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Pardon the interruption? But I'm Mike. Well, we got ten inches of snow over the weekend. Tony did you keep up with the shoveling? Tony Kornheiser did these hands. Look like they shovel. It looks like Mike dial some kid let me tell you. What I did. I actually did a little bit of shoveling. And and I I shouldn't have one about five or six years ago. My cardiologists said you're too old to show people get heart attacks all the time. They walk out in the snow, and they shovel, and they think they're I get a little bit of shopping just to see how would go win or right? But then we got killed on the back end of that show again that was like the o'clock in the afternoon to ten o'clock last night. Those men are clowns this cloudy urologist. Now aren't allowed wasn't playing live in girls. And today's episode we will get the Kyle and Murray entering his name into the NFL draft in a few moments. But we begin today with the one good game of the weekend's playoff games. New Orleans hanging onto beat Philadelphia. Twenty two fourteen the eagles had the ball late, and we're moving, but. Sean Jeffrey could not hang onto a good pass kills at the saints Twenty-three yard win the game, the resulting. Tip was intercepted. And the game was affectively over. We'll pick the eagles to win. I ask you did the saints win this game. We did all Sean Jeffrey former bear lose it a week ago. I sat here, and I did want to blame Cody parkey, but I had to what you did. And I now I sit here, and I really like I'll Sean Jeffrey good player. Good plus terrific player. And by the way, they have some way to measure who's got the best hands on drop along. He's on the shortly is draw. Jaap anything was hands at the twenty three yard line. They're going to win the game. And I'm gonna look great because I've picked eagles. He didn't know. I didn't take the points of that junk I picked him out right to win. And Tony does a couple of turning points in this game. I get credit to the saints to fake punt, Sean Payton, and that's a great call Orthon goal. Does innocence emmission we're foles got greedy early in the game. It's not nothing. Right. And as a situa-. Issue with the eagles could have recovered a fumble after Strack sip strip of drew Brees expect to the scored there to make it twenty one nothing they needed that third score. And they never got it. So to answer the question, I think the saints won this game. I think and the analogy that I would make was to Hagler in Hearn's and Tommy Hearns came out of that fight. And he was throwing haymakers and the eagles with throwing haymakers and the saints weathered that and then began to throw some haymakers of their own. So I think that they won that fight. I think the the fake punt was great. I was a fourth down was I know you don't give Sean Payton a lot of credit. But I think they did. Well, which you head to think when the eagles are going. It looked like field. This week. Yes. Jeffey makes that catch the twenty three yard line that they have all three yards. He's so taller Tony. They're gonna have a game. I think they could have could have won the game it. I mean, it leads to this. What happens to the magic? And the magic we'll still there because that was his fault. What do the eagles do? Now. With him. He sounded as he was going thanking people can I was a accepting a Tony let me tell you what he eagles did cast. And they couldn't do they couldn't cover Michael Thomas. No they could on. No. For one set of got caught one hundred twenty five passes this year or something like that. Got to cover them. Can't man Tom Brady whose public utterances amount. Mostly to nothing got a little chesty immediately after the patriots, Chris the chargers, speaking CBS is Tracy Wolfson. The goldenvoice said, quote, everybody thinks we suck. And can't win any games. Close. Quote. Tony is Brady living in some alternative universe. Or is. He right. The too many people had been too dismissive of the patriots. I'm going to say that he is not right. That people have been too dismissive of the patriots people like me looked at. This weekend's games looked at the way. New England was coming into the game and said they were the most vulnerable of the home team's. But people like me also said this they're not gonna lose this game. They never lose this game. I think they're twelve and won in that round at Boston or Foxborough whatever with Brady and Bella chick. I think would Brady is doing here is he's trying to graft onto the the underdog. Sentiment for the eagles last year that really worked for them and trying to see if people leak the patriots. They don't look good in the underdog. What what is never been? What's no, they're not? This is a situation. Brady was he was fired up after the game. He has every right to be. But this is why Tom Brady's in that list of great great athletes that I don't ever need to hear. Because he never says Jack isn't said one memorable thing in his whole public life. Okay. Not publicly, but his wife had just you don't you already throws in your own expecting something. She say that he's I do care what he says everybody thinks the patriots great all the time and anybody who doesn't think that he shouldn't be paying attention to. So don't try to grab underdog. No slow. You have to do that patriot easy to think that the patriots are always odd of it. I mean, that's how they they just usually. Checked did to the charges -fensive leader rivers. He made rivers crazy rivers completed. No passes outside the pocket. And he flushed him out of there with pass rush up the middle of physics. I say one thing that