidate. Other cables from grain to the State Department suggested that the United. States played a role in developing elements of the Anti Communist propaganda following the. Alleged ACC- PIQUIONNE activities. In a cable from October fifth quite we can help Shaik developments to our advantage spread. The story of PK is guilt, tree and brutality. He went decided it would welcome the awoke goal to blacken the of Pie in the eyes of the people. Side, the US was funding civilian murderers who carrying at Omni assassinations and admitted its help in this terrible propaganda campaign, the pilot a picture of p-a-k Communis. That then encouraged Indonesians to kill them. It gets worse again from wikipedia. In Minority Noni, the Stein used service published a study by journalists. Kathy Kettani we tied lauded significant US involvement in the killings. Kadena quoted Robert Martins hoodwinked. The US embassy assigned that Sane. US diplomats and Officials. Provided least of approximately five thousand nine of communist operatives to the Indonesian army, while it was hunting down and killing members the Communist Party of Indonesia. And alleged sympathizers. Martin's told Cadena that quote. It really was a big help to the army. They probably killed a lot of people. Probably have a lot of blood on my hands, but that's not all bad. This is Tom, and you have to strike hard at a decisive moment. In quite. Godina I write that approval for the release of ninth journalist kind from top US. Embassy officials. Marshall Grain and deputy chief of Mission Jack. Liederman And political section chief, it would cost. This stuff in the Shiites about this. Essentially this compelling evidence that the US provided the Indonesian. With a list to help them out. Because in the of the US, was surprising hail. The Indonesian army was in terms of finding the communist to kill Sally. The helped him out. Again. This is the sort of thing that we think China might get up to if. It's already happened. It's it's terrible. This morning show not too bad then. So. The incoming guy. He consolidates his rule. and. American companies like General Electric, American Express Caterpillar and Goo deal all explore business opportunities while one million Indonesians iron concentration camps. Comparable to what you'd find or imagined in the Soviet Union. Let's cross I have to Chile nineteen seventy. Salvadorian die one narrowly inaudible seventy. He was a socialist and amongst intellectual. Henry Kissinger. National Security Adviser to Nixon said. I don't I don't see why we need to stand by. What country got communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people? Are really more from. This book the. One thing about this book is. Obviously guys in a much more daytime, but he also paints pictures from ordinary people at the time and follows their personal experiences which Really adds the story and. This might be sad and just angry. The signed sign-on at what had happened to these people. Kissinger also said I want to work on this on military relations putting more money on the Economic Saad. We wanted to give him call ticky. We'll be very cool and very correct, but doing these other things. A real message to Allende now this knowing impression should be permitted in Latin America that they can get away with this. Now Impression In Latin America that you can elect a leftist government is what Kissinger assigned? This is from the country. Truth Justice equality. Anyway. They apply in economic squeeze. This is the template that's currently being used by the Lai in Venezuela Sandwich Law Combat Mature Act. This is the sort of exact. Chilean. Thing again. So the US. is encouraging the military in Chile. In I start with you on a plane. which cycle in within the military the Jakarta planned? To kill around ten thousand people. And in the capital of July. You start saying graffiti on the Wolves Jakarta's coming. So A is a real saints in the country the. Military tai-chi is is going to happen, and because I've seen it alive. I've seen it happening in these other countries. But the head of the military at the time was actually. Very sympathetic to the constitution. He was like Nye. The constitution says this is going to be president, so he is. While he was killed. Replacement was also sympathetic to the Constitution and let the end I continue. But? when he resigned, he immediately hopped to Buenos areas to get the country because he knew he was up. So, he left and went to Benetton to Buenos Aires. Lighter, he was assassinated. So inte-. General Pinna shy, who then becomes the hit of the military. We all know what happened September eleven nine, hundred, seventy three. I ends up barricading himself in. I think it was the pound Montoya or something like that and. Shot himself. And finish. I went ahead and killed around three thousand people. Known as many as ten, thousand died unusually planned on. Again enormous. US Hill offered to the military. and. You can just hear it in the woods that we've got from. Nixon end. Actually that last said before was from Nixon not from Kissinger. Let's move either to Cambodia. America organized a coup to a to get rid of Prince Sihanouk and installed lawn knol. During his rule, you is bombed Cambodia indiscriminately killing hundreds of thousands of people mostly peasants in a futile attempt to stop the Vietnamese communist moving through the countryside. United States three times the tonnage. Of Bombs on Cambodia as was dropped on Japan and would. That include the atomic bombs. Narrative organized a coup against Prince San okay, I said. The acid prince threw his support behind the Kamei Route Ninety. Anyone's faulting long on the US army. And, we all know. That! But did you buy? Genuine on seventy nine. Is after I'd started the Command Rouge Phil because the Vietnamese realized what was happening. And the Cambodians to cry their government. The US tries to recognize at the UN. The remnants of the Chimera Rouge rather than the Vietnamese allied government. Is Yon Back to the Kim My ruse wellm. Ding pain. Later of Challenger at the time was furious about. The Vietnamese, doing this in Cambodia Because the marriage was a Chinese Allen. And he threatened to invade Vietnam until prison encounter privately. Tell Prison Kata in prison. Inkatha privately promised help China if the sides threaten to help the Vietnamese. I will stay out of it, but at the of get involved China will help you. John you're invited. Vietnam nineteen seventy nine. But the Vietnamese would say good bye being fought and hard and long ninety five, so they kick. The CIA, but they thwarted the. Chinese attack. Needing on East Taymor nine seventy five. Non In seventy five. There was a Portuguese dictatorship. which fell. And the new Portuguese government. Decided to withdraw from its colonists. This included a team all. This is his team ward bicycling on the map is the fire east of. Indonesia clash two trillion. And SAHATA client he was threatened by the East Timorese Communists. Nixon. President Nixon Guide, Sahata. To tyke it to Tyke as team on an Operation Lotus, which killed three hundred thousand East Timorese. From nine to nine seventy nine. The Indonesian armed forces killed up to a third of the population. A high proportion than Pol Pot in Cambodia. This is by Suharto the. The US assisted. Military. Dictator He grabbed parent Indonesia. Back to Guatemala nothing racked by dictatorships. Since Jiji Vera left united on hdl Lia. The. Dictatorship supported by US Green. Berets conducts a terror campaign against any lift season subversives it can find. And uses to Cadillac. Tactics disappear tens of thousands of people. Nicaragua on seventy nine, the Sandinistas one. Ronald Reagan promptly begins funding the Contra rebels. I lean. Anytime lift ISH government. Popped up his head in Latin America the US kind Dan Hod Fanta military dictator. Guide systens, guiding the naked, the wink and the nod. We'll guide. The money will guide them a death list. Put troops on the granting foam of green berets. Help them conduct propaganda campaigns. Will scare the shit out of any left to see day to stay up to them. From? Just ruffling from seventy three, the Guatemalan military killed more than two hundred thousand people. The Salvadorian Civil. What took seventy five thousand lives? Argentina Killed Twenty thousand to thirty thousand. Eighty Communist extermination spread all across Latin America. Always with the assistance of the United States. Historian John Kites with concluded that from knowing sixty two naughty naughty. The number of victims of us-backed violence in Latin America. Vastly exceeded the number of people killed in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc I've assigned Tong. There's a quite for you when people talk about the evil Communist. Say Yes. They're evil, but hey. US Bank violence in Latin America vast leaks say to the number of people killed by the side of gets in the eastern bloc from nine sixty to nineteen ninety. Indonesia today. They still under the belief that the Communists can spot and plotted. Caused. A gruesome death of heraldic general's. Luckily. Sahata was around degree gun control quickly and help rid the country of the Communist threat forever. There's a museum. which must be somewhere in Chicago I think. And As she walked in on a bizarre series of darkened holes, a series of Diorama installations tighty through the history of the party. Is the Communist Party. Demonstrating agent every time by tried the nation or attack. The military applauded to destroy Dijon. Down to reproducing Suharto's propaganda narrative about events of October nineteen, sixty five. There's not reference to the up to one million civilians killed as a result. At the exit, kids pies is in front of a big saw him, it says. Thank you for A. dioramas about savagery carried out by the Indonesian Communist Party. Don't let anything like this ever happened again. site. Point of this sees. As I said earlier today. Many people speculate that if unchecked Jonah could flex its Pale in control and subjugate smaller countries. That, it could force its will and communist agenda on this path countries. If necessary it would gile kill and terrorize vast populations to achieve times. In the terrible treaties that facility the US is being conducted the same sort of terrorism campaign. We feed the Janis. We'll start. And Nice people on a way of just how badly America's behaved so. D Listener. I really highly recommend. This book the Jakarta Math Point Vincent Bevan's. Guys into enormous day tile. Lots of footnotes and references that'll side the personal stories of different individuals caught up at different points in these tragic stories and. It's a story. We need to understand and. And we need to keep that in law, and when we a feist what I see all the time at a moment. Of this eighty China rhetoric fine. But the response seems to be so we must saw with the Americans and I just hype. The this podcast gives you some reasons why that might not be a good idea. Aim Idealist next week. Episode two hundred sixty it. We will celebrate five years of having done this podcast. Happy can join us will be live streaming on a Tuesday nodded seven thirty home. See then. Fotheringham's here. Faced Glove. Congratulations Sean foyers of entertaining. And Informative podcasts. Twelve man. Feared not feel wise counsel. You'll come. Rides would have argued in ever decreasing circles until eventually disappearing their own.

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