never say one other thing that he did. And this is what makes them great. Because it's always different a lot of people think that rob gronkowski is no longer a preeminent pass catcher. But rob gronkowski acre locking hide in and James D as the back them they are opening up to get Sony. It she'll have how many hours Sunday twenty-five. And so who thinks they suck and can't win a game. Nobody nobody. Okay. The LA Rams were down seven to three to the Dallas Cowboys and then scored the next twenty points. And I don't think they were ever in particular jeopardy of losing that game. They had two runners Todd Gurley as expected and CJ as not expected go over one hundred yards each and the Rams held Ezekiel Elliott to forty seven yards in twenty cares. Will Bundy genius and residents. Sean McVeigh live up to his billing. Yes, yes. He ran roughshod over Cowboys defense that had been praised good defend legitimately. So they have two hundred and seventy plus yards rushing. You don't see that sounds like a Nebraska Oklahoma rushing told in the nineteen eighties. Not a playoff game. Tony, and it wasn't bad. Whether you didn't go out there because it was mud or snow in Los Angeles. This was an attack. This is something he liked Bill. Yes. One hundred percent praise him as he saw this. He knew this felt this. They went with this game plan, and it worked there is this notion that the LA Rams because they score a lot of points. And it's a track meet for them sometimes that they were dainty team. They were not a dainty think you'll Elliot. No. They were not. And as if you're going to compare somebody to a genius you have to compare to Bella check. And if you come up with a different plan when you run it forty eight times and throw a twenty eight times, you'll have said you see I'll change. Mcvay saying you can't put me in a box. No, you can't and Tony. But this is what happens in this theme. We talk about this all the time. It's why the team with the by week is something like eighty two and thirty or eighty and thirty two over last hundred plus games because you have time to set this up. The Rams had time to study the Dallas Cowboys including watching them last weekend to figure out what they were going to do. And that's I think what you see really smart coaches have a great advantage in that next. So a month ago before these teams started getting into losing habits before Kansas City and wingless and the Rams and the saints fell upon some hard times a month ago. These were the final four teams that everybody had we thought they had separated themselves from the pack. And now we've got that force or hoping that we thought was that good. We got him. You want him? I do I wanna see I'm not I I wanna see track me bitty. Tony. I know you mostly net through the weekend playoff open. All I didn't. Why are you know, still die? I watched it. Well, the colts napped to Patrick Mahomes and the chiefs won the franchise's first home playoff game in twenty five years. Tyreek hill Darnell Williams had to share the credit with the cheese defensive sacked. Andrew luck. You boy three times as boy was passes and prevent the coals from converting even one of their nine third-down chances tongue. Did this win in any doubt? You might have had about young Mahomes and Andy Reid in these plays. And the short answer is. No, it doesn't wipe out any doubts that I had Patrick Mahomes is a great talent. It's going to be the MVP. He's great. But he's a rookie essentially his rookie. This coming up game is going to be a second playoff game. The jury's still out on him in this sort of pressure circumstance Andy resource a lot of playoff games, Andy Reed's, careers, twelve and thirteen. So does it remove all doubts? It does not they were day smothered, Indianapolis, I thought that'd be close to game. That was no game at all. I give them all the credit in the world. But, but you know, and you feel the same way I got to see it twice. I got to see it twice. We have to see it against Bill Belichick and the golden. That's right. That's and that's why no this isn't erase any doubts. It just is going to we're going to spend all week looking for reasons to doubt, the Kansas City Chiefs, and that's a legitimate thing. That's what you do in pro sports who's vulnerable to a particular opponent. It seems to me that Andy Reid maybe twelve and thirteen hundred is a greatest coach. Yes. Like Marty Schottenheimer before he could win play rate coach. And it was it seemed that when they get in the kinds of games that they have upcoming but defensively, Tony they took Andrew luck kill them. And they just they just dismissed. But here's the thing that the chiefs do get to play at home. Again, they have been great at home this season and far less on the role. But they're not on the road. Do you know why they get to play at home in this game? Because of that Miami play that crazy at the end game patriots down. Let me let me just say this Patrick Mahomes had no touchdown passes yesterday. There's three you know, when he has no touchdown passes, which is a big deal. But you know, what he's got the nobody else got Kelsey that guy's stuck. So you finally you late to the party putting Kelsey above ground because it is it's polcy above grunk as an offensive player right now. Yeah. Dry wilbon, let's make our first foray. You've been starting ready into championships. Sunday, you've been on the edges. I have. We have the Rams at the saints in rematch. And we have the patriots at the chiefs and a rematch is, well, what are your initial impressions? Obviously you like no impressions is what I'm sitting here watching the patriots. Whatever people. There are not that many. Despite what Brady said, why would you ever take anybody against the patriots until you see them knocked out? Well, because in this case, the reason you would do that is the chiefs allow thirty four points again on the road seven ten an enormous disparity. Get that. That's one lemme see him due to the okay is. Yeah. Four I picked them. And I think the saints could blow out the Rams I think the saints. What you don't think Rams could blow out the saying? I really saints. I think the saints got away with one yesterday the two teams that could beat the saints now out the eagles and the bears. One of those teams put beat the saints and didn't beat the saints. And now, I think the saints go roughshod over the Rams. So I know you don't pay attention to odds, but I do any millions of people pay attention to odds. Both T both games have opened up with the home team is a three point favorite. That's the Wickham which means it's a pick em GAM, which means nobody be there waiting to see where the line goes on something. Like this. The one thing that interests me is the fact that they put up a lot of points against each other here. Look these saints beat the Rams in New Orleans forty five thirty funds that game the page communicates the date. I have no idea matter where it wasn't matters winning. The patriots beat the chiefs in New England early in the season forty three to forty the over on both. These games is right around fifty seven or fifty seven. And I knew that I liked the over. I'd like the old enough getting the last couple of weeks. I told you yesterday I believe in Tatler nothing that I've told you got the saints. We're going to score twenty or twenty one in the eagles could win. You just should've held out the Rams they they could. But that doesn't mean two teams are going to score a lot of points. You know, the last time I sat here and talked about what was cries me. If somebody blew somebody out, no way, Clemson could ever blow out Alabama and say, they'll watch shut my. Yep. The break coming up Kyla Murray inches his name in the NFL draft. Is he turning his back on baseball? Or is this just a negotiating tack? Saints Rams probably was built four that was forever. The Blake Griffin essentially void the handshake with your voice the-the Balmer. Yeah. I thought so did you. Yes. Absolutely. He's moving too quickly. No, stop these saw informers six four. He saw him to Blake a six nine. He looked prenant. No was technology. Truth brought to you by echo. Truth. You will certainly send any text about your supervisor to your supervisor. What's Janet's fangs? Did she lose that? With a weed Wacker? Oh and Sint, wait. No, no, no, no, no truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. Janet, I think my phone was hacked or something. Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Turn the show over the U which shows the generosity the host and the laziness of the producers, let me someone to prevent. Under the bus Cuyler Murray has declared for the NFL draft. Does that close the door on baseball? It doesn't close the door on Jack really know if and where he'd be drafted the NFL we he'll be drafted. But again at five eleven two hundred pounds. He'd be the smallest starting quarterback in the NFL five seventy five eleven five nine whatever the case is we don't there's uncertainty. Also, he could just use this as leverage to get more money on the as if the as and we have any money. Well, that's what that's what's being said that I don't know. How accurate this is that if he were to get fifteen million dollars from Oakland? He would've turned his back on football to me. If you think that you've got a player who's out of the minors in two to three years, and is a ten year starter for you fifteen million is nothing even in Oakland because that guy's going to make one hundred million dollars over the course of those ten years as a starter. I don't know what Oakland thinks about him. But this strikes me as the Goshi -ation. Keeping both sides involvement and you'd call that smart when you were in this. Who would do that mascot? Yeah. Sure. Would should the NFL be okay with the dolphins trying to take. Okay. So this is an Adam Schefter Morton that the dolphins are going to try to tank so not this year. But at the end of next year back they could be in it for tour Tunga vilo, they they can do that. I don't think that the NFL should allow this to happen. Look if I'm if I'm Brian flory's is going to be their head coach everybody says I don't want to one in fifteen or sixteen. I don't want the u Jackson treatment. I want to win as many games. I can look no further than the bears as a team that went from worst to first I don't like this idea. They also got a quarterback which goes back to shift quarterback who like when when I gave up for him. Now, I was at the set the record straight there. But Tony, by the way, you skipped over a quarterback who will be chosen ahead of Tunga via lower. If they both come out to same year who the Clemson quarter. No, he can't come out that I don't know if they come out revenue can't come out that he has to play two more. Yeah. That's. L but Tony quarterbacks not worth it. It's the most important position in sports and America. Should Blake Griffin have taken the time to shake Steve bombers hand. And I'm this is not a situation we wash this Blake. He's looking right, right right up. He just just a quick inroad was the guy was saying Blake. 'cause I was like, no look snub. That's what that was. He doesn't Barbara got rid of him bomber training them to leave as a free agent bomber said you're out. So Blake Griffin owes Bomer nothing. We disagree on that. And I like bomber. I think this is terrible. Blake griffin. Steve Balmer signed Blake Griffin to a contract that agreed to pay one hundred seventy one million dollars that is generational and we'll get rid of them and got rid of them half days in. But the contract is still valid the commerce somebody else's paying it common, courtesy. Yeah. But Balmer signed it common. Courtesy says the guy is there you just say Hello. He knew it was him. Courtesy says if you get rid of me, I don't need to look at you. And you walk people would be just that vengeful. If it happened to you are you saying hundred garage. Yeah. Really he. Reggie Palmer look skinny and that he does. He looks good kyri. Right. The lack of experience is what's holding back the Celtics what in God's name is he talking about. Okay. Kyrie Irving has been to three finals and made the game winning in a game seven. Yeah. All right. Al Horford how loud only played onto NCA championship teams bitterly for twelve years and a lot of playoff. Gordon? Hayward been in two different playoffs. And by the way, let me point out every single person on the Celtics said matters went to game seven of these finals last year played nineteen playoffs take to get there. So to me, Kyrie Irving is right there with Kevin Durant way just says stuff that sounds dopey. I'm no longer listening to him. Well, you sound like me with the golden. I'm not listening. There's no need to listen. Then Kyrie's case, there is a need elicit because I'm actually there and Kyrenia is great impact fourth. And he has reasons for things. I don't know what this game. I wasn't as well. Just say this. I'm okay with whatever Kyrie's said, the only. Like was just tick Yele Shen in the open. Visit Grady, right, Geno. So Boston thing just talked to the guys in the locker room. I'm okay with what he's saying. I'm not I am in uh theme. That's crazy. Let's take one last breaks become Duke. I resolve schools. Right. Kevin games. I think barely survives left Florida state's upset did. And then Tonio ground gives yet another clue these players final game for the Steelers. Can we get out of him till we stop with him. Antonio brown's. I mean, come home until he signed somewhere. Can we stop going to be San Francisco? He'll be on the other posts, you won't be any attention. He's. Heo? Shoutout. Having time people have thirty ninth birthday Byron left which left which has been named offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay bucks. A man Bruce Arians offensive coach himself will let left which call plays and maybe between them they can get James Winston on track. We'll buy left, which is a favorite of our. Yes, does he grew up in DC? And we remember that play it Marshall if two left which broke his leg when his teammates carried him to the line of scrimmage. I go years before that fourteen years old how about this prediction it. What's highschool, Mr. wilpon, you're going to be writing about me one day? How about that from a fourteen year old? He's still calls you real happy anniversary of the Minnesota. Vikings on this day last year trailing the saints by point with ten seconds remaining in the divisional playoff game. Case keenum hits bondage from Iraq. You a sixty one yard touchdown. And it was miraculous 'cause it's the worst defensive play. Anyone has ever seen the following week? Vikings lost in the eagles who made no such stupid play that. Gots defined digs that commercial. Does he ever commercial without yet? No, no, no, no, no the earned got him. Personally. Some having trails to Florida state's upset bid of Duke, Florida state was poised to be the number one Duke team for the time in Tallahassee. How calls the Seminoles were up by one point with two point eight seconds to go when somehow they left Cham, reddish alone on the right side of the art and ready. She was already eight of fourteen from the field and scored twenty points took an inbounds pass. And Conley switched to game win who only think by tout can screaming we watching this. You see what dick right? He said there's going to be a screen that's gonna come around and get the pass and take the shot and he did. No. That was that was a VM off the couch moment. One me they really was running out of show. We go to the big Jillette. James harden, scored journey plus for the sixteenth straight line. But also went Awo one for seven team from three in a loss to the magic impressed. And not really that ain't the big news out of Houston. Click cappella out for four to six. Weeks with a beach on the White Sox have reportedly offered eight years Manny, Machado connect you to deal on. So we lost the Baltimore and the White Sox lost lawyer on the com-. They're coming. You're short. Steve Sarkisian will return to Alabama's offensive coordinators had a big deal, especially Irizawa. We turned down the Carver's turn down the NFL to stay in college. Put this out. This out. Six ten John is their loss at the Australian Open a six eleven American Riley appel your thoughts freak show. My cover tennis for a long time. Most guys like between five six eighty five cents perils. He hasn't giants. I think tennis players can last one and Tony Brown removed Steelers from his Twitter bio is that significantly Rice's Brown wants to come to the Niners badly. Dealers will get rid of them out of time trying to better the next time. I'm Tony Kornheiser and Mike wilpon same time tomorrow. Knuckleheads, you can get the PTI podcast on the ESPN app or apple podcast, Melissa malay-. Enjoy the snow. Angels shout snowing twelve inches.

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